CSI: Miami s02e15 Episode Script


Lieutenant Caine.
Sergeant Dennis barron, tropicala P.
This is off the beaten path.
Orchard's about 12 feet inside our jurisdiction.
We don't get much crime out here.
- You first on? - Yep.
911 hang-up.
Got here, good samaritan was already in the wind.
My antennae went up, not your typical T.
, So I thought I'd call in the big guns.
Good samaritan you have an ID on the victim yet? Uh, Jerry dorfman.
Miami address.
Alexx, what do we have here? Won't know COD till I get him back for post, but a cursory take? He died of internal injuries.
Blood in his ears, nose, mouth.
What do you make of that smudge right there on the chin? A smudge, like you said.
Okay, could be a pattern, ridge detail.
Eric, amido black please.
And Eric, the wind is picking up.
I'm on my way.
Alexx, think we can lay him out flat? As a board.
What is that? What's he doing? Hang on.
/ It's a solution that reacts with the blood.
It turns it dark blue, almost black.
It's the kind of resources we need down here in tropicala.
Got ridge detail.
That is possibly a palm print, Alexx.
See this.
That's petechiae.
His eyes are dotted with red.
Definite petechiae.
This man was asphyxiated.
The guy who called it in.
Our good samaritan just became a murderer.
Weather's not doing us any favors.
Any tire tracks or shoe prints we might have had are gone.
Erasing any evidence our killer left.
I think this guy must have lived in his car.
Rear seat's been removed.
Yeah, I got a cell phone.
I'll have Tyler run a reverse directory on it.
Okay, I'm going to give you two guesses what this is.
And it's not mountain dew.
I can smell it from here.
I'm going to let you take it back to the lab.
That's very nice of you.
The windows are spotless.
Okay, so he lives in his car.
He doesn't even leave to go to the bathroom, and his windows are sparkling clean.
Maybe he's some kind of PI on a stakeout.
What kind of PI doesn't have a pen and paper? Well, Jerry dorfman was no health nut.
Got his stomach contents.
Coconut, chocolate and almonds.
Candy bars.
/ Also found some black fibers in his nostrils.
It's probably from whatever the assailant used to smother him.
He also has an elongated abrasion on his arm.
From the broken glass.
Well, that's what I thought at first, but the wound was ragged, not smooth.
And I found a splinter of wood in it.
Okay, wood.
Well, he did crash in an orchard, didn't he, Alexx? Look at this.
Early stages.
Probably from something on the wood.
It's definitely perimoridium.
My guess is about 20 minutes before the crash.
Okay, any other injuries? Just trauma from the steering wheel.
Alexx, could he have survived the original impact? Good paramedics and a helicopter, maybe.
Horatio, it doesn't make sense, does it? Someone smothers him, then calls 911.
It almost sounds like we have two parties with conflicting agendas, doesn't it? Thank you, Alexx.
I'm working on the palm print.
It's from the left hand.
It appears to be from the hypothenar portion.
Right below the pinkie.
This statewide? I figured I'd start with Dade first and then branch out.
Ralph durst.
Trespassing, parking violations, T.
s Okay, Eric, you go find Ralph and pick him up, all right? Come on, man, let me in the lobby.
It's a public place.
The party's in the back.
- Room key.
- You know I'm not staying here.
I just want to take his picture.
I do more for his career than those folks who see his movies.
Come on.
Room key.
/ Lighten up! Hey, Brad! Brad! Slow down.
Hey, name Ralph durst? Yeah.
What? - I'm working, man.
- Not anymore.
- Hey, man, what are you? - You're taking a ride with us.
Miami PD.
What are you talking about? Get your hands off my camera.
If this is about cameron, I've kept it 100 yards, just like on the T.
, Which, if you ask me, is BS.
I just want a picture.
They're in public, they're public domain.
What about this picture, hmm? Does he look familiar? Jerry dorfman.
Just like you, stalkerazzi.
No, I'm a photojournalist.
I work red carpets.
Legitimate events.
Jerry's a bottom feeder.
Sticks cameras under bathroom stalls.
that kind of thing.
Let me ask you something, Ralph, did you suffocate Jerry? No, I didn't.
We found your handprint across his face in his blood.
Okay, okay.
I was driving celebrity row.
Jerry races by me.
He's being followed by by a black escalade.
You see who was in it? / No.
But, you know, rich neighborhood, limo tint on all the windows had to be a celebrity.
So you followed them.
/ Yeah.
/ A celebrity punching a photographer is big bucks.
Especially if it's an A-lister.
But I got stuck behind a truck I couldn't get around.
But you managed to catch up, right? / Yeah, by the time I got there, though, he'd crashed.
What about this black escalade? What happened? Beats me.
I mean, nobody was there when I got there.
So I did what I do at every car wreck.
Took his picture? Why? He's not a celebrity.
There's a big market for death photos.
Mostly in mexico.
The gorier the better.
You're sure you didn't suffocate him first? No.
/ Then why was your hand on his mouth? I was moving his head to get a better shot.
I dialed 911 before I left.
I thought maybe those guys could jump start him, you know, bring him back.
I'm going to need your cameras and film.
You kidding? That's how I make a living.
You should have thought of that before.
When do I get them back? You get them back when I say so.
Anything from Ralph's camera? His own prints.
Collection of salt air.
He was definitely working the collins avenue area.
You get his death photos? Yeah, the lab just developed.
He makes them look almost beautiful.
The photo tech said it was from composition and aperture stop, for what it's worth.
Old Ralph may just be an artist.
Makes you wonder what he was doing being a stalkerazzi.
Well, I can't remember the last time I bought a painting, but I never forget to pick up my tabs.
I can't believe you actually buy those things.
Well, that's because the Y-chromosome does not have the gossip gene.
I don't know.
They're fun.
All right, so we got our crime photos and Ralph'S.
Before and after shots.
So, I guess Ralph was telling the truth.
These pictures proved he moved Jerry's head.
Back to the drawing board.
Well, maybe not.
Now, these are our crime photos, and these are Ralph's shots.
Look at that.
The glass has been moved to the back of the seat cushion.
And the fast food bag's been moved.
Well, paramedics, cops, us I mean, anyone could have moved it.
Yeah, but it's not just moved.
It's stuck between the cushion.
Well, then we should go and see what's under it.
Ice packs, to keep the film cold.
Yeah, between the heat and humidity around here.
good film will melt in a couple hours.
So, there's a paparazzi with no film and no camera.
It's that good samaritan discount.
Tell you what, somebody didn't like those pictures that were in Jerry's camera.
Hey, you wanted to see us? Yeah.
Take a look at this.
This was recovered from Jerry dorfman.
Looks like plant material.
/ Yeah, and not indigenous to miami.
Looks like fibers from a south american kapok tree.
It's the warmest jacket lining that you can buy that's not down.
On the screen, we have potassium acephate.
Yeah, insecticide otherwise known as orthene.
Weren't they spraying tropicala with orthene? I thought I read something in the paper about a weevil infestation.
That's right.
/ Residents said they didn't get enough warning.
They left their bentleys out, and the acephate ate their paint jobs.
Very impressive, speed.
Two words, Road trip.
Well, got a kapok tree.
Check this out.
Candy bar wrapper.
Chocolate, almonds, coconuts.
Ring a bell? Just like Jerry's stomach contents.
Give me, huh, give me a boost.
You see anything? Yep.
Got a big yard, nice pool.
Beautiful house.
/ Well, his stomach contents put him here sometime before that crash.
Yeah, so, the question is, who lives here? Heard your radio transmission.
What are you boys doing here? We are finding out what could be the last place Jerry dorfman worked before he got killed.
You're trespassing on private property.
If you want to continue, you need a warrant.
And then we go in the front door.
This is a murder investigation.
We go through windows if we have to.
Look, boys, rich folks live here for one reason.
tropicala PD's dedication to their privacy.
They like their anonymity.
That's why they drive around in half-million-dollar convertibles? Tropicala's the new beverly hills.
Who lives here? Can't tell you that.
Okay, I'll ask the pool man.
I can always arrest you.
Okay, we're gone.
- We're leaving.
- That's a good idea.
What was that address again? When are you going to learn how to type? That's garden street.
I can type, Okay? I just, uh, forget things sometimes.
Oh, I don't believe it.
- What? - This is Brad tustin's house.
You mean death grip 2000 Brad tustin? Body count and double tap, even though those movies sucked.
Yeah, but you saw every one of them, didn't you? Well, right now he's the prime suspect, and I'm sure H is going to want us to bring him in, so Hi, I'm Jenny moylan, Brad's publicist.
We spoke on the phone.
- Yes, I recall.
- I'll just go around the room.
This is Peter goldfarb.
He's Brad's entertainment lawyer.
Leonard samuelson, he's his manager.
Kala, electronic P.
, And Melissa, Brad's personal assiant.
Someone, Jenny, is missing.
Yes, well, Brad doesn't speak with anyone.
If he wants to stay out of jail, he'd better learn.
Now, I thought this was concerning my phone records.
It's actually about murder.
Well, Brad's not involved in any murder.
Who's dead? Ah, Jerry dorfman, celebrity photographer.
Was he a friend? He's more like an unfortunate business expense.
How compassionate of you.
You know, I don't think I should say anything else without calling Brad's criminal attorney.
I get a warrant, this will become public record.
You know that.
So, that's up to you.
It's me.
I think you ought to make an appearance.
All right.
You guys want to give us a moment, please? When was the last time you were at Brad's house? I have devoted my entire career to Brad tustin.
I would do anything to protect him.
Including kill someone? Jenny, you okay? I'm fine.
Lieutenant Caine, Brad tustin.
/ Yes.
Well, that was fast.
I was outside in the car.
Of course, I'm fully prepared to cooperate with your investigation.
I find that so comforting.
Did you know, um, Jerry dorfman, Brad? Well, usually he's shoving a camera in my face.
You look pretty angry in that photograph.
He shoved a camera up my girlfriend's dress, freaked the hell out of her.
Called it his thong shot.
Fair enough.
Where were you yesterday? On set, with about a hundred witnesses.
I got nothing to hide.
Horatio is with Brad and his publicist.
Hollywood scandal, huh? I'm glad this case hasn't stopped you from reading the tabloids.
This is for research.
Although I would like to say, hollywood's plastic surgery secrets.
I knew these were fake.
Amazing they pay somebody to sit in front of a plastic surgeon's office and snap off after photos.
Hey, wait a minute.
This is Brad tustin.
Oh, that's sweet.
Looks like he really cares for her.
Wait a second.
Look at that.
Look at the shot on the magazine.
Look at Delko's pictures.
It's the exact same angle.
Are these the pictures from Jerry's missing film? Yeah.
They must be.
Now, why would somebody steal pictures of action hero Brad and a girl? Maybe the girl was married? I think it's something else.
Look at the legs.
They're long, muscled so, she's a swimmer.
Not for the girls' team, she isn't.
Hey, I think we may have just found a motive.
Hollywood scandal magazine has naked pictures of Brad tustin with a naked man.
With a naked man? That is gonna do wonders for an action star's image, isn't it? and here is Jerry's missing picture, right? Stolen from his car.
So, how'd the magazine get it, because Jerry's dead and Brad tustin, I'm certain, didn't want those pictures in the tabloid.
And we know one picture is worth a thousand words.
We're going to need the rest of the pictures.
You'll have to wait for our next issue, just like our readers.
We have a warrant, Mr.
Kaye, for all the original negatives.
- What for? - I can't discuss that with you, but your cooperation would be much appreciated.
No problem.
How about I give you the photos, and you give us first crack at the story? I can't do that.
It's part of an ongoing murder investigation.
Murder sells magazines, officer.
Celebrity murder sells millions of magazines.
, Robert blake.
You can dine out on those guys for months.
We're going to need to know who sold you those photos.
That I can't tell you.
It was an anonymous tip.
The guy was a total amateur.
- How do you know that? - 'Cause he sold the photos for ten grand.
He could have got 20 times that on the open market.
Maybe he was afraid of getting caught.
Did you ever meet with him? No, no.
I talked to him on the phone.
We paid cash.
He dropped the film off in our mailbox.
Do you remember anything from your phone conversation with him? I don't need to remember.
Got it all on tape.
Do you record all of your phone conversations? We shelled out over $20 million in settlements last year.
Legal's got us covering our asses.
All right, good.
We're going to need that tape.
First amendment says no way.
Well, the fourth amendment says I can get a telephonic warrant in the next hour.
So do you want to dial? I have some confiscated property in my possession.
photos of a male superstar in a compromising position.
I'd be willing to discuss a transaction.
I've listened to this tape three times and the caller never gives a name or a contact number.
Anything from the voice? Nothing distinguishing.
I mean, the accent could be mid-atlantic, but speech is very formal.
You know what? Play it again.
I have some confiscated property in my possession.
photos of a male superstar in a compromising position.
I'd be willing to discuss a transaction.
Confiscated property, possession, transaction it sounds like someone with a legal background.
I know who this is.
Lieutenant Caine.
I don't recall seeing you in my appointment book.
That's because I .
didn't have an appointment, sergeant.
I see that you're, uh, a Brad tustin fan.
Dealing with celebrities is part of the job.
The difference between being a patrol cop and a glorified trash collector.
Is part of your job tampering with a crime scene? I don't know what you're talking about.
You stole a roll of film from Jerry dorfman's car, and you sold it to a tabloid.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'd like to see you prove that.
Be careful what you wish for.
I have some confiscated property in my possession.
photos of a male superstar in a compromising position.
I'd be willing to discuss a transaction.
We do negotiate those items then we do purchase stuff.
All right, so I sold a roll of film.
- What's the big deal? - Tampering with a crime scene, sergeant, is punishable by jail time.
Don't quote the book to me, lieutenant.
I secured the scene and called for backup.
Everything I did was by the book.
By the book.
What else did you take? What else did you take, sergeant? I took a hat, but that's it.
I need the hat.
It's just a hat.
And that's why you are just a patrol cop.
Carrie, please tell me we got DNA from that hat.
I'll do you one better.
That hat was your murder weapon.
Saliva? Yep.
So that's how Jerry was smothered.
That hat was worn a lot.
Perspiration on the band.
The victim was smothered with his own hat.
Different donor on the band.
Amelogenin says it's male.
There's nothing yet on CODIS.
All right.
Let me know if you get a hit, okay? This may be the only way we can crack this case.
Those the photos the tabloids handed over to us? Yeah.
It's kind of hard to believe someone would kill over a photograph.
Are you kidding? Come on.
These pictures are about to kill Brad tustin's career.
Really? He's one of the most popular movies stars on the planet.
Besides, I thought it was kind of cool to be gay these days.
It's cool to be whoever you are, but gay action hero, that's kind of tough.
And you really think the audience cares? If he's redecorating your apartment, maybe not so much.
But saving the world who does that look like to you? What? / There, through the window.
A reflection.
I know.
I thought so, too, at first, but take a look at the picture taken right after.
It could have been a ghost from the processing of the film.
But then look at this one of Brad and his friend.
You say these pictures were done with an autowinder? Yeah, four frames per second.
What are you doing? I'm making a kinescope.
A what? It's a little experiment, okay? You'll just have to wait and see.
Oh, it's a flip book.
Check out the heads.
They're definitely looking at something.
See the birds? Something startled them.
A noise or something.
The ghost image is probably a gunshot.
Blow up.
Wider? Not zoom in? It's a movie from the '60s.
Never heard of it.
Calleigh, can we zoom in on this? Oh, my goodness.
I want to see the rest of the pictures, same magnification, please.
That was the last exposed frame.
That's the last of Jerry's pictures and we still can't see the shooter's face.
While he thought he was taking pictures of Brad tustin and his friend he caught the murder by mistake, didn't he? I'm going to get Tyler in here to clean this up.
Okay, You do that.
I'm going to pay Brad's next-door neighbor a visit.
I think our victim may have witnessed a murder.
Look at them.
They'll never leave Brad tustin alone.
They smell blood.
Well, so do I.
So who is Brad's next-door neighbor? Danny cato.
Danny cato? The actor? Danny cato, the movie star.
A shooting in my house.
Yeah, I think I'd know something about that.
Do you own a gun, Mr.
Cato? No.
Guns scare me.
You certainly know how to handle one.
I've seen your movies.
Thank you.
A lot of people have seen my movies, but movies aren't real, are they? Where'd you get that cut on your hand? A sword fight yesterday and a clumsy stuntman.
Looks like it hurt.
Well, you know what they say, Pain is temporary, but film is forever.
Right? You know, while we're on the subject, let's take a look at my film.
Oh, yeah, we were working in here the other day.
Hey! It's a prop.
/ It's a prop.
This one isn't.
We were rehearsing a scene.
I mean It's clear.
For a movie? Yeah.
Yeah, production sent over a stuntwoman.
They do it all the time.
Which movie? It's a sequel.
Miami shield II.
/ Yeah.
We're going to shoot right here in town.
You want a hat? I've got about 20 I would rather have a sample of your DNA.
I got nothing to hide.
Everyone has something to hide.
We need to find this stuntwoman.
Does that include underwater rescue? Birds in the air.
The works.
We need to find her.
What's, uh, what's the deal with the camera? It's just a little experiment.
You're gonna have to wait and see.
There's no starburst.
What's the translation for that? Okay, the photo on the left is from the prop gun that Danny cato gave Horatio.
The photo on the right is from a real nine-millimeter that belongs to us.
Okay, the muzzle flashes are different.
The muzzle flash is basically just a combination of hot dust and carbon monoxide followed by a projectile.
Now, prop pistols don't use a projectile.
Right, but they're still dangerous.
I mean yes, potentially.
What prop pistols use is a blank firing device, and it creates a slide, and that causes a star-shaped burst.
The muzzle flash from Danny cato's house has no starburst pattern.
so it was a real gun.
And he also lied about owning a gun.
He registered a firearm? Nine mil.
Danny? Danny cato, we have a warrant to search the premises.
Who are you? Gabe rotter.
What are you doing at Danny cato's house? I live here.
You care to explain that, Gabe? I'm Danny's personal assistant.
Very personal.
- You live at his house.
- Well, I'm also his stand-in.
I mean, I'm really an actor, but I,I double for Danny on set.
Gabe / Look, you want to talk to Danny, not me.
I mean, I can give him a message.
Tell Danny that you're going to be busy for quite a while, all right? You're coming with us.
Hey, I, I told you, I'm just his stand-in.
In more ways than one, I'm guessing.
Ready? Look, we found your DNA on the hat that you suffocated Jerry dorfman with.
So we know you did it.
I just want to know why? I'm 32 years old, and my career hasn't even started yet.
Danny was gonna give me my first break.
What was he gonna do, offer you a part in his next movie? Yeah.
- How'd you know that? - The oldest routine out there.
I mean, the guy just wanted you to do his dirty work for him.
No, Danny said to go get the camera from the guy.
I didn't know he would crash.
Hey, Danny cato.
I couldn't let him ruin Danny.
Just like that? I protect Danny.
It's second nature.
Well, that was dumb move.
'Cause now, what could've been a tragic accident is now a homicide.
Can I call someone to get bail? We're not done yet.
Now, is that you or is that him? It's not me.
It's Danny.
- Looks like you.
- That's the point.
I'm his stand-in.
All right, who's the girl? 'Cause we checked with production, and they didn't send any stuntwoman over to Danny'S.
I don't know who she is.
Danny goes through a lot of girls.
I live there.
I can't keep track.
How about a little time sitting in a jail cell? Might jog your memory.
Well, Chloe jackson, female, white, 26 fits the description.
Looks like the girl in the picture.
Yeah, it does.
Where'd you guys find her? Canal.
Two miles downstream from Danny cato's house.
We gonna pick him up? Well, Horatio thinks we've got only one more bite at the apple.
He wants to wait until he gets somewhere with that tabloid picture.
All right.
You got it.
We still can't positively ID the shooter.
Sorry, this is as good as it gets with analog.
What about digital? Anti-aliasing software? That was my next plan of attack.
Change the image from analog to digital gives us 256 shades on a gray scale.
The human eye can only see 30 to 50.
This program tricks the eye.
It looks worse.
Yeah, up close it does, but when you zoom out That looks like Danny cato.
What do you think? Yeah.
Okay, it's still grainy, but here's what we want to do.
Zoom in on that hand.
His hand? / Mm-hmm.
There's something on the back of it.
Yes, there is.
Could I have a copy of this, please? You pulled me out of a camera test for this.
Better be good.
This is a photograph of you shooting Chloe jackson.
Really? / Mm-hmm.
That's my stand-in, Gabe.
You see, in my business, stand-ins are visually interchangeable.
I guess the difference, though, with Gabe and you is that gabe doesn't have a cut on the back of his hand, does he? Neither do I.
/ No? You told me that recently you sustained a cut on your hand during swordplay with a stuntman.
- Wasn't that it? - Superficial wound.
Really? / Yeah.
You see any cut on my hands? Huh? May I? May you? Relax.
Gee, what do you call that? Sit down.
No! What? I'm not gonna pay you! You're lucky I let you stay! Brad tustin heard it, Jerry dorfman photographed it, and now you are gonna go away for it.
/ Yeah? There's still one big hurdle ahead of you.
What would that be? The jury.
I'm a star, kemosabe.
I can convince 12 people of anything.
You haven't convinced me, my friend, and that is not a good start.
Excuse me, lieutenant, uh, you cracked the Danny cato case? Actually, it was my team.
Can I get a couple of pictures of you for the herald? A few head shots, maybe a wide? And could you show your badge? people love that.