CSI: Miami s02e18 Episode Script


Somebody call 911! Brutal murder.
Broad daylight in the middle of the grove? Thought I'd seen it all.
Paramedics sure left a mess.
Certainly did.
So we have a frozen crime scene.
What about preliminary? Multiple stab wounds.
Paramedics said they worked on him for 20 minutes.
He was a fighter! yes, he was a figther and he was a runner, too, wasn't he? The blood runs all the way back to the house which means the killer followed him down here to finish the job.
Anyone see anything? No, we have four eye witnesses and four different stories.
Typical! We also have the weapon.
Balisong Butterfly knife.
What about a wound pattern? Yeah, plus there's stabs around the chest.
It doesn't make sense.
Most knife murders are sloppy.
It doesn't make sense if we're dealing with and amateur, but we are looking for a pro.
you working on the blood trail? yeah, a 150 feet and counting.
This guy was strong as an ox.
Get multiple samples please.
The killer might have cut himself during the struggle.
- We could get lucky.
- Keep me posted.
I will.
Where are you going? I am going to get some love from the Feds.
They owe me a favor.
Hey, Yeah, you! Gotta back off!! This is my crime scene.
Still active.
What are you doing? He's got evidence.
He's got evidence.
Come back here! What happened? - How do I know? - You let him under the tape! He was waring a raid jacket.
I thought he was one of you guys.
He just stole evidence from a murder investigation.
Well, so who was he? Killer coming back to the scene? I don't know but now I've gotta find out what he took.
Patrol officer just dropped that off.
Vic's name is Avi Golan, Israeli citizen.
And look what's listed under occupation.
Import/Export how organized crime.
It's consistent with this type of murder, and there's this! Looks like our friend Avi got a little bikini wax.
- Or he's wearing a wire.
- Hidden surveillance mic.
Wonder who he was working for.
The FBI, right on Q.
Last November, quadruple murder, West Palm Beach.
Israeli business man, his wife and two kids.
I remember it.
The hit was the work of the A'lad crime syndicate, Your vic Avi Golan was one of their top lieutenants.
You flipped him, when hunting for inditements on the killer.
Did you get anything? / Not yet.
Primary suspect though is one of A'lad's top killers.
A psycopath, named Danny Fisch.
Very scary customer, likes to work up close and personal, favors knives.
Specifically a butterfly knife that he likes to leave at the scene right? Yeah, that's Fisch's MO.
That family in west palm, he took his time on the kids.
I've never seen so much blood.
- Avi Golan was all we had.
- Can I bring him in? Sure, he's a federal parolee.
Excuse me a minute will you? Yeah.
- We lost a piece of evidence? - We didn't loose it.
Some guy dressed like one of us walked under the tape, he picked something up and before we can catch up to him he split.
Ok Speed we have to find it.
Well, Bellmonte's cataloguing in the evidence right now.
We've gotta fix it.
Garbage man found her on the morning run.
Do we have an ID? / No, not yet but we did find this in the alley.
Magazine's not full.
Any idea where she came from? No, but the way she dressed, she could havebeen clubing just about anywhere on Collins.
Club yes but a party girl? I don't know.
Look at her shoes.
It's got a crape sole, try this at the bottom? sticky, smells like alcohol.
Those are definitely the kind of shoes you wear when you're serving the drinks not ordering them.
I'll start canvassing all the clubs in the area.
All right, are you ready for a little dumpster diving? Okay, You know I don't mind getting my hands dirty.
I mean maggots, wet trash I'm the first one in.
Okay, so what are you waiting for? Ants.
Ants? / Yes, I have got a problem with ants.
They are sneaky and they are mobile and when they get on you, - even if you get them off - Ok, Kelly chill, I'll take care of it.
You can get our next floater.
Oh, I'd love that.
Thank you.
Can you get anything off the plastic bag she was wrapped in? Yeah, markings on the perforations should give us the manufacturer.
Well it's as good as a fingerprint if we can find the role it came off of.
Got a purse, could be our vic's.
Barbara Nance, Hialeah.
Cause of death, exsanguination due to multiple gun shots.
One to the cheek, one to the chest, and this is the one that killed you honey! Ricochetted off your rib.
Bullet nose is distorted.
Looks like there's something caught on the tip.
Silver flecks.
- Part of the bullet? - No, it's non metallic.
It looks like some sort of paint or latex.
Well, What ever it is, it was the last thing the bullet touched before it hit her.
Alright, I'll take it to trace.
Don't be running off yet! What is that? Some kind of insect? It's an ant.
Girl you needed an exterminator.
She had ants on her face.
Well, these aren't your garden variety dumpster ants and not related to decomp.
Why are they in her stomach? Hormiga Culona.
Leaf colored ants.
It's a columbian dish.
Are you saying that people eat them? Fried.
/ Okay, so we're looking for a club that serves fried ants.
That's her.
That's Barb.
Had she worked here long? We started together so, uh, about a year.
Any customers ever get angry with her, or act inappropriately? - We're cocktail waitresses - But nobody ever got violent? No.
You don't sound so sure.
The customers we can handle.
Just give us a name.
Our bartender Mark if he isn't grabbing you he ignores your orders until you give him half your tips.
You were tending bar last night? Yeah, ever sincethe club re-opened.
Re-opened with a new name and a new gimmick? Yeah, these club kids eat those ants up like popcorn.
Must be an aphrodisiac.
- I just don't see how.
- You're not the only one.
Hey, it keeps the place packed! yeah, it seems like you're doing very well.
Our owner is making all the money, not me.
Waitress' tips could make for a good down payment on your own club.
What? / Any problems, anything happen between you and Barbara last night? No.
We get along real well.
Look, I'll help you anyway I can but my people are waiting.
Hobbs! I'd like your left shoe please.
- My what? - I need your left shoe.
Found a casing from a bullet.
It's got some unusual trace on it.
I'll see if Bellmonte is gonna help us out.
/ Alright.
See where this clown keeps his trash bags.
That's where our waitress was wrapped in.
Tim! Tell me you're kidding.
Fifty blood stains? Sorry, the next time, I'll ask the victim to die in one spot.
How about I do half of them? Suit yourself Princess but, if you find anything foreign you're going to have to do them all.
That's fair.
/ Alright.
This guy's running for his life, bleeding everywhere and Delgado is complaining about a little extra work.
Yeah, it's not like she let someone walk off with evidence.
That's not funny.
- What did he end up taking anyway? - I don't know, that's what we've got to figure out.
If something's missing I don't see it.
Other than the knife, there's gauze pads latex gloves.
The latex gloves, how many did you log? Four into evidence, but paramedics double glove, so even number, it's normal.
Right, but I've got, uh, five in my sketch.
So we're missing the killer's gloves.
Well, I guess that explains why somebody might come back.
Fisch was no where near the location where Avi Golan was killed.
Tell your client that I can place him at the scene.
It's not what I hear.
What's that supposed to mean? The responding officer reported that the scene was compromised.
Procedure was followed and the evidence will be credible.
Well, have fun proving that.
Are we done? I have a lunch reservation at the Nobu.
Lieutenant Caine? A word? A key piece of evidence was stolen and this is the first I hear about it? What exactly was taken? - It was a bloody latex glove.
- The killer's glove? We think so.
/ Dennis, Relax! We're going to find the glove.
You'd better.
If the Bureau goes down on this, CSI is coming with us.
Foreign object here, sir.
No that's not foreign.
Just keep moving.
Speedle, I just got copied on your report.
- Are you trying to get me relieved of duty? - I'm not trying to jam you up.
- Everything I reported was accurate.
- Look, I just check'em in, that's it.
Once they sign into the log it's none of my business.
Are you saying that he signed the log? I wouldn't let him under the tape otherwise Speedle.
Let me see that.
Ah, that's cute.
Edmond Locard.
Who's that? He's the father of modern forensics.
Figures I found this at the scene.
It's uh, lycopodium, its fingerprint powder.
He must have lost it when he went over the fence.
So what, he had fingerprint powder? It's fluorescent green.
I mean that's like having brush guards on your SUV.
I have brush guards on my SUV.
And how many times have you gone off road? Exactly.
It's for appearance.
It's like using Locard's name in a log.
So who is this guy? Some weirdo, like a CSI wannabe.
Sorry I took so long.
I did what I could with these.
Not your best work.
I was on a foot pursuit.
/ What's that on the back of the scooter? Can you clean that up? / Sure.
See that streak? That's a reflection off the fender.
If I can reduce this to single point of light, M.
Some kind of Logo.
You know what? Do a search for forensics clubs.
Gees, there's got to be a hundred of them.
Put up that one, Miami-Dade Criminalist League.
That's him, that's the wannabe.
You Wally Shmagin? Miami-Dade Crime Lab.
Wow, I mean Wow, how did you guys find me so fast? - Can we come in? - Was it latent prints, DNA, did my Scooter leave a tread mark? Where's that glove that you took from the crime scene? The glove? / Yeah.
I thought it was junk, you know, a castoff.
It's in the shrine.
In the shrine? What is all this? My collection.
What, do you sell this stuff on E-bay? No, I buy it.
I have one of the finest forensics museum in the country.
How do you pay for it? It's my father's money.
I really hope that's in from Value jet.
Hey hey hey hey, be careful with that.
Is that really Lizzy Borden's ax? That's right.
Cost me 15 grand.
Well, you should get your money back because the real ax doesn't have a handle on it.
It's on display, Fault River Massachussettes.
No way, the guy who sold me that gave me a certificate of authenticity but I can find it.
I know it's around here somewhere.
Wally! / Yeah.
Get the glove will ya? Yeah, right.
Bagged and tagged, chain of custody still intact.
Hook him up.
The casing we found on your shoe matches the gun we found in the alleyway, matches the bullet we got out of Barb's body.
I must have stepped on it taking trash out to the dumpster.
Was that before or after you and Barb got into an argument over tips? The bouncer said he had to break the two of you up by the dumpster last night around ten.
I know you're stealing tips Barb.
Don't touch me.
They're always screwing me on the tip money.
Every night! She was on a cigarette break.
I told her I was tired of her stiffing me.
You finally just got fed up.
Do you really think I'd throw my whole life away over some tip money? I found the source for that plastic bag that waitress was stuffed in.
It's like a fingerprint.
Each tear is unique.
Looks like a match to nail our bartender.
I collected it from the break room.
Well, bartenders take breaks.
May be, but the break room is for women only and you need a key to get in.
And you're sure the bartender doesn't have a key? He's actually the reason they put locks in the first place.
So we're looking at one of our waitresses.
Hey, heard you have a groupie.
Our little creep's a forensic junkie.
I know, there's a lot of those around these days.
Yeah, I mean who dreams about being a criminalist? You're kidding, right? Hey, I grew up watching Quincey.
- You mean you didn't? - This is a paycheck, - it's a job, it's not my life.
- Well, Mr.
Paycheck, you just hit paydirt.
- Epithelials inside the glove.
- With a name, courtesy of CODIS Thanks, Kerry.
Got a hit on the glove.
Danny Fisch is our killer.
Good, let's hope it's still admissible.
Why what happened? Fisch's attorney is moving to suppress the glove, department F, 10AM They're going to put Wally on the stand? - That kid doesn't have a chance! - No, I agree, so we have to give him one.
He is our last shot! Hey what's going on? They wanna arrest me, they won't let me go, officer Everheart here won't even let me go to the bathroom you know.
I could sue.
I know my rights.
Listen to me you little punk.
You gotta get a haircut, we're gonna put you in a suit and tie, and we have to get you prepped.
You understand? What for? The defense is going to put you on the stand.
They're going to discredit the evidence through you.
You got it? So, what kind of analysis are we going to do first, like Co-file or Mass-spec? I know my stuff, I'm ready for the big guns.
Are you ready for this? What is this for? Tell me exactly what happened.
I picked up the glove, it was bloody.
Alright, hold on.
You collected the glove.
Upon closer examination, you saw what appeared to be a red blood stain on the exterior of the glove.
And what time did you leave? The hell if I know, I was running away from you.
You left at 11:15.
Upon arrival, at your personal residence, you placed the glove in a secure and locked drawer for safe keeping.
Don't you guys have someone to do this kind of stuff for you? Keep writing.
So, so, did you, did you get that match you needed on the glove? Come on, I found it, I think I deserve to know.
You stole that glove from the Avi Golan crime scene, and you may have blown a federal murder case.
You know what you deserve? Jail time.
I mean we'd be lucky if that glove is taken admissible.
I'm always messing things up.
I'm sorry.
Let's just make it right.
Ok? Keep writing.
Safe keeping.
Hey, you alright? Alright.
/ You're gonna get some sleep, and you're going to meet me here at seven.
Not 7:01, 7:00, you got it? There's this little party I'm supposed to go to tonight.
- Alright, fine.
- Just don't drink anything.
I mean that.
- I won't.
- And you're gonna wear this.
A vest? / And a tie, and I want them both back.
This is about appearance.
You've got to be credible.
You understand? Absolutely.
/ Alright.
I don't even know if I can do this.
Welcome to the big leagues.
You remember the bullet we pulled out of our waitress? The silver flecks on it were polyisoprene with a trace amount of ammonia.
Isoprene, that's latex.
Ammonia turns it into liquid latex.
Yeah, the bullet whole was through the top of her blouse.
When a girl has no pockets, you keep things one or two places, in your shoe or in your bra.
So the bullet was shot through whatever she was hiding in her blouse.
Bartender said she was hiding tips.
Except there's no latex in money.
An airline ticket, a concert ticket? Lottery ticket.
I lose every week, but I can't seem to throw them away.
Same silver flecks as on the bullet and the dress.
So our dumpster girl was shot through a lottery ticket.
No one kills for a losing ticket.
And what do you use to scratch a lottery ticket.
So you two worked with Barb last night? Our night to close, why? Can we see your keys? Happy enough? No, but I'm getting there.
Do either one of you girls play the lottery? Everybody here does.
The material that we found on the bullet that killed your friend was liquid latex.
You use liquid latex on lottery tickets.
Jackpot on those gets up to $250,000.
And forensics confirmed that Barb was shot through a lottery ticket.
Funny thing is we never, never found the ticket on her.
Well, we play lottery together, so if you find that ticket it's ours.
It's not the first thing we have to find.
We need a crime scene.
Looks like a crime scene to me! Found him wandering around outside the building.
He says he knows you? Yeah, thanks, Paula.
/ Sure.
You're a little early Wally.
I couldn't sleep.
I guess I'm a little nervous.
How was your party? You know I always feel like I'm too late or too early when I go to parties.
Just was out of there in like two minutes.
What are you doing? Top secret forensics work.
Case numbers, initials on every page.
You scared giving testimony against guys like Danny Fisch? I'm more scared of letting a guy like that walk.
Right, me too.
Wally, you should go home.
Get some sleep, you've got a big day tommorrow.
I could number pages.
Hey, Bellmonte's getting anything off that bullet casing from the shirt? It wasn't trace, I sent it over to DNA.
Telling that the substance was organic? It was human skin burn on the casing.
And the weird thing is we don't have any burn marks on our victim.
And two gunshots with a minimum of spatter but I, I think I figured that out.
There's a void in blood below the waist band.
Something blocked the spatter, preventing the blood from travelling below the waist.
Or someone.
The shooter was sitting on her.
Let's confirm that.
The shooter was approxiamtely 6 feet away so they couldn't have been sitting on her.
Which means at least two people were involved in the killing.
One to hold her down, and one to shoot her.
If we measure the height of the blood spatter, we can nail the sitter.
Problem with the crime scene is that we didn't find any spatter.
Then we have to go back.
Wanna take a ride? I called my kid three times, he knows about this hearing.
We got a call out to Wally's condominium.
What does he want? A ride out to the courthouse? There's been a developement.
Great, what kind of developement? The Paramedics found Wally dead.
Mm, he was just here last night.
I know, I'm sorry.
I guess we're not going to court.
You know what? Let's go to see Wally, / Yeah, Okay? / yeah Dual lacerations on the scalp, chap wounds.
Danny Fisch used different blade this time.
Wounds are consistent with an ax but it's too soon to draw any conclusions.
Alexx, it is pretty obvious what happened.
There's a bloody ax over there.
Maybe to you, but I still have to do my post, okay? I think we should round up Fisch before he skips town.
Speed, let's go slow I'll see you back at the lab I'd like to process as soon as I could Ok, but we have one compromised crime scene, I don't want another one.
Alright? I'll see you back there.
/ Okay.
Something feels strange to you? Yes, something is strange.
No forced entry, and no sign of struggle with the killer, is there? I'll look in on my findings.
Good work Alexx.
Hi Did you get anything out of Wally here? Massive cerebral trauma, burn on by penetration of the skull.
So it's killing by the ax? But not by another's hand Wait a minute, you're saying it was self-inflicted? First few blows are shallow along a parallel axis Yes, the killer missed No, there would be defensive wounds on Wally's hands and arms, Timmy These shallow cuts on his head, hesitation marks, classic indicator of a suicide Look, Danny Fish is a pro, I mean, he could have staged this to be a suicide, no problem.
That's not my finding, baby.
The fatal blow is self-inflicted.
So Danny Fisch's gonna walk now? Like you said, the guy's a pro.
Nobody's that good.
What are you doing? All these stains from the blood trail in the park? Yeah, I got them organized.
What do you want? There's been change of plans.
I need these get these done now.
/ Okay, first, Step away from the desk You're not a DNA analyst.
If you want them done, I'll do them.
There's gotta be blood from Danny Fisch at the scene.
There has to be.
How long do you think this is gonna take? Several hours.
Once I get the samples in the 3-10, there's not much to see.
I'm not looking for entertainment What do you say, I call you when the results are up? You can grab dinner or something.
I'm not hungry.
I'd prefer it.
You won't even know I'm here.
We know she was shot right here.
The blood that she spit hit the person sitting on her.
So the rest of it's got to be somewhere.
You know, places like this usef sheers to create privacy? Only tie it back when they clean the joint.
So what of the accomplice? Barb's blood outlined one of the killers.
You're too tall, let me try.
What's that for? This is for our own lottery.
And the winner doesn't have to go to jail.
So, I guess you were telling the truth.
You didn't shoot Barb after all.
You just held her down while someone else did.
That's an interesting burn, how did you get it? I flat iron before every shift.
Our hair doesn't look good, we get docked.
Can we go now? You can.
Not you.
See, the thing about cleavage, Rachel, is that it just begs you to look.
Pays the rent.
Well, it may have done more than that.
That is not burn from the flat iron.
We know Barb was hiding a winning ticket I know you have it I swear I don't have it.
/ That is not true.
We know you won.
You watched while Barb and Jen fought, and then you went behind the bar and you got the gun.
Where did you put it? Quit messing around Barb! - I swear.
- She's not talking Rachel! Quit messing around.
- You shot her.
- Shut up and find the ticket.
DNA from your swab matches DNA from the casing Which means we know that you're the shooter.
She has to borrow my tip money to buy lotto tickets.
I said just, cut me in if you win anything.
She never said a word.
Where's the ticket now? Yeah, right.
So you can have the money, I don't think so.
It really doesn't matter that much, because lottery tickets expire after a year and you're going to be doing at least twenty.
So where's the ticket? I'll get this.
The best way to deal with fear is to face it, right? Absolutely.
Two hundred fifty thousand dollar winner.
Now that's evidence.
I'll just be a minute Stragglers? / A few.
So far all we've got is your victim's blood.
What? Sample 48 is different than your victim's.
That's a gravitational drop.
Avi Golan must have took a swing at his killer.
He left one drop of blood at the scene.
Danny Fisch? Hang on.
It's a match.
We've got him.
DNA's a lock.
Found Danny Fisch's blood at Avi Golan's crime scene.
But, Fisch stabbed him to death.
The US attoney is gonna move for the death penalty.
It's our case, why don't we run with it.
This is a tricky conflict of interests.
You know? Wally? Speed, Wally did this to himself.
Poor kid was so frightened that he offed himself.
It's not true.
I spoke with Wally's parents, And apparently it's not the first time he tried to kill himself Now they gave up on him but you didn't So uh, what happens now? Well, you go home, you get some rest, and you come back to work.
Just like that.
Not that easy, is it? No No Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow.
Yup, as always.
Hey Speed, Nice job.