CSI: Miami s02e22 Episode Script

Rap Sheet

What's up south east! Let's bring those tanned bodies inside and have some fun.
Make time PV.
Live from South beach.
There's no question.
This game's about to get sick.
because the heavyweight champion of the world is about to rip this house Let's do it up for Mr.
10 Large.
Yeah, what up, miami? Put your hands up! It's 10 large! The strong arm in the game! Let's go! Come on! High resolution, high definition, let the tape roll, make the whole world listen.
hold your position, don't go backwards front line, Roust with your homies, but, boy, 10 still grinding crush them other fools they just are silent Talking and lying, bitching and crying, gossip and hate, but ain't nobody buying.
If Thug G, he ain't thug like me He just a bookie, a beat gang like a bookie the hook, line and sinker, the deep thinker, ink a autobiography beat it, thug, You bother me, swing like a gorilla, fella.
You ain't a killer.
Make some noise! Get down.
get down.
Get off the deck.
It's shot.
Look's like they were going for the singer, but they got the body guard instead.
Billy Rodman, shot three times.
One's a through and through.
Dispatch said there were two victims.
More if you count the guy's ego.
He's over there with his entourage.
Dwaine Jackman, a.
a 10Large.
Shot in the shoulder.
You know rap? No, but I know rap sheets, and Dwaine has a criminal past.
He assures me that he's just fine.
Refueses treatment.
Frank! Witnesses.
What's left of the audience.
We're holding on to them but in a couple of days people would rather sing.
Yes, flying bullets will tend to do that, won't they? Is Mr.
Large talking? - Not to the cops.
- Ok, but the press is fine? Yeah, no doubt this little incident will push his release to number one.
Number one, with a bullet.
Can I help you? Is Mr.
Large available for questioning? No.
Okay, I noticed there's, there's blood on your jacket.
- It's a busy afternoon.
- Yeah, your client was shot.
Nice Work.
He's alive.
/ Yeah, but your colleague isnt't.
It's the job.
You do it right sometimes that's what happens.
Hey, you got a license for that thing? Of course.
We all do.
So it wouldn't be a problem if I want to swab you for GSR? Whatever.
Great, step over here.
Excuse me.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Why don't we start with who would take a shot at you Dwaine? Take a number get in line.
It's a rapper's life.
That's how it is.
You know what I'm saying? No beef, no game.
/ Ok.
Somebody should really take a look at that arm.
- I'm still breathing.
- But your bodyguard's not.
So why don't you tell me about that? Hey, look.
I ain't need your help then, and I don't need it now.
/ Ok, that's gonna change.
Got another casing.
It's a Glock 45.
You know what? I thought all these bodyguards were carrying nines.
You know what else? These kinds are really spread out.
Yeah, well they probably got kicked around in all of the chaos.
I just don't think they're gonna be able to give us a position on the shooter.
Probably not, but uh, may be the cameras will.
This was a live event, wasn't it? Sounds like the shooter used the song's gunfire as a cover.
You got anything wider? No, just two hand-helds in the audience.
All right, let's see one.
Well, she looks like she has a real nice personality.
All right, let's see the other one.
Got one dot! Could you freeze that? Hey, look at the phone.
Cameras were banned from the concert.
Yeah, but camera phones weren't.
Don't you need a warrant or something? Yeah, if you want it locked in evidence for three years.
Yeah, or you can just give it to us for about three hours, it's your choice.
Okay, here.
But what am I supposed to do for three hours? I don't know, stop talking? Whatever.
Dead B's two bullets out of our bodyguard.
Here you go Calleigh.
Pulled'em out of his back.
Just like my casings.
I'll page you if I find anything else ok? Great, thanks Alexx.
These all the pictures from the camera phones? Yeah.
So uh, I think we should be talking about this guy.
Beef with 10Large is on the cover.
/ Pimp hop? Nah, it's to obvious.
Well I mean he made death threats? Yeah, but he's just talking trash.
I mean, the business is all about the streets.
You gotta keep your pimp hands strong.
What about you? What've you got? Nobody with a gun.
Picture quality is bad, a lot of gaps.
Take a look at that girl in the bikini.
Kinda hard not to.
/ No, look at, look at this guy right here.
He's staring at the stage.
Exactly, you're five feet from that and you're not going to look? Yeah, you're right.
Let's get this over to Tripp, see if we can figure out who this guy is.
Thug G.
You were at the concert this morning weren't you? Yeah, that's right.
Large's rap is hot.
Phh, should be.
I wrote it.
/ You think Mr.
Large stole your music? I know he did man.
Come on now, that punk ass should have bit my worms all the time when we was rolling together.
So this is about revenge? / Nah, I went because I want him to see my grill every time he spit that rap.
See, I like the version when he get shot out there it's best.
- Did you shoot him? - Look I told you no, right? The song had gunfire in it.
The shooter used it for cover, which he knew this new song pretty well.
Look, detective? I told you.
I didn't cap nobody.
What about that 45 we found in your place? Is that just a coincidence? It has the same caliber that shot 10Large and his bodyguard? Yeah, that's right.
/ So, if we tested the bullets, it won't match.
That's what I said.
- How did you get your name? - Thug G? Yeah.
Well yeah, you know I did some major dirt back in the days.
But that's in the past, you know what I'm sayin? I did my time.
Well you're about to do some more.
I'm sure you're aware 10Large has a restraining order against you Mr.
G? And you violated it.
Welcome home.
New CD.
I was just gettin in the mood.
The rounds that hit the bodyguard didn't come from Thug G's gun.
So, I'm thinking two bullets, three casings, four wounds.
Billy did have a through and through.
That may have been the one that hit 10Large.
So that explains why he's still walking around like bullets don't hurt.
Billy took the full brunt of the hit, didn't he? That means the round's still stuck in Large's shoulder.
All the more reason to go and get it.
Aight, you'all check this out.
I just wrote this.
I'm shifty, verses runnin a buck fifty.
Tryin to get large enough bank to get Brittany.
I'm a do Brittany like Bobby did Whitney.
Mess her whole life up donate my kidneys.
Wake up the Vodka, crash with the whiskey.
My name hold too much weight you can't lift it.
Oh, look look look! Man, did you see that right there? Ah, look at this.
You're spoilin my view man.
Sorry about that but this is an awful lot of exposure out here Dwaine.
Hey listen, I'm not worried about them dudes tryin ta come back to get me.
Well, you should be.
Our shooter might not be satisfied.
What you want from me cop? I wanna take a look at that bullet in your arm.
Give me a minute man.
I don't care too much for doctors.
Or dead bodyguards apparently.
Look, I already told you once.
I don't need your help.
I remember you don't need my help.
That's right.
Ok, Dwaine.
Suit yourself, but I'll be back.
Hey Dwaine, Dwaine.
You ready to give me that bullet now Dwaine? Okay, stay with me.
Oh, my god.
Stay with me.
Hold on.
Hold on, okay? It's Alexx, are there any rescue units in the building? I need a crew in the autopsy theater immediately.
I've got a live one here.
Doctor Woods? My superviser said you wanted to see me? The accident victim your pronounced this morning? Veronica Grant.
/ Yeah? She just screamed her way out of this.
I followed standard operating procedure to the letter.
Obviously very effective.
The victim was nonresponsive and there were no vital signs.
EKG? / It was broken.
I went manual, stethoscope and felt for her pulse, nothing.
I don't know how I missed it.
Two CSIs just went out to the scene.
- They'll figure it out.
- Is she gonna be okay? I hope so.
For her sake, and yours.
I can see where our paramedics messed up on the girl from the drawer.
rained down on our victim, and gave her hypothermia.
Yeah, mimics death, respiratory system, blood pressure bottoms out.
That's why he didn't get any vitals.
That's secondary paint transfer.
There's no other body damage.
Looks like this was the only vehicle involved.
So Veronica must have hit the corner too fast, lost control and slammed into a fire hydrator.
Paramedics cut our victim's shirt off.
In oder to help our evidence, I've got blood on the dash board.
The paramedics found her strapped in the driver's seat.
So how did the blood get on the passenger side.
I've got a toe nail.
Someone else was in the car with her.
No way.
We prefer to do this at the hospital.
Psst, listen.
Nobody touches me but him.
- Period.
- Fair enough.
Thank you very much.
Nice cakes.
Oh, charming.
So who's taking shots at you, Dwayne? I don't know.
Thug G? He had me up for some paper.
Talk about I bit his rhymes.
I don't know what the hell you just said, but we already know you have TRO against Mr.
And based on the fact that we had him in custody during the drive by, it can't be him.
How about this gentleman? This punk can kiss my ass, - Straight up.
- So you don't like him.
You think he tried to kill you? Pimp Hop? He's stone cold mystery.
That "rapper", don't pump no fear here.
You feel me? Besides, he's in Japan right now, on tour.
That's the only place that can stand him anyway.
Do you know what? It's been fun, but I'm done talking to the one time.
All right? For now.
Hey, Frank.
I see him.
- Get your punk ass out of here.
- Straight up weenie.
- Bust ass punk.
- Speak up, chump.
You know you rolled into stole the rhyme bitch! Knock it off, knock it off.
- You're nothing.
- You're a punk ass.
- Enough talking.
- Dwayne.
Take off.
Right now.
Let's move man.
The bullet in 10Large matches the others including the one they collected at drive by.
So we're looking for one shooter.
So with the through and through and 10Large's injury, we can go back to the crime scene and do a reconstruction.
So, according to the cell phone stills, and the footage we have, Will you be my bodyguard? I was bodyguarding Whitney.
All right, so Billy was about here to the right and slightly behind 10Large.
So if we work backward, the bullet ended up in Large's shoulder after the bullet exited Billy's abdomen.
Do you mind moving for one second Frank? / Yeap.
The shooter must have had a backstage pass.
Security was pretty tight.
How did he get a gun in? I don't know but this had to be his position.
Calleigh, let's print all these panels.
He may have touched one of them.
I'll print every inch.
Frank, do me a favor.
Go back to Billy's position.
Now, 10large was bent down when he got shot, right? So how did Billy get shot? You're right.
He would have been shot in the leg if at all.
Right, because the shooter had a clear shot of 10Large.
Why would he hit Billy? Because he was aiming at Billy.
The rapper wasn't the target.
The bodyguard was.
- Hey, Eric.
- Hey, Alexx.
No ID on the victim.
But based on liver temp and vitreous fluid I put time of death at approximately 9 AM.
There was no blood flow around impalement wound.
But there was around the other ones, which is inconsistent with her body position in the tree.
We all know blood doesn't flow up.
She was dead before she ejected from the car.
fatal blow hit the subclavian artery with lots of soft tissue damage, death from exsanguination.
Okay, so we're not talking about a knife.
No, atypical weapon.
Entry wounds appear to be curved.
Haven't find anything at the scene.
Well, I found some tissue under her finger nails.
I already send samples to DNA.
That's great, thanks Alexx.
You're welcome, baby.
So, you don't remember anything? I remember jogging this morning, I came home, and then they told me I was in a car accident.
A woman was killed.
Are you saying I hit someone? Not hit, she was killed.
And you recognize her? It's Nicole.
- But I - How do you know her? She's my girl friend.
How long have you two been friends? She's my girl friend, she just moved in with me.
I don't Nicole was found at the scene of the accident.
She was stabbed.
Stabbed? Blood was found on the car and your DNA was found under her fingernails.
So, I guess you had a fight? Look, I can't remember anything before my accident.
But I know me, and I know her.
I'm telling you, I couldn't I couldn't have done that.
I would never do that to Nicole.
Please We'll go to your apartment and see what we can do.
Well, there's definite signs of struggle.
Amnesia, huh? It's pretty convinient.
Maybe she's got a little uh evil twin we can interrogate too.
Look, she has a concussion, okay? Memory loss is common.
I bet it'll all comes back to her once she gets an attorney.
I've got a cork screw.
Alexx said the puncture wounds were curved, so that's consistent.
This bottle.
Prints tell me that whoever grabbed it used it as a weapon.
All right, so that gives us two weapons of opportunity? I'm thinking maybe the bottle started the fight, and the cork screw ended it.
Well, if the evidence is equivocal, we gotta go with the only witness.
Yeah, the only one's dead, that helps.
What do you think, she's lying? Yeah, you would too if you didn't think she was so hot.
Now check this out.
I've got drag marks, shoes are small, narrow like a woman's.
Leading out to the, uh to the garage.
If Veronica's so innocent, why did she try to dump the body? Hey doc.
/ Gentlemen.
Alexx, have you finished the bodyguard? Just.
Did you need to see him? / Only if you have something to show me.
Well, besides the holes in his torso, not much.
Just a small cut over his eye.
Recent? / No, a couple of days old, at least.
- Preview of coming attractions? - Maybe.
Alexx, what about his clothes? Haven't had a chance to send them to trace.
Tough day? You don't know tough.
It's about time one of them talked back to you.
Nice watch.
Those diamonds? The question is, what is our bodyguard doing with it? Let's go talk to his employer.
So covering 10Large was a new assignment for Billy? Mm, just put him on today's of concert.
- Who did he covered before? - I can't tell you that.
It's privileged client information.
Bingham, did you move Billy because he was stealing? We don't employ thieves here, lieutenant.
So why the change in the assignment? This is a security company.
What I don't know, I don't ask.
And what I do know, I don't tell.
We found two types of DNA on Billy's watch, one was Billy's, and one was a mystery.
You have your choice here Rick, we can go to every one of your privileged clients, stick a swab in their mouth, and tell them you sent us.
Or you can assist us.
So it's up to you.
- Dan Dacoda.
- The sports commentator? Correct.
Thank you.
I know about Billy, yeah.
I heard about that.
That's why I won't let my kids listen to rap.
We're thinking that Billy may have been the target of the shooting.
You're kidding.
/ No.
And I guess I was hoping that you might be able to tell me something about that.
I wish I could.
I was also wondering where Billy might have gotten that.
I gave it to him.
It's one of my endorsements, I get a new one every year.
- Yeah, he didn't steal it from you? - No, hell no.
Why did you move him? We had disagreement.
/ The Disagreement produced that bruise on your face? Yeah, that's why I fired him.
Where did the fight take place? - Right up front.
- All right, you wanna show me? Sure.
Tell me what happened.
Billy took the car the other night, came home wasted acting like an idiot, You're my bodyguard, you're not supposed to take the car.
I'm not going to tolerate that, not around my kids, It's understandable.
And you even had an accident recently.
No, I Ah, great.
Billy probably ran it off on a curve.
Yeah, but that wouldn't explain this blood.
Damn, I hope he didn't hurt anybody? Do you know what that is? That is brain matter.
What does that mean? That means somebody's dead.
/ What's up.
Is the murder weapon talking to you? I wish.
Uhm just smudges on the handle.
Nothing workable.
And Nicole's blood on the end.
Prints on this one are Nicole's too.
Maybe Veronica was defending herself.
Or the other way round.
Hit the lights, will you? Got some blood here, may be that'll answer it for us.
There's something right there.
Yeah, what do you think it is? There's one way to find out.
It's got a rough surface, it's cracked.
It's green.
Two pattern holes.
Let's see what it's made of.
Primary component is polyvinyl chloride.
PVC isn't plastic.
Thermo-plastic in this case printing on clothing, it's part of the decal.
Maybe it flaked off like the number on an old baseball jersey or something? Pattern holes could be from mesh.
Veronica's shirt got a logo on it? Follow me.
Yup, mesh T-shirt.
Logo's the same color and consistency.
South Beach Training club.
Paramedics hacked through it.
We're not gonna be able to piece the logo back together.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean the shirt can't help us.
We found Nicole's prints on a wine bottle in your condo.
She used it as a weapon.
It's possible she used it on you.
Remember any of it? / No.
Nicole would never attack me.
Well, you work at the South Beach Training club and our evidence tells us that whoever was in the fight with her was injured, wearing one of their T-shirts.
Where? Upper left chest area.
See? I told you.
She'd never hurt me.
Who else had access to these T-shirts? Just emplyees.
Anyone at work you can think of, anybody that may have a grudge against you? There is one person.
My ex-boyfriend.
According to your boss, you weren't working this morning from 8 to 10.
So, where were you? I didn't have any clients scheduled, I went to the beach.
Is this your shirt? Yeah.
/ It's clean, you just washed it.
I sweat a lot, part of the job.
Well, do you mind if we keep it? Anything to help.
If you wanna help out so much, why don't you show us that wound under your shirt.
Unbutton my shirt for you? It's not that kind of gym.
We're done here.
You heard him.
He said he sweats a lot.
I never thought you'd get these in here.
You doubted me, where's the love? / The panels from club are pretty big.
Okay, I had to cut them.
How's it coming? / Got about twenty workable latents and hundreds of smudges.
- Still going though.
- Can I help? - You can run this part on AFIS.
- You got it.
Night shift CSI got a hit and run fatality on Thursday.
A kid changing a tire on Old Cutler road.
That's less than 2 miles from Dacoda's house.
- Which substantiates the story.
- Trevor Lieves, 18 years old.
- Tell me about it Frank.
- Well, he went to Miami U, - he's from Wisconsin.
- So what do we have left, we have a bodyguard who steals his boss's car, then kills a teenage kid.
Security company's not gonna be too happy about that.
Not good for business.
Is this really necessary? I already gave you my shirt.
Your blood was found on a broken wine bottle in Veronica Grant's condo.
Your DNA matches it.
How can you match that to me? Threw in that towel at the club.
Helped us get a warrant.
You tried to wash your shirt, get the blood off, but unfortunately you left a little tiny piece on the bottle.
That's right, we know you were there, we just want to know why.
Were you still angry about your break up with Veronica? No.
She didn't do it for me.
Apparently you didn't do it for her either.
She left you for a woman.
Yeah, she should have told me that.
Three of us could've had some fun.
She didn't have to tell you anything.
You found out for yourself.
- May I help you? - Where's Veronica? Get out, get out.
It must have been a shock when you found your girl friend left you for a woman.
And I guess it wasn't long before things got out of hand.
I'm calling the police.
Get out of my face.
Sleeping with her? Have fun? She got back up and you really fought.
You took my girl and I'll see how tough you are.
Unfortunately you had snag, literally.
Unbutton it.
We all know what happened next.
Come here.
I think I want a lawyer.
When they called me they told me I can get uh - some of Nicole's things so - Absolutely.
Are you holding up? I hope they keep him locked up forever, you know? I just wanted you to know uh what really happened.
Nicole was still alive when you came home.
Nicole? Oh my god! Nicole, are you okay? She scratched you out of animal instinct.
She was just fighting to survive.
You knew you had to get her to hospital.
But you didn't realize it that she had already died in your front seat.
You tried to save her.
All I wanted was to remember what happened.
But you know what? I hope I never do.
and not one hit.
You see, this is why I like bullets because there is no waiting.
Okay, that's twice in one day.
I hope that teaches you not to doubt the man.
Does make me happy, Joseph.
My sincerest apologies to the man.
I've got a hit off the panel.
Fugitive wanted in 6 states, sexual assault and murder.
I know this face.
With a record like that, I don't know how he got back stage.
I do.
Hello, gentlemen.
Is there a problem? You screwed up Bingham.
You employed convicted felons, Mr.
Bingham, to protect your clients and that is a problem.
I, I don't know what you're talking about.
This is what we're talking about.
- That's Craig Yarnell.
- His real name is Craig Waters, He's wanted in 6 states for murder and sexual assault.
So, where is he? Working for Dan Dacoda.
Careful, Lindsey.
Waters! Dumbass, gets them everytime.
My name's Yarnell.
/ Yarnell died two years ago in Alabama.
You took his identity.
That's for the job.
What else you got in there, Mr.
Waters? Here go .
45 Craig, finger prints are like old habits.
They die hard.
Seems like a payed gig to me Mr.
So who hired you? Let's go back to the security company lay him on Bingham.
I've got a better idea.
I'm more interested in why we keep coming back here.
Let's take another look at Dan's navigator.
So we can prove the navigator hit the boy, - but not who's driving.
- That's what this is for.
No way, an aftermarket safety system? I got it from Dan's navigator.
Like the black box in a airplane.
So cool.
So, Big Brother.
Do we hook it up? The system has Okay, did one of the monitors impact thusday night? Yup.
Come on.
Front sensor, passenger side.
What about a time and place? - It's where Trevor was hit.
- That's right, so when the system is tripped, the driver is notified, right? Yeah, but uh.
it's not recorded here.
I'd have to call the company.
Let's do that.
Trevor Lieves, 18 years old.
He may seem familiar.
You split his head open with the bumper of your car.
This is ridiculous.
My client already told you he was home Thursday night.
Which would mean Billy stole his car, correct? Correct.
And unless you can prove otherwise, we're done here.
Behind door number two, we have Mr.
Dacoda? Yeah? / This is Cam from Infarmer Guard our system registers that your accident threshold has been met.
Are you okay? Ah, shoot.
I must've run upon a curve or something.
It's nothing, I'm fine.
That't you on the tape, Dan.
And that means you were driving, and Billy wasn't.
And you were drunk out of your mind.
I told you, I don't drink.
/ It seems a tad incosistent with the tape.
Dacoda? Yeah? A wasted commentator, ploughs down an 18-year old.
That's an ugly blot on a pretty career, huh? So Billy wanted to blow the whistle on you, right? Wow, what happened? where were you? Is that blood? Huh, Dan? - It's nothing.
- Hey, hey.
We need to call the police at least an ambulance.
- No, no, no, Billy.
- You're my bodyguard.
You're not gonna say a word, okay? Promise me.
I can't do that man.
No, you got 48 hours to do the right thing.
And you had him killed.
I was out of town calling a pre-season game the day Billy was shot.
You hired Craig Waters to protect you and your family.
And then you hired him to kill Billy.
You know it's too bad, Dan.
that you can't get him to do your time.