CSI: Miami s01e23 Episode Script

Freaks and Tweaks

- Like the drive? - Scenic.
- The guy Iives in a barn? - Yeah.
What have you got, gentlemen? Our victim is a white maIe, he's 25 and he's bound with duct tape.
- Have you been in yet? - Nope.
Waiting on you guys.
AII right, gentIemen.
Let's do it.
ERIC: Let's go.
HORATIO: We've got yellow powder on the table.
Bathtub methamphetamine.
HORATIO: Cocaine high.
No off button.
I've seen peopIe stay up for 1 5 days on it.
Look at this pIace.
DisassembIed radios.
TVs taken apart.
Tweakers just tweak stuff tiII they drop, don't they? He didn't drop.
Somebody beat the crap out of him.
The resuIt of an argument? - Once a meth-head starts something - No off button.
Just take it easy.
Something is not right here.
Tweakers love their porn.
Let's see how kinky our guy was.
Eric Run.
Everybody, run! Get out! Everybody, out! # THE WHO: Won't Get FooIed Again # We don't get fooIed again # Don't get fooIed again # No, no! COP: Move it up.
This way.
Come on.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Thanks, H.
This is under the heading of 'no crime scene is ever safe'.
Lesson Iearned.
The probIem is that our murder scene has been compromised in a big way.
- The bomb squad's done sweeping.
You're up.
- OK.
Just you and me? You sound disappointed.
- - Joe FamiIy Man.
Makes a miIk run to the convenience store and gets popped.
No wallet.
l figured robbery .
CALLEIGH: Shot in the heart.
lt's personal, don't you think? I do.
So I had PatroI canvass for the waIIet.
They found it over there in the trash.
Cash, credit cards.
I've got two rounds here and, you know, maybe I can get a fingerprint off of this one.
No way.
Heat from the primer burns the prints off.
Except this one isn't spent, so it didn't go through the barreI.
The primer maIfunctioned, due to the humidity, so when the firing pin hit it, nothing - it was a dud.
HopefuIIy Ieaving behind a set of fingerprints.
I stand corrected.
That's what I Iike about you, Hagen.
Oh, my God.
CaIIeigh? His name is Dennis Harmon.
You know him? I know someone who does.
ALEXX: Yes, l remember my Christmas party .
I toId you no gifts.
You brought one for each of my kids.
Why? The coupIe there, the Harmons, a Dennis and JuIie? Yeah.
Two of my oIdest friends.
What about 'em? No.
Dennis You're stiII young.
Oh, Dennis.
You know, AIexx, you couId reassign this to another ME.
I taIked to Jones and he said he'd be wiIIing to take it.
I'm aII right.
His pupiIs are diIated, the opposite of what they'd normaIIy do at death.
I'II get bIood to Tox.
Has Homicide notified JuIie yet? I shouId be there when they taIk to her.
Yes, Hagen is doing it.
He's doing it.
There's something eIse that I think you oughta know.
This kiIIing has the marks of an acquaintance murder.
There was a faked robbery and a bullet to the heart.
That sort of a thing.
Oh, it's got to be a random.
Dennis wouIdn't get caught up in something Iike Listen to me.
Like every victim's friend who comes down here, thinking I know somebody and what they'd be caught up in.
The truth is .
nobody reaIIy knows anyone.
It's aII cIear.
Lots of bIast damage.
This was no IittIe pipe bomb.
ProbabIy dynamite.
Yeah, enhanced by gasoIine, set on a time deIay.
Lucky for you.
We're taIking at Ieast 1 6,000 feet per second.
Really? It feIt Iike 1 5.
Thank you.
AII right.
I don't get it.
If you're trying to destroy evidence, why not put the device right next to the body? He wasn't try ing to cover a murder.
He rigged the bomb for kicks and destroyed evidence as a bonus.
- Another piece of guitar.
- It bIew that thing apart, huh? I've been picking up pieces of this aII over the room.
A guitar string.
Check this out.
Some sort of materiaI has adhered to the surface.
- That's a capacitor.
- An energy storage unit.
And the first component of our bomb.
Judging by the oxidation, we're near the seat of detonation.
- Part of the signature? HORATIO: Mm-hm.
If we ID the signature, we can ID the suspect.
HORATIO: So, how's our tweaker? What is it with white boys and duct tape? The tape's hardIy damaged.
They say that roaches and duct tape wiII survive the end of the worId.
WeII, at Ieast something's in our favour.
The kiIIer's prints might be on this.
- So, is that the last of it? - Yeah.
Don't get confused.
I marked my cuts with bIack ink.
I got it.
I'II be in Trace.
I'm gonna need a ten-card on this guy ASAP, aII right? More Iike a one-card.
The hands are singed.
AII right.
I'II take what I can get.
I'm finding a Iot of this materiaI inside your victim's head wound.
This is the biggest piece so far.
That Iooks Iike wood.
Is it from the bIast? No.
The haemorrhagic tissue indicates he was aIive when the wood fragmented on impact.
BIunt-force trauma.
- So, we're taIking a possibIe murder weapon? - Murder was redundant.
He onIy had a year or so, by the Iooks of his Iiver.
Let's find out who stoIe the Iast 1 2 months of his Iife, aII right? HORATIO: Maple.
How much of the pre-expIosion crime scene do you remember? About three pages worth.
I'II put it in my FI report.
You remember a pooI tabIe? No, I wouIdn't have missed that.
I think our murder weapon is a pooI cue.
Take a Iook at that.
That's at 400 times.
PooI cues are made from pressed wood, - What's the shiny stuff? - The shiny stuff is sugar.
Standard Canadian mapIe.
So, we got two tweakers, up for days getting cranked.
They start scratching at each other.
Our victim gets subdued somehow, bound with duct tape and beaten to death with a pooI cue.
Hey, guys.
The titIe to the crime scene is heId by Judith Lindeman.
- Rents to our victim, Darwin Capshaw.
- Darwin? That's ironic.
- He's in the system.
A smaII-time drug deaIer.
- Which means he has enemies.
I Iooked at his friends.
The Iast time he was arrested, the report Iisted a crime partner, Tommy Lee Harkins.
Tommy Lee Harkins? Let's bring him in.
You seem very agitated to me.
Very agitated.
Is that the meth? I wasn't No, I'm not agitated, no.
Are the shadow peopIe chasing you, Tommy? ls that the meth playing with your head? Look at those eyes, Frank.
Take a Iook at those eyes.
Tommy, did you and Darwin have an argument that escaIated? No.
What's that on your shirt? lt's it's it's it's nothing, man.
Ah! - I had a burger on the way here.
- No, you didn't.
You're cranked.
Your body wouIdn't accept food, so you did not have a burger.
Don't Iie to me.
lt looks like blood.
And if it's bIood, Tommy, that means you were within feet of Darwin during the beating.
lt also tells me you participated.
I was there.
l didn't do nothing.
It was Chaz.
When he was beating on Darwin, I baiIed.
Who is Chaz? Um He pIays the banjo.
All night.
All day.
Crazy-ass, weird songs Why was he beating on Darwin? Uh Darwin toId Chaz that his music sucked.
Your music sucks, man.
Nothing worse than what you pIay.
So Chaz He knocked him on his ass.
He wasIaughing .
when I taped him up and then he beat on him some more.
With a pooI cue.
How'd you know that? I'm magic.
Did he kiII the girI? What girI? Just a girI that Chaz brought around.
You know what, Frank? Let's put out a broadcast.
Maybe the girI is stiII aIive.
Did your husband have any enemies? - Enemies? - Business? PersonaI? He's a dentist.
I'm a doctor.
TheonIy peopIe we know are peopIe at the cIub or at the kids' schooI.
Was there a chance, perhaps, that he was seeing someone outside of the marriage? Our marriage, our famiIy, is our Iife.
There's no-one.
Are you OK? I can't beIieve it, I just can't.
I know, baby.
I know.
I don't think I can teII the kids.
They're gonna remember who toId them for the rest of their Iives.
I don't think I'm strong enough.
I'II go with you.
- I can't ask you to do that.
- Yes, you can.
We'II get through this.
We'II get through this, honey.
Get any prints off the tape from Darwin? No.
Yeah, duct tape is pretty standard.
PoIyethyIene resin on one side, adhesive on the other.
Nothing unique enough to Iead us to this guy.
Yeah, by itseIf, duct tape is virtuaIIy untraceabIe, but Iook at this section from the ankIes and this section from the wrists.
ERIC: Lock and key.
Now, this mouth section is a physical match to the wrists.
Torn consecutiveIy from the same roII of tape.
Find that tape, we can match it to one of these ends.
- Hey, he's got something in his pocket.
- More tape? - Looks Iike paper.
- Can you read it? No, the char damage is pretty bad.
I'II be in QD.
Here it is.
Think you can do something with it? Damn.
- Hey, carefuI, man.
- It's fragiIe.
It's the onIy Iink we have to tweak kiIIer, so if you're gonna make it worse, just Maybe Forget it.
I got a way to do it.
AII right.
Here we go.
AII right.
This ParyIene wiII adhere to the paper.
It hardens it.
It makes it stabIe enough for anaIysis.
AII right.
- It Iooks the same.
- Looksare misIeading.
Why infrared? Charred ink absorbs Iight at a different waveIength than charred paper.
It Iets us see it.
There you go.
- A name and a phone number.
- Yeah, but it's a ceIIphone number.
Meth-heads don't use Iand Iines.
ShouIdn't sneak up on peopIe.
WeII, Chaz isn't 'peopIe', so Iet's break out the gIobaI positioner and sneak up on him.
# Here we go SPEEDLE: That's a lot of extension cords.
FRANK: Not people who pay their electric bill.
SWAT LEADER: SWATteam, move into final position.
Get out there! Let's go! Go on! Go get 'em! I can't see my hands.
PoIice Department! On the ground! Now! Move! Get out! HORATIO: Would everyb body please stand up? We are Iooking for somebody named Chaz.
Chaz beat a Darwin Capshaw to death.
Had a young woman he was gonna do next.
Anybody seen her, know of her whereabouts? Ladies and gentIemen, if this Iady dies and you have knowIedge of her, you are an accompIice.
Am I understood? OK.
Here's what I want you to do.
Everybody take their Ieft hand and stick it out, pIease.
Left hand.
Your other Ieft hand, scruffy.
Very good.
Thank you.
Oh, boy.
Thank you.
Very interesting calluses.
So, you're a guitar pIayer Chaz? Where's the girI? I know aII about you, Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
Bomb Squad.
I run you in on something? I actuaIIy know your brother, Officer Raymond Caine.
WeII, I I knew your brother.
A big meth-head.
God, he Ioved his crank, didn't he? But you probably know that, don't you? Considering you had to do the mop-up on him after he checked out.
Chaz If you don't teII me where this girI is, I'm gonna tear this pIace apart, understand? Whatever.
I just crash here.
You had your chance.
CaII in the cadaver dogs, pIease.
Hi, CaIIeigh.
- Any Iuck on AFIS? - Done run out.
I'm on to a different database.
Miami employees.
It Iooks Iike we've got our shooter.
HAGEN: No priors.
- You know Dennis Harmon? - No.
Then how'd your buIIet get in him? You put this buIIet in the magazine.
That's your fingerprint.
The first one was a dud.
The second one got him right in the heart.
Never met the man.
He's a stranger.
You tried to carjack him.
Things went sideways.
I don't think you understand the evidence we have.
Ridge anaIysis says you, and onIy you, Ioaded the gun.
I can teII you exactIy where you keep it, either in your basement or at your place of employment, at the loading docks.
The reason that I know this is because humidity caused the primer to maIfunction.
There aren't a Iot of basements in FIorida.
My bet is it's at the Ioading dock.
l'll drive over there right now, recover your gun.
It's not my gun, it's a friend's.
- What's his name? - It's a she.
She's oIder.
What's her name? JuIie Harmon.
Wife of the deceased? Do you have a picture? Yeah.
That is JuIie Harmon.
She's a pretty woman.
Yeah, she is.
She's a Iot of things.
- You meet her in a bar? - Her office.
She's an eye doctor.
JuIie know you were gonna shoot her husband? Yeah, she toId me to.
Alexx! - AIexx, wait.
- Why wouId she Iie to me, to my face? Why wouId she have me sit there and teII her kids their daddy passed, Iike she had no idea why? My friend.
To my face.
I don't know.
AII I know is, that she's not your friend right now.
She is a suspect and anything you do or say canjeopardise the case.
It wouId probabIy be better if you just threw everything over to Jones - tox, finaI report.
I think you shouId just turn the case over.
When are you and Hagen gonna interview JuIie? I think that it wouId be better if you didn't know the particuIars of this case any more.
I'm out.
The cadaver dogs are coming up empty.
What's aII this? Well, these are the ramblings of a drugged-out tweaker.
Did Chaz say anything about Darwin or the missing woman? No.
No, he didn't.
This one's aII about a Tin Man.
Did you say, 'Tin Man'? Yeah, it's tweakerspeak for meth-heads, Iike, 'friends of Tina' or 'smoking off tin'.
This is great inteI.
I'II get it to Narco.
Burn me a copy of that, wiII you? Sure.
What do we have here? SPEEDLE: Shotgun shells, soldering iron, wire cutters.
The trademark tooIs of bomb making.
What have you got? I checked the outbuiIdings.
- No girI nowhere.
- Same here.
AII we've got to hoId him on is the word of that burned-out tweaker, Tommy Lee.
Did AnimaI ControI take the dog? Uh, there was no dog.
What do you mean? - There was no dog.
- An empty doghouse? Let's take a Iook at this.
- Did you hear that? - Yeah, l did.
- Give me a hand with this, Frank.
- Yeah.
Give me a hand.
- Are you ready? - Go.
- Don't shoot! - Miss, hang on a second.
Miss? Hang on.
You're OK.
I got you.
- Who put you in there? - If I teII you, he'II kiII me.
TeII me who put you in there.
Miss? Well I guess I know aII about you too, huh? It must have been scary down in that hoIe.
When I was underground, I wasn't worried I'd die.
I was worried I'd die without doing meth again.
How Iong have you been a friend of Tina? A coupIe of years.
A coupIe of hundred years.
I used to be beautifuI.
You stiII are, Susie.
It's so weird.
You You Iook Iike this guy who used to getcranked with Chaz.
A reaI meth freak.
The Tin Man.
I'm gonna need you to testify against Chaz for what he did to you and Darwin.
It's one thing to say he shoved me in a box, but diming him out for an actuaI murder? What wouId it take to make that happen? Move my probation to Indiana.
Get me ajob there and maybe I cankick this.
Let me Iook into that.
Why don't you teII me what happened? Uh, me, Chaz, Darwin and Tommy Lee, we'd been uh .
snorting crank for, Iike, five days straight.
I was so tired, Iike, LSD awake.
Chaz was .
writing songs on his guitar.
I was making my matchstick houses.
You have to make sure that you line up all the matches perfectIystraight, so that they're they're perfectIy You stupid bitch.
So I try to make them aII straight.
You stupid bitch.
And then Chaz just started tripping, yeIIing at Darwin.
- About music? - Yeah.
He grabbed my cue, started hitting him with it.
Baby, you hit him too hard! Get off me! Darwin's head popped open Iike a tomato.
Then Chaz started taping him up.
HeIp me get him up.
I think he's dead.
I I froze.
He noticed me.
He dragged me to his car.
Let me go! You son of a bitch! He dragged me to the doghouse.
And here I am.
Looking at you Iooking at me.
I'm gonna need you to swear out a statement.
I'm good at swearing.
I have made such a mess of things.
WeII, then, heIp us put them in order.
Did you pIan the shooting with Brad? God, no.
He says you gave him the gun, a .
25, registered to your husband.
Yes, I did give him the gun.
For protection.
He was mugged, working down at the docks.
I was worried about him.
Brad says you asked him to kiII your husband.
He said that? He said you met at your office, you gave him new glasses and he could see, for the first time in his life, and when he saw you, he knew he was in Iove.
He did say that.
He said the same thing to me.
Look It was just four months.
I l kept try ing to end it.
l told him I toId him I couId never be with him, that that if I'd met him ten years ago or in some other Iife where I didn't have a husband and chiIdren That's That's why Brad thinks I toId him to kiII Dennis.
Are you arresting me? No.
A determination won't be made untiI aII the evidence is in.
ERIC: This has to be Chaz's car.
SPEEDLE: PatroI found it.
No Ieaves or debris on the windshieId.
It hasn't been here Iong.
- You wanna tow it? - No.
I think it's easier to examine it here.
I got one jumbo-sized bag of beef jerky.
Two disposabIe cameras.
More pictures.
- More porn.
- I won't be taking this to one-hour photo.
WeII, this is definiteIy Chaz's duct tape, onIy he cut the end this time.
Which means you can't match it to the other sections.
Pretty smart for a tweaker.
Maybe not.
I'II see you back at the Iab.
- Seniority? - It's a priority.
TeII me something good, Speed.
WeII, the roII of tape we recovered from Chaz's car was cut, so any comparisons to torn ends was out.
But you went further, didn't you? I Iooked macro, not micro.
Chaz wrote his name on the side of the tape.
So, as the pieces were torn, there's smaII amounts of ink on the edges and the ink from the torn sections Iines up perfectIy.
So, it was Chaz's roII that restrained Darwin, wasn't it? - I want to thank you for providing a Iawyer.
- The system does that, not us.
Just to be cIear, this arraignment is for the murder of Darwin Capshaw onIy? We're going to be fiIing separate charges for the kidnap of the girI at a Iater date.
Then the case is over.
No arraignment necessary.
What are you taIking about? Key evidence proves that Chaz murdered Darwin.
A roII of duct tape with Chaz's name written on it? Anyone couId have used that.
Hang on a second, guys.
There is an eyewitness to that murder.
- Susie Barnam's a convicted feIon.
- That is not my point.
Yeah, weII you'd better read this note.
lt's from Susie Barnam, your star witness.
I hope you fry in heII.
The transIation? Game over.
The murder charge and Susie's aIIeged kidnap.
It's been nice, Lieutenant.
She's teIIing the truth, Don.
- Her character's been troubIe for us from - I don't care.
I beIieve her.
It's over, Horatio.
- A judge wouId kick it.
No jury wouId buy it.
- Don, you know You know this guy kiIIs peopIe for thriIIs, right? Bring me proof.
Didn't we have some Narco task force on this Chaz guy? That operation is cIassified.
Wasn't your brother Ray part of that unit? That was cIassified.
Not cIassified any more.
Bring me proof or Chaz stays a free man.
Did you see this? Dennis had cycIopentoIate in his bIoodstream.
according to the tox report.
- Aren't you supposed to be off this case? - Jones got the report.
I can't heIp it if I can read upside down.
See those ingredients? That's why Dennis's eyes were diIated at post.
Prescription eye drops and who has access to eye drops? And who is an eye doctor at CoraI GabIes ProfessionaI BuiIding? Your friend JuIie.
I'II taIk to Hagen about it.
You're not even gonna ask me why she sIipped Dennis eye drops? I'm a Iawyer's daughter.
I don't ask a question I have the answer to.
Any idea how your husband came in possession of this eye-drop soIution? I prescribed it for him a coupIe of months ago.
- Why? - He was getting migraines.
They're not designed for that, but they heIp deconstrict arteries.
Mrs Harmon, what is the prescribed use of these drops? To diIate the pupiI, so a physician can get a better Iook at the ocuIar muscIe.
And aIso bIurs vision, isn't that right? That is a side effect, yes.
So it wouId have made it impossibIe for your husband to see Brad approach with the gun.
Hey, what do you want? You're saying I sIipped my husband the eye drops before he Ieft the house? Did you? No.
I was taking care of a sick kid.
I toId you that.
Dennis must have taken the drops before he got in the car.
His migraines came on fast.
He He onIy thought he'd be gone five minutes.
You don't Iook convinced.
I uh I guess it's time I caII a Iawyer.
We have a phrase caIIed 'equivocaI evidence'.
It means, when you can interpret the evidence both for and against the suspect equaIIy, we are obIigated to give the suspect the benefit of the doubt.
What happens to Brad? He's just 22.
We've got his prints, his confession.
It's murder one.
The State's gonna ask for LWOP.
LWOP? Life without paroIe.
H, I've just finished Iogging in aII the evidence from Chaz's vehicIe, Iike you asked.
- OK.
Anything from the bomb debris? - SpeedIe's on it.
Nothing so far.
I'II go over to the photo Iab to get these disposabIe cameras deveIoped.
Wait a second.
What disposabIe cameras? >From Chaz's car.
I found them on the fIoor.
Let me see that.
>From Chaz's car? It works.
Susie said that she and Chaz were up for five days at Darwin's, but, by day four, Chaz had run out of radios to fix.
Now, disposabIe cameras, Iike this one, run off capacitors that are powered by batteries, right? But, in this case, our bomber pIaced a naiI opposite the fIash button.
Right here.
So, when Eric Iifted the box, tension from something caused a chain of events.
We've got some porn.
Let's see how kinky our guy was.
AIIowing the capacitor to charge.
So we have a time deIay.
Once fuIIy charged, the capacitor sent eIectricity down the wires to the bIasting cap.
HORATIO: The cap explodes and air is displaced at 16,000 feet per second, setting off thejugs of gasoline.
But how did it get there? The guitar string caused the tension.
When I first went in, I noticed a guitar.
Yeah, so did I.
Against the couch.
So? So it didn't have any strings.
No, it didn't, but a guitar string couId work, couIdn't it? That would create the tension.
Chaz was making a different kind of music.
You guys coIIected wire cutters inside his traiIer, right? Yes, we did.
Nice going, Speed.
This is the coup de grace.
Boom! Gotcha.
HORATIO: Take a good look around, Chaz.
This is the Iast room you're ever gonna be in that has windows.
Susie's a stoner.
Nobody's gonna beIieve her.
We're not charging you with Darwin's murder, are we? We're charging you with the attempted murder of aII county empIoyees at the crime scene.
What attempted murder? I wasn't even there.
- No, but your expIosive was.
- Who says it's mine? And so was your guitar string and your wire cutters.
PhysicaI evidence, my friend, is aIways better than an eyewitness.
This is a warrant for your arrest.
FRANK: lf you ask me, Chaz, you're looking at 15 to 20 years.
What is this? Your consoIation prize? A consoIation prize? Yeah, for the Ioss of your brother - Tin Man.
Chaz, this is no way to start your rehabiIitation.
Tin Man was a dirty cop.
Who do you think taught me how to make bathtub meth? He got himseIf kiIIed before anyone found out the truth.
He probabIy went out squeaIing Iike a IittIe girI.
Frank, get him out of here, before I soiI my reputation.
- The poIice reIeased me.
- Yeah, I heard.
Oh, come on.
You know I didn't do it.
Hey, that's between you and your maker.
Come on.
You beIieve me, don't you, AIexx? You're smart.
And you aIways get what you want.
Get what I want? Come My My husband is dead and and that young boy is going to prison.
'Get what I want'? And Iook who's stiII aIive and fancy-free.
You reaIIy think I did it? No.
You didn't puII the trigger.
But you are responsibIe.
BeIieve me, JuIie, you are responsibIe.
You don't think I know that? There's no teIIing what you think.
Our famiIies spent every weekend together and you've got this whoIe other Iife right under my nose.
And I wanted to teII you a thousand times, but I didn't, because I didn't wanna put you guys in the middIe.
You Iet Denny take my kids out for ice cream.
Do you know what danger you put them in? If that boy had shot him some other night, with my kids in the car, he couId have kiIIed them.
He couId have kiIIed yours.
AIexx, I I am so sorry.
Can you uh Can you find it Can you forgive me? If it was the other way around couId you? SUSIE: Chaz won't find out where l went? - Nope.
OnIy your PO and I wiII know where you are.
I thought, once I couIdn't heIp your court case against him, you'd burn me.
WeII, Iife is fiIIed with surprises, isn't it? The Tin Man used to say that.
Did you crank with him? No.
No, Chaz aIways thought we did, but um Uh-uh.
Isn't that what narcos do? Pretend? What about you? I'm not gonna Iie to you.
Tina's too good.
That stuff wiII kiII you, Susie.
I'm hoping for a few more years.
I wiII be here, if you need me.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
if the crank doesn't first.