CSI: Miami s03e05 Episode Script


Hey, stay back guys.
Whoa, hey! Hey, sweetie, time for me to get in? Oh! Oh, my goodness, that tickles.
Right this way.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey,Thanks for coming down.
Night shift's got a double in Florida City.
- Not a problem.
We've got a stabbing? - Female.
No name yet.
Doorman said she came here alone.
So, we're talking to witnesses, but so far, none saw - or heard a thing.
- Shocking.
Excuse me.
Now that's interesting.
Do you believe this bathroom? Nicer than my house.
- Do we have a sex crime, Alexx? - Place this nice, can it be anything else? Under all that makeup, she's just a kid.
No ID.
Be surprised if she was over 18.
- You find a weapon? - No.
But it isn't a knife.
The wound is ragged, messy.
What about this discoloration around the neck? She might have a crushed larynx.
Killer punched her in the throat.
Explains why no one heard her scream.
Yeah, but we did.
Thank you.
Not a lot of blood for a stabbing, huh, Alexx? The bleeding was primarily internal.
Probably nicked an artery.
Look what is this right here on the shoulder? - Implant of some sort.
- Looks like a microchip.
Now, I know they put them in cars even dogs, but this is a first for me.
I don't think that's a tracking device, though, is it? Why else would you have a microchip implanted under your skin? They have their credit card numbers built into the chip.
- Chase Shaw.
I own this club.
- You're kidding us, right? These girls wear next to nothing they have nowhere to put their credit cards, so they get 'em implanted.
We zap 'em on the way in, collect the cover charge.
Oh, my goodness.
That tickles.
Thank you.
It's like a Sun pass.
Half the clubs in Miami are using 'em.
- You recognize this girl? - Like I told your detective, they're all the same: skinny, rich, entitled.
Alexx, I'll be at A.
Have Calleigh process the young lady.
You got it.
I'm sorry.
You have to stay here.
I asked Homicide to hold all of 'em for printing.
So I heard right.
Women and men use the same bathroom in this place.
For everything but going to the bathroom.
Homicide said there was no less than eight parties having sex in the stalls.
Whatever happened to "get a room"? Hey, Alexx, do you mind if I take a quick look? Sure, Calleigh.
She's not going anywhere, unfortunately.
What is that all over her? Is it blood? Or worse.
Guess it wasn't enough he killed her.
Had to humiliate her, too.
Thanks, Alexx.
We just got lucky.
What? Why? There's trace around the mouth.
One of the most fragile pieces of evidence is evidence around the mouth.
When we talk, - salivate, cough - Make the evidence disappear.
So this stuff on her mouth had to be there right before she died.
Or else it would've been gone.
Let's take it to Trace.
See that blood pattern on the wall? It's cast off.
Fast and furious.
This was no random.
It's too personal.
There's an abundance of broken glass.
Hey, check this out.
It's coated in blood.
Isn't spatter, isn't transfer.
It's the murder weapon.
I see a lot of smudges, but I don't know if we're going to get any prints.
Okay, can somebody tell me how nobody saw this happen? It's "intelligent glass".
Liquid crystals sandwiched between two panes of glass.
Electricity keeps the crystals parallel and the glass clear.
Shut the door cut the circuit glass is fogged.
Open it up,back to clear.
That's cool.
Did you learn that in night school? I've been here before.
Okay, why don't you print the patrons, and I'll collect the unknowns.
You know, it's a sex crime.
I'll get buccal swabs, too.
- What is that? - It's a Q-tip.
Open your mouth.
Place your right hand on the screen, please.
This is bogus.
How do I know this isn't some sort of major identity theft? Don't worry.
I don't want to be you.
You should.
I'm a Bradford.
- Like Bradford Sugar? - Yeah, exactly like that.
Right hand on the pad.
So serious.
That's hot.
- Open your mouth.
- Guys usually say please.
Can you tell me the name of the Buckeye State? What's a Buckeye? Say Ohio.
That's hot.
We found this implanted in our victim's shoulder.
It's a Verichip.
You scan it here.
Information pops up there.
Your whole life on a grain of rice.
Okay, hit "More Info", see if we get a driver's license.
Jenny Price.
Chase Shaw said this thing holds credit card information.
That's weird.
Her I.
doesn't match her billing address.
Here it is-- it's a government building.
Alcoholic Beverage Control.
An 18-year-old girl with an A.
credit card? Doesn't make sense.
Not yet, it doesn't.
Jenny Price was undercover? All she'd do is try to buy drinks, keep lists of everyone who was buying.
We'd do a club sweep every few weeks it's not usually dangerous.
She was 18 years old, Ms.
That's the point she was there to monitor underage drinking.
can't send in a 35-year-old to do that.
She was a teenager over her head.
She was an investigative aide.
I'm aware of the program.
Then you know it's all volunteer.
Jenny asked to do this.
Her brother died of alcohol poisoning.
It's-it's why she joined.
Aren't there special agents that are designed to supervise these people? We're a little understaffed at the moment budget cuts.
And that's what you want me to tell her parents? Budget cuts? Point made.
How can I help? I need a list of everybody at the club she was targeting.
I brought her file.
Chase Shaw, the owner of the club where she was killed.
She was targeting to him.
She was targeting him all month.
She found scores of underage sales.
We were going to bust them this Friday.
And before you could do that, somebody went there and killed her.
Lieutenant, look I told you, I had no idea she was A.
I thought she was just a club girl.
She was also about to shut down your business, Chase.
People say they saw you in the bathroom around the time of the murder.
I wasn't using the facilities.
I was with Nina.
Who's Nina? - When was the first time you saw Jenny? - A week ago, maybe two.
She was always in the VIP room talking to a different guy every night.
You ever see her talking to anyone in particular? Nah, I figured she was just trying to snag a rich guy.
You're a rich guy, Chase.
I didn't touch her.
Chase, if I find out that you did this, you're going to lose more than this club.
You understand? You going to answer that? Probably just some homeless guy.
They come by all the time.
"Homeless guy.
" Got your cell phone number, too.
Seriously, I wouldn't do that.
They're obnoxious.
Stay with him, Eric.
Chase, what took you so long? We got a problem.
What kind of a problem? Don't move! H! Miami Dade Police! H, what do you got?! Did you get a look at the driver? No, he took off.
Well, now I know why he's running.
Keep looking.
He couldn't have gone far.
Okay, get back to me.
Yes, ma'am? I got two different VIN number one on the engine, one on the dash.
The plates come back to a Toyota.
So, the vehicle's been chopped.
That's not going to be helpful.
We've flooded the area with uniforms.
The problem is, we don't know who we're looking for.
Somebody that knows Chase.
What, the club owner? Why don't we talk to him? Because he hasn't told us the truth yet.
So, let's go with who we found.
Thank you.
Alexx, do we have an I.
? No, but I'll tell you one thing, Horatio.
He's not from around here.
Why do you say that? Clothes are foreign-made, and I'm not talking designer.
His belt measurement's metric.
So, he's European.
And look at his teeth.
Pronounced decay.
Lack of dental work suggests non-fluoridated water.
I'm thinking Eastern European.
Okay, and the ligature marks suggest possibly an electrical cord would be a weapon of opportunity, right? Right.
Ligature marks intersect in the front, but don't double back.
Killer was facing him.
And Alexx, take a look at this watchband.
Looks like something's caught between the links.
Could be epidermal tissue.
- Let's get that to DNA, please.
- You want that "to go"? Always.
Thank you.
Have you got anything off the stall door? Lots of smudges.
Two good prints.
Only two out of all of the club kids you printed.
Bartender said somebody puked in the stall a half hour before the murder.
He cleaned up, narrowed the field for us.
Venus Robinson and Jack Bradford.
Let's start with Jack.
Score one for the good guys.
Your prints were on the stall where Jenny Price was killed.
- Well, that's a big leap to murder.
- Not really.
Not if you found out she was working for A.
- What the hell is that? - She was about to pop you for underage drinking.
So, I killed her? I think I can handle a $500 fine.
But can you handle losing your inheritance? Did a little recon on you your parents' trust fund.
It's a matter of public record.
There's a morals clause in there that says if you stay clean and sober until you're 21, you get this.
Breakwater Key.
That's a whole island, isn't it? Wow.
My parents are leaving me their lawn mower.
What's the island worth, $20, $25 million? I wasn't in that stall when they say Jenny was killed, and I have someone who will vouch for me.
Oh, you got an alibi? - He's got an alibi.
- We love alibis.
- Let's hear it.
- I was with Kevin Lewiston on the dance floor.
Hitting on some skanks, actually.
He'll confirm that.
And I got a little dizzy from the heat, - so, I scored a little bit of his Zintol.
- Zintol.
The asthma medication? Yeah.
Gives me a really good head rush.
We were standing there when someone came running out of the bathroom yelling to call the police.
Go ahead, ask him.
He'll tell you.
He was overheated.
You know, from the dance floor.
You have asthma? People give me grief.
Make fun of it.
Jack's the first person to be cool about it.
You do realize that handing out your prescription medication is against the law? Yeah but Jack, he steamrolls over you, you know? If he wants my inhaler, it's no big thing.
He wants an alibi, is it still no big thing? Kevin, you realize if he killed that girl and you're lying for him, it makes you an accessory to murder? It's okay.
It's going to be okay.
Just tell me the truth.
I never saw Jack till after the police got there.
Ryan, get the lights.
Stand up.
Turn around.
You going to blame that on your friend, too? We'll take your shirt.
This is ridiculous.
Your skin donor is in the system.
He's Wayne King.
What was his bid for? Grand theft auto.
Two years.
Been out for 6 months.
Ok so, we have a stolen car and a guy with a history of stealing cars.
That's helpful.
Thank you.
I didn't steal that truck.
I never even seen that truck.
Then how do you explain your DNA on the guy that we found in the SUV? What guy? This guy.
Hey, he came at me.
See, the problem is that you are still alive and he's dead.
Oh, no, it's not what you're thinking.
I get weekly massages.
Shiatsu for my back.
A place called Twelve Palms.
A girl called Sandy she was giving me a massage when this yahoo storms in and starts yelling.
Sounded like Russian or something.
Figured it had to do with the girl.
She starts yelling at him.
Then what happened? I never backed away from a fight in my life.
So, you punched him.
Once, maybe.
Then the manager came in dragged his out.
It was the last time I saw him.
I was defending myself, man.
Ask anyone there.
You know, I'm confused.
Why did he attack you? You find out, let me know.
That's going to be easy, 'cause you are going to be in a holding cell.
Your massage therapist is waiting for you.
- Right this way.
- I'm ready.
Wayne King yeah.
I broke up the fight.
Is that how you got the black eye? Teaches me to get in the middle of things.
I threw the other jerk out.
Were you aware that the other "jerk" ended up dead in the back of an SUV? No.
Man, that's rough.
What was the fight between Wayne King and this man about? A girl.
What else? - Which girl? - Sandy.
She's my best massage therapist.
Gets a lot of appointments.
I figured the guy got jealous, or something.
Where would Sandy's treatment room be from here? Follow me.
Well, it looks perfect.
Thank you.
Clients demand it.
No, he means too perfect.
There's an absence of activity in here.
Well, I run a class operation here.
Our clientele is very selective.
Really I can't keep appointments in a trashed room.
Depends on what kind of appointments you're talking about.
It's a condom wrapper.
What kind of massage do you offer here, Mr.
Novac? That must have dropped from a client's pocket when they changed.
I run a clean salon here.
Eric, do you have acid phosphatase in your kit, please? You know I do.
Hey, w-what are you doing? Well, this is in plain sight.
I don't need a warrant.
A lot more than oil on these sheets.
Are you running a prostitution ring out of here, Tommy? Wouldn't I need prostitutes for that, Lieutenant? Yes, you would.
I need to speak to one of your therapists.
See what they have to say.
Oh, you know, you're going to need a translator.
They, um, they only speak Hungarian.
Shouldn't be a problem.
I'd like to speak to Sandy first.
Sandy? Didn't I, uh, mention she quit? No.
How surprising.
I need her address.
I'm sorry.
I don't have it.
No need.
Her prints are probably right on here.
Eric, you got a match print on Sandy? Yeah, but not in AFIS.
What are you talking about? Well, we've already met Sandy.
When I crapped out in AFIS, I went manual.
And I compared the print to the ones that Ryan collected from the club.
Sandy is Nina.
The club owner's alibi.
Well, what do you know? Chase Shaw again.
Thank you.
Prostitution? I run a nightclub.
Yes, but your friend Novac runs a spa.
And the thing that you have in common, the thing that you share are Hungarian girls like Nina.
If there are hookers here, I don't know about it.
And where is Nina? Otherwise known as Sandy.
She's not gonna want to talk to you.
She's on an expired tourist visa.
She probably took off.
I think that you might want to take a look at that.
Take a look at it.
Who's this? It's a friend of Nina's.
He was killed last night, and discovered outside your club.
That's who that is.
- I was here all night.
As I've said.
- Yes.
With Nina.
Which makes her your alibi for not one, but two murders.
It's a shame that's she disappeared, huh? - You know, I think I could probably find her number.
- Really? Go get it.
Ryan, I thought you were gonna process Jack Bradford's shirt.
I am.
The DNA confirms the blood belongs to our dead girl.
Why are you in the Questioned Documents Lab? Using an infrared light.
Yeah, I can see that.
We usually use a Crimelite to do this over in the Layout Room.
I took this criminalist seminar, Evaluating Evidence.
The visiting lecturer said a CSI's job is to think outside the box.
"Sometimes your best tool is the stud attached to your earring," she said.
Those are nice earrings, by the way.
You took my class.
When was that, last spring? Yeah, it was just before finals.
Am I reading this pattern right? The blood on Jack Bradford's shirt isn't spatter.
It's transfer.
Means someone transferred this blood to him, right? It could be incidental.
Could also mean he was there during the murder.
We need to find another way in.
What about the victim? Did you find out what was on her shirt, the spots? No, but Trace should have processed it by now.
Substance on her mouth, I'm still working, but the drops you saw on her dress cranberry juice, and vodka and some traces of citrus.
If I'm not mistaken, that's a Cosmopolitan.
Total chick drink.
There was only one chick on our stall door list.
"That's hot.
" Can we do this later? I have a facial.
We have a murder.
Your bar tab says that you were drinking Cosmos all night.
Is that true? Hello.
I started Cosmos? Everyone else was drinking apple martinis till I did Cosmos.
Not that that's a big surprise.
Is this a surprise? We found your prints on the stall door.
And we found Cosmopolitan ingredients all over our victim.
Did you have a fight with Jenny? Throw a drink at her? She was hitting on my boyfriend.
Well, my sometimes boyfriend.
Not cool.
Your boyfriend? Jack Bradford.
-- non transcrit -- Hey, turn around, beach.
Stay off my man.
Are you psycho? We were just talking.
Yeah, like hell you were.
Well, you know, that is very interesting, because we found blood transfer on Jack's shirt, so we were thinking, whoever killed Jenny brushed blood on to him after they did it.
I threw my drink at her.
I didn't kill her.
I went back out on the dance floor.
Ask anyone.
You left Jack alone in the stall with Jenny? You want to get a Bradford, you're gonna have to do it without me.
Well, money sticks to money, that it? You'd better call and cancel your facial.
If he's on the hook, so are you.
Nina? - Chase said you wanted to talk to me about trouble at spa? - Yeah, that's true.
Have a seat.
I understand that sometimes you go by the name Sandy.
We know that two men fought about you at the spa.
There was no fight.
No fight? If there was no fight how did one of them end up like that? It's Ivan, my fiancé.
Ivan is your fiancé? Did you meet him here in America? Sumeg, my town in Hungary.
Ivan followed me here.
Ivan never hurt no one.
Who would do this to him? - I don't know.
- Nina, I can help you.
Who would do this to him? I don't know.
Uh, give me a minute, will you? I'll be right back.
She's a tough one.
- She's tough, but terrified of something.
- Or someone.
- Should I press her? - Stay with her, and see what else she gives us, all right? Where are you off to? I'm gonna go back to the last place that her fiancé was seen alive.
Oh, Lieutenant, good to see you again so soon.
This time with a translator.
Where are the girls? Well, you know, you just missed them.
Just left for lunch.
We also brought a warrant.
There's nothing back there.
You're wasting your time.
I'm gonna take a look around until they get back.
Get anything in the office? No.
I searched all the treatment rooms.
What about the attic? They have a crawl space.
It's empty.
What's behind here? It's a storage.
Linen closet.
The reason I ask is, look at the condensation here.
Condensation causes peeling, so that means there could be a water leak behind here.
Let's take a look.
It's just a linen closet, but no plumbing.
It doesn't make sense, but that That condensation means there's water behind this wall.
Take a look at this.
Somebody has moved this shelf quite a few times.
What's behind there? What is this place? Air conditioning room.
Looks like a prison.
This is what Nina was afraid of.
Since when do pimps start locking up their girls? This is not just prostitution, Eric.
This is human trafficking.
Yes, they prey on the most vulnerable of women, and Novac obviously has them on the move.
A broken lamp.
No electrical cord.
It's got to be here somewhere.
What's that right there? I'll give you two guesses.
So, you've got a weapon of opportunity.
Ready to go, Tommy? Go where? To jail.
- What? Why? - Pandering, trafficking and murder, and that's just for starters.
You've been flying women in from Hungary, Tommy, and then promising them the American dream.
I promise them jobs.
Jobs with no pay.
So, they're forced to work off their plane tickets at your spa.
The problem with choosing Nina was that she had a fiancé who tracked her down.
And you were forced to kill him.
You read way too much science fiction.
Do I? How's this for some reality? No.
Look, he was disrupting my business.
He was attempting to save the life of the woman he was planning to marry, and you strangled him.
( speaking foreign language ) Oh, my God! Stop it! Stop it! Don't be an idiot, man! She's damaged goods.
Let Nina go! No.
Check this out.
The cause of death is strangulation and this cord matches the injury.
- That cord could have come from anywhere.
- But it didn't.
Ivan's DNA is in the middle of the cord, and yours is on both ends.
You drove Ivan's body to the club, hoping Chase would help you dispose of it, and you ran into me.
Here's what I'm really interested in.
Where are the other girls? I don't know where they are, all right? I don't even know who they are.
You hang on to their passports, as an insurance policy so they won't run, right? Wrong.
I will tear apart your whole life to get those passports.
I don't keep the passports.
Well, at least we know who you're in business with.
Ryan, did you find the trace report? Alexx says you got it mixed up with tox.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I used to be in patrol.
Everything was moving along.
It takes some getting used to.
I understand.
Results of what we found on her lips.
I haven't opened it yet.
Fluticasone propionate and salmeterol.
That's a corticosteroid.
Like from an inhaler for asthmatics.
The victim was killed immediately after Zintol was deposited in her mouth.
Well, it was the kiss of death then.
Jack and Kevin were both using Zintol last night.
But only one of them had blood on their shirt.
I can't believe you people.
Ah, you lost your island, huh? That's too bad.
Killed that girl for nothing.
Let's have the inhaler.
I don't have the inhaler.
Where is it? I gave it back to Kevin.
If he asks, will you tell him I didn't have a choice? Sure.
There was definitely Zintol in Jack Bradford's inhaler.
What's that other peak? Is that cocaine? Looks like it, yeah.
So, Jack added cocaine to the inhaler to double his high.
Man, this guy needs a morals clause.
Parents don't know the half of it.
Wait a minute, there's something wrong.
Do you have the report from the A.
girl? There's no cocaine peak in her sample.
That means Jack didn't kiss her.
Then he didn't kill her.
And there's only one other person who used straight Zintol in that club.
I use it for my asthma, I told you.
You forgot to tell us that you kissed Jenny before you killed her.
That's not true.
Kevin, come on.
We have the evidence.
What, prints? If you'd have found my prints, you would have said something before.
You shouldered your way in.
We know that you kissed her.
We found the exact components on her lips as in your inhaler.
I-I don't know.
Kevin, we know.
You had two inhalers.
You gave us the wrong one.
Tried to set up your friend.
I didn't mean to.
I was just already nervous because I liked her.
I could use a drink.
All right.
I'll be right back.
Let me buy you a drink.
Martini? Cosmo? No, thanks, Kev.
You're too young.
How's that for too young? I'll get you a drink.
Kev, no, not from you.
She kept coming on to everyone.
At all the clubs.
She just blew me off.
She wouldn't let me buy her one drink.
She didn't want to have to report you.
What? She was working undercover for the Alcoholic Beverage Control.
She wouldn't let you buy her a drink because she didn't want to have to report you to A.
I thought that she was She wasn't rejecting you.
She was protecting you.
And you killed her.
And then you went out and transferred the blood on the jacket.
Oh, God.
How many are in there? Could be 20.
Could be two dozen.
Where are these girls? How should I know? They show up a couple at a time.
So, one of you gives them a place to sleep, the other one a place to work.
This way you can all play dumb, right? They work here, they party, they make money just like me.
- Except they're prisoners.
- Just like you.
Right? How does it feel? There's 24 girls missing.
These traffickers move fast.
They could be all over the country by now.
Not all of them are missing.
One of them is right here.
Did you caught who killed Ivan? Yeah, we did.
We caught him.
And Novac-- Novac will pay for his crime, And so will Chase.
Am I in trouble? No, you're not.
In fact you're free to go.
But they are not? Nope, they're still out there.
I closed the club and the spa, but there's no sign of them.
Nina, I need your help.
Where else did they hold you? There is no one else that can hurt you now.
But I can't free these women without your help, so please help me.
Sometimes they would drive us to a storehouse.
Did you get a street name? They covered our eyes.
What What did you hear? ( speaking Hungarian ) What does that What does that mean? Sounds like, like, bees.
You mean, like a buzzing sound? - Yes.
- Okay.
A buzzing sound; what else? There was this bad smell.
What do you mean, "bad smell"? ( speaking Hungarian ) Burning, like like on cars.
Like on cars.
Burning, like, uh you mean like burning tires? Nina, burning tires? - Yes.
- Okay.
That would be an oil refinery, and the one I'm thinking about has a storage space right across the street.
Thank you, Nina.
The manager doesn't keep a set of keys to the lock.
Are these units climate controlled? No, they're on the other side.
These ones can get up to 120 degrees, easy.
Okay, Eric, go ahead.
I'll call the hospital.
Tell them we've got at least two dozen abuse victims here.
Notify S.
, translators and psychological counseling.
Yes, it's okay.
It's okay, ladies.
Shh, it's okay.
( sobbing and speaking Hungarian ) You understand "okay"? ( speaking Hungarian ) You're okay.
Good America or bad America? Good America.
Here we go, ladies.
Here we go.
Go ahead.
Here we go.