CSI: Miami s01e11 Episode Script

Camp Fear

Okay, ladies, move out Follow me Come on, Amy, let's go.
Let's ditch Okay - Where did you get those? - My mom's purse You are so busted She won't know the difference She doesn't even know I'm here today Come on, hurry up Dork Shut up Well, we've got a Jane Doe.
I guess she could be a runaway She's not a street kid Not with these nails - Hit-and-run? - I don't think so.
She's too far from the road to be tossed by a car Looks like she's been hit by every bug in South Florida, though Poor baby's been eaten alive Smells like beer You are much too young to be out drinking, sweetheart Maybe the poor thing was just coming home from a party She hasn't been here that long Check her lividity I've got double-lividity Her blood settled twice She's been moved Then it's a body dump So we are in search of a crime scene Calleigh, please Coming Hmm What do you think of this? Okay, well faint tread impression, knobby tire, narrow track width Put it all together, it spells ATV Pretty fragile, though You think you can cast them? Mm-hmm Hair spray I like it Detective Delacroix says guy's a wharf rat So do we have a name on him? Willie Stango His ex-wife came by this morning to check up on him Said he'd been ducking her calls for a week Ugh Okay, that's bad Oh, god, it smells well done Well done? Oh, yeah That looks like someone torched him No signs of forced entry Probably someone he knew Like a bitter ex-wife? Got milk? It's all over the place A cell phone It's still working Lots of missed calls That's a good place to start Liver temp says she died between three and five this morning Welts on her body appear to be insect bites ants, mosquitoes, god knows what else Blunt force trauma to the right aspect of the forehead an inch from the midline Blood loss could've led to endotoxic shock but I'll have to do more testing Okay, so somebody hit her and dumped her The cause of death is still uncertain Could've been an accident Teenage girl doesn't wind up by the side of the road dead and it'd be an accident What about sexual assault? Minor vaginal tearing around the opening And this Diaphragm Fifteen years old and she was planning on having sex Or someone was Maybe someone who didn't get their way Here's the tox you wanted Oh, okay.
Cool room Ruben, have you seen Megan? She had court today I thought she had court yesterday She stopped by, told me to give you this Uh, your Jane Doe's blood alcohol was 0.
What? So she smelled of beer but didn't drink any? - Okay, that's odd - Not as odd as this her pro-time's up to about 25 seconds Her blood wasn't clotting? Well, she could've been taking a blood thinner I'm still running more tests No, a blood thinner would've caused extensive bruising Especially with her injuries And there's not a bruise on her We've got no ID, no primary crime scene and no cause of death, right? Pretty much sums it up Well, we know she was doing one thing before she passed away She was breathing Yes, breathing air filled with contaminants I'll swab her nasal passages and sinus cavities Okay Keep me posted Tread marks are from DTP mud gator's quad-claw design Standard issue on 650 series ATVs Got some nice scuffing on the outside ribs Nice work I've got a standard issue situation here, too I think it's some type of, uh uniform It's a laundry mark used to separate identical quantities of clothing An invisible laundry mark, just like our Jane Doe who's not been reported missing yet, has she? Detective Sevilla has blanketed all the local agencies with her pictures, but no hits yet Okay By the way a present for you from Alexx - Nasal mucus - Hmm And it isn't even my birthday Sorry about that Hey Hey You mind if I observe? When have I ever? So, Mr.
Observer, what do you see? Uh, partial thickness burns of the lips, tongue and oral mucosa Stomach lining appears to be red and inflamed What about the lungs? Swelling of the main stem bronchi Release of edema fluid Meaning? Meaning he was fried from the inside And the heat from the burns blocked off his airway Not bad, not bad at all You know, Speed, anytime you want to cross over to our side of the street Do you have any idea what could've caused it? No.
We're running tox But if you want first dibs on the stomach lining Well, yeah Great thing about the nose is it acts like a filter Everything we breathe gets trapped inside spores, dirt, live dust mites Ugh.
Remind me never to breathe again Bingo.
That's pollen Excuse me You get something on the laundry mark? Yes, Pharos Academy a juvenile detention camp for girls in Southwest Dade Ah, tough love Parents ship their children off when they lose control Last chance before the courts get involved Yes, well, now we're involved At least we know what Jane Doe was running from Yeah Sergeant Marcus Cawdrey Horatio Caine, Calleigh Duquesne Miami Crime Lab How do you do, Sergeant? Hello.
Pleasure There's been no crime committed on this property I can tell you that Well, how about a couple of miles up the road? We found one of your girls This is not one of your girls? I've never seen that girl before This is not one of your girls? No, sir Excuse me - Sergeant Cawdrey, how many ATV's do you have on this - Take a look at this It's a match Mm-hmm It also means that we're going to be here for a while I don't know how that ATV got off property Access is strictly limited to instructors What about this young lady right over here? Senior Cadets are considered part of our staff Okay, we'll need a list of those names These girls are minors I can't give you anything without parental permission Okay, we'll get it right after we inform their parents they're part of an ongoing murder investigation Now, let's talk about the property for a minute, Sergeant I noticed that you don't have a fence In life there are no fences We rely on a strict code of discipline We monitor everything these girls do We tell them when to eat, sleep and shower When to go to the bathroom? Yes, ma'am Extreme problems require extreme measures And do those measures ever get too extreme? That can never happen We have safety protocols in place Do you recognize this shirt? Looks like one of ours And the number? Barracks two Ladies Sergeant on deck Heads down This won't be necessary, Sergeant We have to earn the right to face others with dignity and respect, sir Senior Cadet Barreiro is one of our success stories She used to steal, fight and disrespect her parents Now she's planning on going to college Isn't that right, Senior Cadet? Yes, Sergeant! Congratulations, Cadet Now, sergeant am I to understand the young ladies are issued uniform shirts? Yes, sir.
Three Three shirts What is the significance of the single yellow bar? Denotes a cadet first class, sir Okay, could I see them, please? Yes, sir Cadet first class, locker inspection Cadet Julie Morales, sir, front and center Cadet Morales, you're missing a shirt Where's your third shirt? Sir, this Cadet does not know, sir Okay, maybe I can be helpful We believe that we found the missing shirt on this young lady Does she seem familiar to you? Sir, no, sir Okay I'm going to go through your locker, okay? Is this your boyfriend? No, that's my brother Eyes front, cadet Horatio.
Same color as Jane Doe's Yes, it is Sergeant, we're going to have to process this whole barracks On what grounds? Bad hair day What have you got? I'm not sure I'm not sure about any of this I hear you Like, why would anyone sneak into a detention camp? Maybe she was desperate Is this going to take much longer? My girls need to get back to their routine Actually, uh actually, we are finished I am going to need one other thing, though I need your belt and your pants What for? Why don't you tell me? Managed to extract one hundred incomings from Willie's cell phone Delacroix's tracking them through teleshore So, Mr.
Wizard, you, uh any idea yet what killed our guy? Yeah, he had gas Gasoline to be more precise All the way down to his stomach lining Someone poured gas down his throat and lit him up Human molotov cocktail The interesting thing about that sample is that it has trace amounts of sodium I see Sodium and gasoline comes from saltwater contamination There's a lot of gas around that marina You think Willie Stango owned a boat? Could be Could be? Could be Let's go find out Never fumed one of these before Talk to me, guys Tested the diaphragm for semen Negative But then I thought I spotted a partial He spotted more than that Hmm.
Jane Doe's print on her own diaphragm Hardly the crime of the century Not just her prints Plural Two sets Two sets? Interesting The substance on Marcus's zipper is definitely human blood DNA is on it right now Well, tell them there's more coming There's some evidence of a wipe-down but dollars to donuts this blood's from our vic Yeah, but we still don't know where she was killed Or who killed her That's correct.
You know what, swab the intake system and the air filter ATV's got to breathe, too Yeah, Horatio Mm-hmm.
Okay Our victim's name is Dara Winters Her mother just filed a missing persons report less than two hours ago She was a teen model She was so beautiful Yes, she was We were planning a trip to Milan It was her first time When was the last time you saw your daughter, Mrs.
Winters? Last night, about eight o'clock She was going out with some friends I'm going to need those names Do you remember what she was wearing? Hmm A red halter top, a black miniskirt Actually, we argued about it You had a fight? Why did it take you so long to report her missing? Sometimes I wouldn't see my daughter all morning But in the afternoon, I called some of her friends then I called the police Did she have a friend named Julie Morales ? Julie Morales? No Because we believe she was at a Juvenile Detention Camp named Pharos Academy A detention camp? Why would she be there? I don't know.
Maybe to visit a friend No, I don't think so Okay, is it possible, Mrs.
Winters that you didn't know everything about your daughter? Lieutenant Caine, do you have teenage children? No, I don't Dara was an "A" student She didn't smoke, she didn't do drugs She was going to save her modeling money to go to college Did you know Dara had a P.
Box? No No return address Signed by someone named "Louise.
" Well, she went to grammar school with a girl named Louise something She was my whole life Mrs.
Winters, we're going to find out who did this to your daughter Okay? Yes Super-vee, twin-engines, 900 horsepower each Engines on that baby cost more than your car Maybe more than your car Yeah, well, our friend Willie wasn't exactly living large Gasoline Yeah, and there's gas cans under here Yep.
That's a lot of tanks for a little boat Obviously not for his boat Obviously The idiot was siphoning Yeah, but why steal cheap gas at a buck-thirty? He could've gone to the corner pump Maybe it wasn't cheap Let's find out Crystals we found on the barracks floor are ordinary table salt So somebody's guilty of seasoning The yellow substance found in the air filter of the ATV matches the pollen found in Dara's nasal cavity Lignum vitae The hardest wood in the world The U.
Navy almost wiped them out during World War II using them for propeller pins They're very rare The only places that they grow down here are in Southwest Dade or in the keys And there are none on the grounds of Pharos Academy I checked So the ATV was where Dara was killed It's too bad it can't tell us what happened Maybe it can Hang on a second Horatio Okay thank you there you have it The blood from your camouflaged pants matches a 15-year-old girl you've never seen Can you explain that? I already told you I never laid eyes on this girl before in my life Right But we found her blood on your zipper I don't know how it got there Look, I'm very sorry for this girl and her family but if she was in my camp, then she was trespassing Okay, fair enough Then why don't we discuss the ride that night You got it all wrong Last time I rode that ATV was yesterday morning I ran it out to the chapel then to the latrine and back to admin Whatever you guys are thinking I didn't touch any of these girls I'll take a lie-detector test Whatever you want All we need is your prints and a nasal swab Knock yourself out AFIS kicked back nothing on the second set of diaphragm prints Do you think his might match? I don't know No bruising, no semen and anyone could've ridden this ATV Yeah, but the blood on his zipper I think there might be another explanation Are you thinking passive transfer? For now Hey, man Where have you been? Waiting at DNA They're back-logged into next week I got to talk to Megan about that Well, stand in line, because I left her three messages already Yeah? Something's going on Yeah.
What'd you get? Willie's saliva on the last inch of that hose Means that it wasn't shoved all the way down his throat Means he was siphoning Look at this Gas in those tanks was straight-up park place High octane; 120-plus It's got zero alcohols or oxygenates Yeah, it's used for, uh high-performance, large bore engines Super-vee's He was stealing from his neighbors The thing about 120-plus is that it's very dangerous It's got a low flash point So you're not even supposed to store it in the sun Yeah, you can't buy it at the pump, either Willie wasn't exactly making friends Well, you wouldn't know it from his cell phone log Delacroix sent over this fax Willie's last hundred incomings; seventy-four came from one person Ex-wife? No, someone named Motor Willie's phone stalker is one Timmy Diehl, A.
Motor He's a Bal Harbour Brat Leads one of those jet ski clubs How'd you get him to come down? I told him we found Willie Where's Willie? That's what we wanted to talk to you about Hey, motor, what do you got under there? 800 cc's? Try 1250, bored out Wow, that's a big engine for a little machine It'll top-end anything in this marina Engine that size really begs for the good stuff, doesn't it? You know what I'm talking about - gas, 120-plus Hey, do you think you could outrun that? It's got triple 575'S Get me within a five-mile radius of where the body was dumped, please Lignum vitae is a short tree with a heavy pollen Fall rate's about twelve centimeters per second Weather service had wind out of the southwest at three-to-four knots With your average eight-foot tree you'll get a pollen footprint of about fifty yards So she took her last breath within fifty yards of the pond and just inside the academy perimeter It's about three miles from where we found the body So somebody wanted her off property, didn't they? - You see these outgoing tracks right here? - Yeah They're deeper and about half an inch wider So that says to me the ATV came in with one passenger and probably went out with two It also says to me that Jane Doe was here I've got something Got a red halter top and a black miniskirt This, ladies, is our primary crime scene Whoa.
You picked up a few passengers Hey, leeches Take a look at that, please Yes, it's a leech Can leave his jaw behind Instead, let's use some good old-fashioned saline solution May I? Bye Take care.
All right So saline solution Salt You got it Can you believe these little piggies will engorge themselves up to ten times their original size? Leeches just fascinate me Leech saliva Medical marvel, you know It contains enzymes that expand your blood vessels Kind of like viagra Well, not quite Unlike viagra it contains a mild anesthetic so you don't feel the bite Don't you hate it when that happens? It also has plenty of hirudin Nature's own anticoagulant You know, my mother still doesn't believe me that they use leeches in modern microsurgery Yeah, well, let her lose a finger she'll become a believer Just slap this little mouth right on to any reattached limb and watch them do the housework Vacuuming up all that used blood so it doesn't cause gangrene Which explains why there was no bruising on Dara Winters The leeches removed the surface blood The high level of anticoagulant acted like a blood thinner, so she never clotted Those bites they bled for hours after the leeches finished feeding It's the beer What about the beer? The scent of beer is like catnip for leeches When I was little, we used to pour beer on leeches and watch them whip into a feeding frenzy That's why she had so many leeches on her body At least she never felt it Yeah Got a minute? Mm-hmm So we've been going through the letters that we found in Dara's room and they seem to be written in some type of a code It's typical for fifteen-year-old girls Listen to this "Tell Q.
No more You have to get the hell out of there.
" This girl has a secret, doesn't she? Our leeches just gave up their secret In over half the samples And lord knows how many more are burrowed out there, digesting It was death by leech Well, they may have killed her but they didn't move her body, did they? Megan, it's Horatio Call me on my cell, will you? Sergeant Marcus? No match on pollen or prints He's clean He's clean So that means the answer is right over here All right, ladies, listen up We need you all to roll up your pant legs Ladies, we found salt crystals in your barracks and we believe they were used to remove a certain parasite Come on, ladies, double time! You heard her, "Louise".
That's your nickname, isn't it? Sir, this Cadet's name is Julie Morales, sir Will that be all, sir? No, ma'am, it's not Now you Let's go Well, there you have it Hey, sport, how you doing? Okay, let me help you out with this See that there? Now, that's 120-plus high-performance gasoline It's what you thought you were buying And this one is not exactly the Ferrari of fuels, is it? And we got that from the gas tank of your jet ski So, Willie was cutting your 120-plus with gas from the corner pump and trying to sell it to you for the real deal That bunk locked up my engine It cost me three grand Yeah I'd be pissed Sounds like motive for murder What are you talking about? Well, you know, the guy's ripping you off and you know he's siphoning So, you light him up Look, I didn't kill anybody Phone records got you for stalking 'Cause he was ducking me Seventy-four calls? He never answered But he managed to pick up the phone the morning he died Look.
I star-67'd him And the minute he picked up, the phone line went dead Horatio Yeah? Message for you, from Megan Excuse me? Message from Megan Thank you Um hang on a second This, uh this can't be right She asked that you try not to contact her anymore Thank you I wanted to cut Julie a break I was on bed check I heard talking coming from number two after lights out And that's when you saw Dara? Yeah, I didn't know who she was The senior cadet is being interrogated in the other room I need you to talk to me Okay? I don't want to get in any more trouble Then you just have to help us out, Julie We just want to find out what happened to Dara and why she came to you She was my best friend I told her she had to leave immediately I escorted her to the front gate and I left her there See, leeches need a water source And those leech bites on your legs indicate to me that you were at the pond And going by your record and your history of violence I think you roughed her up and you left her there And then you found her dead the next morning then you dumped her body a few miles away just to cover it up I found her by the pond at 0700 during morning rounds I drove up and she was just lying there I didn't want to get in trouble for not reporting her the night before I'm sorry Why did Dara cut her hair? She hated it Hated those stupid clothes, too Why was she running away, Julie? Did it have anything to do with why you assaulted her mom? We talked to your parents They told us the whole story They didn't tell you my story They didn't believe me No one ever believed me I'll believe you if you tell me the truth Dara was sick of the modeling She was sick of everything Always having to be perfect You're beautiful, you're going to be great But queen bitch wouldn't let her quit You mean her mother? She made her do a lot of things What kind of things? No, mom, please Dara No, mom Dara Please Her mom always told her "no choir girl ever made the A-list.
" So, Willie was siphoning gas as a side gig Which means he was sucking in a lot of fumes That explains his milk Jones He was trying to settle his stomach Gasoline has only one use To ignite So what ignited it? I don't know, maybe fillings in his mouth caused a spark Not according to his dental records This guy had perfect teeth Maybe static electricity A heck of a shag carpet Maybe he had some build-up from it You know when you're pumping gas you're not supposed to get in and out of your car? Or talk on the cell phone Hmm Lithium batteries put out 3.
7 volts of electricity What do you want? I guess he had to take that phone call Trip out They say these things can kill you Bet you even money that's airborne pollen Let's print this car Will someone please tell me why I'm here? They took my car Beautiful girl Sad eyes, though What the hell is this? You were out there the night Dara died, weren't you? Of course not We found a very specific airborne pollen on the headrest of your car which would put you within fifty yards of where she took her last breath She was running away from you, wasn't she? To Julie She would go wherever Julie was So you drove out there to bring her back to bring her back to everything she was running away from, right? Dara? What have you done to your hair? Dara, you stay there I'm not gonna do it anymore I won't go back - You don't have a choice - It's my life No, life is about making sacrifices I'm gonna tell I'm gonna tell everyone Shut up No, Dara, Don't, Dara And then you left her there No, I was expecting her to come home the next day Dara was special She was going places Anyone could tell But she was throwing it all away And for what? A date at the mall? High school football on Friday nights? Some kind of average Briar Bay existence? To three-quarters of the world that sounds like a slice of heaven She was running away from you because you made her home-life hell All I did was set up auditions I was trying to help her to succeed You were forcing her to market herself to get modeling jobs Right? Now, we have a second print on her diaphragm your prints We matched it to the prints we found in your car "No choir girl ever made the a-list.
" Isn't that what you told her? No, you don't understand No, I don't I told you that I would figure out who did this, didn't I? Knock, knock Come on in Me and the guys are going for a beer You want to come? Mind if I take a rain check? You all right? Megan resigned She said that work was too much of a reminder of her husband's death It's a shame She was She was indeed I almost walked once I'll see you tomorrow Mm Yep