CSI: Miami s02e09 Episode Script


All right, men, knows the notches in it as mine.
- Right.
- All the fish will kiss up this time.
Whoa! Oh, that smell is foul, man.
What do you got in there, bro? My secret weapon.
Guaranteed to get the broadbills jumping.
Okay, so you changed bait, huh? All right, give it up.
What is it? If I did that, it wouldn't be a secret now, would it? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, look.
check it out, man.
What kind of bait you use for that, huh? Hey, is she okay? Oh, my god, look! - Shark! - Lady, wake up! - Come on, get out of there! - Come onto the dock.
Shark! Swim! / Get out of there! Shark! / Swim! Swim! Get out of there! Hey, gus, call somebody! Help! She's gone.
where'd she go? Where'd she go? Oh, my god! Coast guard fished her out half an hour ago.
Well, at least what's left of her.
Shark attack inside the marina? A couple of eyewitnesses saw a dorsal fin.
Little reminder we're all just part of the food chain.
Quick look, Alexx.
Shark took a chunk out of her.
/ A lot of internal damage here.
She was certainly dressed to impress, but it's a little early for clubbing, isn't it? Or a late finish.
Maybe knocked back a few too many and fell in.
It still doesn't explain why a shark would be in a high-traffic area like this.
Alexx, was she bleeding before the attack? Let's see she was bleeding, all right.
Entrance wound.
Shot at close range.
The shark must have finished what someone else started.
So we have a different kind of shark.
The human kind.
Divers are all suited up, H.
You sure you don't want me to go with them? No, I need you on dry land, Eric.
Anything on the shark? Yeah, sailboat saw it out in the channel.
It's a bull shark, very aggressive.
I've warned the divers to be careful.
Good, maybe we have a chance at finding the gun.
Speed, I'm going to need to release her to Alexx for an id.
Well, this might give us a head start.
I found this on her.
It's a lavaliere microphone.
You got a transmitter.
- Why would she be wearing a wire? - I don't know.
It's ultra-frequency, digital.
- This is high-end spy gear.
- Okay, let's contact the FEDs, DEA and customs, and see if anybody is missing an agent.
/ Hey, Calleigh, uh have you got the results to miami creek double? I'm pretty backed up right now.
Horatio called.
- I've got to get over to see Alexx.
- It's going to trial in two days.
Frank, there are multiple rounds in that case.
You've got to call me when you get a trial date.
/ I thought I did.
I would have remembered, believe me.
You dropped the ball on this one.
Yeah, well, things have been a little crazy lately.
I'll ask the state attorney for a continuance.
No, it's all right.
I'll get your evidence finished.
Just, next time, call me.
Okay, thanks.
Can you hear me now? Good.
Can you hear me now? Very good.
I'm going to move another 75 feet.
- He's wacko.
- Thanks, ladies.
I heard about our shark girl.
Is this her? Shot, then eaten.
That's a bad day in anyone's book, honey.
Did you determine a cause of death? Bullet nicked the axillary artery.
She was bleeding out.
So the blood drew the shark.
Can you believe that as little as one part per million can attract a shark from a quarter mile away? Can't blame the shark for this.
Looks like a .
Eight lands and grooves with a right-hand twist.
I'll run it through IBIS.
You might want to check CODIS while you're at it.
You are not thinking sexual assault? The shark took a chunk out of her.
I did a kit anyway.
I think there's semen.
That means her bad day just got worse.
Law enforcement checks came up empty.
There was no undercover officers or informants missing from any of the agencies in the miami-dade area.
State or federal.
/ So why else would she be wearing a wire? That's what we were wondering, so we did a little experiment.
We used Dric and a near field strength detector.
We found out this transmitter craps out right around a hundred feet.
Okay, so that means her recording device needed to be nearby, right? Righ so if we can find her base camp, it might shed some light on who killed her.
/ We also checked with the manufacturer, and they sell primarily to government agencies.
What about private buyers? Only one locally Bruno gomez.
Owns a private investigation firm.
He bought 20.
Let's go talk to Bruno.
Her name is Cindy castiano.
She was one of my bait girls.
Would you care to explain that? Sure.
Wife suspects husband's getting some on the side, so, she gives me a call.
Next time he's at his favorite watering hole, he gets approached by a tall hottie in a short skirt Right, right, I get it.
cheating hearts, incorporated.
I'm sure the families you break up are real appreciative of your sense of humor.
So, you tempt guys that cheat, and then - you punish them for being tempted.
- I just set the table, okay? They decide to eat, and guess what, that's not my problem.
Well, guess what? You got a dead girl on your hands, so it is your problem.
So, did she have any enemies? Are you kidding? This is the enemy business, dude.
She probably had about a dozen TROs against marks in the last 18 months.
- Temporary restraining orders? - Yes.
She pissed off a lot of guys.
That's why she was so damn good and that is why it's going to be very hard to replace her.
Yeah, you seem real broken up about the whole thing.
What was the last case that she was working on? You know what, Jack? I'm sorry, but that's information I can't reveal.
- You know, privacy issues.
- There's nothing private about murder, so I'm going to need your whole clientele list.
Come on, I can't have cops showing up at my clients' doors, okay? That's bad for business.
- I can get a warrant, Jack.
- Well, then do it, man.
Because at least I can tell them that you're twisting my arm, all right? I mean, I got a reputation to protect.
Well, good luck with that.
Yeah, that's cute.
What have you got? I'm at the hotel lapidus.
Security guard here found our victim's car vandalized and her id is inside it.
Is she a guest at the hotel? If she was, she's self-parked.
Didn't register under her own name either.
/ Hey.
All right.
Wait a second.
Is there a bar on the roof of the hotel lapidus? Yeah.
/ Wait.
don't go.
Let's see if anybody inquired about the room directly below the bar.
Okay, within 100 feet.
Within range of the wire that our victim is wearing, okay? Okay, I've got it.
I'm on it, H.
Sorry, I was trying to hear Horatio.
What's up? What, it's no big deal.
I just have a timeline.
/ It's primer paint.
It takes three to four hours to dry in the humidity, sometimes longer, which means somebody knew she was going to be here.
And, also, there's a print.
Well, actually, it's a partial.
So, I'll run it against shark girl's TROs and see if any arrests pop up.
Okay, we've got a hotel room to check out.
See ya.
Good work.
Did we get anything off Cindy castiano's TRO list? The fingerprint Calleigh found in the primer paint belongs to one Carl purdue.
Recently divorced and very active.
So, he violated his restraining order.
Twice in the past three months.
Arrested for vandalism and terrorist threats against her.
What kind of threats? He said he was going to kill her.
I didn't mean any of that.
I was kidding around.
That doesn't matter, Mr.
Just making the threat is against the law.
I'd never really kill anyone.
That's crazy.
Yes, but taking a baseball bat to somebody's car, that's okay with you, right? I don't know what you're talking about.
You vandalized Cindy castiano's car the day somebody killed her.
Okay, maybe I did her car, but that's all.
Her sexual assault kit came back positive for semen.
She just got what she deserved.
How's that, Carl? - She ruined my life.
- All you had to do was say no.
She made it impossible.
The way she looked, the way she moved.
She took my job away, took my family.
That bitch left me with nothing.
She left you with a motive to kill her.
This looks like Johnny depp just checked out.
The hotel clerk said a single woman checked in yesterday, requested this room specifically, and asked not to be disturbed.
Well, it looks like she got more than a disturbance.
We've got gravitational droplets and a palm smear.
So, she fell right here.
I think we just found our primary crime scene.
I think so.
Found ourselves a tape recorder.
This could have the murder on it.
Got fingerprints all over the room service.
What have you got? Well, the killer took all of his surveillance reels, but forgot to take all the tape.
That's great.
That can give us a motive.
It might give us his voice.
Did you get something for me? Carl purdue's DNA results.
There's no match on the semen sample that we took off the body, and his alibi checked out.
He was working night shift at miami international airport.
I guess the best we can hook him up for is vandalizing the car.
Do you want us to check Cindy's TRO results again? I don't think so.
These TRO guys are vandals.
They intruded on cindy's life, to get some control back, but the killer, the killer shot her and made sure she died, so he's drinking from a different well.
So we need to check to find out who's not on the list.
Okay, I need cheating hearts' client records for that.
The warrant has been served and the client list is on the way over.
Do me a favor.
Let me know when it gets here, all right? Great, I will.
Thank you.
So, you're a married man, sitting alone in a bar, having a drink, and a beautiful woman half your age starts hitting on you.
What's the first thing you think? How much? Smart man.
Let's say she's not talking fee after the first 30 seconds.
I mean, a bell doesn't go off? I'd put my drink down and go home 'cause something is going down and it could be me.
some guys just don't get it.
Hey, Delko.
/ But maybe that's why they're alone in the bar in the first place.
They're just not getting it, you know? You better look at this.
What's up? you got a match? Yeah.
One of our detectives.
Frank tripp? No, that can't be right.
I was hoping there'd be two of them, so I double-checked it against the department database.
Minutiae patterns are the same, multiple points.
It's not a mistake.
Which print? The one lifted off the victim's hotel key card.
What about the other prints we collected? No match.
Different suspect.
Sorry, man.
All right.
Look, you didn't see this.
You didn't see this, okay? Listen, I'm not offering anything up but I'm not lying either.
All right, that's fair.
Hey, Frank.
You got a minute? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Just some days, this freakin' job, you know? Yeah.
Listen, I just need you to clear something up for me.
What is it? I, uh I don't think I want to do this here.
How about you just tell me what it is that's bugging you? You know that girl we fished out of the marina yesterday? Yeah, the shark vic? / Yeah.
What about her? She worked for one of those detective agencies.
The ones that catch guys that might be cheating on their wives or girlfriends.
Turns out she was shot in her room at the hotel lapidus before she went in the water.
This going somewhere, Delko? I I found your print on her room key card.
You've got to be kidding me.
You think I'm involved in this? No, I don't, but, uh, I just matched your print.
I'm coming straight to you.
Okay, I haven't told anyone or gone anywhere.
I just need you to tell me how it got there.
All right.
I went to the bar for a drink after work.
The girl was there.
She dropped the card on the floor.
I picked it up handed it back to her.
That's it.
End of story.
That's it.
All right.
The tape must've got stretched when the reels were taken off the machine.
We can still use it, right? It's pretty chewed up, but let me see what I can do.
One pass, it's recorded on the hard drive.
it's going to be distorted and a little slower, because it's stretched.
Filter out distortion, maintain pitch, - adjust compression.
- Please please, something, something.
Please, don't the rest is anybody's guess.
I can run a phonetic matching program, but it's going to take a while.
I don't think we're going to get anything off of this except our victim's last words.
Tyler, maybe you want to go get a cup of coffee.
That's okay.
I'm cool.
Yeah, uh, I'll get a cup of coffee.
What's up? What would you do if someone you knew was involved in this? How involved? Fingerprint evidence puts them at the scene.
is it a cop? Yeah.
Did you talk to the cop about it? It's not Hagen.
This cop admits he was there, but that's all, and I'm pretty sure he's lying.
Well, what do you think? You think he did it? No.
No, no way.
Well, if you tell Horatio and he turns out to be clean, no cop in miami is ever going to trust you again.
I know.
I have cheating hearts' client records.
I haven't looked at it.
Our victim tested positive for semen.
You're going to need a swab.
Hey, Eric? Don't wait too long to tell Horatio.
Last guy got in my car uninvited ended up in the hospital.
I think you should see this.
Just so you know, I haven't told anyone.
Am I a suspect? / No, not as far as I'm concerned.
So, you just came out here to tell me that my wife thinks I'm screwing around on her, is that it? I just need to exclude you, Frank, okay? - The rest is none of my business.
- Damn right it's not.
I spent some time with her at the bar.
You happy? First, I thought she was a hooker.
Then I figured she was just out having some fun.
Staying here at the hotel? Uhno.
I am.
Sorry, I.
I'm, uh I'm married.
That didn't stop her from trying again.
Honey, I don't mind.
Room 1217.
I finished my drink.
I left her there.
I didn't speak to anyone and I don't think anyone saw me leave.
Now, you need me to sign a statement, or is my word good enough? They found semen in her body.
- Screw you, Eric.
- Look, Frank, it's the only way - Get out of my car.
- Frank, listen - Get the hell out of my car! - Frank, listen to me, all right?! It's the only way, Frank.
Open up.
you know the drill.
Now get the hell out of my car.
How are we doing on the client list? Eric's working on it.
Thank you.
/ H.
Do we have a name yet? / Yeah.
Cindy's had 19 marks in the past six months.
and one was in the hospital this past week.
The other one is a possible.
His name is Matthew warner.
Wife threw him out, filed for divorce.
No address.
/ Okay, here's what we do.
We start with the wife.
We get his details out, and let's find him.
/ Okay.
All right, good.
Hey, Eric weren't there 19 names on that list? Yeah, I, um I forgot.
Cindy's current mark.
Guy didn't even know his wife was checking up on him.
I had to send the nanny away if Matthew doesn't start paying maintenance soon, it'll be the house next.
Warner, when was the last time you saw your husband? He came by about a week ago to pick up the kids.
We yelled at each other, and he left.
- I haven't heard from him since.
- Do you know where he lives? Don't know.
And don't care.
Does he own a gun, Mrs.
Warner? A what? / A gun.
No, I don't think so.
Why? You don't think he, he did this, do you? Do you? Matthew's a cheat and a lousy husband, but he's not a killer.
Detective Salas.
Thank you.
What's up? They found Matthew's car on westside avenue.
Cindy castiano lives on westside.
- My husband's there? - I'm sorry.
we can't discuss that.
Thank you, Mrs.
Warner, for your help.
Suspect may be armed.
Appears to be on foot.
We've sealed off a two-block radius.
Neighbors called in a disturbance.
We found warner's car when we arrived.
- What kind of a disturbance? - They said it sounded like wolves crying.
Did you canvas the neighborhood? You know what? There's no need.
This is Cindy castiano's house.
/ We got the door.
Hang on.
Police! - Are you Matthew warner? - Don't move! - Are you Matthew warner?- On your stomach! - Yeah, I'm Matthew warner.
- Spread your legs.
Hands out to your side.
I'm Matthew warner.
He built a shrine to her.
Broke in to build that shrine.
Back door's been jimmied.
Hey, you missed one.
She was pretty.
Pretty girl with an ugly job.
You don't think men who cheat get what they deserve? That's not cheating.
That's entrapment.
They could say no.
Women do all the time.
Looks like Matt didn't take no for an answer.
Cindy's e-mail? Text messaging, probably hot-synced off her cell phone.
Love you to death.
Matt us till eternity.
I would die for you.
- Gosh, there are dozens of them.
- All from the same number, too.
So, I guess Cindy was compiling evidence until she could get a restraining order.
Looks like she waited too long.
Matthew, those are the fingerprints we found on the glass inside the hotel room where Cindy was shot.
They match the prints we took from you when you were arrested.
Maybe they're from when I met Cindy in that room.
Our first date.
You mean the setup, right? Technically.
Your DNA matches the semen we found inside Cindy.
She and I made love yesterday.
Where did that happen, the hotel room? No.
In my car, actually.
So, you're saying not only did you love Cindy, but she loved you back.
From the time we met four months ago.
She'd seen so many guys stray, she'd given up on love until she met me.
Okay, but Matthew, you strayed.
You strayed, too.
We were soul mates.
She wanted to have my children.
She said that.
Well, I see you've got yourself a genuine suspect.
Hope you've got more than a fingerprint and a name on a list this time.
I came to tell you, Frank, that there, uh, was no match on your DNA.
What, you thought I might be worried about the results, Eric? Maybe I screwed her and forgot about it, or something? Me and Melissa.
we've got issues.
Personal issues.
But for her to do this hiring somebody to trick me That's rough.
Eight and a half years.
that's how long we've been married.
Pretty good for a cop.
Hello, H.
/ Hey.
Thanks a lot.
Where are we on the murder weapon for Cindy castiano? The divers expanded their grid search by another 50 yards, but if they haven't found it by now, it's probably not there to find.
/ Okay.
That also could mean that the killer took it with him.
Yeah, well, we searched Warner's car and the room he's renting.
What about his legal address? - That's where his wife lives.
- All right, anybody needs me, that's where I'll be.
Eric, what's going on with Frank? Frank, uh Frank's name was at the top of that client list, H.
But, uh, I didn't want to say anything until DNA cleared him.
Is he in the clear? / Yeah.
He had a credible explanation.
Everything checked out.
All right, in the future, if you're going to watch somebody's back, let me know about it, so I can watch yours, all right? Mrs.
Warner, when was the last time your husband was here? He tries to see the kids at least twice a week.
So, you lied to me.
He was here more recently than a week ago, wasn't he? He sleeps on the couch in the den some nights.
What about last night? No, I never saw him.
No, but he was here, wasn't he? It was late.
I heard the door to the garage, figured he'd slept on the couch.
This morning when I came to look, I found it.
I didn't know what to do So, I hid it.
He's the father of my children, lieutenant.
It wasn't him i was protecting.
It was them.
I guess it's too bad there was nobody there to protect Cindy.
Calleigh, this is the gun from matthew's house.
Let me know if it's been fired recently.
- I'll call as soon as I process it.
- Okay.
So, what do you think about this guy, Matthew's story? - Did they have a real relationship? - There's only one way to find out.
Let's go back to Cindy's house.
- We checked it from top to bottom.
- How about the outside? Talk about stalking.
Hey, heard you got prints outside of shark girl's house.
Yeah, over 50 sets.
Geez, this guy was a freak.
sounds like a match.
Matthew warner? I ran Warner twice, no match on AFIS.
- What database is this? - Florida justice division.
It's a licensing board for private investigators.
Bruno gomez.
That's our vic's boss.
More like a pimp.
Oh, what is this, some kind of joke? No, it's not.
You want to tell me why you were stalking Cindy castiano? Uh, excuse me, not stalking.
- Protecting my investment.
- By how? Lurking outside of her house? I found your grimies all over the place.
You know, I'm pretty disappointed because you're supposed to be the spy king.
You could have used a remote camera or something.
/ Spy king.
that's lovely.
No, sometimes low-tech is the best way to go.
Okay, I had to see it with my own eyes.
And when you saw her with .
another man, did that make you angry? Not angry enough to kill her if that's what you mean.
No, I didn't say that.
you did.
She was nothing before I hired her, okay? I wasn't just going to let her leave the business.
So, she was going to quit.
She she told me that she was in love, okay? She fell for a mark.
Do you believe that? Maybe.
Which mark? Which m? Good question.
She wouldn't tell me.
That's why I was trying to catch them.
Why was that so important to you? Are you kidding? Word gets out that one of my girls crosses the line with a mark? My business is finished, dude.
Okay, what wife is going to want to hire my company after that? I don't know, dude, but, uh, it sounds like a motive.
That's good stuff.
I got a match.
So do we have .
a murder weapon? Well, this is the gun that killed Cindy castiano, but there's something else that you should see.
Looks like oxidation.
It's called patina.
It's the natural reaction of copper-jacketed bullets when they're exposed to water.
The gun was wet when we took it out of the pool filter.
But that was fresh water and the amount of corrosion that you're seeing has to occur in saltwater.
Then that means that the gun was in the marina.
And so was the killer.
So, Cindy struggles with her attacker.
They both go in the water, and only one comes out.
The question is how do we prove it? We need their shoes.
We tested both Bruno and Matthew's shoes.
No trace of salt in either of them.
It looks like our murderer dumped his footwear.
Maybe we're looking in the wrong place.
Matthew moved out of the house, but still visits his kids and stays over some nights, doesn't he? Makes sense to leave a change of clothes there.
Maybe some shoes? I didn't want any of his stuff in the house, so he keeps a change of clothes in the top box.
What is it, lieutenant? These shoes have been in saltwater recently.
See, when the water evaporates, it leaves a salty residue.
You mind if I take these with me? I won't help you make a case against Matthew.
Warner, Matthew's shoe size is about a 9.
Those are about a 7.
So this is no longer about him.
This is about you.
Then you'll need a warrant.
Please get off my property.
She just left with the evidence.
By the time we get a warrant, those shoes are going to be long gone.
Well, we'll just have to find another way to get her then.
I've thrown every piece of audio software I have at it.
This is as good as it gets.
Please don't hurt baby.
Please don't hurt me, baby.
It sounds like she's talking to someone she knows.
Not necessarily.
Play that again.
Please don't hurt baby.
Matthew warner said Cindy wanted to have children, right? Hold on a second.
/ Hey, H.
Let's run an HCG test on Cindy castiano's blood sample, please.
You want me to test for human chorionic gonadotropin? Mm-hmm.
What are you not telling me? Just let me know as soon as you have it.
You got it.
The victim's blood was positive for HCG.
- She was pregnant.
- About three months.
The shark attack took pieces of her abdominal cavity, including her uterus.
Otherwise we would have caught it right away.
Please please, don't hurt my baby.
That's what she said on the tape.
Please don't hurt my baby.
Pleading, pleading for the life of her child.
An unplanned child.
The child may have been unplanned, Alexx, but the murder wasn't.
I don't know how you could think I killed that woman.
I hired her.
/ Yes, you did till she fell in love with your husband.
So, my husband is weak.
- Doesn't make me a murderer.
- It doesn't, Leslie.
The evidence makes you a murderer.
You had Matthew's gun.
You knew which hotel Cindy worked in.
All you had to do was get Matthew into that room.
It was easy to steal a glass from room service.
Then you had to get Matthew's prints on it.
I can't do this now.
I don't understand.
You invite me over here to yell at me? But it's different because you do not live here anymore.
- That's the reason.
- Is this why you invited me over here? Let's sit down and speak rationally.
Just go.
Just leave.
And then you had to find a way into that hotel room where you could wait.
- Hey, who are you? - What are you doing here? Stop.
Please don't hurt my baby.
The thing that you were not counting on was Cindy running.
She ran, you followed, and that's how your gun and shoes got wet.
No! You both ended up in the water.
But only you got out.
Did you know she hung on all night? Leslie, it's one thing to lose your husband, but it's quite another thing to have the new lady in his life end up pregnant, isn't it? And that's that's what pushed you over the edge.
My kids came back from Matthew's place.
You know what she told them? They're going to have a new sister or brother.
That bitch thought she was going to be their new mom.
I couldn't let that happen.
No, you couldn't.
See the problem, Leslie, the problem now, is that your own kids don't have a mother.
I hope it was worth it.
Another one, please.
I'll, uh, I'll have coffee.