CSI: Miami s03e09 Episode Script


Frank, who found the floaters? Couple down here on their honeymoon.
See how long they last Any chance they did it? No.
They were just here for the day.
Bodies found them.
Oye, Tony, mas alla.
Welcome aboard, Lieutenant.
Ma'am, jurisdiction? Another mile east and this would be Federal, but we're still in Florida waters.
Okay, so it's still ours.
Where's Eric? He's already down there.
Eric, what do you got? Five bodies, all male, tied together.
Five bodies tied together.
Could be a ship's crew.
Ma'am, have any ships disappeared in the last week? No, sir.
So that means the killer could still be out there.
Probably long gone by now.
Hijack a boat, kill the whole crew, sell off the cargo.
Frank, they used to have another name for that.
Piracy? Come on, Horatio.
$35 billion lost last year, and dozens of ships gone missing.
In Malaysia, Indonesia Not Miami.
It's been ten years since a Florida ship got pirated.
Until now.
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Make sure we slice that body bag, all right? I don't want the whole ocean.
Just the body.
What the hell's taking so long? There's a process out here,too, Frank.
We got three divers standing around.
Not just standing around, all right? We've got to pace them.
Put them all in at once, they'll OD on nitrogen.
We'll lose them until tomorrow.
I'd settle for one or two.
Well, unless we know what we're looking for, they're going to go down there and kick up the sea floor.
Visibility will drop to zero.
Slow and steady, Frank.
Trust me.
What have we got? This level of decomp, Frank, I'm just not sure how much we'll get.
You got lost out there for a while, didn't you? Okay, I'm never eating shellfish again.
Why was this guy sinking? Shouldn't they all have been floating? Two phases.
First, they sink.
Then the gases expand, and they rise.
Then these guys get 'em.
Pop go the floaters.
Then the gases escape, and they sink back down for good.
So, if those divers hadn't found them, nobody would have.
Hands are callused.
Scarring, too.
Looks like rope burns.
Hook marks.
These guys worked for a living.
They're all wearing deck boots, too.
If you ask me, it adds up to fishermen.
The last one? Frank.
Yeah? What else we got here, Delko? Tissue on the rope.
Skin could have sloughed right off.
So we got a knot, and no hand.
Means there's at least one more body down there.
What did you get, Alexx? Got myself a six-pack, Horatio.
I already called in the night shift.
You got a time of death? No.
This level of decomp, if the water temperature stays consistent at 75 degrees, I'd say five, six days ago.
What else? This one's lungs were full of water.
So they were alive when they were thrown in.
Help me! All of them tied together to that anchor, they must have sunk like stones.
This looks like some type of a Band-Aid.
Might have preserved trace.
Tell us what kind of boat he was working.
Maybe dead men do tell tales.
Trace from under the anchor man's Band-Aid came back as fish scales.
Based on the dimension Bluefin tuna.
That's an expensive catch, isn't it? Prime specimens can go for $150,000.
They're hand-tested for lactic acid and fat content, then flown to Japan to be fed to the Royal Family.
Commercial long liners are allowed two bluefins per boat legally.
Illegally, if they decided to try their luck poaching, they make a year's pay in one trip.
Explains why somebody would kill for the cargo, doesn't it? Those bodies were in the water for six days.
Somebody's got to be missing a boat.
I checked with all the big fishing fleets.
None of them have an overdue boat.
What about the harbourmaster? Did that already, too.
46 boats went out last week, and only one didn't return the Eileen.
Owner's name is Owen Harrell.
Okay, Gentlemen, let's go fishing.
Bluefin? You got to be kidding me.
They catch me fishing for those, F and W would shut down my whole fleet.
When was the last time you heard from the Eileen? Four days maybe five.
Or six.
We believe your ship's been pirated And you didn't report it, Owen.
Do you have something to hide? No, but I got a business to run.
Look, no knock on you guys, but I report my boat missing to the authorities, my insurance goes through the roof, and I go under.
I got 30 guys on the payroll who'd be out of a job.
Try being known as the guy who got pirated.
You know, you seem more concerned about your business than the six crew members you lost.
Six? The Eileen crews nine.
Eric, call the Coast Guard and say we've got a rescue mission.
Owen, if anybody else dies because you kept quiet, you're going to be the one on the hook.
You understand? The Eileen left six days ago, and the time of death tells us that the pirates must have hit them right away.
If it happened that quickly, it probably only made it a few miles out, even under full steam.
Let's say they had a life raft.
Where would they end up? Most life rafts don't have engines.
They'd be at the mercy of the wind and the currents.
So they could be anywhere? Not anywhere.
From this location, everything funnels right into the Florida Current.
Which only heads north, right? All the way to New England.
NOAA buoys are clocking the current at two knots.
So, after six days This is best estimate.
We're still talking about a huge search area.
It's good.
It's a start.
Miami Ops to 5-23.
This is RCC.
Drift computations suggest expanding your search grid five miles to the northeast.
This is 5-23.
Copy that.
RCC, we have contact.
Three Pubs.
Preparing to deploy.
Thank God you found us.
They don't look like fishermen, do they? They're not.
Coast Guard says they're college students from the College of Miami doing a Semester at Sea.
Guess they just graduated.
Life raft checks out from the Eileen.
They were the only survivors.
Two survivors and one non survivor, huh? Think they were in on it? I don't know.
Let's check with Homicide.
They're taking the corpse to the morgue now.
I'll have Alexx check it out.
Our body count just went up.
Hey, Alexx, have you got anything on our dead castaway? Could be exposure Could be dehydration Or could be amputation.
Amputation? His leg.
fourth degree avulsion from multiple bite marks.
Flesh was literally ripped from the bone.
Are you thinking a shark attack? Looks that way.
Deep incisions, crescent-shaped wounds.
I'm thinking a small blue or tiger shark.
It would have to be a very small one.
Look at this bite.
That not from an apex predator.
At least not an aquatic one.
What kind of predator are you thinking? Two-footed.
A human? Are you talking about cannibalism? There's no other explanation.
How is it that only the non-fishermen managed to elude the pirates? Dumb luck.
I was on deck watch.
Saw a boat approaching, lights out.
Before I knew it, guys with guns were swarming the place.
Yeah, there's still something I don't understand.
Look, man, I wasn't going to alert the rest of the crew and get killed with them.
I got my boys, and we bailed out of there.
Actually, that wasn't my question.
I was just wondering when you decided to eat your friend, Chip? On the life raft.
What?! That's sick.
We have evidence.
Human bite marks on his leg.
It was bad out there, but not that bad.
Six days at sea, no food, no water You must've been pretty desperate.
I didn't eat the guy, okay? Then how do you explain the marks? Brian wouldn't shut up about how hungry he was.
There's a fish, there's a fish.
I see a fish.
Damn it! That's the tenth one I've lost.
You're not going to catch anything.
You're going to capsize us.
Are you saying Brian did it? I was passed out half the time, but it wasn't me, so you do the math.
Brian, you need to tell me exactly what happened on that raft.
Chip was in really bad shape.
Even before the shark.
Sunken eyes, uh, blue lips Those are classic signs of dehydration.
Day Three, he started to lose it.
He was seeing things.
In severe cases, dehydration can lead to cell death in the brain, cause hallucinations, dementia.
We couldn't control him.
I see land.
I see land.
We can swim for it.
There's nothing out there! No! Chip! No! Shark! By the time we got him back on board shark had gotten him.
Shark wasn't the only one.
His corpse was masticated by one or more humans.
News to me.
What's this? It's a warrant to pump your stomach.
Adam's as well.
You're crazy.
You think this is going to bring Chip back? Maybe part of him.
You found paint on the life raft? Transfer.
Paint chips tell us it was olive-drab green.
Military issue? Yeah, but not U.
Ran x-ray diffraction.
The lead and chromium oxide levels tell us that, uh, the paint was foreign-made.
This life raft was used to haul gear.
Why would a commercial fishing boat need military equipment? They wouldn't.
I mean, at least not for anything legal.
Maybe guns, explosives.
Not the kind of cargo we'd return.
Neither will the pirates.
So they hit the lottery.
So Owen the ship owner loses again.
Thank you.
You bring me all the way down here to tell me you found my ship? No, sir.
What we found, is that your ship is smuggling weapons.
What the hell is that? Those are paint chips from the weapons' cases, and when I figure out what's inside them, you will be charged.
We used to fish all we wanted, right offshore.
Now my own government tells me I gotta go to Haiti to catch anything.
So I make a little cash on the side.
Maybe a delivery when we're down there.
But it's strictly export, though.
We would never bring weapons into this country.
But pirates would, and that's why we need to know everything about your ship.
Ship records give us anything? No, nothing we didn't already know.
So we got a whole ocean out there, all we know is we're looking for a blue long-liner by the name of "Eileen.
" Actually, we don't even know that.
First thing pirates do is take a hijacked boat and turn it into a phantom ship.
How's that? Well, they repaint it, and then they rename it.
Well, the boat was blue.
Only way you're going to cover that up that quick is black.
Pirates don't usually dry-dock so they probably have to paint it on the water.
On an 80-foot boat? That's a helluva lot of paint.
I've been calling marine supply stores, see who's been buying.
I just talked to a guy at Dawkin's Boat Supply.
Said that he just sold ten cases of marine paint- Boot-Top Black.
I've fished up and down the coast all my whole life.
I've never heard of Dawkin's Boat Supply.
That's because it's not on the coast.
It's up the Miami River.
Well, that's where we're going.
Marine paint's nasty stuff, huh? Yeah, thanks.
You got a handkerchief or something? I don't think so.
Well, at least we know it's oil-based- it floats.
And we know somebody's been painting in the water.
Hey, we got something up here.
Take it around the bend.
Cut the engine.
I'll call H.
You call SWAT.
Surveillance has had eyes on the boat since we found it.
Okay, how many on board? Seen two come up so far.
Not sure how many more below deck.
SWAT is moving into position.
SWAT 2, do you copy? Copy.
Go ahead.
Prepare to board on my count.
And one andtwo and Everybody down! We're clear! We're clear! Find out where that rocket came from.
Lieutenant, you need to see this.
Coming right away.
Olive-drab green.
And Cyrillic lettering.
Too big to be AKs.
Yes, but exactly the right size for an RPG-7 launchers.
Rocket-propelled grenades? Yes, exactly why our ship owner didn't want help finding his boat.
Here you go.
You see these indentations? Looks like each one's the size of an RPG case.
Yes, and each one of them is empty.
This is where they stored them.
Oh, that's just great.
We've got one empty case in here and ten full ones out there.
The streets of Miami just got a whole lot more dangerous.
What do you think? So this is what a pirate looks like? You were expecting an eye patch? Maybe a shoulder parrot.
Horatio! Excuse me, Alexx.
Be right back.
Hang on! Find the shooter? Long gone, but he left something behind.
Thought these Russian rocket launchers were reusable.
They are reusable.
Why go the trouble of stealing it, and then just leave it here? Maybe he was a first-timer and wasn't prepared for the recoil.
Look at the eyesight.
These RPGs, they fire with about 400 feet per second.
That thing must've hit him like a sledgehammer.
And so what we do is we check every emergency room in the city.
I'll have Homicide, have them check all the hospitals for one-eyed admissions.
Darryl Morgan.
I had patrol pick him up from Dade Memorial E.
He gave them this Hmm.
"I will not waive my Constitutional rights.
"I will not answer any questions "without the presence of an attorney, "and I will not consent to a search of my person or property.
" Darryl, this is pre-printed.
I'm impressed.
You've done this before.
I've got nothing to say.
That's very interesting, since we haven't asked you any questions yet.
Ask away.
I know my rights.
You can't even detain me unless you arrest me.
Okay, let's start with what happened to your eye, partner? I tripped and fell.
Onto a rocket launcher? We have a blood and tissue sample from the optical sight, which we'll match to your DNA and prove that you blew up a police car.
You will be going away for quite a long time.
I have the right to bear arms.
Second Amendment.
To defend your home, not launch rockets.
Also says my ability to form a militia cannot be infringed.
Ooh, a militia, Darryl.
You just copped to a criminal conspiracy.
Why don't you tell us who your friends are? Why don't you learn to speak English? I suggest you respond to my question.
Not giving up my friends to some Puerto Rican cop.
Darryl, that is Detective Salas, and she is attempting to give you a chance.
but you are too stupid to realize that.
Please take him.
You're on your own, buddy.
Lieutenant Caine? Yes.
I'm Wesley Morgan.
I understand you have my son, Darryl, in custody.
Yes, Mr.
If this is about bail, I don't I don't make that decision.
It's not.
Actually I think it might be better if I didn't bail him out.
Um You know what, why don't we Why don't we step over here.
Thank you.
Darryl was a good kid.
Honor student, varsity baseball team.
Even worked summers on my car lot.
But then something changed.
He started hanging around with a bad crowd.
Morgan, your son has half a dozen arrests to his credit.
This is not about peer pressure.
I know.
I've tried to get him help, but counselling or something, but he won't listen to me.
Okay, he's going to listen now.
These are very serious charges levied against him, including blowing up a police car.
Oh, my God Well, is there anything I can do? Make restitution? Well, unfortunately, that's not the way this works.
You must wonder how I could be so blind to what was happening right under my nose.
Well, Mr.
Morgan, with family With family, all bets are off.
If you really want to help your son, here's what I suggest.
Get him to talk to us, because we believe he's in possession of some very dangerous weapons.
- I'll do what I can.
- Okay.
- Thank you, lieutenant.
- Yes.
Hey, Valera.
You get anything out of our two castaways? Depends on how you like your data - raw or cooked? Fine Young Cannibals? Found human DNA in the stomach contents.
Spectra's a match to our victim, Chip Manning.
So they did eat their friend.
One of them did.
What do you want me to say? I wish I didn't have to make that choice, but I was gonna die if I didn't eat something.
Or someone.
Chip was the weak link.
I'm sorry he's dead, but, hey, better him than me.
Well, the other guy in the boat managed to survive without resorting to cannibalism.
Different metabolism.
I'm not proud of it, but I'm not gonna apologize for surviving.
Arrest me.
Unfortunately, I can't.
Desecration of a corpse is a second-degree felony, but the State's Attorney has decided against filing charges.
So I'm free to go? For now.
"For now?" What am I missing? He said "different metabolisms.
" It's a valid reason why Brian survived.
I wasn't thinking about Brian.
Chip had sunken eyes, he had blue lips, all of the classic signs of dehydration.
but he was far worse than the other two.
There's metabolism and there's metabolism.
You're thinking somebody helped Chip along? There's only one way to find out.
I'll go back to the body.
I'll be in Trace.
Will you find me? You want to test for electrolytes? Yeah.
Specifically salt content.
Well, it's not part of a typical tox panel.
I'll have to draw more fluid.
I'll wait, walk the blood back to the lab.
Not blood.
Ocular fluid.
Still want to wait? S - Sure.
Yes, Frank? I just got a call out.
Someone fired another of those rockets An RPG attack? Where are you? Little tienda on Calle Ocho.
I'm on my way.
Injuries? Owner's alive.
Roberto Lopez.
Second-degree burns.
Did he see the shooter? 'Fraid we're gonna need a translator for that.
Señor Lopez.
No lo ví.
Estaba trabajando.
That's okay.
We're gonna find him.
Señor Lopez, ¿como esta? Mi vida.
Lo perdí todo.
We're gonna make it right.
Ooh, that's interesting.
Roundy-round? Excuse me, sir? Sir, with the sunglasses? Excuse me, sir.
He's talking to you.
Get away from me! Easy.
Ooh, that's a familiar looking shiner, isn't it, Eric? And this is familiar, too.
You and Darryl Morgan commit a little ethnic cleansing down here, friend? Somebody's got to look out for regular Americans.
"Regular Americans.
" Nice tattoo.
Merchant marine? Now, I know that Darryl couldn't pirate that ship on his own, so you helped him.
And now that Darryl's in jail, who helped you? I've got nothing to say.
That's familiar, too, and you know what? That's going to change.
How's the store owner doing, Mr.
Lopez? How should I know? All I got was a bunch of Spanglish and "no me gusta"s.
Give it a rest, Frank.
What? The guy's probably been here 30 years and doesn't bother to learn English? Yeah, well, how's your Spanish? Rusty.
Some days I can't tell if I'm in South Florida or North Cuba.
Guy lost his business and nearly got killed.
I got as much sympathy for Mr.
Lopez as the next guy.
I'm just saying if he tried to fit in a little bit, it wouldn't hurt.
You're blaming the victim, Frank.
No, I'm not, Delko.
I'm just saying Gentlemen, gentlemen conduct unbecoming.
We're in a public space here.
Now, Frank, what about witnesses? Car slowed down.
The shooter was in the back seat.
Okay, so we have a driver and a shooter.
What else? RPG was launched from over here.
Looks like auto glass.
Yes, it does.
So the glass shattered when the rocket fired, right? Propulsion from those grenades burns at over a thousand degrees.
It vents out a breech in the back.
Seems to be some kind of paper attached to this.
How can paper get seared into window glass? I don't know, but Q.
Eric - Hey - Hey XRD scan.
Levels of sodium and chlorine are off the chart.
Chip died of dehydration.
Caused by a massive salt overdose.
Blood cells get depleted trying to handle the overload Kidneys can't process the excess salt.
Eventually, they shut down.
Chip died from drinking seawater.
Question is, did he drink it himself, or did he have help? What's this? Evidence that you killed Chip Manning.
How do you figure? That's his blood on the rim of that cup, and your print is on the outside.
We went back and re-examined the life raft.
He was dying, but you helped him out forced him to drink seawater.
I bailed out the raft with that cup.
If Chip drank from it, I didn't see it.
You see, Adam, we don't just consider evidence.
We also consider character.
Yours has been suspicious from the get-go.
Well, too bad you can't take character to court.
You're the only eyewitness we have.
Anyway you gotta believe me, I didn't see Adam do anything to Chip.
Brian, how can you expect me to believe you? There were three of you on a teeny raft.
I thought Chip was your friend.
Yeah, well, Adam's still my friend.
Is that why you're protecting him? You don't understand.
Adam saved my life.
He got us off that fishing boat.
It was so dark out there, I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face.
Wait a minute.
Adam didn't have a flashlight? I don't think so.
Why? Middle of the night middle of the ocean.
Where you going? I think Adam's been telling us a fish tale.
Look, you can't prove I killed Chip.
You're right.
Then I'm outta here.
We can prove, however, that you helped to kill these men.
You're under arrest, Adam.
For what? Conspiracy to commit murder.
It's the same as if you drowned them yourself.
Yeah, I don't know what're you talking about.
You told me you saw a boat, right? You saw men with guns approaching the Eileen.
That's right.
Here's the problem: Six nights ago there was a new moon.
Means about.
01 foot-candles of illumination.
That is practically pitch black.
There is no way you could've seen the pirates coming.
You had to have known ahead of time.
No, that's not true.
Homicide ran your bank account at Biscayne Mutual Trust.
Took them a while to find it.
Deposit six days ago for $5,000.
Big bucks for a starving student.
I didn't know they were gonna kill anyone, I swear.
All I had to do was call in our position.
Who gave you the money? Was it this man? No.
An older guy.
What about him? We just picked him up for firing a RPG rocket on a convenience store.
That's not the guy who paid me off.
I've never seen him before.
Hey, find out what stuck the paper to the car glass? Yeah.
The carmaker.
You want to explain that? Maybe this'll help.
It's a partial Vehicle Identification Number.
It's a Buyers Guide.
FTC requires them on all used cars.
That's right.
The dealers slap them on the window.
Got the first three digits, but that's all.
No, don't be sorry.
That might be all we need.
Your turn to explain.
Well every VIN number has 16 digits.
Each one means something different.
The first, uh, first one's a "one.
" That means the car was made in the USA.
Second digit's an "F.
" Means that it's a Ford.
And that helps? Yeah, well, it does when your suspect's dad owns a used car dealership.
This is a family car, an SUV Excuse me.
Lieutenant, what's going on? If you have any more questions about my son, I'd This is not about your son.
A search warrant? For what? For every car on this lot.
Hey, H? Did you get something? Yeah, not quite the new car smell.
Got nitroglycerin on the roof and carpet.
Nothing on the door.
Could have been replaced.
Let's go deal with our dealer, okay? Someone stole the car and took it for a joyride.
Door was damaged, so I swapped it out.
That car was used in a rocket attack on Calle Ocho.
Discharge probably blew out the car's rear passenger window.
Look, I pay my taxes, I'm cooperating with your investigation.
Now, do your job.
That's what we're doing.
I'm confused as to how somebody broke into your lot here with all your security.
That's the way this neighbourhood is now.
Times was, we didn't have to lock our doors at night.
Now, property values are in the toilet, bad influences moving in.
You know, Wesley, the only bad influence in this neighbourhood is you.
You think I shot some kind of a rocket at old Fidel's store? Prove it.
Eric? What is that? This is only gonna hurt a little bit.
Thanks for your cooperation.
I'm going to be filing a complaint with your supervisor.
Why don't you do that, Wesley? And in the meantime, I'm gonna file some paperwork on you.
Like for arms dealing and attempted murder.
What? That's ridiculous.
Nasal swab say otherwise.
Found traces of nitroglycerin and sulfur in your nasal passage.
And that's consistent with the exhaust from an RPG-7.
The friend of yours that we picked up at the tienda fired that rocket from your car.
You, my friend, just went from selling cars to making license plates.
I walked out my front door the other day.
I didn't hear a word of English for six blocks.
Just Cuban music playing in the stores.
When did Miami become a foreign country? This is America, Wesley, and all of your grenade launchers are not gonna change that.
These people.
They sneak into our cities on rafts.
They bring poverty and crime and disease to our neighbourhoods.
They don't belong here.
These people have just as much right to be here as you do.
I admire your conviction, defending your race.
What I'm trying to do is no different.
Well, here's one difference.
You're going to jail.
Well, you can lock me up, but you can't stop the Movement.
We go to work with you.
Our kids go to school with your kids.
Hell, we might even live right next door.
How are you gonna stop us all? One animal at a time.
We'll start by confiscating your computers.
Hunting down your E-mail contacts.
And then track your credit card purchases, club memberships, hell, magazine subscriptions.
Everything we need to do until all of you are rooted out.
Because we never close.
Ever You got it? It's kind of heavy It's all right.
Listo (ready) Listo si (ready yes) Here we go.
Mira (look)