CSI: Miami s02e13 Episode Script

Blood Moon

Busy night.
As always.
What do we have here? Not pretty.
The victim's name is Juan marco varon.
He owns this place.
Still waiting for the M.
to get here, but, uh, it's pretty obvious that he's been tortured, beaten, had his throat slashed.
I think the murder weapon is a chaveta.
Used for cutting cigars.
It's a hell of a way to go.
He called 911.
Stayed on long enough for location tracking to peg him down.
In other words, our victim called in his own murder.
Third-degree burn lesions on his back.
Just like this electric branding iron.
I bet he uses them to logo his cigar boxes.
What did you do to deserve this, mi hijo? You know what, Alexx? Someone is making a statement.
So we're not dealing with a random.
No, it's somebody that he knows.
I'm going to have Yelina canvas the neighborhood to see if he has enemies.
Got some vegetation here.
It's too green to be tobacco.
Okay, well bag it and tag it and let me know, all right? Alexx.
Thank you.
Talk about torture.
What? It's not a cigar.
Non-serrated edge.
Looks like he was cut with the same blade as his throat.
Think it was before or after? Well, judging from the amount of blood in his genital area, he had several minutes to suffer before his throat was cut.
Another one? This is my third body in as many hours.
Going to be a long night.
Matt bolton.
25 years old.
Came here to make a cash withdrawal.
Every warm body we have is out tonight, and we're still outnumbered by the cold ones.
GSW to the chest.
Point of entry, right of the sternum.
Doesn't appear to be an exit wound.
So there's a little evidence still left in him.
Will you let me know when you get the bullet? You got it.
We've got an approximate time of death.
This key is bent.
There's some trace on it.
It could have been used for self-defense.
Hey, we're going to need to get that bank manager out of bed.
All right.
/ Take a look at that surveillance tape.
Juan marco varon's phone records.
- That's the 911 call.
- That's 911, Take a look at this.
he received a call.
But from who? I don't know.
I'll run a reverse directory.
Cell phone.
Free cuba organization.
I know them.
They're, uh an activist group for the cuban balseros.
Yes, the rafters, you see, but this phone record doesn't say who the individual was that made the call, right? - No.
It doesn't.
- Wait a second.
If it's a newer cell phone, it may have a GPS locator.
That's a good idea.
If the cell phone is still on and the satellites have a clear line of sight, we're in business.
Clear line of sight.
- Hello? - Ms.
Coto? Marisela gonzalez coto.
Who am I talking to? My name is Horatio caine, ma'am.
What we're doing here is perfectly legal.
It's legal as long as you stay on land.
If you choose to enter the water to assist, you'll be in violation of the law.
I know the law, Mr.
The organization cuba libre brings blankets and coffee to the balseros every full moon.
We try to help them into safety.
More rafters come when there's extra light from the full moon.
Yeah, they think it's safer, but, actually, it's more dangerous.
The coast guard can see them better.
The coast guard, uh, has to send them back.
They make it to dry land, they can stay.
It's called wet foot, dry foot.
Coto, Earlier this evening, this man received a call from your cell phone.
I don't know who he is, why would I call him? That's a very good question, because shortly after him taking the call, he was murdered.
I didn't call him.
You ever let the balseros use your cell phone? Yes, all the time.
So they can call their relatives and let them know they're safe.
What I need is your cell phone so I can run some fingerprint tests on it.
Just call my office when I can have it back.
Fair enough.
Hey, Marisela! Two swimmers! H, they don't look too good.
I don't think they're going to make it.
I would agree.
You want to take the guy, I'll take the little girl? Officer.
Excuse me, Excuse me! Hang on! Your feet are wet, senor Caine.
You're violating the law.
Let's hope I'm alone.
Phone was covered in prints, a lot of partials.
The completes all belong to Marisela coto except for one.
that I isolated on the mouthpiece.
Now, I figure that the killer probably covered the mouthpiece when calling.
Juan marco cigars.
Who? Hello? I'm running it through AFIS now.
For kicks, let's just try the I.
Let's try that.
Homeland security? Yeah.
/ All right.
His name is Carlos gonzalez.
Carlos gonzalez.
All right, let's pick him up.
- We can't.
He's in custody.
- Wait a second.
Why? Immigrations and customs enforcement picked him up last night.
They picked him up last night? The murder happened last night.
Carlos, do you know why you're here? No.
A man was murdered last night, and we think you had something to do with it.
Here's how.
Our victim, Juan marco varon, was called on a cell phone, and we found your fingerprint on that cell phone.
The, the lady's phone from cuba libre? That's correct.
No, boys.
I just used it when I got here to, to call a name from the help list.
Where were you last night about 10:00? I was in the ocean, trying not to drown.
Yeah, our agents picked him up coming out of the water around midnight.
Alright / Let's go.
I didn't call this man you said.
I didn't even know him.
- I don't know anybody here.
- Now you know me.
and that's a start.
Oh, good, is that the ATM security video? Yeah, I just pulled it up.
Matt bolton comes in right about here.
Watch this.
He glances back.
Someone called out to him maybe? Can you back it up? Right there.
The approaching headlights.
Could be the shooter's car idling just out of view.
Not completely.
We got a license plate.
I need to adjust the angle.
I can't read the rest.
What about the front bumper at the edge of frame? I'll run the specs.
BMW 740 series, 2000 to 2003.
We'll cross-check it with the division of auto records.
BMW 740, 2000 to 2003, retaining the license plate numbers 7183.
Melanie hines.
There's a cross-reference to FJD.
Will you click on it? Her car was reported stolen.
Yeah, but look at the time.
That's an hour after it was parked outside Matt bolton's murder.
I guess we need to ask Melanie hines some timeline questions.
We're investigating the shooting death of Matt bolton outside a dade mutual ATM last night.
You know? No.
There's an ATM surveillance video that places your BMW at the scene.
My car was involved in a murder? / Yeah, and based on the time that your car was stolen, so were you.
I went to a movie on the beach.
Got back to the parking lot a couple hours later, my car was missing.
- I don't know what time it was taken.
- Do you own a gun, ms.
Hines? - You think I was involved in this? - Well, were you? No! I wouldn't even know how to handle a gun.
We're going to ask you to stick around for a little while, so make yourself comfortable, and, uh you want another soda or something? Want me to take that for you? Whatever.
Hey, did you forget to send me that bullet? What bullet? Can't find it.
There's an entrance wound without exit.
There has to be a bullet.
So far, the wound tract and surrounding tissue's telling me otherwise.
Are you thinking ricochet? / No.
It split the fourth and fifth rib, punctured the ascending aorta.
- No fragments.
- Okay, where is it? I don't know, But I got a good way to find out.
Oh, my lord.
Is that my bullet? Your bullet in his ankle.
Came to the end of the line in the dorsal artery near the talus.
This is my first bullet embolism.
Okay, so the .
22-caliber round entered the aorta.
Blood flow carried the bullet to the bifurcation, then down the femoral artery.
It's a fantastic voyage.
The ride of his life.
I'll dig that out so you can find out whose gun it came from.
I've already got a candidate on ice.
Hey, what's up? Hey.
So, how's Melanie hines? Well, I could tell you that she drinks a lot of soda.
The .
22-caliber bullet we found in Matt bolton, it has a left-hand twist.
That's unusual, isn't it? Yeah.
The norm is right hand.
Basically, the only kind of handgun that has this kind of striation in a winfield.
It's a designer gun.
It's lightweight.
It's compact.
It's it's a chick's gun.
So that's the kind of firearm she could just stick in her purse? Well, we can't ask her, 'cause she just left.
She left? She said unless we arrest her, she'll be at home.
What a cool customer.
Eric, here's what I want to do.
I want to run our victim through N.
Our victim? Our suspects are too benign.
We need to go back to him.
Here he is.
Okay, we got a match.
Both name and social security number.
I've got a Juan marco varon.
Came over during the mariel boat lift 21 years ago.
He's a marielito.
There's only one problem, H.
Take a look at that.
That's not our victim.
Varon died in 1991, and then again last night? Our victim assumed the late Mr.
Varon's identity.
The question becomes if he's not Varon, who is our victim, and who wants him dead? His name is Miguel bernardo.
El carnicero.
the butcher.
He was one of castro's verdugo.
/ Torturer.
My, uh, my mother used to talk about him.
He did a lot of damage to people that she knew.
He used to brand Xs across his prisoners' backs.
Okay, well, that could explain the brand on his back.
Yeah, well, what I don't get is he's in the system.
Why isn't he behind bars? That's a very good question, Eric.
I'm sure there are a few hundred suspects that would be very happy to have killed this animal.
Eric, are you going to be okay with this? Yeah, I'm going to be fine, H.
Look, maybe maybe Carlos gonzalez was one of his victims.
Carlos is too young.
Bernardo came over 15 years ago, didn't he? So we we are looking for somebody older.
Coto? I'm, uh, I'm extremely busy right now, so what can I do for you? This won't take very much time.
Does the name Miguel bernardo ring a bell? Who? El carnicero.
Why? Because he was murdered two nights ago in his shop.
Were you one of his victims, ma'am? No.
Coto, I have a female officer outside who's prepared to examine you.
- Well, should I be talking to my lawyer?- I can get a warrant if you'd be more comfortable.
Don't bother.
Satisfied? Would you like to talk about that? Let's just say Miguel bernardo did a lot more than mark me.
I'm sorry.
What he got didn't come even close to what he deserved.
So, are you going to arrest me now? I'm thinking about it.
We'll be in touch.
Let's keep an eye on her, all right? All right.
Melanie hines's answering machine says she's going on vacation this weekend.
Please, tell me you have something.
Trace from Matt bolton's shoes.
Sand and some sort of brown fiber.
Yeah, it's got a golden sheen to it.
Could be jute fiber.
It's woven into burlap.
What if Matt bolton was at the pier beach silver screen? It was the same movie that Melanie hines went to.
I saw young frankenstein there last summer, and they laid a burlap tarp down so the chairs wouldn't sink into the sand.
Edges are frayed.
Lot of foot traffic.
Calleigh duquesne.
We spoke on the phone.
So That's him.
It says in the activity report that you filed that you ordered him off the property.
Him and a girl he was arguing with.
- Please, can you take him away? - No, you, too, miss.
What are you talking about? I wasn't doing anything.
Is this her by any chance? That's her.
You're two for two.
So, what was the problem? Do you know? Caught the tail end of their fight.
- Yeah.
- But this is the girl you remember? Yeah.
Red hair.
Miami dade's finest just found Melanie hines's BMW in an abandoned lot off of dayton.
Well, it looks like we're going on a road trip.
- John, thank you for your time.
- Pleasure.
Owner wanted it off his lot.
City was going to tow it.
Should we tow it? You seen our garage? Graveyard shift's got three layovers.
We got to start it here.
This should be a mandatory sentence.
- What have you got? - Nasty gash, side panel.
Somebody was pissed off.
There's no rust.
Looks like it's fresh.
Matt bolton's key had black flecks in it.
Yeah, I'll run a comparison.
The car's not stripped.
- Nothing's missing.
- Except the driver's side window.
There's hardly any glass inside.
Looks like it's busted out.
Telling us, paradoxically, it's an inside job.
We found your car, miss Hines.
We have reason to believe it wasn't stolen.
What do you mean? Your steering column, intact.
Means it wasn't hot-wired.
I don't even know what hot-wired means.
All right.
Your window was busted from the inside out.
Do you know what that means? It means you staged your own car theft.
Why would I do that? I don't know.
Why don't you tell us? Does it have anything to do with the fact that you and Matt bolton were forcibly removed from the pier beach silver screening two nights ago? We were talking.
It started out innocent enough.
- Do you mind if I sit here? - No, go ahead.
You're not the only one that came to the movies alone tonight.
If you're hitting on me, that's pretty pathetic.
- Let's start over.
I'm Matt.
- I'm not interested.
What a prize.
I just divorced a bitch like you.
Bitch like me? Screw you.
/ Oh, my god.
- What is your problem? - What is wrong with you? - What is wrong with you? - Please can you take him away? - No, you, too, miss.
- What are you talking about? I wasn't doing anything.
He insulted you, and then, for no reason, keyed your car in the parking lot? I might have provoked him.
Define provoke.
Thanks for screwing up my evening, courtney love.
- Appreciate it.
- You probably got off on it.
Go pop another viagra.
I spent a ton on that car.
I followed him to the ATM, gave him a piece of my mind.
But that is all I did.
I didn't kill him.
I'll be outside.
Excuse us.
I, uh, I'm sorry.
I don't like her.
What does that have to do with anything? Nothing.
All right.
Well, let's go see if we can dig anything up on her.
Miss hines, stay put.
We'll be back.
Could I get another soda? We're fresh out.
We do so have soda.
You just lied.
Well, she's been lying to us all day.
H? / Yeah.
Look, I did some dumpster-diving behind Marisela's office, and look what turned up.
Carlos gonzalez and Marisela coto.
Planning his arrival by raft, no doubt.
But look how he address.
Wait a second.
Marisela is Carlos' mother, and that changes things.
Okay, find his clothes, Eric, and process them immediately.
Look, I'll call immigration.
Look, I think we've got him, H.
I had a look at Carlos's clothes, and I found this sample on the right.
Caulerpa brachypus.
Seaweed? / Yeah.
Very common on our coast.
In Carlos's cuff and at the murder scene.
Found it at both places.
So, the murder happened at approximately 10:00 p.
, Right? And I.
And Carlos claim that Carlos came ashore at midnight.
Which would mean that he went back in the water after the murder to establish his alibi.
I want to report a balsero.
He just arrived.
The problem with the seaweed is, it'll be circumstantial.
How so? The mother could claim that she inadvertently transferred the seaweed to the murder scene, that's how.
We need more.
Like what? We've looked at, uh, everything.
Killers that use knives usually cut themselves, right? Yeah.
DNA report came back with victim's blood only.
So we we need to look further.
The blood on the chaveta is the victim's, correct? Yes, sir.
/ Okay.
Have we taken multiple samples or just a reference? Well, with all these cases on my desk, I only do a reference sample unless told to do otherwise.
/ Okay, this would fall into the heading of otherwise.
Isolating another blood sample in that volume.
it could take a while.
I understand.
So we better get to work.
I was just looking for you.
Homicide came up big.
22 winfield.
Where did they find it? In a recycling bin in lummus park.
Near the outdoor movies.
Chick's gun.
There are no workable prints here.
Valera couldn't find any epithelials.
We're 0 for two.
What do you see? Well, some kind of substance trapped in the groove of magazine here.
Take a look at that.
Well, it can't be a gun cleaning oil.
It's translucent.
Let's find out.
Methylparaben butylparaben.
And mineral oil.
What is that, some kind of lotion? Looks like skin moisturizer.
Well that narrows it down to everyone in the state of florida, plus the tourists.
This is from our bronze goddess.
You took that with prints in mind.
That could be the next best thing.
There's more skin lotion.
Well, if the chemical makeup matches the gun magazine we can put the gun in her hand.
We found your gun.
I told you, I don't own a gun.
Well, there's traces of skin lotion on the magazine in the gun.
That says it's yours.
Melanie, did you shoot Matt bolton? I had it with me, just in case.
When I approached him, the gun was down.
I didn't even threaten him with it.
You keyed my car.
You know, somebody ought to teach you a lesson.
It's a hair trigger.
I took a step back, tripped over the curb or something, and the gun just went off.
I wasn't even aiming at him.
It was an accident, but I knew how it was going to look.
That's why I ditched my car, reported it stolen.
I never meant to hurt anyone.
It's just not that easy to shoot a gun by accident, miss Hines.
Do you know what a trigger pull test is? I can guess.
It's what we're going to use to prove that your firearm didn't have a hair trigger, and that killing Matt bolton was not an accident.
How's it going? The single-action trigger pull for the winfield handgun is between five and seven pounds per square inch.
Competition trigger's about a three.
It's very touchy.
So that's what this is? No, this one's a two.
A sneeze would set it off.
It supports Melanie's story.
Come on, you don't believe she tripped.
No, I don't.
All right, so we go in to the prosecutor, we present our case.
Our opinion's got to count for something.
Apparently, it doesn't.
What are you talking about? The prosecutor thinks it's a wobbler, and he doesn't want to file charges against Melanie hines.
Are you kidding? I just got off the phone with him, so I came back to retest the gun in case I had miscalculated, which I haven't.
So she's just going to walk? I'm afraid so.
She walks.
Strong performance.
You know, you should've been in that movie instead of watching it.
Guess I had that coming.
Lobby or garage? I'll catch the next one.
Hope so.
you know, just for the record, that guy, he was just trying to talk to you.
He was trying to find an opening.
He insulted me.
Maybe it was to get your attention.
Next time, why don't you try rejection because it's a lot less messy and, you know what, guys are used to it.
See you around.
/ Yeah? Got additional samples from the chaveta.
- Was there more blood on it? - Yes, sir.
Actually, I found it under the chaveta handle.
Belonging to who? Carlos gonzalez.
/ Okay.
And you're not going to believe what else I found.
I want to see your hands, Carlos.
How'd you get those cuts? I, I cut them on some coral coming ashore.
Really, some coral? Here's what I think.
I think you got those on the blade that you used on Miguel bernardo.
No, I told you that I didn't even know him, who he is.
Was your mother involved? Madre.
El carnicero is still in miami.
Oh, no.
She tried to stop me.
Did you say you'd never forget his voice? No, Carlos, Carlos, no.
She thought that by burying the past that she could make it go away.
Maybe you should've listened to her.
He tortured and murdered hundreds of people.
I gave him what he deserved.
That's not for you to decide.
- Well, I did decide it, didn't I? - You did.
I only wish I wish that I could give him a taste of what he gave to my mother.
Did my mother tell you what he did to her? He raped her over and over.
I wasn't going to let him get away with that.
Yeah, I killed him.
I was glad to do it.
Like father, like son.
What? Carlos, we did some work at the lab.
Why don't you take a look at this? Your mother was Miguel's prisoner 21 years ago.
How old are you? Twenty.
This is your DNA match with Miguel.
So what are you saying, - that he was my father? - That's correct.
I don't believe you.
Well, that's up to you.
Only his blood could've done what I did.
I would agree with you there.
Mi hijo.
Why didn't you tell me? Miss Coto.
I waited ten years for him to come over.
Now I've lost him again.
I, I will give a full confession.
I, I will I will plead guilty.
- I'm sorry, but the evidence is in.
- Well, then, lose the evidence.
Just arrest me instead.
Here's what I want you to do.
This is the name of a defense attorney who's a friend of mine.
He owes me a favor, miss Coto.
I want you to take this.
He'll help you.
Call him.