CSI: Miami s01e12 Episode Script

Entrance Wound

What's that noise? It's the waves crashing on the beach Since when do oceans hum? Wait A guy and his coworker found her this morning Well, they've obviously cleaned the room before they checked in, right? Yeah, typical maid service Scrub the surface Scrubbed the surface but left the dead body under the bed So what do we know about our previous occupant? No face-to-face booking Sent the victim to pay And who is our victim? Pocketbook and clothes were missing but the assistant coroner okayed a live scan of her prints Susan McCreary A string of priors for prostitution Looks like she was working the street Not anymore Seventy-five degrees With her liver temp that puts time of death between seven and nine last evening Victim was stabbed repeatedly Slim, sharp implement What do you think? A knife or scissors? Width of the wounds could match either She wasn't stabbed under here There's not enough room, and there's no blood present On the bed's the next logical choice Yes, but there would be spatter on the night stand and the wall and the sheets would be soaked I got the sheets from the maid There's no visible stains, but I bagged them anyway Bag that bedspread, too, will you? What do we have here? That's blood and somebody tried to wipe it away Not the only surface he scrubbed Body smells like cardamom It's a spice I use it in a mean South African curry but it's also used as a scent in soaps Scented soaps Okay The maid did say that the renter boosted a couple of towels and a washcloth What about used soap? - Yeah, he took that with him, too - You know what? Let's green-light this tub Cardamom soap Whoa You got something? Yeah It looks like he washed her That would explain the clean body and the missing towels, wouldn't it? Well, he didn't hose these Uniform found them in a dumpster outside Well, I guess they could be the victim's They fit the lifestyle Don't worry Officer Saxon didn't touch anything else We'll take it from here, gentlemen I guess I got to go check the dumpster now Do that next Hey, what do we got? Attempted carjacking or robbery German tourist couple They stopped for directions Now, that's the wife, Greta Roebling Husband's Werner and they're here on a short vacation from Stuttgart.
Oh, another slam from the European Press "Miami: Deathtrap Under the Palms.
" Did the wife see the shooting? No.
She said a masked man approached her side of the car and then shot her husband Body's still in the car? No.
Husband fled, shooter ran after him and he left his body on the floor of the garage bay Well, if it's a carjacking, why chase a guy who's already abandoned his car? - Exactly - That's the first of many questions How about I take the car, you take the garage and we'll meet up at the body when the M.
shows up? Sounds good I got blood spatter in the car but no bullets Also, got a smear on the rearview mirror There's no sign of the M.
? No.
Stuck on the Venetian Causeway The bridge wouldn't close Would you believe? Hmm.
So how many times was this guy shot? I'm only seeing one wound A small entrance behind the ear possible exit through the mouth Gosh, it's hard to imagine him running all the way in here with a shot in the head Anything's possible Did you find any bullets in here? No, but check out these blood patterns Now, it doesn't look like a shoe but, uh, it's hard to say where it's from And the spatter on the back of this truck is even harder to place Looks like high velocity from a gunshot Well, that would put a second shot in here and that doesn't track with the body Or with his head wound in relation to the truck Aah, we need to get at this body Twenty-three stab wounds in all Some of them look tentative Till he got the hang of it Yeah The majority of the wounds are deep penetrations What's your cause of death? Exsanguination from a sharp force injury that severed the aorta Not much external blood loss, though, huh? Right Aorta bleeds out into the chest cavity Which would have helped the killer with his cleanup You think he could have known that? You find him and ask him Hmm Adhesive, right? Yeah Wrist, ankles and mouth Okay, so he picked her up gagged her, taped her went to town.
How about sexual assault? No vaginal tearing, no signs of semen Guy went to a lot of trouble for no apparent personal or sexual motive Mmm How about the joy of just taking a life? That's always good.
Okay Anything else from the dumpster? Just the victim's clothes Pipes from the tub were a bust I found traces of drain cleaner So it would have dissolved any DNA he might have left What about right here? Right in the center I'm about to test it Never go naked on the hotel bedspread Mm Lucky for us, some people do, right? Keep me posted I'll go check her personal effects The smear on the center of the bedspread was mold A type that wasn't on anything else at the bungalow Maybe the killer brought it in with him But not off his body Could be transfer from some kind of cover he used to keep the mess down He did get sloppy about one thing We found a bloody fingerprint on the victim's belt - Guy in the system? - A Cole Judson A prior knife assault on a woman twelve years ago Not his first time Let's make it his last Excuse me We're looking for Cole Judson Um, yeah, he's probably out back helping me out with my fence Does he work for you? No I'm the landlord This guy pulls in six figures and his way to unwind is hacking at wood Go figure You guys the police? Yes, we are Where would that be? Right around back Just follow the screams His step-kids believe in expressing themselves Thank you Cole Judson? Detective Brunner, Miami-Dade police Horatio Caine, CSI You're under arrest for the murder of Susan McCreary - You have the right to remain silent - Cole? Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law What are they doing? Wendy, call our lawyer - Cole? - You have the right to an attorney If you cannot afford Everything's going to be okay The court will appoint you one What are you doing? Cole would never hurt anyone Mrs Judson, your husband will be transported downtown where he will be booked In the meantime, I have a warrant to search your residence This, this can't be right You're wrong There's our shooter Yeah, with a mask leaving us no facial ID But I can ID our odd print on the floor Perforations on the glove appear to match the pattern we found in that blood smear So the shooter lost his footing Which confirms the wife's story The shooter approached her side of the car and shot the husband But we still can't see where the husband was hit Oh, it's riveting but what I really want is a call from Alexx Easy, girl You will get your bullet Sorry, Calleigh Your second bullet was fragmented It's a small caliber There's no hope for a comparison But the good news is I've got your first bullet He was shot in the mouth? Oh, yeah Well, I have never seen anything like this before Never forget your first time, do you? It's intact, that's a good sign Came to rest in the back of his throat That would explain all the blood spatter on the back of the truck He would have been spitting cupfuls of blood with a wound like that Over forty arteries and veins inside the oral pharynx and the buccal mucosa He was hiding from his killer Who's this? That's the ex-husband Hmm the ex-husband That's interesting I'll keep them for a few days, all right, Wendy? Don't worry This is a mistake, Michael It, it's crazy Anytime the middle of the night 5:00 in the morning I'm there for you, okay? If you need me Yeah If there's anything I can do We'll let you know Thank you Bye, sweetie Are you aware that your husband has a record for a knife assault on a woman? No, that's not right It can't be Cole could never do what you're accusing him of Can you tell us where he was last night? He was, he was at his weekly sales meeting Every Wednesday till 9:00 Could you give us a contact at his office? Yeah Let me get it Thank you Surprise, surprise What's up? Cole Judson didn't work late on Wednesday He never does So he's two for two on lies to his wife Okay Please, you have to believe me I don't know what you found, but you're wrong What happened to your finger? I whacked my nail Henry, the little one, put this on me Mind if I take a look at it? Yeah, sure The band-aid? Band-aid Thank you Where were you last night? After work I took a walk on the beach It's what I do every Wednesday That's not what your wife told us Listen, I I love being married, I do And I adore those kids But I steal one night a week for myself and I I should have been honest with Wendy about needing it What about the girl you stabbed in college? Oh, my god, Beth? I never hurt Beth Listen, we were young and we were drunk, and we were arguing and she cut herself I took her to the ER to get stitches They had to file a report Suddenly she was worried about what her family would say so she said I did it Do you, um, recognize this woman? No No ? No Excuse me Well, our gas station bullet matched a prior convenience store robbery The gun was never recovered The adult was convicted, he's still behind bars but the juvenile accomplice, Malcolm Davidson served only a few months All right, so where's Malcolm now? At home, with grandma I'm telling you wherever you think Malcolm was he was out with me I'm not finding any of those clothes Hey, Calleigh come take a look in here You find the gun? No, even better Originally seen on video Mm-hmm.
Rinsed off and stiff from drying, too With perforations that look very similar to that blood pattern we found on the garage floor All right, let's go No way my brother did this Okay, so I'm the killer and I've just wiped down the scene and I'm preparing to dispose of the victim's clothes but somehow, some of the victim's blood has escaped my cleanup, right? - Beef blood? - Yup Close to human but not a biohazard So, this is how the print Should look on the belt But take a look at the picture Looks the same, like the print you made Ah, but it's not because it wasn't made with a bloody fingerprint It was made with oil Like this And the blood was applied later Like this Allowing the blood to slide off the ridges and pool in the furrows Take a look Wow Never seen anything like that I guess you'd miss it if you didn't know it That's right So it pays to stay current Remember the criminalist from Taos? The one with the long, black hair? Mm-hmm She did a study and this is how you can frame somebody with their own fingerprint What did the state's attorney say when you called them and told them they had the wrong guy? Well, he said it was a very, very interesting study So he's ignoring the science Right, and here's why because people understand fingerprints and he is not going to confuse a jury over one study So Cole Judson Is looking at murder one Now, I believe that the killer left the print behind intentionally but he left this behind by mistake That's my mold from the bungalow Cladosporium is a dark mold commonly found in indoor water space like Cole Judson's bathroom Now, this is the mold from the shower curtain Mold from his bathroom matches the bungalow? Mmm It's not looking good for Cole That's true But cladosporium is a common genus and species and that would be like saying the killer's a homo sapien So, in order to clear Cole Judson we have to distill this mold down to the equivalent of a human name You're trying to identify the DNA of the mold? Yes, I am which would mean the smear from the bungalow could only come from a single host colony like the killer's bathroom Mold's a primitive organism But if it's biological, it has DNA Yeah, but still isolating DNA is is going to be rough Not as rough as leaving an innocent man to do time on death row - Hey - Hey You should have gone for Malcolm's closet Driving glove I found was a major score Yeah, blood was the German husband's epithelia's match Malcolm and there was a waxy substance - A waxy substance? - Mm-hmm - On the glove? "Castor oil, triglyceride, lanolin, heptan-2-one red number six barium" Mm-hmm, I couldn't locate the brand or the manufacturer but it's definitely lipstick Probably grandma's You know, it's bad enough when you're in that awkward stage between boy and cold-blooded killer, but it's even worse when grandma's kiss links you to the scene Are you kidding me? I found the same lipstick on the German's rearview mirror So that doesn't just put him at the scene That puts Malcolm inside their rental car Except we have the whole crime scene on video and Malcolm never sets foot in the car Okay, so it had to happen before the crime But what was he doing in their front seat? I don't know And who was he sitting with? Christian, you get my message? You think Cole Judson is being framed Any reason someone would want to do that? Oh, probably because they don't want to get caught or they're trying to ruin his life It's a theory or two I'm awaiting a mold smear Mold smear? We got a bloody print Yes, but we believe the blood was applied later and that the print is a forgery How do you forge someone's print? Well, you get them to stick their finger into something soft it harden you fill it with epoxy, and then you duplicate the print Without their knowledge? Or you could use an existing print From the print store? Everyday things: Tile grout, Clay You might be surprised Mr Judson, who has access to your apartment? Wendy and I - we rent so I guess the building manager or our cleaning lady Okay, I guess what I'm asking is who has keys to it? What does my apartment have to do with anything? For right now why don't you let me worry about that, okay? You know, I wish I could but I'm going through hell, and I didn't do anything So I give you our friends, our cleaning lady's name and what, they're here instead of me? Okay, the thing is is that they might be able to help you How? I don't even know what you're looking for Does anyone have a reason to frame you? No You see, what I'm trying to determine is whether somebody gained access to your apartment and took something without your knowledge Wendy's ex-husband doesn't have keys but we came home one day and found him inside the apartment Did he have a reason to be there? Not at that moment, no I brought the kids home Henry was sick so I put him in bed That's not what Cole and the ex-wife say They say you didn't have custody that day Okay All right I told the landlady I left my car keys She let me in, and I looked around What were you looking for? Drugs, pornography Wendy married this guy just three days after our divorce was final She just met him five months before that Where were you Wednesday night between six and nine pm? Me? I was at a cocktail party for a colleague We set up around 6pm And I was home shortly after nine Can anyone confirm your presence at the party? Everyone I was the toastmaster The only surprise there is the ex didn't find a stash of violent porn So you think his alibi is going to clear him, huh? Read the ME'S report again She was killed at approximately 7 pm Approximately 7 pm Time of death is always the most fluid aspect of any crime I mean, even you should know that Now, Cole's fingerprint aside the only thing that ties him to the crime and clears the ex is time of death, right? Established by the victim's liver temperature Which brings us to room temperature When we entered the room it was Perfect for humans and orchids Cells look healthy As they should at 75 degrees But take a look at these cells They don't look healthy And the reason they're not healthy is because like her body, they were chilled Causing the cells to burst and the petals to close At fifty degrees or below So somebody went in and cranked the air conditioning Reentered the room reset the temperature of the room thereby changing the time of the crime I recognize no one The shooter wore a snow mask Do you know anyone who would want to hurt you or your husband? We know no one in Miami People told us, "Don't go there You'll get shot" We came, my husband was killed I would like to go and I would like to take my husband with me Why don't you just relax, have a sip of water? Maybe you can think of something that might help us You know, I am tired and I've already told you everything I know I think we have everything we need Okay Thanks for coming Cooling the body made it look like she died earlier than she did Electrical company confirms there was a spike in kilowatts at that bungalow from 9:00 PM till 12:00 Okay, but whether he killed her or she was just bound and gagged our prostitute did not turn up the air by herself Putting somebody else in the room with her after 9:00 PM So he killed her and then waited while her body chilled New time of death clears Cole Judson Leaving a bitter ex-husband with time to spare Let me ask you a question How many things do you think we'll overlook in a career? You? Hmm Less than anyone I know Me, fewer because of it It's a perfect clue And Cole is the perfect guy to pin it on, isn't he? No alibi, a rap sheet with a knife assault Right, and his wife doesn't know about the prior conviction but her ex-husband does That's a lot of information for sale Yeah Let's see if he purchased any of it, okay? Castor oil, triglyceride heptan-2-one pigment red 68 But Greta prefers a deeper shade of red Well, lipstick on the glove was definitely grandma's So the Roeblings were here for two days and somehow a kid from Liberty City ends up hanging out in their car? The same kid who shot the husband Okay, so what kind of murder requires an advance meeting? A hired hit The question is: Who did the hiring? Husband ended up dead But Malcolm was aiming at the wife So he's looking straight at Greta But is Malcolm recognizing his employer or is he locking on a target? I don't know It's not quantifiable either way No, but this is The average person's reaction time from sensation, perception through response is one point five seconds How do you know that? Auto insurance studies Now, for an unexpected stimulus the brain needs even more processing time Say, for example, if you weren't accustomed to having someone pull a gun on you Exactly The video images are shot at one-thirtieth of a second intervals She ducked in one point one seconds Olympians aren't even that fast So when do good reflexes become intent to kill? And how, within two days of arriving in Miami did the wife find a shooter that she knew wouldn't flip on her? A glove A mirror And what does any of this have to do with me? It has to do with you and your brother Malcolm Did you know that heptan-2-one isn't approved in the united states? It offers sun protection The sun shines in Germany, doesn't it? You never asked me if I lived in Germany State department was happy to provide that information along with your work visa It was an easy call Once we linked your grandmother's lipstick to its European manufacturer I don't understand It's chemistry It's a gift, just like all the other cosmetics you bought for your grandmother But those gifts stopped coming once you were cut from the Stuttgart Ballet And then you took on some private clients Like Greta Roebling You should have limited your services to teaching dance Wife's ready to make a deal She's very opposed to the death penalty especially when it's applied to her I don't like to exercise, not even dance I complain and complain It's my way So, when I told Brian "I wish my husband were dead" I didn't mean it literally And then Brian said he'd arranged a shooting person I said, "Where I come from, ten grand buys you a corpse" I was talking trash She gives me an itinerary They're coming here Hands me cash for a ticket, too She booked you but at any point, you could have said no I was broke And I had leaned on every friend that I had And I swore that I would never end up where I came from So you came home to cash out on your little brother's back Malcolm he saw what I had and he wanted out, too But he didn't have a focus 'Cause he had never worked for anything before I said, "Get a fresh strap" But does he do it? No A different gun That's looking out for him I started with the biggest criminal records company All you need is a social and a date of birth Thirty bucks buys you a lot of information these days That one's out of Jacksonville There's no billing to the ex, Michael Giotti but they did run Cole's criminal history This one's bought and paid for by Cole's landlord, Lee Bastille Checking a tenant's history is not exactly a crime Unless you use it to frame them for murder Mrs Bastille how long have you and your husband owned the building? Uh, three no, four years But I don't know Mr Judson very well Don't you check into your tenant's histories? Uh, only a credit check Sometimes Lee will have me call a reference previous landlords Do you manage the building with your husband? We do pretty much everything together Or at least I try It sometimes drives Lee crazy but you have to hold a marriage together I understand that Mr Judson did some work for your husband around the building That's why Lee would be able to tell you more about him He just left, but I could reach him on his cell phone That won't be necessary You have a a forensics buff in the house They're Lee's He can't get enough I think they're disgusting No no offense No, none taken Could I, um could I use your bathroom? Why are you wearing gloves? This is cardamom soap, Mrs Bastille Is this yours? No Lee brought it home Did he do that recently? A few nights ago Possibly Wednesday? Did he ask you to use this, Mrs Bastille? He didn't ask How do you mean? Well we've been married almost nine years and I'd accused Lee of being asleep for eight of them Then one day he woke up It wasn't how I thought it would be Is that when the baths started? And every day since Be still That's better Okay, Mrs Bastille, I'm going to level with you The woman that we found that was stabbed to death was bathed in cardamom soap by the killer I need to know where he was Wednesday night He was home We always eat at seven Later he said he got a call from a tenant some broken pipes Okay, what time was that? Uh, a little before nine I didn't hear the phone ring He'll be home any minute Okay, I don't want you to worry about that right now Here's what I want to do: I want to search your apartment but first I want to get you out of here for your personal safety Can I do that? I didn't do anything Now, the Judsons were in your building less than a month before you created the plumbing emergency, right? That both Wendy and Cole Judson confirm you insisted on fixing with Cole's help We found traces of epoxy in the plumber's putty Nice job on the print, by the way This is from a botanist That's correct You transferred mold from your bathroom to the bedspread of the bungalow I don't understand Check your crime books, my friend Mold has DNA I was at home with my wife having dinner Ask her We do the same thing every night I mean, we may not look at each other or talk for days but we eat together, seven o'clock While Susan McCreary lay bound gagged terrified, but not dead, right? You left her waiting while you went home to your wife to set up an alibi Later, after you killed her you dropped her body temperature so you could roll the clock back You would have pulled this off without the bloody print had you not gone too far I liked it I can see that evidenced by the bar of soap that you took home as a souvenir Wh ? You never take soap from hotel rooms? It's not a crime if you paid for it The same doesn't apply to the women you kill though, right? Think about it What do we do? Work, sleep, eat the same food, have the same sex and then do it all over again tomorrow I felt dead until I felt her life slip through my hands I was curious I'm not a monster To her, you were liation creation incarceration determination inspiration no substitution solution conclusion