CSI: Miami s01e18 Episode Script

Dispo Day

CSI evidence disposal motorcade heading onto Washington.
Roger that.
Proceed north on Robins, and keep this channel open, please.
Uh, CSI we have a funeral procession making its way to you.
Okay, let her pass.
Kevlar at a funeral? Everybody on alert.
Oh, my God! On the ground! Oh, my God, the baby! The baby! Get down! Oh, my God, the baby! No, you stay down! Get down! Get down on the seat! The baby! Get down! Speed! Speed! Hold on, buddy, let me see it.
My chest My chest my chest.
All right, hold on! it, Wait, wait, wa The Kevlar caught it.
The Kevlar caught it, man.
Now, just breathe.
Breathe easy.
Keep breathing if you can.
Okay Rescue! Get me a rescue right now! Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! B.
's 140/100.
Chest contusion from the impact of the projectile is what took the wind out of him.
If his lungs were collapsed, he'd be blue by now.
Okay, thank you.
Hollis? No.
You okay? I'm fine.
All right.
I'll be right back.
Hang in there.
I shot out the tire.
They should be within a one-mile radius.
Probably already into a safe car.
Let's check the street for tread debris.
Alexx? Hollis got one in the head.
You can tell his family he went quick.
Shouldn't have to tell them at all.
Don't I know it.
The mother and little boy? Kid checked out fine.
Mother got shot, upper humerus.
They're at a clinic.
She says to tell you thank you.
Wants to bake you a cake.
Gave her my address.
All right, thanks, man.
Thanks for your help.
Detective- we've never had a problem.
You take the dope out of evidence, re-analyze it to make sure nobody pulled a switcheroo and then cart it across town? We should just burn it at CSI.
Remind me to order the industrial-size incinerator next time.
Dispo route's classified.
Somebody was in on the secret.
No such thing as a secret in Miami, Detective.
Only useful information.
It's creepy.
The engine's still running.
You ought to be there in the middle of the night when we pull one of th ese things out of the water with the radio still on.
Talk about creepy.
Car's stolen.
Based on? Based on the screwdriver in the ignition.
Without the key the screwdriver completes the circuit.
Well, stealing cars is their side job.
This is a Death Talon.
They don't sell those anymore.
Haven't been sold commercially since '96 or '97.
They must have been stockpiling their bullets.
It's hard-core.
I'll post this guy first.
COD seems pretty clear to me.
Don't need an autopsy to ascertain our fake cop's physical condition.
Uh-uh, prison buff.
I'll print him, get his prints to Delko for AFIS.
See if I can get you a release date.
Here comes your favorite reporter.
Enrique Rayas, in the field.
Lieutenant Caine.
a drug-related shoot-out in the streets of Miami.
Any sense of d?jàà vu once-removed? You're about to make a mistake you don't want to make.
Just drawing a parallel here.
Your brother gave his life in the line of duty two years ago, albeit under much cloudier circumstances.
Circumstances weren't cloudy.
The reporting was.
You know what? Get rid of him.
Back behind the tape.
Let's go, sir.
Rubber took us to some buildings.
Homeless guy saw our truck near a pier.
Let's check it out.
Nobody's home, gentlemen.
Heroin, weed, meth.
Hell, they left the drugs behind.
Everything but the cocaine.
Doesn't make any sense.
There's millions of dollars worth of drugs here.
Well, maybe the flattened tire forced a change in plans.
Yeah, they took only what they could carry.
Yes, they did-direct to their buyer.
The question is who.
Hey, H.
What do you got, Speed? Well, looks like they changed clothes.
That's a fake uniform.
Wait a second.
It's a laundry tag from a dry cleaners.
Sweat on these clean uniforms, we'll get their DNA.
There's also blood in the cab.
One of our suspects is wounded.
I'll track it down.
All right, sounds good.
Speed there's a blood trail.
So he got out of the truck over there, and ended up in what was probably a getaway vehicle over here.
And his wound was from an extremity.
Okay, let's broadcast it.
That's weird.
That's Speedle's gun.
Yeah, the magazine's full.
One in the chamber.
He didn't fire any rounds? I don't know.
Maybe it's a second magazine.
None of this is official.
Not until I finish processing the scene.
I'm not saying anything.
Yeah, I think it's best not to.
Tim, hey.
Heard it was the wild west out there today.
See if you can get some DNA off of those.
Smells like I will.
I'll start with collars and cuffs.
You want to sign here? So everyone says that Hollis would have gotten much worse if it hadn't been for you pulling him out of the truck.
He died, Laura.
I know that.
But his family can have an open casket, and that means more than you might think.
You were brave.
I wasn't brave.
I reacted badly.
Okay? Okay.
I'll page you with the results.
I appreciate it.
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
SWAT lost a man today.
Yes, and Officer Hollis left two small children behind.
Well, that's a real tragedy.
SWAT guys cost more to train.
We're talking half a million bucks here.
So Internal Affairsdoes place a dollar value on employees' lives.
Somebody along the food chain talked about dispo day.
Can't put one past you, Jack.
Speedle requested the assignment, correct? Yes, he did, and I approved his request.
So if you'll excuse me, I have an investigation to process.
So do I.
Starting with CSI.
Well, talk about a waste of the taxpayers' money, Jack.
You know, I came to tell you as a courtesy.
IAB's not asking permission.
I'm going to poly all your CSIs.
You poly them, you better poly me first.
I would, if I thought you leaked anything.
Tell them no nicotine and no caffeine.
That'll only hurt 'em once they're wired up.
Hey, Jack.
You miss being a real cop? You're just full of them today, aren't you? You have no idea.
A veritable shoot-out in downtown Miami this morning.
Old drug evidence was moved in a top-secret transport.
Two officers killed.
An internal investigation is underway in an attempt to determine how the information was leaked.
You're the investigator in the dispo case that resulted in two tragic deaths.
You mind if I ask you a few questions for our viewers? Yeah.
Saw your friend out front.
Guy thinks he's Tom Brokaw.
If he's Tom Brokaw, I'm Elliot Ness.
So, you talk to the owner of the incinerator? Yeah, he's bummed.
No dope burn.
No money.
What about the dry-cleaners? Owners thought it was vandalism.
They replaced the glass, cleaned up the mess and they're back in business.
I need one of your CSIs over there for prints.
Wait a second.
When was the ir break-in? Ten days ago.
About the same time we decided to dispo the dope.
Ooh, media will be all over that.
Well, even sharks got to eat, right? Ah-ah.
Cola has caffeine.
Oh, you're right.
Thank you.
Nervous? Well, I figured if I passed the polygraph that got me through the academy, it'd be smooth sailing.
You? Nuh-uh.
Stuff like this makes me feel guilty.
Why do you feel guilty when you haven't done anything? I'm Catholic.
I don't know.
I always feel guilty.
Don't worry about your religion in the chair because the poly picks up discomfort, not the truth.
Did you recover my weapon? Yeah.
So you're going to shave before you go to IAB? It's a polygraph test, not a portrait.
Well, you know, presentation is everything.
Who's first? Jack Seeger, IAB.
Who's first? I've got a lab full of evidence.
I guess that means me, Jack.
How did we do on soccer mom's car? I haven't even gotten to it.
I'm still logging in evidence.
Hey, do you know this Seeger guy? I do.
He's IAB, so be careful what you say to him.
You stay with ballistics.
I'll stay with the car, all right? Transpo towed it to the garage.
It's probably already there.
Keep me posted.
This will record your breathing.
This will record your perspiration.
And this measures your heartbeat.
Did I mention I was Catholic? Were you born in Miami? Yes.
What is 4 x 6 +3? Mental calculations record as a lie.
So you have to think to calculate? Calculate to lie? Have you ever lied to someone who loved and trusted you? Yes.
Recently? Yes.
Was it work-related? No.
That's a Death Talon.
So Lynn Martell had a wound to the left shoulder, didn't she? Could be from a ricochet.
Or a graze.
Okay, but take a look at this.
See? Okay, the trajectory is through the driver's seat which means it originated from behind the car.
Man, they're lucky they didn't hit the baby.
You have kids, Frank, right? Three.
And what is the condition of your family vehicle? It's a war zone.
French fries, broken toys, candy wrappers.
I'm always on the wife about that.
In this case, the lack of evidence is evidence.
Too clean? Too clean.
The baby.
The baby! The baby! She kept screaming "The baby, the baby," not "my baby.
" Ah, heat of the moment, people say all kinds of things.
Let's go see what she has to say now.
How's your son? He's, uh-uh, he's fine.
What day of the week was he born? Oh, I think a Friday.
You think? He's not your kid, is he? Is he your nephew, neighbor's? How's your arm? Fine.
Police records have you in three serious accidents in the past 15 months.
You use the same doctor for all of them? Yeah.
See, if we can prove that you were paid to hit that car, we can charge you with Murder One.
I didn't know that there was going to be a shooting.
I got paid $5,000 to wait for the funeral procession, then slam into the hearse.
And in our world they call that an insurance scam.
So who set it up? The doctor? Somebody else contacted him, and-and he wouldn't be involved in any shooting.
But somebody was shooting at you.
We have the forensics to prove it.
Maybe that was a mistake.
Trajectory says it was intentional.
So why don't you give me a name? Dr.
Guillermo Santoyo.
Did you know that the State of Florida has the highest percentage of unlicensed doctors in the U.
? No.
How'd you lose yours? I didn't report a gunshot victim I treated once.
Harsh punishment.
Well, it wasn't my first time.
So the ex-cons must love you.
I treat a lot of poor Miami families.
I charge just what they can pay.
Not having a license hasn't changed my ability to treat sick people.
So you're one of the good guys.
Is that it? Okay.
Would you mind if I looked around? Go ahead.
Thank you.
Police-issue ammo.
Who'd you pull this out of? Officers are dead, and you're an accessory.
Now who the hell did you pull it out of? Lester Cassidy.
They bring Cassidy in this morning? Yeah.
He was bleeding from a leg wound.
They threatened to kill me if I didn't help.
So you took this bullet out of him.
Yeah, but I told them to take him to a hospital.
He lost so much blood.
He was in shock.
Where do you think they took him? One of them said, uh, something about dumping him at The Hialeah.
I know where that is.
Tell us where your partners are.
Lester, do you think that your friends are coming back for you? I think they left you here to die, so why don't you tell me who put this whole thing together? This guy's going fast.
No, you don't.
No, no, you don't.
I want a name from you.
Lester, is this guy worth dying for? Why don't you give me something to get him with? What was that? Nedir Kire.
Heard Laura got some DNA off those uniforms.
We get any names? Almost.
You talk to Speed? Yeah.
He's on the box right now.
How'd that go for you? I'm just glad it's over.
They ask you about your girlfriend? H, you know I don't have a girlfriend.
No girlfriend this week? The girl I'm seeing, I'm glad she doesn't have a polygraph.
Hey, got it.
Cesar Rubio and Mike Tooley.
Let's see where they've been hanging out.
They shared a floor at Raiford State Penitentiary.
Got a driver, sharpshooter, explosives expert, drug dealer and a tactical man.
Ex-con dream team.
Missing only A buyer.
Nedir Kire.
Who? Dying declaration by our friend Cassidy up there.
Nedir Kire.
What is that, Farsi? I don't know.
So, this Nedir is our buyer? He's the man behind it al Could be.
So, let's run his name through county property records, white pages, yellow pages, IRS if you have to.
But you know what, start with Inmate records.
You got it.
Bad guys.
Good guys.
I recovered 122 pieces of firearms evidence.
Good work.
Thank you.
Well, you know what they say.
You don't really know who you are until All hell breaks loose.
So our round count on our two SWAT officers was 54.
Of that, I got 45 casings.
Those are shown in blue.
Talk about bullets.
There were 12.
We dug them out of the hearse, trees, buildings, several cars.
It was the usual yield.
Three-fourths of the casings, one-fourth of the bullets.
The ex-cons used Tec-9s, didn't they? That's correct- Death Talons.
And those are shown here in red.
Now, of that, I got 40 casings and 18 projectiles.
One of which fatally killed Officer Hollis.
Anything else? Yes.
The green triangles are actually rounds that I matched to your weapon.
Seven total, not including the round that you pulled out of Laskey's head or the one that came out of the doctor's office.
So, it turns out you're a good shot.
What about Speedle's 9? That is ongoing.
I haven't matched any projectiles or casings to his weapon yet, but I'm not finished with the report.
Anything else? Well, I've saved the best for last.
You know the bullet you pulled out of Lynn Martell's car? Mm-hmm.
Trajectory from the final position turns out is from across the street.
We have a mystery shooter.
So, our crime scene just got a lot bigger.
Okay, you know what? Get Tripp and go back over there.
Nice work.
Did you come here intending to lie? No.
Did you take part in an officer- involved shooting yesterday? Your phraseology is misleading.
Please answer "yes" or "no.
" Please rephrase the question.
If you fail to cooperate Was I involved in a shoot-out? Yeah.
Was an officer killed? Yes.
Did you disclose any information regarding the narcotics transport? No.
The officer riding next to you was shot in the head.
Was his name Officer Hollis? Yes.
Were you shot in the chest? Yes.
Did your vest protect you from serious injury? Yes.
Did the suspects have any reason to kill Officer Hollis but only wound you? You know what? This game's over.
Sorry, but I have an officer- involved case to investigate.
So I don't have time for this petty crap.
Hey, can I talk to you for just a second? It's not really a good time.
Well, I just wanted to talk to you before I Before what? Before I sent Horatio my report.
Look, my gun misfired, okay? I admit it.
It misfired because I didn't clean it.
That's why it jammed up, and that's why Hollis is dead.
Okay? And I should probably resign.
That is not true.
That was an ambush, he was shot from the left-hand side, and there was nothing that you could have done about it.
Well, I feel like there was.
There wasn't.
And all I'm saying is next time it could be you, and I'm just I'm just begging you, clean your gun.
I get it.
Listen, uh you shouldn't have to be the one to tell Horatio.
I'll do it, okay? Okay.
Duquesne, you're up.
I've got one more knock-and-talk, and then I'm all yours.
Don't make me call Lieutenant Caine.
I wouldn't make my L.
take a call from you.
Get any prints? Hmm.
Well, we've got good ridge structure, but they'll probably end up belonging to the suspects we have already.
Guy you want's too smart to put his hands on a casket? Especially when it doubles as an arsenal.
Got your page.
Are you thinking this heist is related to my task force? Nedir Kire.
Have you ever heard that name? No.
Sounds Russian.
Well, wherever he's from, I think he put this whole thing together.
How about DEA, ATF's database? No.
Dead ends.
Well sorry I couldn't help.
I wouldn't say that.
Oh, before I go, reporters called me last night.
Because of the shooting.
They wanted a comment.
What? Why? Well, you know my husband killed in the line of duty, drug rip-off.
And now, two years later, my brother-in-law at a drug heist shoot-out.
You're not talking about reporters, you're talking about Rayas.
Horatio Caine mows his lawn, and Rayas makes it prime-time news.
I'm glad you're okay.
Good luck.
Nedir Kire.
Hell, this place looks like a battle zone.
Look at all the stray gunfire.
You know, I'm not as concerned about the ones going in as the one that came out.
You found that here? Yeah.
I think this gives us cause to search the place.
Do you always work on Sundays? Only when I'm expecting a visit from an angel.
Well, you might think I'm the devil in just a second.
Did you see anybod y out there shooting? No.
I was hiding behind the limestone.
It sounded like Liberty City on Fourth of July.
You own a firearm, Mr.
Tomassi? No.
No? You mind if we take a look around? It's important to recover all of the rounds in an officer-involved shooting.
What were you doing at the time of the shooting? I was working on the limestone.
I don't know anything.
Good, 'cause I'm done here.
Did you tell me your name was Calleigh Duquesne? Yes, I did.
But my nickname is Lamb Chop.
But only my dad calls me that now.
Oh, I know, I'm sorry.
Okay, "yes" or "no" only.
Fire away.
Did you consume any alcohol or drugs in an attempt to influence this exam? No.
Did you process drug evidence for dispo day? Yes.
Was that drug cocaine? Yes.
We need a sample.
Well, okay, um but I'm not going to do it in front of you.
You wanted to see me? I think we found our mole.
Calleigh Duquesne just tested positive for cocaine.
Horatio, I don't know what happened.
I promise you, I have never done any type of drug.
I know you didn't.
She will appeal.
Until then, she's relieved of duty.
You're making a mistake.
Your CSI pops positive, and you don't think she's the mole? That's correct.
What are you talking about? You guys couldn't find your ass with both hands.
Now, you should be thanking her.
Why? Because, if it's what I think she just cracked the case.
How you feeling? Like a hummingbird on six cups of coffee.
Describe that to me.
Uh, I feel confused, angry, confused.
I-I know that I have said this to you before, but I want to make sure that you know.
I did not take anything.
Okay, hang on a second.
Are your lips numb? Yes.
Now, what have you been doing for the last eight hours? Tripp and I were followi ng the mystery trajectory.
We-we went to the tile place.
I ate a granola bar.
Uh, then we went b ack to the Firearms lab.
All right.
Hang on a second.
You went to the tile place.
What did you find at the tile place? I found a bullet, but no casings.
It had gone through the door, and it had lodged into the tile.
I think it was Italian marble, and I had a very difficult time digging it out.
I think you've been dosed.
Where's the bullet now? That's cocaine.
No, let's do another one.
Come on, that's marble from the Avellino Province.
Do you have any idea how much one of those costs? About half as much as two.
Go ahead.
Okay, okay, okay.
Paul, why don't you just tell us where the cocaine is, because we are happy to test every tile in here.
So, it's up to you.
Follow me.
All right.
Blue as sky.
Cocaine hydrochloride.
Mm-hmm! I've seen it pressed into plastic before, but this is new.
This looks like some type of adhesive.
Maybe like a sap.
Yeah, it's not very strong.
No, but it maintains its purity.
How do you get it back to powder? I don't know.
Let's ask Paul.
Nice way to move cocaine in plain sight, unless you're just laundering the profits.
Either way, we've got you for murder.
Murder? It's just coke.
Courtesy of a couple of dead cops, it's not.
Oh, no, you've got it wrong, man.
This isn't the stuff you're looking for.
I got this from Haiti three weeks ago.
Underside of a cruise ship.
Well, we'll see about that, won't we? We're going to take it with us.
I'm going to need to talk to you later about something.
Okay, you just let me know.
Wait a second.
That's a piece of evidence tape.
This cocaine did not come from Haiti.
Not unless Haiti's in the middle of our crime lab.
That's right.
You're not smart enough to put this thing together on your own.
Who's your partner? I don't have one.
My name is the only one on the company's paper.
That's 'cause you're stupid.
Now, who's your partner.
Does "Nedir Kire" ring a bell? No.
You believe him, Lieutenant? No.
Any progress? No.
Eric come here a minute.
Although it's been confused for Russian, if you read "Nedir Kire" backwards, it spells "Erik Riden.
" Erik Riden, you are about to be searched.
"Newark's Erik Riden of Whaler College, reporting on the New Student Cafeteria for WXLY.
" Erik Riden.
Zoom in on that picture.
Now, does that look familiar to you? Enrique Rayas.
Enrique Rayas.
Film at 11:00.
He probably changed it from Erik to Enrique after he moved to Miami.
Where'd he get the Rayas from? Probably out of the air.
Makes sense.
Appeal to the local Hispanic audience.
Now how do we prove it? Wait a minute.
Is this the footage from the day of the shooting? It is.
Zoom in on that.
That could be gunpowder residue.
If it is he just broadcast it all over the Miami news.
Many people are saying that they should shut down the incinerator in the wake of the shooting.
What are your feelings about that? Well, as the owner, I mean, I can understand people'sfear,but What peopleshouldbe afraid of is Nedir Kire.
What is he? Cut, cut! Oh, excuse me.
What are you talking about? We will discuss it on the ride.
There's your car.
We have a warrant for the clothes you wore yesterday.
Stokes, as owner of the incinerator, you knew the date, the time and the route the truck took.
So, did you tell Enrique? I don't even tell my wife that stuff.
I told all of this to your detective yesterday.
Bob, I can be a friend on this.
Imighthave made a mistake.
Come on.
We know how you found out about dispo day.
Enrique- I mean, Erik- the incinerator owner that tipped you off is down at Homicide as we speak, giving his statement.
So Talk to us, Enrique.
It's your last chance.
We know you were the brains behind the coke operation.
Your partner, Tomassi, already gave you up.
You're on your own, anyway.
Do you guys get cell service in here? Because I'm-I'm having a The substance on your shirt, Enrique- that blue substance- that's gunpowder.
Which places you there as the shooter.
It also means that you not only organized the hijacking, you participated in it on the day.
And I want to know why.
Television station not paying you enough? Cocaine tile business not cutting it? Did you see the coverage? That footage aired nationally.
And it came from a secondary market.
It came from Miami.
For fame, fortune, and one hell of an alibi? Ripe piece of tape, Horatio.
And you and I, my friend, we are going to get everything we want.
I agree, my friend.
The difference is, you will be receiving yours in a 6 x 9 cell.
So, how'd you tie the leak back to the incinerator owner? I just talked to him.
Oh, come on! Ifind that hooking someone up to a wire tends tointerfere with the process.
But that's just me.
Speed? You wanted to talk? I heard you got the guy behind the shooting.
That's true.
Yeah, uh The thing I wanted to talk to you about Mm-hmm? My gun Speed we were ambushed, and it happens.
Yeah, but, uh You got to believe me.
These things happen.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You're a good man.
Okay? Thanks.
What's that? This is a belated birthday present for you.
Happy birthday.
Okay? Now, you hang in there.
No comment.
Come on.
No comment.
Rayas, Mr.
Ray as, is it true that? Over here, Mr.
Rayas, I've got a question