CSI: Miami s02e11 Episode Script


Am I like the only loser at Edison Hights still getting grounded by his parents? No, forget it man.
Look, I'm not alowed that after school.
- Why don't you go online? - No, they took the computer too.
I guess this is what they did before the Internet.
What are you doing, man? Tell me.
Oh, listen up.
Pulling up to Jess' right now.
So - What? You're where? - I mean Jess's.
They escaped the whole thing braked up.
We could be here like crazy.
You're nut.
I thought I was a loser.
What? Dude's saying he can't come.
We're gonna wait.
- What? Are you there, man? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, - I'm still here.
- What's up? Look, you know what? I, I found something better to do.
I'm, I'll call you back later.
No, no, no.
Come on, don't leave me now.
Come So unfair.
Teenager spotted him a few blocks away with a telescope.
Do we know who our victim is? Dr.
Carlos garza.
None of the neighbors knew his specialty, though they did say gorgeous women were in and out of the place.
Mm, gorgeous women, and one of them smoked.
Suicides are filled with shame.
They commit the act in closets, empty hotel rooms with the curtains drawn.
This one's out in the open.
Framed in picture glass.
I think somebody put Dr.
Garza on display.
And that somebody just got our attention.
Six inches above the noose, please.
Yes, sir.
I just spoke to the Florida medical board.
Our victim, Carlos garza, anesthesiologist.
Does it say where he practiced? Winters beauty clinic.
Plastic surgery.
That explains the beautiful women.
Do we have a list of their clients? It's being faxed to your office.
Okay, good.
Let's be thorough on this.
If this is what it looks like a staged suicide.
that means it's a murder and a cover-up.
You got it.
That's snug.
That's too tight for a do-it-yourselfer.
Suiciders usually leave the knot loose, let gravity do the work.
And the rope's not weathered.
It's too clean, it hasn't been outside.
But I think I might know where it came from.
That would means the killer was familiar with the place, knew it would be handy.
Could be a weapon of opportunity.
Got signs of a break-in.
Looks like the intruder kicked the door in.
Left us some shoe leather.
Yeah, definitely an unwanted visitor.
Yeah, there's more trace down there.
Some sticky stuff.
The killer might have tracked it in.
I'll, uh, see if it got anywhere else.
/ Horatio.
Do we have a cause of death yet? Congested face, petechiae.
Cause is definitely asphyxiation, but the mode is definitely not suicide.
Dual ligature marks.
One set typical of hanging, the other is on a horizontal plane against the larynx.
But can you get both from just the hanging? He was strangled, then dangled.
Okay, what about skin cells on the rope? Eric's into it.
Did find scattered fibers in his hair, on his limbs, his clothes.
Sent samples to trace.
And this Silicone gel.
Found a small amount on his thigh.
Is it possible that he was taking his work home with him? Well, the gel is used topically to prevent scarring after liposuction, but this guy isn't exactly a candidate for that procedure.
Okay, but hang on, maybe one of his patients was.
Roxanne price was scheduled for a liposuction two days ago.
You may want to sit down, miss Price.
Standing promotes circulation after liposuction, doesn't it? How, how did you know? Oh, my god.
We found him hanging from the loft in his apartment.
The second photo shows some gel.
on his thigh.
Garza was the anesthesiologist during your procedure two days ago, wasn't he? He's there for all my work.
Can you explain the gel? It must've rubbed off.
During sex.
You were with him this morning? Last night.
I reapplied the gel when I woke up, and he was ready to go again.
He's good to his patients, isn't he? Poor guy's had it tough the last couple of days.
It was the least I could do.
How do you mean, "tough" exactly? He had a patient die on him last week.
I just can't believe he'd kill himself.
Neither can we.
Matches your color lipstick.
Is that your brand? Yeah.
What what does that have to do with anything? Well, we're not exactly sure yet, but here's what I want you to do.
Leave your cell phone on, okay? Are you tied up? Cute.
Did somebody beat me to it? How about the entire day shift.
So what's the rope made out of? Twisted seagrass.
Any epithelials? I'm, uh, I'm going to swab the rope now where we think he was strangled, check for DNA.
That makes good sense.
The hands of the killer and what about the knots? Are they specific to any sort of particular occupation? Occupation, pastime.
They're nautical.
They're called bowline knots.
They're, uh, used for tying off boats and stuff.
I see them a lot when I'm out on the water.
I was hoping that you were going to say that.
Why is that? / Horatio just found out that our vic had a patient who died on the table a week ago.
Sara foster.
She's survived by a husband, and guess where he works? Excuse me, Mr.
Foster, Do you mind if we ask you a couple of questions? I'm working.
Can this wait? Well, not really.
We, uh, we need to know if you recognize this man here.
Too bad.
You don't seem to be too broken up about it.
Well, it's not going to bring my wife back.
Well, we realize that, Mr.
Foster, but you have to understand, it's our job to find out who murdered Dr.
It's not an easy task, is it? finding somebody who's going to take responsibility for their actions? So why come to me? 'Cause you have motive.
'Cause my wife went in to Dr.
Winters beauty clinic for a routing operation and didn't come out? And so you blame Dr.
Garza, the anesthesiologist? Not just him.
the whole clinic.
How long have you been working here, Mr.
Foster? A little over a year.
Why? Well, I notice you tie a nice knot.
So? - Look at his shoes.
- I'm good at my job.
We're going to need you to come in with us.
Based on the scuffs that we found on Dr.
Garza's front door, we know you were at his condo And now we want to know why.
Sara got silicone implants for our wedding five years ago.
I told her I loved her just the way she was, but she wanted them anyway.
Her friend swears that the new ones are better, so she decided to trade up.
At the winters beauty clinic.
She was in there two hours.
Winters comes out and tells me she's gone.
Gone, just like that, after routine surgery.
They killed my wife, and they didn't even come to her funeral.
- So you went to talk to Winters? - Tried.
He's on fisher island.
Place has a moat so I went to Garza.
Don't try to ignore me! I can hear you in there! And you know what I saw? A scared little man without the nurses and the stethoscope, just saying, "please, don't hurt me, don't hurt me.
" I left.
Didn't even touch him.
Well, if you want to eliminate yourself as a suspect, I would suggest you give us a DNA sample.
If you promise me you'll find out exactly how they killed my wife.
There is no evidence of foul play in your wife's autopsy.
Autopsy? By another doctor? They cover for each other.
Don't you get it? How about if I could get our M.
to take another look? How would that be? I've reviewed the paperwork on Sara foster's autopsy.
Cause of death? Cardiac arrest brought on by hemorrhagic shock.
Should we be investigating this, Alexx? Well, the M.
who did the post didn't think so.
What do you think? The M.
Is a good man, Horatio, but I think he might have missed something.
So did Sara's husband.
Report gives us the cause but not the reason.
We don't know why Sara foster went into hemorrhagic shock.
What about surgical error? Can't rule it out.
There's also the issue of what action the clinic took once she went into shock.
Protocol for arrhythmia is to hang a bag of epinephrine, introduce it via an IV.
Now, for some reason, they ignored the IV already in her hand, injecting it straight into her heart.
Medical misadventure for sure.
Misadventure? Are we talking about homicide? Well, I need to look at the body myself before I can say that.
Okay, so we need to exhume Sara.
Well That's going to take a court order, and no judge is going to give you one of those without corroborating evidence.
Well, we better find some.
I have no idea who would hurt Dr.
Winters, I am actually more interested in who caused Sara foster's death.
Well, there was an autopsy, and the clinic wasn't at fault.
What about Carlos garza? Is he to blame for Sara's arrhythmia? I'd rather not speak ill of the dead.
Then why don't you speak on behalf of your clinic? Carlos was a licensed anesthesiologist.
He was highly regarded.
I guess what I'm asking you is do you think was he at fault? You've never made a mistake, lieutenant? Not one I was forced to bury.
We keep a computerized log of every procedure.
Now, after Sara's death, Carlos suggested that we erase the record, and I refused.
Unfortunately, doctor-patient confidentiality prevents me from showing you anything without a warrant.
Oh, here you go.
Be careful.
The ink's still wet.
Debbie Yes, doctor? / Could you pull up Sara poster's case records, please? And also the EKG data collected during the operation.
Yes, sir.
/ Thank you.
Oh, you have nice, uh, nice bone structure.
Perfect symmetry.
And it didn't cost me a penny.
Those fibers we found all over the guy's body were the same length.
Same length, same source.
What kind are they? Wool.
Had an asymmetrical loop pattern.
It's the kind they use to make persian rugs.
Speed imagine you're a doctor, and you got this hot crib.
Lot of ladies coming by, and then you go ahead and you put these grandma rugs in here? What are you thinking? Well just because you have a degree in medicine doesn't mean you have taste.
Besides, from the sounds of it, the guy was doing pretty okay for himself.
I mean, he could've done a little better, you know? A little shag, bearskin, something like that.
You know what I mean? Here we go.
Carlos garza? He doesn't live here anymore.
- Where does he live? - He doesn't.
- You got some for him? - And you'd be? I'm on the job.
He was murdered here yesterday.
Guess that explains the tape.
I was attempting to serve him.
Civil suit.
Came around yesterday, but he wasn't here.
Really? What time? I knocked, but there was no answer.
He was going to be deposed tomorrow.
Who's bringing the civil suit? A Brad foster.
Wrongful death of spouse.
Sara foster's medical history.
Implants five years ago.
Ovarian cysts removed, Benign.
And then, of course, the failed implant switch last week.
Let's pull up the data collected during the surgery.
Okay Blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry all stable up to this point.
Whoa, I can't translate it.
That's got to be bad.
Onset of arrhythmia.
Any second now we'll see the epinephrine hit.
It doesn't hit.
Can you fast forward? Far enough.
/ There's the spike in the EKG right there.
Monitor puts the first indication of a problem at 11:03, but the epinephrine didn't reach the heart till 11:08.
Five minutes, and nobody did anything? That's a long time.
Looks like we got our exhumation.
I was expecting worse.
Embalming helps the family, but it doesn't help me.
Eyelids and lips are glued together, and that's just for starters.
So sorry, sweetie.
No one deserves to be here twice.
Did you find anything? Oh, yeah.
Body's always the best witness.
Found traces of silicone.
So the implant was leaking.
Into her chest cavity.
They had to scrape out every last drop.
Cleaning led to an oozing, and that kind of bleeding can get away from you.
That's why she went into hemorrhagic shock.
And that's when the arrhythmia began.
All they had to do was add epinephrine to the IV in her hand.
- But why didn't they do that? - They did, but the IV was infiltrated, missed the vein.
The epinephrine flooded the surrounding tissues No one noticed what was taking effect.
It choked vein in her hand.
Leading to complete capillary constriction, never making it anywhere near her heart.
So that's when they went to plan B.
IV doesn't work, you go direct.
Uma thurman, pulp fiction.
Epinephrine injection straight to the heart.
Heart goes from zero to a hundred in less than a second.
Which the heart fought.
and lost.
Alexx, let me ask you something.
Who's normally responsible for the placement of the IV? Is it the surgeon? / No.
It's the surgical nurse.
Tried to save her life, and you're accusing me of killing her? Well, your intent was to save Sara, but yes, your actions ended up resulting in her death.
The IV slipped out.
The shot didn't work.
Well, I wasn't the one who nicked her implant, okay? That's what started this whole thing.
Are you saying that Dr.
Winters did this? Look, we all work as a team.
There could be eight hands on a body at any one time.
But only one holds the scalpel.
It's called complications.
There are risks in any medical procedure, and I tell all my patients that.
Well, it wasn't just Garza who was named in the civil action.
Talk about complications.
Sara's husband is suing everybody down at the clinic, including you.
Were you concerned about what Garza might say in his deposition? We're doctors.
We get sued all the time.
- It's the way of the world.
- So you didn't go to Garza's condo - and motivate him to toe the party line? - No, I didn't leave the clinic all afternoon.
I was with a patient.
/ Okay.
We'll need the name of that person.
- Fine.
Go check the books.
- We will do that, Keith.
That's "doctor," lieutenant.
Maybe not for long.
Price, we believe that Dr.
Winters was involved in the murder of Carlos garza.
Winters? That's correct.
And Dr.
Winters says that he was with you while it happened.
Now, is that true? Well, I did have an appointment with him yesterday about 3:00.
Just you and Winters? - For about hour, hour and a half.
- Hour and a half.
That's quite a long follow-up.
It wasn't a follow-up.
I was in for, uh, botox forehead and eyes.
So soon after surgery? I guess I'm a bit of an addict.
Just want to be the perfect woman.
Or the perfect alibi.
You shouldn't be frowning.
Why? What'swhat do you mean? Well, if you just recently received botox injections, the muscles in your face should still be paralyzed, shouldn't they? Would you like to change your story now, Ms.
Price? I'll take that as a no.
Hey, you got my results? They're processed.
Should be spitting out of the printer any sec.
Valera, you ever wonder why, uh, people are so scared of getting old? What do you mean? Plastic surgery clinics on every corner.
People spending every dime they have to look like something they're not.
Well, to each his own.
Me, I'd rather upgrade my computer.
The thing is, though, you got to know when to stop, you know what I mean? I remember Speed had this girlfriend a while back and she looked like she stood in a wind tunnel.
/ What? Yeah, a face like oh, yeah, like a perpetual state of surprise.
Yeah, exactly.
Here's the results on the hair.
What about the murder weapon? What murder weapon? The epithelials on the rope I gave you.
I never got those swabs.
What are you talking about? I booked it four hours ago.
Well, you may have ordered them up, but they were never delivered.
But I have some good news.
The hair in the victim's belt matches the husband.
So, he was there.
Look, we found an ancillary hair probably from an arm, lodged in Dr.
Garza's belt, and, uh it's yours.
I didn't kill him.
Then how do you explain your hair on the victim? I was there after he died.
This morning, you said you were there before he died.
Now you're saying after.
Which is it? He was already dead when I got there.
My gut reaction was to try to help him, so I tried to get him down.
But he was dead weight.
Why didn't you try to untie him from the railing? I was about to then someone came to the door, scared the hell out of me.
it was some guy in a suit.
- He looked official.
- Why didn't you let him in? Well, I didn't think it would look too good.
Well, Brad, I have to tell you, it doesn't look so good right now.
What? I scanned them through the computer.
They're supposed to be in box 54.
They aren't there, Paula.
Okay, what do you want me to do? I want you to do a box-to-box search until you find them, okay? Those epithelials are from the rope.
our murder weapon.
If those get lost I'll find them, I promise.
Look, nothing's been compromised.
Everything is secure.
All right.
Can you double-time it for me? I'm on it.
Hey, Glenn.
I need to talk to you.
I'm a little busy at the moment.
Tanking someone else's career? What? / Sara foster's case.
Horatio caine.
How could you question my protocol without even talking to me? Hey, CSI asks for an opinion, I give it.
And for your information, I covered your ass on that autopsy.
Yeah, right.
/ 32-year-old girl dies and you sign off on cardiac arrest? Please.
Three posts a day.
- I'd like to see you work my case load.
- Well, maybe that's your problem, Glenn.
What is? / Less volume and more quality time on each post, and we wouldn't need a backhoe to figure out what happened to this girl.
I got two ex-wives and three kids.
How do you suggest I make those monthly payments on a straight salary? Well, I suggest, Glenn, you worry less about alimony and more about the victim.
But, hey, that's just me.
Hey, remember that sticky stuff we found all over the condo? Take a look at it.
Was it sap? Close.
It's honeydew.
It's what sap becomes when it's ingested and excreted by aphids.
Could these aphids be found on brazilian pepper trees? Yeah, but they're not indigenous to miami.
Only high-end landscapers bring them in.
Including the one at Dr.
Winters' clinic.
That's a nice car.
You must have to wash it all the time.
Oh, I got people for that.
What can I do for you? Well, you see this sap all around.
it's called honeydew.
Really? Thanks for the nature lesson.
Well, it's very specific to this kind of tree, and this is the only place that it hangs over.
You know what? I like the shade.
The interesting thing is, we found this stuff all over Dr.
Garza's apartment, which puts you at his place.
I have an alibi, remember? I do, Dr.
Winters, and Horatio caine is talking to her right now.
I don't have anything to hide.
Then you won't mind giving me a DNA sample.
Winters' billing records for your account.
A generous man.
Your last three procedures were taken off.
So, that was the deal.
You were his alibi in exchange for free plastic surgery, right? More like a little white lie in exchange for eternal youth.
- Eternal youth? - He promised me unlimited visits.
You know what that's worth? Cosmetic procedures are elective.
Insurance doesn't cover any of it.
So, you slept with one doctor, and you faked an alibi to protect another.
You have to understand.
Those doctors made me what I am.
Well, I can assure you of one thing.
Whatever that bill says, you're still going to pay the price.
Got a minute? - Do you want me to pick up Dr.
Winters? - No, I would hold off.
Why? We just blew his alibi wide open.
You give somebody enough rope, they might hang themselves.
Eric, took some doing, but I found your evidence.
Oh, that's great.
Where was it? Envelope got stuck to another bag.
In transmittal.
Drug bust from night shift.
Was my stuff compromised? Nope.
Skin cells? From the rope.
Speed, the fibers from Garza's body? Looking at the rug in question right now.
Is this the one? Yeah, this rug was upstairs in the loft.
Killer strangled him, he fell on it before he got tossed over.
Where were the fibers located? In his hair, all over his clothing, - front and back.
- What does that tell you? It tells me that, uh, he fell pretty hard on the rug.
Or not at all.
Maybe maybe he was rolled onto it.
So someone took Garza for a ride to the railing.
Why not just carry him? Occupational habit.
H? Yes, sir.
Finally got the results from the epithelials on the rope.
And? Well, no, uh, hits in any database, so no id, but we did get one thing.
Amelogenin? X, X.
That that certainly narrows the field.
Could we have a moment of your time, please? I've got a patient waiting.
A real patient, or one to fake as an alibi? Roxanne told us.
Okay, look, uh, I went to Carlos' place the day he died.
So did Debbie.
Didn't you, Debbie? Well, we were all being sued.
We didn't want him to cave.
Carlos, come on, get with the program.
We have insurance for a reason.
I'm sick of hiding behind it.
I'm going to tell the truth.
No, all you're going to do is take us down.
Maybe we deserve it.
Complications? This was more than that.
You'll bring the clinic down.
Let's go, Debbie.
It's getting us nowhere.
We didn't kill anyone.
So, you don't know what happened after you left, do you? No, but I'm sure you're going to tell us.
Debbie went back.
Can't you leave well enough alone? What? No, that's completely We managed to recover some skin cells on the murder rope, and they have female DNA.
Now, we are here to take samples from the other employees here at the clinic, but what I'd rather do, Debbie, is start with you.
How would that be? Things aren't well, Are they, Carlos? Don't be so dramatic.
Now leave, you bitch.
You knew you had to dress it up, make it look like his conscience truly got the best of him.
And with your nurse's training, you were able to move the bodies from surface to surface, effortlessly.
Right, Debbie? Slid him across the floor, fashioned a noose.
And tossed him over.
Then walked away from your second dead body in a week.
Well, you're wrong about why.
He told me that he would stop sleeping with our patients.
I saw the cigarette.
You'll bring the clinic down.
Let's go, Debbie.
You and Carlos? If you weren't such a self-obsessed M.
, You would be able to see that there was a relationship going on right under your nose.
How long did it go on? A year.
I got left behind with the sutures and the cleanup.
Carlos would go home with the girls that I helped make beautiful.
Debbie, you are about to find out that there are far worse things than getting left behind.
Alexx? Hey.
We got the nurse for Dr.
Garza's murder.
That's great.
But it's got nothing to do with Sara foster.
Are you still working on the case? Waded through a week's worth of biohazard waste from the clinic.
- Found this.
- Is that Sara's implant? Matched the serial number to her medical records.
Nurse claimed Dr.
Winters nicked it during surgery.
Well, we all know how reliable she is.
I think this one's ruptured.
If the scalpel had cut it, it wouldn't have been this jagged.
What kind of force are you talking about? I got an exact match of Sara foster's implant, and that's what this servo-hydraulic fatigue tester's going to tell us.
We have this in our budget? Called in a favor.
Kent brought it in.
Taking the steps monroe wouldn't.
This baby tests everything from jet metal to artificial veins.
The compression platens measure the psi up to its burst pressure.
It just broke.
At 240 psi.
That's from trauma.
Horatio is going to love this.
Tell me you got good news.
Tell me you arrested Winters.
I think you should drop your civil suit.
Are you kidding me? I knew you guys would close ranks.
Is that what this is? You just got some system designed to protect each other, don't you? Has your wife ever been in a car accident? What? No.
Did you ever hit her? Never.
Here's why I asked.
The M.
Said that your wife's implant was ruptured by an exertion of pressure that exceeded 240 pounds per square inch.
You mean before the surgery? I Oh, no.
Talk to me, Brad.
I was always trying to get Sara to go sailing with me.
And she always said no.
She was so scared of the water.
And I kept pushing it.
Coming about.
Sara? Baby, are you okay? I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
I'm, I'm fine.
it's fine.
She wasn't fine, was she? The M.
calls it a precipitating event.
I'm as guilty as they are.
It was your accident, their oversight, and neither requires an arrest.
I kept asking you to find the truth, but I never thought that Brad, listen to me.
That's why they call it an accident.
I did some thinking about what you said, me tripling up on shifts, and You did, huh? Yeah.
You made me realize maybe I stretched myself a little too thin.
You doing anything tonight? Why? The brass thinks you should relieve some of my burden.
Your burden? Well, you call it overtime, the brass calls it a burden.
After you got done talking to them, right? Whatever.
Point is stabbing victim.
- All yours.
- That's at least a seven-hour post.
Aim for six.
wants a COD.
by sun-up.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do, all right?