CSI: Miami s03e04 Episode Script

Murder in a Flash

Hey, nice trip Bob! Way to getting it close! Hey, what's going on? Who is this? Get off the green! Hey! Get the hell off the green.
Call Security.
Hey this is a private course! These kids on crack or something? Guys you're tearing up the fairway and the green, get off the course! The best of all the lost arts.
Look out! Whoa! The best of all the lost arts.
The best of all the lost arts.
Sweet lord.
It was like Dawn of the Dead.
Must've been a hundred of 'em.
Yeah, they're called flash mobs.
People are contacted by e-mail to show up at a specific time and do something freaky and then run off.
You know, I'm going to have this officer take the information from you.
Thank you.
A flash mob.
After the dust cleared, the body was found in the sand trap.
We got an I.
, Alexx? None.
He's just a kid.
I'd guess 16 17.
That's an expensive label for a teenager.
Rigor says he's been here at least nine hours.
But no bruising.
And no external injuries other than a nosebleed.
What're the odds, huh? A hundred people throwing golf balls at the site of a death? Those odds are very slim, aren't they? So the question becomes, Alexx, was the mob sent to draw us to the crime scene Or sent to destroy it? The Miami's Sub Team presents CSI Miami Saison 3 Episode 04: Murder in a flash "Mob".
Found this next to the body.
Looks like a belt clip for a PDA of some kind.
Clasp is broken.
I'm thinking it was forcibly removed.
Indicates a struggle.
Okay, let's collect all the information on the mob, and let's connect it to the body.
I will be back at the post.
So these flash mobs are the newest thing.
Brainstorms of restless kids.
One of 'em gets some idea, like converging on a golf course, sends it out to a bunch of other kids with nothing to do.
But you know, every flash mob has a theme, and I'm wondering what theirs was.
How 'bout screwing with us? Golf balls have hundreds of dimples; it's going to make it impossible to get a usable print.
I want to look for distinguishable markings.
They've all got "mob" written on 'em.
You take the bunker.
I'll take the green.
- You have an I.
yet, Alexx? - No.
Not yet.
Do know he died with an empty stomach, full bladder, strong smell of alcohol.
- Respiratory failure? - Wouldn't be the first teenager to drink himself to death.
So we agree that the mob makes the circumstances suspicious.
We'll play it as a murder until otherwise informed.
What else? Boy was an athlete.
Knee surgery.
Overdeveloped right arm.
I'm thinking tennis.
- Okay.
You just said knee surgery.
- Yeah.
He may have an I.
, Alexx.
Check his knee.
- Knee replacement.
Possibly titanium.
- Bingo.
Matched the serial number to the patient record.
Titanium knee belongs to a Daniel Kleiner, 18.
Family lives on Star Island.
Attends an exclusive prep school in Miami.
Palm Crest Academy.
That ritzy private high school in the Grove? Yes, one and the same.
We just traced one of the golf balls to a student there, Chad Van Horn.
His parents are overseas.
Yes, but Chad is still in Miami.
What's up? You were at the flash mob this morning, at the Miami Palms Country Club.
Half the senior class was there.
Yes, did half the senior class see Danny Kleiner dead in the sand trap? I don't know.
I just figured that was some totally messed up part of the stunt.
See, we believe that somebody from the stunt killed Danny.
Look, I was just one of the sheeple.
It's not like I originated the mob.
Who did originate it? No idea.
Just read the text message off my cell.
We're going to need your cell phone.
Did Danny have problems with anyone in school? No He did get into it last week with Justin Gillespie.
- Over what? - I don't know.
Did it make it to the principal? You mean "Headmaster"? If you like.
Everything makes it to him.
That's how he keeps his job.
In my 15 years as headmaster, we've never had police searching the students.
Shouldn't your investigation have started on the golf course, where this thing happened? Actually, it did.
As it turns out, our victim had an argument with one of your students, a Justin Gillespie.
Oh, look, that was nothing more than horseplay.
In addition, 50 other seniors from this school were also present at the mob where we found the boy's body.
Look, interviews are out of the question.
I'm only interested in their cell phones.
Invasion of privacy.
Parents'll have my head, pull their kids.
I understand, and I'll do everything in my power to protect you.
Okay? Lieutenant, I think you would be surprised how aware these kids are of their rights.
No, I wouldn't.
Have a good day.
Please have your cell phones and PDAs out and turned on.
I'll only need them for one minute Thank you.
I'm sorry to hover.
It's no problem at all.
Headmaster wants to make sure you're not trampling anyone's rights.
How we doing, Tyler? Uh getting there.
On the message, I see time, place and instructions but I can't figure out a reason for the dates.
Flash point entry is determined by month of birth.
Makes it look more random.
I think you know a little too much about these flash mobs.
Oh, please.
I do not even have time to go to the mall.
I got the originator.
Sent his message at 11:10 last night.
Give me a name.
Justin Gillespie.
He's the mob originator.
Yes, and he's a familiar name, too.
And one girl who didn't show up for cell phone line up: a Sarah Mitchell.
Maybe she has something on her cell phone she doesn't want us to find out about.
- Okay.
You take Justin.
I'll take Sarah.
- Okay Sarah Mitchell, you want to tell us why you didn't turn your phone in to our CSI today? 'Cause I don't know anything about Danny getting killed.
Then you won't mind giving us your cell phone right now.
I don't have it.
I sold it this morning to a guy outside a coffee house on the way back from a flash mob.
I need money.
My parents cut me off.
They cut you off 'cause they discovered you're using meth, Sarah? Hey, you can't do that.
Well, yes, I can.
it's in plain sight, and it appears to have a little dab of blood on it.
Can you explain that? I don't know how that got there.
Our victim was bleeding.
Yes, and the spatter is consistent with trauma, and that means you will be taking an automobile ride with us.
Justin, we have evidence you originated the stunt at the golf course today.
Yeah, that's right.
But nobody saw you at the flash mob this morning.
Yeah, well, calling 'em's actually more fun than going.
And you didn't invite your friend Stephanie? I knew she wouldn't go.
Her dad's the Headmaster.
It's not that.
It's exam week.
I can either study or have fun, not both.
We understand you had a beef with the victim last week.
Why don't you tell us a little bit about that? I don't remember that.
That's your answer? You don't remember? Got some sand here.
Yeah, probably from the beach.
Then you won't mind if I take a little, would you? Be my guest.
The housekeeper'll love it.
So, this altercation with Danny I didn't give police permission to enter my house.
Calleigh Duquesne, CSI.
Your son invited us in.
Well, he has nothing more to say.
I'd like you off my property now.
As you like.
Thanks That who I think it is? Martin Gillespie, one of Miami's best defense attorneys.
That would explain why his son's answers were so smooth.
And why our job just got a lot harder.
Is Danny's Kleiner's tox report in yet? Confirmed extremely high levels of gamma hydroxybutric acid in our Danny boy.
Date rape drug? Males use it to get high.
Trace Lab found it in the scotch left at the crime scene, too.
What were the levels? Equates to almost five ounces.
That sounds like more than getting high.
That sounds like somebody dosed the scotch.
Which is why my determination is "homicide.
" Anything on Danny's clothes? Our Danny was a real player.
Found some red lipstick on his boxer shorts.
Really? Yes, but the components were a little strange.
"Ginger, cinnamon, oil of wintergreen" That's lip plumper.
Lip what? It's the latest in beauty trickery.
What's the purpose? To look like Angelina Jolie.
Ah Like that.
Did you determine what's in the tread? Yeah.
It's a unique mixture, actually.
Take a look.
Ground oyster shells.
From what? It's a gardening material.
Landscapers use it to make pathways.
I remember seeing the stuff around the faculty apartments.
Thinking that maybe our Danny was taking some private tutoring lessons? The lip plumper makes it very private.
You want to go back to school? Please come in.
That's nice lipstick, Ms.
Is it Lip Sting? How could you tell? We found traces of it on Danny Kleiner's boxer shorts.
Surely I'm not the only woman on campus who wears that kind of lipstick.
Only faculty member.
We checked.
We also found evidence on Danny's shoes that puts him in this building very recently.
Danny was 18.
Legally an adult.
When was the last time you saw Danny? Last night.
He came over at around 7:00.
We Then I took a shower around 8:00, and when I came out, he was gone.
Where was he going? I don't know.
I don't ask him those questions.
It's easier on the heart.
Danny was dosed with GHB.
You're a chemistry teacher.
You could make that blindfolded.
I didn't.
You're welcome to check my lab.
We'll do that.
Is every incoming order from Ms.
Mancini's chem lab logged in here? Couple years ago some brat tried to order explosive material through the lab.
Ever since, security double checks all deliveries.
But we only found one component of GHB, sodium hydroxide, and you can find that in any lab.
You ever find GHB anywhere else on campus? Nope.
Weekend guys might've.
Any contraband we find we write a report and turn it into Headmaster Brooks.
I'd like to see those reports.
Hey, Lieutenant.
Does the blood on the baggie match the victim's? Danny Kleiner? Blood's from a female.
How about the tweaker girl? I ran it, and no, so I ran it against the Forensic and Missing Persons Index.
Came up to a Madonna Arias.
Parents reported her missing yesterday.
Nice address.
According to the report, she was in med school.
No connection to Palm Crest Academy.
Her name is Madonna Arias.
That's her blood on the baggie? Do you know who she is? No.
I never seen her.
Sarah, I need to know where you cop your dope, and I need to know right now.
I never see a dealer.
A runner, some guy in a hoodie, comes down to the curb and takes the money and comes back with the baggie.
Okay, good.
I need his address.
Urban guard dogs.
With feathers.
That's where we're going.
Door's open.
Go right.
Someone runs a nice little business out of here.
Place to sit.
Bags for a Shh.
Come out of there.
Who are you? Raul Arias.
I'm looking for my sister.
Madonna? I have a picture.
He's clear.
What would your sister be doing here? She buys her drugs from this building.
I've followed her here before.
Did you tell that to Missing Persons, Raul? My parents wouldn't let me.
They're Argentinean.
You know, too much pride.
There's a weird smell in here.
- From the meth? - Yes Here's what I want you to do go outside with an officer, Raul.
Looks like blunt force spatter.
Yes, it does.
And that copper smell is actually the iron in the hemoglobin.
So that means there must be a lot more blood somewhere.
That puts the victim right here.
So where's the rest of the blood? There's no blood trail, is there? No, too difficult to carry out a body.
They had to look for something fast and simple.
Fast and simple.
You mean, like gravity? - Horatio.
- Is that her? Hang onto this.
Is that my sister? Is that her? I think it may be.
Hey hold up a minute How'd you get those cuts on your hands? I sculpt.
Granite, marble.
I've got a studio in South Beach.
Why is your shirt torn up? I snagged it.
On what? I forget.
I want that shirt to the lab right now.
What does your scope say? Same as the mass spec says.
Raul was in a struggle with his sister.
You locate the wallet in the Dumpster? Didn't turned up, but I'm going to check all her credit cards, cover all the bases.
It's called an exchange of fibers, Raul.
And it means you were in an altercation with your sister.
I didn't kill her.
We found you at the murder scene 50 feet from where her body was dumped.
If you didn't kill her, I need help from you right now.
I saw her the day she disappeared.
She came to my apartment, starving.
From the meth.
You'd think that these dealers would at least want to keep their junkies fed.
Please no please Give that back to me! Give that back! Raul that's mine You bring this to my studio?! Raul, do not do that! No.
No more.
Please Raul, please don't do that You're my sister, I love you.
You don't know what you've done, you fool! You don't know what it's like to watch someone so beautiful be ruined by a drug.
You don't know.
I didn't kill her.
I ran those credit cards.
Looks like Madonna Arias charged $500 worth of gas since yesterday afternoon.
Interesting ability for a dead woman.
You get an address? Better.
I got a pump number.
The security guard is stonewalling us on the contraband reports.
All right.
Well, I got something.
Danny's PDA? No.
I went to the main server, and I accessed a 1/2 dozen e-mails from last night that he hadn't read.
Some of them sounded pretty desperate.
Where are you? It's getting late I need it.
You gotta come through, DK.
What was he supposed to give these people? Thing is, only one of them sounded physically threatening.
Take a look who sent it.
"You're a dead man" is just an expression.
Legally, it's a threat.
You withheld information this morning.
What was Danny Kleiner supposed to give you? All the men in my family went to Princeton.
If I don't do the same Danny was helping me.
How? By giving me the Chemistry 202 midterm.
To Ms.
Mancini's course? I'll be in the shower, Danny.
He'd get advance copies of all the tests sell them to us.
He was supposed to drop off the mid-term last night at the dorm at 8:30.
But he didn't show up, and that pissed you off.
Hey, I was in the dorm playing cards with my buddies.
The whole night.
You can check it out.
Do you think the parents have any idea that they are paying for their kids to have sex with teachers and buy their grades? I don't know, but it makes me realize what an angel I was.
Thanks, Sam.
What's up? They matched the sand from the golf course at the Gillespie house.
Oh, that's great, but Justin's dad is never going to let us get near him.
Hey, it's enough for a warrant for Justin's clothing and even his father can't argue that away.
You know,I didn't find one grain of sand in your clothing.
You weren't at the golf course.
Yeah, I told you that.
Mark Twain said, "The best of all lost arts is honesty.
" I looked it up.
I bet you were the only one who bothered.
My father is a criminal defense attorney, too.
When I was about nine, my dad had this indigent client named Bruno, and he used to come over to our house and fix our porch.
My dad wouldn't defend his own brother without a retainer.
Anyway, Bruno was this giant guy, and he was covered in tattoos, and my mom had told me that he was charged with hurting a woman, so whenever Bruno would come over, she'd take me shopping.
And I asked my dad one day if Bruno had done it, and my dad said, "My job is to defend him.
" And after Bruno was acquitted, I asked my dad again if he had done it and he said, "My only job is to defend him.
" And after that, I kind of understood.
I think you overheard something at home about the murder of Danny Kleiner.
I don't want to get my dad in trouble.
Your father is obligated to maintain client confidentiality, but you're not.
I was studying in my dad's library.
I heard a guy's voice say that the body was on the 18th hole at Miami Palms.
I felt sick.
You know, somebody was just out there rotting on the golf course, and nobody knew? So, you sent a flash mob to me sure they would.
Did you recognize the voice? No.
It was muffled through the walls.
It was definitely an older guy.
Hey, Ryan.
I thought you were in court today.
Oh, M.
tesmony spilled over to this afternoon.
I thought I'd use my lunch break to catch up on some work.
Some guy just dropped this off.
Burns from Palmcrest Academy.
A security guard.
Better late than never.
No wonder he's been dragging his heels.
On what? It's a long story.
Have you seen Delko? Yeah, he's right over Hey.
I got the security report.
GHB was turned in to Headmaster Brooks two weeks ago.
The report doesn't say what Brooks did with it.
There was no follow-up report given.
I guess the security guys didn't want to lose their jobs.
Well, they won't have to.
With this information, we'll be able to get a warrant.
Let's call a judge.
Hello Baby.
Did he also tell you that I can save you some money, huh? Full tank, half price.
What, the owner giving away some free gas? No, baby, Fidel is.
I'm offering you a business proposition.
Nah, I don't want to gas.
It's half price.
Your cash for my card.
Here's my card.
How about my card? Hey! In the bag.
Wallet, too.
The wallet? Wallet, too Nice.
Did you take it off her body? Body? What body? What body? Wrist.
Nothing on topbut that's quite the laceration.
Yeah, it's an old wound.
It won't heal.
Why, you got the name of a good doctor? Where did you get the wallet? I don't know.
I was walking, and a car drove by, and window down and wallet out.
Calle Ocho lotto.
Oh, you can do better than that.
Listen, man, I finger him You won't let on I fingered him, okay? 'Cause he's killer.
Fidel Okay Okay Donny Slater.
Donny Slater? Meth freak.
He's a real animal.
Here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna help me find Donny before he finds you.
Switching gears.
It's all DNA to me.
Swab every surface of the wallet and the credit card, please.
Good thinking.
Epithelials tend to get caught in these raised numbers.
I'll page you.
So, uh, she do it for you, officer? Is all this yours? I help out when I got the time.
What else do you do? Does she seem familiar to you? Pretty Too skinny for my tastes.
Somebody killed her last night in the Golden Triangle.
That's too bad for her.
I understand that you did some time for selling meth in the Golden Triangle.
Well, I'm flattered.
You been reading up on me.
I also noticed that cut on your hand.
Got into a fight last night.
Someone tried to cage my ride in.
Somebody rearranged this lady's face.
Hey, I don't like to hit women.
That doesn't mean you didn't do it, does it? I need your DNA.
Nice job.
The warrant is to search your entire office, Mr.
What? We have a campus security report that says GHB was found on the quad last month and turned in to you.
There was no follow up report given to police.
I meant to.
It's, uh, it's in this cabinet.
Excuse me.
Our warrant's also for all your clothing and shoes at your residence.
My residence? Officers are there now.
Calleigh, you'll never believe what I figured out.
Oh, I just might.
Composition of the GHB found in this office matches the composition of the GHB that killed Danny Kleiner.
Brooks merely stored it in his office as headmaster, he did not dose the victim.
We know.
We think his daughter did.
What? Stephanie had access to your office, to your locked cabinet, is that correct? - No, I have the only key.
- Phil By her own admission, Stephanie did not attend the flash mob, but trace evidence on her clothing indicates she was at the golf course.
We need to fingerprint your daughter.
Well, you can't.
She, she left for a semester in Europe.
You're making yourself an accessory to murder, Mr.
She didn't kill anyone.
She'll tell you that when we can call her.
Daddy, stop.
I told you to stay at your mother's.
I don't want to lie.
I don't want to cheat, that was the whole point.
I forbid you to say another word.
I'm 18, Dad.
I can do what I want.
Stephanie, as your lawyer, I strongly advise against this.
Gillespie, you're fired.
You're an adult.
Call me when you need me.
You don't know what it's like at this school.
The teachers are oblivious.
Or they ignore the obvious.
I have watched so many students cheat and charm their way through four years of school while people like me are considered study geeks.
I overheard Danny trying to sell the chem exam.
He was always hitting on me.
He just wanted to bag the headmaster's daughter.
So I used it.
Hey, Danny.
You going to the library, Stephanie? Thinking more about a hook up.
Tonight? The golf course? I can't.
How 'bout tomorrow? I knew you were all talk.
No, wait.
Eight o'clock? My dad told me that security found GHB on the quad a couple of weeks ago.
I knew where my dad kept confiscated drugs.
I just wanted to knock him out.
So that he didn't give out the exam.
And then I realized he wasn't breathing.
He was dead.
I shredded the exam and threw the PDA in the ocean.
And then you told your father.
She tried to tell me about the cheating before, I wouldn't listen.
I was addicted to our rankings.
Highest grade point of any prep school in the state.
I let you down.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted a level playing field for once.
Stephanie, I just heard.
If I had any idea it was you, I never Yeah, you would.
That's why I always liked you, Justin.
You're honest.
All the blood on the surface of those cushions matches our victim.
So, there's nothing probative, but if you were to beat somebody to death, there's a chance you'd injure yourself, right? So somewhere, there might be the killer's blood? In theory Hey, take a look at this.
It's a blood swipe, not a splatter.
He flipped it, right? So the killer put his blood on the side of a cushion.
Let's get a swatch of this to DNA, all right? You rang? The blood from the couch cushion is not from the victim.
It's definitely male.
But it doesn't match your gear head, Donny Slater.
So could it be the victim's brother? Just about to run a sample.
Do that.
Alexx, is this Madonna Arias? No, she's next.
busy weekend.
Where is she? What are you looking for? I'm looking for lacerations for an admixture of blood.
Well, I guess it's possible.
In theory.
Theory is all I have, Alexx.
Alexx, what is this? Right there.
It's malleable.
Malleable and porous.
Otherwise known as leather.
He was wearing gloves, Alexx.
You find Donny? Actually, we did.
You didn't dime me out, right? Fidel, Donny is the least of your problems right now.
You're under arrest.
For what? For using a credit card? No.
For murder.
the DNA that I recovered from the credit card matches the DNA from the couch, and in forensics terms, that means you killed Madonna.
Donny Slater killed Madonna.
Let me see the cut on your hand, please.
You mentioned that you were having trouble healing this cut.
I believe it's because you were wearing leather gloves when you beat her to death.
No, no, please,.
I swear I'm telling the truth.
Please, Fidel I swear I'm telling the truth.
You snagged it The pressure from the impact opened up an old wound.
So while you were trying to figure out what to do with her body, your runner showed up with a delivery for the Academy girls.
It was at that point you made the mistake of trying to clean up.
But what you didn't realize was how much you were bleeding.
Right? This is what I get for doing people a favor.
A favor? I gave the girl some chalk, said, "Go sell it".
"Pay off what you owe me.
" Come back with some excuses.
Her brother threw it down a toilet.
It's like going to a teacher saying, "The dog ate my homework.
" Please, Fidel.
He flushed it.
I swear it.
Fidel, I don't think that you are grasping the gravity of the situation.
She was telling you the truth.
Take him.
They said you caught a guy.
That's true.
We did.
This man confessed to your sister's murder, Raul.
Did he say why? No, he didn't.