CSI: Miami s01e15 Episode Script

Dead Woman Walking

Hey, hey! We're going down the block Hey, mister Get over here Hey! Come here! There's no witnesses Nobody heard anything over the trains running Looks like a decade of skag and skin popping Yes, but it's not an OD There's no foam around his mouth and nose - You see that? - Mmm Take a look at that syringe There's no blood in it That's right, and that's 'cause it's not a junkie syringe Junkie syringe is one cc, tops.
That's ten; it's huge Maybe the guy is a glutton Maybe Junkie or not somebody killed this man We got a Carl Aspen A long record A few possession charges, mostly assault and battery Looks like he got the battery this time Lacerations on the face and lip I saw a couple of torn nails so I bagged his hands May be able to get some scrapings Oh! Horatio And what do we have there? It's damp Maybe from the substance inside the syringe How much is there? $203 Well, that rules out money as a motive Alexx, do you have a time of death? No corneal cloudiness So, approximately an hour to two hours ago So, that makes it between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM So, Carl here was looking to score, needed money, but jumped the wrong person, didn't he? Eric What's up, H? That's a pencil, isn't it? Yes, it is Looks like it's been chewed up It's got teeth marks Okay, let's process it for saliva and epithelials You got it Screen this for opiates Hey Hey I think I found the cause of death Before you open him? Cervical fracture Looks like somebody snapped his neck Have you tested under his nails for skin? Just about to Wait a minute His hand wasn't like this on the scene You think that's parasite activity? Not like I've ever seen That's got to be a chemical burn, though, right? But that would have presented immediately Alexx? There's only one thing I know that burns like that Radiation - We can't stay here - Got to notify the team they may have been exposed, too We have an emergency situation Please find the closest exit, and evacuate as quickly and as safely as possible I don't think this is a fire drill Yeah, I was just leaving Checking up on me? Turn around Why are you standing there? What's wrong? Listen, Horatio and Alexx found radioactivity on the victim How bad? Nobody knows yet RMS are going to be here any second They're setting up a hot zone outside So, hurry up, all right? It's eating through his flesh Odorless, tasteless and invisible Too many neutrons destabilize the atom All those atoms ripping apart, releasing energy Makes you wonder what it's done to us Just hope it hasn't rearranged our DNA Here's Radiation Management Waiting for us? You better believe it Definitely have an air contaminant in here We think the hand is the source Ooh, hot hand Medium-level radiation Let's make this sucker safe What's in that coffeemaker? Cerrobend A soft-melting alloy Neutralizes the radioactive particles Kind of like freezing it We should get you two to scrubdown Roger that Okay, let's get the CDC to quarantine the crime scene till we know what we've got.
Right You're both negative for radioactivity Okay So, that means we just need to contain the contaminated evidence, right? And clean the dirty air This will tell us if it's nuclear, medical, or right out of the ground Let me ask you a question Could you administer radioactive material by syringe? Radiation therapy for cancer patients Attacks tumors Junkie mistook radioactive isotopes for pharmaceutical narcotics Possible.
It's not like it glows or anything Syringes aren't marked A junkie could mistake it for anything What's this? Some grade-a smack? I just won the lotto All right Let's go Delko has definitely been exposed Yeah, but to what? I mean, there are hundreds of types of radioactivity Well, it basically breaks down like this Say you have a pencil, right? You put that on your skin, that's going to wash right off 'cause it's an alpha particle It's low-level radiation You have a pen, that's a beta particle Has more energy That will sink into something And then you got gamma, which is totally toxic Goes right through you Burns you from the inside out So, we don't know if it went on Delko, in Delko or through Delko Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Delko could have inhaled that radioactivity off that money and not even had a clue So, maybe our vic jumped somebody who was delivering radiopharmaceuticals Any trained delivery guy would have handed it over and notified the nuclear regulatory commission That would make sense, but I haven't heard anything from the NRC about anything yet So, you're looking for a thief who steals radioactive isotopes In syringe form The guy is a thief He's going to take as many as he can Radioactive materials Are you thinking what I'm thinking? You thinking terrorism? I think the doses are too low Come on, let me show you the money - You ready? - Yup Iodine 131 at the end of its half-life Low-level radiation - Okay - Your guy should be okay Good I want to check the pencil first and then I'll get it back to you, all right? Okay What's up? The guy said my exposure was equal to what a pilot gets on a flight to Paris Well, next time, take the trip to Paris It'll be easier on all of us Tell me about it I heard radioactivity can cause temporary infertility So, you and your girlfriend are temporarily in luck Yeah, or permanently screwed Hey, heard you were worried about having children This should keep you safe The bell rings if you get near radiation That was nice "B King" Okay It's Belle King Practicing attorney Specializing in environmental law All righty Who is it? It's the Miami Dade police department Let me see your badges Okay Sorry about that, but, uh you can never be too careful So, what can I do for you, officers? Belle King? Yes, that is me Ms King, we have a warrant to search your premises Well, whatever it is you are looking for my position is it's covered by attorney-client privilege, work product included Well, we're not here to talk about your clients We're Crime Scene Investigators I'm placing a call to the issuing judge Thank you Whoa What the hell is ? Is that me? It can't be you Ten times the level at the lab What'd the doctor say? The doctor said that we have a murder victim who has less than one week to live, but she is not contagious Okay, let's find Eric and tell him to process the cash from the crime scene It's safe to touch now Calleigh, let's go to Belle's home Iodine 131 decays into normal iodine That's what you're looking for Iodine reacts to sulfur I'll put some in my kit - Put some in mine, too - Okay Speed, let's go to Belle's office and see if any of her enemies left her a warning You got it Thank you Hey No silver jumpsuit, hmm? I guess that means I'm I'm all better Well, um you've actually ingested some isotopes An isotope called iodine 131 The stuff they use for cancer therapy? Mm-hmm But I haven't ingested anything And even if I did ingest a little bit of iodine 131, it wouldn't kill you Actually, you've ingested quite a bit of it Well, how much? It's my understanding that at these concentration levels How much? Um roughly equivalent to what four patients undergoing radiation treatment ingest in, say, a six-month period Somebody's making a mistake This this can't be true I didn't eat or drink iodine 131 We think you were poisoned Now, the doctor is coming in to How long? We think you have about a week I'm sorry Not even enough time for all my hair to fall out I'm sorry Is there somebody I can call? Uh yes, my parents, my sister Okay I'll call them.
Never mind Now, I'm going to need to ask you some questions, too - Like who would want to kill me? - Mm-hmm That would be a good place to start I'm going to need a list of your clients and any of the companies that you filed suit against recently, and how about enemies Well, that's a long list Did you meet with any of them yesterday? I met with Twin Creeks Power Plant Just sued for plume contamination They hate me Did they bring you anything to drink? No But, uh, I had coffee at my next meeting with a nuclear weapons facility, Elkwood They bring you the coffee? No, actually I got it from a vending machine, and if you keep interrupting me, I'm never going to get through my list of enemies - Go on - Right before lunch, I met with Risher Pharmaceuticals They're guilty of unsafe toxic disposal, misplaced isotopes, and - this is my favorite - confusing isotopes so patients are injected with the wrong dosages No meals, no drinks Not even a glass of water? I'd tell you Nothing How are you feeling? Not very hungry Yeah, we got threatening phone calls, stupid letters - mostly from other lawyers Belle kicks ass Yeah, I've seen these articles Does a lot of pro bono work, huh? She's helped a lot of people Who would do this? Who is that sick? Can you tell me what's in this drawer? Personal stuff Well, do you mind unlocking it? Thank you Chickens? Yes You supply the neighbors with eggs? People pay me what they can We okay? Air's clean If there's any iodine 131 left in there, it's lost all its potency Just let one of your CSIs in Thank you, gentlemen Okay, thank you Whoa Would you mind putting these on? Okay? Calleigh I, uh, checked all the dishes in the sink with sulfur There was no reaction There's no sign of iodine so far Okay You collect hourglasses Yeah My dad got me this one to remind me not to work on the weekends It lasts for five days Somebody sent you flowers Mm From "a friend" Yeah, sometimes people like to say thanks anonymously I don't question it if it's nice Helps to balance out all the hate mail Speaking of, there's a there's a nice one from Newhouse, Getty and Cooly Who's Sam Carver? An angry father lashing out at the world, not me Where are my glasses? Good thing I didn't get that laser surgery to correct my nearsightedness "If you ever try to contact us again, I will kill you and that's a promise" Yeah, he wrote that right after his oldest son died It was horrible I still wanted to fight for Hank He's seven now, and he's doing fine We worked everything out So you did contact him again And we worked everything out In fact, Janet even leaves me fresh orange juice every couple of days to celebrate the clean new water Did she do that yesterday? Yeah Did you drink it? Okay Calleigh, could you come in here a minute, please? It's positive for iodine Recently, Belle won a class action suit for you against the power plant for $200,000 So I guess I'm a little confused as to why there are still hard feelings But there aren't Okay "If you ever try to contact us again I will kill you, and that's a promise" She dragged her feet on the case Holding out for more money She had a responsibility to everyone in the lawsuit, Sam, not just us While our oldest son died It's true We could have used an early settlement to move, for Michael's last days But we're in a better neighborhood now, and our other son Hank, he's in a real good school One with wheelchair access Okay, the problem, Mrs Carver, is that your husband is still very angry with Belle Aren't you, sir? $200,000 Does that seem like enough money for a child's life to you? Of course not I'm sorry for your loss I see no holes or striations But there is something else we can try We take the empty orange juice container and turn to good old H2O There you go So someone has injected this with a syringe, haven't they? Sam Carver shoots a needle through plastic Why not just pour isotopes directly into the juice? Because I don't think it was Sam Carver I think someone else injected it The Carvers are innocent The Carvers are innocent and we are looking for somebody who knows their way around a syringe Eric, you get anything? Seventeen prints so far No matches on AFIS But I did get this What is that? Numbers, I hope.
I don't know, like from a credit card or a bank card Could have come straight out of the killer's wallet Could lead us straight back to him hopefully, huh? Yeah.
Looks like sixteen numbers Eric, your genius knows no bounds There you have it Nice going I'll call the credit card company, see whose cash this is - George Risher? - Mm-hmm CEO of Risher Pharmaceuticals Yeah, I know who he is I have a class action suit against him for contaminating groundwater I'm asking $128 million Hey Are you okay? You know what, come here You need to get some rest now You need to spend some time with friends or family, and let me handle this, okay? Did you know Horatio was the first CSI? He was the what? In Hamlet When Hamlet was poisoned and dying, he asked his best friend Horatio to tell the world who murdered him Okay, I'll tell the world But first, I'm going to go talk to Risher, and I'll call you later Miami Dade police We'd like to see George Risher May I ask what this is about? Tell Mr Risher it's about Belle King You know, if that woman comes by here again, I will have to call security Now, why would you do that? She's, uma nut case She's been driving my boss crazy I'll go get Mr Risher You do that Three blocks from where Carl Aspen was murdered Yeah, three blocks from where iodine 131 first showed up Mm-hmm.
And twenty feet Twenty feet from where it's being distributed as we speak This is a new lock How can you tell? See in here? This is freezer burn You would spray freon in to disrupt the lock internally Maybe Risher's in so much hot water already he didn't report it Maybe he staged a break-in to cover it George Risher What's this about? This is about your involvement in a murder, Mr Risher Is there somewhere we can talk? My office Thank you Lock here is busted, too Makes sense It's where they keep all the radioactive material Yeah, in the fridge with their soft drinks Oh, god Can you imagine drinking in our lab? Well, it is a wonderful way to ingest all sorts of chemicals and biologicals Can you hand me the scale? Yeah.
Anything recognizable? An earring, a frito and this Looks like dirt from a heavy tread shoe or boot So, let me get this straight, Mr Risher, you did have a break-in, but you failed to report it to the police? We needed time to do an inventory Figure out what, if anything was missing And something was missing, wasn't it? Like four or five syringes with iodine 131 How did you know that? We found a $20 bill on a dead mugger with your credit card impression on it This conversation is over No, it's not Not yet You stand to lose $128 million if Ms King wins her suit against you, right? I'll have security show you out It would be convenient if she disappeared Ms King is playing David and Goliath She hasn't a single piece of solid evidence against us As for this, dead person with my money and my medicine, thank you very much for solving our break-in If I find out that you did this, I'm going to make it my mission to get you Progress? Yeah The mystery goo we found on the floor of Risher's lab is made up of nitrogen phosphoric acid, potassium and methyl sulfide So, in other words Chicken dung Okay, so Risher cuts through Belle's backyard, doses her OJ and then tracks chicken remnants back to his lab - Delko - It's not that big a deal If you would have thought about it, you would have come up with same conclusion It's your nose You think this could be from the iodine exposure? That's probably stress-related Beta contamination does not cause nosebleeds That's easy for you to say You didn't breathe in radioactive money You spent a lot of time in those canals swimming through radioactive crap So I wouldn't be too concerned about a little nosebleed Yeah, and the RM guys gave you a clean bill of health, and you do get nosebleeds in high-pressure situations Speedle, did you want to tell us something? I want to show you something Now, I got these pictures from Belle's home office That's Risher's place And Risher's lab documents These are night vision eah, and my guess it's probably after hours Belle shouldn't have these pictures Well, she sure couldn't have taken them without permission It means the chicken dung in Risher's office could have come from Belle So, if she breaks in, takes these pictures and steals radioactive iodine Okay, I understand the documents but why take the iodine? To analyze it to prove that Risher has shabby security To kill herself I mean, maybe she's a martyr for her cause She wouldn't be the first Lady does like the press I don't agree But these pictures could put Belle inside Risher's lab And according to some chickens, right in front of the refrigerator with missing iodine Mm-hmm H, all of the evidence points to the fact that Belle took these pictures I understand, but something's not right We're missing something What are you doing? I'm going to take these into evidence Oh come on, Horatio I can't win my cases with illegally obtained documentation Breaking into that bastard's lab would be against the law And besides, I'm not that brave We found some film in your office with pictures of the Risher lab on it And? You want to tell me about it? Do you have sources on the street? Mm-hmm Well, then, you know I can't give up this person They're helping me get the bad guys Okay How are you feeling? Never better But you might want to hurry I will I looked for reflections a hand or fingertip captured holding the document Anything to tell us who took these pictures other than Belle How'd the shoe treads turn out? It didn't.
No match Really? Mm-hmm Guess we were wrong Hang on a second Is that the door to the lab? Mm-hmm Go tight on that That's a levered dead bolt There's no evidence of freon You got the picture? So that's the old lock And that's a new lock, isn't it? So if she took the pictures she didn't break in to do it, did she? Somebody let her in Somebody let her in Which means she's protecting an insider You know, when I found the film it was in a heart-shaped chocolate box - Maybe that's how they communicated - Mm-hmm You also found a camera in her office, right? So if the insider was the one who sent her the film Maybe the insider took the pictures Where's the camera? It's on its way to the fingerprint lab Call them You misled me, Belle Didn't you? You have a source inside Risher And I want to know who it is He has nothing to do with this - No? - Mm-mm He took the pictures, he knows where they store the iodine, he's involved and I want his name He'd never hurt me Belle, either you give me his name, or I'm going to get it myself If you expose my source, my evidence will be inadmissible and it'll ruin my case against Risher I think he poisoned you I'm one victim Do you know how many other people will be killed by Risher? Right now, my concern is you There's not a single fingerprint on this It's probably wiped down Lenses are such a good place for fingerprints Why is this blurry? Wait a minute This has a diopter on it Diopters refer to the curvature of the lens Increase the diopter, the lens gets thicker, the curvature greater, redirecting the light, making the image appear larger and in focus Just like putting on a pair of glasses and this one is set for farsightedness So what? Belle is nearsighted I need the Risher employee list complete with medical records I'll narrow it down to farsighted employees Okay, I'll call a judge and get a warrant Eric, start taking swabs To match with what? We didn't get any DNA off the pencil Oh, I think I know where else to look The isotopes have become harmless Still, you do realize this is a long shot I know, Alexx I have no idea if the lead is compromising the epithelials All I need is one Like I said, long shot Must have been quite a fight 'cause it looks like I have a pretty nice hunk in there So we have a killer Horatio? Mm-hmm Fourteen employees at Risher are farsighted Only one with this DNA, though H, got it.
I got the match I'm sorry this is the employee Miami Dade Police Get out of the way, ma'am Hey! Hey! That's private property! You have the right to remain silent Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law We found your skin underneath the victim's fingernails These are called alleles There's a 100% match to you I work in medicine I know about DNA - Do you? - Yeah - Mmm.
It's an exciting field, isn't it? - Yeah But that's not what we're here to talk about, Parker, we're here to talk about the fact that you got mugged the night you were planning your own murder Don't hurt me! I got money, I got money I got money.
That's nothing, that's nothing What's this? Some grade-a smack? I gave him my money Money that you used from the Risher coffee run, right? He wouldn't back off Self-defense Oh, yeah, self-defense You were trying to defend the other four syringes of iodine 131 Snapped his neck, left the cash and took your syringes over to Belle's Now, Parker, I have a question for you Do you have a crush on Belle? Because, see, once we do a full handwriting analysis, I'm certain we're going to get a match between your office stationary and the anonymous flower card She, uh tricked me into doing things for her Thanks Things like breaking into Risher to gather evidence That kind of thing? She pretended to like me to get what she wanted I told her how I felt about her and she just she just cares about sick people Just cared about sick people So you spiked her orange juice to get her attention I loved her Enough to love her to death? I thought if she were dead I could forget about her Well, that is a plan But it didn't turn out that way, did it? You'll have the next fifty years in a 6x6 cell to work on it Belle You were right About what? Your pictures of Risher confirm that he's dirty So he was dumping waste Mm-hmm My evidence was obtained with a warrant Now I can prove it in court.
How about that? Horatio? Mm-hmm? Tell the world I will Horatio? Mm-hmm? Thank you Thank you