CSI: Miami s02e21 Episode Script

Not Landing

A lot of lucky people were on this beach.
One fatality.
The pilot.
EPA had some environmental concerns with the fuel spill.
And now we're waiting on NTSB.
Yes, so we can't touch a thing till they get here.
And I can't touch the body.
A lot of people are gonna want to look at this one Alexx.
Poor guy's gonna have to wait.
This poor guy has covered up his registration numbers.
I guess he didn't want to be recognized by Coast Guard or FAA.
The question is, what was he hiding? You find something? That looks like a drain with the valve blown off.
It could have been sheared off on the beach.
I think this one has been helped along.
You mean sabotage? Nope, I mean murder.
A lot of fish in the water on this one.
NTSB just released him.
I need a cause of death as soon as you know, Alexx You'll be the first.
It was set up to climb, auto-pilot was on.
Could have been pilot error.
I guess that's possible.
Took out the seats and replaced them with these fuel bladders.
Meaning that a cargo plane designed for long distance travel.
Long flight over the ocean.
Pilot probably had a class four rating.
- He knew what he was doing.
- Travelling with no identification.
You think he was smuggling? I don't know, but whatever it was, 250 gallons of it was flushed from that bladder, out of that valve before he crashed.
We need to take this whole plane back to our hangar for a prelim, - cargo included.
- Well, not before we go over it.
We might tell you what brought it down.
Speed! What have we got? Uh, Manganese Dioxide fused with Potassium Hydroxide, creates Potassium Permanganate.
It's primarily used to disinfect cocaine.
It makes it totally pure.
Yes, the South American drug trade is dying to get their hands on this stuff.
The DEA has a restriction on it.
Makes 250 Gallons pretty valuable cargo.
Yeah, so our guy was on a delivery run when he crashed.
Hang on a second.
Hey, I checked the plane's registration with the FAA, the pilot's name is Adam Decker, Rockwater address.
He co-owns the plane with his business partner, Wess Gallagher.
Okay, did you get the name of their business? Yes, Dolsen Treatment Labs.
I'll keep you posted.
Chemicals! Okay, Rockwater here we come.
Gallagher? Yes.
Is your husband home? He's in the back.
- Is there trouble? - No, I'd just like to speak to him.
- Right this way.
- Thank you.
Fly away homes.
Suburbia on the runway.
Yeah, an affluent community.
Fly to Orlando for a meeting, home for dinner.
Where do we go maam? I worked on that plane to keep it in the air, not bury it on Miami Beach.
- So he trusted you to maintain it? - We were partners, I hope so.
You and Adam went to Yale together.
He pushed test tubes around for a few years, they gave him a degree in chemical engineering.
And you got one for mechanical engineering.
That's right.
/ Together you created "Dolsen Treatment Labs".
Quite a success story I understand.
You spilled something on your boot.
It's probably just fuel.
Actually, it's Potassium Permanganate, which is what you and Adam were smuggling right? No, that's not true.
Speed, let's take a look at his hands, alright? Why? To eliminate you as a suspect.
What is this thing? Ah, it's just a little toy we have for sniffing out residue.
Like what? Like RDX, which is an explosive that we found on the fuselage as well.
So what did you do? You uh, sabotage the valves with the explosives? And when the chemicals blew out during the flight, it affected the center of gravity.
The tail goes down, the nose goes up.
It stalls, and then crashes.
Right, Wess? I didn't intend to kill him.
I just didn't want him to make the run to South America.
I told him that there had to be other ways to raise the money.
Raise the money? For what? We were working on a new plane together.
State-of-the-art design.
He was a good pilot.
He should have been able to make a soft landing.
I didn't want him to get arrested for smuggling.
I was trying to protect him.
I guess you didn't try hard enough, did you? That was Alexx.
Adam Decker died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
So Adam died before the crash.
Wess' sabotage didn't kill him.
You just got lucky Wess.
This Adam Decker suffocated on the plane's combustion.
Yeah, Alexx said respiratory arrest.
Carbon Monoxide starved his body of oxygen.
CO poisoning usually turns the skin red.
Why not our guy? He was Anemic.
Low hemoglobin, no redness.
Got a scrape here.
Yeah, you're gonna have a few scrapes, it was a plane crash.
Hmm, well thanks for the update, but uh, this is not from hitting the beach.
Well, NTSB brought it in a flatbed.
It's not like they put it in bubble wrap.
Yeah, realize that too.
Someone keyed this.
Ok, I see that.
But why would somebody do that? At these airparks, these planes are like sports cars.
People's pride and joy.
You key one of these things, you're sending a message.
My husband flew that plane yesterday afternoon.
It was fine.
Ok, well uhm, can you think of anyone who had a grudge against your husband? He worked with all kinds of people in his business.
We were thinking someone a little closer to home.
He didn't care for Jeff Latham very much.
Who's he? / Neighbor.
Jeff never shared the same enthusiasm for flying that my husband did.
Jeff lives in a airpark and he doesn't like flying? His wife.
My husband would run engine tests late at night.
Jeff would show his appreciation by rolling our trash barrels into the street the next morning.
Stupid stuff.
Then it got serious.
How serious? Jeff took a swing at Adam over by the airstrip, for buzzing over his house.
The more Adam laughed about it, the angrier Jeff got.
Guess it's settled now, isn't it? Oh yeah, we had our differences.
No question.
Despite what he thinks, there are rules to follow in airparks.
Airparks and everywhere else.
So what did my husband do now? Nothing, let me handle this.
You know last week he did throw some garden tools on the runway.
Can you arrest him for that? Don't you have some propellars to polish or something? Look, whatever it was this time, trust me.
Adam Decker had it coming.
You mean like dying in a plane crash? This morning on Miami Beach.
You don't think I had something to do with that? You two have a history.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean I went out We have evidence that proves his plane was vandalized prior to the crash.
Scraped with a car key.
Care to show us your set for comparison? No, because I'll tell you right now! Okay, I did take a swipe at his plane, because the man was smug, and he was pompous and reckless.
I gotta say guys, I hated him.
Enough to poison him with carbon monoxide? This was just a neighborhood dispute.
It was nothing.
Well, I tell ya Jeff, it's something now.
So his boss said he just came back from uh, parking a car.
Ran back and just fell out.
Going to soon, sugar.
No visible trauma.
But it wouldn't be the first time paramedics missed an entry wound.
You need some help? / Nah, I could undress a dead man in my sleep.
I'm leaving that one alone.
Alexx!!! It's ok.
You okay? - Yeah.
- You want me to call rescue? I'm fine.
Exploding jacket.
got us another crime scene.
Smells like lead.
It's part of a key pad.
Could be home made.
If somebody was trying to kill this boy, they were about half an hour too late.
Not too late to almost take you out.
You ok? Sure? / Yeah.
We're not done with our prelim, guys.
Oh, we're just looking.
So how do you think the carbon monoxide got into the cockpit? Well, the weakest part of any exhaust system is where the pipe is weldedto the muffler.
This one's cracked.
That could have cracked on impact.
Could have, but uh, that definitely didn't.
Oh, look at here, someone's drilled a hole into the pipe.
Yeah, the carbon monoxide would have filled the engine bay.
The engine bay is completely sealed off from the rest of the plane.
Not anymore.
Someone drilled a hole through the firewall into the cockpit.
Carbon monoxide, you can't see it, can't smell it.
Poor guy didn't even have a chance.
You said the auto-pilot was engaged right? Plane flies itself till it's told otherwise.
Why did it stop flying? Could have flown into a rain cloud, wings could have iced up.
Ice changes the shape of the wing and disrupts the airflow.
It's ironic.
Who could've guessed that ice could kill you in Miami? A good pilot could have regained control before it hit the beach.
- Yeah, not a dead one.
- Just so you know, you can't take any of this from the hangar.
This accident may have been caused by an intentional criminal act.
It's the smallest little piece.
Just the smallest.
I need a copy of everything for the public document.
You'll get it.
You know what? I got one more question.
Was there any radio traffic before the crash? No May-day, just a phone call.
Look tower.
Do you know where it came from? Neighbor back at the airpark.
Guy named Tony Mackin.
He was monitoring the airport frequency, heard the pilot on the radio, got worried and called the FAA.
Well, it looks like we've got another suspect.
Thank you very much.
Mackin, NTSB said you heard Adam Decker's radio call before the plane crashed.
Yeah, I made them respond.
You monitor the airport frequency? Yeah, I got like uh, inner ear imbalance.
They say I can't fly anymore.
So I'm like the resident control tower right now.
You remember what Decker said? Something about making an unscheduled stop.
will be diverting to Miami.
Changing frequency to Miami flight services station.
You know, one words he said was he couldn't keep his eyes open.
Do you remember approximately what time that was? Yeah, it was like 9:30.
You know, I called FAA right after I heard him.
Great! Well, thank you for your time.
Something's not right about that.
Yeah, we need a timeline.
/ The FAA logged Mackin's call at 9:35.
The plane hit the beach Is this chamber the same area as the cockpit? Yeah, the dummy, and the seat, the bladder's in the rear.
So we can figure out how much CO was pumped into the cabin.
I am using the manufacturer's recommended setting to calculate the amount of CO.
I added a color dye for reference.
there was enough CO in the cockpit to put the pilot into a coma.
So at that rate of flow, how much longer did he have? Five minutes max.
Wendy said he took off at nine.
So he would have been dead by 9:20.
Mackin said he heard Decker's voice over the radio for sure after 9:30.
Mackin is lying.
I'm gonna call Horatio.
I screwed up the time, so what? Why did you wait 20 minutes to call the FAA.
I was busy.
What's her name Tony? - What are you talking about? - The woman you were with, what's her name? Wendy Decker.
The victim's wife.
So the husbands fly away, and leave the wives behind for old Tony.
Hey, they knock on my door, I don't knock on their doors.
You know what I'm sayin'? So Wendy visited, and you were monitoring her husband Adam on the radio.
We always left the radio on in case Adam turned around.
You know, we didn't want any surprises.
Except this time, you know, Wendy, she asked me to turn the radio off.
Wendy told you to turn the radio off after she heard her husband's voice? Yeah.
You know what? Let's go visit the grieving widow.
You have quite the little Cul-de-sac going here.
So Wendy, you were in bed with Tony when Adam called on the radio and you instructed Tony to shut it off.
- Right? - I was embarassed.
Not enough to stop what you were doing.
November 4879-487 pappa as advised diverting to Miami.
It's Adam, turn it off.
Changing the frequency.
Do you have any idea how guilty I feel about this? Guilty that you and your boyfriend killed your husband? Tony's not my boyfriend.
Frankly, it was a way to get back at Adam for cheating on me.
Wendy, that's called motive.
Only if I killed him.
And I didn't.
Who was your husband seeing? - I don't know.
- Something tipped you off didn't it? What was it? He didn't think I would find it.
It reeked of perfume, and it wasn't my bedding pattern.
There was writing all over it.
One of Adam's stupid math formulas.
I knew it must have been important to him, so I washed it, and put it back.
I was waiting for him to find it.
My way of saying "Screw you.
I know what you've been doing.
" Excuse me.
That's a very unusual sound system.
Adam designed it.
He was always tinkering with things.
Right, I noticed that um, I noticed this speaker is different than the other one.
And here's why.
Decker, this is a camera.
A camera? Someone broke into our home? Not necessarily.
Is this tiny thing really a camera? Yeah, it's a good one too.
Needs almost no light, it's got high resolution, wide field of view.
Camera's not hooked up to the VCR.
It's transmitting outside of the house and uh, Broadcasts in any direction up to 200 feet.
Someone at the airpark was definitely spying on our dead guy.
It had to be Wess.
Oh, I'm sorry ma'am.
I didn't realize you were there.
It's Ok.
You said Wess.
You mean Adam's business partner? Yeah.
Last block party, Wess had a little too much.
Accused Adam of sleeping with his wife Cindy.
He was probably trying to prove it.
Look, someone was sleeping with my wife.
She was walking around humming and smiling every weekend.
It wasn't because of me.
I was in Tampa all week, working.
And you suspected your business partner.
I suspected every guy in that airpark, including Adam.
So you planted a camera to prove it? They had a camera too? Too? Yeah, I uh, I found a camera in the smoke detector in our bedroom last week when I went in to change the battery.
Figured the last owners put it in to spice things up.
Two cameras, two different houses.
Why stop at two? Ms.
Latham I'm Calleigh Duquesne, I'm with the Miami-Dade police department.
This is my partner,Eric Delko.
Hmm, let me guess.
You guys here to see Jeff again? Actually we have reason to believe that there's a camera hidden in your home.
Is this some sort of practical joke my neighbors set you up to? What's with the stuff? Well, this is a spy finder, it will help us detect any hidden surveillance equipment.
With your permission, we'd like to scan your home.
It'll just like a check up.
All right.
I don't understand.
I mean, wouldn't I be able to see a camera? You'd be surprised where a cover up camera can hide.
This scanner will see any camera that sees it.
Clock radio.
Oh my god.
- That's aimed at - Your bed.
I checked all three cameras, the transmittors that go with them, and the wiring.
There's not one single fingerprint or anything we can use.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
- Are you having any luck? - I think so.
We know where all of the cameras are, and we know that they all transmit at a max of 200 feet in any direction.
The receiver has to be in the overlap.
Got an antenna and a receiver up here.
Wire trace? Yeah, this energizer sends a constant signal down the wire, and this tracer tracks that signal.
Well, ten bucks says its the business partner Wess Gallagher.
Oh, you're on.
I'll take Mackin, the resident stud.
All right.
You're on.
Ten bucks please.
At least it buys us a warrant.
I figured you'd take a sick day.
Well, a little excitement doesn't mean life stops, or death.
Our valet, died of a brain aneurysm, rupture in the middle cerebral artery.
- What did you get? - Explosive was lead picrate.
You can basically buy the ingriedients in any home improvement store.
Real sensitive to shock, heat, friction.
It was in this thing.
Inside his cellphone? It's a carto.
Someone rigged our valet's cellphone? Well, I don't think it was his, cuz it costs more than he probably makes in two weeks? He stole it.
So, can you trace the phone, GPS, something like that? The GPS is gone, we don't need it.
Take a look at that.
Looks like a serial number.
I'm gonna have homicide track down the owner.
I gotta finish up some of that work on the plane crash, but uhh, if they find anything I'll page you.
Thanks Timmy.
Hey hey hey hey wo wo.
A warrant? For what? I couldn't have been here to sabotage the plane cuz you know, I got witnesses that say that they saw me at my son's birthday party down at South Beach.
You've been placing video cameras in your neighbors bedrooms.
Hey, I don't know nothing about no hidden video cameras.
All right? I told you.
/ Yeah.
Very nice Tony, motion activated.
Now Tony, do I need to take a look at those video tapes to know what's on them? Look, it's no harm no foul all right? You know, I mean I just, ah I like to watch you know and, We're all guys here, there's no harm done? Not when one of the people on the tapes gets murdered.
There are five more cases just like this.
How long have you been selling porn Tony? Hey, that's not illegal.
It is if your stars don't know they're on camera.
Are these yours? Yeah.
The 3/4 inch bit is missing.
So what? That is the size of the hole that brought Adam's plane down.
Where's the bit? / Oh, man, I loaned that to Jeff Latham.
Its the guy that keyed out on Deckers plane.
Let's go talk to Jeff again.
Yeah, I borrowed the drill bit, I didn't have a 3/4 inch.
But you knew that the hole that brought Adam's plane down needed to be just that big though, didn't you? I already told you.
I don't know anything about planes, I wouldn't know where to drill.
Excuse me.
- Yes? - It's a definite match.
Oh, good.
Would you explain to Mr.
Latham what that means? Mr.
Latham, the drill that you borrowed makes a very distinctive hole.
This is the hole from Adam Decker's plane, this is the test hole that we made.
They were both made with the same bit.
And it's the one we found at your house.
That means that that drill bit right there is responsible for your neighbor's murder.
We spoke with Wendy, and she said her husband flew the plane late yesterday.
No problems.
So whoever did it, did it last night.
Show me someone who saw me sabotage that plane? Are you aware that we have arrested Tony Mackin for video taping people's bedrooms in your community, including your bedroom.
Word gets around, yeah.
/ So you won't mind if I take a look at the tape from last night to make sure you didn't leave your room.
As a matter of fact, I do.
I'm sorry, I was just being polite.
You found my phone? Have a seat.
Have lunch at the Wayfare Grill today? - Shark steak.
- Sounds delicious.
A valet attendant stole your phone from your car.
I was thinking someone from the gym stole it.
So, where is it? Man! Probably doesn't look the same.
- No warranty.
- That's sucks.
You do realize that you blew up your own cellphone by putting explosives in it.
In the phone's battery department.
So what are you crazy? Hey look.
Some guys like to keep alcohol in their car, video games.
I like to go to the Everglades.
Blow things up.
It's a sport.
It's a sport? It's fun, like fireworks.
It doesn't hurt anybody.
You know, where's the harm? It's not like I'm a terrorist or anything? Well, you're looking at three years minimum.
I bought all the ingriedients legally.
That doesn't matter.
Possessing or manufacturing an explosive device is a felony.
This is all cuz some guy ripped me off? That guy died of unrelated causes.
But your bomb almost killed our medical examiner.
Ah, this isn't fair.
- Wanna talk about fair? - Who are they? My kids.
They almost lost their mother because you like to blow things up.
So tell me, is that fair? So, I should call a lawyer? Right? Reality TV.
Can I watch? Yeah, have a seat.
Tell me when I have to look away.
That's the thing.
You never have to.
What are you telling me? I'm telling you Jeff Latham should probably see a doctor about the little blue pill.
That explains why he didn't want us to watch the tape.
That's it.
Stays like that until morning.
So if Jeff Latham left the room to sabotage the plane, we'll never know.
The dead guy's widow said there was some kind of drawing on this pillow case.
I tested it, it's not ink, it's vegetable oil.
And when our girl washed it, the pigment rinsed away but oil is heavier than water, so the oil stayed embedded in the fibers.
Right, it means that it's there we just can't see it.
Ninhydrin spray.
Care to do the honors? - What is it? - Rudimentary schematic.
There's some lettering.
Well, it's an equation for a chemical reaction.
I was kind of expecting it to be a love note.
we used to heart with initials.
What? It's a pillow case.
Yeah, it's probably just the handiest thing to write on.
It's an equation for a fuel cell.
Holy Grail of aviation.
Cheap power, no emissions.
Is it a part of the plan that uh, new plane Decker was working on? Correct.
Have we determined what was used to write on the pillow case.
- It was an oil based cosmetic.
- Based on the fine lines, I guess an eye liner.
/ So we're looking for a woman.
I scanned video feeds from every bedroom.
Nothing close.
And then I found this one.
Jeff and Heddy's bedroom.
The good thing about these pin hole cameras is that they hold focus well from very far to very close.
Can we clean that up? / Yeah.
Let's magnify that, Eric.
Same pattern as the one the wife found.
It looks like match to me.
It wasn't an affair.
Pilots call it something else? Adam and I were in love.
The only reason that he cut it off was cuz he was afraid that his wife was going to find out.
And she did find out.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about your invention.
The new fuel source for airplanes.
That was one of Adam's crazy ideas.
That's not true.
This is your idea.
I was thinking Why don't you show me.
You have quite an impressive academic record Mrs.
Detective Salas ran you.
Masters degree from MIT.
Two years with one of the biggest chemical companies in the world.
And a commercial pilots rating.
It's no wonder you shared your idea with Adam.
You were kindred spirits.
Until he registered the pattern in Washington behind your back.
Really? I didn't know.
That's not true either.
There are no secrets in your neighborhood.
He took your idea Heddy, and then you took his life.
You can't prove that.
Or to the wise, this is where you deny the allegation.
Am I under arrest? Not yet.
When you tested the drill bit did you wear safety goggles? I did.
The inflation went everywhere.
Which means she had to as well, right? Yeah.
I didn't find any with Jeff's drill.
Here's what we do.
Go back to the Decker hangar, where the hole was drilled.
Well, so far, we have the fibers from the goggles matching the fibers from the fire installation wall.
So she sneaked in in the middle of the night.
Picked up Adam's goggles and put them on.
The mistake she made was leaving them behind.
Got two subjects.
The first is the victim's That's a no brainer cuz they're his goggles, and the second one didn't come up on CODIS but the DNA is female.
So we get a sample off her, she's ours.
- Where's your wife Jeff? - I thought you were done with this.
Where is she? Let's go, Heddy.
Come on, Heddy.
A winner.
Let me see your hands, Heddy.
Lie face down on the ground right now.
Well, Heddy, almost.