CSI: Miami s02e03 Episode Script

Hard Time

Another way I thought Eric had a call out.
He got caught in traffic.
Just him? Look at this place.
They should fire the decorator.
It sounds pay check could have been the way they wanted it.
I smell decomp.
Yeah, neighbor thought it was from the pipes.
till a couple of hundreds maggots fell on his head First officer pronounced 0800.
we got ten dollars, credit cards, ID says her name is Peg Donovan but the condo owner says her unit's vacant.
Peg Donovan from Miami shores it's over 10 miles from here.
Alexx, what do we have? Massive head trauma.
pronounce sac mosses Probably blunt-force.
Flies didn't waste any time, did they? Based on the life cycle live these blowflies.
She's been here over 72 hours.
here since monday.
The corneas aren't clouded.
Beautiful green eyes.
Alexx, wait a second.
Shouldn't those be clouded? Liver temper gives a closer TOD.
Hang on a second.
This woman has perspiration on her checker.
Oh, my god.
/ Alexx, She's still alive.
Peg, my name is lieutenant Horatio Caine, You are alright now, you're safe.
Lieutenant, she's unconscious.
I understand.
Peg, I want you to take care now.
/ Yeah, Alexx gave me peg's bag and I found these on the inside.
We got some OC spray a whistle and a switchblade.
Self defense and self preservation.
We all know what that means.
- Means she is a rape victim.
- Two times a victim.
She doesn't have bad luck.
She's got no luck at all.
You know what? Nobody could be this unlucky.
Are you saying this is a reino? Somebody wants to think it is.
And nobody knows she's survived, right? I wanna play this is as a murder.
All right, I'll pick it up.
/ Okay.
So I missed all the excitement.
huh? Thousand bodies under my belt and I don't notice a live one.
First officer didn't neither, I mean, who can blame in a place smells like decomp covered in maggots.
I'm an MD.
Which means another difference.
All right.
Explain this smell? It's from the blood pool.
Not from tissue decay, girl was almost clean as whistle.
Techincal terms, maggot debridement.
Flies are always first witness to a crime.
Smell blood from a mile away.
The flies lay their eggs and exposed worm.
Which hatched to maggots Maggots ate the necrotic tissue, Killing any vacteria preventing an infection.
So the maggots kept her alive.
I'll get this to our entomologist.
Get us a time line.
This ?? was delivered four days ago.
And the spatter indicates that it was delivered prior to the attack Hey.
Thanks for the heads start.
Lieutenant Caine.
/ Yeah.
- You, wanted to her clothes for investigation? - Yes, yes, doctor.
Doctor? Were there any physical findings? Her skull's fractured.
She's got subdural hematoma and cerebral edema, but a.
No evidence of rape.
What are her chances realistically? Swolen on her brain goes down, she might be okay.
I told her she'd pull through.
Aidment is not advertised lieutenant but sometimes patients just hearing it can make it so.
All right.
Thank you.
/ Sure.
This kleenex is good for DNA.
Gotta be ten different shoe patterns here.
I say photo them all and suit'em out later.
Think this one gave me a bonus.
Well, I don't need a scope this here.
There's scump of scalp here.
The pounds per square inches to do that.
Hey, look at that.
Looks like the weapon hit the ceiling.
So 2 by 4 construction site.
It's a weapon of oppourtunity.
So prior rape victim goes to a deserted construction site is beaten and left for dead.
There's no evidence that she was taken in here against her will.
I think she had to have come with someone she trusted.
Buenos dias? Hello.
Do you have the where abouts of detective Hagon? He's running down the condo owner.
Call the hand.
Set you wanna run Peg Donovan through the database? That's right.
We believe she was a rape victim.
You mean in her past.
Well, then she should be in here.
Nothing locally.
/ Try state wide.
and a Jason State, please.
January 1st.
I remember this case.
Miami co-eds in the ball game.
Southern georgia.
Rape January 1st by one Mason Shaw.
Mason Shaw is convicted October 3rd.
Remained to the South Georgia Correctional Facility.
When is Mason eligible for parole? Well, he had his first hearing October 2000.
Parole denied.
Parole denied, okay.
When is his next hearing? October 2003, this month.
This month.
Did we just find our motive? - What are you thinking? - Here's what I'm thinking.
Somehow Peg.
Peg is involved in these hearings.
Hey, Celleigh.
/ Hey, Hey, listen.
Thanks for taking that evening call out of that condo.
I really appreciated.
/ Sure.
You know, traffic's a bitch getting old to escape it.
People say.
Everything go okay? Ah let's see.
We may have a time line off some wood.
We got some shoe prints.
Possible DNA off from kleenex.
Oh and the dead girl wasn't dead.
What? / Oh, she was hanging on by threat.
You kidding.
Where is she? Over at Grace Memorial.
By the grace of god, I might add.
- I appreciate the help.
- You welcome.
Anything else you need, lieutenant.
You just let me know.
Thank you, Sergent.
Noticed how he tilt his neck to the left? Guy's stone deaf in his right ear To vain to wear his hearing aid.
That guy behind the glass.
He's into his book for a grand The one next to him his wife's paying in his brother.
Family scandle.
Who else you want to know about? I would like to know about you.
Now Mr.
Conroy of the parole board tells me you have very very big hearing tomorrow.
Got a good feeling about it.
Very good.
It's important be confident.
How do you feel about Peg Donovan? Peg Donovan.
I understand that she was at your hearing 3 years ago.
And her testimony.
Her testimony kept you behind bars.
I heard she's not gonna make it this time.
That is quite true.
Someone Someone beat her to death at Miami.
Tough break.
Yes, it was.
Were you involved, Mr.
Shaw? It's not possible man.
Look at me.
I'm behind bars.
Why would that stop a smart guy like you? Prove it.
Working on it.
Listen,I'm gonna run down on our rape cell mates phone records and visitors.
See what he's got in his back pocket.
Okay, I've got some shoe prints that might be able to help us, I'll show you when you get back? I'm not coming back any time soon.
- You're not? - Tomorrow is Shaw's parole in here.
If it goes his way they're gonna crack those gates immediately.
Yeah, and you won't be there.
And enough evidence to put him right back in.
Okay, working as fast we can.
Take care.
Drying out Peg's clothes? I can't process the evidence almost I do Wasn't she supposed to be in court on that quadruple? Yeah, continuance.
I looked up a file on Peg Donovan's rape case from nine years ago.
And Shaw, he didn't just rape her.
He broke both of her arms.
and she crawled out to the motel hall where the maid found her.
Her eye hanging out of it's socket.
Tough girl.
/ Yeah.
You know I flicked out on the crime scene night? Yeah, but you know, you called and Calleigh covered, so Worked out.
Yeah, but if Calleigh hadn't covered.
It's up to me.
I mean she might have a died Guess it was.
Good thing it wasn't up to you.
Anyway, what do you want me to say.
Everyday it's like a suprise party with you.
So is Calleigh mad at you? I don't know, I can't tell.
Well, she's probably mad at you.
Hi, Got a bad guy in there? Maybe.
Do you ever knock? You don't like guys who knock.
I've got 3 unidentified heel prints for the distinct.
Shefron pattern.
I'm just waiting see what the database's coming up with.
Please, stop staring at me.
Grip tread 2000.
That should help.
Oh, not really.
It's actually common has cold.
So this heel gives us nothing? Only class characteristics.
But the dirt I've recovered make it us more.
Do you have something of your own detective? Oh, yeah.
Seems our victim was a prisoner in her own home.
Worked there, lived there, never adventured out.
Except for this place.
Three blocks from the crime scene.
That's great.
I'll drop this off by trace on our way out.
Have Speedle run it.
Arther? We spoke on the phone about Peg Donovan.
ID's please.
Was Peg Donovan a regular? Never misses.
We think she was killed after the meeting, monday night.
Do you document who attends? / No, it's too confrentational for some of our members.
Anyone new join the group recentely? One woman.
Didn't ger her name.
She did participated in the fast defense training class that I teach.
The one with MO guy suit.
MO guy suit? Technical name.
Like the michelin man.
This new woman she volunteered to play my victim.
I started the demonstration she freaked.
Said it was too soon.
Too soon? Since her attack.
Peg tried to calm her down.
Infact they left together.
Wow, that makes this lady the closest thing to have back down we've got.
Would you mind getting the MO guy suit? We might be able to get DNA off of it.
It's in the back.
You still here, Caine? Hey, no talking in line on the chain game.
Hey, you wanna picture, Caine? One more day when I wake up and I'm out of here.
You sure about that? Hey! Move it.
Visitors all you want.
Fallen back 6 months.
/ Thank you.
Hey, it's me.
Making county is about to send us the transcript and the court records for Shaw's 94 rape case.
Here to Miami? Yeah, they'll only send it to my official address.
Here's what I need.
The original court reporters, witnesses and jury members.
Anybody connected to the trial.
You have a suspect in mind? Yeah, I do.
Got the DNA results from the kleenex from the condo.
No match to the victim.
But it did match the DNA of the self-defensive.
Okay, the mystery woman was at the scene of the crime.
That's good.
but she's still mystery woman.
I'm just saying.
Not a mystery woman for long.
Horatio checked Shaw's visitor list.
Lawyer, family, and no less than 8 women who visit him regulary.
That is so weird how certain woman seek out criminal celebrity.
Were we able to get any of the groovies? You need one? Chrysal Sherwood.
Guess how she met Shaw? Well, just when I think I've seen everything.
According to our records you visit Mason Shaw in prison every week.
Feel bad for him.
Losing everything.
His wife walked down on him.
He missing his son grow up.
Did your sympathy for Mr.
Shaw began during or after you served as a jury on his trial? - How did you? - Court records.
Visitor logs.
Mason Shaw and I fell in love after his trial.
He was working you from the defense table.
Guys like that always do.
Mason's a sensitive guy.
A very sensitive guy.
Yes, he's so sensitive in fact that he had Peg Donovan killed.
So she couldn't appear at his parole hearing tomorrow What? She's.
The leader of the rapes support group IDed you from photo.
You have personated a rape victim to slayer Peg.
You were the last person she was seen with.
I know why I got so weird.
Rape is over any moment.
memories last a life time.
You wanna get some coffee? Talk? Okay.
And I think we both know that sample you just gave us is gonna place you at the crime scene.
And you showed her your place, Peg Donovan's antenna must have gone up.
I'm remodeling.
I just took her there and left.
Somebody used a 2 by 4.
Not me.
I swear.
Could you stand up? Why? What's going on? Going to find out if you're telling the truth.
I did all I had to do to destroyed the pattern to identify the component to the soil.
You already making excueses.
I think it's all right.
Guess we're all same team.
Hey, did you find anything instructive in the dirt from the boot? Clay, hay, excrement and Onion? / Well, Yellow granic type F.
hybrid onion specific.
Horse get uncommon supermarket onions.
That's what you got? Turns out there not so common.
Sucrose of high concentration.
Vidalia onions.
Vidalia onions.
There's only one place in the world they grow the Southern County State of Georgia.
That's where our suspect's ?? Nice boots.
Officer Bailey.
Your prisoners? So I'm told.
I'm also told you you're the only CO in the pestrian patrol.
So? Ever been to Miami? No.
Well, your boots say different Voila.
You're coming with me.
Well Roy, you broke the caught and rule, didn't you? What rule? Never and I mean never let an inmate know anything about you, that rule.
I do not fractionize with inmates.
Really? I hear Roy, that your wife is expecting twins.
That must have been a shock? What is.
? - Well, how do you know - I heard it from Shaw.
Well, I never told Shaw, nothing.
Did you kill Peg Donovan? Who? Come on.
Come on, this is a private prison.
No training.
Less salary.
You are venerable on this area.
You have motive.
Look, I told you.
I've never been to Miami.
And I was fishing on Monday.
All right, here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna let me look at your bank deposits and may believe you.
My bank deposits? / Yes.
I wanna see if you supplementing your income.
I think you're gonna have to get a warrent for that.
Minutes away, Roy, Minutes away.
Recognize him? He's one of the guards from Mason's prison.
We found his boot prints at the crime scene.
Is he the one that met you there? Did he beat Peg with 2 by 4? I told you I didn't even know someone was there.
I locked her in and I left.
That's all Mason ask me to do.
I didn't know someone was gonna kill her.
Speed, it's H Hey, Now listen, Shaw has an eighteen year old son who just stopped visiting about a month ago.
Were you able to see him? Nope, he is a freshman at the University of Miami, Go get this face, will you? All right, I'll take a uniform.
Chuck Shaw? Yeah, I got ten minutes left man.
Well, maybe you can get your money back.
What do you want? You seen Peg Donovan lately? I called her a few times.
Is that why came down to Miami? No, I got a scholarship.
Marine Biology.
When's last time you saw her, Peg? Never, I told you I phoned her.
My father is parole hearing is coming up and I asked her to go easy.
Shook things up last time she testified, huh? She told that story again? Those lies? About how my father raped her? Lies? I know my Dad cheat on my Mom.
But it wasn't rape.
It was just sex.
Hey, Chuck do you have a.
An allergy? It's a poison oak.
It's pretty hard to get that down on Miami.
It's really humid.
You wanna try again? I don't remember.
You know, it's all over your face but it's not in your eyes.
Mind if I take a sample of that? Go ahead.
Burn on your face is from pepper spray.
Found 15% oleoresin capsicum which is identical to Peg Donovan's pepper spray, so You attacked her.
Well, do you wanna explain that? She was a.
taking out the trash.
Last week.
walked up to her.
Told her to stop lying about my Dad.
Hey, why want you do that She just started freaking out.
Spraying at me so I ran.
Crazy bitch.
She ruin my whole family.
How old are you when your dad was arrested.
Nine? Eight.
Would you take a look at something? Those are photos of Peg's sexual assault.
And the files related to the case.
I want you to look at those.
And I want you to tell me that you think that's consenteral sex.
Hi, I'm Calleigh Duquesne, Miami Dade CSI.
Your doctor told us you were awake.
Do you think you're up to looking up some pictures? It's Crystal.
She took me to her place.
Locked me in.
Crystal! Open the door! We believe that person that assaulted you may have been waiting inside.
Do you think you can look at one more? I didn't see anyone else.
It's dark inside.
That's all right.
Are you okay? Suppose to be somewhere.
Just can't remember where.
Are you finished? My crime scene re-construction indicates that you are tall enough to swing by that 2 by 4 to kill Peg Donovan.
I didn't.
I know.
Homocide just found out you were on a boat at the time of the murder.
I mean Biology trip.
I think my dad's planned me.
It's all leaf running.
He set me up.
I I think I might paid for him.
What are you talking about? Peg Donovan's murder.
My dad said if I brought him a little money every week it would help.
Keep these guys off him.
Pay for his protection.
All through High School I brought him money.
Prisoners aren't allowed to handle money.
I know.
I gave it to a CO to pass it to my Dad.
I think he's name was Bailey? Now you can collect this when you leave.
How did you know? My boss.
I just wanted to help my dad.
I didn't know it was to kill her.
I swear.
Was low and overnight and we're expecting temperature in the high 90's with 94% humidity.
You're listen to WHGA Southern Georgia's broadcast and now we're here from Roll Hagard.
You want me to push his hearing back? Just until I can get my evidences together.
Parole hearing is to ask subtain whether he paid his debt to the society.
It is not to prosecute for a second alleged attack.
I understand that but I can't file a new case yet.
Drag your heels.
The State of Georgia doesn't cut in the dragging heels for the State of New Jersey.
I'm sorry.
State of Florida.
So what you're telling me is that you are comfortable putting a violent sex offender back out on the street? If the board so determines.
But you are the senior member of the board.
You can make this happen.
What we have here is a failure to communicate.
I always like that movie.
Me too.
Shaw's hearing is at 4:30.
I'll be here.
There's gotta be something that ties this case to Shaw.
I gonna have to go back over the evidence.
Heel print, Clothes.
/ Emergency room is not the medical examiner.
You got stress or some? No, when a victim goes to morgue the ME bags and tags everything, right? Find tooth comb, cause it's evidence.
- The ER on the other hand.
- It's only concern who's saving lives not concerned with the evidence.
/ Exactly.
And the ER doctor's must have been all over Peg.
- We have head trauma, - Move it.
move it, come on.
All right, all right.
Losing blood.
Okay, cut away, come on.
Clothes are drying out on the evidence.
huh? Yo! Check this out.
Cell phone.
Emergency situation.
Yeah, the ER nurse must have hid it in there to keep it from getting lost.
Check the history.
Here we got a 911 call made Well, that make sense.
I would use a cell phone over pepper spray any day.
And the PD didn't get us any tapes from 911.
Well, maybe the call didn't get through? We have to go though being the cold memory.
Well maybe it got dropped.
Either way, we know what time the call was made.
Let's get the tape and see what we can hear.
So dispatch recorded one 911 hangup at 9:44.
Nobody on the other line.
See if there's anything in the background.
Yes, let's give it a try.
What was that? Let me try to isolate the sound.
It sounds like electronic.
140 decibels probably radio frequency interference.
The crime scene was a constrution site I didn't see anything electronic.
I don't know.
Maybe it was outside or next door? Yeah.
Had to been pretty close to react with the frequency in the cell phone.
Okay, how close? In the room.
One or two feet away from the phone.
So she got locked in the room and she grabbed her cell phone to make the call.
And if the electronic device was within a foot of her at that time it had be on the suspect.
An electronic device? Interfered with her cell phone.
Cell phone.
What kind of cell phone exactly? It's a turbo cell TC-90.
Tyler said he can match the sound on the tape.
If we find a electronic device her attacker was carrying.
Okay, here's what I want you to do.
Have him get his gear and you two get up here immediately, Immediately, Eric.
They told me you looking for me.
Yeah, I'm a I'm having trouble deciphering these visitor logs.
See what I can do.
Appreciate it.
Allow me to take a look at these.
New phone, huh? Yeah, it's a It has this artist ring.
Do you wanna hear it? Ahh, god !! See what I mean? Here's the bottom line sergeant, we can prove that your hearing aid was within inches of Peg Donovan cell phone while she was being attacked.
I never meant the hit her that hard.
It was that noise.
Why did you try implicate Bailey? He tried implicate Bailey because he could, right sarge? I knew Bailey had two days off.
And you are access to his boots.
I knew you was taking money from Shaw which would make him the perfect patency.
Here's a thing I can figure out, though.
I can prove through your bank statement that you aren't taking money.
So what does he have on you? There was this woman.
She was there on the conjugal, I guess her old man couldn't deliver.
I didn't wanna lose my job.
And my my wife.
Shaw said we'd be even if I did him a favor.
Shaw said.
Take a look at that.
That was some favor, sarge.
Estimated on a parole board is in the In the matter of inmate number 41720.
- Welcome back.
- It's good to be here, sir.
Before we proceed, Lieutenant Caine has requested a word.
Thank you.
Mason Shaw you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder of a witness.
Attempted? You told me she was dead.
Well, I guess I miss led you huh? How does it feel to be kept in the dark? I should have been improvised of this before the hearing, Caine.
So I apologies for that.
But that's the problem with these places is loose lips.
This is a notice of extradition signed by the State's attorney of Florida.
You my friend, are about to stand trial.
Get up, Get up! I'll be acquited.
You got nothing.
On the contrary, I have confessions from every major player including your son, Your son.
You see Mason, the problem of manipulation is that people can turn on you.
Well, Shaw.
This hearing is over.
And what maybe the biggest understate of my career, Parole denied.
You're the one that found me.
That's right.
That's right.
How're you feeling? Scared.
They told me you got him.
You know what, Peg? We did.
We got him.
How long do I have? Peg, he's never getting out.
Never, no parole.
No parole? Nope.
What? Don't worry.
It's okay.
There you go, no big deal.
I'm still scared.
I know.
I know.