CSI: Miami s03e14 Episode Script

One Night Stand

Bellman ! - Leave them by the bed.
- Yes, sir.
Thanks for the tip.
Okay, sir.
What the heck? I swear, I didn't Single shot to the head.
No mystery there.
Looks like a claim ticket.
That never got claimed.
Four of five items.
Biscayne Suite.
Valet cart's gone, too.
Whatever was delivered was taken back out.
This hotel caters to cruise passengers.
Guests usually stay here one night.
Fly in on Saturday, board the ship on Sunday, right ? This time of year, half the hotels on Collins are booked through cruise lines.
Population of Miami goes up 30,000 a night.
Just like our list of suspects.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 14 - One Night Stand S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Hotel security said the shower was running full blast when they entered.
Great way to cover your tracks, don't you think ? I found a bar of soap in the shower.
There are some smudges.
- Maybe we can get can get a print off of it.
- Ah, the missing fifth bag.
Bellman in the lobby said our vic didn't have room on his cart.
Who was the room rented to, Frank ? That would be a Fulana Perez.
What's so funny ? Fulana Perez is Cuban for Jane Doe.
Fulana means "so and so.
" Yeah, well, whatever.
She sent a money wire from Trenton to hold the room.
Let's see what else she sent.
Wolfe, please.
It's just paper.
Send the paper to Q.
And tell me what is that ? It's a lock of hair.
It's brown.
Maybe from a struggle.
But it's been scissored, which is typical of kidnappings.
Gentlemen, this is a message.
The question is : Who was it meant for ? Uh, excuse me.
I saw your badge.
Are you a cop ? CSI.
Calleigh Duquesne.
Can you help me, please ? My wife is missing.
That's Erica.
We flew in from Indianapolis last night.
We leave on a cruise today.
It's our first vacation in three years.
When did you last see her ? About 9 :00 last night.
The sushi restaurant upstairs.
How'd the two of you get separated ? I should never drink sake.
We-we split a couple of bottles, and that's the last I remember.
- Is this your information ? - Yeah.
- I'll do everything I can.
- Thak you.
It's a busy place.
You here for the bellman shooting ? Yeah, but hotel security found a D.
in the service elevator.
Is this her ? Not so many clothes, but yeah.
- That the husband ? - Yeah.
Two bodies, one hotel.
- Any connection ? - Yeah.
Saturday during cruise season.
Say no more.
Good thing I brought my big van.
Heard you found Mrs.
Maids found her body this morning.
First run of the day.
Die young, leave a beautiful corpse.
Tongue looks swollen.
Any guess as to cause of death ? Not yet.
Biologicals on her inner thighs.
On her underwear, too.
Caring husband just got a little creepy.
I'm gonna have Tripp bring him in and see if we can get a DNA reference.
Got any luck on the fingerprints ? Fingerprints, no.
But, uh, palm prints, yes.
See that ? It's a watermark.
Of a dead president.
Yeah, Ulysses S.
Grant from the $50 bill.
Are you telling me this is currency paper ? Technically, it isn't even paper-- it's rag.
Cotton-to-linen ratio is 70-30.
Take a look at this security stripe.
This one's placed within the Bureau of Engraving tolerances.
And It glows yellow ? Did it come from the mint ? Mint makes coins.
All paper currency comes from a company in Dalton, Mass.
That's where the red and blue fibers are cooked into the paper.
It's then sliced into sheets like this one, loaded onto grocery trucks, moving trucks, all kinds of trucks.
Even the drivers don't know what they're hauling.
So if it's real, when did these go missing ? I don't know, but I saw a Secret Service guy cooling his heels in Reception.
Bet he knows.
Lieutenant Caine.
Agent Elliott.
I believe this is record time for you.
Thank you.
Leak in the money supply line'll do that.
We knew the Dalton truck was hijacked on its way to Texas earlier this week.
Just didn't know where the paper ended up.
Until now.
That's $10 million.
Roughly, yeah.
- We got a suspect ? - We are still working on it.
- I have jurisdiction here.
- Don't we all ? Agent.
So Calleigh said you were done collecting the sexual assault kit on elevator girl.
Thought I was.
Then I found this.
Tissue ? Between bicuspid number five and cuspid number six.
So there was a fight.
Or just bad oral hygiene.
- Maybe just bad oral.
- Okay.
No comment on that.
I assume that's not what killed her.
No, cause of death was laryngeal edema leading to cardiovascular collapse.
Throat closed up.
Her body reacted to an outside substance.
So it was an allergy ? Sent her into anaphylactic shock.
Got tissue sections going to Histopath and we'll run a full tox screen, of course.
Find what she was allergic to.
Could her death have been accidental ? Could've, yeah.
But to leave a woman the way we found her ? You've got to be guilty of something, honey.
It's good as gold.
AFIS is still searching.
Let's check with the State Department and the Customs databases, all right ? Cause half the tourists in Miami are foreign ? And they all have to check with Immigration.
I got a hit from the Feds, but not a tourist.
A Cuban exile, a dry-footer from five years ago.
Hit the shore at Haulover Beach.
Processed through Krome Detention Center.
Right here in Miami.
Think he knocked off the currency truck ? If he didn't, he knows who did.
Yeah, I was at the hotel, meeting a friend.
Helped a guy with his luggage.
See, the problem, Juan, is that your luggage is not the only place that we found your prints.
This currency truck was hit on its way to Fort Worth.
Driver robbed at gunpoint.
Does that sound familiar ? You transferred the paper from the truck into five suitcases.
We found your fingerprint on the truck and on the suitcase left at the hotel.
And it makes me curious as to why you allowed the driver to live, but you killed the bellman at the hotel ? No, no, no.
No way.
Okay, I dropped the bags off at the curb and left.
So they were your bags ? Yeah, I was hired to do the truck job, and then hand the bags off.
To a stranger ? Come on.
Guy who hired me doesn't want to know me, It's okay, I don't want to know him.
So you come all the way from Cuba to start a new life and you end up doing this, Juan ? I got out.
My family didn't.
Guy wants to give me cash to send to them What, huh ? You wouldn't do the same ? You do realize the money's counterfeit, though, right ? If it keeps my family alive I don't care.
At least we know how the suitcases got to the hotel.
Yes, we do.
Let's find out how they left.
Right, elevator woman.
Semen on her body was from a single donor.
- The husband ? - No.
What about the tissue in her teeth ? Human.
Same donor.
Any physical findings ? There was no vaginal tearing.
So sex could've been consensual.
It also could've been motive if the husband found out about it.
- Thanks, Valera.
- Sure.
Tell me again where you misplaced your wife ? At dinner, we we started talking to this couple at the next table.
Nice people.
Super friendly.
- How friendly ? - They told us about this party.
I mean, normally, we would never, you know ? But we we figured one night it's Miami.
- What kind of party ? - For couples.
Guess they call it a Friction party.
"Friction"? They told us to find them somewhere at the party.
Glad you made it.
- I bet her you wouldn't show.
- This looks fun.
Did she, um, did she have sex with this guy ? It wasn't that kind of party.
They said the rules were no sex, just a lot of touching, rubbing.
Couples get worked up enough to go back to their own room.
- Any stimulants ? - There was a raw bar.
Erica did some oyster shooters.
Somebody told us they were an aphrodisiac.
I wanted her to have a good time.
I started talking to this woman from Arizona.
Then she just disappeared.
I looked all over.
- Exactly where was the party ? - The penthouse at the Agramonte.
What did you get from the penthouse ? Almost done with the raw bar.
You'll never guess what I just found in this oyster shooter.
- You cheated.
- Tox screen came back-- I peeked.
Acetylsalicylic acid.
It's the active ingredient in aspirin.
I guess she had a hell of an allergy to it.
Which glass was hers ? I don't know.
First one came back positive.
I'm testing the rest of them now.
They're all turning pink.
Someone's dosed every glass.
Still comes back to the one person who knew about her allergy to aspirin.
I did not spike any drinks with aspirin.
What if I told you we had your prints on the glasses? I'd say you have faulty equipment.
We talked to some people about your little naked party.
They said you and your wife argued.
That's true.
I tried to get her to leave.
Erica, I get one week of vacation.
Don't be like this.
It's my vacation, too.
I thought it was your idea to go in the first place.
I convinced her, yeah.
But she ended up taking to it a lot more than a PTA mom should.
Look, you can talk to me till you're blue in the face.
I didn't kill my wife.
And while we talk, the real killer gets away.
Did you interview everyone else at the party? All but two.
Couple from Fort Lauderdale, a Mitch and Halle Lockhart.
Pulled an early check-out this morning.
You holding out on me? Well, I figured they didn't want to lose 7K on a Caribbean cruise.
I got a patrol staking out the ship.
Let's hope we didn't miss the boat.
Officer, I told you already.
Four suitcases that size? No way that could have fit in one of my cabs.
Look, the bags left the hotel somehow.
Well, probably hired a pirata.
A pirate cab? No permit, no taxes.
Those guys? Yeah, most of 'em drive those little beaters.
You know, one or two of them got minivans big enough to handle those bags.
You got a name? I don't deal with them.
This is a class op.
Those guys undercut my boys.
So who uses them? People who work here.
Some illegals, you know.
Can't afford their own ride.
Probably can't afford cell phones, either.
There a pay phone around here? Inside.
Yeah, I need a van at the Agramonte.
You don't have one.
A van at the Agramonte.
You don't have vans? Okay, do you know anyone who does? How do you spell that? Oh, yeah, I'll try them.
Nice minivan.
- Where you need to go, man? - I'm with MDPD.
Did you pick up a guy this morning, had four of these bags? No.
Okay, see, I've been asking around.
Everyone keeps pointing me to you.
Maybe I picked him up, I don't remember, man.
I impound your vehicle, it may take weeks to get to the bottom of this.
My tax dollars at work, huh? Now, you mind? Horatio.
"7785 Vera Cruz.
" - Ready? - Yup.
Let's go.
Gentlemen, we are alone.
What do we have here, Mr.
Wolfe? This is the DocuPhoto 1000.
Ultra-high resolution.
Federal government's worst nightmare, right? Do you hear something? Out the way we came.
Right now.
You okay, Wolfe? Uh, yeah, I think so.
Okay, let's check it out.
So what the hell was that? Fire from the ceiling was hypergolic.
Hypergolic? Right, that sizzling sound.
Hostile chemicals get too close to each other, second they touch, exothermic reaction.
I can't believe that bomb did all this.
It didn't.
The one up on the ceiling was the backup.
What about the primary? There's nothing left.
That's not true, either.
The bomb destroys everything but itself.
As an example, this charred watch head.
Take a look at that.
This watch part of the bomb? Yes, it is, and it means we're at the seat of detonation.
Did you hear that? Is he alive? He's got a pulse.
He's still breathing.
Fire rescue right now, Wolfe.
Sir? Sir? Sir? H? ID says Bart Jameson.
And look what was on the rope from his wrists.
Green ink, color of money.
Must have transferred when the bomber tied him up.
Looks like we found our printer.
Hang on a second.
Excuse me, could I have a minute, please? Mr.
Jameson? Mr.
Jameson my name's Horatio Caine.
Can you tell me who did this to you? I can't say.
I can't.
Okay, can you take a look at this picture and tell me who that is? That's my daughter.
Jameson, has somebody kidnapped your daughter? I ask you this because we found a lock of hair, and I believe it's hers.
So who took her? Call patrol and tell them to meet us at Mr.
Jameson's house.
You hang in there.
Miami Dade Police.
It's not too late to let her go, my friend.
You're the one that needs to go.
It's too late for me to leave.
Please, help me.
Let her go.
Walk away, or I will blow her head off.
Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to let her go.
Say good-bye to the policeman Here you go, ma'am.
Okay, ma'am.
You're all right.
- We have no I.
on the dead guy.
- I am not surprised.
Make sure you get his ten card, okay? Maybe the printer will tell us who he is now.
We're gonna find out.
Jameson? Could I have a word, please? Would you come with me, please? Does he seem familiar? You saw what they did to my daughter.
Who's next? My-my parents? My brother? Mr.
Jameson, I need you to trust me.
I do trust you, but they're still out there.
Not for long, all right? Thank you for coming, Mr.
and Mrs.
I'm confused.
What does this have to do with us? Our victim was at the same Friction party as you.
We just want to tie up a few loose ends.
I hope it doesn't take a long time.
Our cruise leaves in seven hours.
Erica Hanford.
Look, I'm happy to cooperate.
But this is a little disturbing.
Do you remember her? No.
You sure about that? We found tissue in her teeth and semen in her sexual assault kit.
Sexual assault? Yeah, and let's not forget that we just took a sample of your DNA.
Okay, so, I had sex with her.
In the service elevator.
You know, we played a little slap and tickle.
A little bite and fight.
You happy now? He had sex with her? At the Friction party? - That is so not cool.
- Nice acting, lady.
But your husband was cattin' around.
The girl he was with showed up dead.
Doesn't take a genius to look at the jealous wife.
I have never even seen her.
Makes it a little hard for me to have killed her.
Lockhart, have you ever been in the service elevator? Ugh.
Then can you explain why we found your palm print on the handrail? I didn't want the party to end.
A guy at the hotel said he'd score me some E, so I followed him to the basement.
Come on, it's in my locker.
This guy have a name? Billy.
He's a cute kid.
Yeah, well, see if you think that after we talk to him.
Lockhart, this is going to sound strange, but most people have somewhat matching wedding bands.
You're wearing an heirloom; his is gold.
We're married.
Just not to each other.
Where's your real husband? Ohio.
Halle Lockhart's not your real name either, is it? No.
It's Webber.
Halle Webber.
Does your husband know any of this? Mitch and I met in college.
Now, once a year, we get together for a little fun.
I don't mean vanilla- sex-with-my-husband fun.
I mean swing-from-the-rafters till-the-neighbors-call-the-cops fun.
So, no.
I don't tell my husband.
The trace on these components came back positive for dynamite.
Consistent with the damage in the warehouse.
What I don't get is how we could find so many hidden components in all that destruction? Okay, here's how it works.
The blast pressure happens in two phases.
Air goes out Air has to come back toward the seat of detonation.
Hundreds of pieces.
Hundreds of answers.
Bombers are creatures of habit, aren't they? They find something they like and they stick with it.
Like this.
Take a look at that.
That's his signature.
A cigarette butt? Oh, I get it.
It's an insulator.
Bomb Intelligence Network should be able to match this.
Yes, they should.
Know the bomb, know the bomber.
This about my P.
? Said my urine test is dirty.
That's the least of your problems right now.
I'd like to take a look at your wristwatch.
Get a warrant.
I can come over there and take it off you if you want.
It's up to you.
That is a timing device, Eddie, which is a violation of your Federal Parole.
It's time to go back inside, Eddie.
No big deal.
Do a violation standing on my head, catch up with some friends.
Something else that you need to take a look at.
That's a cigarette filter, which is your signature, isn't it? Imagine that.
It's the same brand.
So we are no longer talking about a violation of your parole, Eddie.
We are talking about attempted murder.
Look If I tell you, I want a deal.
Before I discuss a deal, I want to know everything.
I needed the cash.
Friend of a friend hit me up.
Do this insurance job.
Blow a print machine.
Never even got paid.
That seems appropriate.
You left another loose end.
The print shop owner is still alive, Eddie.
The man who hired you-- what's he look like? Never got a good look at him.
I hope for you it was good enough.
That's him? That's the guy? Yeah.
You know him? Unfortunately.
I had him, H-- the guy who hired the bomber.
I let him go.
He was the pirate cabbie.
Damon Barker.
Picks up fares by the Agramonte.
He gave you the warehouse, right? I was so amped up, I just took off.
Don't worry about it.
What about the license plate? Listen to me.
No worries.
What is the first rule of survival? Hands and eyes.
Okay, so what did you see? Watch their hands.
Watch their eyes.
Catcher's Marina parking permit on the dash.
Go find him.
Sure my prints are on the elevator.
I work here.
You work poolside, Billy.
The only reason you use the service elevator is to deliver drugs.
That's crazy.
Not according to Halle Lockhart.
Said you scored her some E last night.
She told you I scored her some E? Man, try and do someone a favor.
Let me show you something.
This is what I scored her.
Aspirin? Must have been one hell of a headache, too.
Why's that? I told her they got aspirin up in the penthouse.
She said she needed some more, so I brought her down here.
She ground them up right over there.
Said she had a hard time swallowing.
Silver flecks.
Where are the empties? Threw them away.
You have gloves on you? But I bet Halle didn't.
Is she still in custody? No, we didn't have enough to hold her.
We do now.
Halle Lockhart/Webber.
I ran her name through the Ohio DMV.
No listings anywhere in the state.
Well, she lied about her name, why not her state? All these cruise people are from the Midwest: try Michigan.
- Kansas? - And Pennsylvania.
No prints matching Halle's.
The dead girl's from Indianapolis.
Try Indiana.
In fact, try Indianapolis.
Indy DMV's got a file.
What's the zip code? That's the same zip code as Erica Hanford.
- Your vic from the elevator? - It's a small world.
Erica and Halle were from the same town.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Halle Webber.
This will take a second.
You're under arrest for the murder of Erica Hanford.
You are kidding me.
I told you, I never even met the woman.
I find that very difficult to believe, especially since you were both on the Shaler Elementary PTA together.
Okay, so, yes, I know her, but I didn't kill her.
That's a pretty locket.
May I see it, please? - I don't have to show you a thing.
- Actually, you do.
Plain sight, incidental to the arrest.
White substance, just like aspirin.
You were on your fantasy date with Mitch at the Friction party when you saw Erica.
Oh, my God.
Who's this? Where's Jeff? Oh, um, this is Mitch.
Homeroom Mom-- what a player.
No one's going to believe this.
Must have been quite a shock.
She had the biggest mouth at the PTA.
And you had a big secret.
My husband is a workaholic.
He spends his life at that furniture store.
So once a year, I run away.
And then you ran into Erica, which is exactly why you went into the hotel basement.
You knew about her allergy.
You saw her at the raw bar, and you dosed every oyster shooter you could find.
I was trying to protect my family.
Lieutenant, I looked at all Wolfe's lifts from the hotel room.
And? Nothing but smudges and partials.
What about the soap? I can see some ridge detail.
Going to take some time to process it.
Take the time.
Horatio? Yeah, I found the pirate cab.
Inside there were several padlocks from Customs and Border Protection.
Okay, call CBP, and meet me at the port.
These are the last four containers going to the Caribbean.
This is our new gamma ray imaging.
How many suitcases are you looking for? Four.
Full of counterfeit fifties.
Around $10 million.
Got about a hundred cases of bottles.
There-- four suitcases.
Manifest says Jeunet champagne.
Okay, let's open it up.
That lock shouldn't even be on yet.
Wolfe, have a look around, please.
My paperwork doesn't show that Customs and Border Protection has inspected this container.
Cabbie's van looked abandoned.
Bet he was planning to meet the cash in Jamaica.
Gentlemen, Mr.
Barker wants to go for a swim.
You're under arrest.
For what? Counterfeiting, explosives, attempted murder.
And that's just for starters.
First we got your partner, Juan.
Now we've got you and all of the counterfeit money.
Joseph got a print from the hotel soap, and it doesn't match the pirate cabbie.
But guess who it does match? You lied to me, Juan.
What are you talking about? Your friend, the cabbie, said you called him from the hotel room.
And he said you needed a ride, fast.
I told you before.
I just dropped the bags off.
I never went inside.
Soap from the shower says otherwise.
Juan, that's your print.
That means you were there.
You killed the bellman.
All right.
All right.
Can I help myself here? Fair enough.
I need your contact inside.
I need her name, and I don't want Fulana Perez.
Let's go.
- Can I interview him now? - No need.
Paz Gaspara? Yeah, she's from outside Trenton.
She works for a company that dispatches money trucks.
She and Juan met at Krome.
Were going to counterfeit their way into the American dream.
I guess they picked the wrong city, didn't they? And the wrong partners.
What are you doing? He's a federal prisoner now.
We're taking custody.
He printed over ten million in counterfeit fifties.
And obstructed the investigation.
Yes, in an attempt to help his family.
Do I need to remind you, I represent the federal government? And do I need to remind you that your lab in D.
is over a thousand miles from here.
If you want access to my lab Are you planning to bar us? Put it this way: I can make things very difficult for you.
- I won't forget this.
- I'm counting on it.
Cut him loose.
You keep in touch.
How's your daughter? She's good, thanks to you.
So, what's going to happen to me? Well, this officer is going to give you a ride home.
But they said I was under arrest.
That's not going to happen now.
So go home to your family, okay? Lieutenant, um Go ahead.
Thank you.