CSI: Miami s02e17 Episode Script

Money for Nothing

We have several rental properties available right now in Hialeah.
I'd rather have them closer to the city.
Horatio I told you, just because I slept with your brother, does not make us your problem.
No, but it makes you my family.
Well, we have a two bedroom available.
Walking distance from the Lowe art museum.
The two bedroom is going to be fine.
Okay, that's not going to be a problem.
Actually, the one bedroom is more our price range.
Dispatch knows about this traffic, right? Yeah, yeah, I called it in.
Look, don't worry about it, Paulie.
When's the last time the federal reserve was actually ready for our arrival? Watch out for this clown.
Look out! Get down.
Let's go! Let's go! Get out of the van! Hey, hey, what, what are you doing? Don't do it! Don't do it! They never listen.
The armed robbers opened fire on the truck, killing one guard and wounding another.
Dade mutual officials are telling us that an undisclosed amount of currency is reported missing at this time.
You're supposed to be getting here after we do.
- What were you doing a block away? - Had a personal matter in the area.
I heard the shots, came over.
Are the FEDs here yet? They already handed it off to us.
To them, it's an obstruction of interstate commerce.
Okay, well, our homicide trumps their hobbs act violation.
So, how much do they get away with? Two bags.
2 million from dade mutual over on flagler.
I want him prepped and ready in the vip room when I get back.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, Time for body number two.
Armored truck's bullet proof, but not for a .
30 caliber.
It's a shame, isn't it? What? / How we always tend to the bad guy first.
No choice, really, to crack the case.
But a man with ten years service at the armored car company does deserve better than the man that killed him.
I'll make sure of that, honey.
Got a powder on his hands.
Is it Wendell's powdered doughnut bites? We always do the big deliveries, but I never seen anything like this.
Was there a GPS unit accompanying the money? That's what this is about, the $3.
2 million? You already getting pressure from the bank's insurance company? Mr.
Donlan / I just watched my best friend die today.
- I watched his head explode.
- Okay.
Donlan, we're treating this as a homicide.
If there's a tracking device, we can follow your friend's killer.
Banks, they, uh they put a mini-locator in each bag of money.
Do you have the I.
Numbers? Bank has them.
/ Okay.
Let's talk to the bank and get the I.
Numbers on the money.
Just got off the phone with them.
Gave Speedle the numbers, thought he could start a search from here.
Oh, and, um your personal matter showed up.
She wants you to know that you can apartment hunt another day.
All right, thank you.
I'll speak to you later.
Thank you.
Ladies Hi.
So, I think that you should go ahead and get the two bedroom, all right? Sounds great.
She is Ray's widow, isn't she? He told me she was colombian and beautiful and a cop.
Well / Oh, don't worry, I'd never say anything to her about me and Ray.
Hey, Madison? So, I have to go back to work.
Are you okay? Thank you.
So I'll see you later? I'll see you ladies later.
/ Bye.
I got the GPS tracking signal from those two money bags, but it's stationary.
Now why would a guy who just robbed an armored truck be parked like a sitting duck? It's possible because I put two in his gas tank.
You could've put two in him.
Right, okay.
These bags look like they're still together.
Go tight on that.
Danforth drive.
Let's go.
Well, this is where the signal stopped.
Where's the van? That is a very good question.
Okay, is that signal in a fixed position? Yeah, right here.
This is the spot.
Okay, that means it must be jammed.
The navy has an anti-jamming testing site about a mile down the road from here.
Yeah, Sternwell laboratories.
Tests the intentional interference with the GPS.
Covers about a two-mile radius.
Well, this GPS signal froze when he turned on to this road.
So unless the signal appears elsewhere, he's right here in this two-mile radius.
Okay, so let's block this off, east and west.
Our guy is here.
This vehicle sustained some damage.
Ditched it off-road.
This is all he left behind.
Maybe it's because his hands were full with the $3.
2 million.
We've a white male on foot heading north toward cedar farm junction.
Heading north.
That's over this way, isn't it? Gentlemen, ready? Let's go.
Hey! Get down on the ground.
Right now.
Face down! / Check him.
We meet again.
Gun! I got nothing to say to you.
How about to the family of the security you shot? How about them? Speed, what do we got? Take a good look at it.
It's the last time you're ever going to see it.
Good job, fellas.
So this is what $3.
2 million looks like.
Maybe, maybe not.
Why, what's, uh, what's wrong? This $20 bill is my lunch money.
Hold it up to the light.
Look for a faint image of Andrew jackson in the lower right corner.
Yeah, the watermark, right? / Treasury built it in to all U.
paper currency.
Like the colors that they added last year, security feature? Now, have a look at this $100 from the heist.
Watermark should be Ben franklin.
Ben's missing in action.
But I do see a horse.
Think lawrence of arabia.
Well, near there.
The Iraqi dinar? / Yeah.
Ironically enough their paper is the closest thing to ours.
linen to cotton content.
All of this money is counterfeit? Every random bill I've checked so far has been a fake.
So someone took iraqi dinars and bleached them white.
Let it dry, then printed the american hundred right over it.
But how did they get their hands on so many dinars? I mean, that had to cost a lot of money.
War's made them dirt cheap.
You can get them over the internet for pennies.
Apparently, somebody did in bulk.
H? Yeah, you're not going to believe this, but, uh, I've got some information on the money stolen from the armored truck.
Counterfeit? You ran off with $3.
2 million dollars in fake hundreds strapped to your back.
Gonna make one hell of a story for the cell block.
Doesn't make sense.
We pulled it right out of that truck.
Didn't even have time to open the bags.
So I guess somebody beat you to it, didn't they? But the truck came right from the bank.
Yes, it did.
Eric, go over dade mutual and retrace the steps of the money, please.
Hey, what happens to me? for stealing counterfeit cash? The money isn't even real.
Killing somebody was.
The counterfeit money we retrieved from the armored car robbery came from this branch.
Your initials are on the tags.
That was real currency.
I initialed it yesterday afternoon.
Who was with you? Two staff members.
They serve as witnesses.
That's standard procedure.
But we have reason to believe that whoever planted the counterfeit money was familiar with standard procedure at the federal reserve.
Well, that would be everyone at this bank.
It's a job requirement.
I'd like to see the vault.
Every bill is determined fit for circulation right here.
Right now, we're running the weekly cash deposits from lincoln road mall.
The sensors inside pick up the soil content, thickness, denomination.
And then it spits out the rejects.
And from here, I package it.
Guards from Telfor armored arrived when we opened this morning.
No delays or anything? No.
They signed for the pick-up, left right on time.
Do you have a log? Signed for by Paul donlan, the driver.
Dade mutual bundled $3.
2 million in real cash.
We have a thief that was apprehended with 3.
2 in counterfeit bills.
That leaves the man in the middle, you.
So here's my question, Paul.
Did you, somewhere along the route, stop and swap the money out? John and I were driving the shipment from point A to point B.
Same as always.
/ So you notified dispatch that you were 20 minutes late? There was construction at the county auditorium.
Check the log.
/ I did, and we are $3.
2 million short.
Then talk to the guy that stole it, okay? You gonna believe him over me? Paul, in my business, I don't have that luxury of believing anyone.
So, I drove the route of the armored truck and it's four miles from the bank to where they were ambushed.
It matches Donlan's statement.
This looks like the powdered sugar we found in the cab.
What does Telfor say? Telfor says that according to the departure log, the odometer matches.
Then it was traffic that made them late.
See, but I think there was a detour.
This odometer cable's been tampered with.
It's funny what people will do and think we'll never figure it out.
I know who that girl is, Horatio.
And her daughter.
You mean Madison.
That's a pretty name.
Then did you think that I wouldn't notice the resemblance? Yeah, well, I've been looking for a way to tell you.
You mean that you got involved with an informant? Hey, these things happen.
Well, Yelina, that's That's not exactly what happened.
Okay, I know, she started as a parolee.
You offered help and she took it.
It's a little more complicated than that.
I guess.
So let me make this simple, yeah? It's okay.
You can bring them around.
Calleigh duquesne.
Peter elliott, secret service.
Oh, nice to meet you.
This is a written request to take the counterfeit notes back to our miami field office for analysis.
Oh, I'm sorry.
These bills are part of an ongoing murder investigation.
We've got a counterfeit ring in Bogota responsible for several dead bodies.
If it's related, every minute counts.
Well, I understand, but another set of hands might contaminate the evidence and I just can't allow that to happen.
But I'll make sure you get serial numbers.
No, my task force needs to know how the bills are made, not which bills are in play.
Okay, when we get close to toolmarks and ink processing, I'll call you.
You don't, and you'll be hearing from my boss down at the homeland security office.
Well, I've got goosebumps.
Looking forward to working with you.
I thought Cynthia was on this.
Nope, she's in court.
It looks like it's just you and me.
Well, uh, you find anything? No.
I've been going through these paper straps looking for fingerprints, but so far all I've got are smudges.
These bills are going to be worse.
I guess I'll get started on the bank tags.
Check this out.
Oh! GPS tracking device.
This is great.
I was wondering when this would turn up.
Plastic holds prints better than paper.
All right, I'll take a look.
Look, the partial I found on the GPS card has a tented arch.
Well, that makes it unusual enough for process of elimination.
Yeah, I'm cross-checking it with Telfor armored transportation.
All of their employees are required to get printed, so Okay, so two employees at Telfor who have a tented arch.
One's a receptionist.
And the other is Paul donlan.
What are you saying? What I'm saying is that between the time you picked up the money and got robbed, you swapped it out somewhere.
That's what I'm saying.
- You can't prove that.
- Actually, I can.
Your fingerprint was recovered from the GPS unit that we found with the counterfeit money, Paul.
What kind of idiot would do that? A clever idiot.
You switch the GPS tracker to the counterfeit money, the authorities think everything's normal.
- Everything was normal.
- No, it wasn't, Paul.
I took a look at your odometer and you and John departed from your normal course at which time, you swapped out the money and he dialed back the odometer, didn't he? We found powdered sugar on the odometer cable.
Paul, how long do you think it would take us to figure this out? What's the matter, Paul? Going to lawyer up on us? Eric.
Hang on a second.
Paul, are you covering for someone? Does somebody have you in a corner? Who is it? - She'll die.
- Who's going to die? - I probably already screwed it up.
- Who's going to die, Paul? My little sister.
I got a call last night.
It was a voice, an accent.
They knew.
They knew I was assigned to the big federal reserve payload.
Hello? What's your cargo tomorrow, Paul? Excuse me? We're gonna make a deal.
My money for yours.
Who the hell is this? Paul do what they say, please.
Mary? what's going on? Where are you? They're going to kill me, Paul, please.
They said, make the exchange and she won't get killed.
You dropped off the money.
At the coffee factory, yeah.
- Did they release her? - I don't know.
I've been here.
Last time I saw the real money was at the coffee factory.
Come on, John.
The fake bills were in boxes under a tarp.
Johnny and I pulled out the real money, and swapped it as fast as we could in the truck.
We left the real money under the tarp.
Somebody has left something on this.
I think it's got to come with us.
What have you got? I found these on a case in silver bluff a couple years ago.
What is it? Ooids.
Marine organisms, they turn into limestone.
Falling sea levels, uh, expose them.
At an abandoned coffee warehouse? That's strange, don't you think? I mean, compressed limestone is only up on the coastal ridge.
And even then, you have to dig for it.
Unless you have a basement.
This is the city buildings association database.
There are six remaining basements in the area.
Yeah, that's 'cause most of them would have flooded 'cause miami's at sea level.
These properties on coconut grove, they're, uh, on the atlantic coastal ridge, so they're 20~24 feet above.
So we've got two retirement homes and four private dwellings.
Didn't you used to date a girl at the department of water and power? Yes, I did, a long time ago.
And she hates me.
Why? Well, it's just, it takes a lot of juice to run an offset printer and the electrical bill of our counterfeit house would be spiking.
It's not that tough an ask, even if she hates you.
So the power company said that the kilowatts tripled in the last two months.
I don't know how you're going to miss that.
It's a rental.
I guess this snowbird has their accountant pay the bills.
Somebody certainly made themselves at home here.
Well, this is definitely where they made their millions.
Looks like the equipment's been refurbished.
Some GSA disposal sale.
Hey, you might want to take a look at this.
What do you got? You think Mary donlan was being held down here? Increasingly looking that way, isn't it? This is interesting.
There's less than a pint of blood here.
Yeah, so? So she could still be alive.
This material's, uh, rolled and tied at both ends.
The victim was gagged.
You know, I don't see any serum around this blood pool.
It's weird, you'd think it would have separated by now.
It's the basement.
Maybe it's the cooler temperature.
You know, I think these guys were counterfeiting more than money.
I've got some clear laminate here.
Fake IDs.
Somebody's going somewhere.
Thanks for the heads-up, Duquesne.
Tim speedle, Peter elliott, secret service.
The rules say I have to call you.
They just don't say when.
It's a hot crime scene.
/ We'll try to track these machines to their seller.
Run any ink we find through our library.
May I make a suggestion, agent Elliott? Something tells me I don't have a choice.
Well, perhaps the government's practice of seizing equipment at raids and then reselling it at public auction isn't the best idea.
I mean, wouldn't it be easier just to quit selling offset printers to the bad guys, instead of tracking them down after the fact? I mean - wouldn't it? - GSA does that, not us.
But I'll be sure to pass it on during my next visit to DC.
Hey, Cyn.
These laminate slivers are decimating my 20/20s.
I'm taking donations for seeing-eye dogs.
I'll send you a check.
- Are these from the counterfeit labs? - Something on this one.
Take a look.
Part of a circle.
From a seal, maybe.
/ Could be.
Ultraviolet ink imprinted on laminate.
It's probably from a passport.
They would have cut away the laminate coating to insert a new photograph.
It could've pulled some of the seal with it.
So someone's created a fake passport to get out of the country with their unearned millions.
The question is where to? It looks like there are some pieces of letters here.
We need to find out what those words are.
I'll try to expand the impression, compare it to other seals.
I know.
/ Quickly.
Thank you.
Is that blood from the basement? Yeah.
Genetic markers indicate a female sibling.
Donlan's sister.
I guess he was telling the truth.
Okay, score one for him.
Speed, why is this blood pool still wet? I don't know.
It's weird.
It's, uh, it's not clotting, so I'm running a test on it right now.
Well, here's why.
It's got an anticoagulant in it.
- Acid citrate dextrose.
- ACD, that's a preservative.
Let me ask you another question.
Did she plant this blood? Why not? Everything else is fake.
The kidnapping, the money.
But her money is real.
So we send Yelina over to Paul donlan's house and see if sis cut him in.
I'm telling you, I know my sister.
I could hear it in her voice.
She was in trouble.
Look, we know that Mary's blood was planted.
The crime scene was staged.
So, either she's trying to sell you some kind of bogus story, or you're trying to sell us one now.
Which is it? I'm innocent.
Donlan we went to your home.
E-mail correspondence from your hard drive.
Courtesy of a search warrant.
I haven't been on my computer in three days.
But four days ago, you bought a ticket from miami to Argentina.
And it leaves tomorrow.
I didn't buy that.
Your credit card says you did.
Maybe, maybe she set me up, I don't know.
But I thought she was in serious trouble.
That's why I took the risk.
That's why John did.
Did we trace his cell phone? Couldn't lock down any location from those incoming calls.
For all we know, calls came from him, from another cell phone in his house.
Why don't we take a look at that tarp from the coffee factory? Maybe it'll tell us if there's another party involved.
It's from the coffee factory? Yeah.
There's some trace on it.
Dimethicone, hmm? Cocamide, water, selenium sulfide.
That's the treatment for pityriasis simplex.
I know, it's great, we're looking for somebody with dandruff.
Who also left the counterfeit bills under this tarp for pick-up.
Dry scalp doesn't exactly narrow the field.
I think we may have already found him.
Just didn't know it.
I use dandruff shampoo.
What, am I like the only guy with a few flakes in miami? Big deal.
Robert, this is a very big deal.
Who's she? Her name's Mary donlan.
Your coworkers say you took her to a community investment luncheon three weeks ago.
I didn't bring her.
An employee was kind enough to offer this personal photo from their cubicle.
There you have it.
That is you and Mary.
Robert, $3.
2 million from the bank that you manage was paid to free Mary donlan.
But that, as we know, is not the entire story, is it? What? Mary has a brother named Paul.
He's your cash courier.
We're going to make a deal, my money for yours.
Who the hell is this? Paul, do what they say, please.
Mary? Mary, what's going on? Where are you? They're going to kill me, Paul, please.
You and Mary made up the fake cash, dropped it off at the factory, then instructed poor old Paul to swap it out on his way to the federal reserve.
Fake bills would sit in the fed vault for up to five days before they get processed.
You and Mary would be long gone with the real money before anyone would even notice.
What you didn't count on was the heist and the two dead bodies.
But what I am really curious about, Robert, is where were you and Mary going to spend that money? She was going to tell me when she got there.
And you believed it? I think Mary's going to make a run for it.
I agree.
So let's catch her before she's spent all of Robert's money.
Oh, sorry to just drop by like this.
Um, Madison was insisting to see you.
She's very, very worried about you.
You're worried about me? Why? She saw the blood on your shirt at the wreck.
Does it hurt, Horatio? / Nah.
You know what? I was helping somebody at the time, but I'm fine now, so I'm okay.
Will you come see our new apartment? Sure.
/ Yeah, no doorman, but good lighting.
Great school system for her.
/ The landlord is using that check you gave him against the first year's rent, - So thank you very, very much.
- Not a problem.
Yelina, this is Suzie.
Hi / Hi, Suzie.
Nice to meet you.
/ Hello.
And I want you to meet Madison.
Hey, Madison.
Aren't you a pretty girl.
Thank you.
I have to go, guys, but I will come by and see the apartment later, How about that, okay? / Okay.
Okay, ladies.
/ Thanks.
We'll talk later.
Did we get anything on the laminate? I expanded the impression that I found on it and then I enlarged the partial lettering.
I could only get us a few of the letters, I ran a comparison.
Somebody's going to Switzerland, the money capital of the world.
Smart place to take all that cash.
There's a bank on every block.
/ No questions asked.
Okay, we need to find Mary donlan's assumed name right now.
Well, the passport's stolen, so it might have been reported.
Let's check the consulate.
The swiss consulate has extended full cooperation.
They just sent over their registration services file.
Okay, what about the airport? Tim's on the phone with their security division right now.
He's going to cross-check all outgoing flight manifests.
Okay, here it is.
Passports lost or stolen in the last seven days.
Yeah, hang on a second.
I'm just going to run you off some names.
Susana bauman.
Nils overdahl.
Ralph elminger.
Christina hartung.
And Kelley brennwald.
Anything? / Nothing.
So here's what we do.
We try charter flights.
It is easier to pass the currency through bag inspection.
How about charter flights? You got anything touching down in Switzerland? We got one.
Harrigan charters.
It's bound for Geneva.
And the reservation's under Nils overdahl, Kelley brennwald.
There you go.
They're both on the list.
They're booked to fly out tonight.
Not anymore.
Any problems? Of course not.
/ Oh, good.
So you going to miss any of this? I could learn not to.
Let's go.
What's, what's going on? You set up your brother, that's what's going on.
Admitting to nothing, my brother's an easy mark.
How heart-warming.
Hey, if he let me do that to him, then part of him wanted it done.
And if you got away? I know him.
He'd pay for it.
Or clean it all up and make it right.
Speaking of which you are under arrest.
/ your hands, sir.
Call my brother, he'll take care of it.
I think you're going to have to ask him yourself.
- I get one phone call.
- I hope you're not expecting bail.
Why, am I a flight risk? Not anymore.
Thanks for the call.
Ah, Mr.
I was just boxing the evidence for you.
Our case against the sister's made.
- What about her boy toy? - Well, technically we can't hold him.
He says that he knows nothing, He was just going on vacation.
Secret service can detain him on counterfeiting charges.
His name came up in connection with a distributor down in argentina.
Well, your charge would stick.
That's why you called.
You need me now.
I do.
We do.
I'll walk him down to federal holding.
Thank you.
I'd appreciate that.
You okay? / Yeah.
When I heard she was in trouble I didn't hesitate because she's my little sister.
I've always kept an eye on her.
That's exactly what you did, Paul.
Did I? That woman, I don't know who she is.
She became somebody else when I wasn't looking.
Paul you can watch over people but you can't make choices for them.
I don't think I'm going to make it on the inside.
You're going to be fine.
/ Okay.
There's the true victim.
Just lost his best friend, threw away his life, and for whom? For his family.
Your friend find an apartment? Yeah, they found a place and it's, it's in a safe area, too.
Um, can I walk you out? I don't think so.
I think, um, I'm okay.