CSI: Miami s02e12 Episode Script

Witness to Murder

Damn it! Son of a bitch.
You look where you're going? You almost killed me.
I barely tapped you.
You rammed my bumper, man.
Let the insurance companies take care of this.
Just give me your information.
Yeah, like hell.
You give me yours.
/ Fine.
Here, idiot.
Back off.
Hand it over.
/ I said back off! Back off! / Get your hands off me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Would you mind I asked you a few questions? Everybody's been asking me questions today.
Because it helps our witnesses have fresh memories.
I memorized the alphabet.
You did? That's good.
That's not easy, is it? No.
/ No.
My name is Horatio.
- What's yours, buddy? - It's not buddy.
It's Eugene thomas walters.
I saw everything.
What can you tell me about the man who held the gun, who did the shooting? Did you see his face? Colton.
So, you know his name.
Do you know him? No.
I saw everything.
He had clean windows.
His windows were clean.
Yes Eugene, will you do me a favor? Would you wait right here? Yes.
/ Okay.
Is Eugene our only witness? Yes, he is.
I'm guessing he's mental age is about seven or eight.
/ Mm-hmm.
It's called pre-logic.
He has a difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality.
But he says he saw everything.
That's what he says and that is going to be the challenge.
Our victim's name is Richard beckham.
Let's find out everything we can about him, all right? If he works in the building or was just visiting.
What about our witness? He does have information on our suspect, Colton.
No jury would find Eugine competent, and I don't want to put him through that, all right? A witness is a witness.
/ Right.
Let's stay with the evidence.
You got it.
/ All right.
People might play nicer with a fender bender if they realized that three out of ten people stash a gun in their car.
That true? / Yup.
Then I'll think a little harder next time I flip someone the bird.
That glass belong to the bad guy's car? There's no broken lights on the victim's car, so / Whoa found something else that might belong to the bad guy.
That's what I like about criminals.
Not the brightest.
Leaving a murder weapon at the scene.
That's good.
Unless it's not the murder weapon.
Why is that? / It's fully loaded.
Maybe there was one in the chamber.
Well, the only way to tell for sure if this is the actual murder weapon is to find the bullet and the casing.
Then start looking Because we got a through-and-through.
Got another D.
Gentlemen? Yes, ma'am.
See you later, Calleigh.
African american girl, could be in her teens.
Who called it in? Couple of snowbirds from Ottawa on their way to lauderdale for the winter.
Stopped to stretch their legs, and they found her instead.
Why isn't Broward county handling this? 'Cause county line is 500 yards that way.
- Welcome to the boonies.
- Oh, sweetheart, you should be out chasing boys and learning cheers not here with me.
Jenny kincaid.
Money's gonethey left the wallet.
Robbery gone bad? I don't even think the murder was committed here.
Double lividity.
Yeah, they probably brought her here lying on one side, dumped her lying on the other.
Blood settled twice.
Her neck looks like it's been broken.
Trauma or a fall? I'll know better when we get her back for the post.
That weather's coming in pretty fast.
You willing to hold off on trace? - I am if you are.
- I'll do the rest at post.
I knew you'd be waiting.
Probative? There was no bullet in the parking structure, so I'm going to go to the lab and check for prints on the gun.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Okay, do that.
/ Okay.
Eugene, what are you doing here? A policeman drove me here.
You, you left me.
I, I'm continuing with the investigation.
Well, I saw everything.
Don't you want my help? I do want your help.
Um I'm smarter than people think I am.
All right, have you have you ever looked at mug shots? / Yeah.
What are mug shots? You know what? Let's go find out.
Let's look at some, all right? Come on.
Colton's not in here.
All right, you konw, sometimes sometimes people look different in pictures.
Then how do you know it's them? That that is an excellent point.
I think I'm too confused.
/ It's 'cause I was sick when I was little.
I got a fever.
Eugene, you did fine.
You did great.
I want to be able to do a real job, like you.
Eugene Eugene, what do you remember what do you remember about the car that got hit? It was silver.
A silver car with heavy weights and towels and a jump rope, and lots of bottles Oh, oh, one of those big gigantic rubber bands and lots of bottles of water.
And these things were inside the car.
Yeah, inside the car.
And you know this because you washed the silver car's windows, didn't you? I wash people's windows all the time.
Some people yell at me.
Some people give me quarters.
- Hang on, buddy.
- I got a vermont quarter.
I,I keep wanting a florida quarter, - Okay, hang on, buddy.
- But they're really hard to find.
- I got it.
Hang on.
- Florida quarters are hard.
Yeah, Yelina, listen, I think our shooter may be a fitness trainer.
Well, there's no gym in the building.
I'll canvass and see if anyone had an appointment with a trainer.
Okay, what about our victim's office? Manager let me in.
You'll be interested to know that our victim was a diamond broker.
Okay, here's what you do.
Get a client list and find out if he had a delivery today, all right? You got it.
Nice going, Eugene.
Alexx, what's up? You forget about your boys, or what? No way, baby.
All right, so where's that trace you promised us? The rest stop girl.
Just finished post on Horatio's garage shooting.
She hasn't shown up yet.
Alexx, that was four hours ago.
Okay, first call came in at 9:15.
Opa-locka body haulers dispatched at 9:45.
There's no record of them dropping it off? Rest stop's 20 miles from here.
Should take an hour, tops.
I never saw that transport guy before.
Does he work for us? Crime scenes in the sticks aren't handled by our guys.
County hires outside haulers, more efficient.
Neck fracture.
Haven't collected trace, so take it easy, okay? Yes, ma'am.
Good luck, boys.
Okay, well, anybody get his name 'cause I didn't.
When's the last time you asked for a hauler's name? Oh, lord, please don't tell me we sent a body away with a complete stranger.
- Alexx, we sent a body away - Timmy I know.
Hey Looked for you in firearms.
Yeah, I hit a dead end with the gun.
It was registered to our victim.
Let's say the victim pulled out his own weapon for self-defense purposes, and the bad guy took it and shot him with it.
Unfortunately, there's just no way to prove it.
Because we have no prints on the gun, right? Mm-hmm.
I'm looking at these pictures because I couldn't get a stock number, so I had to do a practical.
and where one door closes killer drives a Chrysler concorde.
I'll get ahold of DMV.
/ Nice.
Doug, did you shoot Richard beckham? Who is that? A broken tail light from your car places you at the scene.
Look, whoever the guy was, he rams my bumper, next thing I know, he pulls out a gun.
Right, and you shot him with that gun, right? No.
No way.
He scared the hell out of me, waving that thing around.
I got back in my car, and I took off.
- My bumper, man.
- Don't even think about it.
Get back in the car.
/ Whoa, whoa.
Get back in the car! He was alive when I drove away.
What do we have here? Doug, did you know that Richard beckham was a diamond dealer? No.
/ Did you know he was delivering two million in cut diamonds to Brianna corsini this morning? No.
/ But you were with her earlier this morning, right? You are her trainer, right? Yeah.
/ We got a yes.
Did you ever go by the name of Colton? No.
/ So we're back to no.
Look, if, if you don't believe me, please, ask around.
I think I might just do that.
Okay, Eugene.
This is your chance.
Now take your time.
- They don't look like Colton.
- You're sure? Unless Colton changed his face, Colton was Okay.
Colton's very angry.
/ Right.
- You're disappointed in me.
- No, this is hard stuff.
Yeah, my dad used to look disappointed.
I'm not stupid.
/ No.
Eugene, I know that.
I know that.
All right? We're going to get you a ride home.
It's a halfway house, it's not a home.
It's not a problem.
You ready? / Uh-oh.
- What's the matter? - My tie, it's messed up.
May I? / I need my mirror.
/ My mirror.
It's okay.
Come here.
Let me do it.
/ Yeah.
There you go.
It's good now.
/ Yeah.
Thank you, H.
You're welcome, Eugene.
Come on.
/ It's good timing.
Talk to me.
Well, I examined the filament of Doug's car against a normal concorde bulb, and they were different colors.
So I tried something else.
I heated the filament first before I broke the bulb, and when the air rushed in, the oxidation caused the filament to change color.
which means the bulb was hot when it was broken, right? Which is how Doug conveniently had the accident.
He backed into Richard's car.
We're talking about a bump-and-run team.
So there's another party involved here.
Okay, we need to take another look at the crime scene.
Yelina just booked Doug.
All right, here's the problem with Doug.
He's a sidekick.
We are looking for the shooter.
Eugene has been right all along.
It, it's just that Colton.
isn't a lot to go on.
And that's why we have to recover that bullet.
I don't know what to do.
I have been through the garage, top to bottom, twice, back with a metal detector, - and I haven't found the bullet.
- Hold on a second.
Take a look at this parking space.
- It's empty.
- Empty at the time of the photograph, right? So it wasn't necessarily empty when our victim was shot.
These parking spaces are assigned, right? So if we find the car, we might find the bullet.
We find the bullet, we find the shooter.
This is the spot.
Homicide is talking to the owner of the car, and he says he was at the dentist on crime day.
And he didn't notice the guy bleeding on the concrete? He said he was very busy.
Does he usually park here? Well, here's what he said A reserved space and he always parks head out.
So, if the bullet's here, it'll be in the front.
There it is.
Looks like a .
Not the victim's gun.
Still has blood on it.
Five lands and grooves with a right hand twist.
There's only one weapon I know with generals like that.
Smith & wesson revolver.
So this is our trajectory right here.
Which means Richard beckham was killed somewhere in this area, right? You rammed my bumper, man.
- Just give me your information.
- Like hell.
You give me yours.
And the shooter worked along this line.
Hey, back off! And the victim never saw what hit him because that's the way these teams work.
I'll run the bullet through IBIS.
/ Okay.
Let's do that.
Timmy said you found the body hauler.
Genius was trying to leave town in the company van.
Did he still have the body? No, but he had this.
He said that some guy flagged him down right after he left the rest stop and said he would pay for the body.
Hauler sold that girl's body? Well, Eric, if the body's out there, why are we in here? Well, my guy at the Fed told me that with new bills it's very probable that only six sets of hands have touched them.
So, ninhydrin will find them.
Bureau of engraving is entirely mechanized.
So, that leaves the Fed the bank teller and the little creep who sold the body.
And the bigger creep who paid for it.
Oh, yeah.
Run that sucker.
Got one.
All right, looks like our mystery man had a DUI back in '87.
Thomas kincaid.
Age 47.
Look at the address.
That's the same as Jenny's driver's license.
The victim's father.
That's your print on the stack of hundreds.
And we know that you paid off the body hauler, and you dumped your daughter's corpse.
Jenny Jenny, Jenny went to the mall.
We have no idea where she is.
My wife's out looking for our daughter right now.
Her and her sister.
Kincaid, you know where Jenny is.
Why don't you just tell us? All right, well, uh, mind if we look in your car? Trunk maybe? / I do.
No problem.
Your wife's going to get back, we'll just ask her.
Okay, well, I'll have her call you.
Oh, no, don't bother.
We've already got a warrant and a backhoe.
Uh, what do you think we should start digging up first? The pool? / Sure.
Maybe the gardens? I, uh, I'll take you to her.
To my daughter.
- She's on the property? - Hmm, Yeah.
Yeah, we found her.
Don't you let her out of your sight.
I'll come get her myself.
I want to know why.
We were talking at the top of the stairs, and she fell.
She fell? What were you talking about? Uh, it was nothing special.
It, it was an accident.
Most people, when they have accidents, they call 911.
They don't cover them up.
Get him out of here.
Officer, what's going on here? Don't worry.
Everything's going to be okay.
Come on.
- Thomas? - Officer, what's the meaning of this? Why are the police here? Are you handcuffed? - It's a misunderstanding, honey.
- Is Jenny okay? Go with your sister.
Go on.
I, I'll be back.
So, what happened to our girl? Broken neck that we knew about.
But a subdural hematoma that we didn't.
Impact ricocheted the brain to the front of the skull.
Contra-coup contusion.
Typical in falls.
Hey, Alexx, are you sure nobody snapped her neck? Well, if someone had, there'd be bruising on this part of her throat.
See? Her old man was telling the truth.
Why did he try to hide the body? I don't know, Timmy.
Why don't you go ask daddy, while I check for sub-cue bruising? What's that thing for? To see what you and I can't.
Jenny found out that that I was having an affair.
She was going to tell my wife.
So, that's what you were arguing about.
Jenny got mad.
I couldn't blame her.
How could you do this to mom? - It's complicated.
- No, it's disgusting.
I grabbed her arm to calm her down.
She said to let go.
- She'd tell her mom.
- She broke free from you? Yeah.
And I tried to grab her again.
And I, I must've been yelling at her.
Must have scared her.
'Cause that's when she fell.
It's disgusting.
Jenny, calm down.
/ No.
Jenny! I, I couldn't just let my wife I couldn't let my wife know I was having an affair.
I, I just needed time.
Wouldn't it have been easier to explain to your wife than to hide your daughter's body? This wasn't just any affair.
This was with my wife's sister.
You mean the woman consoling your wife? Yeah.
they're sisters.
From Alexx.
This is subcutaneous photos from the M.
Bruising at right angle.
Two points of contact.
Jenny didn't fall.
You pushed her.
How could you do this? / Stop.
Stop! No.
- It did not happen that way.
- Take a look.
The proof is right there.
I think I'll need my lawyer now.
Oh, come on, hit.
Anything? I've been running this bullet through IBIS for an hour, and I don't even have a likely suspect.
So our guy is not a first-timer.
But the gun is.
So maybe he's the type of criminal that uses a fresh gun for every crime.
So he gets rid of his old ones.
All right.
Checking F.
For a stolen Smith & wesson.
Lucky for us.
It's a pretty rare model.
Let's pick up this Chris Let's pick up this Chris hildago fast, okay? You got it.
Doctor? - Lieutenant Caine? - How's he doing? Well, he's in no shape for questions.
- And what does that mean? - It means that he's not good.
He was beaten badly, head traum broken pelvis.
Okay, let me ask you another question.
Is he going to make it? Well, he's still bleeding because there's an irreversible D.
C What is that? Disseminated intravascular coagulation.
That means his blood won't clot.
Look at this, we're not going to win this one.
What are we talking about in terms of time frame, how long? It could be minutes, hours.
/ H.
Did we get the bad guy? No, not yet.
But, Eugene, we will.
We're going to get him.
I want to go with you.
Okay, I understand that.
I need you to rest, okay? We're partners, right? Yeah.
Yes, we are partners.
But listen to me.
You know Eugene, sometimes sometimes, partners cover for each other.
And I'm covering for you.
Lieutenant Caine? Okay.
Give me a minute.
Eugene, listen to me.
They're going to pull me out of here, okay, but I'm going to be back in about an hour.
But here's what I want you to do, Eugene.
I want you to hang in there.
I want you to hang on, okay? O kay.
Okay okay, partner.
I'm sorry.
/ Yeah.
I don't, uh I don't think he has any family.
He's indigent, so that means the county will dispose of his body.
Ma'am, the man is still alive, okay? So, thank you for your help and I'll check back with you in about an hour.
Okay? Thank you.
Hey, Dougie.
So, decided to sic your partner on Eugene, huh? - I told you I didn't have a partner.
- Where is your cell phone? Right here, huh? This is your cell phone? / Yes, it is.
You decided to call your buddy.
No, I didn't call anyone.
No? Whose number is this? Whose number is that? It's my bail bondsman.
Bail bond.
No partner.
Okay, let's try calls received.
You see, it occurred to me, Doug it occurred to me that once your partner finished off Eugene, he would call you.
On this phone.
Now, whose number is that? Let's find out.
What do you think? Hello.
/ Yeah, Colton.
Hey, Colton, you just made a big mistake, my friend.
You should have never laid a hand on Eugene.
Who is this? / Who is this? You are about to find out.
Hey, I got your page.
You hear that our victim's dad here dummied up? Yeah, and lawyered up.
Got me thinking about the struggle.
Thought about my own kids fighting.
They scratch, pull hair, kick and bite.
Well, what have you got? Right now, just a hunch.
Okay, what about now? Tissue.
And the DNA of whoever she bit.
Results from the tissue? Yeah.
Alleles indicate a close family relative.
The father? No.
I've got the dad's DNA profile right here.
Look a little closer.
Female? Did the math, and it's not the mom.
- The aunt? - Or as dad likes to call her, the uh, mistress.
Excuse me? Roll up your sleeves.
The other one, too.
- This is none of your concern.
- You're sleeping with my dad.
Either you tell my mom, or I will.
Just shut up! Thomas promised me he wouldn't tell.
He didn't.
DNA did.
Was he even there? He was downstairs, reading a book.
I lied.
I told him she fell.
That wasn't enough for you to take away your sister's husband.
You wanted to take away her daughter, too.
She didn't deserve either.
The man's going to spend years behind bars when all he had to do was tell the truth.
Cover-up gets them every time.
Can we get you a ride home? I don't have a home.
I'm sorry.
I knew something was wrong.
I just couldn't put my finger on it.
My daughter figured it out.
She was always so smart.
So, you're Chris hildago.
I know, not what you expected.
I get that a lot.
I understand that you reported a gun missing.
Yeah, it disappeared from work two days ago.
45 is a rather big gun for a woman.
Yeah, well, not too many women work where I do.
And where do you work? A pharmaceutical company in the bad part of liberty city.
It's the cleaning crew that makes me nervous.
Owner hires work release.
Cheap labor.
Who do you think took your gun? This one guy.
He's always macking me.
I shine him on.
does Wayne still work there? Probably look too obvious if he quit the day after he stole my gun.
Wayne delroy? / Yeah.
Can I help you? Chris hildago tells me that you asked her out three times, and when she turned you down, her gun disappeared.
Three times? She's not that hot.
Besides, I'm not allowed to have firearms.
- Work release.
- So, you were in the joint? Did you have a nickname in there? Jackknife, - 'cause of how I worked one.
- But not Colton? You mean like the sneakers? What do you mean, the sneakers? What are you talking about? Well, I don't wear them, but a lot of guys wear colton sneakers.
who wears them? Thank you, Wayne.
What's your name, pardner? Tolson, Pete tolson.
Is your locker, Pete? Yup.
/ So, I take it that these colton sneakers would be yours, then.
That's my locker.
- You shot Richard beckham, didn't you? - I didn't shoot anyone.
No? Okay.
Let's see.
Mind if I look in your locker, Pete? Go ahead.
/ Okay.
This is interesting.
I bought those off a fence.
Really? Pete, here's what I think.
I think you're part of a bump-and-run team that crashed into Richard beckham, who was a diamond dealer.
An argument between your partner and Mr.
Beckham ensued, during which you shot Mr.
- You rammed my bumper, man.
- Give me your information.
Yeah, like hell.
you give me yours.
Fine, here.
Hey, back off.
/ Hand it over.
- Get your hands off me! Your partner reached into the car, grabbed these diamonds and handed them to you.
That's what I think.
Here you go.
All you've got are a bunch of diamonds I bought off a fence.
Oh, on the contrary, Pete.
I have a witness who saw you do the shooting.
Yeah, like hell.
you give me yours.
Fine, here.
- Hey, back off.
- Get your hands off me! I said hand it over.
I said back off.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
That's a nice fairy tale.
These your clothes? Yup.
Laundry day.
Laundry day.
I'm going to take these too.
Yeah, no, that's good.
No, that's good.
Okay, listen, um, I'll be right here.
Yeah, I'll be here.
Hey, um Yeah? Yeah, speaking.
Yes, doctor.
I understand.
Better be you.
We got a problem.
/ How so? Tolson.
He beat us to the punch.
He's in there cutting a deal with the state's attorney right now.
Is that the problem? Gentlemen.
Pete, I understand that you just rolled over on your partner for the diamond heist.
Hey, man, I'm not doing less than We all pay.
Yes, we do, Colton.
Do you know what that is? That is your shirt with Eugene walker's blood on it.
And it got there because you beat him to death.
Now, I know you tried to wash it, but DNA, Pete, is a funny thing, and it has a tendency to hang around.
I did that guy a favor, man.
That guy was a retard.
You know, Pete, Eugene had some things to overcome, I will give you that, but you know what? You know what, Pete? At the end of the day, he just put you away for life.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hang on a minute, will you? Um, there's been a change of plans, and he's he's going to have a private burial.
So, I'll take it from here, all right? Sure, okay.
/ Thank you.
Thank you.
Eugene Eugene, I think your dad would be proud of you.
I really do.
I know I am.