CSI: Miami s01e24 Episode Script

Body Count

# APATHY: Drive It Like I StoIe It # I know it turns you on when I bury the needIe # Got your hands on your face and you're scared of peeking # That speed does something to your body that excites you # The noise gets you off, the nitrous ignites you # There's Iights in my rear-view when streets I steer through # With woofers up so Ioud, I can't hear you # Let's skip the chitchat, shut up and sit back! # I'm gonna teach you how to drive, stick now, grip that # Don't you want to hoId it when it's hard to controI it? # I drive it Iike I stoIe it # Push it tiII I roII it Thanks.
# Drive it Iike I stoIe it Right.
Toothbrush to a murder weapon.
OFFICER: Anything's a weapon if you have enough time.
- They've got pIenty of that.
This them? - Yeah.
The guys that were pIaying baII.
GUARD: Shut your mouth and keep your hands on your head! How about you? What's your name? Come on, partner, what's your name? Ramirez, Rico.
Booking number: 9397 489.
- What did you say your name was? - Ramirez.
You deaf or something? Forget your name when you got the tattoo? We have a braceIet switch.
We've been in Iockdown haIf an hour.
We've started to check IDs.
HORATIO: What's that? This airspace is restricted.
Someone get on the horn to Air PatroI.
Get that chopper out! Air PatroI doesn't fIy A-Stars.
This murder is a decoy.
We have an escape in progress.
Officer down! This is Horatio Caine.
You have a 39-escapee! You have a westbound chopper from the Miami Detention Centre.
Three fugitives aboard.
I repeat! They are armed and dangerous! # THE WHO: Won't Get FooIed Again # We don't get fooIed again # Don't get fooIed again # No, no! HORATIO: Head count? Another 300 keep-aways in Safety Cell Confinement.
- It's gonna take time to count 1 ,500 men.
- 1 ,500 minus three.
We find out who they are, we'II know where they went.
DifficuIt with a braceIet switch.
We found 20 men with switched braceIets in this moduIe aIone.
OFFICER: Lieutenant? - Yeah.
Who do we have here? BraceIet says he's from this moduIe but he's from SCC.
Name: Joe Aviar.
Likes to rape oId women.
We try and keep guys Iike this out of GeneraI Pop.
lnmates tear 'em up.
- Who made you wear the braceIet? - I don't know what you're taIking about.
No? OK.
Thank you.
Hank Kerner.
Who's Hank Kerner? Three-time Ioser.
Car jacking with a side of murder.
PartiaI to tempIe shots.
He's awaiting triaI on a tourist coupIe he capped down in Biscayne.
I know that case.
- He was going away for Iife.
Nothing to Iose.
Hang on a second.
Yeah, OK.
Set up a one-miIe perimeter.
I'II be there in ten.
They found the heIicopter, downed around Northwest and FIagIer.
Thanks, Joe.
Pedestrians saw the chopper Iosing aItitude.
First officer thinks the fuseIage was Ieaking.
- Injuries on the ground? - We got Iucky.
- DB's? - Two dead bodies.
PiIot and one passenger.
Were they kiIIed in the crash? Not unIess they each crashed into a buIIet.
Both victims, singIe shot to the head, tempIe area.
CALLEIGH: This entrance wound is all business.
- You see something famiIiar? - Maybe.
I don't know.
- RandaII Kaye, that's famiIiar.
- Wasn't he that stockbroker Iast Thanksgiving? Hit-and-run.
Dragged a pedestrian two miIes under his car? Hired one of the most powerfuI attorneys in PaIm Beach and got three short years.
HORATIO: Question iswho's the pilot? Licence says Bryce Kaye.
Must be his brother.
- I don't think Bryce was pIanning to Iand here.
- I wouId agree.
So, if they've been on the ground 40 minutes and the average foot speed is 5mph, we've got a radius of just over three miIes.
They're Iooking for transportation.
Hank Kerner wiII be aII over that.
I'II put out a buIIetin for stoIen vehicIes within three miIes.
- I thought I recognised that muzzIe stamp.
- Let's hope somebody recognises him.
Let's put his picture out and find him.
HORATIO: Thankyou, Alexx.
- AII right.
GUARD: CIose the gate! What's with the No-Ac, man? I had my phone on vibrate.
I was aIittIe busy.
- Yeah? - Didn't want to be interrupted.
- Busy with the Ieft hand? - Funny.
So this is Joe Aviar's originaI ceII, huh? A guy who Iikes to rape eIderIy women? Yeah, he switched wristbands with one of our fugitives.
Hank Kerner.
Three guys Iocked in the same ceII and the CO doesn't recognise 'em? He's fresh out of the academy.
lt's his first assignment.
He sees a convict, he sees their cIothes, not their faces.
AII right.
Do you want upper or Iower? I got here on time.
For once.
Nothing in here.
Stockbroker was Iiving the dream.
One minute you're running the worId, the next in a six-by-six.
It's a shock to the system.
ExpIains why RandaII wouId try to escape.
I taIked to Horatio.
He thinks RandaII and his brother were used to get the others out.
Spark pIug.
I wonder where this came from? Maybe one of the guys was taking autoshop? It Iooks Iike there's something in the threads.
Some erconcrete dust.
These guys weren't driving, they were digging.
ERIC: Sewer pipes.
Air vents.
Any number of ways they couId have gotten to the yard after Iockdown.
We've got to foIIow their route.
They might have Ieft us something that'II Iead us to them.
SPEEDLE: Keep going.
You're doing fine.
Did I ever teII you I'm scared of the dark? SPEEDLE: Next time you're up for a promotion, you can mention that.
- Do you see anything? - Yeah.
Some kind of tunnel.
That's probabIy for maintenance so it means there's an exit.
There's a Iight up ahead.
I'II check it out.
Yeah, Speed.
This is where they climbed up to escape.
Wait a minute.
HoId on a second.
Turn slightly to your left.
What is that? It's a needIe and thread.
lt's not from autoshop.
- TaiIoring.
- You think? A guy'II do anything to get out of a six-by-six ceII.
Let's get that stuff back to the Iab.
I'II put in a caII to Horatio.
RADIO: Code 22, repeat, code 22.
All units respond to a carjacking.
7 th and Riverside Park.
John, what have you got? Vic's name's JiII GormIey.
Two kids.
Drives a bIack LincoIn Navigator.
- Wrong pIace and time.
Gunshot to the head.
- Same as the guys in the chopper.
Witnesses? - Street vendor saw everything.
- Thank you, John.
- Horatio.
GuiIIermo Soriano.
- TeII me what you saw.
EIIa paro a mi carro para comprarse un coco, Io vendo y Io ocurri.
Puedes expIicar exactamente Io que paso? Si.
Se pararon aqui, y eI gran tipo fue para meterse en eI carriI, y un mas chiquitito que se Ie fue corriendo tambien.
- OK.
Did you see which one took the shot? - No se.
Es que paso tan rapido.
Fuera un briIIo muy aIto.
A fIash.
A big fIash.
You remember a fIash first? - Esta seguro? - Seguro.
Que Iuego no podia ver nada.
He may be taIking about a muzzIe fIash.
- I don't think so.
- Eyewitnesses can be unreIiabIe.
Not when they're on camera.
That is a traffic enforcement camera.
So that's our victim right there.
Car behind her runs a red Iight moments before she gets shot.
Activating the traffic camera.
ExpIains why Mr Soriano saw a fIash before he heard a gunshot.
- And there's our carjacker.
Zoom in on him.
- Sure.
That's Hank Kerner.
But his partner, we can't see him.
TyIer? The cameras take two pictures, though.
One as you enter the intersection andone in the centre.
TYLER: l still can't see his face.
- Zoom in tighter.
That's Stewart Otis.
- The chiId moIester? - Convicted chiId killer.
I put him in jaiI myseIf.
She was fIirting with me.
Whoopsy daisy.
I never even got to pIay with her.
According to our witness, this Stewart never even got into the car.
YELINA: Maybe Kerner left him behind.
- The question is to do what? I toId Ruthie Crighton's mother he'd never hurt another chiId.
Horatio - Are you OK? - Nope.
Not with Stewart on the Ioose.
Nobody is.
Young mother and a buIIet to the tempIe.
Two things that do not go together.
It's a .
38 or a .
357 with a five right.
Smith and Wesson.
Or Taurus revoIver.
I've got gunpowder burns with radiaI tears around the wound.
- Figure eight.
And you know what that means.
- A muzzIe stamp.
Same as our two bodies from the heIicopter.
The stamp is sideways which indicates the shooter turned his weapon.
That's three for three on the Hank Kerner chart.
Boy's a reguIar cowboy.
And a coId-bIooded kiIIer.
CaIIeigh, I don't Iike this.
You and Kerner have a history.
I have a history with a Iot of bad guys.
So do you.
You know Hank Kerner.
Our fugitive.
Yeah, we've been through two hung juries together, not picking out china.
You shouId have toId me you were the CSI on his case.
Didn't he go off in court threatening everybody? TypicaI chest-beating of a guy who's facing L-WOP.
His re-triaI's in two weeks.
It means he's desperate.
It means we'd better catch him before he misses it.
WiII you check the visitor Iogs from jaiI and see if you can scare up an associate's name? AIready did.
Prostitute named Treynece Banks.
I don't think he'II hide out so much as make a pit stop.
It's a Iead.
If you guys wiII excuse me, I have to make a caII.
And I thought she bIew me off.
Hey, hot pants.
- Hey, girI! - Look at you.
What did you do? Give up prosecuting and start modeIIing? Right.
Look at you.
How much do I Iove that neckIace? Oh.
An apoIogy present from Dad.
- Ah.
How is the oId charmer? - He's fine.
The same.
You know.
Good to hear.
So I assume you caIIed me about our oId friend Hank Kerner.
I'm worried about the coIIege girI.
She's the onIy eyewitness in the whoIe case.
I'm one step ahead.
She's in protective custody.
- 24-hour surveiIIance? - Mm-hm.
Oh, that's good.
What about her famiIy? NORSATS on it.
Hm? See? - AII that worrying about nothing.
- Yeah.
If you catch this guy, I'II throw away the key this time.
- AII right.
Are we stiII on for Thursday? - As Iong as the workahoIic doesn't canceI.
I'm not a workahoIic.
Are you kidding me? I send your Christmas card to CSI.
I'II see you Iater, Janet.
ERIC: We got a carjacker, a kid killer and a stockbroker.
The onIy thing they have in common is a burning desire to get out.
This is stuff from Stewart's ceII.
And RandaII Kaye's.
And aIso Aviar's.
OK, as a sexuaI predator, Stewart might have a diary or Ietters.
What about his work detaiI? RandaII was in printing, Hank was in wood shop and Stewart was assigned to taiIoring.
TaiIoring? Found a needIe and thread in the tunneI.
We aIso got more sewing stuff from his ceII.
Embroidery hooks, some thread and some kind of sticky paper.
It's water-soIubIe weave stabiIiser.
Boy Scouts.
It's used to make patches.
You mean Iike, for a uniform? A fake uniform.
That's how he got Ruthie Crighton.
So he was making a disguise.
- OK.
Is this RandaII Kaye's famiIy? - Yeah.
That's erwife Dawn and daughter Emma.
Daughter Emma.
How oId do you think she Iooks? Six.
You see this tape? It means this picture has been taken off the waII repeatedIy.
One man's famiIy aIbum is another man's porn.
Yes, this couId be his next target.
- We've got to get to RandaII Kaye's house.
- WeII, hang on a second.
The thread that Stewart uses is red, bIue and grey, right? It's not the house.
We gotta get to the schooI.
It's the schooI.
- Did you find her? YELINA: l just talked to her teacher.
The cIass was Iet out when you caIIed.
We've got to find her.
- Do you think he took any of the others? - He wants Emma.
GirIs? Emma? - Are you Iooking for Emma? - Yeah, I am.
Have you seen her? - She went with that man.
- What man? The new teacher.
Emma, hi.
I'm Mr Andrews.
- Hi.
- Mommy toId me to come get you.
He's got her.
Emma? Mrs Kaye? Yes.
Mrs Kaye, about five minutes ago, a man took Emma from the schooI.
- You don't seem too concerned.
- I'm I'm WeII, no I just Nice Iuggage.
When is the Iast time you spoke to your husband? OK.
My husband is in jaiI.
Ma'am, your husband was kiIIed this morning escaping from that jaiI.
YELINA: l noticed the luggage in your car.
Were you traveIIing today? Mrs Kaye, you're invoIved in this, aren't you? My daughter was growing up without a father.
I just wanted my famiIy back together.
I understand.
Where's Emma? We beIieve that one of the men that escaped with your husband has taken Emma.
Mrs Kaye, I need you to focus.
The first 24 hours are cruciaI.
Sh-ShouId we go to the bank? Listen to me.
I can assure you this man's interest in Emma is not monetary.
W-W-What have I done? - Do you have any of her cIothing? - For what? Scent dogs.
We pIan to track them, but we need to do it right now.
Mrs Kaye.
Lieutenant, pIease .
she is aII I have.
Where's the cIothing? Show me.
How's it coming? WeII, you know, bits and pieces.
- How's that? - Three different buIIets fired into three skuIIs.
Randall Kaye.
His brother.
And our carjacking victim, Jill Gormley.
BuIIets bounce against bone.
You end up with distorted buIIets.
- TeII me you can get a match between aII three.
- I have to straighten things out.
Son of a bitch.
Same gunshot wound? Where? I'II be right there.
- I gotta go.
- Wait.
What same gunshot wound? I got a caII-out.
Is this about Hank Kerner? Looks Iike he got another victim.
Not that eyewitness? Our coIIege girI? Worse.
CALLEIGH: Oh I can't beIieve he went for Janet.
I want to be there when you notify her famiIy.
Her parents wiII be devastated.
You shouldn't be anywhere near this.
If Kerner's boId enough to go after the prosecutor on his triaI, he'II come after the CSI.
- You should take time off till this is over.
- With fugitives out there? No.
- I'm sure Horatio wiII say the same.
- John, put the phone down.
I have never so much as taken a sick day and I'm not about to start now.
Kerner broke out to kiII anyone who couId hurt him.
You're next.
Then so be it.
Cos I'm not Ieaving the investigation.
Hang on a second, Dan.
Dan CIarkson, Fugitive Team Commander, wants to set up a debriefing.
- It's CaIIeigh.
- What's up? Kerner got to Janet Medrano.
State's Attorney.
The Iiver temp indicates that the body is fresh so he's Iess than an hour out.
I don't know if he's on foot or on wheeIs, but the sand in his shoes aIone is enough to strap him to the chair.
Here's what you do.
TeII the Fugitive Team to set up new checkpoints and be carefuI.
This guy pIays for keeps.
I'm taking aII necessary precautions.
Hey, Butch, thanks for coming.
I need the best.
She's ready to track.
If this rain hoIds.
HORATIO: Here's her shirt.
She's a seven-year-oId girI.
Originated from this point, Butch.
Duchess'II find her.
- I've read that dogs smeII with their tongues.
- WeII, that's true.
Most odour moIecuIes are carried by mucous through the nasaI cavity to convoIuted foIds behind the nose.
That's where that molecule becomes a chemical message to the brain.
Here you go.
She's got a scent.
You good to go? Let's go.
Let's track! AII right, Eric, hoId traffic and caII for backup.
Stewart must have haiIed a cab.
With the new venting systems, the dog can foIIow a scent even if a person's gotten in a car.
Hey, you don't say a word or I'II kiII your mommy! Hi.
24th, pIease.
- Have you got anything? - She's got something.
She's going.
ERIC: We're at Prairie and we need backup.
BUTCH: There she goes! What have we got, Butch? She's casting about.
It means they stopped here and the scent pooIed.
Drop back.
You ready, Eric? Go wide.
Hang on a second.
Looks Iike a schooI uniform.
ProbabIy purchased cIothes at the maII and I'm guessing they were boys'.
- Yeah, and something to cut her hair with.
- Just Iike Ruthie Crighton.
- It'II be just Iike HaIIoween - No.
Your own neighbours won't even know you.
Come on.
We're a team.
Stop crying.
Put out the word, Eric.
He's traveIIing with a IittIe boy.
- Are you sure Treynece is in there? - Come on, Starsky I admit to that, you drag me in for pandering.
You got it backwards.
You don't heIp us confirm she's with Hank Kerner, we grab you up.
- Does Treynece carry a ceIIphone? - Do I Iook Iike a Iow-budget operation? AII my girIs got ceIIphones, beepers, PCs.
- It's the third miIIennium, chuck.
- OK, Bill Gates.
Call her.
We need to make sure she's in the room before we move.
What's takin' so Iong? You got my money? l didn't askyou what the bald boy likes.
I ask you do you got the money? WeII, count it twice.
I'm bouncin'.
She's in there.
With Kerner.
AII right.
Step back out of the way, pIease.
CALLEIGH: Detective! I had to hear it from Dispatch you Iocated Kerner's associate.
- The Iead just came in.
- Don't run our investigation soIo.
Looks Iike you got management probIems of your own.
- Hey, I asked you to step back out of the way.
- My bad.
My bad.
SWAT LEADER: Shots fired! Shots fired! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! SWAT MEMBER: Bathroom clear.
He's out the back.
We have no visuaI.
Get the choppers in the air.
Where'd he go? He didn't pay me.
The cheap ass baId bastard! - Where did Hank go? - Pop a cap in some bitch cop.
BIonde bitch.
Uh, Britney better check this out.
A direct threat to you.
It's aIso a gift.
It's trace evidence.
Hank Kerner Ieft us his caIIing card.
So, Iet me get this straight.
The first time you and your husband discussed this.
It was during a jaiI visit.
RandaII said a convict had approached him about escaping.
He wouIdn't teII me who he was or what he had done.
I shouId have asked.
Keep going.
You know more than you think you do.
I toId RandaII's brother what the pIan was.
Bryce, right? Bryce, the piIot? Yeah.
He wouId have done anything for his big brother.
l called an offshore account in the morning to wire the Wait I I remember one of the men asked for an RV.
UmRandaII didn't want me to be tied up purchasing one so he decided to pay them both cash.
They agreed on $50,000 apiece which Bryce brought over on the heIicopter.
I don't know which one asked for the RV.
Stewart asked for the RV.
The man who took Emma? That's correct.
- How do you know? - It doesn't reaIIy matter right now.
It's a mobiIe apartment.
He couId take her anywhere.
Contact every RV deaIership in Miami.
- Find out who bought one in the Iast 24 hours? - No, rent.
He has to conserve his cash.
- Simon Bishop? - Yes.
Where's your RV? - What RV? - You were the onIy one insured to drive.
DeaIer's statement.
CouId we come in? Sure.
HORATIO: Kids'soccer, huh? I aIso coach IocaI boys basketbaII and cross country.
It says that you are the Coach of the Year, Simon.
Where's your RV? The RV.
I Ient it to a friend.
What? Him? Stewart Odett.
I met him onIine.
Chat room.
Stewart Otis.
He is a convicted chiId moIester and chiId kiIIer.
Did you know that? He was about to get sentenced to death when he broke out of prison.
He was traveIIing .
traveIIing with a IittIe girI disguised as a IittIe boy.
He was aIone.
He asked me to rent the RV and Since whendoes Chinese food come with a kid's meaI? Try again.
He said her name used to be Emma.
He didn't teII me her new one.
I haven't seen them since.
- You short eyes don't do each other favours? - Short eyes? I don't moIest chiIdren.
What did he trade for use of the RV? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
You're insuIting me.
You're the one insuIting.
EmotionaI intimacy doesn't come with a pre-determined age.
I chaIIenge the accepted view that chiIdren are non-sexuaI.
What about the accepted view that expIoiting a chiId in any way is a feIony? So what do you got, Simon? Let's go.
- Where? - He offered, I I accepted.
He said he took them in their first few hours together.
There you go.
Simon Bishop, you are under arrest for possession of chiId pornography.
They're not my photos! She's not even my type! You'd better hope she's stiII aIive.
- Got anything? - Yeah.
- PetroIeum and graphite.
- Gun Iubricant.
But it's oId-schooI.
Most modern-day Iubricants have TefIon.
- Can you pin down the brand? - No, but I'II take it to CIaudia.
She wiII.
Why? Are you gonna foIIow me there too? Are you sure you're OK? You know, Hagen, not onIy did I graduate from the same academy as you, but I'm a Southern woman and aII that impIies and I don't know why you Iack confidence in my abiIity to protect myseIf.
- It's not that.
- WeII then, what? My first partner, Ray Caine when we worked Narco when he got kiIIed on the job If I Iose two partners - I get a rep.
- Ah, stake bet.
PeopIe get afraid to team up with you.
I've seen it bounce guys off the force.
So this is more out of concern for your career than it is for my safety? Yeah.
WiII you stay with SpeedIe tonight? Or DeIko? - ActuaIIy, I'm gonna stay here.
- Then I'm gonna stay with you.
So Iong as we're cIear you're doing it for you and not for me.
CrystaI cIear.
HORATIO: So, what does Simon say? It's aII in the pixeIs.
Take a look at the portable TVin the corner.
See anyone you know? Hello, Simon.
- He was there when this picture was taken.
- It doesn't teII us where.
It's an RV.
They couId have driven it anywhere.
What about reference points? Stewart tacked a sheet over the window to disguise the Iocation.
AII right.
So Iet's go to the Iast picture.
The light's changed.
When the sun moves, it highIights the background, doesn't it? - I'II go cIose on the window.
- OK.
Grid it.
ERIC: Looksum looks like a mountain.
HORATIO: But we know Miami has no mountains.
And those don't Iook Iike trees, either.
Maybe the Geographic Information System can recognise it.
lt calculates the ratio of peaks then compares that to a database of similar ratios from Miami's buiIdings and Iandscapes.
- It's the Orange BowI.
- Yeah.
- The Orange BowI has 5,000 parking spots.
- AII we need is one, though.
I can caIcuIate the movement of the sun to figure out where Stewart was parked, but that's going to take a few hours.
Let's see if our friend Simon can heIp us with that.
- Where are they, Simon? - You don't have to be so physicaI.
- You don't know what physicaI is.
- This is it.
This is where he parked.
- WeII, they're not here.
OFFICER: Get on the radio.
AII right.
They're not here.
- It smeIIs chemicaI.
- DeaIer said the RV needed repairs.
It couId be from the waste tank.
Big tank, IittIe Ieak, right? Let's foIIow the breadcrumbs.
We just caught a break.
Somebody's home.
OTIS: What do you like most about school? On my count.
Three two HORATIO: Miami-Dade Police! Get down! TV: .
doggie, maybe? OFFICER: lt's clear.
TV: ls it a little boy doggie or a little girl? A little girl.
OTIS: What's her name? Her name is Beetle, cos she's super small, like a bug.
OTIS: Show me how you pet the doggie.
YELINA: Oh, dammit.
Son of a bitch.
- Found something outside too.
- OK.
OTIS: Thankyou.
l want you to do one more thing, OK? l want you to say goodbye to Horatio.
OK, Stewart.
Let's go.
- What do you got? - Footsteps.
HORATIO: And that's a drag mark.
- From a body? - Nope.
That's from a shoveI.
EMMA: Aargh! HeIp me! - Come on.
He's gonna bury her.
Oh, no! Emma? Emma! Emma? Emma? Emma! She's alive! She's alive! Calleigh? CaIIeigh! - CaIIeigh Duquesnehave you seen her? - She came in an hour ago.
- What did she want? - ResuIts on the substance she got.
- The gun sIick brand.
- Where'd she go? I don't know.
She took off Iike a bat out of heII.
Excuse me.
I was wondering if y'aII carry a particuIar brand of gun Iubricant here.
- It's caIIed A-One DependabIe.
- No.
ReaIIy? Now, that's funny.
It's this oId-schooI Iubricant my daddy used.
And I distinctIy remember y'aII being the onIy store that carried that brand.
- Remembered wrong.
- OK.
Let's try this again.
I need to know .
if you soId gun Iubricant to this man.
Um Er I don't know.
That's too bad.
Now I'm gonna have to come back with an ATF agent and shut you down for a few days and I guarantee you're gonna remember that.
PIeaseI don't wanna get in any troubIe.
Why don't you just teII me what aisIe it's on? F-F-Four.
Drop the gun.
Get down on the fIoor.
This goes down two ways.
Either way, you drop the gun.
If I give up now, I go to the chair.
Ten years of appeaIs.
Or you can go now.
How does it feeI? You can take him up to booking.
I'II do the paperwork.
This ain't over, bitch.
I'II be seeing you.
WeII, you know what, the thing is, Hank it doesn't reaIIy matter if you do.
Even if you get rid of me, someone wiII step in my pIace.
If you siIence me, the evidence has its own voice and it keeps saying, over and over, you.
You and your buIIets.
By the way, where you're going I think you're going to be the bitch.
- Where have you been? - I took a drive.
I got some fresh air.
I apprehended an escaped feIon.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you feeIing better? Yeah.
That's good.
WouId you Iike some water or something to drink? No, thank you.
A nurse is on her way in to see you.
I was hoping I couId ask you a few questions before she comes in.
- WouId that be OK? - Yeah.
You're my poIiceman.
That's right.
Here's what I wanted to ask you.
I was Iooking for you before I found you.
Does that make sense? I know.
He toId me.
The man who took you from schooI? He toId me he was a jaiI man.
You know what? He was.
He was in jaiI.
If he couId get out of jaiI, couId he get in here? No.
I wouIdn't Iet him in here.
OK? I won't Iet him do that.
My mom toId me that sometimes .
they put good peopIe in jaiI, Iike Daddy.
But I don't think that man was a good man.
He hurt my neck.
l know.
l know he did.
I know he hurt you and that's why I want to get him.
I don't want to Iet him do this to any other kids.
Now, Emma He said my name wasn't Emma.
He gave me a new name.
He gave you a new name? ls it Robyn? - Is that the new name? - No.
He said my name was Bobby.
So, who's Robyn? My cousin.
She's six.
She's six.
Let me ask you one more question.
AII right? Do you remember .
if you gave this man Robyn's address? No.
But wouId I be in troubIe if I toId him where she went to schooI? No.
You'd be fine.
The nurse wiII be right in.
I've Iocated Robyn Kaye.
She's on a fieId trip at the aquarium.
Notify the Fugitive Team.
We're moving into position.
Keep your eyes open for a man in a uniform.
- An employee, a vendor or a guard.
- Roger that.
ROBYN: Mommy! Mommy! Suspect is on the move.
Heading towards the south exit.
Mommy! Mommy! - Come on.
- No! Come on.
There's no way out, Stewart.
Let her go.
I'II kiII her, Horatio.
StewartI'm not going to ask you again.
Let her go.
I Iove them.
I can't do without 'em.
Stewartthat's not her fauIt.
StewartStewart! You OK, Robyn? Are you sure? OK.
Here's what I want you to do.
Run that way as fast as you can.
Go ahead.
Run! Run, Robyn! Give me your other hand, Stewart.
Let me go.
I wish I couId.
I'II just get another one.
Give me your other hand, Stewart.
Come on.
- Give it to me.
- Let me go.
Come on! Argh! Why didn't you Iet me die? Cos you died a Iong time ago, Stewart.
Let's go.
Stewart Otis, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Emma Kaye.
No! I wiII get out.
It's my nature.
And I'II be waiting.
That's my nature.
Take him.
Hey, you're bIeeding.
- Oh.
- HoId on.
I'm fine.
I can see that.
- WeII, everything in its own time.
- Yes.
Aren't those words to Iive by? WiII I see you at the booking? Yeah.
Maybe you wiII.
YeIina .
nice job.