CSI: Miami s03e01 Episode Script

Lost Son

Oh come on, what’s wrong with the bridge ! I told you, we should take me dad’s convertible.
It’s just a little traffic, The sun will be down by the time we get to the quays.
Like your care.
You spray on ten.
You know what this is? This is the last vacation I go on with you.
Jaimie ! Say it again and think what you mean.
This is the last vacation I go on with you.
What’s that ! Oh, my god ! Hurry up, get off the bridge !! Back up ! Justin, back up, we got to go, hurry ! I’m trying, I’m trying ! Back up, backup, Justin come on ! We gonna die ! CSI Miami Saison 3 Episode 01: Lost So The bridge fell out? We couldn't believe it.
There was no warning.
Gentlemen, thank you for cutting your vacations short.
No problem.
So, this boat slams into a bridge.
Is that a crime scene? The witnesses say that the boat was aiming at the bridge.
All right, we'll grab our stuff.
The boat was on autopilot.
Yacht was reported stolen out of the marina an hour ago.
Did you find the driver? Found someone: Only soul on board.
Italian suit, street shoes not the kind of thing you'd wear for a day on the intercoastal.
And that stippling right here, which means he was shot at close range.
Shooter went overboard right here.
We've put frogmen in the water.
Nothing so far.
Shoot a man, you jump ship and then you crash a bridge.
That couldn't have been the original plan, right? Mm.
It would attract too much attention.
It certainly would.
No exit ramp for our well-dressed man.
I'll extract the bullet at the post.
Get an I.
Yet, alexx? Reed williams, age 51.
Bal harbor.
Well, that explains the expensive suit.
Got a casing: .
I'm going to go see what Mr.
Williams was into, ladies.
Thank you.
I may kill speedle.
He borrow your kit again? "Borrow" implies I gave permission.
I will tape lift.
Miami-dade police.
Did you find my son? Reed went out to get our son back.
Get your son back from who, ma'am? We don't know.
They called, they said they had joey, asked for ransom.
Reed went out to pay them almost three hours ago.
I haven't heard a word since.
Was he supposed to meet these people on a boat? Yeah, slip 29, like they said.
Where is my husband? Mrs.
Williams, I, um I'm very sorry to inform you that your husband has been killed.
Oh, no.
This is joey.
And I wrote down everything that they said.
Please lay that on the table.
Thank you.
Three million dollars in jewels.
Did these people know you had jewels? We're in the paper a lot, you know: Events, fund-raisers Did your husband take the jewels to meet these people? To pay for joey.
They haven't called.
There hasn't been a second call.
Why would they take the jewelry and not give us joey? Hang on-- let's go back to the beginning.
Where was joey taken from? From martial arts class.
It happened about four hours ago.
We'll need the address and this photo of joey.
- We'll also need your dna as a reference in case he's, um - He's dead.
I know.
Let's not go there yet.
Why don't you show me to joey's room? It's it's right this way.
Speed, how's it going? Frogmen didn't turn anyone up.
I did get some soil at the, uh, point where the shooter went into the water.
I don't know how instructive it's going to be.
I think we have a kidnapping situation here: A six-year-old boy.
Who's our dead guy? The boy's father.
And I think the situation went south, so that mud might be our only connection to the suspect.
I'm on it.
Check this out.
Ransom could've fit in this bag.
It's a fish.
Might've just given ourselves a secondary crime scene right here.
How do you figure? I'll explain once I get back to the lab.
In the meantime, you, uh you missed a spot over there.
Kidnapping? Well, I-I thought it was just a custody thing.
What custody thing? Well, these rich parents are always fighting over their kids.
You know, one'll send a P.
To swoop in, grab his kid after practice.
But you just said that joey williams never made it into practice.
I went out front.
It was, like 10 past 8:00.
I saw a mercedes S-class trying to shut the door on the kid.
I get close, and the guy just drives off.
One man driving? Well, as far as I could tell.
Okay, show me exactly where this car was.
Show me.
The mercedes was parked here.
It pulled out this way, made a left at the street.
A 66-inch wheelbase, ken.
Is that supposed to mean something to me? What it should mean to you is that you're lying, because the S-class has a 62-inch wheelbase, and it means that it couldn't have been the abduction car.
Kidnappers work in teams-- are you in on this? - No.
- No? I need to find out what's going on here.
If this kid gets killed, you are all in.
You understand? Okay, the guy gave me an envelope through a cracked window, it was tinted, I never saw his face.
You basically got paid to look the other way.
Like I said, I though it was a custody thing.
The envelope? Now, ken, tell me what kind of car it was, and don't make me get down there and measure again.
It was, like, a pontiac midsize.
A Grand Prix, maybe.
All right.
I'll put out a broadcast: "Stolen grand prix".
"Stolen grand prix, all colors.
" They've had five hours to repaint it.
All right, which one of you stole my crimelight? Well, "stole" is-is very negative.
I-I had borrowed it, and, uh, I-I replaced it.
I put it back.
Well, it would be nice if you charged it first.
I was at the scene, and it flatlined.
Sounds like she's mad at you.
Calleigh, I sincerely apologize.
Apology accepted.
Give me yours.
Go ahead.
It's in my kit.
Hope she doesn't need her sodium rhodizonate.
Triploid grass carp.
It's, uh, specifically engineered to control aquatic vegetation in the canals.
The county dumps them.
They eat five times their weight in plants.
Well, nemo there is, uh, eight inches long, so he was just released.
All right, so, uh, we find out what canal, we'll be able to figure out where our suspect was prior to the ransom handoff.
That's okay.
We can narrow it down.
The county needs a permit to dump carp.
So Let's enter the carp size to find the date and location of the dump.
You got something? Yeah.
Canal number 3329 on newberry road between 103rd and fountain.
The right kind of treads for a Grand Prix.
That's right.
The car went in right here.
You're going in, Eric.
No sign of the boy inside the car and too much pressure to pop the trunk open.
Let's fish it out of there.
Take a look at that.
Fingernail marks right there.
Look at this.
A long blond hair.
Just like joey's.
So they had him locked in here, Eric.
It's good.
If they were going to kill joey, they would've left him in here.
Makes the good news the bad news, doesn't it? How do you mean? They still have him.
Car belongs to a couple in seaside.
They reported it stolen two days ago.
I'll process this at CSI, see if I can pull any prints.
Okay, thank you, Calleigh.
You said there was another problem.
Department of infrastructure wants jurisdiction over the boat.
They're towing it out of the water right now.
Okay, Eric, go back to the boat and inform DOI that our murder supersedes their bridge failure, please.
All right.
Got it.
So kidnappers sank the car to hide it? Yes, they did.
They attempted to destroy evidence.
But they left us a Calling card.
Look at this.
Joey put up a struggle.
He was running.
This way.
This is where they grabbed him.
Okay, have your officer alert the mother.
Horatio? I think they're gonna try and cash in a second time.
Two months before this bridge is retrofitted, and this happens.
Yeah, well, you've got your problems and I've got mine.
We haven't released the crime scene yet.
Your crime scene's part of a bridge failure.
Well, the murder trumps the bridge, okay? So you're going to have to relinquish the boat.
You CSI guys have been dusting and tape-lifting for five hours.
What else are you planning on doing to the thing? Have a look at that.
You see that? Must've been jarred loose when the boat was towed.
I'm going to have to search the exterior of this vessel.
Got what looks like over $3 million in jewelry.
I'm going to need two more officers.
A palm- it's not as easy as a fingerprint.
Lot more surface to scan and compare.
I know, but will you call me immediately if you get a hit? We're coming up on eight hours since the Williams boy was abducted.
- I'll do my best.
- Thank you.
I thought you'd want to know: I ran the hairs you found in the car trunk.
They're a match to Joey Williams.
Did you confirm them against the DNA for the parents? Well, parent.
Your dead man from the boat is his father.
That leaves us with Mrs.
Williams the stepmother.
No blood relation.
Good to know.
Thank you, Valera.
So these diamonds were hanging off the boat? Yeah.
Why? What's up? - Nothing.
They're fake.
- You're sure? You're the fish expert, but I know gems.
This is the latest thing: Laboratory-grown diamonds.
Like zirconium? No, they're real diamonds, they're just manmade.
Fraction of the price of diamonds from a mine.
Take a piece of pure graphite, put it in a ceramic box, with some chemicals, then slide the whole thing into a pressure cooker.
It simulates the temperature and the pressure Graphite vaporizes.
After three days, they pull out the ceramic box, break it open, and get a diamond crystal.
Just like nature, only a million times faster.
Gentlemen, are these the emeralds? Yeah, we were just about to check 'em.
Now, wait a second.
This emerald has a scrape on it.
You can't scrape a real emerald.
What's the tool mark? It's not a tool mark.
It's a tooth mark.
Look at the striae pattern.
It's a chipped tooth.
Williams got shot for passing fake jewelry.
Take it.
These are fake! No, they're not.
That's not possible.
Our jewelry's real.
We don't own replicas.
Did your husband know that? Meaning what? Meaning that it's possible that you swapped out the fake ones for the real ones and didn't tell him.
You sent him in with a fake ransom.
That sounds like a two-fer.
Gets rid of the old man.
Now you can collect on insurance money for jewelry you never lost in the first place.
You think I'd put my son's life at risk like that? Don't you mean your stepson? You neglected to mention that, didn't you.
We're a blended family.
We don't use those terms.
You see, the problem, Mrs.
Williams, is that you've withheld information and it makes you look complicit in his abduction.
We got the jewelry appraised last year.
A lot can happen in a year.
Now Who else had access to those jewels? Just me and my husband.
We keep them in the vault.
Did you ever have them cleaned? After events, sure.
At McCauley jewelers.
McCauley jewelers, Speed.
Thank you.
I bet that rolls belongs to the owner.
Cars are such a bad investment.
I'm just happy I have my bike.
Someday, you made need something with doors.
Well, I got plenty of time for that.
We're here to see Mr.
McCauley, please.
Oh, Mr.
McCauley is the previous owner.
I'm the new owner.
Rudolph koehler.
Call me rudy.
But maybe I can help you with something, officer.
I'd be more than happy to help the police.
Yes, I've recently been speaking to your customer, Mrs.
Tawny Williams.
Yes, I just heard the news about her husband.
It's tragic.
She's such a nice lady.
Excuse me.
Speed? Stay put.
She and her husband were very good customers.
Speed! This is csi, Caine.
We got a priority here! I got a man down, shots fired! You're going to be okay, speed.
You're going to be okay.
You'll be fine.
I can't feel anything.
Hang in there.
Speed, keep breathing.
Speed Can't feel anything I know, I know, I understand.
Just keep breathing.
Okay, partner.
Speed? Speed.
Speed speed All units, shots fired.
Officer down McCauley jewelers.
Give him to me, horatio.
He needs to go with me.
Hey okay, um, I need you to start processing the firearms evidence.
This is mine, and that's Speed's.
Is there anything I need to know about the shooting? Uh, well a lot of confusion.
And? And, uh Speed may have had to look at his gun.
That was quick-- iab.
I'm out.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing worse.
Thank you, Rick.
It's an officer involved shooting.
You know I got to work it.
Yes, the body is still warm.
Unfortunately, that's the best time for me to be here.
- Where's Speedle's weapon? - See Calleigh.
- And yours? - See Calleigh.
You should sit down with a counselor.
Only therapy I need is finding the Williams boy, but thanks for the offer.
Patrol picked him up two blocks away.
He only speaks bulgarian.
Now we're waiting on a translator.
- I am not going to wait.
- Horatio.
film at 11:00.
I'm going to put you in the car.
- Where is the boy? - What boy? Rudy, do not play with me.
We swap stones on jewelry.
I don't know anything about a boy.
You didn't conspire with Mrs.
Williams to kidnap her own son, is that what you're telling me? What? Kidnap? I barely know Mrs.
I may be a thief, but that's all.
Who were the gunmen inside, then? Security, I hire them.
But only to protect the stones.
He goes nowhere.
Oh, Speedle.
Are you working on the evidence from the jewelry store shooting? I'm just starting, actually.
Each case is unique.
However, the last time Speedle was involved in a shooting, his service pistol misfired.
I vaguely remember that.
One misfire is bad luck.
Two is usually bad gun maintenance.
Well, I haven't started examining Speedle's gun.
And like you said, every case is unique.
- Just "cc" me on everything, please.
- Of course.
So, we're looking for the print that Calleigh found on the trunk of the car.
She's been searching for a palm print match for hours.
Okay, Eric, hang in there.
That little kid is out there depending on this box.
I hate it, I want to do something.
I understand, but this is the course of action, so let's keep going.
Pete Keller.
Priors for forgery, embezzlement, fraud and theft.
And now kidnapping.
And Eric, if you want to do something, let's get this guy Keller.
He's got the kid.
Let me see your hands.
On the ground.
On the ground now.
Put your hands behind your back, hands behind your back now.
Did you get anything? Found a weapon on him, sir.
Ooh, a .
22-- just like the one that killed Mr.
Where's the boy, pete? I don't know who you're talking about.
Got a chipped tooth, there, champ.
Yeah, I busted it when I was a kid.
No, you didn't.
You got it biting down on a fake emerald before you shot Mr.
Now, your plan went south, and you had to scramble, didn't you? Jump ship, get back to shore, get back to the kid.
Where is he? I don't know.
It's out of my hands now.
Where did you stash him? Why don't you ask Tawny? Mrs.
Williams? Yeah.
It was all her idea.
All right, let's try this.
I got a hit on Keller's known associates.
Tawny Williams.
That's right, only she went by Sissy Huber back then.
Sissy Huber-- tampa, tallahassee.
Fraud, theft, embezzlement.
Look at their victims-- rich men in their 50s and 60s.
Broke their hearts, then broke their bank accounts, didn't she? Let's bring her in.
Lieutenant, I mean, really.
Shouldn't I be home in case someone calls? Someone like Pete Keller? Your boyfriend is in custody for kidnapping.
Pete did this? Well, I haven't seen pete in years.
He murders your husband, he kidnaps your stepson, and I'm to believe you haven't seen him in years Sissy? This is a list of known associates, and it appears that you and Pete have been separating people from their money for quite awhile.
Usually older, rich men.
I ripped off rich guys.
Okay? I admit it.
We picked them out of the society page in the herald.
Is that how you found your husband? Yeah, he reed had just been widowed.
He was like a prime target.
Only this time, it was different.
I fell in love with him.
Okay? I fell in love with his son.
You said I'd been hiding something.
That's it.
My past.
I've been trying to make some changes in my life.
People do change.
Please find him.
Where's Joey, Pete? I told you.
Ask Tawny.
Although, she's still Sissy to me.
Pete, you just got a CSI killed I suggest you take your last opportuniti and talk to me right now.
You already got me for murdering her old man - Why would I help you out ? - Because the boy will be killed unless you do.
Guess that will break Sissy's heart, won't it.
and isn't that, Pete, what you are really interrested in.
Have we processed the envelope with 100s from Caine Timmins, the martial arts guy? The cash wasn't helpful, but the envelope was.
Translation please.
It's a bill.
It is a bill for karate lessons The pay-off envelope, it didn't come from Pete Keller.
It came from inside the dojo which means that Timmins and Keller are partners.
Good thing he never cleans his store.
Take a look at this.
This is mud.
Let's see what else is here.
He's gonna take Joey somewhere he's been before, someplace remote.
I've got some kind of sap.
I'm gonna rush this over to trace.
I'll be on the cell.
I keep thinking Speedle's going to walk in.
He's not.
Just get me the sample.
Mass spec's got something.
From the manchineel tree.
Only found in hell's bay.
Where the ocean meets the glades.
That's sharks and gators.
This guy is slick.
Slick? Why? H.
Yeah He's got him in hell's bay.
He can't bring himself to kill the kid, Eric.
He's going to let the sharks do it.
Now there's one way in.
Meet me there.
Joey Stay right there, son.
I'm coming to get you.
I'm scared.
You hang in there, Joey.
Don't go in there.
Stay here, kid.
Where are you going? it's all right.
Come on.
Why don't you reach your hand? that a boy.
There you go, right on my shoulder.
I got you.
All right, Buddy.
Code four, Eric.
Put it out.
We've got the primary.
Pizza? Okay, pizza.
Williams? Joey.
Mommy! Joey.
Oh, god.
I thought I lost you.
Oh! Thank you.
It never occurred to me that pete was involved.
That he would hurt a child.
Well, Mrs.
Williams, jealousy is a powerful motivator.
And pete is going away for a long time, so you guys are going to be safe now.
I heard about your-your CSI.
I'm sorry, really.
Thank you.
Take care, partner.
Thank you.
You saved me.
I wanted you to see this before I gave it to stetler.
He definitely had to look at his gun.
"Lieutenant Caine's weapon expended six rounds.
"Tim Speedle's Tim Tpeedle's malfunctioned.
" Lots of reasons for a misfire.
Faulty mechanism.
Low-grade ammunition.
Poor gun maintenance.
Designation of any one of those would be speculation on our part, wouldn't it? We never speculate.
Bottom line-- the gun malfunctioned.
And that closes the iab investigation, doesn't it? Do you want me to help you with Tim's things? No, thank you.
You hang in there.
"amazing grace" Fire!