CSI: Miami s03e11 Episode Script


Happy anniversary, Mr.
and Mrs.
Thank you, Enrique.
Here you go.
Honey, uh, you mind driving? I've got some phone calls to run.
Oh, sure.
See you next time.
Have a nice day.
Hey! Who are you? Shut up and drive! Come on.
Someone call the police! Massive injuries, Alexx.
Was she thrown from the car? Down onto the rocks.
Paramedics brought her up here to work on her.
I see six major bone breaks.
I guess the carjacker didn't give her time to buckle up.
Is that a gunshot wound to the head? Yeah.
No wonder they crashed.
How 'bout the husband? Paramedics said he's busted up but lucid.
And Homicide? At the restaurant.
Excuse me.
Please don't say it.
Coleman, I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
It was our anniversary.
I, uh I took off work to celebrate.
I understand.
Is there anything you can tell me about the man who did this while it's still fresh? He, uh he got in the car as we as we drove away.
He asked for my wallet.
Somewhere along the way, he, uh, he hit me with his gun.
I blacked out- I, um I can't remember anything.
Listen, um I don't want you to worry about it, all right, Mr.
Coleman, because I I'll be your memory.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 11 - Addiction S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction: Chekdatas I'm not a religious man, but when I was laying there, I heard God's voice saying my name over and over Mr.
Coleman, I'd like to take you back to the carjacking, if I could.
We need to make a sketch of this man.
He wore a ski mask.
Anything else? He might've been Hispanic.
What exactly happened? He said to drive to Biscayne.
When we reached the bridge, he told us to pull over.
Kay swerved the car sharp, and he hit me with his gun.
Like I said,I can't remember anything.
Thank you.
Hey, Ryan, didn't the report say the carjacker demanded Mr.
Coleman's wallet? Yeah.
Why? It never left the car.
It's full of cash.
Kay Coleman's purse is here, too.
One 20.
A lighter.
Some kind of liquid.
Is it a drug? I can't tell.
Label's torn off.
I'll have the vial processed.
There should be some spatter from Kay's head shot.
The window and the dash are coming up clean.
Where's that tar from? Oil spills.
The tide brings it in.
Tide didn't bring that in.
What's that? A blood pool.
There's spatter next to it.
It's consistent with a gunshot.
So Mrs.
Coleman was shot outside the car.
After the wreck.
You know, on Patrol, we used to call that "hinky".
You know what, Ryan? CSI still does.
Guy forces a couple on a ride, crashes the car, kills the woman and leaves the money.
That does not sound like any carjacking that I have ever heard of.
Join the club.
Thank you.
Eric? Yeah? We're gonna do the sodium rhodizonate test on you.
What's that mean? It means we want to process your hand for GSR.
Okay, I guess.
What's GSR? It's gunshot residue.
It's negative.
I'd like to stay in touch with you as the investigation proceeds.
Are you telling me not to leave town? I guess I am, yeah.
After the hospital I'll be at the company: Coleman Shutters.
Coleman Shutters.
Is that a family business? With my brothers.
Storm shutters got a better chance of reaching me there than at home.
I'd appreciate that.
What's up? Man's wife is killed, and he goes back to work the same day? I'm Alexx Woods, Medical Examiner.
And this is Chris Tate.
Senior at Saint Simon High School.
Great soccer player.
Even better student.
Got an early acceptance to Harvard.
Would've started next fall.
Oh, God, I can't look.
I wish I hadn't.
He was in a crosswalk in broad daylight, but the driver was too drunk to see him.
He never had a chance.
Did they catch who did it? Driver came to a stop 50 yards away.
Smashed into a newspaper stand.
Walked away.
Drunk drivers bend.
They don't break.
I host these visits from alcohol treatment programs for a reason.
Remember Chris.
And thank you for taking the first step.
Woods, you have a minute? What's your name? Derek Roddison.
Derek Roddison, come on down.
I noticed a lot of bodies in the corridor.
I'm thinking maybe you're short on haulers, could use some help.
You asking for a job? I was a corpsman in the Navy.
I know the territory.
County Rescue's a better bet.
Maybe, but the thing is, uh seeing this boy, Chris, it it affected me.
Haul bodies, stay sober, huh? Sorry, Derek.
The ME's office can't be your personal rehab.
Oh, I understand that, but, uh, it wouldn't hurt, and you do need a hauler.
One week, till we get caught up.
Then we re-evaluate.
Where do I start? Human Resources.
Get printed.
Get a pass.
Another banger.
Dumped just off Calle Ocho.
Ready to step into the process? Yes, ma'am.
So, am I done? No.
Now you help me.
You have now processed a decedent.
You okay? I think so.
Did you send Foster on break? You have a problem, Glenn? Uh bus wreck.
Promised the company a post before close of business and the bus driver is still in his uniform, so yeah, I do.
Derek's picking up Foster's slack.
Standing there isn't really going to help me, Derek? On it, sir.
No one passed him by me.
Just did, Glenn.
Let me know what you think.
Blood and hair on the rearview mirror.
Morgan Coleman's head wound wasn't from a gun butt.
It was from the crash.
Why would he say he was hit with a gun? Well, he could say he was in shock.
Or that he imagined the carjacking, but I say he's lying.
There's one way to find out.
If there was a third person in the backseat when it went down the embankment, there'd be evidence.
Locard's theory in action.
Only prints we got from the backseat were partials.
This indention indicates someone's head hit the back of this when the car went off the road.
So if the shooter hit his head here then his face would've hit here.
If the car was moving forward, it would cause a cheese-grater effect on his face leaving DNA on the grill.
Felon named Victor Tinoco.
Specialty is carjacking.
Zebras do not change their stripes.
Victor Tinoco, carjacker.
Well, Victor is having a very tough day.
We got two glasses here.
It says to me that Victor trusted his guest, and he was probably going for some ice.
Projectile entered the occipital and exited the parietal.
Looks like a nine-mil.
It's coated in some sort of oil.
I'm going to take it to trace.
Check his hands for GSR, will you? Well, well, well.
It never fails.
A to-do list.
You get anything on the hands? There's no GSR.
But his hands are filthy.
Looks like there's tar on the outside of the right hand.
It's probably from the embankment.
But if he had washed the GSR off his hands, he also would've washed off the tar stain.
So Victor here received instructions, but did not kill the lady.
It can't be a coincidence he was shot just like Kay Coleman, execution-style.
But Morgan Coleman was in with a homicide detective, giving his statement.
Yes, but Mr.
Morgan Coleman is not off the hook yet.
The paper has a watermark.
What's it say? It says "Coleman Shutters.
" I have no idea what you're talking about.
These are typed directions on where to find you and your wife at lunch today.
Typed on your company stationery, found at Victor Tinoco's house.
Who? Mr.
Tinoco received instructions to kill your wife, and they were drafted on Coleman stationery.
You-you think you think Morgan put him up to killing Kay? My brother? Yes, we do.
What's this? It's a warrant for every laser printer here at Coleman Shutters.
What for? Determine which one printed up the murder instructions.
Freddy, I tell you to keep an eye on Morgan, you let the cops in? This is our brother, Sal.
My brother's in mourning.
Gentlemen, I understand that there is a lawsuit against the company for the manufacture of faulty equipment.
That's a nuisance suit.
The decapitating of a customer is hardly a nuisance.
We researched the company's background.
This incident happened three months ago.
A lawsuit of this size could bankrupt this company, couldn't it? That was an installation error.
We don't install our blinds.
We just manufacture them.
But there is a chance that the State won't see it your way.
And by killing your insured wife, you could pull yourself out of the red.
Look into that case all you want.
I didn't kill my wife.
That's precisely what we're doing.
I get it.
Lowlifes that crawl in and out of the golden triangle are a dime a dozen.
You go after our family, you got a headline crime.
Sal, where were you at lunch today? I was in my office on a one-hour conference call with buyers in the Bahamas.
Check with my secretary.
Check the phone records.
That's what I'm going to do, right after I take your printers.
Excuse me.
We're going to need that printer.
You're going to have to wait.
Morgan needs this document.
A warrant trumps your boss.
Be a rock star and wait.
Okay? You know what.
I'm going to take the printer 'cause Morgan can wait.
This is a murder investigation.
Sad as it is, life goes on.
Have you got the bullet from Mrs.
Coleman? I was expecting Foster or Craig to bring it up.
I hired a new guy.
Too new to be part of the chain.
Oh, yeah, Glenn's been telling people that he's one of your visitors from rehab.
Kid's qualified.
I thought your rule was no strays allowed at job.
Yeah, I know.
But if this Derek thinks twice before he drinks and drives this weekend, I'll have one less teenager on my table.
Bullet for you, Miss Firearms.
It's a six right.
Meaning? Same lands and grooves pattern as the bullet that killed Victor Tinoco.
You think the same gun killed them both? I won't know until I compare them under the scope.
Thank you.
So each printer is unique? Yeah, each has its own signature.
A laser beam runs across a photoconductor drum.
The material on the drum releases a charge when exposed to light, selectively removing the charge in certain areas.
It's called development.
I do have a camera.
Good for you.
Now each printer's drum moves at a slightly different speed.
That speed affects the characters' boldness, creating minor imperfections.
Look at the left side of the murder instructions.
The print's lighter.
Means the drum's crooked.
That would be just like this one.
So, who's the lucky owner? The middle brother Freddy.
Anybody could have used my printer.
Seven other printers in the office, Freddy, so why yours? Maybe someone's trying to frame me.
You seem to be getting the short end of the stick quite a lot.
What? It's all in your company profile.
Your father made Morgan president and 50% owner.
Sal heads sales and owns a quarter, and you run manufacturing and own only ten percent.
So? So your brothers have a bigger percentage in the company, and they get to regulate your salary.
It's not like that.
Family's everything to us.
Well, you have one less family member to worry about, don't you? I did not kill my brother's wife.
Then why do you seem so guilty, Freddy? I think I'm going to take the Fifth.
And I'm not surprised.
Alexx? Horatio says something's wrong with this picture.
We just can't figure out what it is.
Could have something to do with the drugs in that vial from her purse.
Tox sent me a copy of their report.
It was fertility drugs? So I did a water test on her upper thighs.
Consistent with over a year's worth of subcutaneous injections.
So she was trying to get pregnant.
Not today.
This woman was wearing a diaphragm.
What, you mean you I do.
Took it out myself.
Birth control and fertility shots.
That doesn't make sense.
Why do both? Only thing I can think, she was trying to get pregnant with one man while making sure she didn't with another.
Oh, yeah.
What are we looking for? Evidence of Kay Coleman's affair.
Hotel charges, restaurant receipts.
Credit cards first.
Online gambling sites.
Five-card stud, 21, blackjack.
Gotta be $20,000 in debt here.
Card's maxed.
Expensive hobby.
An expensive habit.
Check her bank statements, please.
That's a big change in her account balance.
Hundred-thousand dollars to 44 bucks in six months.
Look at all those withdrawals, made out to "Cash.
" Big amounts: 7,000, 8,000.
But below the $10,000 it flags the feds.
Who's she been paying? Bookies, illegal casinos.
Wait a second.
Stop there.
$15,000 deposit.
From her job maybe? No, she doesn't work.
There's a second deposit as well, two months earlier.
Who issued that check, Tyler? Burlington Reproductive.
Why were they paying her? Gentlemen, she was selling her eggs for cash.
For gambling money.
Kay Coleman was not trying to get pregnant.
She's a degenerate gambler.
That widens our pool of suspects online casinos, loan sharks? She's not worth anything to them dead though, is she? So who would benefit from her death? Somebody inside that family.
Okay, so we have the victim's background, and now her possessions, which are Here's a lighter, but no cigarettes.
Okay, that's weird.
No cigarettes; of course not, because her entire income comes from the fertility clinic which monitors smoking, so the lighter was probably not hers.
It's gold-plated.
Maybe she was going to sell it.
Is there an engraving on it? "W.
" "W.
" Here you go.
Warner Coleman, patriarch of the family, founder of the business, now deceased.
Maybe he left the lighter to one of his son.
Nice going.
Which one? Well, if it's been used, there are probably epithelials in the striker.
Let's get it to DNA.
Yeah, it's my old man's lighter.
So what? Your sister-in-law had it, and it has DNA on it that belonged to a close male relative of Morgan.
You're not getting DNA from me.
Oh, yes, I am, Sal.
Open your mouth.
There you go.
There's your DNA.
Freddy, just do it so we can get out of here.
It's me.
It's my lighter, okay? What? Kay and me, we used to get together, talk.
- Alone? - Yes.
With our brother's wife? She was in a jam.
So you helped her with her gambling debts, Freddy.
Gambling? Yes.
We found canceled checks from Freddy's personal account made out to Kay.
Isn't that right, Freddy? Thanks, Freddy.
You're saving my life.
How 'bout you blow some of that my way? You're a prince.
Where'd you get the money, Freddy? - Yeah, where'd you get money? - Shut up, Sal.
May not have got paid much, all right, but I got a right to spend my money on what I see fit.
This is why Dad never gave you the company.
But you had found your way around that, didn't you, Freddy? That's what Morgan told me.
All right, we have a warrant for all shutters manufactured, including those involved in the Carson lawsuit.
We don't have them.
They're all sold.
Then we need a list of all the customers that had them installed.
You're supposed to be getting Kay's killer.
That is exactly what I'm doing.
Hey, Foster, who processed the multiple stab wound case from Liberty City? New guy.
Derek? Where is he now? Said he was taking a quick break out back.
Hey, Calleigh, Alexx.
You have time to conduct an internal investigation for me? And please don't say, "I told you so.
" So what you think, Derek? That no one would notice? Notice what? Don't play me.
Lester Franks.
The stabbing victim I just processed? Yeah, the guy who had a flask on him when he got here.
It's not in his property.
I didn't take it.
Body was yours.
You signed it, weighed it, tagged it.
What'd you think? We wouldn't notice? Can't even look at me.
You got anything to say? Does this go on any kind of record? If I get corroboration, let's just say there won't be any more county jobs in your future.
No good deed goes unpunished.
You're investigating the missing flask for Alexx, right? I'm on my way to the ME Office now.
I found it.
You found it? In the men's locker room behind some weights.
And you just happened to see it back there, Foster? Man, I thought you'd thank me.
I'm very thankful Burns, may I have the small box? So if I find your fingerprints on it, it's only because you found it? Guy tries to help you, and this is how I'm treated? Man, that's the problem with you CSIs.
Don't trust anybody.
I'll trust.
Then I'll verify.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hear you got a print.
Yeah, I had to clean it up a little.
So far, there's nothing on AFIS.
Why not start with our employee database? I told you it was an internal investigation.
It's running through employees now.
"Employed by the Medical Examiner.
" Let me see.
Doc, if you found my prints I did.
I expected to.
But you, Glenn? Foster, give us a minute.
Stealing from the dead? That might be a new low even for you, Glenn.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The flask you took off a stab victim.
A doctor, and you didn't even wear gloves.
I've been up for two days straight running posts.
So I took a drink.
Big deal.
Come on, the guy's not going to miss it.
"He's not going to miss it"? Glenn, we are the deceased's last line of protection before they are put in the ground.
Okay, I screwed up.
I admit it.
I won't do it again.
Okay? We done? No.
You go to the Chief Medical Examiner and make this official, and you get some help.
Or? You or me.
Either way, this is going up the chain.
According to the company literature, Coleman uses a 2024 aluminum alloy for its storm shutters, which the state says has a sufficient yield capacity for hurricane winds.
Green confirms the presence of copper.
Means we've got the right grade of aluminum.
Okay, uh nothing.
What's reaction time supposed to be? Immediate.
Looks like it's coming up clear.
Clear indicates an 1100 aluminum, which is weaker.
Weaker means cheaper.
So the Colemans are selling inferior shutters.
That's fraud.
Customer was decapitated.
That's more than fraud.
How long have you been subbing in cheap materials on the shutters? Just one batch six months ago.
She was into this guy for-for, uh 60, so I gave her 50, and she got ten from some experiment.
An experiment? Ten? She was playing you.
And if I were to look at some more recent shutters, what would I find? She needed another 50,000 and then 50 more.
She was addicted to gambling, and you were addicted to Kay, right? I never slept with her.
And she never won at blackjack either, so you were both on the hook, right, Freddy? Willful negligence, manslaughter.
You're lucky we don't get you for murder.
He's right, Freddy.
This is your opportunity to help yourself, Freddy, but you got to meet me halfway.
Kay said one of the secretaries found out about her selling her eggs, threatened to tell Morgan.
But he-he-he'd he'd never hurt Kay.
What was the secretary's name, Freddy? Julie.
I knew Morgan would freak out.
I never told him.
I never told anyone.
I checked Sal's alibi.
Yeah? You initiated a conference call Sal was on that afternoon? Yeah.
On your cell phone? If you're trying to say something, why don't you say it? Roaming charges already have.
See, your phone roamed to a cell tower near the restaurant where the Colemans were carjacked, then to one by the bridge where Kay was killed, and finally back to the office.
Sal took my phone for the conference call.
He said he needed it in the field.
Can you back that up? No.
Then we both have a problem, don't we? Derek.
I was clearing out my locker.
I'll be off the property in two minutes.
You knew it was Dr.
Monroe all along, didn't you? I suspected.
Takes one to know one.
Why didn't you tell me? That's not my style.
Job's still yours, if you want it.
I think I'll try Rescue.
It's probably a better fit.
I'm sorry.
You gave me a job.
You don't have to apologize to me.
You're not gonna do something stupid.
Don't worry about me.
Hey, Calleigh.
I heard we ran into a roadblock with the Kay Coleman murder.
Cell phone was at the crime scene, but can't prove who was holding it.
Secretary's blaming Sal.
Oh, the hothead brother.
Yeah, it raises reasonable doubt for both of them.
So they're both off the hook.
That is why I have turned my attention to the second crime scene.
I've confirmed that the gun that was used to kill Kay Coleman was the same one used to kill Victor Tinoco.
But we don't have the gun, so we can't put it in anyone's hand.
Well, maybe we can.
There's a substance on this bullet.
I took a sample.
Naphthenic mineral oil.
It's from the freezer.
Pipes use a combination of this oil and Freon, and they keep it under pressure.
If you hit it with a bullet, pressure's released.
So, there's a chance some oil got on the shooter.
There's a chance.
You're gonna need his clothes or hers.
Here's my clothes.
You got them dry-cleaned? Sue me.
I'm hygienic.
Is this everything you wore? What, you want my underwear, too? Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.
"I'm not a religious man" I'm not a religious man, but when I was "When I was lying there, I heard God's voice" When I was I laying there, I heard God's voice saying my name over and over again.
"Over and over again.
" You recommend Sal's dry cleaners? Yeah, for the prosecution.
I found oil residue on Sal's shirt, and mass spec identified it as a compound used in refrigerator freezer coils.
All righty.
So, where does that leave us then? Well, so far, I've had a look at everything on the table.
We can put him to one crime scene, but not the other.
What about Sal's tie? Yeah.
What about inside Sal's tie? Horatio, I don't know I don't know, uh, what to say.
Not to worry.
That's Sal's job now.
So, you cracked the case, huh? Find out who presses my shirts? We also found out, Sal, that you murdered your own hit man.
Substance on the bullet matches what we found on your shirt.
I mean, what's the use of a hit man that can't finish the job, right? So, that brings us to Kay.
Striations, Sal.
Same gun.
Roaming charges put me there, right, right, right.
Listen to me.
That secretary was there, not me.
You were there, Sal.
Buy it in bulk, okay.
You wanted to make sure Victor got the job done kill Kay, leave Morgan unharmed.
All right.
What the hell's my tie prove? Sal, on this tie is Morgan's blood, which proves you knelt over him after you shot Kay.
Morgan? Morgan? Morgan.
Morgan? She was selling my brother's future children.
Coleman children.
So, she deserved to die for it? Yeah, she did.
Well, Sal, now you're going to get what you deserve.
Sit down.
I'm sorry for the trouble we caused you.
I didn't even know my own family.
Well, Mr.
Coleman, addicts fool people, but mostly, they fool themselves.
I, um I posted bail for Freddy.
Sal's dead to me.
My father left us the company so we all would stay close.
You know, even the best of families have bad apples.
And the rest of us pay.
That we do.
What do we got, Foster? Another drunk driver.
Head-on collision.
Developed calves.
Probably tennis team.
PD catch the driver? Didn't have to.
Driver was at the scene.
Got thrown 30 feet.
Yeah? Doc, I think it's someone you know.
Driver had an ME pass on the rearview.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
I'm Alexx Woods, Medical Examiner.
You're here because you're looking for a reason not to drink.
And I've got one for you.
Meet Dr.
Glenn Monroe.
He got his medical degree at Florida U.
He had three kids and two ex-wives and a mother who depended on him.
He chose to drink and drive.
So, you remember Glenn Monroe.
And deal with your problem before you make it mine.