CSI: Miami s01e20 Episode Script

Grave Young Men

Well, this is me.
That's right.
Are you okay? Yeah.
You okay to drive? What, do I seem? Happy? I haven't seen that smile on your face in a while Yeah.
You know, for the past two years, every morning when I wake up, I'd have this thought that comes to my head: Raymond is dead.
And now, in these in these past few weeks, it's just not the first thing I think of.
You going to bring Ray Junior tomorrow? Is that all right? Yeah.
Looking forward to it Good.
Thank you.
Good night Good night.
Drive safe.
Detective Caine? Can I help you? Pete Wilton.
Knocked off a chain of grocery stores about six years ago? You caught me in Liberty City? I remember, Pete.
Good Samaritan got hit and you got manslaughter, right? Yeah, and your testimony helped put me away.
Is that why you've been following me? I'm two years into my parole, and I've got a problem.
Pete, if you make that move, it's going to be your last.
Relax, Lieutenant, it's a photograph.
Take it out.
It's my son.
Went to school three days ago and never came back.
You call 911? Yeah, I went to PD, but they're not too concerned with parolees' kids.
He's not the way I used to be.
I know that something happened to him.
Okay, well, I'm sure the detectives are on it.
Let me call.
It's got to be you.
Look, I was guilty.
And you knew it.
You came after me with everything you had.
And I saw that.
I know you can find my boy.
What kind of trouble was he in? None.
No, I just figured if you could bulldog a guy like me, you could do half as good with a good kid.
Worth saving.
Okay, Pete, listen to me.
If you're lying, I'm out.
You understand? I do.
Thank you.
Right, right, he backed up into your knife eleven times.
Sit tight, Kilroy while I, uh, rustle up some booking slips.
Got a minute? Okay, Jeff Wilton.
Who? Jeff Wilton is a high school kid from Homestead that disappeared three days ago.
Father's an ex-con.
And a concerned parent.
A divorced parent.
Soon as he got out, wife took off, left the kid behind.
Told the neighbor she liked the guy fine enough.
as long as he was in prison.
You think the kid did the same thing? No, I think Jeff's in the Keys with a cheerleader.
I think he'll run out of money, stroll back in a couple of days.
with a hickey on his neck and a smile on his face.
What if he doesn't? I got 12 confirmed dead yanking at my chain right now.
So you're not interested in the kid unless he's dead? You know what I mean.
Okay, Frank, why don't you let me take this one off your hands.
There's no crime scene to investigate.
Maybe not, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a crime.
?? Yeah! ?? ?? We don't get fooled again ?? ?? Don't get fooled again ?? ?? No, no! ?? I want to be sure I got it right.
You and the deceased had drinks last night, came back here around midnight Made love for I don't know how long.
And when I woke up this morning, he was beside me dead.
Bernstein? Speedle.
Who are you? I'm a crime scene investigator.
I thought you were the detective.
I am.
But Speedle analyzes the scene.
The forensic that might explain the death in question.
Do you have any questions forme? Yeah.
Why do women do that to their nails? What? Put little charms on them? It's easy.
To attract men.
Hey, do you mind taking that tea and drinking it over there? Sure whatever helps.
Well, the guy was in good shape.
She said he runs marathons.
Well- ran.
May have an enlarged heart.
Something of the pulmonary nature.
Frenulum isn't torn.
Tardieu spots in the conjuctivae and eyelids.
Asphyxiation? Sleep apnea? Hard to tell.
Almost impossible to distinguish accidental from homicide.
Result of closing off the air to the windpipe's the same.
Blood stops carrying oxygen to the alveoli.
I'd say he fell asleep in his pillow.
If I hadn't watched Miss Thing put her suave on Bernstein earlier.
This is Jeff's room.
I didn't touch anything.
Left everything just the way it was the morning he left for school.
You know, Pete, I am going to take you up on that coffee now.
Make it two, if you don't mind.
You got it.
"3-In-One oil.
" Used to use that to make boat models.
Now I use it to clean my gun.
What do we have here? "Four Twenty Boyz.
" Time to get high, I bet.
How do you know that? My brother worked Narcotics undercover.
So, Jeff Where is it? Our friend Jeff is a stoner.
His father lied.
You see, kids make excellent criminals.
They're sneaky.
Here's how it might've gone.
Jeff sits up here at night, in the dark, without his dad being any the wiser.
This is gunshot residue.
And it's possible Jeff was doing more than smoking out this window.
Wow, someone definitely used this tree for target practice.
Not all the bullet holes are fresh, either.
Calleigh, how many different weapons do you think have been used here? Well, I see nines, .
22s, there's even some rifle action.
I'll be able to tell you more when I get it back to the lab.
Okay, so weed, bullets- Let's go over to Jeff's high school locker and see what other surprises he has for us.
School property could take a day to get permission.
Red tape.
Cut through it as fast as you can.
And the same goes for this tree.
You're not going to roll him? Think our boy's been moved enough.
Dual lividity.
Body laid on its stomach, then was flipped over.
The paramedics must've flipped him.
No, he was on his stomach Long enough for blood to settle.
Couple of hours.
But before that, he was dead on his back another couple hours.
Something or someone moved him into secondary position.
Flip-flop usually means somebody can't decide to call 911 or skip town.
I'm going to need to swab under your fingernails.
How come? It's just part of the investigation.
Am I a suspect? A witness.
You're looking for Chuck's skin under my fingernails, aren't you? I try never to have expectations.
Never disappointed.
I might as well tell you, things got a little rough between Chuck and I sexually.
You saw me notice those scratches on your chest? He can get himself worked up.
I'm going to need to, uh, photograph those markings, as well.
This okay? Okay, um sorry.
It happens.
Hey, how's it look? Like a starry, starry night.
We've got rifle ammo, some buckshot.
Come on in, take a look for yourself.
No, I can't find another lead apron, and Alexx isn't around.
Well, then, by all means, stay out.
Calleigh, were you here at CSI when Horatio's brother was killed? Ray? Yeah, I was new.
Keeping my head down.
Why do you ask? No reason, I just, uh I didn't realize his brother worked Narco.
Undercover Narco cop gets killed in the line of duty, might have been dirty- something like that.
I didn't say that.
Nobody ever does.
Was he dirty? I don't know.
I don't know what Raymond Caine was.
I'm not entirely sure Horatio does, either.
this tree has more lead than wood.
You got nines there, .
44s, .
There were over 200 expended projectiles that we couldn't see.
So as the tree grew, the entrance holes grew over with living cells.
30 carbine, short rifle.
This was not target practice; this is training.
This is training.
Nice going.
You lied to me, Pete.
I didn't know about the bullets in the tree.
The neighbors asked about the noise while I was at work.
Jeff just said it was firecrackers.
Then how do you explain the weed I found in his room? I didn't know he was into that.
Let's ask your parole officer what he thinks.
Are you kidding me? All that ammo? Son's probably training to knock off a chain of markets just like his old man here.
What happened? He borrowed your piece, and now you're a little worried he may get nervous and drop it at a heist, huh? I don't have a piece.
You just got a hundred bullets in your backyard tree.
Plus, the weed.
Unless you wan t to make a case to the board that this contraband is your son's, you're going back inside, and you're going to serve out the rest of your sentence.
Which is it? The gun and the weed are mine.
So, he's all yours.
Let's go.
My kid is still out there.
We brought you some lunch, but somebody here ate your fries.
That's okay.
So listen, Raymond, I have to go get a file.
I'll be right back.
Okay? How you doing? Good.
She doesn't need a file.
She wants you to talk to me.
That's right.
She tells me that you've been getting into fights at school.
This kid in school Mm-hmm? said my dad was a bad cop.
Well, you know what? That is not true.
Your dad was a hero, but his job was to pretend he was a bad cop.
See the difference? He said I have my dad's name.
That's why I was bad.
Let me tell you something.
It's not important what people say about us.
It's only important what we know inside about ourselves.
Do you understand? Yeah.
All right.
So, no more fights at school, because it upsets your mother.
All right.
Good man.
Good man.
I found the owner of one of the guns that fired a bullet into the Wilton family tree.
Nick Gordon, age 45.
Six months ago, the gun was used to shoot out the scoreboard at Antioch High School.
That's where Wilton's kid goes.
So I called the principal, and found out that Ben Gordon, age 17, was responsible for shooting out the scoreboard.
However, they believe that another kid was with him, but because of the privacy laws, they can't say anything├ž But the principal did hesitate when I tried a name on for size.
Of course.
Jeff Wilton.
Our parolee's son.
Okay, let's get Ben Gordon and his father in here.
You got it.
Yeah? Yeah, it's Speed.
All right, I'll be out there in a minute.
Thanks for coming out.
You going somewhere? Actually, um there somewhere else we can talk? I have a photo shoot tomorrow in St.
You're a photographer? A model.
Bathing suits.
It's probably why I was so comfortable when you wanted to take pictures of me.
I realized later I might have been a little too casual.
So your boyfriend dies and you're able to go to work the next day? Chuck and I weren't married.
I wasn't in his will.
Yes, I need to make a living.
Alison, did you move the body? Is that what the autopsy said? When I woke up, and he didn't respond, yes, I rolled him over on his back and called 911.
Homicide has you calling 911 at 7:00 AM.
Paramedics show up at 7:08.
It takes hours for lividity to form.
Really? Really.
I did roll him over in the middle of the night.
His arm was plopped over my head and I couldn't sleep.
After I rolled him, I must have fallen right back to sleep.
So he was already dead in the middle of the night.
I suppose so.
I read inVanity Fairthat time of death could never be exact.
It's all estimates.
Within hours.
You can't go on your shoot.
Tim would you let me know what you find? I can't do that.
Look, when it's, uh, appropriate, okay? No, first class on that equipment's as bad as business.
Look into charters.
Look, I'm being pulled into something; call me later.
I thought you were supposed to bring your son in.
I did- he's out front, having a smoke.
I can't stop him; he's right out there.
Kid's been staring at dead bodies for ten minutes.
Naturals, traumas.
My first year MEs would have passed out by now.
Says he's here to see you.
Okay, thank you.
I'm Lieutenant Caine.
Hey, you ever kill anyone? Uh, in the line of duty.
You want to put that out, please? Thank you.
It's an entrance wound, right? It's small because the skin snaps back into place once the bullet passes through.
That's correct.
You like guns.
They're cool.
Jeff Wilton thinks guns are cool, too.
Was Jeff with you when you shot out the scoreboard? No, I did that alone.
You ever go shooting with Jeff? If I fired a gun, it wouldn't be at a stupid tree.
What would you shoot at? The kid who killed Jeff.
So you know Jeff is dead? Ben? If he was alive, he would have called me by now.
You know what? Why don't you and your dad go have lunch for a couple of hours and then come back, all right? Go ahead.
Heard you were looking for me.
Sleeping on the job? You a down man or a feather man? They aren't the same thing? Feathers are for flying; down's for insulating.
The more mature the down, the better air-trapping ability.
It's called "loft.
" That would explain the scratches on Alison.
Slow death.
He had air between those feathers.
Goose, to be exact.
That's one scenario.
What'd you get? Chuck Maxfield died one day shy of his wedding.
Alison never said anything about them getting married.
They weren't.
That might've been the problem.
Chuck was marrying a girl from Coconut Grove.
Reception was to have been tonight at the Delano.
Did you talk to the bride? Mother.
The girl was too broken up to talk, especially when she found out where the guy died.
They knew Alison? Never heard of her.
She was his little secret.
You know what we call th at over at Robbery Homicide.
Yep- motive.
H, I processed the sneaker from Jeff's locker.
Found soil in the tread.
And? Soil's humus high organic content, very low mineral content.
with one significant man-made material, an epoxy called Mastico.
"Mastico"? What's it used for? es.
Repairing headston Headstones? Jeff's friend Ben.
There's a recurring theme.
Mm, I'm thinking Redeemer Cemetery.
It's the oldest one in the county.
Yes, and within walking distance of the high school.
Looks like the last person buried here was 1968.
First was 1860.
Something wasn't buried here very recently.
Decomp? Yeah.
It's stronger from over here.
Here you go.
Here you go.
Now maggots will go to a wound.
We have an exit wound, head.
Sweet going in, and ugly going out.
Got another one here in the back.
This is an entry wound.
Looks like an ambush.
So much for me saying he was in the Keys.
You know what? Maybe hewas, because this body was moved.
You see, we got no blood spatter anywhere but we do have gravitational blood droplets on his clothes.
So he was moved.
Laid out like a Christmas package.
Well, I'll pay a visit to our parolee Pete Wilton, let him know we found his son.
I would hold off on that.
This is not his kid.
Boy's I.
says, "Mark Hubbard.
" Born in 1986.
Found his library card from Antioch High, and, yes, he was moved.
I'll find you for the post.
Particular attention to the fingernails, please.
If there's an epithelial, I'll dig it out.
Calleigh, check out what I found in here.
The real damage is over here.
Watch your step.
High-velocity spatter, It's consistent with a gunshot.
A shot in the back, right? Well, after his head's hit, he didn't go anywhere, so Trajectory suggests that he was bent over.
Mist is waist high.
And there's the projectile.
I'm going to take that with me.
Bat bag, crumpled.
Maybe that's why he was bent over, reaching for it.
Bat bag, scoreboard maybe there's a theme here.
Well, blood pool is here, so he was bleeding out.
There's a second hit on the wall over here.
Which means he managed to make his way over, and dropped to his knees.
And was shot a second time.
The suspect dragged him from here to the cemetery.
There was a third person here.
Yeah, there's a void in the blood.
Which also means that there was someone behind the victim.
Question is, the third guy was helping or hindering? I've got a cigarette that might help us.
Death mask.
What's a death mask? That's Chuck's saliva.
DNA confirmed it.
And? Did you press his face into the pillow, causing him to suffocate? Yes and no.
Alison You're so sure I'm guilty.
I could see it when you walked through the door.
You have an explanation? Yes I pressed his face into the pillow.
No I did not suffocate him.
He did, however orgasm.
Excuse me? My marathon-running boyfriend was a pillow biter.
Satisfied? He liked to give himself over to me.
I, uh, could be more explicit, but I get it.
We role-played around Then we drank some more wine.
We snuggled.
You okay? Yeah.
Um it's just that this job, it's weird uh, sometimes.
You know, you learn certain things about people.
You're interrogating our witness without me? No, I was just running a few questions by her.
You interview her again, I better be there.
It's protocol.
You will be there.
You got that? Lieutenant? Yeah? Results on those cigarette butts.
Three separate donors.
One matched the sample you gave me from Ben Gordon.
Thank you.
All right.
There were weapons in this bag.
You don't use a bat bag just to carry handguns.
No, you don't.
Your son is in a great deal of trouble.
He told me he was hanging out with Jeff Wilton.
He admitted they were shooting guns at Jeff's house, at the school.
Did he tell you that he was at the cemetery the morning that Mark Hubbard was killed? He told me they go there in the mornings, before school, for horseplay.
I have a blood pattern, my friend, that says there were two people at the cemetery when Mark was shot to death.
So, are you the shooter, or was Jeff? I'm not saying anything about Jeff.
Where are the guns? What guns? They carried their rifles in a bag and foolishly left it behind.
Right? Hey.
I can wait.
We found this on the handle of the bat bag.
It's the same as the T-shirt from Jeff's house.
Okay, thank you.
Hm, "the Four-Twenty Boyz.
" You, Jeff, and Mark, part of the Four-Twenty Boyz, Ben? Is that what time you guys used to get high every day? No.
No? It's not a time; it's a date.
April 20 is what? Hitler's birthday, all around the world, the whole week.
So we have Waco, the Federal Building, Columbine, and now Antioch.
So you guys were planning an action, weren't you? No.
Me and Mark backed out.
Is that why Jeff shot Mark? I said I'm not going through with this.
No take-backs.
Forget it, Jeff.
We're getting rid of the guns.
We're going to break these down, bury them somewhere.
I'm warning you.
Jeff told me if I said anything You talk, you die.
Where is Jeff right now? At the mausoleum.
He's not at the mausoleum.
Where is he? Why don't you tell me what time you were due out of school? But there's an assembly today after class.
At 4:20.
He's going to start shooting.
Lieutenant Cai Bill Roland, I'm the principal.
Okay, Bill, SWAT team is on the way.
Any sign of Jeff Wilton? None.
He could have slipped into the assembly with the other students.
Okay, I'm going to need everybody out of the building right now.
I don't want to create a panic.
Something just did, Bill.
Everybody out.
Everybody out, Bill! I need everybody to leave the building right now! Right now! Hey, Jeff.
Let's put the weapon down and not make it any worse, okay? You have no idea what I've done.
That's not true, Jeff.
I know about the cemetery.
And I know about Mark.
Jeff, you can put a stop to this right now if you want to.
You're right.
I can stop.
I want you to think about your dad.
My dad didn't care about me.
That's not true.
That is not true, Jeff.
He's back in jail for you.
No, no.
He took the gun rap.
Two more years inside for you.
He really went back in? He did, Jeff.
Listen to me now- he came to me, and he asked me to find you.
That's the truth, Jeff.
Tell him I said thanks.
Jeff! Jeff, don't move.
Do not move.
I could have killed you.
Yeah, but you didn't.
We're clear.
You're lucky no one died here, kid.
Tox is in.
You interested? Ethanol.
Boyfriend was three times the legal limit.
My guess is vodka.
No smell.
Would that amount, um, impede his sexual performance? Oh, honey, that amount of alcohol would impede an elephant's sexual performance.
Catch her in a lie? I have to take a look at the evidence.
The guy was passed out on his back.
You took a pillow you put it over his mouth you pressed down as hard as you could, with these little hands and this little charm.
Probably for about five or six minutes.
Would have taken less time with an inferior fill, but only the best for you, right? I was glad when you called.
It's crazy, huh? I mean, I knew but still, I was glad.
You've been playing me since day one.
If you believed that your partner would be here right now.
I didn't think you heard us.
People get smothered by pillows accidentally.
Yeah, but Chuck wasn't one of them.
You should have let the guy get married.
He was watching from behind the mirror.
Just like the last time.
I don't conduct interviews without my detective, ever.
It's time to stand up, Alison.
You're under arrest for the murder of Charles Maxfield.
Can't believe you did this to me.
Yes, you can.
It's a sorry state.
I'm just grateful to Lieutenant Caine that only one person was killed.
I'm sorry I let you down, Dad.
No, I let you down.
But you killed someone, and you're going to have to pay for that the rest of your life.
I want you to think about that hard.
Every day they keep you inside.
'Cause when you do get out, you're only going to get one more chance.
And we're not going to see each other for a long, long time.
What's going to happen now? That is up to you.
You think he heard me? I'll let you know.