CSI: Miami s02e23 Episode Script

MIA/NYC - NonStop

Is that the time? Oh my god.
It's almost 2 O'clock.
My parents are gonna kill me.
Chill! One more dance.
You don't know my parents.
Come on.
Mom! Dad! Mom! Both parents? Girl came home, found them both dead.
Suspect probably came in through the back window.
/ Window slashed.
all right Aw, you're shivering.
Here you go sweetheart.
There you go.
All right, here's what I want you to do.
I want you to go and sit and wait for me in my car.
Okay? Could you do that? Okay? Alexx.
Blood pool's dry at the edges.
Put's TOD at around eleven.
So our head is literally hanging by a thread of skin.
Single edged knife.
Mom was attacked from behind, sliced left to right.
No indication of resistance.
She was probably asleep.
He transected all the neck muscles, down to the second cervical axis.
He decapitated her, Alexx.
Guy's a monster, who doens't know his own strength.
Well, he's about to know ours.
- What's up? - It looks more like what's down.
I'm not exactly sure but I think someone gobbed up.
You got spit? That's great.
You might have hit the jackpot.
Something's not right Alexx.
Point of entry is back here, but the origin of the blood drops is down here in the study where mom was killed.
And they travel up this hallway to the bedroom where dad was eventually killed.
Which means the killer bypassed the bedroom where dad was attacked.
Why would he do that? Why wouldn't you eliminate the muscle first? That would have been the smart move.
Why do you think he didn't? Dad, survives the attack, he managed to get up, come this way, and head down the hall toward you right? And along here, you see, arterial gushing.
Where our suspect sank this sucker in him.
Single-edged all right.
Phone's right here.
Don't know why he didn't try to use it.
That's because, he wasn't going for help Alexx.
He came down here to protect his daughter.
Hey Laura.
I think it's important for you to be in a safe place right now.
Safe? / Yeah they're probably gonna broadcast on the news that you survived the attack.
You mean he could come back? No, he wouldnt Laura, listen to me.
Laura, I am gonna find this man.
He is not gonna hurt you again, but I need you to be in a safe place until I do.
You understand? I want you to go with those officers until I find him.
The next time you see my face, you're gonna know that you're safe.
I promise.
Okay? Okay.
You go with these officers.
Hey Cal.
We narrowed the geographical profile of our suspect.
Huh, what did he do? Hock up his address? Yeah.
Take a look.
What is it? Mercury, asbestos, and lead.
Kerosene, distilled petroleum.
It's jet fuel.
Ground zero.
There are thousands of cases of upper respiratory inflamation reported by people who were living in the vicinity of the 9/11 attack.
So I'm thinking our suspect routinely expectorates phlegm in order to clear his throat.
Dad might have been in New York on business during 9/11.
Except I don't think the Spellmans are the kind of people who would spit in the house.
I'm gonna compare the DNA to the parents but I'm thinking that the spit belongs to our killer.
They call Miami the sixth borough.
The guy might have moved down here, be a local by now.
I'll run it against local databases.
They have dad's clothes, orange and purple fibers, ancillary hairs, probably transferred by his attacker.
That's strange cuz I found seven different hairs and none of them were pulled.
Okay, so the hairs were shed, and the fibers are from a community source.
You mean from a blanket? Just like from a blanket.
What else? Found this.
It's another piece.
It's a coded piece of paper with a partial shoe print.
So, that icon on there, I ran it.
You got Sunstar rental.
Miami International.
Calleigh has made a connection to New York.
Do you know what that means? Our killer flew down here.
In the last 48 hours, how many males flew down from New York City and rented a car? Close to a hundred.
See I'm working with purple and orange fibers, they could be from a seat, a blanket.
I'm curious is there an airline that has that as a color sheme? Not many.
But only one that services the East coast.
- Maybach Air.
- In the last 48 hours, how many males have flown down on Maybac? Two dozen.
And returned their car late last night, or early this morning.
A Nick Murdock? I can get you a copy of his license.
He returned a mid-size car at 5:30 AM returning to New York on Maybach air.
Where would that car be? All the returns get detailed at the end of the lot.
Thank you.
Wo, Wo gentlemen.
Please step away from the vehicle right now.
Okay, what do we have here? Is that ridge detail right there? See what I can get off of it.
His license.
Here we go.
Nick Murdock, New York City, that's down town where his spit put him.
I gotta go Speed.
Are you gonna go? / Yup! Murders happen here, but we have jurisdiction.
If you call New York homicide they'll pick him up.
New York homicide didn't make a promise to Laura Spellman.
No surprising the world.
See, our dead body's an undercover cop.
Murdock, good guy.
Newly wed.
Just told his wife.
No suspects.
He was deep under cover, dealing to about 30 street guys.
We think one of his junkies got wise, wasted.
Listen up everyone.
I'd like to thank you all for coming out here and showing your support.
Obviously the situation is very secure.
So do me a big favor and remove yourselves from the crime scene.
Thank you.
No rush father.
Temperature's ambient.
He's been dead 24 plus.
Smells like 72.
I got a wallet for you.
ID's missing.
Can I help you? My name is Caine.
I'm investigating a double murder case.
Detective Mac Taylor, Crime scene unit first grade.
I'm listening.
Two nights ago in miami, double murder case, married couple and I was I was assuming that Murdock here was my suspect.
Narco Unit.
Think he was killed about three days ago.
Strangled, probably a belt.
So that could mean that my suspect killed Murdock, took his identity went south, did my murders.
It could also mean that we're chasing the same man.
You think he's in New York? Well, one way or the other, everything's connected brought you to me.
Trail ends here.
I want first bite at prosecution.
As you know, Florida has the death penalty.
So does New York.
Yes, but you have not executed since '76.
Mac, I have, a sixteen year old girl who is suddenly without both parents.
I, have promised her.
peace of mind.
I got an officer's widow, who'd like some answers.
We got a deal.
Well, we know what our suspect looks like now.
Enough like Murdock to pass through airport security.
Murdock, answers the front door, guy follows him in here to do a by.
Ready for us detective? One more minute and he's all yours.
That's interesting.
We scrape before we transport.
We always vibe safe at the scene.
Different process, same principle.
/ Ah, interesting.
And you fume at the scene too.
Did I hear somebody say fume? Cuz then I'm your man.
Danny, I had you at that Bodega in Queens.
I know, I heard a cop went down.
Figured you could use a guy like me.
Stickin Hayden with the Bodega? Yeah, I got seniority over her.
Who's this? He's one of us.
From Miami Danny.
/ How are you? Lietenant Caine is helping us.
Expecting to get some prints to confirm we're chasing the same guy.
Say no more.
Watch yourself.
You don't want this getting on ya.
Cleaning bill's murder Looks like a partial whirl.
Enough to start a search? Ah, we'll see.
so what common reference points do we have so far? / Morning.
Danny, how are you making out? Good.
Miami got a partial on the car door.
We're working that 9/11 enhancement software to pull it together.
Thumb's right delta is on the first recurve up above the divergent line.
Let me give you a thumbs up.
Very nice.
Waiting for the whirl to stop.
AFIS scan complete.
Positive ID made.
Thousand a week for life.
David Penrod, aka D.
Penrod aka Dave Pem.
Grand theft auto, possession and trafficking.
Last known address? Call homicide.
Police! Open Up! Go.
Runnin Mac.
He's running.
Up we go.
Dave! Don't do it.
Put out a broadcast.
Suspect at large.
First precint sector charlie.
Three-story drop.
He might have broken something.
Drains are the conscience of the city.
Found blood? / Lots of it.
Scary thing.
The blood on the fixture is wet.
So it's fresh.
Yeah, too fresh for your Miami murders or my cops.
I'll get this to the lab.
What did you get? Break in the case.
Our victims were at 720 Star Island, Penrod jotted down 702.
- He hit the wrong house? - He hit the wrong house.
Who was with the right house? Let's find out.
/ Calleigh, I need a welfare check on 702 Star Island owner of record please.
Reverse directory says OR of 702 Star Island is Michael Hanover Sr.
Primary residence, Thank you.
Michael Hanover,1526 5th avenue.
They aren't answering.
They always answer.
Hello? Police.
Is anybody here? Her throat is slit and there's the knife.
She had a habit.
That explains why she didn't fight back.
Where's the husband? Where's the study? Now this, seems strangely familiar.
Knife's in mom, dad bought it first.
Penrod got this family's sleeping arrangements down, didn't he? Did you hear that? Where's that came from? Back room Son? He's still breathing! Stay with us.
- CSI 2433 to central okay? - Central go ahead.
I need a bus forth with at 1526 I have a male stabbed, put a rush on it, okay? Stay with us.
Okay guys, hold up, hold up.
Just need a couple shots to the entry wounds.
Life saving measures over evidence Bonaserah.
Look, what I'm doing may prevent another attempt on his life, okay? - Hang in there, buddy.
- Detective Taylor.
Detective Taylor.
Is this like the dumbo massacre? What about Penrod? Is he still at large? Davi Penrod, how did she get that? New York.
You'd think that it's news.
Ticking clock's begotten.
You ready for this? Oh yeah.
Where's your friend? Blond.
What color is the wife's hair? Brunette.
Maybe dad had a visitor.
Bob Fosse's life story.
All that jazz.
/ All man with a stud.
So, mom's in the bedroom, knocked on on Percacette.
Yep, and dad's in the study with a candle stick.
Only one way to put out his fire.
You think the bimbo's connected? Yeah in Venezi-ano's theory of quantum physics, everything's connected.
Just have to find out how.
Have DNA look for tag.
When was the last time you saw Hanovers? When I unloaded the limo yesterday afternoon.
They came back from Florida, the next thing I know, police is swarming the building.
Okay, fire code says there's a back door here.
I can't seem to find it.
Oh, yeah, it's hidden.
Why don't you try unhiding it.
You need a key? Yes.
/ You got one? Yes, and the Hanovers have three.
I'm gonna need yours.
I already gave mine to the homicide detective.
Should I go ask him? No, that's alright, I'll take care of it.
Did you see anybody go out here last night? No, I have to stay in front of the building.
God forbid a tenant should have to open their own door.
That's good enough, thanks.
Hey, I've got a blood swipe.
Looks like the killer's exit.
Maybe entrance too.
I'll process the door and stairs.
Look for anything that isn't from Hanover or Penrod.
No forced entry.
Pop the lock.
Take it apart.
See if it was picked.
Follow up on the keys, somebody got in here somehow.
How's our secret door? Was it picked? No scratches inside the lock, all markings are consistent with key use only.
You know, if there are nine rats for every person living in Manhatten, there's gotta be at least five keys per head.
Apartment door, car door Lock at the gym.
Fast Forward.
But there are only a few alloys used to make keys.
New duplicate keys are all coated in red acrylic now.
And that's what these shavings are.
A duplicate was used to get in here, and shavings were left behind.
Right, so it was the last one in.
Any other disturbances? Pristine.
Penrod didn't just have help, it was an inside job.
How do you figure? Well you've got four masters, right? Somebody's gotta be really close to the Hanovers and the doorman to get one and get it duped.
And I need those masters.
Doctor Hawkes.
So glad I could get an appointment.
Mayor's office called, put in a word for you.
What's TOD? The victims have been dead since about four this morning.
New York, Miami stab wounds are similar in both manner and location.
However, one of the Miami victims was nearly decapitated.
Killer showed more restraint with the Hanovers.
We're aware of that.
Anything else? Turns out Mike Hanover has a heart after all.
Well, he did.
A strong one.
Withstood a massive myocardial infarction.
Scar tissue indicates it happened within the last year But his heart disease was progressive.
I'm not sure how many more years he had.
Anything else? His crotch.
I have heard of having the blues, but this is ridiculous.
Aiden / Hey.
Thanks for letting me work trace on this.
Do a bodega for Danny, should be able to touch a big case like this.
Figured out what had Mr.
Hanover so blue? Propylene glycol dicocoate, alcohol benzoate, ozokerite High concentration of titanium dioxide, iron dioxide.
Cosmetic make up.
High pigment? Practically opaque.
Stage make up.
Mm-hmm So whoever hit her knees, was probably in a play.
Homicide says that this is the only show that isn't dark on Mondays, you're the only one of the cast of Rainbow that wears the blue make up.
And your artistic director tells us that you were in a relationship with Michael Hanover Senior? Am I under arrest? Depends on what you tell us.
Look, all I know is what I hear on the news.
Maybe we can help you know more.
See this hair? This was taken from the chair that Mike Handover was killed in.
We take a DNA sample, will it match your hair? What do you want me to say, "I was there"? I was there.
Oh, we know where you were.
Your make up put you south of his border.
Oh, that I was trying to wind things down with Mike.
That was just a parting gift.
I cabbed after the show used his key to the back door.
I did my thing, gave him the time of his life.
I left around 3 o'clock? Maybe you let Davi Penrod in the secret door way on your way out.
Who's Davi Penrod? Look, Mike told me there'd be other shows down the line, said he'd even back a play I wrote.
Why would I have any part in killing him? We don't know.
We'd like the key you used last night.
And the clothes you wore.
No blood.
Nothing's absorbing.
Where's lieutenant Caine? He's with homicide.
He got a call.
Someone spotted Penrod in a clinic in Tribeca, trying to get his leg set.
Okay, I've got biological fluid.
And it ain't blood.
No luck with Penrod? No, he realized that the nurse made him so he bolted before we arrived.
What did you get? Processed the dancer's clothes Semen's not a match to Michael Hanover.
But the allels are matched to each of the thirteen loci.
Which means Renee slept with another male Hanover And there's only one of those.
And he's right in there.
She's reason enough, the guy would want dad out of the way.
And that is motive in any state.
Did your father know you were sleeping with his mistress? She's not his mistress.
She's my girlfriend.
Is that why you killed your dad? 'Cause you caught them together? Are you aware last night they shared an act of an intimiate nature.
I knew.
Look, he didn't care about Renee, he was always lying to her about helping her career.
I care about her.
/ Michael, how did somebody like you end up with your dad's mistress? how does that switch take place? I saw her crying, for the twentieth time about how he treated her.
I was a shoulder for her.
See, my old man, he promises a lot of things, but not me.
How long were you sneaking around your dad's back? A couple of months.
We were trying to come up with a way to tell him.
Sure you didn't tell him last night? No.
Look I didn't kill my dad.
We want the keys to the back door.
Hello, what are you doing here? You know you can't talk to him.
Both of you, out! My client suffered a terrible loss.
And about to inherit half of Manhattan I understand.
Michael, as it turns out is the prime beneficiary of his father's estate.
Correct? Homicide tells me that they're trying to get hold of the old mans' will.
It's not possible.
I filed a motion for protective order.
And how about you show us junior's stab wounds.
Why? To see if you or your girlfriend cut you for show.
Excuse me, my client is a victim, and is to be treated as such.
Then you wouldn't mind letting us see the injury.
He wouldn't, I would.
There's the door.
Other ways to check his wounds.
I'll be at the morgue.
I'll be on Bonasera's photos.
/ Good.
So did you get a hit on the master keys? Got all four right here.
Mom, dad, junior, and the door man.
Found machine marks on one of them, it was definitely copied.
Let me guess, the door man.
Sorry, the number four the key belonging to Mrs.
What? Evans Gretchen found it in her bag, in her room.
Scratches are from the dupe machine.
Someone made of a copy of this key.
The dupe was definately used to get in the back door the night of the murders.
I don't get it.
How does a monster like Penrod get involved with Mrs.
Hanover? Okay, that's mom let me see dad please.
What are we looking for? We are looking for hilt mark bruising.
we've got bruising on dad.
But none on Michael junior.
Horatio Caine.
You're seeing what I'm seeing? / Uh-huh.
Hilt marks on the parents, no hilt marks on the son.
Junior was stabbed with a different knife.
Two knives and two attackers, uh? And we've only got one knife.
I'm gonna go back to Tribeca and look for Penrod, okay? You keep me posted, okay? Thank you.
I think there's another knife at the Hanover residence.
I'm telling you Mac, we took the place apart.
Found this in the elevator shaft.
There's no hilt, which means it doesn't leave a mark.
Anybody could have stabbed him.
When our lab tests the blood on your uniform, and it matches Michael junior's that anyone becomes you.
Specificity of DNA.
You got back on the elevator, and dropped this down the shaft.
Unfortunately for you, you dropped something else.
Do you mind holding up your arms please? Missing tassel.
I imagine when you were wiping the blood off, the tassel was severed.
You're the only door man in Michael Hanover senior's last will and testament.
Lawyers released it after we picked you up.
There's interesting thing here on page 51.
For saving my life by administering emergency CPR when I sustained a heart attack, keeping me alive until the paramedics arrived.
I leave the sum of one million dollars to Kevin Dowell Payable in full, upon my death.
A million Kevin, you're in my will.
Only, you got impatient, tried to speed up the process.
So you had Hanover killed.
That brings us to Penrod.
A monster like him, what's his connection to a hardworking guy like you? Every good door man needs a dealer.
He's been mine for ten years.
Drugs, women, every kind of kink, you name it.
Gotta keep the tenants happy.
There's nothing Penrod won't do.
For a price.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
No, I told you.
Half million and I'm in.
now gimme the address.
Now, I got an idea, don't worry.
Got a low life nobody will miss.
That low life was an undercover New York City police officer.
You coulnd't have drawn more attention if you'd sent up a flare.
You flew down to Miami, and you killed the wrong family.
is not 720.
You're dyslexic, aren't you? Bet you had a heart attack when Hanovers drove up back in Manhattan.
Hanover, you're back.
Take the bags up the back stair please.
Hello Dowell.
/ Hello Mr.
The doorman was smart enough not to dupe you one of his own keys.
You went up to the Hanovers and started killing them.
You were a little more relaxed this time.
But you couldn't stay out front, could you? I'll take care of the kid.
You needed junior to stay alive, to throw suspicion off yourself.
And it worked.
Till the evidence told us different story.
Detective Taylor? Detective? Detective Taylor? Detective Taylor? Detective Taylor? Detective ? Detective Taylor? Detective ? Is there any one thing that helped you to break this case? I just want to say one word to my colleague.
Hey / Hey.
Recognize those getaway sticks.
Junior inherits half a billion and his dad's mistress.
Yeah, it's the stuff New York legends are made of.
"Thank you"