CSI: Miami s01e10 Episode Script

A Horrible Mind

Sixteen years on the job and this is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen It's a new one for me, too Cross-country runner found him when she was training Thinks he might be a professor at the university So, no ID yet? No, we're working on it Auto-erotic? I don't think so Too much violence No way is it suicide It's not a suicide You see the knots? See how elaborate this is? Where does this leave us now? Up a tree Rust has spread to the tree his block and fall's been here a while A pulley system Now what is that doing here? Looks like trauma from head to toe You think it was inflicted before or after he was strung up? Don't know yet Fabric and blood There's an awful lot of foot traffic for such an out-of-the-way place The campus isn't far Maybe the kids come here to party, make out You got something, Speed? Yeah, take a look at this Is that canine? Some kind of animal sacrifice? Weird cult? It's in the same shape as our victim mutilated and dead I got an ID Adam Metzger, cultural anthropologist Teaches at the university Well, he just took a permanent sabbatical, didn't he? Eyes open Implies he died quickly But his wounds don't make sense I've got signs of retinal burn You mean like snow blindness? Yeah How could he get snow blindness in Miami? His eyelids are glued open Somebody wanted to make sure he saw something Or, based on the damage to his retina saw nothing All right one wound down Want to get started? Yeah Puncture wounds, six inches deep Size and shape of an ice pick; nine total Twelve-inch contusions indicating blunt force eight such wounds One- to two-inch cuts Could be a razor blade, fourteen of those Are those needle marks? Puncture wounds You said you were thinking cult? Maybe.
Maybe like a life-size voodoo doll Counting those as one we have a total of sixty-two wounds, all antemortem All that blood and yet he didn't die of exsanguination, did he? No.
No, whoever killed him managed to avoid every major blood vessel Sixty-two wounds, and not one of them meant to kill him Cause of death was asphyxiation So, he was mutilated for who knows how long This looks to be one of the oldest wounds Antemortem abrasions have four stages of healing Scab formation, epithelial regeneration, hyperplasia and regression of granulation tissues These scrapes were at the second stage So, his body went through four to six hours of healing Or four to six hours of torture Hey - Hey - How you doing? Underwater recovery called with a stinker Classic insurance job with a twist, I'm sure Bring you back to the days when you were drinking murky canal water and dining on rusty car parts? Yeah, don't knock it Underwater recovery gets all the chicks No skid marks Which means it wasn't an accident Which means somebody probably pushed it in Eric Delko The man who went on to bigger and better things Hey, how are you, man? - I'm still wet, man - Yeah, you are Somebody called in a shadow? Yeah.
This was what we got Windows wide open It looks, uh, it looks hinky Well, she sunk fast Silt layer's pretty thin Hasn't been here long Three, maybe four weeks Aren't you supposed to be on the other side of the law now? Why don't you get on the other side of this car and help me out with this? Oh! Ah! Ah, man Yeah, no problem Look, I'm going to go secure the tow Bacteria's filled his body with rancid gas Ah, guy's twice his normal size Yeah, it's a trunk job It could be a mob hit Yeah, or drug related We'll know more once we get him out Yeah, could you see if there's any more surprises in that trunk? Yeah, we got to be really careful with these guys It's really easy for them to burst Oh, whoa, Jerry, whoa! Oh, relax! Okay, I think I might have it Handcuff knot Military Used to tie prisoners And professors A hundred and ninety-one countries in the world seven-eighths of which have armed forces Well, at least that narrows it Speed, what have you got? DNA results from the fabric at the tree The blood doesn't match the professor's I don't know, maybe it's our killer Or killers We've got thirteen different types of wounds here That means thirteen different weapons Not yet identified Take a look at these What is that, a tattoo? It's a contact burn; look closer Streaming nuclei Those are micro-blisters normally associated with an electrical burn Now, I thought taser but the marks are too large Maybe an electric baton? Possibly What part of the body are we looking at? Scrotal sack Thirteen weapons, thirteen wounds, thirteen different killers? It's the appropriate number for a cult, right? People's feelings for the professor ran pretty much hot or cold No in-betweens with that guy Start with his students Loved him; thought he was a genius Wish I could agree Okay, so that's where the cold came in Look, I'm sorry to hear that Adam was murdered but in a way, I'm not surprised Why is that? The guy was a whack job Hatred is inherent It is instinctual For every student that loved him there were two parents and another professor who couldn't stand him He was as controversial as they come Man is not man without hate Tell me more about his extreme teaching methods Sure, let's see He came to class one day dressed as Hitler Wrote serial numbers on everyone's forearm A couple of weeks ago he brought in a grand dragon of the KKK and a Colombian prison interrogator to give guest lectures Pain moves us into the process of becoming whole healthy The other day I walked in he was showing some home movies Slaughter, torture, lynchings, you name it Pain is necessary Pain is vital for survival We're going to need to talk to his class On the way there now One more question, Dean How many students did the professor have? Thirteen.
Why? Thirteen I have a very interesting lesson plan for today, class It's called "How to take a DNA swab.
" So who's going to be first? Ned Sante, you're here because we matched your DNA swab to a piece of bloody fabric at the crime scene and that three of your fellow students claimed you threatened to kill the professor I didn't want him dead, okay? You just wanted to torture him It's not like that at all He was going to kill me I mean, not really I'm so freaking confused! One minute, I hated him so much Now I see it was just all part of his lesson Part of his lesson? You mean hanging 101? It was a mock lynching No! Metzger was making some point about normal people following social norms You mean like the Stanford Experiments? My friends turned on me in, like, two seconds Strip him That sounds degrading Did he treat other students badly? His research papers won awards Ned, don't you think that a human being should have greater value than a research paper? Hmm this is not good Hello? Excuse me Excuse me, but what are you doing here? Oh Miss, miss you in the sweater What are you guys doing here? He had an open-door policy Plus, we all had keys Why didn't you mention this before? Our relationship with our professor is none of your business Okay You want to tell me more about this open-door policy? Sometimes he needed help typing up a paper Sometimes we would take his laundry to the cleaners We were all really close Listen to this "No man chooses evil because it is evil He only mistakes it for happiness.
" Wollstonecraft Why anyone needs to prove that evil exists is beyond me Took us six hundred years to classify slavery as evil Got a lot of paper here shredded for a pack rat Maybe he's got an awful lot of secrets You got the bolt cutters in the truck? Nice Very nice Jade Honey, stop there and photograph Circular fracture of the cranial vault So his head hit something Or something hit his head Adhesive tape something was here on the dash This car was stripped Not of its parts, but, uh, emptied out This guy was traveling light, too There's no wallet Maybe I can get an ID from the VIN number You think he drove his own car to his death? No I think somebody cracked his skull to knock him unconscious shoved him in the trunk and then chauffeured him to a watery grave A wad of paper $1.
50 and a car key Oh this alters your theory, Delko Whoever drove him to his watery grave Handed him the keys first Something happened at that canal Neil Diamond CD.
Love songs Oh, now we know why he was killed He was alive in there Eric Delko Yeah.
Yeah, go ahead Okay.
All right, thanks Autopsy concurs Cerebral anoxia and ventricular tachycardia Death by drowning I'm going to run the blood I'm all over your toolmarks Sixty-two wounds and not one nicked bone or cartilage for a nice toolmark An educated torturer I guess you're going to have to settle for the old wound comparison All right.
Time to get medieval These tools don't match the wounds And worse than that, the blood on him is canine So what in the hell dug into the professor? Lorenzo Castanotto? Call me Larry You guys found my car? Yeah, Larry we found your car at the bottom of Snapper Creek Canal You know how it got there? Somebody stole it I already got paid by the insurance Did you give the thief your car key? You found the car key? Inside the pocket of the dead man stuffed in your trunk Hey, we haven't ID'd him yet but maybe you could help us out Take a look Yeah, sure Be warned, he's a a little bloated Oh, my god What's the matter, Larry? You don't recognize him? Uh-uh Mind if I take this, Larry? No, you can't take my hula girl That's all right We'll come back with a warrant Knock yourself out See you later, Larry Who removes a hula girl from their car right before it's stolen? The same guy that smacked our vic on the head before he stuffed him in the trunk - That's right - Keep me posted - All right.
Be safe Well, that looks like a match, doesn't it? Metzger tortured this dog, didn't he? And then someone tortured him We need to figure out who this dog belongs to How? Hang on a minute Oh, okay Okay Well, there you have it An identification microchip Lojack for dogs Mm Ginny Taylor Mm-hmm So now, her relationship with the professor officially becomes our business Good Fisher ran away like three weeks ago I put up signs, you know I was just hoping that Oh, my god Do you have any idea how he got to the tree? No, I can't think of Somebody tortured him Tortured? That's right, and weapons that we found in the Professor's house matched to the dog's wounds What are you saying? Professor Metzger killed Fisher? His artifacts were under lock and key So he was the only one who had access Ginny, the professor had a very serious interest The professor was a genius, okay? And he taught us About hatred.
Right? It's more than that The professor proved to us that violence is natural Without it humanity would become unbalanced Ginny, was the professor hurting you? He he was He once asked me to kiss his shoes and I did Who killed him? I don't know Dug through recent teletypes of local missing persons, and I found one guy that fits bloater boy's general height and coloring Okay, and the mystery man is? Doug Reid Now, he lived with a girlfriend who reported him missing after the car was stolen We're trying to locate family members but in the meantime, the girlfriend is Right on time That's the only picture I have left I ripped up most of the others You were living together, right? Caroline, how long were you with him? Really long Like three months And he was so romantic You know that song, "Sweet Caroline"? By, um Neil Diamond Yeah He used to sing that to me all the time and we were going to go to Aruba but when he left I figured all my hints about vacations must have freaked him out What about enemies? None As far as I know How's the autopsy photo I brought? It's not looking so good for an I.
D Wait a second Earplugs I wonder if they're custom Thank god for ears Pure cartilage Only thing on a bloater that holds its shape That's right Hang on Reed Metal Works? Reed Metal Works, that's Larry's place Larry? Suffice it to say, Jade the world just got really small Hey, I've got my glass slipper Now where is my Cinderella? Cremated yesterday No, come on you didn't do that to me Yeah Please don't tell me you did that to me - Hey - Hey I tested for epithelials on the rope, and no go but I did just identify the rope itself It's Guadua Augustifolia That's bamboo Bicolor variety, colombian bamboo Okay, well, the Dean did say the professor had interesting guest lecturers, didn't he? One of whom was a Colombian prison interrogator which is just a really nice way of saying "torturer.
" Torture can be interesting.
Let's bring him in Tell me about your relationship with Metzger Senor barbosa cuando fue la primera vez que usted contacto al profesor? Que tipo de relacion tenia con el profesor? Usted es una muy buena estudiante, senorita She is not a student She's a police officer so I suggest you answer her questions before you have to answer mine We're all his students in one relationship or another So you do speak english The professor did he suffer? Was he left in a humiliating position? This is about power for someone like you A narcissistic fantasy in which you degrade somebody until they lose their identity and their soul Higher Abuse is more than power It is intimacy You'd be surprised at how attached prisoners can get to their jailers, their teachers So you see yourself as a teacher, is that it? Teachers, parents, mentors It is how they start to view us That's true But most of us, Senor arrive at that position through respect and not force An intelligent assessment, lieutenant It is not what you do to people It's what you get them to do for you Through pain? Mental skill, not weapons is your most important tool Yes, and it requires an enormous amount of mental ability to slice someone up and tie them in a tree I would agree I would agree Take a look at those Senor Are these an example of your skill? I'm really sorry to disappoint you, Lieutenant How's that? Yo soy inocente The flexor tendons in his hand are severed He couldn't even pick up a pencil Let alone string a man up in a tree A gift to the new regime from the old, I suppose courtesy of a machete Torture the torturer It makes sense So he's not our killer Hmm Oye.
How'd the hula girl match up? Dead on And speaking of the dead? Doug is indeed Doug Okay So what's that? A piece of paper Megan found in bloater boy Doug's pocket A travel brochure Yeah, for Aruba Doug wasn't gun-shy after all Mmm There's writing And directions "Take bus 15 to F.
" F.
? Flip it over I don't know if I can without ripping it I'll try.
Let's see Well, hello, Larry Officers What can I do you for? Well, you can start by answering a few more questions Yeah, we identified the body in your trunk and it turns out he used to work for Reed Metal Works, too We also found your name on a deposit slip inside the guy's pocket I don't know what you're talking about Insurance fraud gets two to six Murder's quite a bit more Okay, yes Doug and I were going to make some money on my car but I did not kill the guy, I swear to god You got an alibi? Yeah I was at the dog track, Flagstone Ridge I even paid with a credit card you can check it out - That's handy - I swear, Doug was my friend I would have no reason whatsoever to kill the guy Is that right? Hey.
Go home Get some rest I can't At this point I'm addicted What do you got? "The experiments with the dog exceeded my expectations Standing under the tree taking notes I could feel my assistant breaking.
" So maybe torturing the dog was designed to torture someone else I actually felt sorry for this guy All right, so they all did things for him but who was the assistant? Maybe the person that shredded all these notes Or maybe whoever it was that typed them up in the first place Computer keyboard has at least twenty-six places Yes, for nervous hands to leave sweaty fingerprints Maybe there are more torture items than in the closet There's no prints on the keyboard Everything's wiped down Okay, folks, this is what I think happened I don't think the assistant was wiping down for prints I think the assistant was wiping down for blood And there is the six-inch ice pick There's no way that's more than five inches Metzger's body must've caved under the thrust of it Leading naturally to an overestimate on the weapon Hey, you might want to take a look at this Okay Maybe the retinal damage was caused by staring in the incandescent light for a hundred copies Well, that would explain the Miami Snow blindness, wouldn't it? I found Metzger's eye opener Super glue That is a death mask Too bad the killer didn't leave a picture of himself Or herself Wait a minute Shine your light right there It's cotton Who wears cotton sweaters in eighty degrees? Yes? Hi, Teresa, I have a warrant for your taser Taser? Look, there's, uh, two ways we can do this Thanks Clever Hey Hey So we got an accident reconstruction program Yeah, but the two people who look guilty have air-tight alibis and somehow, my vic got in his car and that car went in the river Okay Now, the center of gravity is forward because of the engine and the slope But when I run the coefficient of friction even with Doug in the trunk, the car doesn't move What was the condition of the ground that night? I programmed it in as rocks and dirt Rocks and dirt Wet or dry? I'll check the weather report Let's do that There was a hard rain that night Love those computers but it's always better to see the crime in context So, I'll be Doug, okay? So, my plan is to dump the car I take my buck- return the key to Larry collect my money, and purchase a vacation for my girlfriend So, he tries to dump the car but ends up in the trunk instead Let's find out why Okay.
Um The car's in neutral, and the emergency break is off Mud slippage changes the coefficient of friction from point seven to point three So you, Doug, get out of the car and is about to push it in When I go to the trunk to open it.
Why? Neil Diamond You're right You're right I'm a hopeless romantic and I'm listening to "Sweet Caroline" while I'm preparing to take a vacation with my own Caroline So You open the trunk but can't reach behind the cd changer Okay, so I climb in mm-hmm - And slip - Wait a minute There's your blunt-force trauma right there Things we do for love Metzger was a very demanding man, wasn't he, Teresa? Everyone thought he was a genius They thought he was funny and inspiring But he wasn't on a mission to torture them, was he? What do you mean? I think you know Over the course of the last year he broke you down He took a happy, healthy young woman and turned her into a destructive creature didn't he? - No - No? Take a look at your arms I respected him so much And that's what he depended on He started with the dog Who am I to correct a professor? Teresa, we matched burn marks on the professor to your taser Why would I do that? This is what you call writing?! You're a mental defective, do you understand me? You've got no brains at all! You're a trust-fund-baby bimbo Shut up! Shut up! Huh? Am I a moron?! We have also matched his lacerations to the staple remover So you walked him out to the woods filled with anger and adrenaline and strung him up in the tree Come on! - Take it off! Right now! - Right now! I said strip! Get down.
Get down! I would imagine that the worst part for you was finding out that you'd been an experiment all along Had I known that I was a test that he didn't mean all those things that he said I wouldn't have snapped But I'm glad he's dead After six hours of torture, I bet he is, too