CSI: Miami s02e20 Episode Script

The Oath

Look, my parents probably won't even ask, but if they do, I spent the night at your house, ok? Damn, got two dangles on my ass.
I'll call you back.
I'm not even going that fast.
Officer I think I'm lost.
You made good time.
Yeah yeah, I I rolled out as soon as I got the call.
Oh, no.
What? Did you know him? Yeah, his name is Dan Cofield, I worked on a case with him a few years ago.
He's got a wife and kids.
H / Yeah.
Girl says officer Cofield pulled her over, walked up already covered in blood.
Collapsed right in front of her.
Is that her right there? Yeah, the name's Maloire Jacobs.
She didn't do it though.
I checked in and around her car, and no gun, no casings.
Swabbed her hand for GSR.
Unless she's the greatest actress in the world, the kid's telling the truth.
Ok, let's call in all shifts.
They hit one of us, they hit us all.
He took two in the vest Alexx? Uh hmm, class two vest did it's job.
Stopped these bullets from penetrating.
So what killed him? Well, vests can't stop it if it doesn't cover.
Bullet entered his upper torso, penetrated his lung.
Bloody foam around the mouth indicates pulmonary edema.
Lung's filled with fluid.
Poor boy couldn't breathe.
So that explains why he couldn't use the radio to call for help, right? / Yeah I'll know more when I finish my post.
Thank you.
Three bullets struck in the passenger-side door.
They're all 38 caliber.
Cofield get a shot though? His magazine's missing five rounds but I haven't seen any casings.
My guess is he was shot somewhere else.
That coroborates our witness' story about the stop.
So I guess this isn't our primary crime scene.
Right now, it's the only thing we've got.
I've got blood in here.
Something definitely went on in the back of this car.
I wanna see what happened at the front with this on-board camera.
This tape plays on a loop.
It's activated when you hit the light bar, so we might be able to get something off of it.
Our victim, officer Dan Cofield had four traffic stops last night, not counting the girl.
You wanna start with the most recent and work backward? Sure.
I wonder why he called this guy over.
Will you check the MDT log? Now there's no Mobile Data Terminal entry corresponding with this time stamp.
He never logged the stop? That's strange.
It's worse than strange.
It's the type of thing to get your days off.
Why are they walking to the back of the radio car? What was that? Something's happening behind the camera.
May be a little baton therapy? Could explain the blood and hair we found on the cage.
The plates are current.
Will you run them? Fred Rutter.
Address in Hialeah.
He's the same guy from the video.
I wasn't there.
Well we have DNA proof.
Blood and hair.
Do you wanna tell us why he pulled you over? It's personal.
Rutter, the murder of a police officer is more personal than you can imagine.
Murder? Oh, woa, hey, I didn't kill any cop.
I didn't even touch him.
You are our number one suspect.
I suggest that you start talking right now.
Look, Cofield lives across the street from me.
He's always hasseling me about my dogs barking and fixing the bikes on the lawn.
So I told him off.
And look at this! He went Rodney King on me! Why didn't you file a complaint with the police department? Are you kidding me? I know how you guys work.
Blew all the silence, backing each other's play, come on! Actually it doesn't work like that.
Yeah, right.
Can anybody vouch for your whereabouts last night? I dunno, about 300 people at the shore club.
I work closing.
One more thing.
That blood on your watch.
I'm curious about it.
Where did it come from.
Well, it's probably mine after what that maniac did to me.
Calleigh, check his watch, and then check his story.
Mike, escort me would ya? Eric! / H! Listen, I followed markings from the muffler to this location.
Found blood, casings, and uh, some tread marks.
Found our shooting scene.
There's only one problem.
The IAB.
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Rick! You're in my crime scene.
Actually, you're in mine Horatio.
I take it that Internal Affairs guys have developed a fascination with forensics.
Ah, that's good.
I'll remember that.
What are you doing here? Saw the report this AM, Danny Cofield was working outside his assigned patrol area.
So, you're ahead of the curve.
That's sexy.
We've both got a job to do.
I expect to be copied on every part of this investigation.
I will be kept in the loop? A police officer has been killed, and I need to take a look at that, now! Hi / Hey.
Pick you up at eight? Got reservations at "Touch".
- That sounds good.
- Alright, bye bye.
So, wow! Yeah, me and Stetler.
When did that happen? He asked me out, I said yes.
That's usually how it works.
Stetler is simple, and this is just, comlicated.
/ Yeah.
You had a daughter you didn't tell me about.
Makes it kinda hard to trust you.
I understand.
Eric! All the blood evidence on the scene H.
That means that Dan Cofield was shot right here.
Yeah, traveled a half mile across town.
Blood drops to the left of the tracks put him on the driver's side of the radio car.
So we have five rounds missing from his magazine.
Yeah, 9 mil, standard MDPD issue.
The rounds are discharged back and to the right, which means he used the patrol car to shield himself.
I found two other sets of tire tracks.
Fresh rubber on all of them.
Means they were in a hurry.
Do we have a vehicle type? Dunno, farthest set's wide, intricate tread.
May be an expensive car, but definitely an expensive tyre.
The others are single tread and narrow.
Motorcycle and a high end car.
What were they doing here? I dunno, nothing legal that's for sure.
You think Cofield was into something dirty? I don't know Eric.
I hope not.
What is it now? Just thought I'd return your watch.
Well, it's nice of you to go out of your way.
You know Mr.
Rutter, I'm not entirely convinced that officer Cofield was angry at you for the reasons you mentioned.
There are no motorcycles on the lawn, there are no dogs.
The blood on the watch isn't yours or officer Cofield's.
It's female.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Why did you lie? Who's that? Excuse me.
Miss! Yeah, it's ok honey.
Can I speak to you for a moment, outside? It's ok Here's your watch.
My name's Calleigh, I'm with Miami-Dade PD.
How did you hurt your lip? How did you hurt your lip? I fell down.
Your hands aren't hurt.
Didn't you try to protect yourself when you fell? I'm sorry.
I don't want any trouble.
I'm sorry.
If you need help.
I got your page.
You were right Calleigh.
The DNA from your hankerchief, matches the DNA collected from the watch.
I hate that.
She won't talk because she's afraid.
It's probably an illegal I guess officer Cofield tried to give Fred a taste of his own medicine.
Is he our cop-killer? No, his alibi checks out.
He's a sleezebag of a different variety.
You know, I couldn't enter the house under domestic violence, because I didn't have any hard evidence or the cooperation of the victim, but I think with this, I could get him on assault.
Hey, copied these for you.
Got lucky on the gum from the radio car.
Somebody left DNA? Hmm, three somebodies.
You're kidding me.
First donor is female, saliva.
She's our gum chewer.
Alright, CODISed it? Notta.
Alright, how about the other two somebodies.
Not saliva, not female.
Semen? I guess we weren't the only ones who got lucky.
You would say that.
Male samples got trapped in the gum.
I'm thinking she chewed it after.
Right, she's living dangerously.
Probably some hooker lost her gum during transport.
Valera, the gum was found in the front seat.
Why would he be transporting a hooker in the front oh.
Listen hmm, you know, this cop, he's, he's got a family so I'm a mute until the facts are in.
Alright, thanks.
I appreciate you taking the time.
Laurie, we are gonna find out who did this to Dan.
You have my word on it.
I know you will.
Dan loved his job very much.
It's all he ever talked about.
Well, he was a good man and a great officer.
Everyone's been really nice, the other wives.
But, I've already heard things, about an IAB investigation.
Well, an investigation like that is normal for this type of situation.
Dan didn't tell me everything.
If he was into something, I'm worried about the kids.
If we loose Dan's pension.
Oh, I'm sorry, / Ok.
I know it sounds horrible.
This is not easy.
Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to leave everything to me now.
Excuse me.
What do ya got? CODIS-hit on the gum Gary Neilson.
He's in the system for sexual assault back in 2000.
- He lives in Belle harbour.
- Ok, perfect ! It's a gimme right? / Sure Gary, you need to lock your elbows.
Looking for a forth? Actually, we're looking for you.
What for? Information on a murdered cop.
Dan Cofield.
Oh, I saw that in the news.
That's horrible.
We found your DNA inside a piece of chewing gum inside officer Cofields car.
I'm sorry, I was waiting for the punch line.
This is no joke, I can assure you.
Now you'd better tell them to move on without you.
I'll catch up with you at the club house Alright! I wasn't in any police car.
May be you weren't but your semen was inside your chewing gum.
I was with a girl, alright? She has a piece of gum, you come and hassel me? Right now, our problem is a dead officer.
I don't know anything about that.
But you do know the girl.
I used her services last night.
Biggest mistake I ever made.
What's her name? Like they give you the real one.
Well, we'll take a fake on, and a location.
See, that wasn't that hard Please, sit down.
Tiffany, how well did you know officer Cofield.
I didn't Cop's a cop.
Officer Cofield's a little different.
Oh my god.
Now I remember him.
Well you should, you were in his car last night right before he got murdered.
No I wans't.
Your gum says you were.
Cops have to clean out their cars after every shift.
Which leaves a very small window.
He said he wouldn't arrest me if, you know I took care of him.
What exactly did he ask you to do? He had his thing just like any of them.
He was nice though.
Even paid me.
You happen to have the money that he used? That's all of it.
Wow, that's a lot of cash for an honest cop to be throwing around.
Unless it wasn't for sex.
Car's in the driveway.
Rutter we have a warrant to search the premises.
Let's go around the back.
Oh/ I've got him.
Call it in.
Bitch stabbed me and took off.
An ambulance is on its way.
What's her name? Anna Moralez.
She got a job? She helps a friend out.
Do you know her friend's name? Uh, Maria, Maria, something, they're always jabbering in Spanish.
Woman named Maria in Miami! That narrows it down.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
The man looks pretty cut and dried.
Weapon on the ground, standard kitchen knife.
Victim stabbed there, crawled from there to there, looks like he was going for the phone.
Fresh paint.
Excuse me? That's great.
I appreciate your assessment.
Unknown suspect fled in a hurry, possibly on foot.
The suspect's not unknown.
Her name is Anna Moralez, approximately 5'6, 110 pounds, black hair, brown eyes.
First rule of thumb.
Question a living victim if you've got one.
They might be lying, but at least it's a start Second thing, put out a broadcast below.
Oh, and officer, I don't believe I got your name.
Aaron Jessup.
Calleigh Ducane.
Welcome to Miami-Dade PD.
Yeah, soon as we can.
Hey Rick, Rick, you got a minute? Yeah, excuse me? Since when do uniforms carry CI money? What are you talking about? Dan Cofield was running this girl as a confidential informant, wasn't he? I just found that out this morning.
When were you going to tell me? What was Dan into? Cofield logged out the cash to pay the girl.
He photocopied the serial numbers I know the money is legitimate.
The money is, but he may not be.
Here you go.
/ Thank you.
What are you talking about? IAB investigations are confidential.
Strictly need to know.
If I figure out that you're withholding information from me Rick.
This is about me dating your brother's wife, isn't it? No, this is about your desire to destroy a man's reputation, that's what this is about.
The verdict is still out on officer Cofield.
Soon as I can clear his name, I will.
I'm doing my job.
And leaving a cop-killer on the street.
Tiffany, you lied to me, didn't you? Officer Cofield said don't trust anyone.
Well, you're gonna have to trust me now, won't ya? I can't help you.
That is not true.
Of course, you can.
I wanna know who officer Cofield was after.
Tiffany! Name's Jimmy Esario.
Whenever I'd get a client in a nice car, I'd call Jimmy.
And Jimmy would car-jack the misdealer car, right? Get out of the car.
Get out the car now! Jimmmy's not the kinda guy you ask a lot of questions.
Paid me fifty bucks a call.
Officer Cofield figured out what you and Jimmy were doing, didn't he? Didn't he? But he didn't make me stop.
He told me next time I tipped Jimmy on a client, to call him first.
What was this client's name? Is this man the client? I never look at their faces.
Tiffany! / Hi.
Hey Jimmy, got a live one coming your way baby.
Huh, thank you.
/ Welcome.
Take care of yourself.
Last I saw officer Cofield, he went after Jimmy in the Benz.
Now what? You call Jimmy, and you tell Jimmy that you have another car for him.
Subject is approaching the vehicle.
Wait for my signal.
Go, go go! Don't move.
Get up.
Get your hands up.
/ Get your hands up.
Watch it, easy.
Whoa, that's a nasty burn you got on your ear.
Did you get that shooting it out with a cop you killed Jimmy? When he tried to stop you from taking the Benz.
Alright, alright, hey.
So we jacked the Benz, I didn't kill nobody.
I swear.
Jimmy, where is the car right now? Get down!!Get down Get down on the ground right now.
That's the car, H.
That's it.
Hey, can I borrow you for a minute? I don't mean to bump on officer Cofield's case but the woman that this belongs to, her name is Anna Moralez, and I can't find her on public record anywhere.
So you think that apron's gonna tell you where she's been.
Or where she's going to be.
I found corn husks and parchment paper in her house.
I think she makes tomalleys for a mobile food truck company called Sonrisa.
Why don't you just pick her up? Well, because there's about thirty trucks scattered throughout the county.
Besides, when I asked them, they said they never heard of her.
They probably don't have the most legit employment records.
I found a piece of paper in her pocket and written on it were the numbers I'm thinking they're bus routes.
Well, that narrows it down to South Miami.
I'm hoping to narrow it down further.
It's the same thing on every slide.
There's one substance that covered the entire apron.
Salt? / Well, it's not table salt.
It's unprocessed.
/ Sea salt? She didn't get it from cooking.
No, but she did get it on the job.
Where are you going? To grab an early dinner.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Buenas Tardes May I help you? Yes you can.
Is your name Maria? I am here to see your friend Anna Morales Juana, la seniora.
You are here to arrest me, aren't you? You speak English? If, if he knew I was learning, Is he / Alive, yes.
He's gonna be fine.
I tried to leave.
Many times/you don't have to explain.
when I came here I had nothing.
But he had a home.
Anna, are you injured anywhere else? No marks but I hurt here.
/ May I? What did he do to you? It's okay.
Will you come with me to the hospital? I don't have papers.
Anna, even if you aren't documented, you are human being and have rights.
And I'll go with you.
Gary, we found your car.
That's great.
You work fast.
/ Yes, we do.
The gentlemen who stole it admitted to car jacking you.
Car jacking? That car was stolen from my parking garage.
I filed a police report this morning.
You were there when the cop was murdered, weren't you? I don't know what you're talking about.
If you don't come forward Gary, his killers go free.
Is that what you want? I wasn't there.
Yes you were.
And I'm gonna prove it.
Miss Ducane.
/ Calleigh.
My TO says you requested to see me.
I thought you might wanna see this one through.
I found Anna.
She's getting medical help.
Fred Rutter's has been beating her.
How? That's up to us to find out.
Okay, just remember theories are great.
But it all comes back to the evidence.
Is that a tooth? / Mm-hmm And anything can mean something.
What do you notice? Laundary bag, soap.
Look over there.
Sash cord.
Put it in context.
Simple house hold items turned into a weapon.
Tell the cop anything? you're lying, you're lying, you're lying, I know you're lying.
Come here.
He unwrapped each individual soap bar and tied the bag off with the sash cord.
Shows premeditation.
Used a deadly weapon.
Makes the charge aggravated battery, up and into a second degree felony You just tied in years into a sentence Great job, man.
Rutter / Hey.
I hope you got her.
- Lucky I didn't die.
- Yeah I found Anna.
I also found out evidence in your home that proves you've been beating her.
What are you talking about? Oh, uh, oh.
You mean her lip.
Come on, give me a break.
She's she's clumsy.
I know that you beat her with a weigthed bag and I guess that you thought you were being smart.
If you don't see it, it doesn't exist.
But what you don't know is that she's bleeding internally.
She has abdominal trauma.
See, the thing about bruises, the normal bruises occur when vessels break underneath the skin.
But hers are in the muscles.
you're lying, you're lying It's gonna take a day or two for them to rise to the surface.
And they'll darken and we'll photograph them.
And juries love photographs.
She will never testify against me.
She may, or she may not.
But it's beside the point.
The evidences will speak for her.
She stabbed me.
The interesting thing about these two crimes is that I've got enough on you for aggravated battery.
But for her, just self-defense.
Cuff him.
Are you out of your mind? She's not even American.
What kind of system is this? I guess you're about to find out.
Pulled a .
22 out of Gary's car.
No match on IBIS.
Gun's not in the system.
The .
22 is registerd to Gary Neilson's wife.
An ex-con like Gary knows he can't own a gun Why would he shoot inside his own car? Maybe he wasn't alone in the car.
Close quarters, those burns on Jimmy's ear.
How do we prove Gary pulled the trigger? The old-fashioned way.
I already told you.
My car was take from my garage.
Yes, according to your parking card Gary, you didn't make it home last night.
Okay, so I must 've parked on the street.
Need I remind you that filing a false police report is punishable by jail time.
So you wanna try again? All right.
Uh After I dropped off the girl, I was on my way home and these two guys came out nowhere.
Get out the car!! Get out of the car!! Now!! Go! But that's all that happened.
I didn't see any shooting.
I bet you didn't hear any either, did you? What's that? Gary I'm gonna ask you to take a test, okay? So what've we got? Pure tone test indicates significant injuries to his ear drums.
Lucky for him it's only temporary.
But he does have hearing loss.
Short term.
Probably caused by exposure to something in the 140 decibel range.
- That's a jet engine.
- Jet engine or a gun shot.
Right, Gary? Give me a minute, will ya? So I don't hear so well.
And this test Gary, confirms that you got the officer killed.
That's ridiculous.
You weren't in that car alone, were you? Get out the car!! Miami dade police.
Put your hands where I can see them, now! Officer Cofield, had the situation under control.
And then you went and got stupid I only fired one shot.
I was trying to defend myself.
It's called contagious gun fire.
And if you hadn't started shooting, none of this would have happened.
- I didn't do anything.
- It's exactly right.
When you should have used a radio to call for a help.
But you didn't do it.
Hey I don't have to report a crime.
There's no law against that.
It's true.
But now you're gonna have to live with it.
I will testify about the car-jacking and the shooting, just not about the girl.
You've just commited a felony by concealing a weapon.
The girl is the least of your problems.
Hi, dad.
Yeah, I know.
No, I'm fine.
Hey dad, listen.
I have a great case for you.
Her name's Anna Hey / Hey What are you doing her? Hello / Hey Horatio.
Heard you caught Dan Cofield's killer.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Congratulations, I'm sure we'll end up clearing him.
If his family doesn't get full benefits, you are gonna hear from me.
Don't hate me, hate the job.
I'll take that into consideration No hard feelings, right? No, absolutely not.
Okay, I'm gonna lock up my office, and I'll see you downstairs.
/ Okay.
You take care.
You, too.
I'm sure that Dan Cofield's widow will appreciate everything you've done.
Well, I just let the evidence clear his name.
Still, she's lucky to have you.
Thank you.
See you tomorrow.