CSI: Miami s01e21 Episode Script

Spring Break

# N*E*R*D: Brain South Beach, are you ready to party? It's gonna be off the hook.
Spring Break is here.
# You'll say yes to me # I love how you think # You think oh so deep # And share your thoughts with me # I buzz then fall asleep # Do you really even love me? # If you do there is no pain # Do I really even love you? # Or do I really love your # Brain? # *NSYNC: Bee Gees Medley # You can tell by the way I use my walk # By the way I talk, by the way I walk # By the way I'm all OK, now, babe All right, ladies.
This This is for Babes On Break.
Let's show America what you got.
All right? Ready? One two three! Oh, my God! I got a T-shirt.
Where's the car? Dude, where are we? Hey! You better get up.
Tide's coming in.
Hey, wake up.
Hey, wake Oh, jeez! Let's get out of here.
I hate to state the obvious, but her neck's been broken.
Sunburn says she's a tourist.
- You know what that means.
- Mm-hm.
Come down here looking to blow off steam and they think the rules don't apply.
Welcome to Spring Break.
How did this happen, sugar? All you wanted was a week of fun and sun, good times, hanging out with your friends.
Should have been the time of her life, Alexx, instead of the end of it.
# THE WHO: Won't Get Fooled Again # We don't get fooled again # Don't get fooled again # No, no! Help me with this body bag, will you? The guys who found her slept out here last night 20 feet away.
They didn't see or hear anything.
Drunken passed-out kids, I guess that's possible.
Hang on a second, guys.
Hang on.
I want a new one, and let's put her in the VIP room, please.
HORATIO: All right? - New body bag.
- Copy that.
Maybe she was dumped.
No drag marks means she was killed right here.
This time of year the nuts roll downhill to South Florida.
- Big party.
- How do you figure? It's motor oil.
Only snowbirds would park out here.
They're lucky the tide didn't take their vehicle.
Let's set a grid ten yards in both directions, see what we get.
You got it.
All right.
# Hey, y'all, hey, y'all # Hey, y'all hoes # Me take her to the hotel till I take off she clothes # Hey, y'all, hey, y'all, hey, y'all hoo! Hey, blondie, you're hot.
Flash me.
Why don't you show me something? Come on.
Flash me.
Flash me.
You know you want to.
Is this hot enough or you wanna see my permit? Hey.
I didn't mean anything.
BERNSTEIN: Hotel manager called it in.
Says there were 100 kids out here last night and no-one saw anything.
Was our vic staying here? It's hard to say.
They pack these kids eight, ten to a room.
I gotta go finish up with the manager.
He hasn't been down there long.
Usually takes a while for the body to float.
Body gases have to have time to build up.
It looks like somebody's getting wet.
Music to my ears.
Excuse me? Ma'am? Yeah? - Can we talk to you? - If you promise not to call me ma'am.
Your friend is totally hot.
Do you know if he has a girlfriend? - Um, not currently.
- Well how old is he? - Cute girls.
- Yeah, they thought you were cute, too.
Oh, yeah? What did they say? They were wondering if you had a younger brother.
No, I don't think he drowned.
There's no foam around his nostrils or his mouth.
Means there's no water in his lungs.
His feet are scratched, his arms are bruised.
It looks like he's been beaten.
He might have been wasted.
Check out the tag on his trunks.
They're on backwards.
Something's not right.
We should get him to autopsy.
You find something? Mm-hm.
She's still a little girl, isn't she? Take a look at this, Horatio.
- We've got a biter.
- At least six sets of marks.
Most dramatic type.
- Bites like this don't just happen.
- So he's a predator.
Let's see if he had a history.
I'll swab for saliva and semen.
See if there's anything for CODIS.
And I will call the odontologist.
Hey! Buddy! Hey! Do you wanna get this moving? Hey.
Ted Zink, Matraca Tequila.
You're You're in my party area.
- What? - We're hosting a big event for the Greeks.
Part of our Spring Break marketing package.
Lauderdale, Daytona, Miami Beach.
Yeah, we take the party wherever the kids are.
- Hook 'em young, they're yours for life.
- Can you read the yellow tape? - Crime Scene.
- Hey, I got a permit to be here.
Oh, you got a permit.
That's right.
From Parks & Rec.
Well, I'm gonna let you tell that to the family of the girl that got murdered here last night.
Hold on.
I I'll let you tell them we can't process this crime scene because you have a permit for a party.
Then I'm gonna arrest your cheap tequila-pushing ass and have you spend the night in lockup with the drunk and disorderlies, and you can smell the vomit of the fraternity boys.
You know what? Maybe I Maybe I should just wait until you're finished.
That's a capital idea, Ted.
WOMAN: DNA says the guy matches our suspect that night at the scene.
HORATIO: Hm, three months ago.
Similar murders.
- It's Alexx.
- Hey, how bad is it? Bad.
- Couldn't recover any semen? - Oh, I recovered it.
Sent it on to CODIS.
The findings are post mortem.
Vaginal tears at five, six and seven.
No resistance or compliance by our victim.
- Was she unconscious? - I was hoping for that, too.
So I swabbed her wounds.
No blood was circulating at the time of penetration.
She was already dead.
All right, Alexx.
Thank you.
Rachel Moon.
SPEEDLE: Well, that's her picture.
The birth date says 1979.
There's no way she's 24 years old.
Well, if it's a fake, it's a good one.
There's no glue lines, no bumps.
Lamination thickness is dead on.
What happened to just stealing your older sister's ID? These days you don't have to.
Any college kid with a colour printer and a high-res scanner can rip these things out.
This is quality work.
State seal, ultraviolet ink.
Security layer.
Man, this guy's good.
Got him.
He missed the third layer of the laminate.
We traced the licence back to a Rachel Moon in Michigan State.
We faxed her a picture of our victim.
She ID'd her.
Some girl in her dorm, Tiffany Heitzenrader.
- How old is Tiffany? - Just turned 19.
She's a homecoming queen, varsity soccer, dean's list All-American girl.
Her sister's flying in.
Her parents are too broken up.
Let me know when she gets here.
CODIS got a hit on the semen from our beach victim.
- You got a donor? - Carson Mackie, 28, owns a video company.
New Jersey address.
Convicted of statutory rape in '93.
He was 19, she was 17.
- State police make contact? - No.
He's on a business trip.
- Do you wanna guess where? - A hotel on Collins.
The Silver Palm, steps away from the ocean.
- Let's go talk to Mr Mackie.
- Let's do.
All right, now, ladies.
Come on, Spring Break comes but once a year.
What are you gonna show me? Will you see our faces? If you take off your tops, people won't be looking at your face.
- Come on.
Come on, show me something.
- I don't know.
Carson Mackie? If you want privacy, we can go in the cabana.
MDPD, we need a few words with you.
Yeah, I'll be with you in a minute.
- Hey-hey-hey.
Guys, guys.
Keep going.
- Hey-hey-hey, Carson, that's a wrap.
So what is this about? So you, er You bird-dog girls for Babes On Break? Is that how it works? I own the company.
I invite girls to be on camera.
My crew shoots it.
May I? - Well, hell, you're a regular corporate giant.
- Yes, sir.
He's a CEO.
Do you recognise this young lady - Tiffany Heitzenrader? - No.
- Pretty girl.
Figured you might remember.
Girls like her are a dime a dozen in my world.
Here's how this one is different.
Somebody recently broke her neck and now she's dead.
It's too bad.
You seem concerned.
Here's the other difference.
We found your semen inside of her.
Medical examiner says physical evidence was post mortem.
You know what means, Fellini? - No, I - It means, you had sex with a dead girl.
After you snapped her neck.
I didn't I didn't snap her neck.
I thought she was drunk.
It's Spring Break, right? I'm not the first guy to find a girl passed out on the beach.
So you want me to believe that you're capable of having sex with a dead young girl.
That's how it happened, man.
It makes one wonder what else you're capable of.
Detective? Just got a hit on AFIS.
Pool Boy is Trey Hanson, - Why was he in the system? - Prior for possession, under an ounce.
- You were right.
Mr Hanson didn't drown.
- What killed him? Subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Had an aneurysm? Weak spot in the artery swells up like a balloon.
Any kind of pressure inside the head - a bump, a sudden jerk, a sneeze - and the balloon goes Don't know if it was born, formed, or caused by trauma.
Likely he didn't even know he had it.
- What about the scratching and the bruising? - Most of it's old.
Days and weeks.
If he was getting beaten up, it was regularly.
Except for this one.
It's perimortem.
Can't tell if it was before or after death but it may have caused the aneurysm to burst.
- Poor guy probably didn't know what hit him.
- Maybe someone else did.
- This the one? - Yeah.
The front desk told Bernstein Trey Hanson was registered in Room 206.
Him and some friends, right? - I got it.
What took you so long? Your ad said a half hour.
Officer Delko and Duquesne, Miami-Dade Crime Lab.
Mind if we come in? Yeah, sure.
Yeah, come on in.
Sorry about that.
- Thought you were the pizza guy.
- No worries.
Just came here to ask you some questions, about your roommate.
- Who, Trey? Er, he's not here, man.
- It's a mighty tidy room.
You know where he is? No.
No, I haven't seen him since last night.
You guys? You can't get a booster mid-game.
- Can, too.
- Cannot.
Can, too.
Ah, you get two for flinching.
Oh, yeah? I like it, thankyou.
You know, I think Trey might have hooked up with that blonde girl from IU.
- I saw 'em dancing by the pool.
- You know what time? I don't know.
Last night was pretty much a blur.
Maybe y'all's clothes from last night can help clear that up.
- What? - Look.
Your friend is dead.
What we need are the clothes you had on the last time you were with him.
Let's go.
The bruises on your arms look an awful lot like Trey's.
Did your flinch game get out of hand? Is that how he ended up at the bottom of the pool? Delko.
How high? - OK.
- Was that Tox? Trey Hanson's THC levels were 200 nanograms per mil.
Whoa, that is out of control.
Did you guys smoke marijuana with Trey last night? Nah.
- No.
- Nope.
Then you won't mind if we search the room for narcotics.
Take a walk, boys.
Go stand outside with the officer.
What's taking you so long? Why, you going somewhere? Lake Havasu next week, South Padre week after that.
I got a business to run.
My videos are gonna be a national brand before I'm 30.
With all that travel, when was the last time you saw the dentist? Let's start with the occlusal surfaces.
What are you talking about? This is your chance.
Open wide.
They told us her neck was broken on the phone.
I'm sorry about your sister.
I don't understand how that could happen.
Tiffany rides horses.
She mucks stalls.
I've seen her get thrown and pop right back up again.
She's such a strong girl.
She was so excited for this trip.
She worked all Christmas just to pay for it.
Who would do this to her? Well we're working on that.
But here's what I want you to do.
This is my cellphone number.
If you need to talk, you call me day or night.
- All right? - Thank you.
Hang in there.
- Lieutenant? - Yeah? When can I take Tiffy home? We can't release her to you until we're finished.
But as soon as we can I'll let you know, all right? Are you sure about this? There aren't enough concordant points to match Carson Mackie's teeth to your victim's bites.
What about these premolars? Some similarity in the interproximal surfaces, but that could be any one of a million guys.
OK, Jon, this guy stinks.
That may be, Horatio, but the courts only care how the evidence smells.
Thank you.
- I told you I didn't kill that girl.
- Mm-hm.
Now, where do I go to sign out? Got a business to get back to.
Your business just got a whole lot harder to run.
So sit down.
What? Abuse of a dead body is a second-degree felony.
You're about to inherit a jacket for necrophilia.
Not only that, we're gonna let every law enforcement agency in Florida know about it.
So every town you roll into, every time you set up shop, the law's gonna be looking over your shoulder, chasing away the babes.
So why don't you put that in your video? Hey, you ought to check this out.
Tyler's been working on a new database.
- OK.
- I'm still beta-testing but it's pretty accurate.
We ran with what you started, scanned every sexual assault/murder in Florida in the last three years.
Then we cross-referenced.
Kept only ones that occurred on the beach.
Then we eliminated every one but the biters and the broken necks.
Left us with three cases.
Daytona, Panama City, Key West, and now Miami.
All Spring Break destinations where the girls are most vulnerable.
- This guy is calculating.
- Yes.
And he has plenty of opportunity because we've got two weeks left to go.
- Hang on a second.
That was Beach Patrol.
We have another victim.
- They notify ME? - That would be premature.
This one's still alive.
# Funky beat - Is this her over here? - Yeah.
Her name's Amy? Amy? I'm Horatio Caine, I'm with the Crime Lab.
- You doing all right? - No.
What happened? I was with all my friends at this tequila party up by the hotel.
And I guess I did too many shots cos I felt like I was gonna heave.
So I walked on the beach and I must have passed out.
What happened after that? I thought I was dreaming of sharks.
I opened my eyes and this guy is is biting me.
So I yelled my damn head off, and I kicked him as hard as I could and I must have connected because he ran away.
- You get a look at him? - No, it was totally dark out there.
Plus I was pretty drunk.
Are those from him? Does this go on some kind of record or something? No.
None that your parents will ever see.
Those are from body shots.
Did you know these guys? The whole idea of Spring Break is to meet new people.
Do you think one of those guys is my attacker? I don't know.
Do you have any other bite marks? He was so freaky.
Amy, listen to me.
I know this is difficult.
But you see, teeth marks are like a fingerprint and it could really help me go after this guy.
You understand? OK.
You can cover those.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
I know.
I know.
You're safe now, Amy.
You're safe now.
You're safe.
Four on the bong? DNA'll be able to answer that.
And maybe Trace can tell us what these white flecks are.
I'll call Bernstein and tell him to let the boys back in.
PARTYGOER: Whoo-hoo! Matraca Tequila! Right here.
Five bucks all you can swallow.
Matraca - the only tequila.
- How's Amy? - She's shaken up.
Shaken up.
A SART nurse just took her to the ER.
Did you get anything off her bites? No.
You know how that is.
You know how bruises are.
Blood rushes to the bites, diffuses them, you can't get a match.
We're back to square one.
Well, maybe not.
Check this out.
It's a memory stick.
Plugs into one of those digital camcorders.
You see all these yahoos shooting video all day.
Our attacker could be on that, couldn't he? Let's take a look at it.
Nice going.
Hey, DNA just paged me.
Found all four guys on the mouthpiece of that bong.
Mm, I'm not surprised.
It seemed like they were lying.
What about the white specks? High phlegm content and traces of HCL.
Stomach acid.
Who threw up? - Well, the vomit matches our dead body - Trey.
- Probably a symptom of his aneury sm.
- Mm, or the aneurysm is the result of a trauma.
- You up for a dog and pony show? Absolutely.
OK, this is what we know.
Y'all were smoking out of the bong, your friend Trey got stoned, vomited and died.
So the question is, did somebody force him to smoke? Hey, we didn't force him to do anything.
How do you explain the THC levels? - Bong Olympics.
- Say again? It's a game.
Like you see how much weed you can smoke? No, not how much.
How long.
All right, first one to exhale buys a round tonight.
You're up, man.
Come on, champ.
Come on.
- Come on.
Don't let it out.
Don't let it out.
- Hold it in.
Trey got sick so we went swimming to clear his head.
- Make him feel better.
- So you went with him to the pool.
Actually, we we took a short cut.
OK, so the four of you left the hotel room, you walked upstairs to the roof and jumped off the roof.
Hundreds of people saw us, just ask anyone.
Well, that's convenient.
OK, sit tight.
The memory stick you guys found was pretty dinged up.
I had to run a few recovery utilities just to get this.
GIRL: Come on, Amy, go for it! There's Amy, the girl that was attacked last night.
This looks like something Carson Mackie shot.
Or one of his cameramen.
GIRL: My God! I didn't do anything.
- Totally showing her thong.
- Shut up! You are so dead.
Wait a second.
What was that? Shut up! You are so dead.
Just a flicker between takes.
- Can we slow that down? - Yeah.
That's Tiffany.
Can we see more of her? Should be a residual charge on the capacitor.
We could get lucky.
I'm not gonna show you that, OK? I'm a good girl.
SPEEDLE: This was recorded last week.
CARSON: Show us how good you are.
- That's Carson's voice.
He's bird-dogging somebody else without realising it.
Look at her eye line.
CARSON: You said you'd do it.
I'm holding you to it.
All right.
But I'm only doing this for a free shirt.
- She never looks at the camera.
- No.
This is not Carson's crew.
It's our killer.
CARSON: Here you go.
Here's your shirt.
CARSON: Say goodbye.
And we're looking right through his eyes.
I'm sorry, Mom and Dad.
So they said the four of them walked across the roof, which got me thinking.
Motel roofs are tar and gravel.
He's got the scratches to prove it.
On the tops of his feet.
There is only one way that happened.
He was dragged.
Up the stairs and onto the roof.
Trunks were on backwards and not because he was stoned.
It was a redress.
He died in his room.
He died in their room.
ERIC: These are your friend's autopsy pictures.
You guys crazy? Showing us this? We figured if you weren't going to tell us the truth, we'd bring in someone who would.
Is this some kind of sick joke? No.
Not at all.
Trey's body tells us that he was dead before he hit the water.
So we're thinking, maybe your motel room.
Eventually he's going to tell us the truth, unless one of you wants to tell us first.
- He just collapsed.
We didn't know it.
- Shut up, Matt.
They figured it out! He was on my team.
We were down two minutes.
I didn't wanna lose.
What do you mean, your team? It's another competition.
He couldn't hold his stuff.
So I I helped him.
Don't let go! You can do it! You can do it! CALLEIGH: Holding his breath caused the aneury sm.
- Oh, my God.
He's dead.
- Don't freak out.
- Don't freak out.
- What do we do, man? I got a plan.
All right, guys? I got a plan.
Drag him over.
Y'all ready? Let's go.
MATT: No-one noticed Trey didn't come back up.
So you passed him off for alive when he was already dead.
Matt, why didn't you call 911? I didn't wanna get in trouble.
- What's gonna happen to Matt? - The same thing as to the two of you.
- What? - We didn't do anything.
You're both accomplices to a homicide.
Involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide.
That's for the State's Attorney to decide.
The sad thing is that you could've called 911 if you wouldn't have been so stoned.
You might have saved your friend's life, instead of making a wreck of your own.
CARSON: Here's your shirt.
Say goodbye.
I'm sorry, Mom and Dad.
I'm sorry, Mom and Dad.
- Lieutenant? - Mm-hm? Come here a second.
Tell me if this guy just cleaned his lens.
Or he's giving us the finger.
You know what they say.
You point a finger, there's three pointing back.
Let's run this through video enhancement and bring up the ridge detail.
OK? Bet you there were 1,000 other guys out there with cameras.
That may be true.
But you're the only one with parking tickets in the same location and day as our victims, - Mr Miller.
- Coincidence.
Coincidence, maybe, but it is gonna be hard for you to explain away your teeth marks in Tiffany Heitzenrader.
- Never met her.
- You just keep telling yourself that, my friend.
- Hey, heard you're looking for me.
- Yeah.
These bite marks we got from Tiffany.
They don't match our suspect, Kip Miller.
Can we get better definition, maybe excise the wound track? Markings on dead flesh degrade.
You know that.
They're probably in worse shape now than they were at her autopsy.
Dead flesh, but what about living, Alexx? What about living? Anything I can do to help.
I swear I already told you everything I remember, OK? - Amy - You said my bite marks couldn't help.
- What's changed all of a sudden? - It's not all of a sudden.
Blood from the bruising is absorbed back into the skin over time, giving us a greater definition of the bite mark.
Teeth are like fingerprints.
I know.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I just wanna go back home and pretend none of this ever happened to me.
And that's understandable.
You think I'm awful.
No, I don't.
I think you're a human being, and that's OK.
You don't look like it's OK.
Here's the problem.
Only you stand between this guy and his next victim, and you're leaving.
Do you see why that's a problem? Why did you have to be so nice to me out on the beach last night? OK.
Take those bags out of there, please.
Ready? All right.
- Inconclusive? - Afraid so.
You got more points of concordants, - but it's Carson Mackie all over again.
- Hold on, wait a second.
This is dissonance.
Does he wear crowns? Doesn't present that way.
Temps would have come off when we took impressions.
Unless he's been doing a little in-home dentistry.
Let's find out.
Thank you.
Stand up, Kip.
Stand up.
You're gonna have to let me go, aren't you? Not yet.
Smile for me.
What? Smile.
Ah, you have an overbite.
Do you wear crowns? No.
No? See, I think you do.
I think that you wear temporary crowns on your upper right cuspid and bicuspid.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- No? Do you take them out before each attack? Did you put them back with dental cement when the police got onto you? OK.
Smile for me again.
Let me give you a little help.
Now it matches.
You're under arrest for the sexual assault of Amy Gorman.
Get him out of here.
Get up.
Get up.
Take care.
Good crowns.
Precision attachments.
Explains why we didn't see them.
I wish we could get him on those other murders.
- The important thing is that he's behind bars.
- Fools like him, he's gonna be giving it away.
He's gonna forget about us, forensics, and the most important thing about Miami.
- Which is? - We never close.
# FABOLOUS: Can't Let You Go # Baby girl # You know my situation # And sometimes I know you get impatient # But you don't put on a show to get ovations # Take it to court and go to litigations # And I respect ya gangsta treat you like a princess # And put something on your neck to thank ya # She's my pinch hitta # When the startin' line-up ain't playin' right # I come off the bench wit her # It might sound like I'm gassin' ya # But it takes time to get from the back seat to the passenger # We been creepin' and sneakin' # Just to keep it from leakin' # We so deep in our freakin' that we don't sleep on a weekend # Wife is a little bit uptight # Wonderin' why I keep comin' home in the middle of the night # It'll be all right # If ya'll bump heads it'll be a fight # But I said it'll be all right # I really want to be wit you # Be wit you # But I gotta be real wit you # Real wit you # I can't leave you alone # Lone # And I know I'm livin' wrong # But I can't let you go # You're the one I want in my life # Want in my life # I already got a wife # Got a wife # Can't leave you alone # Lone # And I know I'm livin' wrong # But I can't let you go # I really want to be wit you # Be wit you # But I gotta be real wit you # Real wit you # I can't leave you alone # Lone # And I know I'm livin' wrong # But I can't let you go # You're the one I want in my life # Want in my life # I already got a wife # Got a wife # I can't leave you alone # Lone # And I know I'm livin' wrong # But I can't let you go