CSI: Miami s02e01 Episode Script

Blood Brothers

I need a cab now.
Here take a number.
Never mind.
Dispatch said hit-and-run.
Paramedics called it in at 05:30.
Concierge don't recognize her as the guest of the hotel.
They eye-witnessed the incident? / Heard it.
- Nobody saw a car.
- Well the car definitely saw her.
Didn't it Alexx? Pattern of injury? a skinny girl like this.
Multiple points of impact.
- Pedestrian rotation.
- Being barefoot didn't help.
No friction to hold her in place.
Windshield glass.
Driver can't tell you they didn't know what they'd hit.
Horatio? Alexx, take a look at these tread marks.
They go from black to light and that is caused by what? An acceleration.
Suspect was speeding away.
Point of rest.
Point of impact right in front of that tread.
You telling me the driver meant to hit her? I'm telling you that our hit-and-run is now a murder.
What have we got, Tim? Probably more than he can handle.
Why don't you let a car-man deal with the car incident there.
Cause Most vehicular incidents are about trace.
Eric, Pink transmission fluid.
Guy's got a leak.
Tire's fingerprints? Yeah that happens when the rubber doesn't catch up with the wheel.
All four tires have the same pattern.
That's gonna make the search more difficult.
Unless you need something is the harder it is to find.
Three sets of treads.
The hit her backed up and hit her again.
Guy wanted to make sure she was dead.
Whenever somebody tries to do a lot in a little time.
Accidents happen.
Heat from the collision softened up the paint.
Traces just as good as the smoking gun.
Are we sure nobody saw anything? Well we're certainly not gonna trust the investigation to an eyewitness.
The only thing that matters is the evidence.
Let's be thorough.
You got it.
How are we doing? No ID.
But a handful of Benjamin's in her pockets.
You think she's a pro? I was thinking maybe a SoBe call girl but everything about her says model.
Implants, collagen, rib removal, weight.
Or lack of it.
Barely out of your teens.
You don't belong here yet.
Let's notify Interpol.
Most of these models are far nationals.
Take a look at that.
Looks like glass.
- Doesn't look like windshield glass.
- No, it's not tempered.
It's blue.
Maybe it's from some type of bottle.
Azuret champagne comes to mind.
So she fought with this guy before he ran her over.
Boy is he a prize.
All right I'll tell you what.
Let's send the money to the lab, and see if we can get some fingerprints off it.
All right? I'll find you.
Victim crosses the street heading southbound.
Initial impact was here.
Based on autopsy protocol, fibula was shattered here.
Tells us suspect scribes at aero-dynamic front.
Super low.
Center's super high.
Then according to autopsy protocol, after hitting the windshield, she cleared the car and landed on the pavement.
I'm thinking like this.
Let's take it back to the front bumper.
Anything that aero-dynamic has to be high end.
Give me the stats, relative to the victim's legs.
Database for grill dimensions at your service.
you know what? Don't even bother.
There's only one car with a grill that low.
Good work, Ty, thanks.
It's Lamborghini.
PPG code: 0056.
Pearl Metallic yellow.
That's it.
How many guys in Miami, you think own that car? You think own or rent? The car cost a quarter million dollar.
So we're talking some serious cheddar.
Well that narrows the field.
You still know that girl at the BMV because I hate being put on hold.
Why? Here.
/ I'm not calling her.
She's, come on man.
Cause then I'm gonna have to hear about how she never hears from me.
I don't want to deal with that.
You gotta take them out to eat once in a while.
You gotta cultivate things.
You're better than that.
I'm gonna dial it for you.
Did we get anything off those 100-dollar bills? No definite ridges but the bills are out of the federal reserve in Atlanta but I'm still working on a Miami branch for dispersal.
/ I got a make on that vehicle that hit our victim.
Registered to a Mr.
Scott Mandeville.
Of Mandeville modeling agency.
That guy's Mr.
Run out of New York last year.
What's his current address, Speed? They got him staying at the Nationalle.
That's where the girl was killed.
Hey girls.
The music.
You're a cop.
I'm a CSI.
Do you know this girl? It's Tess Kimball.
Been repping her for about 18 months.
Found her at go-see for a Vogue layout.
She's from Houston.
or places.
There's the accent.
How'd that happen? Actually I was hoping you could tell me.
Me? How would I know? Paint from you car has been burned into her fibula.
Metallic yellow Lamborghini registered to you.
Hey Scottie.
We wanna go eat.
Then go.
I had a party up here last night for the industry.
Designers, editors, any model who wasn't working in the show including Tess.
My car is a perk.
Anybody who wants to take a drive can.
You got a guest list for the party? Listen.
Those people are my agency's life blood.
You start calling them about a dead model and I am out of business.
/ Scott.
There are many ways for you to go out of business.
You want my list? Get a warrant.
/ We don't really need it Mr.
As it turns out, your party was on MTV last night.
/ Yeah.
I'm a night I watched it with some popcorn and a cup of decaffeinated tea.
Let's get a dup of the tape to the lab.
How did the inside look? Well I think it turns out they maid missed a few spots in the guest room.
You mind if I looked inside? Hey, any blood you find in there is not mine.
Who was in here last night? I told you.
I had a party.
Yes you did.
And you had a thousand people.
A thousand people.
But you see, Scott.
The problem is this blood is gonna lead me to just one.
And if it's you, or you're covering for someone, your agency closing is gonna be the least of your problems.
Where's your car? I think I want my lawyer.
I bet you do.
Tyler what's up? Did you calculate the speed of the vehicle yet? Coefficient says at least I hope you're right.
Air bags deploy at 17.
Inflating 40 times faster than the blink of an eye.
Which gas gets under 300 degrees.
Which means our guy would have air bag burns on his face or his arms.
I'll let H know.
I'll be with you in just a second.
How you doing? Why don't you tell me Rick? You're with IAB.
No investigation here.
just solidifying relationships.
- Make lateral move within the bureau.
- It's funny because in my understanding, you can only move up in internal affairs.
Liaison to the mayor's office.
That's big stuff.
The city does feel safer.
You think your sister-in-law's ready? Excuse me? To see someone.
I mean it's been a couple of years since your brother passed.
Why don't you take it up with her? You're right.
That's good advice.
Hi Hi.
Missed you at Mandeville's.
You didn't get my message? No I did.
That you located the victim's hotel room and that you were interviewing people.
Turns out that Tess had a roommate at the hotel.
Michelle Cormier.
Who nobody's seen in two days.
Her headshots.
Okay any chance she went back to Idaho? Quebec.
But I found out what agency repped her.
Let me guess.
And there it is.
The Scott Mandeville Agency.
He's taking on attorney.
Got a lead on a girl who works with Tess and Michelle.
Going to meet her after her show at the Shore Club.
I'll page you as soon as I know anything.
/ Yes? Page me.
Agency owner Scott Mandeville's throwing a intimate party for 500 of his closest industry friends.
So , brother, how you doing? I'm great man.
Much great that I'm here at your party.
I want to have this guy's job.
Homemade parties.
But we get to pack heat.
- Yes.
It's hotty gloom in the flesh, - Hi.
/ -how're doing love? - Good how are you? - I'm doing great.
So what are doing for Miami fashion tonight guess Michelle's lined up.
Well, actually I'm doing a movie in the Evergrates.
That's kind of flower.
What are you doing? I'm wrestling alligators.
It's scary! Lucky alligators.
What is that? In the back.
That's Tess.
Can you zoom in? Zooming.
That's Tess.
So who's that guy? Clavo Cruz.
The player? >From South America? He looks pretty agitated.
That guy.
He's always at premiers.
Big events.
This might have been one event he should have missed.
Tell me more about Clavo Scott.
My client gifted his car to Clavo Cruz two nights ago before the incident.
Just so we're clear.
We're talking about the Cruz brothers from Berakas, right? Clavo owns a portion of my agency.
And you gifted him your car.
/ Yeah.
Don't you mean he took it? Look, like I said.
He's an investor in my company.
Don't you think that you should have called the PD first.
Do you know Clavo? Not personally.
He's a scary guy.
Where's he now? He's probably where all the girls go between shows.
The one in the jewelry.
That's Clavo Cruz.
Lieutenant Caine.
Miami PD.
That's a pretty girl Lieutenant.
Reminds me of the girls in Berakas.
Only thing that makes me miss home.
Take a look at this pretty girl.
We have reason to believe you killed her.
No way.
I could never hurt a woman.
Hit-and-run? Outside the hotel in Collins.
/ No.
How'd you get that burn on your face? That's a razor burn.
I get too many ingrown.
It's from an air bag.
You were behind the wheel when you hit her.
You know.
I'm pretty sure that was a dog, dog.
Stand up.
Turn around.
We're taking you in.
You can't arrest me.
I got immunity.
Diplomatic immunity.
Bolivia, Brazil, Chile.
The blue book says nothing about Berakas.
the state department comped us in.
during Iraq.
You got no game.
It's true Lieutenant.
State department gave expedited accreditation to our father as Berakas' general for life.
- Which as you know - Extends to his sons.
In exchange for what? That's something you'd have to ask state.
I told you I was untouchable.
But I gotta tell you.
When I saw that girl fly through the air like that? That was sick my bro.
It made me wish I had a video.
Get him out of here.
Let's go.
/ Don't touch me.
Over here.
I want to talk to you.
Lieutenant, I understand it's upsetting.
Let me say, on behalf of my family, I am sorry about this girl.
You own businesses here.
You enjoy the freedom of this country.
For as your brother, is an all American playboy until he gets in to trouble.
And then he is suddenly a Berakan Prince.
You tell your family, on behalf of that girl laying in the morgue, apology not accepted.
So Pete NG-ed the guy.
We can't make Clavo person a non grato.
We sent him home.
His own man retaliates.
Starts framing our diplomats in Berakas.
What is going on in Iraq? - Clavo's got a big mouth.
- Come on.
Come on.
/ I'm State.
That's Langley.
/ You know Jim, I don't care if it's the post office.
I want to know why a murderer gets to go free in Miami.
/ Hey.
Hi Rick.
I thought that was you.
- How are you? - I'm good, good.
And you? All right.
You want the rumor? Go for it.
When we went into Baghdad, we captured entire cells.
Some of the savviest terrorists in the world.
But we can't get their intelligence without coercion.
You mean torture? United States of America does not torture prisoners of war.
But Berakas does.
for us.
If you believe the rumors.
And we stay one step ahead of the next 9.
so you see, why we can't touch Clavo.
I do.
To be continued.
I take it the State Department is not going to expel Clavo.
National security.
Now what? We drop the case? / No.
Things change.
Allies become enemies, suddenly evidence, evidence becomes a factor.
I see Stedman over there.
He said you told him to talk to me.
that's not what I said to him.
I said to him I couldn't speak for you.
Not for yourself apparently.
I used to think that you hadn't met Raymond first, that you and I.
Then Raymond died.
/ Right.
And everything changed.
And it is easy to get used to those boundaries.
I'm still your brother's wife.
It's not your fault Raymond got killed.
Not mine.
If anything you tried harder than anyone to get Raymond to be more careful.
And maybe I didn't try hard enough.
That is not true.
I don't believe that.
But maybe you do.
I suppose I'm going to have to accept things for now.
But I'm not going out with Stedlar.
He stares.
You did notice that.
By the way, he's doing it again right now.
I'll talk to you later.
Thank you.
/ Good night.
They've been in there since this afternoon.
Maybe he's gone out the back.
Clavo Cruz's definitely coming out the front door.
How do you figure? He loves attention too much to slip out the back.
Haven't you ever seen him in Ocean Drive magazine? He's everywhere.
He's cam round.
Wait a minute.
That's him.
Hey he looks WWI too.
Definitely walking while intoxicated.
When he gets behind the wheel of that car, he's our business right? I can stand on one foot okay? Look.
Watch me.
You couldn't do it at your vehicle and that's what counts.
You are officially detained.
I want your keys.
When are you gonna get it, SA? The Vienna Convention makes me untouchable.
Not tonight.
The Diplomatic Relations Act of 1978 stipulates that the diplomat can be detained by police if he presents eminent danger to the host nation's citizen such as driving under the influence of alcohol.
And you my friend, couldn't even walk a straight line.
So you'll be taken home by the radio car and you can pick up your vehicle up in the morning at the impound lot.
You know what's crazy? I can kill someone in your country but I can't drive drunk.
I just want your keys.
Pick 'em up.
You want 'em? You pick 'em up.
Thank you.
- Come on let's go.
- Get your hands off me.
Sure is nice when they help, huh? There she is.
This car costs more than my condo.
Let's see if Clavo left us anything.
Gonna be sealant the windshield's been replaced.
The airbag has been too Really? Do you think we might be able to locate it at a repair shop or something? Got some ideas.
I got some fabric here.
It's the same color as our victim's dress.
Is it loose? Cause we can't touch anything legally.
I know but it could be.
There it is.
It's public property now.
And it's got some blood on it.
Well this is our murder car, as if we had any doubts.
Let's go find that airbag.
You think they could hold me.
What's up, Fossy.
Party's starting right now.
I'm flower baby.
You can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me.
You know what I'm saying? Thank you for bringing my little brother home.
You know why he killed Tess.
Don't you? My brother's unstable.
- Everyone knows that.
- Yeah that right.
You're the same one.
You would have never let him go clubbing 48 hours after a murder.
You would have insisted that he keep a low profile.
So what does he have on you? Let it go Lieutenant.
We're protected by your own federal government.
Things change Ramon.
Where? Find her on the beach? Tess's roommate.
/ Michelle Cormier? Neck bruising.
She was involved in a struggle.
But I don't see any defense wounds.
She was taken by surprise.
Can't tell how long she was in the water but I'll know better after post.
All right.
Let's start with the sexual assault kit.
Okay? Will do.
When was the last time Michelle Cormier was seen alive? A model says she was Council topping first night of fashion week.
And so far, that's the last time anyone saw Michelle.
Let's find out which council it is.
I know.
We'll start with Berakas.
You do realize they won't see me.
Well maybe Clavo will answer the door.
For you.
I just got off the phone with the Lamborghini dealership in Coral Gables.
They replaced an airbag on a metallic yellow two days ago.
All right.
Let's go pick it up.
Trash beat us to it.
So we go to the landfill.
An upscale place like Coral Gables does not have a landfill.
/ Right.
They ship it out of the country on a barge to Haiti.
You know what that means.
Hey check this out.
How did that get from your apartment to there is what I want to know.
That's very funny.
You got the right one? Yeah.
/ There's your airbag.
Good afternoon.
/ Hello.
So, what do we have here? Epithelial from the airbag.
Would you mind checking it to see if it matches the saliva from our spitting champ? I'll page you.
I'll wait.
I'm very hands-on.
They may be mentioned that to you when you transferred here.
Match confirmed.
So Clavo was behind the wheel when the airbag deployed.
Runs it proof.
Clavo did it.
She's looking over your shoulder, isn't she? Occupational hazard.
I am a dedicated civil servant, Alexx, just like you.
I see that you're walking your own samples to the lab to be tested.
Is that the Cormier girl, the one from the beach? The one and the same.
You want me to compare and contrast with Clavo's spit? Thank you.
I'll page you.
I'll wait.
I can't help it.
It's in my DNA.
I'm just naturally curious.
Results from Michelle Cormier's sexual assault kit, I compared it with Clavo's DNA.
They're not a match, are they? No.
but there are enough common wheels to suggest it's from a male relative.
You mean like a brother? Parents are flying in from Quebec City.
Her mother, as it turns out, has never been on a airplane before.
Cause of death was drowning with concurrent strangulation.
So Ramon has been a busy boy.
Was the sex consensual? No physical findings.
The thing is, the water in her lungs weren't salt water.
I smell chlorine.
I sent a sample to Trace for the particulars.
Excuse me.
My superior sent me.
Next time it's gonna be DOJ.
Leave the Cruz brothers alone.
Let me just get it clear who we're talking about.
Are we talking about the Cruz brother who killed the girl on the table down there, or the Cruz brother that killed her roommate? Which is it? Langley got a call from General for life.
Complains a CSI is harassing his sons here in Miami.
Impounded a car? His sons are killers.
The general says it stops now.
Or what? He's gonna close the interview camps we have no knowledge about Jim? He also want you to apologize to his sons.
You are a kidder, Jim.
No jokes on this pay scale.
Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna apologize for me.
How would that be? Alexx, can I have the water sample from Trace from our victim's lungs please, ASAP? You got it.
/ No, Caine.
you apologize.
In person.
A federal funds from Miami CSI will be pulled immediately.
Want your lab limping along? Having to fire your staff one by one? That's funny.
You talking about loyalty.
10 am.
So Mr.
Lieutenant Caine has something he'd like to say to you.
You're making us late.
We're going deep-sea fishing as a Marlin or waiting.
If this is another insult to my father and us.
Lieutenant Caine.
I would like to apologize to you gentlemen for any inconvenience I caused you.
And if you would extend my sentiment to your father and his government, I would appreciate it.
Apology accepted.
Okay man.
Just out of curiosity, is that the swimming pool that you drowned Michelle in? Caine.
- Intellectual exercise.
- You're out of here Caine.
It's okay.
It is.
Lieutenant Caine's single mindedness is engaging.
Not that pool.
And if it matters, it was an accident.
Well it does matter.
I guess while you were busy taking what you wanted, you forgot she was down there.
When you have everything, sometimes it feels like nothing.
So when Tess Kimble came over the next night to look for her girlfriend, I guess I'm wondering, how did he mow her down? You've just become less engaging.
the blue bottles from Tess' hand.
Guess what? That glass has Ramon's blood on it.
Just came from DNA.
He thought he could sweet talk her into forgetting about her friend.
A little Champagne, a lot of cash.
- Did you kill Michelle? - Was a terrible accident.
You killed her.
/ No.
Listen to me.
- We can fix this.
- That confirms her suspicions.
He gets agitated.
He tries to seduce her.
- It was an accident.
- She fights back.
God damn it! Come back here.
She runs to get free.
And she probably felt confident that she had gotten away.
And didn't realize the Cruz brothers had a back-up plan.
Homicide finally dug up the phone and found records, by the way.
Clavo, do not let her leave the building.
Only cause she chose truth over money.
The thing is Calleigh, unless there's a coon Berakas's evidence Berakas, this evidence goes on ice.
Berakas council turned me away.
Wouldn't answer any questions.
The brothers are closing ranks.
However, other councils who were more cooperative.
Last sightings I have on Michelle was open night at fashion week.
People saw her at the Neckadarin Council, Canadian Council.
Wait a minute.
Did you say Canadian? / yes.
And this has some special meaning? Could.
Speed, if we process the water in Michelle's lungs yet.
Not that it matters.
If we can't use forensics against guys like Cruz then what exactly are we doing? I understand but I need the ingredients.
What are they? We got chlorine and activated carbon impregnated with metallic silver.
Silver ions? Filtration system is rare.
Specially the parts per billion this water presents.
So what are we talking about? / 40.
all right.
Here's what we do.
Let's go pay our neighbors from the north a visit.
All right? Detective Sallies reports that Ramon Cruz was here at the Canadian Council with Michelle Cormier.
This is Michelle.
Last time I saw those two were hitting out here at the pool.
It was late.
When we host big parties, it is difficult to monitor everyone's activities.
What have we got Speed? Same reaction as the water in Michelle's lungs.
Most water's 20.
Solar scan.
Extra silver ions.
/ Actually What it means is Michelle was killed right here on 10 acres of Canada right here in the middle of Miami Beach.
You're gonna be coming with me.
If you're planning what I think you are, proximity to the crime is only half the equation.
Not when you're dealing with a guy who has boundary issues.
Hang on.
Listen to me.
I need the coast guard and I need the Bahamian Defense Force.
the Bahamian Defense Force.
This is better fishing than Barakas, baby! Come to papa, come to papa.
What you got? What the hell is that? This is the Bahamian Defense Force.
Shut your engines and prepare to be boarded.
Attention! This is the United States Coast Guard.
Shut down your engines and prepare to be boarded.
In conjunction with the United States Coast Guard, by decree of the Bahamian Defense Force, you are under arrest for the murder of Michelle Cormier, a citizen of Canada.
Crime perpetrated in Canadian Soil at the Council in Miami Dade Florida.
Canadian girl on Canadian soil.
That's two out of three.
I'm still immune.
Actually you're not.
Not on your boat.
You're flying under the flag of convenience.
Just like the constables, isn't that right constable? The Bahamian flag.
Which gives me jurisdiction over you.
That is correct.
You never gave any thought to how your father arranged your life.
You just took with no questions asked.
You still can't arrest me.
I'm in Florida waters.
Actually you're not in Florida waters.
About 500 yards that way.
You passed into international waters.
The coast guard was waiting for you to make that mistake.
Now you have 50 years to think about how you helped me in your arrest.
And you, you watch your back.
I'm not done with you.
Now gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.
So remember Clavo, when you're in Miami, we never close.
Take him.
/ Let's go.
Michelle Cormier's parents just flew in.
I didn't know what to tell them.
Okay I'll take it.
You wanted to know why forensics? This is why.
and Mrs.
Cormier? Horatio Caine now Michelle can rest in peace.