CSI: Miami s01e19 Episode Script

Double Cap

Excuse me, ma'am.
Excuse me.
Ma'am? So nobody noticed anything? She turned and burned like everyone else around here.
Last person waited on her around 2:30.
Hotel policy- never wake a guest poolside.
Okay, so where are the attendants now? The entire shift's waiting inside.
All righty Looks like a dried roast.
We got a bullet wound to the back of the head here.
Sniper? No, I think I see a stellate wound, so that makes it close range.
Who would risk a murder like this in front of all these people in broad daylight? Someone who wanted to make it public.
Guy's got to be crazy.
Not that crazy.
He got our attention.
?? Yeah ?? ?? We don't get fooled again ?? ?? Don't get fooled again ?? ?? No, no! ?? Well, she traveled light.
But well.
$300 Helen Kaminski tote bag.
Ooh, and look at her ring.
Yes, an emerald.
Cleopatra's favorite gem.
Oval cut, too.
Shark's choking on everything.
The grid search offered up six sprinkler heads, a bottle cap, and a spoon.
Bottom line, no casings.
So either the shooter used a revolver or they were smart enough to pick up the cartridge.
Alexx, can you characterize the wound? Definite searing.
Barrel to skin? This may have been an execution.
Or a very good imitation.
It seems real to me.
It's the victim that's wrong.
You mean female? Mm-hmm.
See you back at the post, ladies.
Nice going.
Caine? Mm-hmm.
Front desk says the victim's name is Gloria Tynan.
She regular or strange? She checks into the penthouse suite every Tuesday with a guy Nobody knows his name.
Okay, so let's keep the cleaning crew out of there until my guys get here.
There's more.
Her hotel bill's always paid in cash.
Paid for a penthouse in cash, and yet we only found ten dollars in her purse.
First she checked out, then went to the pool.
Front desk says it's part of her routine.
Wasn't routine today, was it? Hey, check it out.
We on TV? No, it's Alexx.
It's the crime scene.
We were just down there.
That means that security might have caught our shooter in the act.
Yeah, I got to get my hands on today's footage.
Hey, there's no way you're getting out of processing this hotel room with me.
Why would I try to do that? I love hotel rooms.
Body fluids everywhere.
Glove up Movies on command, got a full bar.
It's definitely the way to go.
Something tells me the mini-bar isn't the reason to come up here.
Bed's made Maybe they did it on the spread.
Hey, I got a partial here.
Gonna be thousands of those.
Yeah, this one had a glaze.
Might be fresh.
Got some porn here.
Get out of here.
A girl that hot? Guy had to be a Viagra case.
So the suspect's probably over 40.
You know what, I'm going to go watch those surveillance tapes.
Don't digitize that one by mistake.
Okay, gentlemen, I'm going to need y'all to show me your hands.
I'll show you anything you want.
Well, aren't you accommodating? What's this for? There was a woman who was murdered on y'all's shift, poolside.
Is this yours? Yeah.
It's pretty.
It's delicate.
You don't have a tan line.
I only wear it at the end of my shift.
After you take it off a victim? She has black crystal earrings that match.
Look, it was laying on her towel, okay? I didn't touch her.
You don't have to touch somebody to shoot them.
Possible intercourse.
I collected samples.
Let's look for DNA from a potential suspect.
And what about the gunshot wound? Turns out it's two.
Pros tap twice Up close and personal, don't they? Then we are dealing with a pro.
Shooter pressed the barrel against her skull Jerks from the first impact, fires again.
Two bullets.
Along with this.
Rubbery consistency.
I'm going to get this to Trace.
Anything steel or metal, Alexx? Such as? Maybe like from a suppressor.
Suppressor would explain why nobody at the pool heard the big bang-bang but no, just lead.
Okay, her ten card, as soon as you can.
If you tell me your theory.
Okay, pretty girl, two taps to the back of the head.
Worlds collide.
I have a suspect I'd like you to visit.
He swiped our lady's wristwatch at the pool Homicide has him in holding.
It looks like you may have a minor-league thief on your hands.
Really? Yeah, pending evidence.
Excuse me.
Yeah, okay.
I'll be there as soon as I can break away.
Thank you.
I need you to take a look at the bullets we extracted from the victim.
Sure thing.
Particular attention to the striations.
Do you mind if I run a quick errand before I do? No.
How do you like that Agramonte color surveillance? Not your average liquor store security.
$250,000 digital system.
Just pulled it off DAT.
Here's your victim Gloria Tynan.
She's spending a weekday lounging by the pool at the Agramonte.
What am I doing here? You're making a difference in your community.
That's the last visual of her, from any angle.
Okay, so the cabana hides her.
Next time we see her, she's being carried out in a body bag.
But you can tell she asks the attendant for a phone.
Which one is he? Hugo.
Simpkins in Trace said that we didn't find any GSR on any of the pool guys.
Is that a cell phone on the ground? Zoom, zoom, zoom.
Why would she ask for a hotel land line when she's got a cell phone next to her? Battery dead? I don't think so.
I'm going to get into it.
Study every pixel.
Hey, Dana.
Thank you.
Hey, Dad.
Lambchop look at you.
Here I am.
Were you singing songs for the customers? Oh, well, nothing that they haven't ardently requested of me.
How about I give you a ride home? I walked here.
Well, I realize that, Dad.
How about you walk me out to my car? Why, certainly.
Good night, all.
A gentlemen may never refuse the request of a lady.
Let your old dad take you out to dinner.
We'll go to that restaurant in Coral Gables that your mama's always talking about.
I can't, Dad.
I'm working.
Now? Yeah.
Get in the car.
I've got to go back to CSI.
You know, you are much too pretty to work as hard as you do.
I know you think you just paid me a big old compliment, but But nothing.
You are.
Beautiful since the day you were born.
Beautiful girl Okay, come on.
I'll let you sit in the front.
I miss you, Calleigh.
I'm here right now, Dad.
Getting a hit off of our victim's ten card? AFIS.
I've got lots of partials.
I'm still trying to make sense of them.
CAINE: Look at this.
Regal Harbor Boat Tours.
Place of employment.
DELKO: That's weird.
I've never seen that on a general file before.
CAINE: Gloria's been flagged.
What? Why? I don't know.
Take a look at this.
These are our friends in DC.
That's a 202 area code Yeah, you want me to contact them? You know what? I think we just did, by accessing this file.
It's cross-referenced.
Could be DEA, FBI I figure we got about two hours before we get a visit by somebody in a suit and a pair of Ray-Bans.
Knock, knock, knock.
Everything okay? Yeah, it's fine.
You sure? Sometimes it's difficult to have family.
Sometimes, it's more difficult not to.
Interesting striations? I fired this projectile out of a standard .
22, like the one they used on Gloria.
A single set of striations.
But the one pulled out of Gloria .
had two sets.
Confirming silencer.
Yes, but it was a weird one.
You know that substance you sent to Trace? It was neoprene.
So this is what I think happen Well, I mean, you know, Anyone with half a brain can build a silencer, so the suspect attached metal tubing to the end of the barrel, and then filled the suppressor tube around it with bronze, wool, and lithium grease to dissipate any expulsion of gasses and to keep the explosion down, and then, finally, capped it all off with a black neoprene washer.
So you have one set of striations from the barrel another set from the silencer, and then, finally, the washer fragments to silence any escaping sound.
Did you run these bullets through IBIS? I did.
And the first set of striations matches an unsolved four-year- old armed robbery in Uleta.
Uleta? Who was the case detective? Your sister-in-law.
Um I'll meet you at my desk.
Here's the file you called me about.
You remember this case? Oh, yeah.
Savings and loan in Uleta.
Two suspects, ski masks, twenty-twos, terrorized the tellers and got away with 600 K in cash.
How about eyewitnesses? Teller noticed a dark mole on one of the suspect's neck.
Only other one brave enough to look at them was a security guard.
They shot him in the head.
Father of three.
I really wanted to give his widow something.
A year and half later, I can't even bring her a name.
I think I may be able to.
Somebody slapped a silencer on the weapon that was used in your robbery, and yesterday, at the Agramonte Hotel, the same MO was used to execute a woman.
Yeah, I saw that on the news.
A lot of people did.
You're thinking this is some kind of a wake-up call? From one of the guys who pulled my S&L job.
I think there's a chance of it.
Okay, what's the vic's name? She's been flagged by Washington, so I can only tell you who she isn't.
This is going to help.
So thank you.
Gloria Tynan of Miami-Dade county, her only court appearance is for a noise complaint over her dog, a shih tzu named Toodles.
A few speeding tickets.
Car? Dodge Neon.
And a one-carat emerald.
She also reported a theft a half year ago at her job.
Regal Harbor Boat Tours, I'm guessing.
Turns out Jeff Gabler's father owns the place, runs a day tour to the Keys and back.
Wait a second.
Jeff Gabler, Lieutenant Gabler from Narco? Yeah.
Anyway, she filed a report, said someone lifted her wallet.
Cops never found the guy.
That's because there is no guy.
We are being detoured into the land of make-believe.
You're talking about the Feds? When they put you under protection, for whatever reason, they make up a backstory based on cops, and cops' families.
Because they'll keep the story straight.
Hold on a second.
Hey, I'm at the hotel checking the, uh, phone records here.
And there's one call that Gloria Tynan made from a poolside phone, land line.
I figured there's some reason she didn't use her cell.
Okay, that's because she didn't want anybody to know.
Right, so I cross-checked it, and I got an address.
Coconut Grove, Okay, nice work.
I'll call Hagen.
All right.
Yesterday afternoon, a woman by the name of Gloria Tynan was murdered.
Do you know her? No.
I I don't think so, why? We traced a phone call that she made from the Agramonte Hotel to your address.
I don't know where you got that name.
It's Gina.
This is my daughter.
I haven't seen her in over a year.
But you knew she lived here in Miami, didn't you? I didn't know where.
Because she couldn't tell you.
Did she have a man in her life? She was seeing this guy in Pennsylvania Did you know his name? She just always called him her boyfriend.
Showered her with gifts.
He tried to buy me.
I didn't like that.
But you made an exception in this case.
I notice you're wearing the same ring she did.
He made me feel if I didn't take it, like he would be offended.
Maybe even hurt me or Gina.
Um, I'm, I, I I don't know how to explain it.
I think you just did a very nice job.
Do you have the box the ring came in? I I could look.
You move in recently, Mrs.
Cusack? Three months ago.
Gina sent me a letter in Philly asking me to move to Florida.
Even helped with the rent.
I told her this house was way over my head.
Look at all this glass.
But you didn't see her? She calls me every Tuesday.
Same time.
Promised that she was going to be able to see me soon.
On that cordless phone? Why? What's wrong with the phone? Nothing at all.
Can you find who did this to Gina? I'm going to do my best.
And this is really going to help.
Okay? It was a legitimate question, the cordless.
One we already had the answer to.
Why add to the lady's guilt? Mm-hmm! Town car, tinted windows take a guess.
Fan belt inspectors? Nope, U.
Marshals witness protection baby-sitters.
I guess I couldn't help but notice your car over here.
Deputy Marshal Ardine.
Marshal, I just got this off Gina Cusack's mom.
I was going to run it for prints on the boyfriend, but after all is said and done, it would just spit out background info from your imagination.
Right? All part of protecting our witness.
Yes, from Philly, deals in swag.
I think I have an idea, but why don't you tell me how Gina ties in to your witness? Let's just say he's a married man, and she's not his wife.
So you put his mistress into the program, but didn't protect her.
We protected her.
Gave her a new identity, a job, a new life near our primary.
It's not our fault she broke protocol, contacted her mother, dragged her down from Philly.
Should have checked mom's phone.
House has a secure land line.
Single cordless phone.
So Gina's killer Sat out here with a receiver, and picked up the radio waves from the cordless and tracked her to the Agramonte Hotel.
So you guys slipped up and Gina paid.
Nice going.
Hey! Don't go digging around this, huh? We don't want our witness spooked.
A professional hit was made on a girl that he brought to Miami.
So maybe he got bored with her, and maybe I'll find his prints on this.
Either way, I'll get him next.
You're way off.
Left field.
Am I? Marshal? Is that why you're here? That's two.
One still out there.
Knock, knock, knock.
Red one in the middle is from the gift box.
one It's the only 'Kay, what about the hotel? All these little green ones.
It's pretty messy.
I'm trying to combine them to get one workable prin Narrowed it down to three sets of ten.
But these hotel rooms are going to force me into early retirement.
Come on, I know you're out there.
There it is.
Take it to the house.
Mm, double loop, minimal distortion.
Let's run it.
Running it.
Here we go.
Edward Hinkle.
Husband to Mary, father of Jessica.
Social security number, places of employment, last four addresses.
What about that 202 Fed number? That's nice and tidy, courtesy of Uncle Speak of the devil.
Marshal Ardine tells me you're barking up a dangerous tree.
You wouldn't happen to know where Edward Hinkle is, would you? With us- preparing to testify in a federal trial against his former drug suppliers.
Oh, yes, against the Colombians.
He's helping us defeat a small army we've never had a chance to get near till now.
Case went nowhere for three years till we got Hinkle to squawk.
What about the murder in Uleta during the robbery of a savings and loan? Thank you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
guys popped a square badge, made off with the cash, and you know what they say: You lie down with the devil, you wake up in hell.
I didn't know anything about this, Horatio, I swear.
We poly'd our witness before we put him under.
He didn't have any outstandings.
Actually, he must have lied to you, because he does, Are you sure about this? Yeah, I am See this mole right here? Well, there's an eyewitness in Uleta that remembers it quite well, too.
So, you've got the same gun, two shots to the head, just like Gina.
Yeah, it's Sackheim.
Checking on the status of protectee Ed Hinkle.
We've got eyes on him, correct? All right.
Keep me posted.
Guess we've got a small wrinkle.
Sounds like it He must have seen your, uh hotel hit on the evening news and took a walk.
So Mr.
Hinkle's in the wind? I'm sure it's just temporary.
Marshals are on it right now.
Okay, let's go talk to the wife, then-Mrs.
I'm sure you've got her stashed away somewhere.
I'll make some calls.
Come on.
Hey, Claudia.
Can I get my messages, please? Oh, tulips.
Those are beautiful.
I love tulips.
I know.
Hey, Dad! Hi, sweetie.
Those aren't necessary Yes, they are.
Thanks for getting me home.
Take a walk with me.
You know I don't like to lecture, because as far as I'm concerned, everyone chooses their own path I'm just saying, may be you should cut back.
I'm going to.
I mean that.
Dad I don't expect you to believe me.
Hey, Cal.
Hey, Tim.
All right, well, I'll let you get back to work.
See you.
Thanks for the flowers.
You bet.
We have reason to believe she was with your husband just prior to her murder.
Gina? Gina from Philly? Yes.
You guys brought her down here, too? Her relocation was arranged also, yes I can't believe she was down here with us.
I can't believe you did this to me.
Ma'am, I'm with the Miami Crime Lab and not the FBI Can you tell me where your husband might be? Frank? Probably out spending his cash "Ed," ma'am, please.
His alias is "Ed.
" We've worked very hard to Ed, Frank- Gotrocks, Mr.
I-deal-in-cash- only, whatever, all right? Ma'am, could you talk about his cash? He squirreled money away.
What, in addition to the stipend we gave him to get settled? He has stacks of money.
I just don't know where.
Did he ever give you any? He never did in Philly- I don't know why he would start now.
I sneak it out of his wallet when he's sleeping.
Do you have any on you now? What if I did? I could catch him with it.
Tell Frank if he hadn't kept Gina I never would've done this.
Hi, honey.
What are you up to, huh? Excuse me.
I'll be right over there.
I have customers.
What are you working on? A farm with cows and a pony and some lambs.
It's pretty.
I could draw you one.
Right now I have to go back to work, but I could come back another time and you could draw me one.
Will your ally come back? You know what? For you, I'll come back.
Okay? Keep up the good work.
I've been watching these pool attendants work.
They all kneel when they serve a guest.
None of them wear sunglasses, 'cause the hotel insists on establishing eye contact with the guests.
Except this guy.
No kneeling, lousy tan.
And you're sure it's not Ed Hinkle, our federal witness.
I compared it to his DMV photo.
Watch this guy make his way over to the cabana.
Now watch his stack of towels.
Each time he ducks behind the cabana, he reappears, there's one less towel.
There's seven left.
Six left.
Now here's Gina.
Five still.
He doesn't give her one.
Well, he had something else for her.
Maybe he left something behind.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? James Fukes.
Did six years prison time in Coal Township, Pennsylvania.
Armed robbery in Philadelphia.
He hijacked a truckload full of high-end electronics.
Five-eleven, 185, dark hair.
Well, if you don't believe the video, believe the DNA, he's our shooter.
Okay, let's call up his known associates.
There are none.
Yes, there are but the Feds have deleted them.
You've got to understand the magnitude of the Witness Protection Program.
You've got DOJ, DEA, you've got the marshals over here dealing with the paper trail.
We Fibbies, we just deal with the trial.
So not even you knew that Frank was Jimmy's old partner.
So Jimmy Fukes has the gun they used in the armed robbery they pulled together.
Yes, in Uleta- Jimmy got the gun; Frank got the money.
And now Jimmy's in town for his cut of the proceeds.
By placing Frank in the Program, he got out of paying Jimmy.
And by killing Gina, Jimmy sent a message to Frank to pay up.
And now they're both in the wind.
And so, when we find the money, we'll find them.
All the bills you got from Frank's wife traces of cotton fiber, dust, chrysanthemums.
Wait a minute.
You mean like the plant? Mm-hmm.
It's impregnated in all U.
paper currency to reduce bacteria levels.
But this one bill, bottom of the stack, it has an additional trace.
A peroxygen compound, combined with a surfactant.
A synthetic soap.
Add malic acid, you get Virkon.
New disinfectant introduced last year to combat cruise-ship viruses.
They use it on all kinds of boats now, right? Mm-hmm.
Regal Harbor Boat Tours.
So Frank asked Gina to stash his cash at work That's why it was only on one bill.
The bottom one.
So she's in charge of the cash.
When Frank finds out she's dead He jumps on this afternoon's tour boat to grab his money.
Round trip to the Keys; no stops.
So if he makes it on the boat there's no getting off should be back after the Regal sunset dinner.
Okay, call Hagen and tell him to meet me there.
What about Sackheim? Let him sit.
This is the one.
Stand by.
Nobody moves until we see him.
Folks, on "go.
" Waiting on a visual.
I don't see him.
There he is.
We got him White ball cap.
Move! Oh, hey.
I'm not the Taliban over here.
Sir, you're going to have to come with us.
What are you talking about? I was on a cruise.
I was that's my bag.
You should call Special Agent Sackheim, FBI.
I'm part of a high top-secret operation against some Colombians, huh? Anti-American drug dealers.
Yeah, you're a real patriot.
Know a savings and loan that's been missing this.
Let go of my witness.
As soon as he gives me Fukes, I'll let him go.
He testifies in 48 hours.
This can happen quickly.
If you're proposing what I think and Fukes kills my witness Fukes wants his money.
He's not going to touch anybody.
So why don't you calm down.
Frank left a message on Jimmy's home machine in Philly at what time? It's 7:30 a.
, people.
If he's here in Miami, he may never check it.
Okay, he is not on vacation.
This is business.
Don't worry, Jimmy checks his machine more often than he blinks.
It's him.
Land line.
Keep him on.
This is your friend from Philly.
What are you, Pauly Walnuts? I know who you are, Frank.
Let's do this.
You screwed me.
And you got my attention.
Pick a place.
You're rolling over on me, aren't you, Frank? What, do you think I'm stupid? Did we get him? No.
All right.
Frank gave it his best shot.
Come on.
We've got testimony to run.
Hang on a minute.
Hang on a minute.
My suspect is still at large I want to hear about Jimmy Fukes.
I might have met him once.
He killed my girlfriend.
What do you want me to say? I want you to tell me the truth.
Not the fairy tale this nitwit gave you.
Tell me the truth; Jimmy Fukes.
Let's go.
I've known him since kindergarten.
We used to skip school together.
Going down to the arcade, knock off some gumball machines.
What did you do with the money? Go to the track, get a degenerate to bet a race for us.
When we got older, women, rings we both like the jewel tones.
You bet the smart money? On the horses? No, no, no.
Hey, I bet the winners.
Jimmy still chases the, uh, the long shots.
Five-to-one or better.
Of course, he never finds them, but People don't change, do they? Going into the clubhouse turn, it's Infinite Turf Club after the seventh.
You are a sure bet, Jimmy.
Where's your car? Let's look for Pennsylvania tags, come on.
Living in your car, Jimmy? Mmm.
A baby monitor So I have kids at home.
So what? There's only one reason a wise guy drives around with a baby monitor.
Of course it's beautiful.
I'm just taking one day at a time.
One day at a time in paradise.
Come on, Mom, you got to admit this beats wearing three layers just to get to your mailbox.
When am I going to see you, Gina? You can't see me yet.
I came here to see you.
Where are you? I'm at the Agramonte right now.
You drove to the hotel, found her at the pool, and the costume party began.
Is this for the kids at home, too? There's 10,000 guns just like that out there.
You're not going to be able to prove a thing.
That is a very dumb thing to say to a CSI.
Now, Jimmy, you capped your silencer with neoprene.
And trace results from Gina's autopsy found rubber in her head, also neoprene.
Your gun, your bullets, your crime.
Frank was screwing me out of money.
All right, the robbery was my idea.
I scouted the place for months before.
He just showed up on game day.
Yes, but I am talking about another crime.
And there is a detective right on the other side of that glass who is anxious to talk to you about the robbery in Uleta But that's going to have to wait.
Hang out.
When you're done, we'll process him over at County.
Uleta is going to wa nt to try him first.
Okay, we'll wait our turn.
Security guard's wife is going to want to thank you.
Well, we did it together.
Horatio? Thanks.
Lieutenant Caine I'll catch up with you.
Yeah? We have a wrinkle.
I'm listening.
I was just speaking to Washington.
You have got to be kidding me.
The decision's from higher up.
This guy killed an innocent girl and a father of three children Yeah, well, his attorney says he's willing to help us build a case against Joseph Berkeley.
An alleged hit man for the Mastello crime family.
I know who he is.
Jimmy's testimony could tie a dozen murders to this assassin.
What about the two lives I am looking out for down here? What about them? The AG's personally making this call.
Details are being worked out.
It's going to happen.
Look, I know it's tough.
Do you? You catching the red-eye? You got a minute? Claudia, I tell you, they're wearing me out.
Do you have the evidence for the Hannagan case? Thank you.
Hi, Calleigh.
It's Dana over at the Whiskey Stop.
I've stopped serving your dad and he's refusing to take a cab home.
I'll be there as soon as I can break away.
Thank you.
What can I get for you, sir? I, um I just wanted to say hi to Mary Hinkle and her daughter.
Are they here? Well, Mary quit this morning.
Said she and her little girl were headed out west.
You with the Miami-Dade police department? Uh, yeah.
She thought you might drop by.
Said you over-tipped her.
Well, good for them.
Good for them.