CSI: Miami s02e04 Episode Script

Death Grip

- What do you got? - Lana Walker 14, her sister Molly 5, Both taken from the bedroom in middle of the night.
Approximately what time? Two o'clock.
/ Okay.
Evidence of a break-in? Bedroom window.
You know statistically most murders happen in the three hours of kidnapping.
That's right, so we are on the clock.
I want that money available in case there's a ransom demand.
Yes, I know what time it is.
Just get it done.
Theses are my kids we're talking about.
Officers, is there anything we can do? Mr.
Walker, you can start putting that phone down please and allowing me to clear the scene up here.
But it's my house.
I understand that, but the person that broke in here may have left something behind and I can find it making it connect to the girls.
So please join your family downstairs.
All right? Okay.
We got one set of footprints which means one assailant.
but two girls are missing and that's an awful lot of baggage, isn't it? One of them is 5 years old, isn't she? So if I.
If I was a 5 years old child where would I hide? Hang on.
This is a cool hiding space.
Are you okay in there, Molly? Okay, Molly, we looking for your sister.
And we can't find her.
And do you know where she is? He took her.
Who took her? Who took her sister? She said a monster.
Blood? He attacked her on her own bed? You know I'm not entirely sure that this is from the attack.
It's concentrated in the middle third of the bed I found clotting and plus, she was 14.
I think it's entirely possible this is menstrual blood.
Take a look at this.
You got something? It's an oil smudge from a nose or a forehead So he stood there looking at her.
What do we have here? A Shiny purple fiber.
Well, now we're looking back at him, aren't we? Okay, speed.
Let's get this to Trace.
You got it.
Walker, just relax your hand again.
This is for the FBI? - When do they get here? - Feds don't get involved without a reason.
Ransom note, interstate transport, child under 12, that sort of thing.
There must be something we can do? Yeah, there is actually.
You can make a list of all your recent contacts.
Lana's and your wife's.
Can I have a minute please? Hey, listen.
why don't you go check out daddy over by thatcool truck? I'm gonna need a few things of Lana's, a hair brush, her clothing.
- So you can identify her body? - No, let's not assume that yet.
Okay? / Lieutenant, when you find whoever did this.
I just want 5 minutes alone with him.
I wanna see what my baby saw.
Walker, there is a chance that you know this person already.
We don't know anybody who would do something like this.
Okay, here's what I want you to do.
If you think of somebody that you're concerned about in any way, I want you to call me without fail, day or night.
Will you do that? Crystal? Everything okay? Ah, yeah.
Do you guys have a place to stay? We're not going anywhere.
We wanna be here when Lana comes back.
I understand that.
But this is a crime scene.
And I'm gonna need the location.
All right? So think about it.
The community is asking for your support in finding this young girl.
Neighbors are shocked this could happen in their own backyard.
Canals and waterways are being searched.
A command post is being set up in a next door neighbor's garage.
Lana Walker, a 14 year old junior tennis champion was brazenly snatched from her bed where she slept.
Apparently the kidnapper entered the house through upstairs window sometimes after midnight.
Sir! I need you to step away from the vehicle.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm a Willy Camp.
I'm a volunteer.
/ That's fine.
You can't be here, sir.
I can't have you here this is an active crime scene.
Actually I live just across the street.
You are using my garage as a command post.
That's nice of you.
Well, anything I can do for that poor little girl.
What you can do is just hang back across the street.
/ Sure, enough said.
Thanks officer.
H, got Lana's clothes for the scent dogs.
Any connection to the purple fibers? No, nothing at her closet or her sister's and nothing in the laundry.
Okay, that's good news for us.
that means the intruder brought it in with him.
and pass them out, please.
Get anything? Always do.
They're like cockroaches.
in 10 blocks how was that possible? Who's the candidate? You're looking at him.
We have a winner.
Nice family photos, Wily.
I guess the only problem is this isn't your family is it? No, look.
This is neighborhood watch stuff.
I'm supposed to document any suspicious activity on the block.
Suspicious activity.
My advice to you is to remember to place yourself in the photographs next time.
Look, I haven't done anything wrong.
On the contrary, Willy.
, A registered sex offender is prohibited from owning material that is relevant to his sexual deviant behavior and you know that.
I found more of these in his house.
Okay, see what we have here.
These are just of the boy.
You got it.
I just checked the county list of registered sex offenders.
Willy's interests don't extend past young boys.
Is that true, Willy? Horatio.
/ H.
Search dog just alerted, quad 3.
- You find a girl, Eric? - Not exactly.
Okay, what does that mean? Think you better get over here.
I'll call emergency services.
Tell them to call off the search teams.
On the contrary, double the teams she may still be alive.
We're just getting started.
Knock and talk's turned up a witness down the street from the Walker's house.
Oh, what did they have to say? They heard a car tear out of there after midnight.
They get the make and model? Ah, they actually didn't see anything.
Oh, well, I know I don't have to tell you but, if they can't ID the car.
No, I got it on tape.
They're making a video.
At midnight? It was a personal video.
That's different.
Someone's been doing you.
You guys have a stapler? No, but you are the third one to ask in the last 10 minutes.
Do you want us to burn you a copy? That's our mystery car.
Can you back up? Sounds like he hit something.
Yeah, car bottomed out.
Well, either way, he might have left some transfer.
It's an undercarriage scrape.
Looks like fiberglass.
So I guess the kidnapper was driving a red sports car.
- It's not exactly subtle.
- Neither is murder.
- You wanna run this? - No, man.
You do the scrape.
I'll do the tape.
See what I can get off the video.
Fair enough.
Skin on the fingertips is sloughed off.
We'll have to run DNA to compare this to Lana Walker.
You got a hairbrush.
I'll get this to histopath.
See where the she was alive or dead when the arm was severed.
What is that? - Some kind of a tooth.
- Something's been gnawing on this tissue.
Maybe one of the dogs? Eric.
Hold on a second, what's up? Take a look at this.
- What you got? - Does this look like a dog tooth to you? No, Seems like an alligator.
Curved, conical for gripping, drowning its pray.
Bite's 3,000 pounds pressure per square inch.
Death grip.
/ Okay, Well, you know that means.
we need to look in this canal.
get you suit on, huh? I'm on it.
- Excuse me, I'm looking for the lieutenant.
- Oh, I'm sorry this is a crime scene.
- No, I need to.
I got to see.
- We may have a problem.
- Oh, boy.
- I have to go in there.
Okay, hang on a second.
- Hang on.
- Is it true, lieutenant? Mrs.
Walker, hang on a second.
- Thank you, - Did they find Lana? Okay, Mrs.
You shouldn't be here right now.
I heard over one of the police radios they found some remains.
We have not found anything definitive.
- I will call you, - Please just tell me.
I will call you if we find something.
I brought him into our lives.
I made him angry.
What do you talking about? My husband doesn't know.
It would kill him.
Who are you talking about? His name is Art Pickering.
He was going through a divorce and John was spending so much time with Lana traveling to tournaments.
And you have a relationship with this man? I ended it.
A month ago.
Art didn't like that.
He got weird.
Are we talking about violence? No, but he said, go run back to your family.
But it was the way he said it.
Your perfect little family.
I'm gonna need Art's phone number.
Okay? Yeah, I was seeing Crystal Walker.
We went out for a couple of months.
Hooked at the club.
Did you know she was married? Hey, she came on to me.
Said her old man was ignoring her.
I got nothing to hide from you guys.
How about those three domestic violence calls you had last year with your ex? My ex? Crazy bitch would make up anything.
So it's always somebody else's fault, isn't it? Your file also says you kidnapped your own kid.
That was legit.
We took a trip.
Without your wife's concent.
State police picked you up 500 miles away.
Hang on a second.
Speed, what do you get? Okay.
One more question, Art.
What color is your car? It's red.
Why? Let's go take a look at it.
Torch red.
/ You know what they say? You are what you drive.
Hmm, I was thinking the same thing.
Mind if I have a look? Pop that trunk will you? Go ahead.
Thank you.
Now what, what do we have here.
That is a purple fiber.
Every contact leaves a trace.
Edmond Locard.
- Who's that? - Mr.
Locard is the man who just got you arrested.
I didn't have anything to do with that girl.
Then how did the exact fiber from her bedroom window end up in your car trunk? I don't know.
Identical strand, dye lot number 207.
Identical color.
What are you talking about? Is this some kind of trick? There is no color here.
Art, tell me something.
Have you ever been treated for a vitamin A deficiency? Yeah.
How do you know that? Excessive blinking from dry eyes you can't see the color purple, can you? You're going to arrest me for that, too? I wish I could, Art, I wish I could.
Cut him loose.
All right, I'm lost.
He has night blindness.
So he couldn't possibly driven to the house to pick up the girl.
Okay, what about the fibers you found in his trunk? Fibers are a tie-in.
Bear with me.
GMAC's best sound engineer.
Calleigh Duquesne, long time.
- Hey, Todd - You still drive that little in-line 4? Oh, no.
I traded up.
multiport fuel injection.
I love it when a woman talks dirty.
Hey, were you able to get anything on that mystery car? I did.
It took a bit of heavy listening.
She revs high.
Definitely 8 cylinders or better.
Auto tranny, aluminum block,.
Driver's a cheap bastard.
Really? How do you figure? Well hear that pinging? Yeah.
/ He's using a lower-octane gas than the manufacturer has recommend.
Now that's criminal.
Not if it helps us find him.
Hey, do you think you can get me any closer to a make and model? It's definitely not.
No match.
Well, at least we gave it a shot.
No, not yet we haven't.
Those are the only 2003 models.
You wanna order out? This could take a while.
Hey, I hear you got a suspect? He's not our guy.
How are you doing? Well, the engine noise we got was from LT-5 V-8 it was made by GM for Corvette for the 01 series from '90 to '95.
Very good.
Okay, here's what we do.
- Let's put out an Amber Alert.
- You got it.
Hey, this is CSI Calleigh Duquesne.
I need to call in an Amber Alert for a '01 corvette.
Torch red.
Trucker spotted the car in highway 1.
DMV confirms registeration to a one, David Kendall with an address in the grove.
/ Guess what he does for living.
Tennis dude.
Paint's a match.
There's a scrape under here.
He definitely bottomed out.
What's your status? Stat.
Ready to approach the door.
You got a green light.
/ What the hell, Take him, take him.
go, go You with the bag.
You with the bag.
Drop the bag.
Drop down to your knees.
Drop down to your knees.
Now all the way down.
Move move.
/ All right.
Okay, all right.
What did you do with the girl, partner? - What did you do with the girl? - Got eye shadow, biginner blue.
Where is the.
Leave him alone.
- Leave him alone.
- Lana? Are you okay? Yes, I'm very okay.
I'm great.
He didn't hurt you anyway.
what do you talking about? David would never hurt me.
Is he in trouble? I don't want you to worry about that.
Now, right now I want you go with this officer.
Go ahead take her.
Go ahead.
Go with him.
He didn't hurt her anyway.
We'll get her alone in a room.
We'll find out the truth.
Won't we? Are you telling us David Kendall did not break into your room? I left a window unlocked.
What would you do that? Because David ask me to? Okay.
Did Mr.
Kendall coerece you or sexually assault you, Lana? You don't get it.
Do you? We made love.
He said he would come get me some night and we go way together.
And he finally did.
/ Okay.
Lana I know this is hard to understand but when a grown man gets himself involved with a 14 year girl he's not a good guy and there are the laws against what he's done to you.
They shouldn't be.
We're like equals.
I love him.
He was coaching her for almost two years.
Before school, after school, weekends.
/ And always alone.
Yeah, to keep her focus.
You know, No distractions he insisted.
How long has he been doing this to my daughter? According to Lana, 4 months.
Why wasn't he on a contact list you gave us? Because we weren't in contact.
We fired that son of bitch last month.
Why did you do that? She wasn't advancing fast enough.
But she's got typical tennis parents.
They all think their little girls can be the next Serena or Venus.
But you stayed in touch.
Did you? She called me.
You got nothing.
Try statutory rape.
Sex was consensual.
/ Yes, but not when the victim's a 14 year old girl.
I guess I got nothing to worry about then.
Right? Now why is that.
Dave? We lied about her age.
You lied about her age? It was his idea.
You wanna her career as much as I did / You insisted.
I gave her an edge.
You know, how competitive tennis is.
Excuse me.
/ We did for Lana.
No, John.
We did it for you.
- This has always been about what you want.
- I supposed you wanted Art Pickering, too.
Excuse me.
He's a gigolo.
Well, he's good at his job.
Finished? Mr.
and Mrs.
How old is Lana exactly? About 6 months ago.
But she's still a minor right? In the state of Florida, if you're 16 or over you can have a sexual partner up to the age of 24.
Kendall is 23.
So he walks out of here? Legally he's done nothing wrong.
He took advantage of our daughter.
Yeah, and he is not alone, Is he? Dad? Well, he got away with it.
Not yet he hasn't.
He's gonna do it again.
Or already has.
Here's what we do.
Let's go take another look at that arm.
All right? The spectra was a bust.
There's nothing in the soil or the water to tell us whether this arm might have been.
Okay, ladies? / Length of the metacarpals were consistent with those of a teenaged girl, approximately five four to five-six.
But the musculature's a different story.
The flexor and extensor in the forearm is overdeveloped for her age.
She worked out? Way too much.
She's got a early symptoms of lateral epicondylitis.
Tennis elbow? Yeah, right here.
Micro-tears in the tendon.
Probably caused from repetitive use of the arm So she may have had contact with our tennis dude.
What about the tissue itself? It's non-hemorrhagic so she was dead when the gator got her arm.
So we are looking for her body.
Yeah, speed.
Hold on a second.
It's Delko.
/ Okay.
/ H.
Yeah, we rolled snake eyes at the canal.
Okay, can we expand the search? Yeah, we'll, uh.
start looking for nests, see what we can found.
Okay, Eric.
we got a million gators down here.
Where do you gonna start? Old college buddy of mine is in town and uh.
He's kind of an expert in the field.
Let me see if he can do to help.
Make use of him and keep me posted.
Don't try this at home, guys.
I'm a professional, This is exactly what we looking for.
It's a perfect specimen.
- This is the American alligator.
- Cut, cut, cut.
We lost sound.
Hey, animal guy, you think that gator's coming back for "take two"? Eric Delko.
Thought you fell off the planet.
You look great.
How's it going, man? / Awesome The last time I saw you were.
- Well, we won't talk about that.
- Oh, yeah.
Let's not.
Please,Okay? - Calleigh Duquesne, Jeff Corwin.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Fraternity brothers at U of M.
Pleasure's all mine.
Now I hear you guys some sort of a reptile situation.
Yeah, more like a needle in the haystack.
We are we are looking for the gator that belongs to this.
Well, I could tell you this you're not gonna find him.
Look at the shape of this tooth.
See that? It's conical, it has those ridges alligators don't have teeth like this.
There is only one animal that has this tooth.
And that's the american crocodile.
Not the alligator.
Oh, okay, I thought crocodiles were only down in the keys.
Well, they are down in the keys.
But in fact they've been migrating up and today we have about 3,000 of them living around the southern part of Florida Ah.
Like you said, needle in a haystack.
Well, not really you see, they're all pretty much living at the nuclear power plant.
Really? Because of the heat, right? Exactly, it's kind of like their own privately heated swimming pool.
Okay, how many of them hanging out there,you think? That's the beauty of it.
All 3,000 of them.
I was the wrong guy this morning I'm the still the wrong guy this afternoon.
Yes, you mentioned that.
Do you know anybody named David Kendall? He's a pro at the club.
I've seen him around.
Did you ever give him a ride in your pretty red car? No, no.
Okay, I need to understand how the purple fiber that he brought to the kidnapping ended up in your car.
I already told you, I don't know.
Okay, would you mind if I took a look in your shed here? Knock yourself out.
Let's start with these boxes.
All righty.
Rock & Stone, huh? Pickering Rock & Stone.
You sponsor a lot of sports teams? I'm a community-minded kind of guy.
Yeah, I bet you are.
Maybe you're just looking for a tax write-off, huh? Charity works both ways.
Yeah, it does, doesn't it? Here's what I need.
I'm gonna need a list of all the places that you handed these out.
Okay? There's Art Pickering's T-shirts.
So I guess he was telling the truth.
I spoke to the director over the phone, Kendall spend one day a week here.
Coaching for free.
That's why this place didn't show up on his client list.
I bet you they think he's a saint for all his community service work, too.
Huh? Well, we know our victim played tennis.
I guess let's start looking for anyone who hasn't shown up lately.
We may not have to.
Take a look at that.
Consuela Valdez.
Horatio, this is Francisco and Milagra Valdez.
They said their daughter, Consuela went missing three weeks ago.
and Mrs.
Valdez, have you ever spoken to the police yet? The police said she ran away from home.
They say a girl of 15 is often a go-away.
- Did she run away from home often? - Never, never.
Consuela is a very good girl.
Pera nina We kept her off the streets.
kept her in involved organizaciones.
She lives for tennis.
Did she ever receive instruction from a man named David Kendall? Senor David.
Yes, yes, he gave her free lessons.
He was very generous to her, to all of us.
He even drove us in his car looking for For her when she Desaparecida.
Did she own a sweatshirt with purple lettering on it? She was wearing it the last time we saw her.
I'm sorry.
We need something of your daughter's to verify our finding.
What? Why didn't they help us? We begged for help.
No one cares.
That's not true.
Almost no one.
All right people, here's a drill.
These animals are very powerful.
The last thing you wanna do .
is get any of your limbs inside one of these creature's mouths.
If you do, You'll lose it.
Any questions? / Yeah.
I got a question for you, Jeff.
How are we supposed to know if we find the right one? Okay, well, that's easy.
All of you guys have trackers.
Okay? Basically part of the management program of endangered species is that every one of these animals has been implanted with a microchip through a syringe into the skin.
And just take the mini trackers and pass it along the crocodile's back like a checkout scanner.
Look at the reading.
and DNA tells us from the tooth that we recovered that lucky croc's number 0116.
Get that one, we got it.
Let's go.
Hold on.
Hurry up.
That's it.
It's our croc.
Get Horatio Caine on the phone.
It's a shame to have to kill animals for doing what comes naturally.
Guys, we can't kill this animal I mean, it's endangered.
It's federally protected.
Okay, let's irrigate his stomach then.
All right.
Let's just see what he coughs up.
There we go, okay.
Close his jaw.
All right.
All right.
Hit the pump.
We got some fishes there and some crab and some.
Stomach acid's done its damage.
But tennis shoe and adolescent bone.
I'd put money this is our girl.
Purple fibers.
Thinking passive transfer.
He picked up the fibers from Consuela's body.
So that means he must have worn the same jacket to Lana's.
Links our two girls together.
The Man in the middle is still in the missing link.
Hey, Are you okay? Blonde girl's missing and the National Guard turns out to help.
Hispanic girl, no one gives a damn.
I think there are a lot of people here.
Oh, come on Calleigh, You saw the media's response to Lana Walker.
You know, where, where, where's the yellow ribbons for Consuela Valdez? Recovery center.
It's the same song, you know? You wanna any real attention in this world you got to have blonde hair and blue eyes.
No offence.
None taken.
My eyes are green.
I'm just mad we couldn't save her Let's go get this guy.
You wanna your grip to be firm but supple All right.
Little loose.
/ Thank you.
Not bad? / Yeah.
it's better already.
One minute, Tiff Firm but supple.
You got a real racquet going here don't you Dave? Racquet.
Never heard that before Listen I don't want to rain on your parade how does child abduction sound to you? Lana loves me.
There's no abduction involved.
Is that right? I'm talking about Consuela Valdez.
Sound familiar? Your strings are tightening on that one, huh? Look, I helped look for Consuela.
Yes, you did.
Yes, you did.
And you transferred.
You transferred fibers from her sweatshirt into Lana's bedroom.
Fibers? / Yes.
I'm a fiber king David, I'm the fiber king.
So what do you wanna do? Easy or hard.
It's up to you.
Easy for you? David.
Come on, we have 25 more minutes.
- One minute, Tiff - Tiffany.
Lesson is over.
- You gonna come with me.
- But my parents, they pay for 50 minutes.
I mean, I think they gonna want their money's worth.
I understand and I think they'll understand.
All right? You had your chance.
Come on tiffany I'm lieutenant Caine Miami Dade Crime Lab.
Hey, thank you.
Walker She ran away again.
She left me a note.
She said, "not to come after her this time" I called David Kendall's house and the phone just rings.
One thing at a time.
Your daughter Lana is still a minor.
Okay? So I'll walk you over to missing persons so you can file a report.
- I know she's with David Kendall.
- I understand.
But the law is about what you can prove.
Okay? This way.
Some kind of binding around the ankle.
Someone tied her up.
Restrained her.
I've seen that string before.
The string from the leg is identical to the strings from Kendall's bag.
So if I just can match up the pattern and the angle of the cut.
We can tie him to the Valdez girl.
They don't line up.
Okay, but that doesn't mean they're not from the same source though, doesn't it? Bye, Later.
Keep me posted.
Valdez, you mentioned that Mr.
Kendall gave Consuela gifts.
Yes, Could I see those? Don't let him do this to another family.
You have my word on it.
Okay? String from the leg to the racquets to the bag.
A to B to C.
All from the same spool of strings.
Okay, bottom line is David Kendall bound the Valdez girl with this string and now we've got forensic proof.
Nice going.
we got Kendall.
Let's draw up a warrant; let's pick him up.
Walker will be pleased.
Her daughter ran away again.
- When did that happen? - Today, I helped her file a missing persons.
Wait a second.
Wait a minute.
- What time did you file? - A couple of hours ago.
- I dealt with it.
- Okay, that's not my point.
Now she's gonna deal with it.
I'll kill you before I let you touch my daughter.
/ No, mom.
Walker, Mrs.
Walker, don't do this.
Walker, Don't make this mistake.
He's not gonna stop.
/ No.
That's not true, we have him.
We have him for killing another little girl, just like just like Lana.
- He's gonna get away with it.
- No, he's not.
But if you make this mistake, Mrs.
Lana loses you and you lose everything for him.
And it's not worth it.
Give me the gun.
That's great.
/ Oh, Lana.
David, let her go.
There's one thing you're missing.
That Lana loves me.
Tell him, tell him you love me.
We're in love.
Why can't you can just go away? This is none of your business.
Lana, I will be going to a memorial for another little girl of your age who was killed by David.
Right, David? Tell Lana how you killed Consuela.
You don't have the guts, do you? Lana.
Come on.
There you go.
Down on your knees, hands behind your head.
Let's go.
Move!! You know David? That's the first good decision I've seen you make.
Get rid of him.
It's okay.
Excuse me, Lieutenant Caine, Jake Grant with the Sun Times.
We are doing a story on CSI's involvement with David Kendall case, Do you have any comment? I'll do better than that.
- It's a list of names.
- Yes, in the last 12 months, Jake, disappeared right here in Miami.
and not one of them made it to the front page.
- What's your point? - What's my point? Make it your next story.