CSI: Miami s01e13 Episode Script


Here, Max! Come here, Max.
Where are you, man? Maxie! Max? Max? Maxie! Rudy? Hey, Max Honey? Are you okay? Smell ammonia Yep, and that's the least of our problems Anybody inside died instantly You were first on scene? Yes, sir Wife passed out on the porch trying to get to her husband A neighbor saw her and called it in Paramedics have her now So, he's still in there? I attempted entry but you were driven back by the fumes because this is a clan lab house All those chemicals they use in clandestine drug labs there's no telling what's all in there Well, we'd better figure it out, and we'd better get it contained before more people die If we find the body, we find the source Let's go this way No pulse We got foam around the mouth, lack of pallor Broken glass adjacent to the body, obvious chemical residue I'll get a Drager Wow Nitric acid, 1,800 parts per million H? I know Chemical residue, plus sunlight created fumes in a closed environment slowly accumulating deadly gas Adell, can you hear me? Copy that, H Okay, listen to me We're going to evacuate to a one block radius This place can blow I'm all over it I've got to aerate this room, but it looks like there's steel casing behind there Be careful One spark, and we can go All right, I'll get the pilot light on the oven The gas has been shut off at the curb Okay K-packs Until we separate out this glass, Speed, nothing's safe Carefully Take it easy Speed, easy Sorry So this is Breckenhurst Retirement Community I'd never put my grandmother in a place like this When she dies, she's going to be in my house, with our priest, surrounded by family Oh, not my grandma I want every day for her to be new year's eve, drinking mimosas giving old men a hard time Yeah Southern Cuban Detective When I die, I want to go in my sleep Betty Rosen, 81 Lived with her sister, Pearl She's the one that found her How bad is it? Massacre Shall we? I'll take the one-to-ones She really took a beating Home invasion sexual predator Maybe we've got a serial Yeah One cold-hearted bastard to prey on the elderly Oh! Don't give me that look, 'cause it's written all over your faces, too All right all right Skull is fractured Probably blunt force trauma I'll need to clean her up to see more Not how you planned to end your golden years, is it, Betty? Puts her time of death at about 2:00 AM Blood pools indicate time of attack was earlier Your job, honey Mine begins with death Isolated paper in a pool of blood? It must be important to somebody Three parts per million We're clear, okay, so, we're on a code four Let's send the ME'S people in, all right? You got it Crisis averted Tell that to his widow Okay, so we got to find something that leads us to this cook, right? Yes, we do So, if I'm the cook, what do I need to do to do my job? You need goggles, a mask And latex gloves Let's have a look at that Bag it, tag it, and let's see what else is here I found the landlord, a James Welmont He said he'll meet us at CSI Okay, keep me posted - Yeah - All right, - we'll talk later - I'll see you back there I don't own the house by myself I invest in property with a group of doctors "Diamond sun properties" When you say doctors, do you mean surgeons? Well, we're dermatologists There are three of us My partner just removed a carcinoma from my back, as a matter of fact As a dermatologist, do you use latex gloves? Yeah, all the time Mind if I take a look around your practice? You be my guest When was the last time the house on mangrove was rented? I believe that house has been vacant for six months Renters skipped out on us It's right there in the records I brought for you Yes, I've been taking a look at these, and the rent seemed very cheap for this part of town Well, I don't make money if the houses are unoccupied This one was occupied, though, wasn't it? A man died in it Well, I can't help what tenants do in my houses, just like I can't help what happens in my houses when tenants leave I mean, it's an investment Yes Usually with an investment of this size, though, people take care of them, don't they? All right.
You got me.
I am guilty of not taking care of my investment And possibly, negligent homicide You arresting me? Not yet Okay Next time, I bring my lawyer Next time you may need one Extent of the ecchymosis suggests she lived several hours after she sustained her injuries Confirmed blunt force trauma, skull fracture, subdural hematoma No clear weapon; could have been anything Tox report indicates therapeutic level of coumadin - Coumadin? - Yeah Blood thinner That could explain the excessive blood loss Was she on any other medication? No, right arm and both hands are broken Poor thing, she tried to fight him off doesn't take much to break her bones Tissue sections confirmed neurofibrillary tangles She had Alzheimer's Late stages Any physical findings? Diagnosing rape in older females is tricky Muscles have atrophied, skin is less elastic I'll collect a sexual assault kit Hey Hey How'd the post go on Mr Caldwell? Death by asphyxiation due to nitric acid fumes The question becomes: What was the nitric acid used for? I got to tell you, I'm having a lot of trouble with this Well, hang in there Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid We've got H2SO4, right? I got something in the amphetamine family here I don't know, uh, MDA, maybe meth But this doesn't compute, does it? Now you know what I've been doing These aren't components of any drug I know But they should give us the final product "MDP2P" "Methylene-dioxy-phenyl-2-propanone" It's not really a recreational drug It's not really anything Maybe that means he didn't mean to make it Go with me here for a second, Speed Now, if you sub in formic acid for nitric acid you get ecstasy, don't you? - The cook screwed up - Right But because the pills were white, he figured he could still sell them as X So he replaces one ingredient along the chemical pathway to try to make something legal Yes, he did, and ended up making a chemical so powerful that its fumes could kill human beings So what are we chasing, the fumes or the pills? We're chasing the cook I'm so sorry about your sister, Mrs Abrams Uh, you and Betty lived together? Yes We take care of each other But the night she died I was in Coral Gables with friends It got late I can't drive at night I told her I didn't want to go She said, "go out, have some fun" Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt Betty? Oh, no She was voted the most popular Everyone loves her, especially the men You look a lot like her ¦o³ßÅw§âÀYµo ¯d¨ì­I¦Z She loved to wear her hair long down her back Just like you Did anybody know she was alone that night? Everybody Betty never could keep a secret Sorry I'm late I got jammed up on the causeway No worries Pam again? Yeah, how'd you know? You got the same clothes on you had yesterday Uh, so is that glass from the clan house? - Yep - Any hits? No hits, but I'm about to superglue the discarded glove unless you want to do it Yeah, I'll do it Go ahead Powdered latex The easy slide on and off So they have, uh, powdered gloves when you were coming up? No powdered gloves, no cell phones, no DNA No cell phones? No cell phones We have a winner AFIS? AFIS I can tell you who it won't be Go ahead Dermo doctor uses powder-free gloves It's a different company than our discard and they buy by the case Bulk Then why do I like this guy so much? AFIS seems to like someone else "Gregory Kimble" Now who is this? Let's go find out Mr Kimble, let's talk about the trash drugs you've been cooking I don't know what you're talking about No? Little house over on Mangrove doesn't ring a bell? Nope "Nope" Okay, Well, the problem is, is we recovered your fingerprint over there I party a lot I might've ended up there one night Okay, fair enough You wear sunscreen? Everyone in Miami does, why? Well, you have some very interesting burn damage around your mouth and under your nose Sometimes that can be from a chemical burn, right? You bet You're my cook, aren't you? Cook? What are you talking about? I'm a part-time student Really? You got a job? Not right now Well, DMV records show that you drive around in a brand-new convertible Lex Why don't you do yourself a favor and tell us who's selling this stuff once you put it into pill form? I think I want my attorney After we process you I'm going to need your clothes, too What am I going to wear? Laura It's been a while.
Welcome back Well, a year at Quantico is enough Can't take that weather Hmm, how was the nightlife? Government compound, 95% male Hurt me I'll bet it did Anything on my victim? Well, the sexual assault kit was positive Semen was aspermic So, no little soldiers? No, the guy probably had a vasectomy P30 indicates recent intercourse How recent? Eight to twelve hours That's consistent with time of death Well, I'll run the DNA through CODIS Thank you Hey, Calleigh Crime at the condo is virtually nonexistent They've had two burglaries in the past five years The place prides itself on safety Well, that eliminates the amateurs That's right.
So I ran the names of registered sex offenders within a three-mile radius of the complex Name popped up "Keith Sewell" On parole for rape Guess where he works? Gardener You haul me in 'cause my prints were on the window? Talk to the manager She has me change that glass couple times a month And she has you do that, why? Mrs Rosen liked to break it Of course she was a little light in the head if you know what I mean She suffered from Alzheimer's Yeah, she told me, uh, her parents wouldn't let her date So she had to sneak out to meet her boyfriend And for the record I don't do old women Nothing over 25 A convicted rapist with standards Mr Sewell, have you ever had a vasectomy? No one's snipping on me We can get a court order to verify I'll verify right now Hey! Sit down! A mouth swab will suffice for now An XRF This thing's got to be 250 grand When did we get this? We got it this morning Courtesy of the ATF Nice So, the x-ray allows us to examine Greg Kimble's shirt for chemicals Exactly right And zero in on areas that we can then extract from Now, Mr Kimble claims he has no job and no legitimate access to chemicals, right? So if we find chemicals on his clothing, we can link him to the drug lab Mm-hmm But didn't we already do that with the print in the glove? Yes, we did But like my old man says, "you don't have a backup, you don't have a plan" Smart guy Okay Here you go Look at this High amounts of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus Components found in our chemical residue at the clan house That's right And it makes Mr Kimble a what? A liar A liar When mass spec confirms this, let me know, will you? Will do I'll call you on your "cell phone" Adell, w-wait a second Wait a second What is going on here? States Attorney cut him loose Did he say why? Absolutely not Okay.
Where is the States Attorney right now? He's up in your office In my office He stays put until I say so Dante, I've got this guy dead to his rights He's my cook Where? You can't place him at the lab at the Mangrove house Of course I can I recovered his fingerprint there in a latex glove At a party house That only proves he was there Wearing latex gloves The fumes from this man's trash already killed somebody He may be selling lethal pills You know that Florida statute 89303 has a specific list of controlled substances Even if we could put him there, he wasn't making anything illegal Okay, so, you get to turn him loose and I get to send the victim's wife a sympathy card and talk about your dej vu Your brother was a good cop This has nothing to do with him Interesting that you bring him up You need to let this go, Horatio Why? Why do I need to let this go? It's in the best interest of this case And in my best interest, too? Is that what you're saying? Those are your words, not mine Let it go Speed Hey, what's up? You wanted to see me? Yeah, I do I want to take a look at this doctor again, okay? Yeah, you know what? I got in early this morning, and, uh check out his real estate holdings Welmont and his partner own a dozen homes in those neighborhoods Dangerous neighborhoods, landlocked, near freeways under the radar Yup.
And I talked to a guy from DEA Says a clan lab can make, like, And you can times that by twelve I doubt he's even seeing patients anymore Nice going Adell? Yeah? Adell, Horatio Road trip Setting up shop again, Greg? Check the van, Speed So, we've got a new location We got some lye, ammonia, some methanol And a new formula, huh? I guess one death in the neighborhood is enough If you hang tight, I'll get you a warrant for that stuff Uh, it's not against the law to have those chemicals No, it's not Really brilliant operation Dr Welmont has going on here He provides the house, the chemicals and the recipe He pays off a couple of cooks like you with lux cars That's peanuts to the guys who sling the pills Pills so unusual there's not a law against it, but at the end of the day, he and his partners split about six million bucks It's not six million This is where you say, "I don't know any Dr Welmont" Yeah Right What do you got? That was the Medical Examiner Mm-hmm Just picked up a 19-year-old kid Overdosed on "E" Nineteen years old Nice going That's right, you guys, feel the music We're all Britney Spears at heart Feel the music Sewell lied on his application, but he didn't lie about the window Now, Betty had some good days, and she had some bad days Her memory, you know Yeah, we heard that she thought she had a boyfriend Boyfriend? Try boyfriends This place is high school with arthritis And Betty was hot stuff So, can you point out these boyfriends? Betty was a very private person It's okay, I think we'll, uh, we'll round them all up Betty was a lot of fun She and I had a very healthy sexual relationship She was not afraid to try new things Back to the question, Mr Rines Yeah, no, um, I saw her last night Uh, left her place about 9:00 Can anyone verify that? Yes, Mrs Meyers was walking her dog Don't tell anyone I told you, but I hear Betty was loaded She married one of those Wall Street types back when the market meant something Now? We're all in the toilet Anyway, I think Pearl was counting on Betty's dough Rumor has it, she left it all to one guy Who? I don't know We're almost finished, Mr Gaines Did you see Betty Rosen the night she died? Oh, no She dumped me three weeks ago Said she needed somebody more adventurous, you know? At first I thought she got me confused with Herb Rines Me I like to go for coffee, talk, you know? She wasn't going for it Mr Gaines, do you have any ice plant outside your home? No, I'm not one for succulents Well if that's the case This may be a problem I'm going to need a DNA sample Better circumstances, Alexx? You got that right, Horatio Nineteen years young Hmm.
Detective said he just got accepted into Vanderbilt busy school working toward a pilot license Flew solo for the first time yesterday Went out to celebrate with friends They say he took one tab of "E" When he didn't get high, took a handful Collapsed at a club called Fate and the devil laughed So, stomach contents? Figured you'd want to be here Analysis will determine if it's mdp2p I guess I'm hoping that one or two of the pills didn't dissolve before he expired You're hoping for a stamp? Call me crazy All right Stamp familiar? "Please allow me to introduce myself" Nice going If we found a pill with Welmont's company stamp on it, why are we going to see the cook again? Because he's weak Welmont is the target, but Kimble is our ammunition So much gossip coming out of that complex, I don't know what the truth is Well, Carrillo confirmed Sewell's alibi, so our sex offender's out as a suspect And these guys gave up their clothes way too easily Yeah, that's never good I don't know, I mean, you saw the blood in the condo There is no way a killer got out of there without getting bloody And Carrillo confirmed with Mrs Meyers that Herb Rines left Betty's place at around nine She didn't see a drop of blood on him And the DNA on the semen matches Herb Which confirms his story I don't know Maybe someone saw Betty after Herb left I don't know.
But then Marty has ice plant wedged in the sole of his shoe, so he doesn't have time to clean it, yet it's km negative I can't believe this It's a dead end Not quite "This is to inform you the codicil to your will has been completed and signed and is effective as of November 4, 2002" Leo Kling was right Betty changed her will But Pearl Abrams did not kill her sister Kimble, Miami-Dade Come on out It's locked Wait a minute This is fresh Paging Dr Welmont Cluster wounds Right on the money He didn't even have time to fight back That's right, because he was sitting with somebody he trusted, wasn't he? You know what, get the Bullard Body heat Passenger side It's fading, but it's still evident Ninety-three degrees Murderer was just here Mm-hmm.
Now show me the legs Braced himself for the stabbing Got the outline of a back Probably used it for leverage Wait a minute I got a disruption What the hell is that? You know what? I'm going to get this back to the AV Lab and try to enhance it Do that When you've eliminated all the suspects and the evidence doesn't make sense, it's just nice to put it in context We know all of this blood is Betty Rosen's So we reevaluate the "how" to get us to the "who" It's a lot of spatter We don't have to string every drop I know, just enough to determine the point of origin Let's walk it Yeah Well, spatter starts high Consistent with the beginning of the attack blunt force object, the countertop Right, now, if she turned and fell laying here for a while where she created this blood pool At some point she got up, moved down the hallway to here Another blow area Blood smears here There's another spatter pattern here on the table where, again she fell to the ground Making another pool of blood The spatter in this room radiates in a complete circle Leaving no space for anyone else to be in the room All this blood, unable to move, I guess She laid there until she died Mm-hmm Well, the stabber was definitely in the seat next to Greg Kimble It's only a three degree difference in temperature between the two My only problem is that disruption I don't know why it's there Something seems to be impeding the heat absorption Zoom in on it again Is that a That's a carcinoma And we've got a match.
Good Catching your cancer, Dr Welmont, has become your undoing What is this? This is a thermal image that places your client in the murder vehicle High tech He saw an injured man at one of his properties, tried to revive him That's cute, that's one for my book Mm-hmm, me, too And the pill that killed a 19-year-old boy has his company logo on it Diamond sun symbol's as prevalent as "hang ten" in Miami none of this ties Dr Welmont to this homicide Besides none of this ties Dr Welmont to this homicide How about his knife? We know he carries one for protection He travels into some fairly dangerous neighborhoods to visit his properties Did you bring your knife or did you lose it? Dr Welmont is doing everything he can to cooperate in this matter How commendable I don't believe this smooth operator would hand over a knife with traces of blood on it I'm not interested in the blood, Speed Digital pictures, every angle, and get them to me You got it An accident? How can that be? We're so sorry, Pearl Pearl, um, may we ask you about Betty's will? What will? Betty changed her will and set up a trust commencing at the time of her death For whom? For you Well, you'll be well cared for now She always did take care of me I'm the youngest You look a lot like her She loved wearing her hair down her back, just like you Okay, now, here we go Let's highlight the hilt Good.
Now highlight the bruises on each side of the wound Excellent.
Now, drag the hilt over to the wound Nice work Okay, what am I looking at? This is the hilt from your knife It marked every wound Cluster stabs up close, fast and furious You're not shy, are you? I swear I'm never going to tell these guys a thing I know Here's the irony Had you not been kind enough to provide me with the murder weapon I would have been stuck with negligent homicide for the neighbor But as it stands now, I can charge you with murder And I haven't even gotten to the 19 year old who OD'd So what are you saying? I'm just saying, thanks Hey Forgot to get your signature on the evidence release card For the x pill in our nineteen year old You got me Heard you nailed the bad guy That we did I guess timing is everything All right, wait a minute You're still unsettled This isn't about our victim, is it? You know, Alexx, for me it is about the victims Especially the ones who die too young, too soon You know? But as always, good work