CSI: Miami s03e03 Episode Script

Under the Influence

Got the northbound lane shut down.
's questioning everyone.
And what are they saying? She appeared upset.
Pushed her way through the crowd, toward the street.
And then just went flying through the air.
The damage on the bus is front and center, so that takes timing.
Suicide? I don't think so.
You don't spend a thousand dollars on clothes that you're never going to wear.
The Miami's Sub Team présente CSI Miami Saison 3 Episode 03: Murder in a Flash Cordesh, Fabregues, Moustou, et Snake We'd have a better chance charting what isn't broken on this girl.
Poor baby.
Both arms shattered.
Torso twisted like a corkscrew Based on the points of impact, Alexx, she landed at seven and then rolled all the way to you.
That Metrobus doesn't make scheduled stops here at the Marketplace.
He was going to Brickell Park doing 45 miles an hour.
More than enough.
Lieutenant? I'm Officer Wolfe.
I ascertained that there are no surveillance cameras at the scene, so I canvassed the witnesses to see if there was any camera or video equipment that might have filmed it.
Got a couple names, sir.
Thank you, Wolfe.
We'll take it from here.
Yes, sir.
He's thorough.
Follow up, please.
Will do, Lieutenant.
Yes, ma'am? - Find an I.
yet? - No, I didn't.
Have you? Marketplace security apprehended a shoplifter.
Confiscated some DVDs.
and this: a $500 wallet.
And it's a woman's wallet.
Our victim has expensive taste, doesn't she? "Katrina Hannagan.
" - Bring him in? - By all means.
Well, according to your rap sheet, you've been arrested twice before at the same place.
And did I push any of them in front of a bus? No.
And I didn't push this lady.
Maybe she tripped, that it? I was never on that curb.
I work the elevators.
Girls' hands are always filled with shopping bags.
You don't even need a weapon.
Check out my key chain.
One little laser pointer and girls are shakin' in their high heels.
Don't turn around.
Stare at the door.
Lift your right arm.
Do it! When that door opens, get out.
And don't turn around.
Remember, I have your address.
Opportunity-- that's all it was.
No knife, no gun; no violence.
Detective, where did we pick our friend Pete up? Far end of the Plaza, near Third Street.
That's an awful lot of ground to cover in a such a short period of time.
I told you, I didn't put her in front of that bus.
No, but you motivated her to run towards it, didn't you, Pete? Excuse me.
- Horatio.
- Yeah? Your appointment's here, Ryan Wolfe.
First officer from the Metrobus case.
He's asked me to put in a good word for him.
So he's not shy.
Look, he's got a Bachelor's in chemistry, and he works patrol until he finishes his Masters in genetics.
Sounds like I should talk to him then.
Sit tight, Pete.
- Thanks for meeting with me.
- No problem.
Step over here, Wolfe.
So Detective Salas tells me that you're thinking about a career change.
Only if I can be a criminalist.
I've done a dozen ride-alongs with homicide.
Aced quantitative analysis.
Hit all the seminars.
I'm ready.
Okay, so no more patrol.
Patrol's great, but there's no follow-through.
Dispatch calls, you move on.
CSI, you stay till the case is solved, victim's buried.
Let me see your service pistol.
Sir? Your weapon.
Let me see it.
You clean this every week? More.
I'm a little O.
Drives the Watch Commander crazy.
Okay, let me see your back-up.
That is quite a case of O.
, Wolfe.
Did I just lose this job? You know what? I need to think about it.
Have a seat over there.
Hey, Stephanie.
Someone's here to see me? Dad.
I've really done it this time.
What happened? I didn't know where else to go.
Calleigh, I I think I killed someone.
What? What do you mean, you think you killed somebody? With my car.
When did this happen? Before sunup.
Where? You don't remember.
Show me the car.
You definitely hit something.
Maybe just a stanchion Dad.
Is it blood? It's blood, isn't it? Oh, God, that's the first drink I've had in six months.
What do I do now? What happens now? Take another one.
What?! That's what got me here in the first place, Calleigh.
You came to me for help.
I'm offering you help.
Take another drink.
A drink? Well, well, I can't see how Just do it! Katrina Hannagan's family says she was seeing a guy named Jay Seaver.
He works at Grove-Turner Advertising in a building near the plaza.
Which was where Katrina was killed.
Have Mr.
Seaver come in to see me immediately.
You remember my dad, Kenwall Duquesne.
Good to see you again, sir.
- Hi.
Is there someplace we can talk? Uh, I I think we're okay right here.
What's going on? My dad has come to turn himself in.
I was thinking Detective Tripp would be best.
My car was involved in a in a in a incident last night.
Sir, is the scotch on your breath related to that incident? My dad took a drink to calm his nerves before we came in.
I witnessed it.
So the blood alcohol test is not going to help us then.
You do realize that you're riding the line on this, right? Okay, Frank, please.
Dad, do you mind waiting? - Oh, sure.
I'd like to stay on the case.
- I don't think that would be a good idea.
I think we need somebody who's not biased to you or your father.
Someone from the night shift? I'm thinking patrol.
Patrol? A newbie? They don't even know how it works at CSI.
I need you to trust me on this.
Wolfe? - Yes, sir.
Wolfe, you're hired.
Um, well, what about the paperwork? You let me worry about that-- you're on the clock.
Mount up.
Go ahead, son.
Do me a favor and go with me on this one, all right? It's your order.
Well, Horatio, we can rule out suicide for our Metrobus victim.
What do we have then, Alexx? Fresh bruise square on her back.
Could be from a hand.
So no hesitation and all force.
Your hunch was right.
It's a homicide.
Okay, what else? Subcutaneous pictures show massive bruising on Miss Hannagan.
Older bruising.
Hemoglobin had time to break down.
Inner thighs.
Broken wrist.
Think our girl was a victim long before that bus hit her, and look.
No wedding ring.
But she does have a boyfriend.
His name his Jay Seaver.
I can't believe this happened to Katrina.
How long have you been seeing each other? A couple of months.
I saw her when I could.
The ad business kinda eats up the hours, you know? I understood that you work near the Marketplace.
What were you doing at noon? Company gym, in the basement.
Pickup games, Full court.
Every Monday and Wednesday, with the guys in the office.
You could ask anyone.
Should I ask them about the bruises on Katrina's body? Those.
I asked her about those, too.
She said she was getting clumsy, kept falling down in public.
I told her to see a doctor.
I thought it was an inner-ear problem.
Then she was hit by a bus.
I see where this is going, but I didn't do it.
I loved Katrina.
I think that you're not telling me something.
Like what? I don't know yet.
Hey, Tyler, you get anything off that digital camera that the, uh, officer found at the scene? Yeah, I copied all the shots on to the hard drive.
These are not your grandparents' vacation pictures.
Miami air, man.
Makes people do things they'd never do back home.
Anything at the Marketplace? This looks like the curb out front.
Our victim was behind this cameraman.
We're looking the wrong way.
Do they ever turn around? No.
That's it.
Doesn't help us at all.
Maybe it does.
I've-I've got some software that can magnify their eyes.
To catch a reflection? Yeah, in the tear fluid.
If the eye is hydrated enough, makes a great mirror.
We'll see what the couple's looking at.
Let's do it.
Get back to me when you get something.
You dove right in.
I'm used to following orders.
You'll be thorough, right? Could you put your hands in your pockets, please? I beg your pardon? Conflict of interest could compromise the case.
How is the case? Phenolphthalein indicated blood on the undercarriage and rims.
Hematrace says it's human.
What about the orange paint? Iridescent flecks suggest he also hit a traffic sign.
Oh, good, that's something we can use to pinpoint the location.
Um Your hands.
I'm ten feet away.
Eight and a half.
Officer Duquesne, I know it's my first day.
Regardless, uncovering the truth is more important to me than proving myself, so if you don't mind I'm not finished yet.
Seaver's office? That's not a coincidence.
I'm on my way.
What did you get? Elevator's been out of service.
Repairman found the body.
Okay, so then the question becomes Which floor did he fall from? Doors were forced open on the fifth.
No workable prints were found.
Okay, Alexx.
Both arms are folded under his body, like he tried to break his fall.
Impossible to do at five stories.
Look at this, Alexx.
He didn't go easily.
Evidence of a struggle.
His name is Patrick Wakefield, an account executive at Grove-Turner.
He's also a friend and colleague of Jay Seaver.
So we've got a girlfriend and now a colleague.
Not just any colleague.
Office manager says that our victim here and Jay Seaver were up for the same promotion.
Well, it looks like you're gonna get that promotion, now, Jay.
You think I'm happy about this? Patrick was a friend.
Big corner office and a huge expense account.
I did not push Patrick Wakefield down that elevator shaft.
Who did, Jay? My life is already in enough danger.
Why is that? You know but you can't tell me, right? Hey, I already went to the police.
They made things worse.
So you filed a complaint against somebody? Claudia Sanders.
I filed a temporary restraining order five months ago.
Detective Salas.
Could you please run the name Jay Seaver through the T.
records, please.
I went on a few dates with her and I ended it but she wouldn't let it go.
She kept calling me when I was on dates and she'd show up at the restaurants, intercept my mail.
I thought it was finally safe to get out there and start seeing other people again and then this happens.
Thank you.
He filed a T.
on May 6 of this year.
Court said that Claudia couldn't come within a hundred yards of him.
I could see a hundred yards, and she was always there.
Why didn't you report her? I was afraid I might be next0 I'm afraid she'll go after me for telling you this much.
So what do I do now? You do nothing.
You wait for what we do.
Claudia Sanders.
Detective Salas called.
Said you wanted to talk to me about Jay Seaver.
Is he all right? Jay is fine.
I understand that you and Jay are quite close.
He puts ice in his milk.
He squeezes into a 33 waist when he's busting out of a 34.
He always makes the minimum payments on his credit cards, breaks a cell phone once a month.
Familiarity gives birth to intimacy.
Claudia, I am investigating the murders of Katrina Hannagan and Patrick Wakefield.
I heard.
It's just awful.
Jay always knew that Katrina wasn't right for him, but he just couldn't shake her.
I've also heard that he took out a restraining order on you.
Five months ago.
We've been laughing about it ever since.
Jay's not big on commitment.
He'll be the first one to tell you but I love him.
I'd die for him.
But would you kill for him? Do you have any evidence to suggest that I would? We have recovered fibers from Patrick Wakefield's hand and it's a matter of time before I match them to someone.
Well, let me know when you do.
You will be first on my list.
You ever heard of The Whiskey Stop? Yeah.
It used to be my dad's favorite bar.
Well, it still is.
He was there until closing last night.
Apparently a lot of other nights.
Open tab.
Over 800 bucks.
First drink in six months.
Just a second.
It's Ryan Wolfe, CSI.
I got something from the soil on Mr.
Duquesne's tires.
It's traces of iron, covered in a thin layer of calcium oxide, calcium fluoride, and silicone dioxide.
Looks like weld spatter.
That's something.
New kid said he found weld spatter in your dad's tire tread.
So he was near a construction site.
What's his route? His route? His default.
From the bar to his house.
Path of least resistance.
Lessens the chance of getting hurt and pulled over.
Up 42nd.
Coral Way to Granada.
There's a new firehouse going up, tip of the Gables.
I'll get Wolfe out of the lab, have him meet me there.
And I thought I drove fast.
This road usually goes through.
It's just closed because of the construction.
White paint.
Duquesne had orange paint on the side of his car.
It's a definite transfer.
And if he were a bit inebriated and so used to his routine He'd ignore the sign.
Arc welding.
Steel beams joined by an iron-powder electrode.
The process throws out metal particles.
Tread impressions.
Erratic pattern.
And about ten inches wide.
Both consistent with Duke's vehicle.
I'll call the M.
- Eric The fibers from the elevator shaft.
Yeah, it's an entangled fiber pulp composite.
It's used in high-strength polyester.
"Synthetic polymer.
" I think we're looking at some sort of uniform.
The button's three-eighths of an inch-- it's from the cuff of a sleeve.
Traces of limonene.
Common ingredient in leaf-shining spray.
Supposed to keep plants looking clean.
I checked Claudia Sanders' background.
Claudia MBA from the business school at UCONN.
But she took a job from Sunside Greenery this year-- full time.
They do horticultural design, plant care for office buildings.
Grove-Turner Advertising.
She took a job in Seaver's building to be near him.
I'll cancel my 5:00.
We'll be there for the opening tip.
Yes, center court.
Go back to Sunside Greenery and see what you can find out.
Nice going.
This is Claudia Sanders' locker right here.
All right.
Thanks a lot.
No problem.
The fibers and the button that we found in the elevator shaftare a match to the sleeve on your uniform, Claudia.
Trace amounts of limonene in the fibers also point towards you.
Which means we can place you in the elevator shaft with Patrick Wakefield.
Patrick was no friend to Jay.
Really? What friend drinks Manhattans at Bistro Zinc two nights a week with the executive director behind your back? Jay's too trusting.
He always has been.
So you took care of it.
Claudia, you're under arrest for the murder of Patrick Wakefield.
Now I want to talk about Katrina.
Why don't you direct all of your questions through my attorney.
He's on his way over here.
The plant job pays you eight dollars an hour, and yet you can afford a defense attorney.
Jay hired him.
Jay got you the attorney? It's what a man does for the woman he loves.
Jay, tell me this is a joke.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel sorry for her.
So you hire her a private attorney.
There's something wrong with this woman.
She actually thinks she's helping me.
Jay, this is why she stalks you-- you give her hope.
I feel responsible.
Interesting choice of words.
Would you please take another look at Katrina here.
Anything specific you have in mind? Yes, hCG, please.
You thinking inciting incident? Alexx, the boyfriend was on the corporate ladder and Katrina Katrina may have been in his way.
I'll get right on it.
Thank you, Alexx.
We found a body on your route.
Your tire treads were over it and the skull was crushed.
Oh, Lord.
Dad, now is the time.
If you remember anything at all you've got to tell me.
Everything in me wishes I did, but I don't.
Um, should I? No, it's all right.
Dad, this is Ryan.
He's going to process you.
It's standard procedure.
You can change into these.
Ouch ! What is it? Looks like glass.
Could be auto glass, but there's no membrane.
Then it's from a side window.
You didn't tell me that there was any broken glass in the vehicle.
What I told you was, I wasn't finished.
So this is the vacation shot that gives us something to work with.
The tourist was taking a picture of this girl.
So I'm enlarging the reflection in her eye.
I'm going to slide the image over.
There's our victim-- upper right corner.
Head's arched back.
She was pushed from behind.
Can't see who's doing it.
Just a shoulder.
Look at the shirt.
That's the same color green as Claudia Sanders' work uniform.
I'm going to check Katrina Hannagan's clothing for transfer.
This is great.
Horatio, ran the hCG Beta Blood test you asked for.
Katrina Hannagan was pregnant.
Hormone level was 90,000.
How far along? Seven, eight weeks.
Okay, thank you.
I got it, H.
I found limonene on the back of Katrina Hannagan's blouse, just under the right shoulder blade.
It means Claudia Sanders was behind her on the curb.
Now we can link Claudia to the murder.
You know what else, Eric? I don't think she acted alone.
He shoots, he scores.
Jay, do you know what the number one cause death among pregnant women is? No.
It's homicide.
Homicide at the hands of the father of the baby.
Is this supposed to mean something to me? It should, because Katrina was seven weeks pregnant at the time of her death.
The medical examiner, Jay, has confirmed this.
So how would you like to give me a sample of your DNA? I really wouldn't.
No, of course you wouldn't.
Did you mention to Claudia that you're latest fling was pregnant, or did she figure that out on her own? I can't control what Claudia does.
On the contrary, my friend, you control everything Claudia does.
She is a love obsessional, and you give her just enough attention to keep her interested.
Pregnant girlfriend, office rival, who else, Jay, has Claudia killed for you? I am not going to dignify this.
Oh, yes, you are.
I am going to dig up every unsolved case in the last five months, and figure out what other problems Claudia has eliminated for you.
Picked a hell of a case to get your feet wet on.
Alexx Woods, M.
Finished the post on construction site victim.
A Travis Madison.
He definitely sustained extensive injuries when he was run over by that car.
But he also suffered from blunt force trauma to the head.
You got any tool marks? Yeah, someone hit him with a cylindrical object-- cracked his skull like an egg.
What killed him, the vehicle, or the crack to the head? Histopath says it was a head injury.
He was already dead when Mr.
Duquesne ran him over.
That's my determination.
That means I'm missing a murder weapon.
No hands.
Find anything? Almost.
See the difference between the left shoe print and the right? Look at the pressure releases, the positioning.
Whoever stood here planted his left foot, he put some weight on it And threw something.
You can read the line of travel like an arrow.
Where you plant, you point.
What are you doing? What's that noise? Is that what I think it is? Do you want to tell me what you're doing with that? Don't come any closer.
What is that? Roast beef.
Call it cover fire.
What are you doing?! Ryan! Ryan? Ryan! Looking for this? Took the back door.
Unsolved homicides linked to Claudia Sanders.
Solid alibis eliminate her from four of the five.
This one is suspicious, though.
Martin Perlman stabbed in Miami Beach.
One day after purchasing a new condo.
Yes, but stabbingsare so physical.
Claudia's method is passive.
This Miami Beach address looks familiar.
It should.
That is Jay Seaver's current address.
He lives at the old crime scene? Let's get over there.
No, we're going to Claudia's.
She's doing the dirty work, thank you.
This room is clear.
Check in there, Eric.
Take a look at this.
So our girl's been doing a little Dumpster diving? Yes, this is how Claudia figured out Katrina was pregnant.
Wait a second.
Box cutter.
Another souvenir? Yes, but this one is not for display, Eric.
This is part of a cover-up.
Martin Perlman was stabbed to death, wasn't he? Maybe with this.
You're crazy.
You know that.
Why? For taking a little initiative? You could've been gator bait on your first day.
I did sacrifice my lunch.
Please, just remember that.
Print on the murder weapon Larry Grill, just did time for assault and battery.
Released last month.
Dad's out of the woods.
My hand-off days are over.
I'm glad it turned out.
Thanks, Ryan.
Kill a guy? Nah.
No way.
So your fingerprints just sort of floated on to the murder weapon? Not only that, the blood on the receiving end matches Travis Madison.
The impression left on his skull matches the weapon.
Blood, prints, tool marks.
You killed him.
Admit it.
Travis told me to meet him.
Said he might hook me up.
I'm guessing you're not talking about women.
About drugs? Coke.
It's a bad habit, I know.
But his stuff was weak.
You've gotta be kiddin'.
I wanted to get high, not bake a cake.
You try it, you buy it.
No way.
He would've done me first.
Instead, you killed him.
Tried to carjack someone to get away.
Hey! Get out of the car! Hey! Hey! Hey! Get out of the car! Get out! Stop! I hope they saved your cot at county jail.
That's the Martin Perlman case file.
Yeah, homicide just sent it over.
Place was cleaned up by the time P.
got there and the murder weapon was never found.
So that's the knife tip we recovered from the rib cage, right? And the box cutter you found at Claudia Sanders' house.
And we have a perfect match.
- Lieutenant.
- Yeah? DNA's back, on your weapon.
Blood's from the victim, Perlman.
Also found blood under the box cutter handle screws.
Different donor and there's no match for it in CODIS.
No match for CODIS? Yoow what, let's change that.
That was the first time she took it upon herself to make someone in my life disappear.
First time being Martin Perlman? The guy who outbid me for my condo.
Stabbed him to death.
So this is Claudia then, Jay? This is all Claudia? Yeah.
She called me the day they found his body.
Told me the place was move-in ready.
I was freaked, that she killed him.
But I also have to admit, part of me was glad.
I really wanted that condo.
I can see that.
Does this seem familiar to you? Because it should.
You used it to stab Martin.
You killed Martin, not Claudia.
And I know this, Jay, because you cut yourself in the commission of the crime.
You waited for my offer, and then you went a dollar over.
You stole this place from me.
Hey, next time, why don't you put your money where your mouth is.
See, so it's no longer about your word against that of an unbalanced woman.
This is called evidence.
She followed me everywhere.
I knew when I looked up, she would be there Claudia.
You need me now.
You go, Jay.
I'll clean this up.
Don't worry, I'll always look out for you.
I promise.
Claudia has a defense.
Claudia is insane.
You are just a liar, and now a killer.
For you, that adds up to life times.
one two three.
Thank you.
Boy, I feel like I just got a get out of jail free card.
It's not free this time, dad.
Gimme your car keys.
My car keys? What for? Maybe I can't keep you from drinking, but I can keep you from driving.
I'll take you home, but I want to say good night to somebody first.
Sure How we doing? Better.
Better, but not great.
No, not great.
You know, they say that one day at a time works both ways.
I'll remember that.
How did Wolfe do? Surprisingly good.
But yoewt, didn't you? It's in his blood.
Good night.