CSI: Miami s02e16 Episode Script


It's movie time.
Okay, sports fans, what'll it be tonight? Action or comedy? Romance.
Tomb raider Tomb raider.
Tomb raider.
Tomb raider it is.
An excellent choice.
Action it is.
Excuse me.
And why isn't romance on your list of choices? My vote is the only one that counts.
Oh! - Pizza's here.
- Yeah, Joanne, relax.
You're going to love the special effects.
Jason? What are you doing? Take what you want.
Just take it.
What are they gonna do? Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Oh, god Show me your bedroom.
Backup's on the way.
We can't wait.
Shh! All right, ma'am.
Okay, ma'am.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Listen to me, listen.
Who else is in the house? - My son and my husband.
- Okay.
Listen to me.
- I heard a shot.
- All right.
Shh! I'll find them, okay? Ma'am, you lie still.
Son? Rescue! Get me rescue! Sir, we still haven't found the husband.
We're not going to either.
Take a look at this blood loss.
So you think he's dead? That would be my guess.
No, I don't need to go! - I want to get off this thing! - What's, hang on.
Listen What if they ask for a ransom? I, I should be in the house.
What if they call? I don't think we should expect that call.
Of course they would call.
Listen to me.
There is an awful lot of blood in that garage.
are you telling me that there isn't a chance that Ted is still alive? Ma'am, I'm sorry.
/ No.
/ Now, listen, ma'am No, no.
I have to stay still.
- I have to stay here.
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to go to the E.
, Join your son, and let them check you both out, and I will handle this.
Ma'am? I will handle this and I will catch up with you.
Okay? Gentlemen? You hang in there.
So what are you doing? Logging in all the little dolls? They're artifacts.
They're all pretty valuable.
But, uh, if you ask me, they didn't take the most valuable thing here.
And that would be what? That would be the first Henderson board off the line.
Ted henderson used that in the hawaii classic.
It's probably worth a fortune to a collector.
So what? Ted henderson was a big deal? / Mm-hmm.
Yeah, he was one of the best surfers of his time.
Now he makes the best boards.
Not anymore.
Pizza boy said the Hendersons order every thursday night at 7:30, like clockwork.
Patterns and routines, a home invader's free pass.
Got a lead on a weapon? Found a casing in the garage.
Confirms at least one shot was fired.
Bullet must be inside our missing body.
It's a ski mask.
Looks like it's been doused by the sprinklers.
Planned the entry,but got sloppy on the exit.
But lucky.
Water may have washed away any DNA.
Detective Salas.
He did? Already? Oh.
All right.
Thank you.
Horatio? / Mm-hmm.
Thought you'd want to know, Jason henderson was released from the hospital.
How's old Jason doing? Head wound.
Minor frostbite.
He was treated and released.
Oh, and, uh, he requested access to his things.
I bet he did.
/ Huh.
Bagged and ready for street sale.
It isn't my heroin.
I'm just holding it for a friend.
It's not your heroin? Do you have some heroin, Jason? Okay.
I buy weed from this guy.
I was light.
He said hold his smack, I'd be off the hook.
Buy weed from this guy.
Who's the guy? Look, you don't understand.
These are tough people.
They've already killed your dad.
Do you want your mom to be next, Jason? I don't believe this.
I was just holding it for them.
That's all.
/ I need a name.
Jason, a name.
Crime suppression unit had 20 officers roaming the north end since july.
Okay, he upstairs? / Yeah.
Okay, let's go.
Here we go.
Maurice dushamp.
Big fish.
His gang moves three to four keys a week.
Very easy, gentlemen.
Very easy.
Open up! Ma'am? Where's Maurice? Agent Brody.
Ah, you should call ahead.
I cook you some good haitian food.
Maybe a little nice tassot.
Keep your hands in the open.
We just want to chat.
Who are your new friends, huh? We're here to find out if you and one of your colleagues attacked the Henderson family the other night? I don't know what you're talking about.
We're talking about a home invasion, Maurice.
Talking crazy, man.
Where's your car? Show me.
There you go, wasting your time, huh? Just like I say.
Happy? Huh? Not yet, Maurice.
Open the hood.
The hood? Why? Open the hood because old habits die hard in this neighborhood, that's why.
Let's go.
Got a .
45 and a .
Eric, what is that? - Right there.
- Well, let's take a look.
Some sort of ancient artifact.
I don't know where that come from.
It came from a home that was invaded last night where a family was attacked and a husband was kill.
That's where that came from, Maurice.
I didn't kill anyone.
Agent Brody, could I speak to Maurice alone, please? Okay.
/Thank you.
Maurice, I am only interested in the murder, you understand? So, let's go.
The Henderson kid, he give me the statue to cover a payment for the heroin.
He wasn't holding that heroin for you? I don't need no punk to hold my stuff.
It was a business deal.
The statue for his inventory.
This thing is worth a hundred bags of heroin.
So, the kid is dealing for you? He's my best retailer.
He's got a growing client base.
You know how crazy those junkies get.
Crazy enough to kill.
The sprinklers did a number on it.
There's not much left.
Did you look inside the upper-lip edging? Callie, um, I've done this before.
Oh, I know.
It's just Well, I saw that journal article about how particles can get blown into the stitches and you can't see them unless you pull it apart.
Now what do I do? All right, I get your point.
Did you get Jason henderson? Officer has him in interview.
Okay, good.
Henderson's sart nurse left this message.
Sart nurse? What could this be about? What do you want me to do with him? I want you to hang on to him, all right? Mrs.
Henderson? / Oh Mrs.
Henderson, the doctor tells me you're going to be okay, so that's good.
Somehow I don't think I'm ever going to be okay.
That's understandable.
The, um, the E.
nurse said that you wouldn't submit to a sexual assault kit.
I wasn't raped.
Henderson, this is for your own protection.
It would be too degrading.
Henderson At what point do I get to protect myself? Or your child.
How, how did you? We found a pregnancy test in your bathroom.
I hadn't even told my family yet.
This is like a bad dream.
I'm sorry.
But you still want me to take the test.
You know, sometimes with a traumatic event like this, it can affect your memory, so I think it's a good idea.
Okay? Okay.
I'll notify the nurse, all right? Lieutenant.
/ Yeah? Find whoever did this to us.
I will.
Look, I told you, I was just holding that stuff.
Let's cut the act, Jason.
Maurice gave you up, okay? So here's what I want.
I want I want a list of all your junkie clients and I want it right now.
So who are we talking about? Kids at school? Mostly, and at the country club, caddies.
Who else? Who else? A guy at my dad's factory.
A guy at your dad's factory.
So you hated your dad that much.
I didn't hate him.
I, I wanted to be like him, a success.
Yes, by selling heroin.
He gave people what they wanted.
I gave people what they wanted.
Okay, I want the name of your customer at your dad's business.
I want his name.
/ Yeah? Found this substance on the ski mask.
Silicone dioxide, sodium carbonate, - calcium carbonate.
- AKA fiberglass.
Used to build the best surfboards in the world.
Joseph zeller? You don't wear a mask with all this fiberglass? Ah, no, I can't stand wearing those things.
What's going on? You ever worn a ski mask, Joe? Ski mask, no.
We don't get a lot of snow in florida.
That's true.
But it sure, it sure did get chilly up at the Henderson's, though, didn't it? Is this about what happened at Henderson's? Yeah, their attacker had fiberglass in his nose.
You know, all these guys, they breathe in fiberglass, so But you're the only one who bought drugs from their son, Joe, right? Okay, um, look.
I did, I got some stuff from the kid, but I didn't murder anybody.
You ever been up to the house? Yeah, one time, for the, uh, corporate christmas party.
But, you know, we were all up there.
- Yeah, right.
- I got to get back to work.
Okay, we'll be in touch.
Thanks, Joe.
/ Sure.
You want to have PD interview every employee? Let them do that.
You follow the rope used on Joanne henderson, okay? All right, you got it.
The only blood on it is Mrs.
Okay, well, if we can match that to one of these ropes, we'll know the manufacturer and then the store where it was purchased.
Okay, but all these ropes are identical.
To the naked eye, but each rope has its own DNA.
This for instance is, uh, double-braided.
It has an outer sheath and an inner core, and inside the inner core is a tiny piece of colored yarn.
Planted by the manufacturer.
To identify the fibers.
It's an industry code.
If you know the color, you know the material.
Great, that sounds easy enough.
Yeah, if we can find the thing.
Okay, we've narrowed it down to two.
What now, break out the microscope? No, I've got something better actually.
This is our rope from the crime scene.
Go ahead, smell it.
/ Eric? Seriously.
Every rope is made with different adhesives and chemicals so they each burn differently.
Smells like celery.
Rotten celery.
Okay, so we match the smell and the burn, we have our rope.
Go for it.
This one is sweet.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our smoking rope.
Rotten celery.
It's prima ropes.
Prima, okay, well, prima is, uh, that's a house brand right coast hardware.
You said prima rope? Yeah, can you, uh, check the purchases between 4:00 and 10:00 pm last night? You'd be surprised how many criminals stop to pick their supplies up on the way to the crime.
Well, we have several eight to ten foot purchases of prima.
Okay, I need a minimum of ten feet.
In that case, we have a 24 footer at the kendall store.
Kendall? Okay, that's near the crime scene.
That's good.
This guy's got a membership discount? Every time he buys something, he swipes his card and it gets recorded into his purchase history.
So you have his name and address.
In the system.
Can you check that for me, please? - Steve davis.
- Henderson boards.
Another Henderson boards employee.
Must be embarrassing getting caught 'cause you're trying to save a nickel using your membership card.
I bought some rope, so what? Rope that was used to bind Mrs.
Henderson in a home invasion.
I, I never been to the Henderson's house.
No? Company christmas party ring a bell? Isn't that when you saw those priceless artifacts for the first time? Your boss showing them off the way rich guys do? Probably never thought one of his own employees would rob him.
Davis, did you pull the trigger or was it your partner? I don't even own a gun.
That means your partner does.
We're thinking Joe zeller.
I don't have anything else to say.
Joe zeller, he works at the factory with you.
He buys dope from Mr.
Henderson's son.
Where is Henderson's body? I said I don't have anything else to say.
Now that that is a nice car.
Oh, thanks.
Bet you spent a lot of time on this baby, huh? Yeah, she's pretty sweet.
I had to modify the spoiler just to get it to fit right.
Here, I will show you.
- See, no interference.
- Yeah, none, that's great.
That's an interesting shovel you have in there.
You do some digging lately? I planted a tree, detective.
Did you use a dead body as fertilizer, Steve? I was released.
I don't got to talk to you.
Where did you and Joe zeller bury Mr.
Henderson? - I'm late for work.
- Steve, Zeller is not your friend.
This is just the beginning.
That's not fair.
Why do you get to go? Because I was there when Horatio ordered the helicopter.
If you're going to search the city by air, don't you need an extra pair of eyes? We're just working Zeller and Davis's comfort zones.
Thermal viewer.
The body is cold by now.
Thermal viewer can detect vegetation distress caused by proximity to a decaying cadaver.
I expect pictures.
Okay, hang on a second, Eric.
Hang on.
All right, here's what we're going to do.
Listen to me! We're going to stay in a one mile radius of the henderson factory.
Go ahead, go.
Okay, you're looking for distressed vegetation.
It's gonna be low, and it's gonna stand out.
It's gonna be obvious.
That's where you will find Ted henderson's body.
There's a patch of vegetation that's reading dark green, H.
Is it surrounded by orange? Just like the hurricanes.
Okay, is it distressed? / It is.
Okay, that's what we're looking for.
I'll be right over.
Get something? Yeah.
We got a body to prosecute.
Rigor already set in.
Is that Henderson? That's him.
Let's call the M.
I got your page on Mr.
Your missing bullet.
It's remarkably intact.
Went in clean, between the ribs on its way to Ted henderson's left ventricle.
22 long rifle with a sawed-off barrel.
You can tell it was a sawed-off barrel just from the bullet? Yeah.
See how the bullet's kind of elongated? It means the shooter put the weapon in a vise.
And then sawed off the barrel, which compressed it, so the lead gets squeezed as it comes out.
So you're looking for an altered gun.
And the vise that made it.
it'll have tool marks.
Horatio said that Steve davis had a trunk full of tools.
If you need me you'll be with Steve davis.
Remember H.
Said Davis had a souped-up car? Yeah, something about an after-market spoiler.
Well, that explains why he never clocked in.
I've got a sawed-off .
22 rifle.
Could be our shooter.
Three bullets to the chest.
Maybe the guilt got to him.
Yeah, well, if you don't believe that, he left a suicide note.
Forgive me.
I didn't know that this would happen and I deserve to die.
Signed Steven davis.
I don't know, suicide with three bullets to the chest? I don't, I don't buy it.
It's a .
22 caliber.
It might take three.
I've seen it.
I'm gonna test for GSR.
You're gonna touch the body before the M.
? I'm not.
The swab is.
Gunshot residue.
The question is, were his hands the only ones involved.
Got a dark hair here.
Like Zellar's.
It's gonna take more than hair color to nail it to Zellar.
That's what the DNA lab is for.
Alexx, looks like Mr.
Henderson got more than a bullet, huh? Lacerations and contusions about the chest and abdomen.
Fractured right zygomatic bone indicates he was hit hard in the face with a blunt force object.
Guessing a rifle stock.
Anything else? No, I did the usual checks.
he was a healthy, athletic guy.
Only surgery I found was a vasectomy.
Hmm, a vasectomy? Yeah.
That's not possible.
Well, it's an unmistakable procedure.
Why? His wife is pregnant.
Then I'd say Mrs.
Henderson was stepping out on her husband.
Yeah, listen, let's canvass all the hotels near the gables, looking for rooms rented to Mrs.
She's our suspect? She is now.
Excuse me.
I got your message.
They, they told me the results of the sart test were negative.
Has something changed? That's a pretty pendant you're wearing, Mrs.
Thank you.
It, uh it was a gift.
Did you get that from the father of your child? Lieutenant Mrs.
Henderson, did you think we were going to miss that during the autopsy? Now, come on.
I didn't, I didn't know how to tell my husband.
Now you don't have to, do you? Wait.
You think I had something to do with it? I really don't know.
You suddenly have a boyfriend.
I canvassed high-end hotels in your area.
Your credit card.
A deluxe room for two at the delgado on three separate afternoons.
No view.
Joe zellers's parking tickets outside of the delgado on two of those three afternoons.
So Joe wouldn't spring for the valet, huh? Well, he did spring for drinks at the bar.
We met at the company christmas party.
I ended it one month later.
I've never done anything like this before, I swear.
And I haven't even talked to him since.
So all on his own, he broke into your home and killed your husband.
I had nothing to do with that.
Henderson, have a seat on the bench, okay? Here's what I'd like to do.
Let's detain her.
And she is not to talk to her son, okay? Hey, Valera, you still working on that hair from the car? Already found a match.
Results are over there.
So where'd you hit, CODIS? It wasn't a crime database.
Hair belongs to the Henderson kid.
Jason? We had his blood from when we excluded the family members for the invasion.
Hair says Henderson was in the passenger seat of your latest victim's car.
I didn't shoot Steve davis.
So he shot himself in the heart three times.
Hey, I don't know.
I wasn't there.
Why was your hair in the car? I, I met with him, like, last week.
You sell him drugs? No, but I'd I'd snuck so many statues out of my parents' house, I, you know, down payment on my inventory.
I needed someone to break in and, you know, cover up what I was taking.
You said if I ever needed anything.
Yeah, you name it.
I need you to bust into my parents' house and take a few things.
No sweat.
It's on.
So you arranged the break-in? Yeah.
Your parents never noticed that these expensive pieces were missing? It's not like they dusted them.
They're art.
But, hey, you know, the rate I was going, they were about to find out.
And I knew Davis from working at the docks last summer, and he said he'd bring a friend and make it look good.
And then the guy shoots my dad.
I mean, I couldn't believe it was happening.
I mean, we weren't even supposed to be there.
It wasn't supposed to happen like that.
I, I got my dad killed, didn't I? I just want to go back.
I want to go back to when we were watching a movie and everything was okay.
I just want to go back there.
So you got the exemplars from our vic Steven davis.
Yeah, it's an injury report from a loading dock last year.
So, what's he hiding? See the end of these curves here? How they get thinner? The pens lift at the same point on both.
Is that a gap in between the letters? You mean, in the connectors.
At the end of the downward verticals, there's always a small stroke and a hitch.
So do you think that Davis is the author of both? Best way is to check the signature.
With the filters, we can tell them apart.
When we overlay the common letters, the dark areas are where the strokes match.
There's multiple points of similarity here.
Slant, pressure, height of the letters.
Signature exhibits less duress than his work report.
So you mean Davis wrote his own suicide note.
He asks to be forgiven.
It just doesn't say what for, the suicide or the break-in.
I don't think he knew Zeller intended to kill the husband.
If we find Zeller, we find that vise, okay? Surprise.
There he is, hard at work.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
You, uh, you must really like me, huh? I do.
I like you, Joe, for the murder of Ted henderson and I believe that you sawed off the rifle right here in your little shop, didn't you? No.
No, I didn't.
No? Where's your vise? Horatio.
Where's the vise? Melted it for scrap.
You know, you ask me, Joanne henderson, She's glad someone offed her old man.
Yeah, that lady was a classic case of neglect.
Do you mind? I'm going to get back to my work.
So it's over? No.
Joanne henderson wears a pendant that looks homemade.
If he made it here with the same vise, it'll have the same tool marks, won't it? The pendant? Lieutenant Caine thought that Joe zeller might have made it for you.
He remembered that it was metal.
He did.
I took it off when lieutenant Caine told me what Joe had done.
And Joe made this? I saw him make it in his own workshop.
Joe, I'm curious about something.
When, when did you decide to steal Ted henderson's life? Was it at the christmas party? They tell me that this little sword is worth over $30,000.
That's a lot of surfboards.
Or was it more last minute? Because you could sense that your window of opportunity was closing.
Come on.
Don't be like that.
I told you I'd never leave Ted.
I love him.
What we do know is that in order to protect your investment, you needed to get rid of the husband.
Then you caught a break, because Steve davis needed a partner.
You know what? Say whatever you want.
All you got is my word against an unfaithful wife and a dead low life.
Tell him, Calleigh.
Zeller, when you sawed off the gun that was used to kill Ted henderson, you put the barrel in a vise, and that vise left very unique tool marks impressed on the barrel.
They were the same tool marks that we found on the pendant you made for Ms.
Doesn't prove that I fired the gun.
No, it doesn't, but you're the only one with a motive.
So we've got the tool marks and I believe that the jury is going to like you.
And we're very good at giving testimony.
So, Joe, two words.
Murder one.
You think they'll let Jason go to his dad's funeral? Mrs.
Henderson, the murder occurred during the attack.
He didn't know about the attack.
I understand that, but the law sees Jason as an accomplice and I doubt if any judge will grant him bail.
What matters right now is that Jason needs you.