CSI: Miami s01e09 Episode Script

Kill Zone

Oh ! There's been speculation that this police investigation will start with one of the victims involved in an office dispute but that has not yet been confirmed This much I can tell you Can you believe it? It's national news, and we don't even know what happened Some alpaca herdsman in Peru knows more about our case than we do He knows what to look for, he does One over the left eye and one right between the eyes and one into the right eye boom, boom, boom, and that's called the kill zone No messing around, clean and deadly Hey, guys.
So, nobody saw a shooter I've got seven people that say they heard a shot One shot for all three victims? Yeah, it's ridiculous- one shot There's no way I also have a couple of witnesses They say they heard a car screech away So we're still interviewing - Keep me posted - Yeah So how did three people get shot in broad daylight on a busy street and nobody sees anything? Sniper No two witnesses place the shot coming from the same direction Okay, shoes Lost shoes indicate people running for their lives Yeah, not these three Jason Groves, Lou Blake, and Maya Franklin Jason was a stockbroker, Lou a janitor and Maya was a secretary They work together? No.
So far, there hasn't been any connection or workplace issues You know, the press got it wrong Let's get all the surveillance video from the street - interior and exterior You got it Alexx, how many bullets am I looking for? Guy in the suit bullet lodged in his head That man, same thing And let's see what happened to your bullet, sweetheart Messed up your pretty weave, that's for sure Yeah, it went right through you Through and through Okay.
Calleigh? Let's find the third bullet We need to triangulate Hopefully, we can locate the shooter's position.
Speed? Don't these people have anything better to do? Okay, all right, remember where you are Anything catch your eye? - Not yet - All right So, let's get everything back to the lab We need to start the victimology and figure out why these three people got shot, - okay? - Yeah I've got one divot over here Victim dropped in her tracks, bullet went through her head hit here, based on the teardrop shape Tail indicates that it traveled in this direction and maybe it's a small caliber Looks like a .
223 .
Okay, let's get the trajectory You and I will work the bullets Alexx, you and I are on the bodies Okay, Maya, let's see what's going on with you Angle is downward into the glabella, perforated the brain then exited through the occipital bone Hmm 20.
5 degrees What were the other angles? Hard to get that shot from the ground unless the shooter's ten feet tall Or they're in a tenth-story window Bullet entered her brain shut down her central nervous system, immediately fatal Never felt a thing Next best thing to going in your sleep These are not your daddy's bullets Normally bullets have striations, but these don't Sabots encased in plastic Specialty bullets Not illegal but also not widely available Right, encased in plastic to protect the bullet making it impossible to match it to a specific weapon, right? This guy is thinking ahead He does not want to get caught Maybe he's just beginning Three dead before morning rush hour is over Who knows Excuse me What the day will bring us Horatio And the rest is back here Sitting right there was Dee Lawrence She was shot at 9:15 when the bus driver stopped for a bathroom break around second near Langley Wait a minute Did you just say Second and Langley? Yeah We've got a fourth victim The driver said he saw people running outside He heard the back window shatter he heard screams, he didn't know what was going on and in a panic, took off He went straight to the hospital They couldn't save her Why would he suddenly be shooting at a moving target, though? He missed? Hmm.
Not this guy Not this guy Victim number four, the grandmother Trajectory is upward into the left temporal lobe Alexx, you just said upward How is that possible? Ricochet? You're going to tell me that that bullet is not a sabot No, it's a nine millimeter And that means we have two shooters: One in the sky, one on the ground Then that could explain the shot that was heard at the scene - Could be from the nine millimeter - Megan Donner Megan, you and Eric are on a different case Take the grandmother on the bus You got it We have somewhere to be Yeah That's good All right, good These lasers should get us up close to where these shots were taken from You ready, Angel? Yeah All right let 'er rip let 'er rip That's six and a half football fields One shot, one kill This guy's either military traded or police He's marine corps, probably.
They're the best snipers in the world So, that is his nest up there Let's go find out if he left us anything The sniper taped that door shut He didn't want the gunshots echoing in the stairwell He would have had to disassemble the rifle and hide it in something to get it up here Maybe it was a Winchester model 70 or a Remington 700, I don't know Charles Whitman disguised himself as a delivery man to get up the Texas tower and he got there, he just wheeled his guns and his ammo onto the observation deck and killed fourteen people He wounded 31 - This sniper moved to the high ground as well, didn't he? - Yeah All right if I was a sniper what's the first thing I would do? You'd pick your spot Prone position is best for shooting Right, the problem is is this wall obscures my view of the target Yeah, so maybe you were kneeling And maybe I went higher Take a look at that So what do you get when a six-foot-tall man lays down with a three-foot-long rifle? Hot flashes, but that's just me Hmm.
What you get is a GSR cone This is his location This is where he shot from This is a tough location for exposure You can be seen by a helicopter any one of these buildings I've got burlap with gravel glued on Camouflage Better than camouflage, you know what that is? That's from a homemade urban guilley suit It's what marines wear in the desert as camouflage And take a look at this This is not gunpowder Sand Sand.
On a roof? Yeah, it's from a sand sock You hold it in your hand or you put it on the ground right underneath the muzzle and one squeeze is enough to raise the barrel right to the sweet spot on the target This guy is scary Look, Marisol, it's not my case, okay? If you want dad to stay home or call in sick from work you should call him yourself You know he's not going to listen, okay? I gota go I have to go.
I'll call you later Bye What's up? You talking to your sister? Yeah, our dad works downtown and she worries about everything So what's going on with the sniper case? Well, Horatio and Calleigh found his nest and I'm on victimology Find any connection? Nothing obvious That's good time to look for the un-obvious I'm aware of that H.
Says that to me all the time You know, it's great minds You're unbelievable I am See you later Hey, they get anything on the nine millimeter in Grandma Lawrence? Show me yours, I'll show you mine Nothing.
No match in IBIS Ah, I've got something Nine millimeter plus Check it out That spec is government issue blue paint called "postal blue.
" One guess what it's used on? Depressed mailmen The bullet that killed grandma ricocheted off a mailbox near northeast second and Langley Must be this one near the southeast corner Put one of those uh chartered tour buses in the street And line up the back of the bus with the mailbox Can you do a 180 to the other side? An ATM What do ATMS have? Surveillance cameras And what do I have? Surveillance tapes from downtown Adhesive residue on the rooftop door was electrical tape And we got through the night without another shooting My mom wants me to come home to Louisiana but I told her even Al Qaeda couldn't make me Mm, people are starting to get nervous which is the way he wants it Take a look at this and tell me what you think it is Some type of vegetation We found three of them on the roof In terms of the guilley suit we were right Made the entire thing out of this the burlap we found up there Must've taken him weeks Snipers are patient They can lay in wait for days waiting for the target If conditions aren't right, they won't take the shot You know a lot about snipers I used to date one Marine corps, special op, 38 kills He's retired now He runs a rifle range about an hour away You still friends? Yeah Been a while since I fired one of these You know your way around a gun Sniping is different Just like a crime scene Most people think a bullet travels in a straight line The actual path of a bullet is arced, like a rainbow First thing your sniper has to take into account The next thing is the wind See that tall grass, fifty feet ahead? Means the wind is moving at three to five miles an hour But at 75 feet wind speed's completely different Take a look at those tall reeds Tells you the wind is going at five to eight miles an hour So no matter where your target is you adjust for the wind Kentucky windage In the 20/100th of a second it takes a sniper to pull the trigger he takes one controlled breath and decides if conditions are right to take a life You put a human being at the end of the barrel of your weapon and you become god You have all the power You stay in control The shot has to be perfect to take it We know you were downtown yesterday morning at this ATM You took out $40.
00 at around 9:15 right before that sniper hit Yeah, I I hit the ground It scared me to death Really.
What'd you see? Pavement, like everybody else I was talking about who was doing the shooting I didn't see anybody Just the other people who were dying Mr.
Santoya, do you own a gun? A gun? No.
Never What's this all about? May we come in? Why? We just want to talk to you So go ahead and talk All right, there was another shooting downtown yesterday Someone killed a 73-year-old grandmother And that someone was near the ATM the same time as you Look, I-I I wish could help you I'm sorry If you'll excuse me, I have other things to do I'm sorry You believe that? What? That he slammed the door in our faces or his story? Either - Neither.
He's hiding something - Mm-hmm You're looking at Japanese Black Pine Now, it's not indigenous to Miami but it is commonly used to grow bonsai trees Our sniper has a hobby And patience - it takes twenty to thirty years grow a bonsai tree I also found urine Probably up there all night waiting to take his shots Mm It happened again Police just arrived on the scene Now, witnesses tell us one person has been shot There may be others, we just don't know yet What we do know is that the sniper has once again struck in downtown Miami Second day, second shooting Could be unrelated Could be a copycat It's the same part of town Yeah, but the first shooting happened in the morning - The MO's different - Is it? The only time busier than early morning is evening rush hour when people are trying to get home Or get a quick bite to eat Michael Corday, 39 Professor at Miami-Dade Community College had a wife and three kids and no one heard any shots He just bought a hot dog and fell over dead Director's ready to have a stroke He wants to call in the feds Two shootings, two days four victims - this guy's on a spree Can we place him on a building? Not with just one bullet but I can approximate distance So the only evidence we have are bullets we can't use and strips of a homemade guilley suit Let's not forget the sand and the bonsai needles The further the evidence takes us away from the crime scene the greater the chance he'll let down his guard And that's when we'll get him Speed So, betonanything.
com posted three-to-one odds that he's going to shoot again monday morning Sounds like a good bet Ten-to-one odds that he's going to shoot in a different location Okay, but he is shooting people downtown for a reason Well, you know, Delko's dad works downtown and his sister doesn't want him to go to work What do you think the odds are realistically, that we're going to find this guy before somebody else gets killed? I don't know But if this guy gets us to change the way we do our jobs then those odds are going to go up So let's not do that, okay? All right Hang in there He's lying About what, I don't know So what do we know? That, at 9:15, Ray Santoya was at the ATM And so, the question is: What was he doing at 9:16? Shooting the nine-millimeter at something Maybe he saw the sniper Or was working with him Wait Go back one What do you see? Bring his face up full screen His glasses There's a reflection It's the Nuevitas baseball team That's their logo And he's talking to whoever's wearing that jacket We may have a witness To both shootings Uh can I help you? Yea Uh, we're looking for Ray Santoya He's not here Miami Dade Police Can we come in? Sure Yes Thank you And you are? Gustavo Santoya Gustavo? What's going on? We need to ask you and your son some questions What about? Do you mind if I take a look at that jacket? Wait a minute, what for? Right here What the hell are you doing? Don't worry.
It's waterproof But not GSR-proof Remove your jacket, please No, no, it-it's not his.
It's mine Father I was wearing it Don't do this It was me.
I was there Nobody else And not my son I swear on my mother's grave, no lo sabia I didn't know.
People were Yo crei que veia al que disparava You thought you saw the sniper? No, not the sniper Then who? The car was full of callejeros street kids I thought I saw a gun El tenia una pistola negra A black gun - he was holding it.
I swear to you I didn't see any woman in the car Solo los cuatro muchachos The four boys were laughing at the people dying Well, you didn't see her because she wasn't in the car Tell her family I'm sorry I was trying to protect my father All right Okay, get up Four dead in the so-called Miami sniper four shootings, so far, have been linked A car backfired earlier today causing panic in downtown Miami worried parents are keeping their children home from school the special bullet is designed to prevent the authorities from tracking some people say they can't trust So far, all victims have been shot during rush hour So far, I've confirmed our businessman was inside the dry cleaners two minutes before all hell broke loose Good.
Confirm this for me The sand on the right is? Is a mixture of calcifying green algae and brown swiss cheese looking grains uniform in size - Likely from erosion? - Beach sand Sand on the left? Found traces of this on the roof in the sniper's nest Gastropods-snails and football-shaped grains of benthic foraminifier Mmm, but not homologous I'm thinking from a quarry I'm thinking you're right Based on the penetration test I used a gelatin block to reconstruct the human tissue the shooter was 975 yards away You're kidding Give or take a yard or two Six hundred and fifty yards for the first shot He was showing off Maybe he's making a sport of it The sand in the shooter's sand sock is coral So he practices shooting in a coral quarry Right Which would give him the distance he needs Now, these three locations are all abandoned Gives him the isolation he wants So you want to look at all three? Don't need to Take a look at that Jet fuel Jet fuel and coral Now watch this There you go like giving us directions Natural sound cover The perfect place to keep your rifle on So if I was him where would I shoot from? Well, he needs distance Because he's a long-range shooter, right? Nothing moves here Take a look at this That flag is how he judges the wind So if he's shooting from there Where does the bullet end up? Christopher Harwood, 42 ex-marine corps special ops His world and welcome to it Everything's in perfect order He's trying to control his environment the way he wants to control us Firearm data cards There must be 20,000 He's recorded every shot he's ever taken Or planning to This one was dated this morning - That could be residue - Mm-hmm He's been on another rooftop since taking out his latest victim This could tell us where he's been Or where he is right now I matched the dry cleaning receipt to our Stockbroker Jason Groves screen on the left He stops in to drop off his wife's blouse two pairs of pants Okay Screen on the right is Lou Blake, janitor He's picking up some pictures of his dogs I hope somebody's feeding them In the center, Maya Franklin, secretary She stops at Dade sugar and spice, 9:09 Stands in line five minutes and 23 seconds Three total strangers just living their lives What about our fourth victim? On the cell phone, eating a hot dog, talking to his wife Okay one-hour photo shop one-hour dry cleaners, coffee shop, fast food Is that our theme? They were all in a hurry Mm-hmm, is that it? That was it for them Five hours to rush hour Let's find out what this residue is made of Three hours till downtown becomes one big living target Keep me posted The substance on the back of the data card was a hardcore adhesive called rt600 It was only used two years after Hurricane Andrew To prevent rooftops from going airborne in case of another hurricane Now, I've narrowed it down to three buildings We've got to get it down to one Okay here's what we need to do We've got to outhunt the hunter Where do we start? Where he did He climbed up to the roof of the hotel he'd been preparing for a long time He changed into his guilley suit assembled his weapon scope last Climbs even higher gets into position He waited for the right conditions Then his targets were irrelevant because the people that he killed were picked at random Meaning he picked spots and not victims Once he hunkered down he was up there all night, dry firing he didn't eat he didn't move, not for any reason He waited for as long as it took And he didn't take the shot until conditions were perfect Like a skier visualizing a hill before the race starts Because he was waiting for his puzzle to be complete He used a flag or a tree to gauge the wind But it didn't matter how long he waited because as soon as those pieces fell together he'd be ready he'd be ready To take three shots And the answer, my friend is blowin' in the wind Speed what do you got? Of the three buildings that used rt600 after Hurricane Andrew only one has not been re-roofed narrowing it down to this one Now, these are satellite photos taken from the past 72 hours He hasn't been there Okay, but this guy is a chameleon He could blend into a side of beef Why this building? These are lines of sight from the building to surrounding areas Let's turn it ¥þ³¡¬O¤u·~°Ï All industrial Okay, now shift 90 degrees west Targets everywhere Okay, now, there's a high-traffic area in the upper left quadrant Highlight that, please Now let's check the line of sight That's his kind of spot Lots of people walking around Yeah, but that's got to be over 800 yards away Mm-hmm Get Eric up in the chopper, Speed Air seven, air seven, approaching location Okay, H, I'm in position to scramble the wind condition Copy that, Eric.
Stay in position Calleigh Calleigh, where are you? I'm with SWAT, heading upstairs Okay, you'll be my eyes and ears Ladies and gentlemen, there's a sniper in the vicinity I need everyone to leave the area now Officer, listen, I need a 360 quarter-mile perimeter clear - You got it - Eric, speak to me Ma'am- can't be here Horatio, you're right in the line of fire Okay, listen up This guy is one shot, one kill If he can't make it, he's not going to take it Eric, the wind from the chopper ruins his shot SWAT has him in sight I need to know if this is all-clear I need confirmation, Calleigh Release your weapon! Turn it over Code four, code four Sniper has been apprehended The sniper has been apprehended We have him in custody Nice work Have you considered a transfer to SWAT? I don't look good in all black I beg to differ Don't you want to know why? You just killed four innocent people You're evil You enjoy death I hope you enjoy your own Take him