CSI: Miami s02e02 Episode Script

Dead Zone

Draw me the line.
Nice toss, champ.
It's stuck.
Oh, my god! Apparently, somebody hit a bull's eye.
A spear.
Slip is rented to a Paul Jackson.
Marina captain says Paul just signed a lease two days ago.
mostly it's a brand new boat.
Yeah, I'll see if I can track down the dealer.
Keep me posted.
Least he went out in style.
New boat, new gear.
Top-shelf tequila.
Yes, tequila for one.
so he wasn't expecting company.
A spear, so he's either a deep sea diver, or knows one.
No spearguns on the vessel.
so the suspect must have brought it in with him.
Brought in and took it away.
Neighbors, harbor patrol.
Nobody saw a thing.
Morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Good morning, Alex.
Can I take him off your hands? He's all yours.
I am going to find the one that got away.
So, our victim takes the spear.
and blood pools around his feet.
speed? Void in the blood pool.
rectangular with a peak.
could a lead diving weight.
whatever it was caused ridges to form in the blood within minutes.
Right? and whoever removed it Watched this man die.
Hey, H.
I'm seeing some salvage gear in here.
high-end scanners things like this.
all still in the boxes.
Salvager, Well it'd take an awful lot of used tin to afford a boat like this.
Here's what we need to do.
Let's find out who and what was here.
All right? Naked guy, boat hull and spear.
Not something you see everyday.
And they say guns are dangerous.
got some transfer here.
that looks like fish scales.
Transfer probably occurred.
as the spear passed through the torso.
The blades will have better samples.
Give me a hand, Calleigh, please.
I'll be in Firearms.
Velocity, tool marks somewhere there's speargun out there that goes with this spear.
What? You got a new boat and a used toilet.
The seat's up.
Why does it always get to be the toilet? Cause of death.
massive internal damage.
The spear perforated the liver and abdominal aorta.
X ray showed small linear fracture.
definitely perimortem.
And finally, the extremities.
Irritation on the hands and forearms.
We think he could be a salvager.
So he got this in the water.
Jellyfish? / Possibly, but take a look at these cuts inside the welts.
I'm thinking fire coral.
Jellyfish and fire coral are cousins.
If he scraped against the fire coral it'd release nematocysts.
Stings just like a jellyfish.
Welts usually last a day.
So he's been underwater in the last 24 hours.
How about this black chemical? Has that sent to Trace? Yeah.
Looks like fingerprint ink.
I was thinking maybe he's been in the system this week.
Or down deep, touching something silver.
Well, you said he was a salvager.
Tin? / No, not tin.
Silver, as in silver coins They react to the salt water.
and break down into black sulfide.
You know what this guy is.
This guy is a treasure hunter.
Treasure hunting, huh? There's a good chance.
Makes sense.
It's a $2 billion business in Florida.
hunting for treasure.
All that hope for a little stretch of coastline.
I assume you want me to get in touch with the State Archaeology unit.
Let's find out what quadrant Mr.
Paul Jackson leased, okay? Paul Jackson didn't own his own boat.
let alone his own quadrant.
So he had a boss.
Yeah, Marty Jones who isn't really boss material.
But he has a working vessel and that's all you need.
That and lease rights.
So you gave this Marty a quadrant? Yeah.
Florida Marine Archaelogy Regs.
Two miles by one.
Can you tell us where exactly that is? Badge'll get you anything.
You work for the State.
So even if Paul found treasure it would've belonged to Marty, right? And the State of Florida.
They have to split with us, 80/20.
And the State still gets to choose which 20? You hunt.
/ A little bit.
When I was a kid, I, uh.
my big plan was to find enough gold to bring the rest of my family over from Cuba.
but I, uh, never got that lucky.
Any chances Marty and Paul didn't report a find? oh, no.
That's not them.
When Marty and Paulie found something, they were like kids coming to register it in my office.
Even though the stuff was a step above junk.
Nostalgia pieces.
Like my Penelope.
Who's that? British freighter, sank in '42.
The only wreck I ever arrested.
SO you never got anything good from her, huh? Bragging rights.
There's a second name on this map.
"Bret Betancourt" Oh, yeah.
Probably a silent partner.
Is there any address besides a P.
box? No.
So this Betancourt is an honorary treasure hunter.
He's been throwing his money at our spearing victim and his partner Marty for years.
State says they never found a thing.
Okay, and Yelina is after this Marty.
Yeah, and Betancourt.
No luck so far.
/ Okay, if you want to find out where someone is find out where they have been.
Marine life, quadrant.
So we know that our victim has been near fire coral.
but that covers half the coast of Florida.
Yes, but there is only one species that's found at depth of 80 feet.
That's Millepora alcicornis.
Which is the kind that stung our victim.
Exactly, and that narrows it down to two reef sections.
the Muldoons and the Cortez Trench.
Cortez Trench.
Okay, here's what we do.
Let's start with the trench and you suit up.
YOu're going treasure hunting.
Delko, you have 22 minutes of air left.
Somebody was definitely down here before us.
I see something.
What have you got? Delko, do you read? Over.
Delko? Talk to me.
Let me see that camera.
What did you find? I swear I saw a mermaid.
Dream on, diver man.
Got a vacuum nozzle.
How much disturbance was down there? - I don't remember.
- Okay.
How deep were you? I don't know.
uh Narcosis.
nitrogen levels are triple at that depth.
No wonder why I felt like I was drunk.
Could explain why you thought you saw a mermaid.
He did see a mermaid.
See? Take a look at that.
You recognize her? Yeah.
That's it.
That's what I saw.
Oh, my god.
One down.
So what do you do? just go to lostfigureheads.
com? Uh, there's no record for most figureheads, but these four ships were the Titanics of their century.
There it is.
She's that figurhead for La Nuestra Senora de Zaragoza.
- A Spanish galleon.
- The Spanish galleon.
Female saints are on the bow for good luck.
That's clearly not a foolproof strategy.
The Zaragoza's legend.
Documented to have capsized in 1649 with Spain's greatest riches in its hull.
So, will you define riches? God, silver, art, jewels She went down just off the coast during a hurricane When Miami was still known as Tequesta.
So hurricane Andrew shifted sands and revealed this wreck.
Let's finish what Andrew started.
Our victim's dive partner Marty Jones.
A statie spotted him on the side of road.
Cracked radiator.
Heading north or south? / Key west.
Ah, yes.
the end of the line.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
He wears a prosthetic device.
Says it's against the civil rights to make him remove it.
State Patrol wasn't sure of the protocol.
Well, let's clarify it for them.
Scares little kids and law enforcement.
My hook.
Just like a pirate, huh? Yeah.
She ain't too good with pliers.
I love my hook.
I love her.
/ But the problem, Marty is that your hook is a potential weapon for us.
so we're going to ask you to relinquish it, please.
Now, you know He's the first one with a badge to ever to ask nice.
Here we go.
Trade you a hook for a light.
I can't do that.
So tell me What happened.
What's this all about? Your dive partner's dead.
What, Paulie? And then you left town.
which make us think you have something to do with it.
No, no, no.
No way.
I went off on a fishing trip.
I haven't see Paulie in a week.
Down to the Keys, I understand.
This is a photograph of your brand of cigar, which puts you on Paulie's two-day-old-boat.
You were there.
Paulie called me.
Said he needed to talk.
I go over.
He keeps beating aroud the bush.
Oh, so, I.
I go to the head.
had a smoke.
and that's when I heard somebody else on board.
Somebody else? Who are we talking about? You know your people must think I'm a real bastard or something.
keeping quiet.
but I didn't want to lose my financing.
I mean, I love Pauli and all, but I gotta tell you I love treasure-hunting more.
So how would you lose financing? Bret Betancourt.
Your silent partner.
Funds all your treasure divers.
And kills my dive partner.
- He didn't know I saw him kill Paulie.
- Okay, but wait.
- You're saying you witnessed murder.
- That's right.
I wasn't about to tell him, either.
So I booked down to the Keys.
Marty, if you witnessed murder, that means you were definitely there.
Tell me what you think created that void.
Don't know.
Betancourt went down for something.
but his body blocked me.
I couldn't see what it was.
I think we can all agree that that is a whale of a tail, Marty.
Detective Salas is gonna take some addresses from you now.
Home, boat slip, storage units.
I'm not hiding anything.
Mi casa es su casa, huh? Not even treasure? You guys found treasure in our quadrant.
Is that what this is really about? No.
This is really about murder.
Could be a million dollars' worth of gold.
Is that all of it? No, sir.
It'll take another ten trips to get the mother lode, and that's with the best equipment the Coast guard has.
Two men couldn't get it all.
even in a week.
Bet our guys got some of it, though.
Judging from the disturbance they got away with a small fortune.
Okay, so we've a marine archaeologist and a shipwreck conservationist on board.
What do you think? Is this treasure they find? or evidence? / Related to murder, we get first shot.
Nice form.
But weak follow-through.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with my follow-through, Detective.
It's this speargun that lacks tension.
It doesn't have enough to make it through the gel block.
let alone the hull.
Try something with more punch.
How did I ever do my job before I met you? Okay.
This one has an extra.
of thrust.
It's compact, but it fires like a rocket launcher.
You okay? Yeah.
That gun had a little bit of a kick to it.
Ah, but look at my gel block.
Now, that is a good shot Not like it was on the run.
I will make you a deal.
You stay out of my office, I'll stay out of yours.
not at work.
Aren't you done with your little experiment? You know what? Diminishing my work as a CSI is not to get you any points with me.
No, what will? Leaving.
I have to run the numbers on the spearguns.
Okay, I'm gone.
/ Good.
Get out.
The Spanish kept better records of the ships that sank than of the ones that made it.
Well, that makes sense.
You lose a ship, you lose all that gold.
I guess, you lose your gold, you lose your empire.
right? They had 46 tons of gold and silver religious art, jewelry.
Over $2 billion dollars.
How do you let that sink? They got greedy.
Overloaded the ship, left too late in the season Got caught in a hurricane.
They never had a chance.
One hurricane buried it, another one cleaned it off.
That's a good thing that came out of Andrew.
You think finding treasure's good thing? It's gold.
It's a good thing.
/ I don't know.
Everything I've seen, treasure only brings troubles to people.
Are you saying that because.
you never found your little treasure? Look, man.
you got anything from the manifest match the void? I got three possibles.
The incese tray's the right size.
But it's silver.
it would have eroded.
Gold wouldn't have, but the ingots didn't match up.
I'll tell you one thing that Coast guard guy was right.
Judging from the disturbances down there, somebody made off with millions.
Sorry, never met him.
Paulie Jackson works for you for 5 years.
and you never met him? Well, he, he never actually worked for me.
He worked for Marty Jones, and I hired Marty.
you've always been insulated.
Potential lawsuits.
Indie contracting is the way to go.
It's sad, but, you know.
way of the world.
when was the last time you talked to Marty? Captain Hook, huh? A couple of weeks ago, why? Can I get our guests anything? I don't think so.
Thank you.
Could I, uh, Could I use your restroom? Thank you.
Be right back.
So uh.
Marty is the real, uh, treasure nut, you know.
Something you need? Possibly.
These are husband's? He likes to mount all his trophies.
I bet that makes you feel special, huh? Oh, it does.
Betancourt, do you own a speargun? I think, uh, I never use it, it's on my boat.
Do you mind if I take a look? I'm starting to.
Okay, I got an idea.
Why don't you lend us the speargun and I will ignore the endangered fish in there.
Report the fish.
I'll pay the fine.
This is crazy.
Why, why would I kill this guy? How about sunken treasure? Sunken treasure? My, my quadrant, that are you kidding me? You seem surprised.
Honey! - There's a delievery for you.
- Have them send it around back.
Lieutenant, um, unless you have a warrant.
- It was really nice to meet you.
- Mr.
Betancourt, You are about to make an enemy you don't need.
Trust me on that.
Oh, hey, uh, they find any treasure.
it's, uh, mine.
You notice? Both Marty and Betancourt reacted the same way about treasure.
Shocked it existed.
Like gambling in Casablanca one of them is lying.
What's wrong? Look at this guy's tennis shoes.
they don't match his uniform.
They're too clean.
Where's the package? The delivery? the package? - Where's the package? - Well, I.
I just gave it to.
Bret! You okay? you okay? Stay here.
A lot of bang for a letter bomb.
Sheet explosive.
Flexible, like a pad of paper.
Betancourt probably thought he was getting a contract.
Yes, but not the kind he expecting.
As soon as he opened that package If Marty did this, I'll find trace amounts of uh, deep sea explosives.
If it's not alive or nailed down Speed, bag it.
Bomb that size, and all he lost was a hand.
It's not from the shrapnel.
It's from the compression wave.
Air moving at 900 feet per second.
That kind of force would macerate his internal organs.
Turn his insides into jelly.
but leaves the skins untouched.
A million ways to die.
So I heard you hurt yourself.
Did detective Hagen tell you that? In passing.
Are you okay? / All right.
The examplar speargun did give me a run for my money.
can I see it? Ouch.
- Well, our victim didn't have one of those.
- Well, then he didn't shoot the speargun.
So he didn't kill Paul Jackson.
Got an action switch.
It's pretty sophisticated.
It's more than that meathead Marty could come up with.
So we're dealing with a pro.
Excuse me, ladies.
we'd like to find out who killed your husband.
A little while ago, you were accusing him of murder.
well, two things can be true at once.
I would also like to take a look on your yacht.
You just saved my life.
It's a little difficult for me to say no.
I'll take that as yes.
Well, it matches your description of the murder weapon.
Take a look at that.
Smudgy prints.
What do you think, Some kind of ink? It's from sulfides, like from silver coins.
Same as our victim, except Betancourt doesn't bother to hide the gun.
You think it's a plant? - I don't know.
- Is Betancourt a good guy? I wouldn't go that far.
You smell that? That's diesel fuel.
/ Yeah.
It's like it's seeping through the floor.
Why would someone soak a perfectly good yacht with diesel fuel? To fool the Coast guard.
/ Yeah, cocaine.
The diesel fuel throws off the detectors.
Breaks down the molecular Structure of the coke.
No wonder she didn't want us on board.
So if Betancourt's funding treasure hunting to cover drug smuggling.
he doesn't even know they found gold.
Do you think she'll talk to us? / Nope, Not on your life, but I know where we can get some good information.
Come on.
Brought Coast guard's radar history of this quadrant for the last three month.
We ran the lat and long of our suspect.
The fact that he had a private slip made it real easy to ID his vessel.
Like you thought, first Monday of every month, Betancourt would head out to the same zone.
Stay out there half, head back, like clockwork / Okay, so what happened to Betancourt's radar image while he was out there? Well, Radar works by line of sight.
So if he's out of our line of sight He's in a dead zone.
Right there.
He knew exaclty how to exploit the government's weaknesses.
We know what he did.
What did Marty do? Our Captain Hook.
Followed same pattern every day except one.
The day before the murder.
Then his boat disappeared off radar.
When he should have been looking for shipwrecks, Maybe he stumbled onto Betancourt's coke.
Then he reappears outside of the dead zone.
and doesn't stay long enough to dive, and not even to drop an anchor.
Nobody goes that far out to sea just to turn around, do they? Maybe he picked something up.
Or maybe he dropped something off.
H, I got something.
Send it up, Eric.
White gold.
It's not just any coke, either.
Look at the mark.
"100F" Javier Cienfuegos.
Javier Cienfuegos.
The finest in Columbia.
So, I guess we know who letter-bombed our guy.
Now, where's the rest of it? We were down there three quarters of an hour, H.
There's nothing else down there.
Nobody risks a plane and a pilot for 50 keys.
Let's find the rest of it.
The question remains, Marty.
Did you transfer the rest of cocaine to your salvage boat, or not? What rest? I didn't take any cocaine from any drop zone.
No, you moved it.
And you moved it to make it look like Betancourt had skimmed from the Columbians.
so you and Paul would get the treasure.
Until, of course, you put a spear into Paul, right? Look, man, I don't even own a speargun.
No, you don't.
But Betancourt does.
I didn't shoot Paulie.
You're lying, Marty.
Go ahead, check me.
I bruise easy.
Do you see a bruise there? NOpe.
Lift up your shirt.
What? / Lift up your shirt, Marty.
- That's a bruise.
- Hey, hey, come on.
I don't even know how to use a speargun.
/ No, you don't.
You don't know how to use one.
and that's why you held it like a pistol.
you and your hook.
And the you snuck back onto Betancourt's boat, and replaced it.
Says who? Says who.
The miracle of science, Marty.
Take a look at that.
Transer sulfides on the speargun.
Hey, officer.
So let me guess.
the State's Attorney is refusing to proscute, right? I made her case.
I told her everything.
She told you that we have no witnesses.
Smduges, no prints.
and nothing to place him on the crime scene.
So Paul Jackson is dead.
and our friend Marty over there goes free.
For now.
Your message ran out on my voice mail, but I got the gist.
I just can't believe you told Horatio I was hurt by an experiment.
/ I happen to know that "relax" is cop-speak for "shut up".
all I'm saying is .
Please don't tell anybody I am anything less than squared away on a case.
All right? It was a nothing conversation in the elevator, Calleigh / John.
Loud and clear.
Thank you.
Are you a religious man? After a fashion.
I've been looking for an object to fill our void.
I got it.
The Cross of Santiago was at the murder scene.
It's a beauty.
Probably that one piece Marty held out for his partner to chew on while he hid the rest of his stash.
So Paulie is on his new boat.
admiring his Cross.
And then Captain Hook shows up.
Marty probably stashed the Cross with the rest of his loot, whatever that is.
Or he sold it.
This guy has to get out of our jurisdiction, doesn't he? You don't think that would raise a lot of flags in Miami fencing? It might for gold, but the Cross is a work of art.
He could sell it on the grey market.
That's the big skam.
Art collectors.
they never say items were stolen.
they say they were found.
I'll get into it.
I'll start looking for internet grey sites.
Keep me posted.
I didn't know where else to go.
My husband I'm worried I could be in danger, too.
Well, I think Cienfuegos has made his point so for the time being you are safe unless there's something you're not telling me.
I always believed that Bret was a salvager.
Go on.
Legally, he was a salvager, Lieutenant.
So let me get this straight.
You are here for the treasure.
By rights, it is mine.
as my husband's widow.
Betancourt, if you go down this road, the DEA will label you an accomplice.
seize your assets and throw you in federal prison for the drug smuggling.
- I never smuggled a thing.
- No, but you benefited from it.
Well, it's not like I have savings.
Bret handled all our money.
My advice to you is to put your house on the market, move to Palm Springs, or Arizona or anywhere where it is landlocked.
You ever get out to Palm Springs, Lieutenant Caine? Only on business.
Will there be anything else? Apparently not.
Insistent lady.
Lady? How we doing? I checked the storage unit Marty rented at the pier Found coconuts hundreds of them.
No treasure.
So he's playing with us.
You okay? / I'm good.
I'm not sleeping really well since the bomb.
Old memories.
What? I'm just glad you're a bomb expert.
I heard you're bidding on the Cross of Santiago.
I'm trying to.
I can't get into this art site.
I got in on the old PDA.
The Cross of Santiago could've been ours yesterday for a mere $80,000.
Somebody bought it? The Zaragosa was my last one.
Now I have an artifact from every Florida shipwreck of the 1960's.
two men dead, also you can have a matching set.
It's their deaths that give the art its value.
Sailors carrying treasures across oceans, through centuries.
It's a sacred calling to be an art collector.
Ma'am, I'm afraid to tell you your Cross of Santiago is now our evidence.
Here it is.
right over here.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing? - What is he doing? - Oh, it's just a mild acid solution.
That cross is part of a murder investigation.
and what he's doing is tampering with evidence.
So, that accounts for those little smatterings of blood on the Cross.
You just destroyed any fingerprints the killer might have left.
Well, I had no idea.
I'm terribly sorry.
Yeah, sure you are.
You know we're going to need to take that from you, anyway.
Oh, no, you don't.
This cross is mine.
until you, youngsters bring me a warrant from a sitting judge.
Is that the sacred part you are talking about there, Vivian? You must be an Yankee.
Yeah, I'm from Jamaica, Queens.
He's doing best to serve the great state of Florida.
He's a bit of rebel himself.
So, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you mind if we got the name who sold you the artifact? Well, I might just be able to find that information for you somewhere.
Thank you.
Hey, I found out who sold the Cross.
That's great.
What was the name? There wasn't a name.
It's a company.
The check was made out to Lost Penelope Salvage.
Penelope? You recognize it? Yeah.
Well something tells me you didn't ask me here to go diving, did you? No, I didn't.
State was going to get its 80%.
Just retroactively.
- Everybody would do okay.
- Including you, right? I had the online auction account.
My reputation.
Marty was just going to give me a kickback for selling the Cross.
I hope the bonus is worth some jail time.
Do you know how hard it is to survive on a government paycheck? - Yes, I do.
- It was found money, Eric.
Who gets hurt? / How about Paul Jackson with a speargun in his chest? I had nothing to do with that.
That wasn't me, Nothing.
By law you do, Christine.
What? No.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god.
What can I do to fix this? I don't know.
Maybe you can cut a deal for yourself and shave off some time.
Let's go.
Hey, What can I say? Her word against mine.
And she defrauded the state.
What prosecutor going to go for that? You know, Marty? You're absolutely right.
You know what I like about him? Grace in defeat.
Yeah, try as we might, can't all be winners.
I hope you're not under the impression that you've won something.
Well, tell you what? I am walking out of here.
Me and my hook are going down to claim what you guys tried to steal from my quadrant.
Flag on the play, Marty.
We have arrested the wreck of the Zaragosa.
You can't.
She is mine.
As of an hour ago, she belongs to the State University Marine center.
You'll never see a penny.
/ Sorry, I'm the one who found her, and I have a lease with the state.
Which became null and void the minute you sold the Cross.
Okay, no big deal.
No big deal.
Why? Because you have your stash on the side? Let's see how far you get with that angry Columbian out there.
You think he hasn't heard you tampered with his cocaine.
And if he hasn't, I'm sure Betancourt's widow will let him know.
Marty, don't accept any registered mail.
You're trying to scare me so I'll give it up.
I'm not.
I'm trying to save your life.
I like my odds out there.
You're making a mistake, Marty.
I've made them before.
I hope it's not your last.
Always standing guard.
well, there's all kinds of pirates out there.
What would you do if you found a treasure? What would you do? / Me? Wear better jewelry.
I don't know.
travel See the world.
Get Ray Jr.
into private school.
But you didn't answer my question.
If you found a treasure, what would you do? Hang on a second.
Where are you? When did they find it? An hour ago, sir.
Throttle was wide open.
Nobody's seen the owner.
Looks like Marty was doing a little celebrating.
Well, I bet they didn't ask him nicely.
who? The Columbians.
Well, we've got a dying pirate either running for his life or running for his treasure.
Let's open this and figure it out.
So, it was his treasure.
How'd the Columbians miss that? They didn't.
They didn't know about it.
They were too busy being focused on him messing with theirs.
Should I call off my divers? Why don't you do that? Let's let the tides find this one.