CSI: Miami s01e16 Episode Script

Evidence of Things Unseen

You're not going to disappoint me, are you, Ace? No ID on him? Jeans, t-shirt, K-Mart socks Big spender He saved his pennies for the peeps Speed How old do you think the girl is? I don't know I never saw him before this Eighteen, maybe nineteen Just a kid So the weapon had to be long enough to penetrate this backdoor to do damage, right? Yeah The guy inside the booth must have been pressing against the wall Poised to see paradise Sharp force injuries Three knife strikes through the door Only two in the body That's all he needed I guess So, what about an ID, Alexx? Nothing out of the ordinary So far Oof Bad teeth He looks Eastern European to me We'll post him in a couple of hours Okay You ever seen that video "Sexy Guns, Sexy Girls"? If you go into a booth with that saw, you don't even have to take your clothes off You'd make a fortune in tips You're standing in my crime scene If you take the door, I got to close the booth Then close the booth Can't blame a guy for trying to make a living I hear you So what do we have? Serrated blade, eight inches With the strike wider at the top than the bottom Some sort of hunting knife Well, he was hunting The question becomes how did he know where to aim? Wait a second What is this? That looks recent, doesn't it? Mm-hmm I'm taking the door with me Lot of people have been in this booth Everybody but a janitor Yeah Hey, check this out It's a hair Could be from a million guys Yeah, but look how thick it is And it's needle-pointed I don't think that's human Here's another one Must have found at least twenty of them Bet when you process his clothes, you'll find more Who's this guy been hanging out with? Give me a hand, Horatio, please Sure T-shaped injuries Which means the killer used a single-edged blade Any marks on the ribs? Not the first one Slipped right between the ribs Punctured his left lung Filling the lungs with blood Which he then spewed all over the plexiglas Second stab chipped the fifth vertebrae and severed his spinal cord There's your cause of death Lights out, my friend Plywood, two layers Blade didn't fragment Cheap door, good knife Mm-hmm I think I've narrowed it down to three Hmm Gryphon m35 recon With a tanto point Mm-hmm And Echelon MPT Thank you So is he military? Is he SWAT? Well, in any case, it's weapons grade, and whoever owns it, didn't get it to play mumblety-peg Or "I spy" Okay, so¡K I'm about six feet tall and that would make the killer roughly the same height He would probably place his left hand up here for support Making him right-handed And then lean in to hide what he was doing Now, people don't make a lot of eye contact in a place like this, right? So even if he was detected, somebody might just think he was wasted Well, he definitely knew his way around the place There's a reason the Italians call it "little death" So he came and went Came and went This a good place to kill somebody, isn't it? I'm not working I am One of the cops CSI Well, you came to the right place My whole life's a crime scene When are you going to arrest whoever's responsible for me having this crappy job in this crappy town? Do you, um, work the same shift, the same booth every night? When I can get it It's in the back, out of the way Make more money when you give the guys a little extra Well, the guy they took out of here in a body bag got extra, didn't he? Forgive me if I'm not more surprised, but¡K Did you happen to notice what part of town we're in, Slugger? Oh, and by the way, that guy that got killed I never saw him before That's what you were going to ask, right? Actually, I was going to ask you if you work off the clock Is that an offer? I'll take that as a yes Where you from? Lake Leelanau Michigan Okay Only people from home know that and I don't make you for a wolverine Well, I spend a lot of time looking at maps You're a lot more fun than you look, you know? All right, CSI, what do you want me to say? How about I won't go back I won't go back Then again, you're paid to tell men what they want to hear, right? That's right We know it's not human Hey, did you see that tall one? At the peeps? The medulla's fragmented The index is less than one-third So, we're talking about a higher primate Mm-hmm Hey, did you ever date a stripper? Nah, I wouldn't call it dating Gentlemen, what did we get? Hairs from the victim Cortex to medulla ratio tells us it's from an ape Uh, maybe a chimp, maybe a gorilla Let's assume then that the victim brought the hair to the party From where he works or lives Right, so let's check into zoos, animal shows, circuses, anywhere where an Eastern European with bad teeth could have access to an ape All right? That's Victor Ratsch Night custodian His, uh, cousin got him the job They couldn't stop fighting I mean, I recommended they fire one of them, but you know who listens to the pr flak? Hmm You know what they fought about? I don't know I don't speak Russian and Vadim doesn't speak English Did Ratsch speak English? Yeah, he was motivated American women Why do you think he went to peep shows then? I didn't say he had any luck with them Okay, thank you Excuse me Yeah, sure Yeah, Horatio Mm-hmm Hit-and-run She kept her word What's that? She's not going back Both legs are broken Massive head trauma And unless she was a diabetic Track marks All the way from Michigan Like most vehicles versus peds, she was flipped by the car Impact with the pavement killed her Okay, but if she was flipped by the vehicle, there would be evidence all over the vehicle, wouldn't there? Imprint on her calf Could be electropark - Parking by Braille.
Beep, beep - Right So we're looking for a late model, high-end vehicle Is that a shard of glass, Alexx? Can't be safety glass Could be from the headlight I'll take that You get anything, Eric? No skid marks Nothing Side of the road, she's all in black Seventy percent of all drivers on the road after 2:00 AM are over the legal limit Could be just an accident Guess that's possible Well, we find the car, we'll ask the owner Mm, you do that I'm going to find out who she danced for last night Thank you, Alexx It's not like we take roll call here Guys come here to be invisible If I looked, if I asked questions, I'd be out of business Key to any business is return customers What about them? I notice them even less So nobody stands out? You might want to check out her husband He's a real prize How do you spell, uh, pimp? Rick Breck Thank you Casa del Breck Married less than a year All righty Still on the honeymoon You and Amy have a car? We've been looking She likes to walk home Liked the fresh air When she didn't show you weren't worried? She comes, she goes she always calls How about last night? She call you? Yeah, but I wasn't here She left a message Can I hear it? I erased it Remember what she said? The usual Then you won't mind if I take the answering machine with me There's nothing on it Sure Okay I have one more question for you Do you have a life insurance policy out on your wife? Are you kidding? I don't even have health insurance We should get a warrant On what grounds? On grounds that this is a murder investigation It's a hit-and-run He is obviously lying His lips were moving, of course he's lying You see, I think if we can connect these two cases we have a shot at probable cause The probable cause is she's a stripper, she's a junkie and she's a whore She's also a human being And now she's a corpse And by god, don't you ever step on my investigation again Glass shard was from a Mercedes Benz, S Series From this millennium, but as far as that goes, it's a dead end Okay, what else you got? Well, I'm working on this tape from the answering machine I know one thing the husband wasn't lying about: Amy's message was erased I recovered it using high-tech microscopy Bottom line, tape has memory Certainly more than Mr Breck Let's hear it Hey, Rick, I'm on my way Did you get the stuff you promised you'd pick up? See, here's where we lose Amy, but if you scrub out the music Hey, Rick, I'm on my way Did you get the stuff you promised you'd pick up? Judging by the condition of her arm, she's definitely talking about drugs And they say husbands don't do anything around the house Okay, here we go After tonight, I could really use some Ace, hi Don't start without me, okay? Okay, now, hold on a second Let's play it again Let's lift the background and the siren Hey, Rick, I'm on my way Did you get the stuff you promised you'd pick up? After tonight, I could really use some Hey Do we know "hey"? Keep going Ace, hi We got a deal Don't start without me, okay? What kind of deal? Let's go talk to Houseboat Rick, find out who Ace is and what kind of a deal Amy had going Okay, but what makes you think he's going to be more cooperative this time? An old drug charge I just dug up on him won't hurt Let's go Another accident? Let's call it in Fresh kill Barely waterlogged Any scratches or defensive wounds, Alexx? Not cursorily, no Foam around the mouth and nostrils Earmarks of a drowning I'd like to see what's in his lungs I'll find you Okay The husband's dead, the wife is dead Russian's dead Yes, let's go talk to the other Russian, the cousin before he chokes on a twizzler Thank you, Alexx Tell him that I can see by the scratches on his face that he's been in a recent altercation A lion, a tiger he says he doesn't remember Okay Now tell him that if I check under his fingernails and I can match it to his dead cousin, I'm going to arrest him for murder He says he doesn't have to talk to you All right Vadim, Mr Infante at the zoo says you don't speak English, is that true? Vadim, you've been in the country for a long time so cut the crap and answer my questions I haven't seen my cousin in two days You two fight about the girl at the peep show? Peep show, Victor never goes to peep show How about you? I don't have to pay money for women At peep show, lap dance, you spend $5, another $5 $20 here, $20 there By end of night, you could have banged a hooker Hold a real woman in your arms instead of some picture in your head He knows what I'm talking about How'd you get the scratches on your face? A big cat? Victor stuck me with work ever since he come here So you two fought Always fight I can't report him, he's my cousin But then it gets worse So I say to him, "no more" It doesn't matter, he wants more So, two nights ago, he can't feed the lions He wants me to feed the lions so I say to him, "You know, the lions, they scare me I'll do anything else" But no, that night he has to go So I just lost it Where did he go that he couldn't feed the lions? He only says to me it's business Big business, big man All he has to do is look mean Which, you know, for Victor is not that difficult He says I feed the lions, he cut me in But I know my cousin He give me $5, he's making $500 Plus, it's probably not legal To scare who, Vadim? Yeah, that¡K I don't know that in any language So you finished the post? There was water in his lungs - Okay, let's see what Speed says - Speed? It's not salt water He didn't drown in the marina So somebody drowned him somewhere else and dumped him in the marina Well, it's not city water, either There's no trace of the fluoride But I did find something to keep us honest Go ahead Pine freshener and formaldehyde Like on a boat I'll get this over to trace Okay So Rick had a visitor after we left Somebody rousted him dragged him down to the bathroom gave him a plumbing lesson If he wasn't already dead, my money would be on Victor Victor's cousin said that Victor was leaning on people, right? And that he worked for a big man King Kong You know, back in Louisiana we used to keep our animals out of the bedroom I've got more ape hair, and I just started lifting So Victor was here And maybe he was leaning on the happy couple Why would he be doing that? I don't know Let's figure it out There's no sign of struggle here Eighteen with a husband and a houseboat in the marina She probably thought she was in paradise Things tend to look better from a distance, don't they? Except here Up close and couldn't be more personal How come everybody has naked pictures? Especially dopers All these angles, in sequence they used a photographer Let's print this camera and let's find out who took these pictures Don't start without me, okay? Don't start without me, okay? Don't start without me, okay? Don't start without me, okay? Speed, you all right? Yeah, why? I went up front to get my messages, and trace is ankle deep in spectras What the hell are you running? It's on the, uh, auto sampler I'm running the gamut Well, dear, it's an OSHA claim waiting to happen You better get in there Reservatrol? Take a look at these These carpet impressions are interesting Mm-hmm Best seat in the house Front and center there's the stage Curtain up All right So, we process the floor between the chair and the bed, particular attention to the biologicals I'm on it Hey, you guys, I've got something The panel wasn't on right, so I just popped it open That's an Echelon MPT I've only seen those at gun shows It fits the one they used on the Russian, too Blood on the knife Compared it to your DB from the peep show one and the same, Victor Ratsch Congratulations.
You found your murder weapon Great Question is, who handled it? Obvious answer's the owner of the houseboat, but someone could've planted it Well, sorry, can't help you with that Strictly DNA All yours Thanks Gotcha So, Rick used the knife to dig a spy hole He estimated Victor's body placement and then watched Amy wind up Victor He braced himself against the back of the booth as Rick moved in for the kill So, we know who killed Victor, and why Question is, who killed Amy and Rick? Speed, did we get a report on the car glass yet? I got more off this answering machine There's this weird sound Okay, listen to me We need to process the residue on the headlight Yeah, I got those spectras, but you got to hear this Ace, hi We've got a deal What are those clicks? That's what I'm saying Ace, hi We've got a deal Click, click- is that metal? I don't know It sounds like the technology is recording it and then transforming it into something else Well, I got something here more conclusive Residue from the glass shard from the headlamp Reservatrol peanut shell, hayweed just for starters Clarify, please Dung Can you be more specific? Elephant dung Elephant dung okay.
On those Mercedes, let's cross-reference those parking permits at the zoo, okay? Okay Oh, god, yeah, yeah, yeah Wait, I gotta go Bye Mr Infante? We'd like to ask you a few questions Yes, did you make any progress in Victor's death? We're actually here to talk about your car Oh, you found it? Tell me it's not stripped - So, it's still missing? - Yeah - I contacted police about it two days ago - Two days ago? The night that Amy Cannon was killed In a hit-and-run Who? Amy Cannon is the peep-show dancer that was with Victor Ratsch the day that he was killed Just a sec Hello Yeah? Yeah, just a sec I yeah, yeah No, I'm right Hey that's a very important call This is a murder investigation Yes, I'm aware of that Is there anything else I can do for you? I'll let you know Thank you Don't go far So, I checked for semen Quite a job- sheets, towels, comforters, bedside lampshade Multiple donors, including the husband What about the carpet? Well, here's the best part only one donor, not the husband Not surprising And the volume was more than the average ejaculate So, a repeat visitor Who had a favorite spot beside the chair I don't know, I guess he was stuck in a rut So what do we know? That Amy had a side job My guess is, she trolled for 'em at the peep and reeled them into the houseboat Which is where the husband joined the show Okay, let's get a photograph of Infante into the six-pack You and Tripp go back to the peep and show it around Out of one zoo and into another You got it Recognize any of these guys? Just point He comes here After tonight, I could really use some Hey Ace, hi We've got a deal It's got to be from inside the car, right? Maybe she's popping her gum? No, it's not sharp enough It's muffled Play it again Ace, hi We've got a deal Maybe she's putting something in her purse H said she had a backpack What's up? Affirmative on the ID Infante was a regular at the peeps? He was a semi-regular - but when he was there - He did it with Amy Little lie, big lie he knew her So, if we can match his DNA to what we get off the carpet of the houseboat, we can determine how well Okay, but how are we going to get a DNA reference? He'll never give it to us We don't have to His brand-new car will have a theft-deterrent device on it, won't it? That's right Report your car stolen company activates the transmitter hidden in the vehicle Owner reported the car missing two days ago Yeah, him and a thousand other owners We finally got a radio car in the city Hey, Sam 15's rolling now Good morning Technology You got to love it when the good guys win Mm-hmm Wait a minute Cracked headlamp Isolated impact Got blood smears All right So, we got the car Let's get the DNA Unlocked, typical If we're looking for DNA to match the carpet steering wheel's our best bet Epithelial rich Best place to prove who was the last driver This car's been reported stolen, so we have to anticipate a mixture of DNA, right? Infante's and the car thief's H, I thought you made him for a liar on this Infante is a liar I just don't know what the lie is yet You want to take notes? Well, you're watching me like you want a DNA lesson No, I was, uh, just admiring your technique Oh I got mad technique You got no idea Primary donor on the steering wheel matches the carpet Yeah, that's the registered owner of the car, Infante Minor donor's unknown Mixture Well, get it in CODIS, hope for a hit Sounds good Mr Infante, how many private peeps did you, uh, get from Amy? Define private Not at her place of employment None Look it, if I'm guilty of anything it's being a loyal customer I liked Amy I liked what she did for me I liked how she made me feel At Show Land? Yeah Just at Show Land? Mr Infante, we can confirm your DNA in her bedroom on multiple occasions Okay, so what? Yeah, I was there Consenting adults - nothing illegal All right Let me tell you how I think it went It started at Show Land First time? I'll try anything once You couldn't get enough Once you had a taste of Amy, she had her hooks in you We can go someplace more private No tokens.
No glass No limitations You can't possibly be here because I watched two people having sex in the privacy of their own room No, no, no We like you for their murder Whoa, whoa, whoa We know you hired Victor And one thousand I love Americans - they pay up front You hired Victor to muscle them They were blackmailing me And you didn't want your palm beach donors to get wind of what you were doing with these consenting adults? That's right I thought it would be an embarrassment, and frankly, I didn't think it was going to stop at one payment So when they killed your guy, you stepped in and did the job yourself A little hit-and-run, a little drowning No! I told you my car was stolen I didn't kill anybody Guys we're talking about 50, 60,000 bucks I don't think they were serious I can earn that with a private viewing with one of the gorillas We can close this one out I think we need to take a beat We've got motive opportunity We have a very expensive four-wheel weapon Have you got a better idea? I think I do Eric? You get the minor donor? Hot off the press, boss We got a hit off the steering wheel - Convicted felon - Who is it? Practically family Hello, Ace.
Nice going Have a seat, Mr Davis I'll stand I think you're going to want to sit for this one Lewd and lascivious conduct, pandering, grand theft auto, and now murder Right, a guy gets murdered at my shop, you want to pin it on me? Ironically, that's the one we're not going to hang on you You murdered Amy and Rick Breck Why would I bite the hand that feeds me? Amy was a great earner Nineteen- looks fifteen I couldn't keep 'em away with that, uh, farm girl act I had guys lining up Outside your booth? Or in their houseboat? All the girls chippee on the side It's part of the business Yes, it is but you see, Rick and Amy were making some real money off a blackmailing scheme and not cutting you in, were they? Mr Davis, your DNA places you behind the wheel of a car that killed Amy Hey, Rick, I'm on my way Did you get the stuff you promised you'd pick up? After tonight, I could really use some Hey Ace, hi We got a deal Don't start without me, okay? Why don't you get in the car? Alone? Are you crazy? Meet me and Rick in the houseboat And I can assure you That DNA doesn't lie We got a deal What? The zoo guy's, uh, car? The kink lent it to me so I'd look the other way while he was off perving with Amy and her husband Then what? He, uh he calls it in stolen It sounds to me like, uh, insurance fraud Sounds like something else to me Sit down The guy has TMJ Cracks his jaw That's a nervous habit How'd you get him on this, though? I had him give me a taped statement about how he didn't kill anybody And he got nervous Very What can I do for you, slugger? What you gonna do when you just found forever? Where you gonna get to when you can't get it together? Forever and a day a fly gets caught upon a spider's web the snake still has another skin to shed Well, what do you want for this? I want you to take the day off Yeah? What about tomorrow? Tomorrow is what you make of it Forever and a day the truth be told you're more than stones and rings of gold you can't be bought or sold what you gonna do when you just found forever? Where you gonna get to when you get it together? each and every day