CSI: Miami s03e12 Episode Script


What do you got? Betty Rockingham.
Car accident.
Was in full arrest upon arrival.
Put her in bay four.
It's gonna be all right.
We're at the hospital now.
Nurse? Nurse.
I need a nurse.
How long do I gotta wait, man? Three.
One, two, three.
This is for the East Side! A shootout in the E.
So According to witnesses,this man entered from the ambulance bay, came in here and started firing.
And somebody fired back.
Who's that? Nurse said he admitted himself this morning with severe abdominal pain.
Alexx? It's not the pain he died from, Horatio.
Through and through.
Entered through the left temporal bone, exited the right parietal.
Horatio? Yeah? Our shooter's got some ink.
Tattoo on his neck.
East Side Hermanos.
So, this is a gang shooting, ladies.
With collateral damage.
Gang shootings usually go down on the streets, in their own territories.
This time it was in a public place.
Somebody brought the war to us.
Now we are gonna take it to them.
CSI: Miami - Season S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Crime scene in an active emergency room.
Got to move quickly.
We've been compromised already.
Excuse me, ma'am? Hi, I'm Ryan Wolfe, Miami-Dade P.
I noticed you've got some blood on you.
Oh, it's not mine.
The guy with the gun was standing next to me.
Did you see anything? I just closed my eyes.
I covered Bethany's ears.
I just wanted it to be over.
Do you mind if I take your sweater? There might be some viable evidence on it.
No, not at all.
Thank you.
Miss, are, uhyou aware your baby might have some bruising under her eye? No, I'm not.
Is she okay? I'm going to find out.
Excuse me, Nurse? Something's not adding up.
Alexx said his head shot was a through and through.
What, you don't believe her? I believe her, but not the evidence.
Look at his head, and then look at the wall behind him.
There's an exit wound and no corresponding bullet strike.
What're you thinking? I'm thinking we've got our work cut out for us.
All right.
Got an I.
on the guy.
His name is Hector Del Rio.
Well, we know he's an East Side Hermano.
Who was he targeting? Calvin Joyner.
Two priors.
Known associates tie him back to the Ten-Trays.
Ten-Tray? Is there history between these gangs? Officially, no reports were filed but unofficially? I'm sure the gang unit has something to say about it.
Well, somebody tipped the gunman that Mr.
Joyner was here in the E.
Think I can help you with that.
Found this in Hector's pocket.
Last call was made an hour ago.
That's just before the shooting.
I'll see if we can trace the call.
Hold on a second.
I got an idea.
Hey! Do not move.
Quite a busy day at the office, Mr.
Morales I didn't do anything.
Didn't you alert your gang that one of your rivals had been admitted to the hospital? I'm not in a gang.
Two dead.
Four injured.
A phone call you made produced quite a hefty body count.
And in my world, that's called accessory to felony murder.
Sorry I'm late.
No problem, Frank.
I understand that you and Ramon have some history.
Yeah, I been arresting this guy since he was about yay high You're gettin' up there, Ramon.
You out of your teens yet? Twenty-one.
wow! We're talking adult diapers with your crowd.
Congrats on still breathing.
Ramon this situation with the Ten-Trays appears to be escalating.
Built a new highway last year, straight through the middle of Tray territory.
So they relocated east butting up against E.
I'll bet that went over well, Ramon, didn't it? Oh, I know.
You can't talk.
Yadda yadda.
I just put out the alert.
I didn't know they were gonna rush the E.
Why would he want to kill Calvin Joyner, Ramon? Raton's a murderer.
Bumped off Primero.
That's a cry for "187" man, straight up.
Primero was the top guy at E.
Bullet in the head? You ask me, Calvin got off light.
No such luck for you, though.
Frank? Yeah.
I'll get with the gang unit.
See what they know about the Primero shooting.
Yes, do that, before the city becomes a battlefield.
It's okay, sweetie.
There you go.
I checked the admission form.
The woman's name is Pamela Warren.
She brought her daughter in, said she wouldn't stop crying.
I'm curious.
Check out her eyes.
That look like petechiae to you? Come here come here.
It does.
What are you thinking? Something I don't want to.
Can you do a complete physical, including blood work? I can do it, but you're going to have to subpoena the records if you want the results.
Then do it.
I need to know everything I can about that baby Calleigh.
Thought you'd still be at the scene.
Delko's holding down the fort.
I can't go any further until I have the bullet trajectories.
Then you've come at a good time.
First, I give you our shooter.
Hector Del Rio.
Two entry wounds, two rounds recovered, both measuring 30 degrees above horizontal.
So, Hector was hit at an upward angle, consistent with the theory that Calvin was still lying in bed when he shot him.
Calvin now that's the interesting one.
I told you about the bullet that killed him.
How about the one that didn't? What do you mean? But that wound didn't have time to scab over.
No, it didn't.
Fluoroscope picked it up.
It's preexisting.
Are you saying that he was shot recently but didn't have the bullet removed? See it a lot with gang members.
Won't hit a hospital unless they have to.
Mandatory police notification.
Horatio's going to want that bullet.
Thanks, Alexx.
Now I've got my own bullets to deal with.
Okay, so here we go.
We got Calvin Joyner in bay five.
And Hector Del Rio, our initial shooter.
So, we're going to work backwards from the bullet hits in the wall.
And all of those trace back to Hector.
Now we'll follow the shots from the other side.
They lead back to Calvin on the gurney.
So, we got four shots in the wall, none killed Calvin, we got one more to check out.
This is weird.
The trajectory's off.
It points straight to the ground.
Yeah, that should be the through and through to Calvin's head.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Ricochet.
That's why there was no corresponding bullet hole in the wall.
A lot of equipment got moved around after the shooting.
There was something on the ground behind him.
I got it.
It matches right up.
After it went through his head, the bullet deflected off the x-ray machine.
It made an indentation.
It's called "pinch point.
" Bullet bounced off the metal, giving us directionality.
Will you put the mirror on top of the indentation? Check it out.
Its origin is by the entrance.
Hector never even hit him.
We've got a second shooter.
It's the killer.
And he's still out there.
The second shooter was standing right here.
That's quite a shot.
He hit Calvin from across the room.
Must have been a backup guy.
The first gunman started shooting, not expecting his target to have a weapon.
Supposed to be an execution.
Turned into a shootout.
Then after everything went south, the second gunman would've had to get out of here really fast.
Must be a getaway car.
Got tire treads that look fresh.
They end right there,at the curb.
So the car peeled out really fast, then hit the curb.
A piece of metal.
Smooth, has some sort of design on it.
Could be from a dub.
A what? A dub.
You know, spinners.
Spinners? A tricked-out tire rim that has a extra piece on it that spins on the outside.
Oh, a hubcap.
Yeah, something like that.
Probably broke off when he pulled out.
You think we can track it to the driver? Yeah, these things are pretty high-end.
There are not too many manufacturers.
We just gotta find out what kind of metal it is.
Track the dub, find the shooter.
We're investigating a homicide, Mr.
We have a piece of metal that may have come from the shop.
The highest grade aluminum on the market.
Polished grade finish, top of the line.
It's nice.
Bet a lot of people come here for your art,right? It's off the chain, ain't it, man? We've got this aluminum piece.
Like to know what design it comes from.
You said homicide? We're just looking to locate a driver.
Sick dub deuce like that gets me, like, ten grand.
I'd rather not mess with my client base, if you know what I mean.
I imagine most of your "client base" aren't Boy Scouts.
Probably pay in cash.
So, uh, I don't know I should start an investigation, maybe make a call to the IRS You know what I mean? Maybe I can give you a name.
Jesse Navedo.
I hear you like to spend a lot of money on your car.
So? Busted rim on the right front tire was recently found outside a crime scene.
And? And you're looking really good for murder one.
Why don't you tell me why you happened to be in the ambulance bay of Dade Memorial Hospital at the same time of a gang shooting.
Dade Dade Yeah, I was there.
Late last night.
Partied with some huera.
She went all crazy, started shaking.
You left pretty quick.
Quick enough to leave your treads behind and ding the curb on the way out.
She was jailbait.
Dumped her ass off.
Didn't need the grief.
We'll verify your story.
Then do it.
I'll see you again.
Ma'am, what'd you get? Hey.
Driver wouldn't give it up.
He threw out a hinky alibi.
We're checking on it now.
Wasn't there wasn't there a woman in the ER that was about to give birth at the time of the shooting? I heard about that.
She went into delivery right after we got there.
And as I recall, she and her husband had a brand-new baby boy.
And what husband doesn't videotape the arrival of his new baby? Can you fast-forward to just before the shooting? Sure.
This is for the East Side! Please don't shoot! The video didn't show much.
Did you get what you needed? Not quite.
Would you show me just the audio track and would you isolate the last ten seconds? Sure.
No problem.
This is for the East Side! Please don't shoot! Driver said he wasn't there at the time of the shooting, yet we just heard him break his rim on the curb.
Thank you, Tyler.
You just gave us enough for a warrant.
Definitely our getaway car.
He paid ten grand for dubs.
I guess you'd want to keep your car clean.
There's nothing over here.
Wait a minute.
I've got something.
Sunflower seeds.
Look like they're still moist.
So whoever spit them out was recently in the passenger seat.
We got a floor safe.
So much for a clean car.
Officer, I-I don't understand why I'm here.
Where is Bethany? She's in protective custody.
Protective custody? What for? I found numerous fibers in her mouth, as well as physical signs of attempted suffocation.
Do you know anything about that? No.
You don't think I When the shooting happened, I-I I held her to my chest to protect her.
Oh, if I hurt her in any way I'm going to check your sweater for fiber transfer and anything you have in that diaper bag.
Whatever you need.
She lied.
Valera, how'd it go on my sunflower seeds? Surfaces you're giving me keep getting smaller and smaller.
recently did some gang sweeps.
They confiscated firearms and put two dozen new citizens into CODIS, including a man with a love of salty snack foods.
Rico Dominguez.
Look, man, I don't know what you guys are all going on about, you know what I mean? We know that your partner Hector attempted to kill Calvin in the ER.
I want to know if you finished the job.
You like sunflower seeds, Rico? We also found a nine millimeter pistol that was hidden in a safe under the seat.
The same gun, Rico, that killed Calvin.
Aw, man! They're shooting back.
Okay, that's cool.
You got me! You know what I mean? Why don't you go out and build up my street cred, homeboy? So you're admitting you killed Calvin.
It's my homeboy Hector, you know what I mean? He wanted a chance, just got jumped in.
He wanted his first.
I said go ahead.
Unfortunately, homeboy was a bad shot.
I took a murderer off the streets, man.
Just like you do.
Case closed, that's it.
How civic-minded of you.
Wasn't your right.
We would have found the guy.
Oh, yeah? When? You guys are too busy kicking back, man.
Just hoping that we kill each other, just do all your work for you, huh? Making it a little easier that way.
You tell me, what'd you do when Primero got wasted? Nothing! Guys in suits walking the onceover, writing it off as a drive-by! The investigation is ongoing.
Yeah, I know.
Primero bought it about a month ago, right there on his front lawn.
One bullet.
One bullet killed him, and you tell me that sounds like a drive-by?! It doesn't, but that doesn't absolve you of your responsibility either.
That's so typical, man.
I knew you'd put this on us.
Why don't you look me in the eyes and tell me you care.
Why don't you tell me you actually begin to give a damn, homie! I'm going to do more than that.
Pamela, the fibers in Bethany's mouth aren't from your sweater.
They're from her blanket, which was in the diaper bag.
I don't know what you mean by that.
It means you lied.
You didn't shield her in your sweater.
You tried to suffocate her with her blanket.
Not during the shootout.
Sometime before.
All I can tell you is I would never do anything to hurt my baby.
Um, I brought a bandage.
I'm just a little worried about that leg.
What? Oh, I'm fine.
No, just let me.
Where's Bethany? Can I see her? Running some tests.
You sit tight.
I'll make sure she's okay.
This the old bullet from Calvin Joiner's body? Just got an IBIS hit.
An IBIS hit? That's rare for a gang weapon.
Gang sweeps over the last couple of months have added over 50 firearms to the database.
I'm just cross-referencing with the arrest log.
So far, nothing.
Nothing Something.
Look who it is.
The ER orderly.
Look, I already copped to making the phone call, but that's all I did.
Ramon, you did more than that.
You shot Calvin.
We know that because we retrieved a weapon from a gang sweep that has been attributed to you.
Here's what I think happened.
I think you shot Calvin in an attempt to avenge Primero's death.
You did not kill Calvin.
You thought all was forgotten, and then suddenly, Calvin appears in the ER.
I need a nurse.
How long I got to wait, man? What's that got to do with me? Well, you knew that once we removed the bullet from Calvin, we could I.
Wasn't worried about you.
The Ten Trays get onto me, lights out.
I'm a dead man.
Ramon, something is not adding up.
Yeah? What's that? Calvin was in jail the night Primero was killed.
That punk claimed it.
You shot the wrong man.
One of theirs for one of ours.
Why don't you just let it die with Calvin? Because the real killer is still out there.
Primero was gunned down in his own yard about a month ago.
Any witnesses? Yeah, Primero's little girl, Carmen.
She was on the porch.
Did she see anything? Not that she told Homicide.
His wife Ana was found beaten unconscious in the bedroom.
It's all in here.
So he was shot outside and she was beaten inside.
That doesn't sound gang-related, Frank.
It is now.
Word is they're arming themselves and nobody's talking.
Let's go change the wife's mind.
Jesse, what are you doing here? I stepped up after Primero died.
Ana's with me now.
We've been looking for you.
Kind of hard to find a guy with a fake address.
Yeah? Well, now I live here.
Not anymore.
Yeah? Why's that? I didn't do anything wrong.
How about felony murder, my friend? You drove the car.
Can you come out here, please? Officer.
Can I help you? Miss Garcia, I'm Detective Tripp and this is Lieutenant Caine.
We'd like to talk about your husband's murder, ma'am.
Could we come in? You want to tell us what happened? What? Primero was a good man.
He never raised his hand to me or Carmen.
This picture says different.
I'd forgotten dinner that night.
I was making the bed when he got home.
He must have had a bad day.
Ana, where's my food? Primero, I'm sorry.
I just I lost track of time.
He was my life.
What about Jesse? He was here pretty quick to pick up the pieces.
The East Side way.
Miss Garcia, do you have a gun in the house? It was my husband's.
We'd like to see it, please.
Follow me.
Garcia, is that Carmen? Yeah.
Why? Could I speak to her for a minute? Go ahead.
Thank you.
Is your name Carmen? Yes.
My name's Horatio, Carmen.
And I'm trying to find out who might want to hurt your dad.
My mom will get mad.
All right, um I'll tell you what.
Why don't you let me worry about mom right now, all right? Okay.
The night your dad got hurt, you were on the porch.
And I want to know if you saw anything.
I saw fire.
You saw fire? What kind of fire? Just fire.
Yeah? I got the gun.
Two shots! What have you got? Why would Ana Garcia willingly give us the murder weapon? Either she doesn't know or she's a great actress.
She claims she was just making the bed.
Well, I guess now she's going to have to lie in it.
So where'd you get the gun, Ana? I told you, it was Primero's.
We checked with Homicide.
There was no gun found that night.
Ana, this is the gun that killed your husband.
What? No.
That's, that's not impossible.
It's true.
And I want to know where you got it.
At the bodega.
I needed it for protection.
This is very provocative clothing.
Were you really doing housework, or were you doing something else? Who else was there? No one.
Okay, Ana, either you shot your husband or you know who did, so which is it? I can't say.
Ana, you are being set up.
That's why you were passed the murder weapon.
I fear for my daughter.
So let me help you.
I don't need your help.
Jesse, you stood to gain quite a bit with Primero out of the way, right? Yeah? Like what? Like his wife, for starters.
You can't pin it on me.
Jesse, are you going to let Ana take the fall? She's not talking.
She's a smart girl.
How smart are you? Hey, you rang? Got the DNA results you asked for.
The infant case? Yeah, thanks, Valera.
Problem? Yeah.
Sometimes, you just want to be wrong.
Can I see my baby now? Your baby? I ran your DNA.
She's not your child.
I guess you weren't really concerned about my leg.
I checked the Missing Persons database.
There's no babies reported missing in the last couple of days.
Did you kidnap her from out of state? I didn't kidnap her.
I'm her nanny.
What's her real name? Bethany Seaborne.
And if her parents cared about her at all, don't you think that they would have reported her missing by now? Is that why you took her? To teach them a lesson? I'm her day nanny.
I noticed right off Bethany cried all the time.
That's what babies do.
Not like this.
She never got any physical contact from her parents.
I was worried it was affecting her development.
Nurse said she's in perfect physical condition.
How about emotional? Every shift change, Mrs.
Seaborne, she'd watch me hand Bethany to the night nanny.
She oversaw it like it was a business transaction.
Never cuddled her, never talked to her.
So you snuck her out.
You covered her mouth with a blanket to muffle the crying.
I didn't mean to hold the blanket that tight.
You have to believe me.
You're lucky Bethany's healthy.
I'm in trouble, aren't I? I got to go call the Seabornes.
This officer will stay with you.
Eric, what do we have? Well, I've been reading through Primero's file.
No follow-up.
Got treated like a traffic incident.
So we agree that it deserves a deeper look.
Say what you will but, the man was a community leader.
Just because it's a community we don't support doesn't change the fact.
So we also agree that Primero ruled by fear and not violence.
What made him hit his wife the night he died? Look at that bruising - that's not from a fist.
So that means it's something else.
What? Whatever it was, Eric, it may have left an impression on this bedpost right here.
Go take a look.
Shouldn't you be looking outside? I already did.
Besides, I'm pretty sure the crime started here.
Anything else you want to tell me? I can't help you.
What'd you get? The weapon used to hit Ana left an impression on the bedpost.
I already cast it and sent the sample to trace.
I just need to define the image.
There it is.
It's kind of hard to make out.
Could it be from a sole of a shoe? I don't know.
Whatever it is, it should be here somewhere.
This was everything collected from the night of the murder.
Well, let's dive in.
There's nothing on this table that matches.
Which means that it's probably from the other man in Ana's life.
The impression was from the side of the bedpost, right? So we could be looking at a partial.
I'll extrapolate the image.
Look familiar? I'll call Horatio.
You take a great deal of pride in that logo, don't you, Eddie? The same way you feel about that badge.
What of it, man? We found the impression of your belt buckle in Ana's bedpost.
You can't tell it's mine.
Actually, I can.
The grade of the aluminum's the highest available and you're the only one using it.
Okay, fine.
But I never hit Ana.
No, you didn't, but you did kill her husband, Eddie.
We checked your records and you were at Primero's house that day working on his car.
And you were with Ana when he came home.
Hey, hey, stop.
It's Primero.
Go! While Ana stalled, you got dressed.
I know he's hiding here somewhere.
Where is he, Ana? Ana, where is he? Hey, that's a real sweet story.
It gets better.
You climbed out the window, but you forgot your belt.
Is he in the bedroom? Where is he? There is nothing going on.
I swear.
Ana, don't lie to me.
There was a man in here.
Eddie? That's who was here? It's not what you think.
In my bed? Outside, you waited for Primero and then shot him.
And gentleman that you are, you handed Ana the murder weapon.
So you can put me inside the bedroom.
Can't put me outside.
Yes, I can.
What, my belt again? No, I'm referring to your tattoo.
Could you lift up your shirt, please? I don't see anything.
I do.
I see fire, Eddie.
There was a witness to the shooting, and the witness said that she saw fire.
Now, if I put you in a lineup, the witness is going to pick you out, I can guarantee it.
I will have two gangs after me.
I will not make it to the lineup.
Well, maybe this is a good opportunity for you to find out about loyalty.
Especially where you're going.
I'm Officer Wolfe from the crime lab.
Thank you for calling me.
How's my daughter? Oh, she's fine, ma'am.
There you are.
We had an eventful day, didn't we? Let's get you home.
And, Officer, let me know what the next step is with that nanny.
Okay, I'll do that.
Thank you, Celia.
Ma'am Hey, Nicole.
You should hear your ring tone.
It's fantastic.
She's fine.
She's all in one piece, but I am never using that nanny service again.
Uh, not today, but why don't you come over to the house tomorrow.
Horatio, it's Wolfe.
I got a situation.
Can I run something by you? What's happening? You're going home.
I don't understand.
You're free to go, Ms.
The Seabornes aren't pressing charges? Not after I mentioned the weekly visits by child services, no, they're not.
I don't know how to thank you.
There's no need, ma'am.
You take care.
Thank you, Ryan.
You wanted to help Bethany, and you did more than you know.
Thanks, boss.
You did the right thing, Wolfe.
Still, I feel bad for that kid.
Such an uncaring family.
It's more common then we'd like to admit, though, isn't it? Bright and early, H? Bright and early, Wolfe.
Bright and early.