CSI: Miami s01e14 Episode Script

Forced Entry

What are you doing here? A mother-and-daughter girl scout team selling cookies found the door open, saw the blood and called 911 Got to be a badge for that, right? There's no ID We're running the car outside, and the homeowner's information No sign of struggle or disturbance, is there? It's the same way in the bedroom only it's more disturbing Check this Got to be a hundred grand in watches $100,000 in watches, untouched I guess we can rule out robbery Vic had to know the killer Had my guys check the perimeter No signs of forced entry Oh I wouldn't be too sure about that Set of expensive clothes, meticulously laid out, possibly for a date Maybe the doorbell rang and his date had a little surprise for him Which left our vic with severe anal trauma and lacerations in the distal portion of the rectum Do we have a time of death? Liver temp was 882 so he took his last breath about twelve hours ago That would be 11:00 last night Okay, Speed I got about four or five hairs here Let's test the sheets for semen I've got something on this head wound Doesn't look like blood.
It's metallic Porsche in the driveway registered to a Richard Lee Hauschild The house is listed under Devereaux Jones And this watch is engraved to a Mr Zack Kelsey So who the hell is this poor guy? That is a very good question, isn't it? Welcome to the crematorium Thanks, Detective Watch your step One beaten body One or more burned bodies in the crematorium chamber What in the world went on here? Benito Ramon owned the crematorium A funeral director dropping off one of his customers called it in Looks like Benito had a side gig going on with the gold fillings You check the purse? Yeah ID inside said "Michelle Carter" No cash, just some makeup breath mints, and a dried-out rose You better come take a look outside Benito must've been dumping the bodies out here instead of cremating them It's like Atlanta; there were over three hundred bodies in that one We can ID them with toe tags, or ankle bracelets from the funeral home The Medical Examiner will probably take the lead so we'll roll out backup We stay on homicide Bedroom boy has broken blood vessels in both eyes Signs of petechiael hemorrhages Cause of death? Suffocation Found a little surprise when I cut the tape off his mouth Fabric is our murder weapon Hmm, either used to shut him up or kill him Either way, when he started to struggle for air it was sucked deeper and deeper into his esophagus until it had nowhere to go This is the tape from his mouth? Yeah The tape was cut and not torn That means we can look for a tool mark somewhere He was also sodomized violently most likely with a foreign object His spleen and colon are both damaged Hmm What's this? Some kind of scar Burn, maybe Or a tattoo that's been lasered off That's what I think Seeing as we have no ID on this man and there are no prints in the system how hard would it be to raise that? Never tried this procedure myself but, if the books are right Well, there you have it That is a thing of beauty Unique Alexx, we're working you double time today, huh? I can handle it Guy had the hell beat out of him His skull is fractured Death was likely caused by internal hemorrhaging in the brain It was likely caused when his head smashed into this wall This'll crush a skull, don't you think? Don't know where you are or what's ahead of you but I bet you figured out it wasn't worth it, was it? Payback's a bitch, baby How many? Twenty-seven and counting The ones at the bottom are being pieced back together I just got back the check I ran on Michelle Carter She was reported missing two weeks ago last seen in a red dress, red purse Any of the bodies out back dressed for a night out? Nope Well, this jerk left a body in the oven It looks like it broke down in mid-burn Maybe it's Michelle Carter Can you guys get a positive ID from bones? Mitochondrial DNA only gives us maternal lineage There's not enough left for facial reconstruction but you can run the teeth to check ID Takes three hours for a body to burn through The fire has to be between to reduce the body to ash, usually leaving about four to eight pounds of bone particles and dust I used to think I wanted to be cremated Now I don't know Looking like the bodies outside are better? I don't know.
A casket- embalmed- it's not going to look like that Hey, either way, ashes to ashes How about bloody ashes? I've got some fresh blood here Blood would've evaporated before the bone broke down But even if those are Michelle's bones it can't be her blood I don't know Benito? He's got ash all over his face Like Alexx said, payback's a bitch All Benito Ramon The partial skull from the crematorium chamber Palatine sutures have fused endocranially and exocranially Now, I'm no forensic anthropologist but I can estimate this person was over sixty years old So Michelle is still missing I ran all the blood from inside the chamber Belonged to Benito He had a fractured skull, broken jaw, clavicle three broken ribs and this What is it? Don't know He was holding something Cadaveric spasm Yeah The death grip Happens sometimes at the moment of death I'm going to need my saw and a microwave I had to micro a hand just last week Only way we could get the evidence out Well, let her rip Wait Y'all are acting like this is no big deal That's someone's hand Calleigh, you've picked up body parts before Yeah, but I've never microwaved one and it sort of freaks me out that y'all have Okay, then.
All in a day's work Whoa Fireworks Must be something metal What the hell is this? This is a pass to paradise Ever heard of a club in South Beach called Canvas? Yeah I've been there a couple of times Yeah.
Me, too I spend my whole damn paycheck It's worth every dime, though Never had one of these If you've got a badge, you don't need one Speed, how are we doing? Aw, I'm just staring at a lot of bad tattoos You? The neighbors say he kept odd hours and had no job - Well, that's weird.
That phat house? - Mm-hmm All those expensive toys? That doesn't look like a prison tat No, it doesn't There's too much detail Have you run it through the database? Yeah Nothing I also checked with Ernie, the guy that did Calleigh's Did Calleigh's? Yeah.
Not that she's ever going to let anybody see it - but uh, Ernie thinks this is one-of-a-kind - Hang on Designed by Hang on a minute Designed by the tattoo artist that did this one That's not our victim No, it's not But he's got the same tattoo, doesn't he? Bring up his criminal history, will you? Name is Danny Blue Released from prison, get this - five days ago on a robbery conviction Shocking You know what? Let's bring in Danny Blue He's going to get the owners Did you read the article in Dade Distinctions about this place? Two guys from Puerto Rico - they're cousins I guess they had a couple of clubs down there but the article said they were Miami versions of knock-around guys Well, you know what they say If you own the hottest club in the city, you own the city Here come our guys Hey, guys Michael Guerro, Jarod Parker How can we help you? Seen either one of these two people? Benito Ramon Michelle Carter No.
Sorry What's going on? The male had this on him That's our VIP palette He had it on his body He was murdered Can we look at your VIP list? Sorry, but membership in our club comes with an expectation - of privacy, so, yeah, we mind - Duquesne It's okay We'll come back with a warrant Whatever you got to do I think we found Michelle Thank you Okay, Danny Blue that wasn't too bad, was it? Tell me do you recognize this gentleman? No.
Doesn't ring a bell How about this tattoo? Pull up your right sleeve, Danny Do what your parole officer says, Danny So it does ring a bell It's it's Thomas Thomas Carpenter What happened to him? He and Danny did some robberies together Danny got busted Spent the last five years in prison Without giving up your buddy? You guys both have the same tattoo You must be pretty close Yeah, well, not that close No? I'm going to need a hair sample, Danny Whoa ? Don't you got to get a warrant to do crap like that? Not when you're on parole and we have hair samples and fingerprints from the murder scene That's correct So either you pull it out, my friend, or I will Thank you So, Danny, are we going to find your fingerprints at the crime scene? I was at his house a couple days ago but I didn't kill him Convince me Thomas, come on! I don't owe you a damn thing, Danny! That's not what I'm saying! If you had mentioned my name, you'd be dead now instead of on parole Come on So you went to Carpenter's to see what he was into He turned you down, but you figured he still owed you Yeah, he did owe me So you killed him Not two days ago - last night - No, I was at work last night All night.
You can check it out I intend to What was Mr Carpenter into? I don't know Some scam - said it was foolproof Been working it about a year Look, he didn't get into the details 'cause he got pissed off at me and he kicked me out That was two days ago Two days ago but your scam wasn't foolproof, was it, Danny? You're on parole Just by meeting with Mr Carpenter, you violated a condition, didn't you? Detective Bernstein, he's all yours How much of this stuff did this guy rip off? Judging by the size of this house, I would have to say most of it, wouldn't you? Let's bag that "Erin love Leonard" - Hey, can you add this to the list? - Sure Thank you What'd you get? Uh I compared Danny Blue's hair sample to the hairs I found on the victim's bed No match So, maybe he was telling the truth Oh, and I also compared the swabs Alexx took from the victim's head wound and rectum They both had traces of rust Likely from a corroded iron pipe Okay, excellent You know what? Let's bag this, too You got it Hey This diamond bracelet? Mm-hmm Worth about thirty grand Reported stolen by a Judy Johnson three weeks ago She also reported a 268 A 268? So he's not just a b-and-e guy.
He's a rapist, too Gets better It gets better than a rapist being raped? How? He wrapped electrical tape around her hands, ankles and mouth before he sodomized her He also gagged her So someone used his own MO on him, didn't they? Yeah.
Makes for poetic justice It also makes miss Judy Johnson a suspect Except she committed suicide one week after he raped her Did she have a distraught boyfriend or husband hanging around? She was married She was married? Well, let's find the husband then Way to go, Riboul Michelle Carter in a shallow grave Can you believe she was buried under all those bodies? I believe it now Are those scratches all over her face? No Postmortem rodent bites She might have also been beaten I've got something in her hair Wait a minute.
Wait a minute What's all over her skin? Tell you in a sec Looks like paint It looks like fluorescent paint Like the kind of paint they were using at Club Canvas If Michelle worked in the paint, she was a dancer at the club The owners were lying We know your wife killed herself one week after she was raped, Mr Johnson We're sorry for your loss Did you find the guy that did it? We think so Good Charge him with murder Better yet, just give me five minutes alone with him Well, it would appear that someone's beaten you to the punch, Mr Johnson Saturday night- where were you? Out with some friends Why? Because someone got revenge on your wife's rapist Someone who knew that he tied up his victims with tape, gagged them and sodomized them in their own home You think it was me Well, whoever it was knew an awful lot about what happened to your wife If it was me, would you blame me? Are you saying it was you? No I thought you brought me in here to tell me something about Judy's case But you're actually helping the bastard that raped my wife because someone hurt him, right? Are you serious? - Are you really serious? - The MO'S match exactly Of course I know how my wife was raped Every detail I also know how she died because I'm the one that found her with the scissors still stuck in her arm Did you say scissors? Yes Okay, I'm going to need to take a look at those You people are unbelievable How can you care more about the rapist than his victim? The semen samples taken from Judy Johnson are a dead DNA match to, Thomas Carpenter, which confirms that he raped her, right? Yeah, check this out She wasn't the only one There were three other victims Three others? Were they all robbed? Yep Okay, well, Danny Blue said that Carpenter was working on a foolproof scam for the better part of a year, right? Yeah.
So what's the scam? It's my guess that he was making his living as a thief, but getting his power from the rapes Medical Examiner confirmed that none of the women had been raped vaginally - all sodomized And he tells them, if they go to the police, that he'll come back to get them So his scam could be that he threatened his victims into silence Maybe one of the victims turned the tables on him That's possible, isn't it? Question becomes who? Well, the three other victims left Miami after they filed police reports But Judy Johnson stayed behind and did what? She stayed behind and killed herself Her husband's alibi check out? Not conclusively We can nail a grieving husband for killing his wife's rapist That's good I mean, I think the guy deserves a medal, don't you? Let's go find out Please be careful Would you rather we take the whole thing back to the lab for processing? That won't be necessary Crime Scene Investigators Duquesne and Delko meet Vincent Graziano, legal counsel for the club Take note We are cooperating with your investigation It's funny how warrants bring out the best in people List of members, list of employees So Benito Ramon was a member, after all Says here that Michelle Carter is an employee She worked as a painter? And if Michelle was an employee, then that would make Jarod a liar You've got nothing to hide When Michelle was first missing, the police came here asking questions When you showed up, I figured that can't be good So you decided to make things worse by hindering our investigation? I admit I lied about Michelle, but I was telling the truth about Benito Ramon I give my word I've never seen him before We know how much that means We'll be in touch How's it going? Striations on Judy Johnson's scissors don't match the striations on Carpenter's tape Try these Took me longer to process this pair So the only DNA I found on the blades was Judy Johnson's Nice job, Laura She used these to slit her wrists? Let's see if the husband used them to avenge her Close? Not close enough Okay, means the husband didn't do it Not with those scissors, anyway We'll have to go back to the murder weapon Which was? Fabric Cause of death was strangulation No surprise here The paint in Michelle's hair matches the paint chips we took from Club Canvas Is that a UV photo? No, I took this post-autopsy To get the UV photo, all I did was add an ultraviolet filter and flood her face with light UV light penetrates the skin and picks up bruises and marks too deep to be seen under normal light Any bruising that's already visible won't show up on a UV photo Like that mark on her cheek? What is that? Looks like a horseshoe Or the letter "C" As in Club Canvas As in the rings Jarod Parker and Michael Guerra both wear I'll have Riboul bring them in Nice tie You're desperate, aren't you? Well, you are the king of fibers And you are lucky These fibers are man-made Animal, vegetable or mineral fibers would be impossible to trace Man-made fibers are produced on machines that leave distinct markings And these cross-sectional shapes are unique to that machine Both fabrics are made by the same company and, since manufacturers don't duplicate each other's dyes We identify the dyes, trace it back to a design house - might lead us to a suspect - I've already done all the above The dye is made by a company called RGJ textiles Now, according to their web site, that fabric is available through ten different design houses here in Miami Did it say which ones? No, but I found out for you See, a lesser tech would have left it at that I, however, am nothing if not thorough And yet, your handwriting is terrible What does it say? Murphy home decor Owners are Leonard and Erin Murphy Leonard and Erin Thomas Carpenter had expensive taste Mm-hmm But what he can't do is fence an item with someone's name engraved on it "Happy Anniversary Erin love Leonard" Got to have some sentimental value to these people She never reported it stolen Mmm.
Maybe she had a good reason not to My clients have a club to run This is bordering on harassment I can assure you it's perfectly legal Just the same, I advise them not to answer any of your questions That's fine I can get the answers myself All I need are their rings Why? You know how much these things cost? This is because of Michelle? Michael What about Michelle? You opened the door If you don't close it, we will I discovered Michelle The deal was, she would work exclusively for us But she decided to branch out? She wanted to be a promoter You know, she had the looks Talked the talk, walked the walk Stepped on a lot of toes in the process She started hosting events at a place called the Thorny Rose Why don't you talk to them? I will right after your clients give me their rings These rings are clean No way There's no blood, no epithelials? No cremation ash, no nothing Maybe they cleaned them Maybe they used some cleaning fluid - bleach, maybe Could prove that they tried to destroy evidence Well, Jarod and Michael are clean I doubt that Good afternoon Murphy Home Decor Can I help you? Horatio, take a look at this Hi You guys want to be on our mailing list? Leonard Murphy? Um, yeah We'd like to talk to your wife Erin Can we speak to her? Sure.
Follow me You know what? Let's get the mailing list back to the lab, all right? - Erin? - Yeah? Erin Murphy? Yes.
Can I help you? I'd like to talk to you for a minute Okay What about? Well, as it turns out, it's about one of your customers Okay Why don't you and I go talk downstairs? You going to be all right, hon? Uh, yeah This'll only take a minute, okay? His name is Thomas Carpenter Does he seem familiar to you? No.
My husband works out front more I do the buying, designing What happened to him? Well, he was murdered And we believe he was murdered to avenge a rape I'm sorry I can't help Well, actually, you can I'm going to need all of the scissors that I see present and a sample of your hair A sample of my hair? Mm-hmm We're going back to Club Canvas? Riboul tracked down the jeweler that made Jarod and Michael's rings Okay, but you said they were clean Well, they are, but they weren't the only ones made There were three rings made for Club Canvas So, there's a silent partner? Not so silent anymore You think I was raped? Is this a joke? I can assure you this is no joke I think you've got some wrong information If I was raped, trust me, the police would know about it Why didn't you report your home being burglarized? Because it wasn't Obviously, you've got me mixed up with someone else Do you, um, own one of these? I did There must be thousands of those vases The problem is, is that this one is inscribed to "Erin love Leonard" But ours shattered into a million pieces It it fell off a shelf when my husband was moving furniture He called me while I was overseas buying fabric to tell me When did this happen? A month ago, a couple of months I don't know Would you please tell me what's going on? I will, but first you tell me what happened to your arm My cat jumped on me She gets excited when I come home from my trips Your trips? Your fabric-buying trips? Yes I've been in India for two weeks I just got back last night I don't know what you're talking about I don't have a canvas club "c" ring That strip of white fish-belly skin on an otherwise tan hand proves, until recently you were wearing a ring on that finger Yeah, you must have never heard about that guy in LA with the Bruno Magli's? The police are at your house right now looking for your ring Fantastic Let me know when they're finished Until then, I think I'll have a drink I don't think so You're coming with us Diamonds are a girl's best friend and a suspect's worst enemy The setting was a perfect reservoir for Michelle's blood Try it on What do you know? It fits Quite a coincidence I've got another one for you It turns out you're more than just legal counsel for the club You're the majority owner As a matter of fact, Michael and Jarod combined own less than one percent I needed someone with personality to attract customers I wanted my business to be successful Unlike the other two clubs you had that failed miserably You filed for bankruptcy after both "Moist" and "Belly Button" were closed Proves I'm a bad businessman, not a murderer It proves you have a vested interest in making club canvas the hottest club on the beach, which you did, by eliminating the competition Competition like Michelle Michelle used club canvas to create a name and she used her name to lure your VIPs to events at other clubs - her events Michelle was a threat, so you decided to get rid of her Hey, Michelle! You think I'm gonna let you steal my customers? I own you, bitch! And, after you killed her, you knew exactly how to get rid of her body and you gave Benito Ramon a VIP membership in exchange for his services Burn her, Benito Burn her stuff, too You thought everything connecting you to her murder had been disposed of until you went back to pay Ramon What are you doing here? I owe you, remember? But when you got there, you saw a few things you didn't expect Why didn't you burn her purse? The chamber was broken Michelle's body hadn't been cremated so you killed Benito Ramon The chamber's broken Don't worry! I'll cremate her! Because you knew that a buried body still contained DNA, but one cremated to ash doesn't No DNA, no proof Michelle's dead That's a good story I enjoyed that But you forgot one thing I'm a lawyer, a damn good one Oh, you know what? You're right I did forget one thing: Michelle's blood wasn't the only one we found on the ring Benito Ramon's was there, as well And cremated ash, and the chances of that happening to anyone but the murderer are about a million to one You may be a lawyer, but I'm a CSI A damn good one You rang? Erin Murphy still here? Voluntarily, for the time being How we doing? I'm finished Take a look at that Okay These are the scissors that cut the tape we found on Thomas All right You don't look too happy Well, it turns out that Erin Murphy was on a plane at the time of the murder So that leaves the husband She claims that she's never been raped Well, maybe she's still afraid And maybe we're talking to the wrong victim I don't know what you're talking about Leonard, I can get a court order in here for a doctor's examination, if that's what you want You're wrong I can place you in Thomas Carpenter's bed It never happened Leonard I said it never happened Leonard you were raped and you couldn't live with it I thought, uh I was just trying to get by Not deal with it I was so messed up And then he just walked into my store one day Excuse me a second Shopping for fabric So you recognized him, but he didn't recognize you I wanted to kill him So you got his address Why don't you write down your name and address for our mailing list And you decided to even the score You went to his place to do to him what he'd done to you Right? What are you doing here? I just thought I'd bring some fabric samples by for you to look at So that's how it happened An eye for an eye I didn't start this No no, you didn't start it, but you finished it I wanted justice Leonard, justice is not for you to dispense And now you're going to pay for it