CSI: Miami s02e08 Episode Script

Big Brother

Who's there? Mr.
Bremen? Mr.
Bremen? Victim's name is Stephen bremen, an options trader.
Janitor says Stephen often worked late.
We got a hunting knife.
That's strange.
/ What? No blood away from the body.
Usually when you slice someone, the stabber usually nicks themselves.
Because the knife slips.
Yes, and they get to drip their own blood on the way out.
Wait, hold on.
Alexx, don't move him yet.
Care to share with us? The computer stays on during a blackout.
Uninterruptible power supply.
Switches to battery when the power goes out.
What's happening on the screen? Nose is pushing the j key.
Probably been that way since the attack.
Gives us an actual time of death.
I can measure the keyboard rate, count the js, get us within five minutes.
Okay, we got 7:22 A.
Mark that, Alexx.
Found a laptop case over there, no laptop.
The killer probably took it with him.
With whatever information is on there.
Throat is slit pretty deep.
Indicates a crime of passion.
Stiletto heels.
Stiletto heels, champagne, candles.
Our Mr.
Bremen was on one killer date.
Did we find the bottle that this goes to? No, but it could've fallen under there months ago.
Yes, I would agree with that, only this has blood on it.
Our killer just made their second mistake.
What was his first? the first mistake was murder.
Hang on a second.
Yeah, Horatio.
Wait a second.
What are you talking about? Okay.
Hang on to her.
Uh I have to go.
I have to go.
Keep me posted.
Yes, of course.
And you're sure she mentioned my brother Raymond? You were the name she was really throwing around.
Stopped her for no brake lights.
Offered to fix it, found a twisty of meth.
She swore it wasn't hers, kept saying you could vouch for her.
I was taking her down for booking until she came up with your card.
Bottom of her purse.
Thank god you're here.
So you're back from indiana.
Yeah, finished out my probation, missed the sun.
Came back down a few months ago.
You said if I was ever in trouble so you're using again.
No, no, I'm off meth.
I'm totally clean.
- Suzie - Horatio, I'm clean.
I don't know how that stuff got in the car.
Car's not registered to her.
Yeah, a friend loaned it to me to get to my job.
I'm handing out towels at the Agramonte.
Pupils are good.
See, I'm clean.
Okay, let's get a female officer.
We'll get a urine sample.
Suzie, if you pop positive, I can't help you.
Yeah, I won't let you down.
As long as we're understood.
Take a seat.
Sir, please.
Fine, I understand Fine.
uh, excuse me.
That computer contains proprietary information about our company.
It's part of a crime scene, sir.
There's nothing on there related to anything but market trading.
As founding partner, I monitor the usage of all of our computers.
Spyware? It's perfectly legal.
Only way to monitor our employees' computer usage.
Well, maybe that's why our victim brought in his laptop because he didn't want anybody knowing what he was doing.
I just found this in the laptop bag.
It's a case for a WIFI card.
WIFI? Wireless internet access.
You can surf the web by using radio waves, bypassing any monitoring by big brother.
We don't have wireless access here for just that reason.
Well, do you have any businesses on the floors above you or below you? We have the whole building.
Tim, what's the range of WIFI? Depends on the equipment you're using.
So someone was using my internet connection without me knowing.
Yeah, it's called war chalking.
The offender scans for unsecured wireless access and they just jump on it.
So I'm assuming that your screen name is M.
Any idea who roughtrader is? No.
Why? Is that on my server? Given that he was an options trader, roughtrader was probably our victim stephen bremen.
I see why he was bypassing his office computer.
Stephen bremen was using this server to look for prostitution.
He offered $1,000 to meet in his office last night, someone named Amanda.
Okay, so the question is who's Amanda? I told you I was clean.
Yes, you did.
Trust, but verify, Suzie.
Thank you.
The registered owner of the vehicle is a man named Robert keaton.
How do you know him? He's my husband.
We're off and on.
We were off when I met you.
Okay, so the meth we found in the trunk is his, I take it.
It was only 20 grams.
I mean, that's personal use.
It's not like he was selling.
He's a good guy.
You know, he works in a pet store.
Seriously, he is so gentle with animals and kids Suzie.
Let's go talk to Bob, all right? Okay.
I don't know if he's here.
He keeps funny hours.
Come on in.
Bob? Bobby? Don't be mad at me.
What is this? Who are you? Bob, we located methamphetamine in a car registered to you, and now you will be detained for questioning.
Are you kidding me? Suzie, what are you an idiot bringing them here? What'd you do, drive up on a curb again, you stupid bitch? I ought to crack your head.
/ Hey, hey, Bob.
The next time you feel like taking a swing at somebody you start with me.
You understand me? He'll be good, Horatio.
Don't stick up for me.
I got a cut.
Oh, sweetheart.
What, you want to arrest my kid, too? Put a four-year-old behind bars? Shut up.
Take him out to the radio car.
Madison, I'll be back, okay? Daddy loves you, Maddy.
Daddy'll be back.
- Daddy loves his Maddy.
- Come on.
/ I'll be back.
Just a second,honey.
I'm going to go get something to clean that up.
I'll be right back.
Well, that's a cut.
You know what I do with a cut, Madison? I take something like this and I put it very gently on top of it.
And usually, that makes it feel better.
Does that feel better? Good.
You see? Here you go.
/ Hey.
Can I speak to you for a minute, please? Hold this, sweetie.
Push down, okay? Whose child is this, and I want the truth.
She isn't Raymond's.
/ Suzie.
She's Bob's.
/ She's bob's? Take a look at her.
Horatio, don't dig up trouble.
For all I know, she is Bob's.
Did Raymond know about her? Suzie, did he know about her? No, he died before I could tell him I was pregnant.
I know what you're going to do with that.
Trust but verify? / Trust but verify.
Now, Madison you and I will speak real soon, okay? Good girl.
/ Hey.
Do me a favor, will you? Um, run this meth.
Major and minor components.
I'm going to have to broom some of my A.
Stuff over to Eric.
- Okay.
I appreciate that.
- No problem.
/ Yeah.
Are you okay? / Um You left our scene pretty quick.
I had to I have an old contact that's got herself in a bind, and, uh Fight? Bloody nose? Something like that.
What about him? Well, whenever he didn't want to tell me something he couldn't make eye contact either.
So what is going on? Well, I'm, uh, I'm working on something that I can't talk about yet, but as soon as I can, I'll let you know, all right? Fair enough.
/ Okay.
You wanted to see me, sir? Yes, uh do me a favor and process this, will you? I'm doing the blood on the bottle cap from your stockbroker.
What's your time frame? ASAP.
That can be arranged.
All right, thank you.
The body of an undercover police detective, Raymond caine, was discovered today.
Can you comment on the death of your brother, Raymond caine? Was he involved in any illegal activities? Are you aware Internal affair's conducting an investigation? Lieutenant caine, can you comment on the death of your brother Raymond caine? Raymond caine's partner was detective John hagen.
Was detective caine involved in a crystal methamphetamine production ring? What do you have to say about allegations your brother was addicted? Doctor says the cause of death was a bullet to the heart.
This fast enough for you? Blood on the kerchief.
Have anything to compare it to? No, no.
uh thank you.
I've managed to reconstruct overwritten data to isolate our victim's activity.
English, please.
Roughtrader was on every night this week.
Always on the same site? What is that? Ah, yes, the ever popular sorority exposed.
Is that internet porn? Not like you're thinking.
Um, it's a webcam site.
What's the difference? A webcam is a live camera that, uh, people broadcast from their home or office, 24/7.
Yeah, but in this case, the home is a, uh, sorority house, in miami beach, florida.
Including the bathroom? And showers.
Well, you don't seem very surprised.
- I don't look at this specific site.
- It's general knowledge that they exist, - and people know about them.
- Sometimes I think I am in the wrong business.
This site gets, like, Hey, wait a minute.
That's Amanda.
That's the name of the girl who was soliciting our victim via e-mail.
They were supposed to meet the night of his death.
At what time? / 10:00 P.
That's what Speedle said the time of death was.
Said he counted the js, whatever that means.
Well, that means we have a suspect.
Can you get us a brick and mortar location for this site? Not for the sorority house.
They keep that a pretty tight secret, but The company that owns it is in the corsair industrial park.
That's great.
The sorority is, by far, the most successful of our sites.
About 70,000 hits a day in 32 countries.
What does that translate to in dollars? Does that include your take of the prostitution? The girls that work for me are not prostitutes.
I'm telling you, these girls are clean-cut girls.
They're clean-cut girls who take showers on cameras that broadcast all over the world.
We're going to need you to take us to the sorority.
No problem.
Right this way.
This is it.
A fake house? Want the tour? This is unbelievable.
It has all the comforts of home.
hot and cold running water, four showers, full working kitchen.
And plus, full access for all the cameras.
And it's all run from a control room in the back.
Are you webcasting now? Turn it off.
We're going to need to talk to Amanda.
Uh, you're going to have to do it on camera.
We promise the public full access.
Well, that's fine.
I would never turn down an invitation to a suspect's home.
Okay, I'm going to need to take a look at the control room.
Behind that flat.
I got your page.
/ Yeah.
I'm thinking about taking another look into Raymond's murder, and since you were his partner, John IAB told me never to discuss it.
I'm curious about why you weren't with him the night he was killed.
He didn't tell me he was making that drug buy.
Think we both know what that means.
Okay, why don't you give me your version? Hey, it's not my fault.
I tried to help him as much as I could.
I want to know why you put in for a transfer the week before he was killed.
He was seeing this tweaker girl.
Drugs, women.
I had to get away from it.
I tried to pull him out, I did.
While they were busy processing your transfer.
Right? You want to know the truth, Horatio? Yeah, John, I do.
Raymond got himself killed.
He had a lot of help, John.
A lot of help.
Is this the meth sample? Yeah.
From Suzie's car trunk.
Pretty normal ingredients for meth, except the pseudoephedrine, um, which is the kind that animal vets use.
So we have the cook.
How do you figure? Our suspect works in a pet store.
Hang on a second.
Okay, what is she doing now? Just hang on to her.
This is the conditions of your bail.
I want you to read all of it.
Suzie, what are you doing? I'm posting Bob's bail.
Yes, I can see that.
Why on earth would you be doing that? I guess to make up for getting him arrested.
Really? Is that what it is? It has nothing to do with the condition of your arms right now? You didn't get those banging into walls.
What's going on? Initial every paragraph.
Temper gets the best of him sometimes.
Ray slapped him down once, put him in check for a little while.
How did Bob feel about that? Oh, he didn't like it.
But he was too scared to hit Ray back.
What does this have to do with you? I'm stuck in a bit of loop, you know? It's almost like taking care of him keeps me off the meth.
Who's taking care of Madison while this is happening? You remember Madison, don't you? Ray's daughter.
- Test came back.
- Yes, they did, and Madison belongs to Ray, Suzie.
Sign here.
Can you keep him away when he does get released? Only if you don't post this bail.
What's with the bathing suits? Do you have a pool around here? Tanning bed.
The girls hate tan lines, so the cameras in there tend to be among our most popular.
Here's Amanda's room.
You got no sound.
Huh? There's no sound on any of these cameras.
Uh, no.
it take too much bandwidth.
going on with any of them? It's like a slot machine.
People hope they'll click on a camera during an unscheduled event.
girls changing clothes, taking a shower, stuff like that.
Aah! a snake could have scored on that.
I used to play with that guy.
He sucked then, too.
How many, uh, subscribers do you have logged onto the site? Guy got my draft position when I shattered my knee.
That's too bad.
What I asked you was, how many people do you have logged onto the site right now? because Tiffany is about to use the tanning bed.
And how do they know she's going to do that? She calls it appointment television.
It looks like Amanda is back in her room.
I just want to ask you a couple of questions if you don't mind, just about your environment.
Whoa! You have a badge and a gun! You're going to make the chat room heat up.
Well, thank you, but let's just stick to the question.
So, you actually get paid to live here? Mm-hmm.
I get a paycheck and benefits.
Free room and board.
And, uh, all I have to do is live my life.
But it must not pay enough if you have to solicit on the side.
I don't know what you mean.
We have an e-mail that says that you were supposed to meet someone by the screen name of roughtrader for a thousand dollars.
Well, that's not true.
Problem is, is that roughtrader was murdered the night you met him.
Well, I never met him.
I have no idea who that is.
Where were you last night at 10:00? I was here.
Well, that's easy enough to verify.
Do you mind if I borrow your shoes? The stilettos.
Go ahead.
There was a suspect at PD all afternoon, and every time I went near the holding area, everybody seemed to hold their breath.
Well, um, it looks like the suspect, Bob, and his wife knew Raymond.
And? / And, um, well uh, Yelina please, don't try to sugarcoat it.
I know what Raymond was doing, okay? You you,you knew? Drugs.
Well, he started for the job so he would gain their trust.
And then he got hooked.
He didn't want Ray junior and myself to find out, so he would stay away for weeks and weeks at a time.
Well, he.
he did it to protect us, yeah.
Is there something else? Um, there's been a development.
It looks like it looks like the meth we found on Raymond's body matches the signature meth that we found in the suspect's car.
And we believe that he is the cook that Raymond was after.
What do you mean? Are you saying that this Bob was with Raymond the night he was killed? At the very least.
Do you have any proof that he killed him? Not yet, but I am on my way to see Bob.
I want to be there, when you confront him.
Yelina? / Horatio, please.
I do not think that's a good idea.
Please stop trying to protect me.
That is not possible.
PD said Bob made bail.
Where is he? Bob? - He's not here.
- Don't give me that.
Where is he? He's not here.
You want a a drink or something? How did you get that eye? He just felt so betrayed.
I mean, Madison didn't see anything.
she was asleep.
You are switching addictions.
No, I am clean.
Suzie, Bob is bad news, and I am getting you and Madison out of here right now.
- Thanks.
We're fine.
- Really? You're fine? I don't think you understand something.
She is my flesh and blood, and she will not remain in this situation another second.
You don't have a say in it.
This is exactly where you are wrong.
I do have a say in it.
What are you going to tell Ray's wife? You found a baby looks just like him, thought you'd bring her home out of the goodness of your heart? Can you imagine what that would do to her, Horatio? Your little brother sure knew how to mess things up, didn't he? Where is the pet store that Bob works at? Hey, Tim, what have you got? Well, I swabbed Amanda's heel points, and, um, there are trace amounts of acrylic copolymer and polyethylene wax.
And those are? Two main ingredients for industrial floor polish.
Janitor was buffing the floors that night, so that puts Amanda at the scene.
Well, does it put her there at the right time? Checked the archive videos from the house.
Found our girl.
10:00 P.
And here's Amanda.
Hmm, look at that.
She's fulfilling her contractual shower obligation that consists of three showers a day, What'd she do after that? Let's see.
Different camera.
Her bed.
I'm guessing, but I think we can probably find thousands of witnesses all over the world who could corroborate her alibi.
Then we do not need two more.
Tyler, can you verify that the time hasn't been doctored? Yeah, I already ran checksums on all the files.
Uh, the time's accurate.
So Amanda is not guilty.
Not of murder.
Your shoes place you at the murder scene of Stephen bremen.
That's roughtrader's real name, in case you were wondering.
Do you have something that you want to tell me, Amanda? Yeah, um But I worry about lip readers.
Where did they go? Blind spot.
Okay so, I went to meet him in his office, and when I got there, he was he was already dead.
I got freaked, and I ran.
Well, you couldn't have been that freaked out, Amanda, because your heel prints go all the way up to the body.
Okay, I kind of sent some e-mails that crossed the line, I saw the laptop.
I took it.
Why didn't you just call the police? Cause I didn't want my boss to find out.
/ He's got this really strict policy about girls making any outside income.
Where's the laptop now? I tossed it in a dumpster outside of the centrust building.
Thank you, officers.
Do you recognize the meth, Bob? That is the meth that you sold my brother, Raymond caine, the night you killed him.
Somebody else killed your brother.
The unknown third party theory.
The guy must've found out our deal was going down, Shot Ray, ran off with the money.
And you just took your drugs and went home that night.
I don't think so, Bob.
You know, internal affairs couldn't figure this out.
What makes you think you're so special? The rumor of a dirty cop, Bob, is far juicier than a confirmation.
You just called your brother a dirty cop.
And maybe he was, Bob, but he didn't deserve to die.
We all have to die sometime.
Some some sooner than others, Bob.
Suzie! Hi, madison.
How's your knee? Good.
Bob's gun.
What are you talking about? Suzie, don't lie to me, I know he's got one.
He's still my old man, Horatio.
I checked the shop and the car.
Where is it? There's a place we used to go to tweak for.
days at a time.
A lot of contamination here.
Yeah, Delko pulled it out of a dumpster.
Listen, don't power that thing up, all right? Because, uh, it could corrupt the data we need to examine on the hard drive.
Hey, you have a, a mound of something adhered pretty good, here on the lid.
I'll take the blood for DNA, and leave the mound for you.
All right, thanks.
All right.
on the laptop lid we have cyanoacrylate ester.
Superglue? Liquid fell from above, dried where it hit.
And you're sure it's not from supergluing the finger prints? I didn't use S.
on this one.
What do you think it means to the case? I'm working on that.
Hey did you get anything on the hard drive? Tyler's working on that.
Amanda thought she wiped the hard drive, but look what I found Needle in a haystack.
Not so bad.
These are actually file fragments.
So I ran a grave robber on it.
What's a grave robber? It's a piece of software that resurrects deleted files, figures out which ones go together and in what order.
And voila.
Four html web pages, two e-mails from that night.
Let's check the e-mail.
Same e-mail we got off the WIFI server setting the meet for 10 P.
What about the second e-mail? Okay, now that's weird, because it's also from Amanda but it says to meet at midnight.
That wasn't on the WIFI server.
Roughtrader was probably using internet access at a different location when he received that one.
So is there any way to verify that the two letters came from the same computer? Maybe Amanda's? Okay, here's the 10:00 appointment.
And here's the midnight appointment.
Let me run an authentication program.
The one that says 10:00 P.
is a forgery.
Pretty transparent.
The underlying ip address is different by one digit.
So doesn't that mean that it comes from a different computer but at the same location? Probably.
So the killer's inside the sorority house.
This is the computer the ip address matches.
Matches what? Our murder victim got an e-mail from this computer.
No way.
It's password protected and locked when I'm not here.
Then I guess you're the only one that could have sent the e-mail.
No, I mean I didn't send any e-mail to this guy.
I've got a superglue bottle with no cap.
You should really take your trash out more often, Jason.
This is crazy.
That seem a little convenient to you, that bottle is still there? A little bit.
There is one use for superglue that most people don't think of.
Stand up and show me your hands.
Turn them over.
- He's clean.
- What're you thinking? Thinking whoever killed our stock broker used superglue to seal his own wounds.
Well, that would explain why there was only the killer's blood on the superglue cap.
But that really works? It seals the wound? Yeah, athletes use it all the time.
Stops bleeding instantly.
Tell me something, Lloyd.
Did it sting when you put the superglue in your cut? What? - Let me see your hands.
- I'm busy.
They're bringing in the new girl.
She'll never replace Amanda, right, Lloyd? You sliced the stock broker's throat.
Came back here to frame your boss.
I guess it's okay when a million guys are looking at Amanda, but the minute that one guy wants to touch her, you had to step in.
It was never about a million guys.
It was about me.
She knew I was in here watching her.
Every time she looked into that camera, flirted, winked she was looking at me.
Not him.
We used to crank out here for days, smoking off tin.
Bob would start taking TVs apart, rewiring them.
It's called frankensteining.
Excuse me you know what that is, Suzie? An antenna? Thatis a gun barrel.
I heard our guys found the rest of Bob's gun parts.
Yeah, they did.
What did you get? The round that killed Raymond was fired from this barrel.
It's Bob's gun barrel.
Okay, would you mind doing the paperwork on it? Of course not.
I'm going to do it right now.
Are you okay? I am now.
Thank you.
So, Bob you've had enough.
If you will, Bob, note the gun handle directly in front of me, please.
Come on, man, that could be anyone's.
Yes, it could, but this one happens to have your print on it.
Now, the gun barrel to my right shot this bullet into Raymond caine.
You killed him, Bob.
And now I can prove it.
He was a degenerate.
That may also be true, Bob, but he was not a coward.
Like you.
He stood up to you for abusing Suzie, and it got him killed, right? So you're the big savior, Caine? Coming in, doing your brother's clean up? That's what I do.
I clean things up.
Suzie, are you going to be okay? And I'm moving into the management program, going to get into advertising for the hotel.
Okay, listen.
I want you to take this.
It's for you and Madison.
I'll pay you back.
Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
And expect more monthly, all right? Will you come around? When you least expect it.
I'll still be straight.
Suzie, you have no choice.
You have to worry about somebody else now.
You understand? Is this the file? Will you take it to my desk, please? All right.
You need anything, you call me.
And I mean it.
Got your card.
Take care.
Horatio D.
's going for life on Ray's killer.
Yeah, it looks that way.
Yeah Are you okay? I still miss him.
Me, too.
What was that for? For finding out the truth about Ray.
You and Ray junior going to be all right tonight? Tonight.
If you need anything Thank you.