CSI: Miami s01e08 Episode Script


Adell, what's going on? Gardener saw a bloody kid all on her own Called in at 2:48 P.
Not yet We're door-to-door every house on the block expanding the perimeter No missing persons? No car accidents? - Nothing in the immediate area - Okay What do you got? There's not a scratch on her Hi Well, the blood had to come from somewhere, didn't it? My guess is that someone close to this child is either dead or dying - I'm going to take this - Okay There you go.
Hematrace Good job You are a good girl It's human blood Okay, and we know it's not hers, right? Okay.
You know what let's bag the sleeper and get it to Megan We need DNA and trace on the fabric You are a good girl Too much blood for a casual injury How far could she have possibly walked? I don't know Your average adult has been clocked at two-and-a-half to three miles per hour but to my knowledge, no toddler has ever been road-tested But I'll tell you what I'm more interested in is that sunburn on the side of her face You have a sunburn on one side of your face it means you've been walking in a straight line, doesn't it? Our gardener said she was headed towards hibiscus avenue Mm-hmm, Hibiscus which means she was traveling due north - Hey, guys - Hey Everybody's talking about the bloody child Do we even know where she came from? That's the question This is the answer Want a leg or a foot? Some type of soil, here From any lawn that she crossed? Well, her feet were soaked with blood Well, that narrows it down I'm going to go look at this for a little while Let me know Help! Help! Somebody help! All right Duquesne Calleigh, have we gotten anything off Profiler Plus yet? Amelogenin's up We've got two different bleeders: One male, one female Make that three Another male Out of how many samples? We're three for three and counting Yep, somebody's trading the old for the new The soil on the toddler's feet was laced with glyphosate That's a heavy-duty grass killer They may be resodding So let's look for a location where they're resodding, okay? Horatio Go ahead We've got four different bleeders and based on the alleles, they're all related to the girl Horatio, we spotted the house that's being resodded It's coming up on your right I'll get fire and rescue Easy This is the place - Ready? - Yeah Detective Sevilla! Miami-Dade Police! Miami-Dade Police Department! Police department! Get me rescue in here! I have a survivor! - Roll fire/rescue - Who did this to you, sir? My son needs help Listen to me Think.
Is there anybody else in the house? Sir? Okay All clear Horatio Yeah? We got another one Okay Have your guys hang out They're going to be here awhile Yeah What's that? What? The final blood count is five Four dead, three kids One adult survived Any sign of an intruder? Not at first glance Well, the last guy standing is the one I want to talk to Actually, he's not standing; he's riding That was him Where's the little girl? She's with social services till they place her with the family If she has any left Let's start in the back, Eric Might take a minute to acclimate yourself There's a whole lot of red in there - Okay? - Okay Occupants are Jason and Stephanie Caplin Dad's an optician at Stonybrook Mall Mom's a stay-at-home Four kids: The oldest is Luke, he's 16 Timothy's nine and the only other victim found in a separate room Our toddler, Erin the only surviving child, is seventeen months And Max six weeks Not a very long time down with us, Angel And back up you go Neighbors say nice family nice kids, never any problems Mom was tired because of new baby Front and sliding glass doors were both open No signs of forced entry, though Nothing else suspicious on the outside perimeter of the house, either Okay, so everything we need is right here and we have a happy, all-american family shotgunned to death in their home Except the dad and the toddler Right, but the toddler belonged home What was the dad doing here? Along with two kids who should've been in school Mm-hmm.
Alexx, do we have a time of death? Between 11:00 A.
and 1:00 P.
Was everyone home for lunch and they got surprised by someone? Someone they knew What we do know is that mom is the only one not shot in the back, right? Mom's wound is consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot We have spatter on that muzzle, Calleigh? Yeah And a number four buck That's a hell of a recoil So it could've bounced out of someone's hand and made the three feet, right? Yeah, it could've come out of dad's grip or come out of mom's All right, let's GSR everybody and start with mom Well, if we're looking at murder-suicide she was the last to die Right.
So we need a timeline Who was shot when? - Let's work on that - The blood will give us that but it's going to take a while Take all the time you need Let's alert the neighbors they're going to have company for awhile You bet The wound area's wide From a pellet pattern, right? Enough distance from the shooter to the victim for the pellets to spread No defensive posture That's because he was taken by surprise Probably because of these Sometimes I think that I am better off alone Liver temp is 99 If he died four hours ago with his mother and brothers his fever was 103 So, he was home sick When you're ready to snap one more tug on your sleeve is all it takes Okay This is the only unmade bed in the house Yeah, kids are cleaning their rooms Mom and dad lived like this Mom was, anyway Dad's getting his needs met somehow Everything in here is washed and pressed There's a crib in the room Yeah, nobody's getting any sleep It's no excuse Baby's first jewelry was an amulet? Oh, you can get them at any corner botanica Not exactly the place you'd shop for a newborn They're actually supposed to ward off evil spirits Hmm So is this Paroxetine HCl It's an antidepressant Bottle's full It was filled three weeks ago Hey - There you go - Thanks Tell Horatio I'll call as soon as I get something Okay I'm sure I'll be seeing you again I don't see blood or any sign of struggle in here No, not physical anyway This place isn't a mess It's downright filthy Kids will pick up after themselves but they will not clean Empty fridge overflowing garbage They obviously live on fast food Looks like somebody didn't eat their lunch today Got a couple of burgers half-eaten fry Wouldn't have lasted ten minutes in my house Well, mom did give up the fight Who's been taking care of the family? Sick kid, teenager's out of school early dad picks up lunch for everyone? I got a point on the timeline or at least a place to start We isolated specific bleeders on parts of the sleeper but on the feet, it was an extreme amount of everyone's blood Okay, so the toddler was here veered away from the mother around the father sharp right to the brother and the infant But here the blood from the brother pooled around the toddler's foot So that means the toddler was over Luke when he bled out This victim, this room temperature probably didn't take but a few minutes Hmm, so she was inside within minutes of the killing but she's the only family member not shot Why? Why was she spared? She's the only girl She was hiding Maybe she was just lucky Mom normally drives the wagon but it hasn't been used in a while Was that door closed? Yeah, the garage door was down So dad goes to work, like normal At 11:45, he gets a call from mom and then he leaves upset, right? So dad's out of surgery? Not yet Sevilla spoke to his assistant Dad leaves his keys in the ignition but remembers to close the garage door And here's the gun safe What is it? It's ammonia Take a look at the position of her body She's the only victim we found at rest Females don't usually suicide by shotgun - too messy Well, did you see the house? I think there was a bigger concern than mess Okay, Speed, how long do you think you're going to be here? - All night - All night Okay, keep me posted Alexx? Luke, 16 years old Shot twice: Once in the shoulder once at the base of the skull Two wounds Maybe he was on the move Running only gave the buckshot pattern room to expand Enough to hit the baby Newborn - a few pellets was all it took People really don't chew especially hungry teens And the infamous half-eaten bag of french fries So Luke brings home lunch but doesn't get to eat but doesn't get to eat Something else He had an acute gastric ulcer He bit his nails and the enamel on the dentition was worn down to the second layer A 16-year-old stress case What about the mother's reach? Twenty-seven inches Shotgun muzzle is 24.
5 She could have absolutely reached that trigger No gunshot residue on her hands Not unusual with a long barrel Dad and Luke? There's too much blood on both of them to tell What about the mother's wound? One shot, close contact pellets were a compact mass pushed by a pressurized gas cloud into the brain turning the medulla to pulp So she died instantly And the nine-year-old's wound was immediately fatal, as well One shot, dead center, severed his spinal cord Horatio Okay Jason Caplin just got out of surgery Buckshot penetrated his kidney We removed it Packed and ligated the renal artery Sutured his multiple splenic lacerations He's got some will to live Did he say anything about his family? Just that he thought he heard the baby screaming Okay if I talk to him? He's slightly altered because of the inhaled anesthetic, but you can try Mr.
Caplin? I'm Detective Sevilla I was at your house yesterday Do you have any idea who did this to you? I don't know I I saw my son He was he was hurt Did you see anyone else? An intruder, maybe? I felt this this heat on my back I heard the baby cry I don't know That's okay Tell me, Mr.
Caplin, what were you doing home from work? My wife had called She was upset You're never here! I can't do this alone! We're both tired You don't know what tired is! Make him stop! You've got to do something to make him stop, or I Or what? Mr.
Caplin? Did your wife threaten to hurt herself or the children? No She she loved them Hey Hey Dad's clothes blood's starting to smell All right Come on in here Is he talking? He's not winning any spelling bees but he was lucid Okay, now, he claims his wife called him at the office and he came home Did he say why? She was upset, baby wouldn't stop crying Now, it sounded like U-turns from office to home were not unusual Okay, did he say he saw who shot him? No Now, he remembers coming in seeing his son covered in blood and then the next thing you know he felt a hot pain in his back Okay, in all your years did you ever hear of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the back? Most people can't pull off shots to the front without a fifth of scotch and a very nimble big toe Okay, so hormonal depression and long arms could get us there - Okay - Hmm What do you got? Some hairs from the master bedroom Long, dark Mom's a blonde Well, in, uh, in your spare time, maybe Now, how are the crime scene sketches coming? Marking evidence as it rolls in Mm-hmm Megan ran the hairs from the master bed Hmm, not the mom but a female relative.
The sister was so broken up Or maybe mom had more than hormones and kids to worry about, huh? Did you know your sister was seeing a psychiatrist? Yeah.
Yeah, she was having a rough time Not sleeping, and uh, th-the baby the the baby cried a lot; colic And she, uh Here you go Thank you She she was having a hard time Can you be more specific? Because, you know, baby blues are one thing but postpartum psychosis, that's quite another My sister was depressed She wasn't crazy She had medication that she wasn't taking She was worried about what it would do to the baby She was nursing Have you seen that before? Yeah I gave that to her It's a charm to make her feel better How about your brother-in-law? Did you help him feel better? We have evidence that you were in their bed recently All I wanted was my sister's happiness Well, that goal can get you into trouble Where were you yesterday morning? In buffalo, on business If you don't believe me, call the airline Still doesn't explain your little trick between the sheets I held my sister when she couldn't stop crying When she couldn't get out of bed much less the house And that's a hell of a lot more than he did And that's your brother-in-law you're talking about? Yeah, Jason He hid at work day and night leaving her alone with four kids Well, sounds like it was too much for her - It was too much for anyone - Hmm My sister loved those kids Yeah, they drove her nuts Okay, yeah, she was a wreck but there is no way in hell that she killed them Excuse me I fumed the shotgun but there were no usable prints on it Okay So who do we think was feeding the infant? Timmy's prints were on the bottle Right, so the nine-year-old is parenting the baby while the mother is doing what? I don't know, maybe she was opening the gun safe Hers were the only prints on it Mm-hmm, so then why didn't she kill the toddler? Couldn't find her? I mean, she's a woman who can't function If you can't function you can't keep track of your children Hmm, that's true You know, plenty of times my parents wanted me gone, but at least they fell short of taking me out Yeah, how short? Just short, or miles away? What does "Delko" stand for, anyways? "Delektorsky.
" My dad's Russian, my mom's Cuban Yeah? Yeah You got any brothers or sisters? Three sisters.
Why? They're all older, right? I mean, you're the baby Maybe So you think the little girl was the favorite and that's why she made it? Who knows? That's what we're here to find out Yeah.
Let's find out They don't have a dog Well, if they did, it didn't last But I guess we know how the toddler did I removed the pellets from the shotgun shells but I left all the powder in, so it should give us a good kick Okay And usually suicides lean forward to get a better shot Right, which would create spatter directly above, right? But in this case, the blood is back here So she needs to be back That's good - Be about here - Yeah - Are you clear? - Mm-hmm All right, here we go There you have it You used boiled noodles, huh? For brain spatter it was either that or oysters Yeah So she's either the most relaxed suicide on record Or she was taking a nap The blood on the blanket from the doghouse proves that the toddler was there after someone was injured Right, but her feet were drenched with the blood from all five victims, though Not until after she was hiding in the backyard The transfer from the blanket came from one bleeder: The mom And there's no chance she walked outside by herself? No I scraped every inch of that blanket It was loaded with her saliva and epithelials But no trace chemicals or soil from the backyard Eleven feet, four inches from the doghouse to the closest doorway Someone had to have carried her So who had glyphosate and soil on their shoes? That's what we need to find out, gentlemen Let's do that Okay, here we go Luke has traces of glyphosate and soil on his shoes So does dad No one else Either one of them could've been out back doing yard work Mm-hmm, which means whoever carried the toddler into the yard did so with mom's blood, right? Right.
So, her wound was instantly fatal Mm-hmm Which means someone was still standing after she died And that means that this is not a murder-suicide It's a murder, isn't it? Now, there are only two family members left capable of doing this And that's Luke and dad You think the kid could've done this? I don't know He's a 16-year-old kid with an ulcer Maybe he got sick of taking care of everyone What do you think? Why are you looking at the pants and not the shirts? Shirts are a mess Any spatter from a vic's going to be lost among the primary But it's hard to get spatter with a shotgun the barrel's too long Unless we're not looking for spatter That's transfer That's tread from the toddler's footies The question is: Whose blood is it? Speed What have we got? Results from the transfer stain on Luke's pants Mom's blood Instinctively, he picked up the toddler thinking the killer might still be in the house And he did it after mom was mortally wounded Okay, so mom and dad aren't doing their jobs The oldest son steps up to the plate Luke tries to bring his siblings lunch and walks into a massacre Once Luke's in the living room why not save the infant? The swing and the bassinet were in the room I don't know.
Judgment call Who could imagine shooting something so small? While Luke is busy saving the toddler the killer goes after his next threat: Timmy Nine-year-old boy; some threat Okay, so Luke comes back in tries to save the infant But he dies trying to get the infant out the front door And why does that happen? Dad was blocking his path But dad's been shot in the back and his wound is not self-inflicted Maybe it was the result of a struggle - But over the only other family member, the infant - Mm-hmm Wait a minute Speed whose blood did we find on the infant's clothes? Let's take a look at that Show me - The infant's own - mm-hmm Of course Luke's mom's spatter Where's dad's blood? Those are gravitational droplets - Yeah, you can discuss that with them - Thank you - Thank you very much - It's just routine - It's okay.
Daddy's here Good morning Oh, finally You the insurance adjusters? - Oh, hold on.
You're, uh - I'm a criminalist Mr.
Caplin, I'm with the MDPD This is Detective Sevilla Right, right From the hospital Hmm you're feeling better Well, I spent four days in the hospital flat on my back I have staples holding my chest together and they're pulling up the flooring in my house - because it's rotted with blood - Yes, blood Blood is why we came today We want to talk to you about your blood on your baby - Mommy - Shh! I I bled on my baby? I got shot.
I guess my blood must have been everywhere Spatter normally travels, but in this case we found gravitational droplets of blood on your baby's clothes And just to be clear, that's a problem Right.
Because that proves that you were standing over him while you were bleeding Luke's body was covering that baby He died protecting that child And you had, shall we say, other instincts You thought he wouldn't risk the shot if you had the infant in your arms Reverse the situation and you didn't hesitate Watch your head I never slept I-I couldn't think I mean, even at work, I could hear them screaming for more One morning I woke up and I just knew I couldn't face them again So you shot them in the back I tried, I-I I-I just couldn't Did he just confess? He's laying the groundwork for his defense Insanity? Mm-hmm.
Two-pronged "I didn't know what I was doing and I certainly didn't know it was wrong.
" Just might work What is it? It's ammonia NH3 Ammonia Mm-hmm Which was on dad's shirt which he used to keep his prints off the gun safe, didn't he? - And then he called his wife from the car - Mm-hmm Phone records confirm he made a call from his cell Honey, can you check the gun safe? I think I might have left it open Dad comes back home at 11:45 a.
m Opens the gun safe without leaving his prints and takes out the shotgun We can't prove that he told his wife to close the safe Yes, but any plan proves premeditation and that means he knew exactly what he was doing That's what it means What do you have? Guess what Jason Caplin's claiming? Postpartum psychosis By proxy First, he frames his wife for murder and then he co-opts her illness What a stellar human being Yeah, I guess we just have to hope that the jury doesn't buy his story Well, the important thing now is that she really knows what happened