CSI: Miami s03e13 Episode Script

Cop Killer

What'd this guy do wrong ? It's what he didn't do.
He's got expired tags.
What do you do if they don't pull over ? You call for backup, but that rarely ever happens.
Don't take this wrong, but I hope it happens today.
You civilian ride-alongs are all alike.
You know, uh maybe I could back you up.
What does your waiver say ? "I understand that I may not exit the vehicle at any time.
" When you get out of the Academy, you can get out of the car.
Turn off your music.
License and registration, please.
Yeah, I'd like to call in a Oh, no.
Who is he, Frank ? Officer Rich Insko.
Ten years on patrol.
Wife and two kids.
Call in the traffic stop ? No, he punched in the MDT at 0520, routine stop.
Or so it would seem.
Alexx ? At least two shots fired.
One to the vest, one to the head.
I'll post him right away.
Let's expedite the notification.
I don't want his family hearing about it on the news.
Frank, am I crazy, or do I see two coffee cups in there ? Did he have a partner ? Worse.
Found this outside the radio car.
Double-checked the in-service log.
"Patrick Brookner.
" He had a ride-along ? Glorified baby-sitting service.
You ask me, civilians shouldn't be in a patrol car.
Frank, where is Patrick now? Well, I don't know.
He's missing from the scene.
Maybe he took off.
Or maybe he got taken for a ride.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 13 - Cop Killer S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Hey, Ryan.
Thanks for coming in on your day off.
It's the least I could do.
I figured it was gonna be all hands on deck.
Did you know him, Officer Insko? I knew of him.
He was a good cop.
So what do we got here? Body position relative to these treadmarks indicate that he may have been speaking to the driver of the car.
There were no casings recovered, which suggests that a revolver might have been used, or he was shot from inside the car.
Did Insko get a shot off? No, his service pistol was missing.
Kill a cop in cold blood and steal his gun.
That takes some stones.
Killer may have done us a favor.
That might be a partial shoeprint.
It's a hell of a way to beat a traffic ticket.
Hey, guys, we got lucky.
Officer Insko entered the suspect vehicle's tag numbers into his MDT when he pulled over.
It's a black Toyota Land Cruiser.
License number EX3 940.
Okay, so we're looking for a black SUV.
Not necessarily.
This wheelbase doesn't match the description.
It's too short.
There was a sedan parked here.
The car was cold-plated? Yeah, steal a car, steal plates from another car switch 'em, makes it a lot harder to ID the car.
I'm going to check the NICB database and see if we can match it to our killer's car.
Let's do it.
There's an awful lot of blood, Alexx.
Did his vest fail? No.
Blood must have come from the head wound.
Kevlar lining caught the bullet.
Alexx, looks like it's caught something else.
What is that? White plastic.
Some kind of green shape printed on it.
Alexx, that is the shape of Florida, and it's from a driver's license.
How'd it get inside the bullet hole? Normally on patrol, an officer will clip a license to his uniform pocket.
Means it could belong to the shooter.
Let's get that to QD, all right, Alexx? excuse me.
Yeah? We got a make and model on the car from the T-stop.
Wheelbase is a match to a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Mitsubishi with stolen tags.
I'm going to put out a broadcast: armed and dangerous.
Yes, low-profile, please.
How low? Ground level.
Spike strips.
Thank you.
Patrol spotted the car on the freeway.
Managed to divert it over here.
We get the driver? Oh, yeah.
What's wrong with this picture? Missy Marshall.
Lucita's High School.
Any sign of the ride-along? Negative; she was driving alone.
in the car.
I think he was inside at some point.
Based on? Strong odor of ammonia from the back seat.
He may have relieved himself.
He must've been terrified.
Ryan, why don't you wrap and tow the car, and we'll see what else we can get off of it.
Okay, you got it.
So, what are we going to do with the high school girl? Give her detention.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You were driving a car used in an officer-involved shooting, Missy.
Why did you run from the police? I was scared.
I didn't want to get in trouble.
See, the correct answer was, "What shooting?" A police officer is dead, and the boy who was with him is missing.
I didn't shoot him.
Who did? His name is Jojo.
Jojo what? I don't know.
I met him this morning at Surfside Mall.
He said he wanted to take me for a ride.
And you went with him? He was cute, and he had a cool car.
A stolen car, that you were driving.
I didn't know it was stolen.
He sent me out to get donuts and a pack of cigarettes.
Missy, why didn't you go to the police? I wanted to, but he said if I wasn't back in 20 minutes he'd kill the guy from the police car.
Tell us exactly where the three of you were staying.
I don't remember.
I was only supposed to go a couple blocks, and then I got lost when the cops started chasing me.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'll handle this.
We're in the middle of an interrogation.
I can see that.
You're questioning a minor without a parent or an attorney present.
We're still trying to reach her mother.
You can't talk to her alone.
She's a 16-year-old.
Who may know the location of a 17-year-old hostage.
Well, it's my duty to warn you anything she says in there may not be admissible in court.
Right, I understand, but I think right now, the most important thing is to find that boy.
Wouldn't you agree? Not if it means undermining this entire case.
I have ethical problems with this type of behavior.
Are you questioning my conduct? Maybe it needs to be questioned.
This is my case.
I don't need you to tell me how to run it.
Yours for now, but it's going to be mine later.
Seems like there's a lot of that going around these days.
This is Wolfe.
What'd you get from the car? Any usable prints? Couple of smudged partials.
Nothing worthy of AFIS.
What about the driver? It's definitely not our girl.
Prints are too large.
They're, uh, possibly a male.
Okay, you find the killer, you find the ride-along.
So, go back to the car.
I've been through it, Lieutenant, inside and out.
There's nothing.
Wolfe, go back to the car.
Yes, sir.
Thought you might want to see this.
Which case is this, Frank? It's your case.
Officer Insko's nine-mil.
Where'd you get it, Frank? We found it on a carjacking suspect about an hour ago in Uleta.
Matched the serial number.
Where'd he get it? Says it fell out of the sky.
Oh, don't they all? Jake, a patrol officer was killed this morning, and you were carrying his gun.
I told you guys.
I found that gun.
Lift up your right foot.
Lift it up.
In my business, that's called blood, Jake.
Why don't you give us that shoe? I-I don't know how that got there.
I don't want you to worry about that.
I'm gonna figure it out.
Get his shoe.
How long do I have to wait? I have no idea.
Do I get to call a lawyer? It's all right-- he can't see you through the glass.
Yeah, that's him.
That's Jojo.
I thought he was a nice guy.
God, I'm such an idiot.
Well, you're still alive.
Patrick Brookner might not be.
I just want to go home and forget any of this ever happened.
You see, the problem, Missy, is that you're a material witness in a police shooting and a kidnapping.
But you got the bad guy, right? What do you need me for? Because we are still looking for a hostage.
So you're gonna be here for a while.
We've contacted your mother.
She's on her way here.
In the meantime, you can wait with an officer.
Lucky girl.
If you believe her story.
You don't? Witnesses are notoriously unreliable.
Officer Insko's nine-millimeter? We can rule it out.
It doesn't match either of the rounds recovered from Insko's body.
It also doesn't match the schoolgirl's story.
Okay, I'm listening.
DNA found blood on the grip, right side only.
No surprise there.
But look at the pattern.
It's consistent with the gun being holstered, like this.
He never drew his weapon, did he? More importantly, it would have taken the blood two to three minutes to flow from his head wound to the grip.
And the killer would not have waited around for that.
Carjacker's story is true.
He stole the gun off Insko's body.
So, our schoolgirl lied about him being the shooter, didn't she? Why would she do that? I don't know, but the last place she was with him was in that car.
Hotel's a hotel.
High turnover.
I can't remember every car that comes through.
Any guests recently named Jojo? Uh, not that I recall.
What about this girl? Oh, yeah, her I remember.
She's with that boyfriend all the time.
All the time? Last two months anyway.
Missy told Calleigh she met Jojo this morning.
Could you describe the boyfriend? Oh, yeah, I can do better than that.
See, if they haven't got a credit card, I take a picture.
Keeps those snowbirds and deadbeat musicians from, uh, running out on the bill.
I'm gonna need to see the room.
Looks like our Catholic schoolgirl had a dark side.
Yes, and getting darker by the moment.
These are bank security bags.
All from local convenience stores.
We got a real-life Bonnie and Clyde on our hands.
Yes, and our schoolgirl just went from liar to accomplice.
I don't understand.
Missy's on the Honor Roll.
She was the Junior Homecoming Queen.
She's not the kind of girl that gets into this kind of trouble.
I'm afraid Missy's troubles are just beginning.
What is that? Evidence of a series of mini-mart robberies committed over the last two months by a male and a female.
We believe that this is the male suspect.
John Johnson, aka Jojo.
And the female is your daughter.
Missy, what's going on? Who is that man? He told me if I loved him, I would help him.
Oh, my God.
He said he needed money.
He promised me no one would get hurt.
A police officer was killed, and you implicated another man in the crime.
I didn't want them to arrest Jojo.
Missy, don't say another word.
But I love him Not another word.
Look, I know how you people work.
I run my own PR firm.
My daughter is a minor, and she was under the influence of a dangerous felon.
Your daughter is an accessory at the very least.
Well, she was clearly protecting this man.
He's the one that you should be arresting.
Well, my hope is when we do, their Everything from the last two months.
Five unsolved convenience store robberies, all matching your suspect's MO.
Thanks, Paula.
So how does a Junior Homecoming Queen end up robbing mini-marts with a guy like Jojo? Well, some women are just attracted to bad boys.
Oh, really? Do tell.
Oh, come on.
Like you've never been tempted.
They're dangerous and unpredictable.
Maybe not so unpredictable.
Jojo's got no home and no car, right? He's eventually gonna need money.
Where are you going with this? When he wants cash, he doesn't go to the ATM.
You think he's gonna rob another mini-mart? Criminals are creatures of habit.
There could be a pattern.
The targets were five mini-marts, all in the same ten-mile stretch off the West Dixie Highway.
They only hit places with counters low enough to jump over, And nowhere with bullet-resistant acrylic to shield the cashier.
He wants as little resistance as possible between him and the cash.
An easy getaway.
Attached parking lots.
Locations near highway on-ramps.
Only leaves two targets.
Let's call homicide.
Freeze! Ryan, check him out.
Yeah, I need an ambulance, Handy Mini-mart, 320 Reef Drive.
Horatio? What have you got, Frank? You're Patrick Brookner.
How do you know my name? You were Officer Insko's ride-along, aren't you, son? Place is all clear.
Nobody else here.
He-He ran out when the when the alarm went off.
How long ago was that, Patrick? Eight minutes exactly.
I looked at my watch when you guys got here.
That's very astute.
Time is key when you're determining the location of a suspect on the run.
Yes, it is.
How are you feeling? You want to go to the hospital and get checked out? Uh, I think, I'm I think I'm okay.
Here's what we're gonna do, Patrick.
Here you go.
There we go.
I'm gonna send you downtown with an officer, and get your statement, all right, Patrick? Anything I can do to help.
No, that's perfect.
Go ahead.
I've seen that look before.
Something not right? Jojo almost beats the cashier to death, and Patrick walks out on his own steam.
Maybe the kid bonded with his captor.
You're thinking Stockholm? I am thinking he's not telling us the truth.
Is that the surveillance video from the mini-mart? Yeah, that's all the usable stuff.
That doesn't give us much to go on.
We don't even know where Jojo went.
Hey, I just cut it together.
I don't see Patrick.
The cameras don't cover the refrigerated section.
Okay, play it again.
Right there.
Isolate the counter in front of him rock it back and forth.
Jojo took something off the counter.
Can you clean up the "before" image? It's going to be grainy.
That's motion sickness pills.
The Handy Mini-Mart's six blocks away from Bay Vista Marina.
Then that's where I'll be.
Hey, are you done with the duct tape from our ride-along's wrists? Just about.
Not finding any prints, though.
If you don't get any prints, maybe I can match a tool mark.
You know, I don't think so.
This tape has a jagged edge.
Oh, it's ripped, not cut? Hold on a second.
I think I got something.
Is it a tool mark? No.
No, tooth marks.
See the incisal surface here? Someone chewed on this tape.
Well, that makes sense.
Patrick was taped up.
Maybe he was trying to escape.
Well, then how do you explain this? The tape roll collected at the scene.
It seems to have similar bite marks.
Well, that does not make sense.
There's no reason for him to bite the roll.
Unless he taped himself up.
But why would he do that? I don't know.
One way to find out.
How's the investigation going? You guys arrest a suspect? Patrick, in a case like this, it's important that we have all the information.
I gave my statement to the officer.
I was very thorough.
Yeah, but you left out the best part, Patrick: the part where you tied yourself up in the mini-mart.
What? See that? Those are teeth marks, and I'll be willing to bet that they match your teeth.
Now, you lied in a police investigation.
But I gave my statement.
You gave your statement, but you didn't tell the truth, so let's go, from the beginning.
I've always wanted to be a cop.
That's why I went on the ride-along.
I- I always thought that I could handle that situation, that split second under fire Get out of the car now! I couldn't.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't do anything.
I froze up.
Why did you tape yourself up in the mini-mart? I Everything happened so fast, I They dragged me in there at gunpoint.
Stay there! I thought he was going to kill me, too.
You're not even worth the bullet.
I panicked.
I thought that if I told the real truth that I wouldn't get into the Academy, and the only thing that I've ever wanted to be was a cop.
Being a cop is about telling the truth.
Patrick, where is Jojo? I- I-I don't know.
Um, he said that he needed the money, uh, from the store to get out of town.
Where was he heading? He was talking to someone on the phone, someone named Mr.
Fortune? Eric, where is Ryan? He's at the Bay Vista Marina looking for a boat.
We just found the boat.
Johnny Johnson? Or should I say "Jojo?" Depends who's asking.
Come on, Jojo.
You're a good guesser.
Come to shore, please.
That a boy.
It's a little late to be going out on the water today, isn't it? Last time I checked, it wasn't against the law.
I believe that's the first legal move you've made today.
I got no idea what you're talking about.
Let's start with the murder of a police officer, kidnapping, armed robbery.
That's just for starters.
I think one dead cop's enough for today.
Day's still young.
Anything's possible.
Not for you, my friend.
What'd you get? There's a hole in your driver's license.
I don't know how that happened.
I do, and it puts you at the scene of Officer Insko's murder.
Yeah, I'd like to call in I didn't shoot him.
Ask the girl.
She'll tell you.
The young lady says you pulled the trigger.
I'd like to see you prove that.
What happened to your face? Why don't you tell me? I'm going to do that.
Specks embedded in the skin.
It's not much to give Trace.
Forget about Trace and have Calleigh run that weapon.
We already know the killer shot from close range.
Let's make sure.
Detergex dissolved the blood on Officer Insko's shirt, leaving a GSR pattern.
According to my distance determination, it's about three feet.
And Jojo was driving, so he would've been too close.
He couldn't have fired the murder weapon.
That only leaves one candidate.
You killed Officer Insko, Missy.
That's impossible.
Actually, it's not.
He was shot from three feet away, which is about the distance from the passenger seat to the driver-side window in an Eclipse.
What seems to be the problem, Officer? License and registration, please.
Do you know why I pulled you over? No, I don't.
Your tags are expired.
Can I see your license? Yeah, I'd like to call in But you aimed a little too close to your boyfriend's face, didn't you? He had unburned powder.
That couldn't have happened if he had fired the shot himself.
It's not like I planned this.
You killed a police officer.
If the cop found out my age, it would've ruined everything.
I wouldn't be able to see Jojo anymore.
Well, I suggest you get used to that.
What's going to happen to me, Mommy? It's going to be okay, honey.
Don't worry.
We'll figure this out.
I won't give up on her.
You shouldn't.
She needs it, desperately.
That man took advantage of my daughter.
He should pay for that.
She pulled the trigger, not him.
He ruined her life! This is his fault! With all due respect, ma'am, that's just PR.
Yeah, well, the world runs on it.
So do trials.
Heard we got the girl for Officer Insko's murder.
Yeah, we did.
How'd you do with the boyfriend? Jojo? Great - he agreed to testify.
We made him a deal; he made bail.
You made him a? Rebecca, he's an accessory to murder.
Which is why he'll be a convincing witness at the girl's trial.
Okay, we provided you with the evidence Still, the case against Missy is circumstantial.
The jury might not buy Rebecca, why don't we let them decide that? Don't you think? I think we need Mr.
Johnson's testimony.
You just made a deal with a cop killer.
I don't like to lose.
I understand that, but if Rebecca, if you do this, it's going to ruin your career.
Careers are long.
Got a call-out.
Shooting in Miami Shores.
You might recognize the address.
As a matter of fact, I do.
You might want to rethink that deal.
Jojo posted bail two hours ago, and he's being gunned down already? You know, it's not for lack of motive, is it? Yeah.
He was very good at making enemies.
The question becomes which one of them got to him first? You got biologicals? Yeah, doesn't look like skin.
Maybe some kind of trace.
Yeah, I'll take it to the lab.
Kind of feels like someone did us a favor with this one, though - cop killer.
Hey, now Saves the county some money.
Well, it doesn't matter who he was.
He's a victim now.
We have to treat it like any other case.
How do you do that? I remind myself that this was a person who was murdered, and I just want to get another killer off the streets.
This sliding glass door has a busted lock.
Easy access.
But if you have a gun, why not just knock and shoot? Well, maybe the killer got here first and decided to surprise him.
Took his time about it.
Jojo was in this room for a while before he got shot.
So, what was the shooter doing the entire time? Probably standing somewhere where he wouldn't be noticed.
Like the closet.
Waiting for the right moment.
Or gathering his nerve.
Positive for lead.
A bullet definitely did this.
It's ricochet? No, that would have an elongated groove.
This one's too round.
I'm thinking accidental discharge.
The shooter fired directly into the floor.
That explains the jacket frag all over the place.
Bullet hits concrete at 900 feet per second, it just doesn't have anywhere to go.
Completely comes apart.
Shooter had an itchy trigger finger.
Also means he didn't have a lot of experience with firearms.
Or she.
You got someone in mind? Patrol just picked up Carla Marshall driving two blocks away like a crazy woman.
The PR mom? Mm-hmm.
With a.
380 in the glove box.
Yeah, that's half an inch.
380 - that seems about right.
She had the means.
And with Jojo as the prosecution's star witness, she definitely had a motive.
And the opportunity.
Let's go talk to the mom.
Carla, what were you doing in front of that hotel? Look, if I did something wrong, just write me a ticket and let me go.
I've spent enough time here today.
This isn't about your driving.
Jojo was shot in his hotel room with a.
380 handgun Just like the one we found in your car.
He's dead? What were you doing with that gun in your car? Okay, I-I I thought about killing him.
I wanted to.
I, I sat in that parking lot with a gun in my hand.
You wanted him to pay for what he did to your daughter.
Killing him would have just pushed her farther away.
I just want my little girl back.
Oh, God.
Excuse me.
Mom's saying she didn't pull the trigger.
Yeah, her gun's saying the same thing.
Hasn't been fired recently.
So, we've hit a dead end.
Not exactly.
Trace under Jojo's fingernail was a mix of opacifiers, alkali and white pigment.
Which is? Developing reagent in Polaroid film.
When undeveloped, those chemicals are congealed in a blob at one edge of the photographic sheet.
I know someone who takes a lot of Polaroids.
We should call Horatio.
I didn't kill anybody.
We found chemicals from a Polaroid photograph on Jojo's hands.
Those are yours, right? We had a disagreement, but that's all, you know? He wasn't paying his rent, and I got a business to run.
You brought the cops here.
Your credit is no good.
Why don't you worry about that tomorrow? You're out of here tomorrow if I don't see some cash.
I don't owe you anything.
I know what you look like.
Hey! So, you went back there with a gun.
No, I can't own a gun because that would violate my probation.
That didn't stop you two years ago, though.
Possession of an unlicensed firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon.
Well, like you said, that was two years ago.
and you know what I've paid my debt to society, and I still can't get you guys off my back? What does a guy have to do? When does this questioning turn into harassment? Look, I know my rights.
How long are you going to keep me here without charging me? Horatio, did we get a confession? To an altercation with Jojo, but not to murder.
Yeah, a search of his possessions hasn't turned up any gun so far.
And it probably won't.
You think he's reformed? Highly unlikely.
The man is a veteran.
Yeah, he's not the type to accidentally discharge a gun.
So, we're looking for more of a rookie.
Yes, someone we've met along the ride.
Where were you this afternoon, Patrick? I was at home with my parents.
Patrick, do you remember when we talked about law enforcement officers and telling the truth? Yeah.
Okay, then let me ask you again.
Where were you this afternoon? Home.
So, you didn't stop off anywhere? Like where? Like the Fair Coast Hotel.
Well, then you won't mind me doing a few tests to eliminate some possibilities, then, will you? Stand up.
I'm going to need your shoes.
Patrick, we found a piece of a bullet in your shoe.
I was at the mini-mart when the shooting went down.
This bullet happened to penetrate the floor in Jojo's hotel room.
You never should've let him go.
Jojo made bail, but he was still facing prosecution, Patrick.
He laughed at me.
You're not even worth the bullet.
You really think you can use that thing? You couldn't pull the trigger if you wanted to.
Shut up! That little bitch had a bigger pair than you do.
Everything that I worked so hard for- he took it all away.
Patrick you did that.
We're going to trial Patrick Brookner as an adult.
With your evidence, it looks like a sure thing.
Glad I could help.
It's frightening, some of the people who want to work in law enforcement.
Not everybody is cut out to be a police officer.
No kidding.
Well, it only takes a second to make a bad decision, doesn't it? Yeah.
So, dinner tonight, my place? I’m not going to be able to do that.
Let me guess.
You're visiting Insko's widow? Yeah.
I'm going to go see her and the kid.
Okay, dessert, then.
I'll just leave the door That's not going to happen, either.
What's going on? Is this about what I said to Yelina? Um no.
So, it's the deal I made.
I stand by my decision.
And I stand by mine.