CSI: Miami s03e10 Episode Script

After the Fall

No, no, Please No No Oh, my God.
So, did he jump or fall, Alexx? We got a woman across the street who saw it from her front walk.
He may have dropped from the third floor.
But she wasn't sure.
Apparently, she's nearsighted and didn't have her contacts in.
Get an I.
? Name is Michael Johnson.
You think it's suicide? If it was this briefcase didn't come along.
There's no damage on it.
Alexx? In high falls, the tibias are often driven through the soles of the feet.
His legs are intact.
Minimal trauma to the head.
And wouldn't the head sustain the most amount of trauma in a fall? Horatio, this guy's head should be smashed to pieces.
Looks like his shoulders and back took the major trauma.
So, what are you saying? This man didn't fall.
Someone fell on him.
All right, so where's the guy who crushed him? You don't fall three stories, get up and run away.
You do if you've got something to hide.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 10 - After The Fall S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Condo manager didn't recognize our victim's name.
Michael Johnson is not a resident.
Okay, but she says the jumper was from the third floor.
Or second.
Yes, and we know she's got bad eyes.
Let me know if you need anything.
Thank you.
Alexx, what else? Look at this, Horatio.
Behind his right ear.
See it? Looks like some kind of paint.
So, maybe the jumper transferred it to the victim.
So then we're going to start up there.
Thank you, Alexx.
The tenant in 318 recently painted their balcony railing.
He didn't.
I did.
Guy complained for a week straight.
Said the salt air made it peel.
Well, if we've got the same paint as on our victim, we've got a jump point.
Or a crime scene.
What's his name again? Edward Mathis He's a new tenant nice guy He's a little obsessive.
Can I help you? Mr.
Mathis? Officer Delko, this is Lieutenant Caine.
Miami-Dade Crime Lab.
Is something wrong? Mr.
Mathis, it appears that somebody was either pushed or leapt from your balcony.
You're kidding? No.
Here, come in.
Thank you.
Paint's still tacky.
Looks like we've got evidence of activity.
Looks like he fell from here.
Can I see your arms and the bottom of your shoes, please? Wait a second.
You don't think I pushed the guy? Could I see them, please? Yeah.
We good? You live here by yourself? That's right.
Anything missing? Uh, I don't think so.
Place looks exactly like I left it.
I noticed that somebody's broken into your desk here.
Son of a It was right here.
What's missing? My ring, my grandmother's ring.
It was a family heirloom, one of a kind, you know.
Worth almost We'll do everything we can to get it back, Mr.
My mom's gonna freak.
And my fiancee I can't believe I left the sliding door unlocked.
Look, it's normal.
It's the altitude.
It makes people feel safe.
They think burglars can't reach them.
Yeah, well, how did the guy get up here? I don't think he came up.
I think he came down.
Sir? Step away from the edge, please.
Turn around, and put your hands in the air.
Sir?! Sir, hold it right there! There's nowhere to go! Put your hands in the air.
Turn around slowly, right now.
Do it! They're up.
See 'em? I see 'em.
They're up.
Walk towards me slowly, right now.
I was just up checking out the view.
Let's go.
That wall.
Right now.
Up against that wall.
Let me see those hands.
Right now.
It's my side.
That was a mistake.
You understand me? That was a mistake.
Get off me! H.
! Hook him up.
Got something in his pocket, Eric.
That's a carabiner.
Guns, knives, needles? What's this? This yours? Eric, bring him over here.
Somebody used this to rappel down to the third floor balcony.
I want to know who it is.
I don't know.
I was just smoking some weed, man.
Okay, how do you explain your possession of this? I found it.
Yeah, I find that hard to believe.
What about the weed? You find that, too? What about it? Weed's a misdemeanor, anyway.
So why don't you just write me a ticket, cut me loose, huh? We're going to charge this man for possession, and that's just for starters.
Take him.
This is the guy from the sidewalk? Yeah.
He's Michael Johnson.
Wife identified him just a few minutes ago.
Anything besides the paint? Significant spinal compression.
He's three inches shorter now than when he was alive.
Is this a laceration? Yeah, wound angle's straight down.
Came from above.
It looks like the jumper cut him with something curved.
Good news is, you have its shape.
I'll know when I see it.
So, this guy came in with the ring? You had to park in the front? I told you to come around the alley.
The alley was blocked.
Could you put your badges away? I have clients.
Uh, no, we can't.
Where's the suspect? Security's holding him over here.
Please make this brief.
I see you found your ring.
Man, am I glad to see you.
You have to tell these people that ring is mine.
Oh, you lied in a murder investigation.
I don't have to do anything.
Oh, come on.
The ring is mine.
I can sell it to an auction house if I want to.
That's an old one, Edward.
Claim something's stolen.
Collect the insurance.
Go out and sell it.
Make twice the cash.
It's called fraud.
All right, fine, guilty.
I'm sorry.
So what is that? A fine? Two days in jail? What? Depends on how involved you are.
What was inside the broken file cabinet? I told you, nothing.
Why would a thief break into your house and not take anything? He was after something else.
What is it? I guess you'll have to find the thief and ask him.
All right.
You can come with us until we do.
Hey, you.
Got a minute? Always.
Got wind of a case over in civil you need to know about Doug Ramsey? I arrested him this morning.
On a rooftop, right.
So, the story is travelling.
He's filing a lawsuit, Horatio, against you and the department.
Assault, excessive use of force.
Excessive use of force? The man tried to take my head off.
Well, his lawyer claims he has a shoulder injury.
Doctor backs it up.
I don't care what his attorney says.
I know what happened.
Look, I believe you.
I'm just suggesting you lay low for awhile, see how this plays out.
I can't do that.
Horatio, police brutality is serious business.
And so is murder.
Eric Delko been in? He's working.
Well, I need to interview him on this Doug Ramsey matter.
Police brutality charge against you What, are you waiting by the phone, Rick? Delko's an eyewitness.
I got questions.
Fair enough, but make it quick.
Eric has a real job.
We'll see if you do.
Started on the winch yet? Actually, I need to clarify casing.
The lab request indicates I need to swab this for epithelials Okay, well, you can start with the cable.
There's gotta be about 20 feet of line wound up in here.
Well, I'm guessing that our suspect didn't use gloves.
You gonna get Horatio to sign my overtime slip? Done.
I'm late for a meeting.
and Lieutenant Caine went to investigate the roof.
What time was that? Approximately 0800.
Okay, when did you get on the roof? Approximately five to ten minutes after.
Which was it? Was it five or ten? Remember, you're under oath here.
What did you see? I saw Lieutenant Caine restraining a suspect that I now know to be Doug Ramsey.
Well, according to the victim's statement Suspect's statement.
According to the suspect's statement According to the subject's statement, Lieutenant Caine, without provocation, assaulted him, causing him severe bodily injury.
That's BS, and you know it.
BS? He had Ramsey under control when I arrived.
So, you did not witness the actions that resulted in Mr.
Ramsey having a dislocated shoulder? I didn't see him do anything to his shoulder.
So, he assaulted Ramsey before you got there.
There was no assault on the part of Lieutenant Caine.
As far as you know.
Yes, as far as I know.
He's trained you well.
Trained me to tell the truth.
Valera, have you got anything on the winch cable? I just ran the guy Horatio found on the rooftop.
No match.
What about CODIS? Just getting there.
Stanley Hemming.
He's got quite a resume.
Three arrests for burglary.
Two convictions.
Electronics, jewellery, artwork.
Looks like Stanley's your Pink Panther.
Looks like he might also be our killer.
I told you.
I don't do rooftops anymore.
Those days are behind me.
Then why did we find your skin cells on this winch cable at Coastline Condos? Now, that thing's been missing from my garage for months.
When P.
pulled you out of Dade Memorial, you were having your ankle checked.
Yes, I fell on my front doorstep this morning.
Do you have any aspirin? The doctor says you have a comminuted fracture.
It's a crushed bone.
Takes a higher fall than your front step to shatter a bone, Stan.
Do you know Michael Johnson? No.
Not good with names.
He's the guy you landed on when you fell out of a third floor balcony.
What were you trying to steal up there? Was it worth it? This is absurd.
I'm not saying anything until my lawyer gets here.
That's fine.
We have a warrant to search your home, your car, your person.
You can empty your pockets yourself or we can have an officer help you.
It's entirely up to you.
It's a glass cutter.
Suction cup.
So no more rooftops, huh? I install windows for a living.
Sure you do.
How about the other pocket? Blood.
The man you fell on you also cut him with something circular.
So this is what all the fuss is about.
DNA just paged me.
Blood on the DVD case matches our victim.
Puts cat burglar Stan on the roof and the sidewalk.
That's one charge of manslaughter.
Well, let's see if the disk itself has anything on it worth stealing.
Oh, yeah.
You like that? Oh, yeah.
Oh, babyI could do this all night long.
Wait the guy zoom in on him.
That's Judge Isaac Greenhill.
Who? He's a criminal judge.
Department Six.
Tough old guy.
Not that tough.
Those handcuffs are made of feathers.
I got a feeling this is something he doesn't want out.
This is a criminal court judge we're talking about.
Are we sure about this? Yes.
Ryan showed me the whole thing.
ItÂ’s him.
And I just spoke with Yelina.
The guy who owns the condo, Edward Mathis? Up until six weeks ago, he was a clerk for Judge Greenhill.
And a clerk's job is to keep the judge's secrets, right? So when Mathis left, he could've taken the DVD along with the plants, his pictures.
He's been blackmailing his boss.
Till somebody stole it from his condo.
Thank you.
That's why you're the Chief Judge.
Judge Greenhill Lieutenant Caine.
Could we have a minute, please? Yeah, sure.
Rain check on lunch? Once more, and I demote you.
Please, come on in.
You're looking at two consenting adults.
Been seeing a dominatrix, Judge? What do you mean, like some kind of a sicko? She's a fun girl who does what I ask her.
How did you get this? It was stolen from a condo today.
A condo owned by your former clerk, Edward Mathis.
I did some digging.
Found two cash deposits in Edward's bank accounts.
Significant sums with no names attached.
Was he blackmailing you, Judge? Edward wanted to change careers.
I loaned him money to make that possible.
Your Honor, Stanley Hemmings we believe that you paid him to steal back the DVD.
Who? A criminal judge has his choice of, uh, qualified thieves.
Yes, he does, and we believe that you paid Stanley to steal back the DVD with this young lady on it.
The problem is, Your Honor is somebody got killed in the process.
And that's felony murder.
We need the name and address of this young lady on the screen.
Well, I wish I could give it you, but, uh, her name escapes me right now.
It's not going to escape me.
Slap and tickle on a Saturday afternoon.
Whatever happened to lunch at Tantra? Saturday? You know when this was recorded? Yeah, time and date are encoded in the disc.
October 30, the last recorded frame.
Got when.
What about where? Working on it.
This still from the video may have elements we can use.
You're right.
Window behind him is unobscured.
The camera exposure's set for indoor.
Everything outside is bleached out.
Can you adjust it? The blinds are in the way.
I can't make out what those structures are.
Tyler, push in on that building.
That's a reflection of the Sagamore Hotel.
Yeah, based on that building's angle, the Sagamore should be north of this sex party.
Okay, let's triangulate that.
Her name is Donna Scott.
She's a nice girl.
I think she was doing more than yoga.
All male clients? Look, she always pays her rent on time.
That's more than I can say for a lot of my tenants I haven't seen her for about a month.
Glad I collect first and last.
No woman leaves town without her purse and keys.
Not willingly.
Can you tell me exactly the last time you saw her? It's important.
Last Saturday in October.
The Miami-North Carolina game.
Big upset.
She locked herself out.
That's around the time that DVD was recorded.
Yeah, same day.
Hold on.
Do you hear that? I'm gonna need you to wait outside, please.
A girl doesn't turn a shower on clothes she's drying.
Got a theory? Someone was cleaning up their mess, maybe.
Ran out without thinking to turn off the shower? Wolfe, check this out.
Good times.
In that DVD, she was scratching Judge Greenhill with these.
Yeah, there's blood.
Let's get these to DNA.
I told you.
When I was there, she controlled me.
That's the point.
I get tired of making decisions all day.
Lives in the balance.
She was a nice little vacation.
And you never scratched your little vacation? No, I did not.
Then how do you explain her blood on this little ditty? I don't know what she did after I left.
What she did after you left was disappear.
I want to know where she is.
Watch your step, Lieutenant.
We're one door down from the Chief Judge and you are throwing accusations at me with nothing to back them.
Now, I'm going to dinner with my wife.
Your Honor, you're a part of this.
My best to your wife.
Rather talk here than at CSI in front of your people.
I understand that.
I'm not afraid of a little geography.
I need a statement detailing your actions, Lieutenant.
Read my report.
I did.
You left out the part where you ripped the guy's arm out of the socket The force that I used was completely reasonable under the circumstances, Rick.
Escalating force with an unarmed subject is always questionable.
Yes, especially with a woman.
Right, Rick? There is no woman in this case.
There is always a woman in the case, and you know what I'm talking about.
You're refusing to cooperate.
I'm just curious.
Did you ever take my advice and go to counselling after Speedle's death? I will go, if you go.
This is not going away.
No, I would never, ever let that happen.
You got a minute? Sure.
What's going on? How you doing? I'm uh I'm okay.
I've heard about everything.
I think Stetler's on a witch hunt.
I've got the truth on my side.
I'm just concerned that it's going to be the bad guy's word against yours.
You know, I was thinking, you have a right to all documents related to this suit.
I don't want to give Stetler any more air time than he deserves.
I really want to find Donna Scott.
What if you just let me take a look at the evidence, see what I can find out.
I would appreciate that, but I really, right now, want to find this girl.
Technically Stetler can have you relieved of duty, and then we're all in trouble.
Okay, take a look and tell me what you find.
Okay, and thank you.
Did you get something? I did.
Judge Greenhill's case history.
For the last five years, he's been doing nothing but calendar, except for two high profiles.
Stan the cat burglar we already know about, and the Surfside Strangler.
Right, the Surfside Strangler.
The truck driver who killed prostitutes.
Eight of them.
Buried them in the Everglades.
In a peat bog to be specific.
Preserved their bodies.
Yeah, creep wanted it that way.
Liked to go to the burial site and visit his prizes.
Okay, so what you're saying is if Greenhill dumped her body out in the bog It'll be blamed on the Surfside Strangler.
Because the dump sites were never publicized.
Yeah, and they were even suppressed in the courtroom.
Only a handful of people know the location starting with Well, besides the judge, there's the public defender who moved to Brazil last year, the assistant prosecutor who moved to South Carolina Right, and the prosecutor - who was the prosecutor? Me.
I thought you knew that.
I didn't know that.
You are really sticking your neck out here.
I'm aware of that.
Judge Greenhill's dangerous, and very connected.
But if he is involved, it shouldn't matter, right? I'm just saying be careful.
You, too.
According the map, the peat bog should be right up here.
That's all eight victims.
Yeah, well, if I was going to copy this Surfside freak, I'd Put her right in the middle? Yeah.
Let's do it.
Hey, hold on.
Hands first.
We don't know how deep she might be.
Looks like the girl from the DVD.
I'll make the calls.
The acidity from the peat kills any bacteria.
It slows decomp way down.
A body in a place like this, can stay moist for centuries.
It's what the judge was counting on.
Well, the good news is, it works both ways.
What preserves the body Preserves the evidence.
Hmm I've seen this before.
It's vomit.
Hers? No.
Her mouth is clear.
So if it's the killer's, he threw up on her.
It means he's not used to killing.
Where's there's vomit, there's bile.
And where there's bile There's DNA.
Thank you.
You won't believe this.
Got the results from the bile on the hair.
Did you get a match? Yes, but not to Judge Greenhill.
We have come full circle.
I didn't do it.
Your weak stomach says otherwise.
the vomit we found in the victim's hair, matches your DNA.
All right, I guess I should call my lawyer.
You're wasting my time.
What do you mean? Edward, you are a pawn, and you've been hired to clean up somebody else's mess.
Now, I want to know who it is.
That's your job, isn't it? Edward, whoever you are covering for is about to put you in jail.
Hey what's up I'm looking through the roof guy's stuff.
There's no lighter, no matches, no roach clip, no roach.
Excuse me? I can't find them.
Okay, I'll play.
Smell this.
Uh body odor fast food So? Guy said he was smoking dope on the roof.
Not on this shirt.
He's lying.
Little lie, big lie.
Where you going? I need to go see a doctor.
Will you check and see if Valera can pull any saliva off this narco evidence? You got it.
Hey, Alexx, I need an unbiased opinion.
People only say that when they already know the answer and they're shopping for someone to agree with them.
You are very smart.
That much I know, honey.
Now what's this about? Well, according to this film, there was, in fact, an anterior dislocation of the shoulder.
When a shoulder is dislocated the humerus pops out of its socket.
The ball is jammed against the sharp corner of the glenoid, making a notch that's called the Hill-Sachs defect.
And you can see this defect? Big as the Florida pan.
Wait a minute.
There is something else.
This guy sustained an impaction fracture of the glenoid neck.
What does that mean? How much time you got? Do you recognize these? Yeah, that's my weed.
And yes, possessing it is illegal.
Still that's no reason for Lieutenant Caine ripping my arm out of my socket.
So you went to the roof to smoke pot and you didn't take any matches? Must have dropped them.
We searched the entire area.
Try again.
And you know what else? Your clothes don't smell like pot.
And there is a very telltale odor of someone involved in that kind of activity.
I must have lied.
To say the least.
Why don't you explain to me why Stanley Hemming's saliva's on your pot.
He gave them to me.
Why? He said he was doing a job, and that he was too dinged up to go back.
So he wanted me to go over there and pick up his climbing stuff.
The reason why he was "dinged up" is because he fell three stories off a building and crushed a man to death.
You knew that.
And that's why when Lieutenant Caine approached you, you disobeyed his orders.
That cop assaulted me.
After your dust up with Lieutenant Caine you were taken by Officer Payton to booking.
There were no complaints of injury to anyone.
So, I tried to tough it out.
Actually, you tried to make your injuries worse.
Go after a cop.
Collect some money.
That's your word against mine.
Not exactly.
I spoke to a doctor.
You have impaction of the glenoid neck.
Your arm was twisted almost completely out of its socket, and the only way to create that kind of impaction fracture is by repeated contact with a very hard surface.
For example, concrete, cinder block, just like in our holding cell.
You did this to yourself.
It must have hurt.
How about you withdraw your claim against Lieutenant Caine? Okay.
What do I have to do? Call your lawyer.
He's all yours.
Good job.
You know, the truth was there the whole time if you had bothered to investigate.
You don't know my job.
Lucky for you, I know mine.
Hard to believe she was in that bog for a month.
Tannins preserve the body.
You have a cause of death? She not only looks perfect, she is perfect.
No internal or external injuries.
Heart's unremarkable.
No brain trauma.
What about asphyxia? No petechiae, no ligature marks unless She died before she bruised.
Hand me the UV, please.
No subcu bruising that I can see.
Hang on, Alexx.
What's that around her mouth? She was smothered.
That's not from a hand.
No, looks like a mark from an oxygen mask.
A mask, but not an oxygen mask.
She used sex toys, right? Nitrous oxide.
That's the way these things are supposed to enhance pleasure.
This girl got the opposite.
A nitrous overdose leaves no specific findings.
Enters the blood through the lungs, displacing the oxygen.
Travels through the heart, up the spine to the medulla oblongata.
Binds to the brain stem.
Stopped breathing.
We know what the murder weapon is.
Now we just need to find out where it came from.
This is the perfect place to hide sex tapes and murder weapons.
Based on his pad, everything has its place.
Edward Mathis may have made our job easier.
He's O.
Sounds like someone I know.
So, where would you keep a nitrous oxide canister? Bingo.
Ha, twisted minds think alike.
Take a look at this.
Good work.
The DNA we found inside the mask, Eric, is a match to Donna Scott.
So, it's definitely our murder weapon.
That's correct.
Now, all we need is a killer.
Almost there.
Fingerprints belong to Whoa.
That's not the judge's clerk.
No, but it is a familiar face, isn't it, Eric? I'll be in court.
Your Honor.
Oh, Lieutenant.
Got a minute? Yeah, sure.
Well, I'll leave y'all to your business.
Actually, it's you I came to see, Judge Ratner.
I beg your pardon? Donna Scott, gentlemen.
Turns out that you share clerks and tee times and now a prostitute, but only of you is responsible for killing the girl.
Joe, what's he She died as a result of an overdose of nitrous oxide.
Judge Ratner, your fingerprints were on this mask, the mask that killed her.
Her DNA is inside.
Donna? Once in trouble, you turned to your clerk, Edward Mathis.
He was only too happy to oblige in cleaning up your mess.
I've done a little checking into your holdings, and it seems that you've signed your timeshare in Bal Harbour over to Mathis.
This is ridiculous.
What, you just working your way around chamber to chamber? You going to ruin all our reputations, is that it? Lieutenant, we're the good guys.
Is that a fact? Judge Greenhill, are you aware that Judge Ratner here was willing to let you take the fall for this young girl's death? You're on your own, Joe.
Isaac, where you think you're going? Isaac! I'm due on the bench.
You're under arrest.
I'll surrender myself, make bail and hear the case in the morning.
I don't think you understand the situation.
No, I don't think you understand, sir.
You see, I'm Chief Judge of this courthouse.
The way I figure, this goin' take about three years for this to get to trial.
Hell, five with my friends.
I'm a patient man.
Good, Lieutenant.
In the meantime, you gonna have how many cases before me? Are you threatening me? Oh, your solve record's about to drop markedly.
I won't forget you, Lieutenant.
And I won't forget Donna Scott, Your Honor.
Looks like you got a pass.
Guy from the roof dropped the charges.
Yes, well, rule number one: Never mess with Calleigh Duquesne, Rick.
You've been referred to Support Services for psychiatric counselling.
I don't need counselling.
Your post-traumatic incident interview.
After Speedle's shooting, you never went.
Neither did you, Rick.
Appointment's Friday.
No, it's always the same.
I'm in the jewellery store.
It's slow-motion I withdraw my weapon.
I brandish it.
I squeeze the trigger and nothing.
Nothing happens.
It jams.
Yours didn't.
Speedle's did.
Horatio there's nothing you could have done.
I wish I felt that way.