CSI: Miami s02e24 Episode Script


Kyle, come on.
- Once is enough.
- One more time.
You might like it.
Ah, come on baby, it won't take that long.
Wait, wait.
What is that? - It's your phone, let it ring.
- No, no, I turned mine off.
Stop! Oh my God.
Oh my God, oh my god! Are you all right? Yeah, just can't believe she was lying there the whole time.
Did you touch anything else besides the cellphone? No way, we were freaked.
We called 911 the moment we saw her.
Yeah, on my cell.
/ Good.
Would you mind sticking around, so I can get a complete statement? Yeah sure, whatever you need.
Thank you.
You got an ID? Waiting on Alexx to check her effects.
Caucasian, early twenties, no handbag.
Significant impressions around her body though, she might have been dumped.
Those two find her? Yes, college kids from uh, Florida U.
They heard a cell phone ring.
So I'm gonna look into who made that call.
May tell us who she is.
/ We may have been beaten to the punch.
Ten uniforms at a crime scene, that seems excessive.
Excuse me.
We're gonna have to block up another twenty.
We have a VIP situation here.
She's, uh, actually an actress lieutenant.
What's her name? Ashley Anders, she does pay-per-view, dvds.
Responding officers recognized her from her films.
So she does adult films.
Yes sir, she's a porn star.
She's also, somebody's daughter, and that, is what we focus on.
Something in her hair Alexx.
Sticky substance.
Doesn't look like a biological.
All right, I'll get it to trace.
In the mean time we've got keys, an mp3 player, and twenty dollars that we found in her pocket.
So I guess that rules out robbery.
I think this rules out robbery.
Hand marks on her neck.
Petechial hemorrhage.
She was strangled.
Looking that way.
So the killer was up close and personal, may be someone she knew.
More than likely.
The thing is, a lot of people knew Ashley Anders.
She had one of the top-selling dvds in the adult market.
I've heard.
Well if this was a sex crime, something doesn't add up.
Vic is fully clothed.
- May be they redressed her.
- Then they're good honey.
No bunching.
It's tough to redress deadweight.
I'll know more at the post.
/ Hi.
Get anything? Well, our victim's family lives in Minnesota, - still trying to track them down.
- What about an employer? Palm Grove industries, she's made over a hundred films for them.
Palm Grove industires? It's one of the biggest corporations in the state.
That's the David Jeffers family right? Well, must be why she's being paid by subsidiary company called Fallen films.
Fallen films, Ok.
/ Oh, and Horatio.
/ Yeah.
If this case goes into Friday, um, I'll have Hagan fill in for me.
- Is that all right? - You ok? Oh yeah, I just um, have plans for the weekend.
Um, no it's fine.
Ok good.
/ Sure.
/ Yeah.
¢Ý SiaÀÇ 'Breathe me' ¢Ý ¢Ý Help I have done it again ¢Ý ¢Ý I have been here many times before ¢Ý ¢Ý Hurt myself again today ¢Ý ¢Ý And the worst part is there's no one else to blame ¢Ý ¢Ý be my friend ¢Ý ¢Ý hold Me, wrap me up ¢Ý ¢Ý unfold me, I am small ¢Ý ¢Ý and needy warm me up ¢Ý ¢Ý and breathe me ¢Ý Make up off, she looks like the girl next door.
Physical findings? No vaginal injuries, I collected a kit.
Doesn't appear to be any biological fluids.
COD, Alexx? Asphyxiation caused by manual strangulation.
Killer on top, used both hands.
- You scraped under her finger nails? - I sent the scrapings to trace.
Okay, time of death.
Rigor mortis puts the time of death about ten to twelve hours ago, but I may be able to tell you where she was couple of hours before.
Stomach contents.
Look what's at the bottom.
Looks like caviar.
I'm guessing Russian.
She was at a party or a club of some kind.
Okay, I'll have Yelina take a look.
Thank you Alexx.
Hey, What's this about? The evidence hasn't been logged yet.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Dad I've gotta go.
The Savannah, I'll see you there, I promise.
Trace said you had the finger nail scrapings from our porn girl.
It's in here somewhere.
You ever seen any Ashley Anders movies? Me? No.
Where would I see'em? Oh, clubs, parties, you know, out.
No, I don't think you and I are going to the same places Valera.
Porns that do martini.
No one's hiding their vices anymore.
Here it is.
Blood and tissue under our victim's nails is from a David Jeffers.
Palm Grove's David Jeffers? He's the CEO that distributes Ashley's movies.
I know.
Ran Mr.
Upstanding through CODIS.
He's in the system for a stat rape back in grad school.
Ah, that makes him a registered sex offender.
I wonder if it took place in a park.
Matter of fact it did.
Jeffers, this is about one of your employees, Ashley Anders.
She was murdered last night.
that's terrible, but I don't know anything about this girl.
My client owns a conglomerate of businesses, one of which happens to distribute adult titles.
It's assuming a lot to think he knows each employee personally.
Oh, CSIs never assume.
We found your DNA under the dead girl's finger nails, Mr.
So, what happened? Did things get a little rough after the party last night? A party? I checked your security log.
Very informative.
Ashley attended your party at this very office, last night.
She had champagne, caviar and got strangled.
So, you two wanna step outside while we execute the warrant? It'll be my pleasure to escort you.
A meeting with your client Mr.
A 3000 They said the jet'll be refueled by Relax David, we don't have to panic.
Don't tell me not to panic.
That bitch screwed us.
It's under control.
The hell it is.
Take care of the Ashley situation or it's your ass.
That was a business discussion.
It's protected by attorney-client privilege.
A judge may not see it that way, - in a murder case.
- I didn't murder anyone.
You don't have to say anything David.
I've got nothing to hide.
You were with Ashley last night weren't you? I was entertaining some clients and I decided to invites some girls to come on over you know, to spice up the party.
Ashley decided she wanted to leave.
I told her I sign your movies, you'd better damn well sell my clients.
- I'm sick of this.
- You're not going anywhere.
- I can't do this anymore.
- You leave when I say.
- You can't stop me.
- The heck I can't.
She scratched my neck, she left, that's all that happened.
My client is a prominent businessman with strong ties to the community.
He has a family and three little girls.
Will they be appearing in your films Mr.
Jeffers when they grow up? Just out of curiosity.
These actresses have free will.
Besides, it's not like we do gonzo porn, we have story lines, we have plots.
You are a regular Paddy Chayefsky - Are you arresting my client? - Not at present.
take care of this Ashley business or it's your ass Relax David, we don't have to panic.
Eric, what happened? Made a spill, concentrated hydrochloric acid.
What did we lose? Jeffer's answering machine tape.
I was duping it for the courts, and the concentrated HCL fumes ruined the Ferric oxide powder that coats the tape's polliment back.
So the tape is spoiled.
Is it salvageable? Lietenant Caine, do you really think the CSI responsible for destorying the original evidence should be assigned to the case? I don't remember asking your opinion Rick.
Well the commander suggested I may be should check into this.
Find out how this accident occurred, and which employee may be involved in undermining a major murder investigation, not to mention compromising countless other cases.
It is uh, Delko right? Eric would you give us a minute please? Sure H.
H, see that could be interpreted as a lack of respect for a superior.
You know I am willing to take that chance.
So as his superior, did Delko screw up? No, if anybody did, I did.
You did, ha, you weren't even in the building at that time.
Yelina said you were at the PD.
My lab, my oversight.
You cover up a lot of people's screw ups don't ya? Delko and evidence, your brother and that girl.
What was her name, Susy right? Rick, that is a private matter.
You see, I see a pattern of you withholding critical information and I've opened a file on you.
Walk away.
You ran an outside DNA check through our lab.
That sample was related to the case.
Yes, but that makes it department business.
And by the way, Susy right? Her kid, little Madison, it's your brother's kid.
How long are you gonna hide that from Yelina? Rick, this is an unwise course of action for you.
That a threat? Just remember what I said.
And another criminalist will be doing this investigation.
You better find more evidence on Jeffers.
Blonda Palousa? She's gotta have her own aisle at the video store.
Yeah, Valera says she's famous.
Well, Valera would know, wouldn't she? Hey did you see that dog bowl in the kitchen? Yeah, but no dog.
I'll check the local kennels.
Did you clear this side? / Yeah.
I've got semen on the bed.
Hmm, she is a porno star.
Yeah, but the apartment manager says she never brings guys back to her place.
What about fans? Oh good, fan mail.
Yeah, they're all addressed to Ashley Anders, care Fallen films.
I guess someone figured out where she lived.
I'll tell you what.
I will process the letters if you do the films.
This is her most recent film.
Well, anything that sheds some light on who this girl might have been.
Well then forget the films.
DVD extras, these discs are backed with them.
Here's one.
I think I saw something on the setup menu.
Hi, I'm Ashley Anders.
And this is all about me.
I like chocolate and poetry, and long walks on the beach.
I love men who can make me laugh, and I hate mean people.
Okay, Let's see.
Here is another one.
So here I am walking my dog Rufus, like I do everyday.
- Wait a second, freeze that.
- it's one of my favorite things Looks like South Point Park right? Yeah, where she was killed? Well, you gotta be local to recognize that.
Ashley's fanmail from within a hundred mile radius of from Miami.
And these are the ones postmarked closest to South Point Park.
I have twelve out of thirty letters here from the same perv.
Single-spaced, teeny writing.
I think we've got our stalker.
His name's Ned Ostroff.
You think he licks his envelopes? I dunno, let's ask him.
Well, you can ask him cuz I've gotta go to the park and look for Ashley's dog.
There's chance it was with herwhen she was attacked.
See you later.
DNA from the fan mail matches the semen contribution from Ashley's bed.
Contribution was neat.
Thanks Valera.
/ Sure.
What does that mean? That means that we have DNA proof you were in Ashley Ander's apartment on her bed.
It's ridiculous.
I don't even know her.
Well, that much I do believe.
Neat contribution means there was no mixture of fluids.
You were by yourself.
I just, needed to be close to her.
You worked in the mailroom at Palm Grove Industries.
Wasn't that close enough? I did a search in human resources.
- They confirmed your employment.
- Closest I got was boxing her DVDs.
Shipping them.
And introducing yourself to Mr.
Human resources told us that you had to be fired after that Ned.
You've got a little bit of a stalker personality, don't ya? Did Jeffers give you a chance to redeem yourself? What? We have a recording of what appears to be a plan to end Ashley Ander's life.
Did Mr.
Jeffers or his lawyer talk you into breaking into her apartment? I don't even know what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
Horatio thought you should see this.
Had to wait for the bruising to come up.
Count the fingers.
Not including the thumbs, four on the left, three on the right.
Nine-fingered man.
Birth defect or injury? Well I've got all ten.
Can I go now? First, let's see if you've had one of those fingers injured.
We'll need your hand print please.
If I say yes, can I see her body? Just to say goodbye.
One more time.
We will make every effort to see that happen.
Roll your right sleeve please.
Down on the paper.
Here's Ned's hand.
And here's the killer.
- No match.
- Are you sure? Yeah, interdigital span's too short.
If they put someone up to strangle Ashley, it wasn't Ned.
Why don't we test Jeffers or his lawyer? Yeah, I'm working on a warrant.
I'll let Horatio know about old Ned.
Got a hit on Tim Speedle, Eric Delko, you too lieutenant.
Unidentifieds please.
- Yes, one.
- Horatio, this is my investigation, Joseph, are the prints in the system? Carl Mercer.
Carl Mercer's one of our trustees.
- Jail trustee? - That's correct.
The county uses them as cheap labor.
You have an inmate working in your lab? Based on the latest run of budget cuts, I do, that's correct.
Do I know you? Yeah, I'm the guy you're trying to get fired.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I just empty the trash.
Really? Let me see your forearms Carl.
Come on Carl, the forearms.
There it is, HCL.
Hydrochloric acid written there by you to remember which acid to spill in my lab.
This dude shows up at my wife's.
Talked like a lawyer, she's never seen him before but somehow he knows I'm in for another D&D.
Offered to front the bail.
And all you had to do was spill acid in the lab, right? I hope your wife got money for your new charges.
No, I just spilled some stuff.
That's an attempt to destroy evidence in a murder investigation.
Carl, do not feel bad.
You were played by somebody who understands the system better than you do and here's the other good news.
You're not, alone.
H, I'll be in the layout room.
Okay Eric.
I suppose I owe you an apology.
The man you need to apologize to Rick.
just left the room.
Thank you Carl.
Very cagey Counselor.
Always happy to take a compliment, even when I don't know why it's been given.
How about bribing a trustee to destroy evidence? How about that one? And knowing that the one thing HCl fumes could destroy was tape.
You must've got an A in chemistry.
Are you telling me, you lost the evidence you thought you had on my client? No, not quite.
We actually made dupes for the prosecutor and for the defense.
Without the originals you can't prove authenticity.
I can argue that the copied tapes could have been altered.
Speaking of authenticity, have a listen.
It's under control.
The hell it is.
Take care of the Ashley situation or it's your ass.
Now the state's attorney is going to hear that, and as you planning Ashley's murder.
Not so.
Really? Excuse me.
/ Just hung up with the trustee's wife.
She denies the whole thing.
- Interesting.
- She won't make a statement, implicating our lawyer friend here.
Okay, good to know.
Thank you.
Well Counselor, you just got lucky.
The trustee's wife is too afraid to come forward.
Don't you hate it when the truth doesn't suit you? Not yet it doesn't, not yet.
Rufus! Hey excuse me miss.
Are we after the same thing? Not today, all right? Just not today.
No, it's Ashley's dog right? I'm with the CSI Miami-Dade.
We think the dog was with her the night she was killed.
Ash and I are best friends.
- We work together.
- You're in the I work adult.
Soon as I heard, I went to Ash's place, I noticed the dog was gone.
/ Dude, I told you it was her.
Coquey Divine, you're that chick in the pornos.
Oh no, you guys have me confused with somebody else.
No way.
You're her.
I'd recognize that tail anywhere.
- Why don't you guys take a walk.
- What are you, her boyfriend? - You lucky man! - Yeah buddy, hey hey how about you let us tap some of that.
I'm serious, get out of here.
Yeah, why don't I kick your ass instead.
How about I arrest you, for harassing this young lady and interfering with a murder investigation, how about that? No problem here.
We didn't mean anything, sir.
I'm I'm sorry officer.
Get lost.
Can I have your job? I got into the wrong business.
Hey, is that him? Rufus, hey.
No, don't do that.
He's evidence.
He's been alone for a day.
He's pretty brambled up.
Oh, poor boy.
His ribs are sore.
Tough old guy.
The killer might have kicked him.
Meaning? Well, maybe Rufus here, gave him a reason to.
You hold his mouth open? You got any floss? Are you kidding? No.
Let's hope that he bit the guy.
Horatio? Yeah.
David Jeffers has a history of hooking up with young girls, doesn't he? How old is this victim? How old do you think she is? Ashley's real name is Kathleen Sosenko.
ID puts her 21.
So does the birth certificate we got from Jeffers' office.
Let's check, okay? Wisdom teeth don't lie.
Third molars haven't grown in yet.
Haven't even started.
Don't your wisdom teeth erupt when you're 18 years old? Yeah, they're last to erupt.
The molars are five centimeters below the gum surface.
She's 18 tops.
So, she's been appearing in films And that is what David Jeffers is hiding Hey.
/ Hey.
- What did you get? - Found the girl's dog, human flesh was in his teeth.
What's the bad news? / Doesn't match Jeffers' or his lawyer's.
What do we do now? Go back to the park and we take up our surveilance again.
There are no camera stations in the park.
But that doesn't mean she's not being watched.
Why am I back here? You're gonna help us, Ned.
I already told you, I didn't do it.
Well, first of all, everybody tells us they didn't do it.
And second of all, we already know the things you've done.
And you know everything that Ashley did.
You're a bona fide stalker.
Okay, you've made your point.
You saw Ashley more than anyone else in the last few days, and you also have a breaking and entering charge I might be helpful with.
I'm listening.
The night Ashley was strangled, did you see this man? Her boss? Jeffers.
Nah, he wasn't there.
/ What did you see that night? Ashley, uh was wearing this ruby red gloss, number 6.
And the hoop earrings that her mother gave her.
- Did you see her dog? - Rufus hates me.
I keep my distance when he's around.
I took off when she started talking to some guy.
Which guy? - Who're you talking about? - I hate seeing her talk to guys.
Ned, who are you talking about? Which guy? I just took off.
I don't know.
He was wearing a cap.
And uh a jacket.
With a horseshoe on it.
Jacket with a horseshoe? Okay.
A horseshoe doesn't really narrow it down.
We've got everything from boyscout's caps to casinos.
The thing they have in common is they are guy related activities.
There are hundreds of'em.
I don't know where to start.
Maybe we can cross-reference it with her fan mail, we might get lucky.
Maybe we just did.
What if we're not looking for a horseshoe? The Greek letter omega.
And I've seen it recently.
I remembered reading this fan letter.
It's a well thought out, and respectful letter requesting Ashley's presence at the fraternity's rotherhood night.
Did she go? / No, she made a note to herself she'd sign the DVD.
Check out who the chapter vice president is.
Kyle Preston.
The same guy who found Ashley's body.
This is a place of business, Kyle.
So? / Take off the hat.
Eric will hang it for you.
Go pick it up on you're way out.
What do you doing with my hat? Why didn't you tell me you recognized Ashley, Kyle? - The dead girl? - Mhm, the dead girl.
The one you wrote the letter to.
You write a letter to every pornstar hoping that just one say's she'll show up.
I mean, you've gotta get in it to win it.
Let me see your leg.
- What for? - Let me see it.
Before you lie to me about that, Kyle you should know that I have Ashley's dog who has human flesh in his teeth.
Now, do I need to give you a DNA test? Okay, look, I saw her that afternoon.
My girl friend was in class, and I I thought I just go talk to her.
Miss Anders? Yes? You don't know me but uh I'm huge fan.
Rufus, down.
No, that's okay.
But I was wondering You want an autograph? The dog bit me.
Why didn't you tell me this before? Because my girl friend hates that I watch porn.
And to tell you the truth, I'm not proud of it either.
Did Kyle have something to do with that girl's death? Is there anything you wanna tell me that may help us answer that question? The second I heard she was a porn star, alarms went off.
For Kyle, watching it kinda got out of control.
Did you ever watch it together? Dorm parties.
But he wanted me to watch them on with him we - you know.
- And you said no.
I've been upset.
We never This is embarassing.
He uh couldn't anymore with me.
That's called porn creep.
It get's to be so like I can't be with a real woman anymore.
I thought he got past it, grow out of it.
So did you maybe take matters into your own hands? Killed her? No.
Why would you even think that? Well, because Ashley wasn't sexually assaulted.
The muder was personal, but not sexual.
This is great.
He's into porn, but I'm the suspect.
So? The nectar's consistent with the samples from the crime scene.
Run with it, Eric.
You're not going? No, I have some unfinished business but you go for it.
All right.
Thanks for having my back, H.
Got a time problem, Kyle.
Why, I got nowhere to be.
But you said you spoke to Ashley in the afternoon, correct? Yup.
And then you found her body at 6:00 AM? After sunrise? You see the thing is the nectar we found on your hat is from a moonflower, which blooms only at night.
Photosynthetic reaction makes it open when the sun is down.
Must've got it on me when I found her.
You said you never touched her and your girlfriend corroborated that.
That's one true thing you told us.
What happened to your finger? Jammed it playing bascketball.
It it doesn't bend.
I went from starter to bench.
You killed Ashley.
You strangled her.
Ashley, in her movies she was always ready to go.
Eyes were on the back of her head.
But Gina she would look at me.
It was nothing like pornos.
You didn't know how to react.
I was losing my girl friend.
- Uh yeah.
- Ashley Anders, right? Yeah? I was a big fan.
Thanks, I'm I am just / Don't talk.
But I'm / Don't freakin talk! So what, you figured if you kill Ashley, you'd kill your problem? I love Gina.
I just needed to be rewired.
That's why you brought her out there.
For a little victory sex? It didn't matter.
Real girls don't turn me on anymore.
Fortunately, for you, where you're going that won't be a problem.
Ashley's birth certificate's been tampered with.
Paper's been chemically treated probably with bleach.
So somebody erased the date and then changed it.
The thing about bleach is it can take some things away, but leaves others behind.
I didn't know she was under age, when she made those movies.
No but when you sold the movies, you did, and that's what the conversations on the tape was about, your plans to sell Ashley's films.
I checked with the Florida UCC filings and found out that Palm Grove Industries, has sold Fallen Films to a Korean company.
Just this week.
And that's why you doctored her birth certificate.
Right? We found your finger prints on the paper.
That's felony distribution of child pornography.
That's 15 years minimum.
was Ashley's age when you started exploiting her.
Even if I had an idea I'm not the bad guy here, I didn't kill anyone.
But you created the bad guy.
Talking to me? I'm Ashley's friend.
You don't remember me? Coquey Divine.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
You looked different.
Make up.
You saw me right after a shoot.
I just wanted to thank you for how you dealt with those guys in the park.
Sticking up for me.
/ I mean I know you had to and all, but - No, I didn't have to.
- Come on, it was the badge talking.
You're telling me some other night with friends, you wouldn't have said the same things? No.
May be not, but you would have thought it.
I don't mean to insult you but I haven't seen any of your movies.
So you'd date a girl like me? Officially no, because you're a material witness of mine.
So cute, when guys hide behind roles.
But we both know that I'm not exactly the kind of a girl to bring home to mom.
Coquey you're you're a nice girl.
It's okay.
Really But if you ever wanted to get together for like coffee.
My real name is Sarah.
Sarah Pfeiffer.
Bag the porn king, his lawyer, and the killer.
It's not bad week's work.
I guess it is not a good week for you, Rick unless you arrested a police offcer, uh? It isn't my job to be liked.
Mission accomplished.
Look, my personal feelings may have clouded my judgement on the HAZ-MAT thing, I'll admit that.
Fair enough.
There she is.
You're ready? / Yup! Champagne's on ice.
Sounds great.
I'll wait for you in the car.
Nothing? Well, the truth is she hates champagne.
And you're telling me this because? I'm telling you this because she deserves to be happy.
So have fun tonight.
Thank you.