CSI: Miami s03e16 Episode Script

Nothing to Lose

Deja vu ? Don't even think about it.
- What do we got ? - Gator found himself some lunch.
Where's the crime ? Gator had him on his back before.
Saw pellets from a shotgun wound.
Called you guys.
Forensically, the head yields the most information.
I'd hate to lose it.
- We'll take care of the gator.
- We'll take care of the body.
Be easier to carry the body to the van than try to get a gurney down here.
We'll help you carry him.
I'll search the crime scene.
How far do you think the gator could've dragged him ? Probably not more than 200 feet.
It's a dry lightning storm.
Lightning with no rain, that's the worst kind.
Oh, no.
It's not going to happen again.
Don't tell me.
Oh, my God.
Let's get the body out of here.
Start the engine.
Let's go ! It won't turn over.
We're surrounded.
Let's get out of here ! We've got to go through.
Get down ! Go.
Let's go ! Let's go ! CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 16 - Nothing To Lose S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by You met our shotgun victim.
You okay ? Gotta quit doing these Glade runs, Horatio.
You want me to call for some help ? No, it's my case.
I'll get him.
Eric It's going to be tough to determine were this guy was shot.
Dispatch said an explosion.
The lightning hit something.
Fire chased us out.
Could be an accelerant.
Heavier fumes lie close the ground.
One spark, the whole thing burns.
It can cover a large area in a matter of seconds.
We better find this crime scene quick before we get kicked out of here.
Don't we have jurisdiction ? Conditions like this, the only one with jurisdiction is the fire.
According to your own guy, the crime scene burned.
Chief, you and I both know that fire does not destroy all evidence.
We've got a major wildfire here.
- It's extremely dangerous.
- A man has been shot out here.
If I don't process this crime scene immediately, somebody's gonna get away with murder.
I can't be held responsible for your personnel.
Leave that to me.
I heard you wrestled a gator.
No, not me.
Fish and Wildlife.
There's a jail bus.
When fire gets beyond available means, they have a mutual aid agreement with Dade County.
Using inmates to fight fire ? Is that wise ? It's manpower.
That's what they need right now.
Get out of here.
Oh, come on.
I always get your good side, Delko.
Last time you filmed me, I ended up on the 6:00 news.
It looked like I was smiling.
We're gonna need you to go back to the media area.
Oh, come on.
I'm just trying to get some exclusive footage.
You've only got clearance for the media area.
You can make an exception.
Forget it.
Let's go.
Get out of here.
This is the fire detail.
Prepare to line up.
Come on.
Move it.
Let's go.
Well, check out the hoods in the woods.
How'd you get on the orange crew, huh? Perform some sexual favors? Hey! Hey.
Now, you're supposed to be on the same side.
Oh, not if you ask me.
- I need you to back off.
- You got this is all backwards.
That guy's the criminal, and you're telling me to back off? They're fighting fires.
These inmates have no business fighting fires, okay? - They don't belong here.
- His red card says different.
All right, that's enough horsing around.
Here's the FMP.
For all you rookies, that's Fire Management Plan.
I'm sending you Type 1 hotshots to Zone 2 for fire suppression.
All right, let's load up, guys.
We're going direct.
Come on! The orange crew is gonna cut a fire line in Zone 2.
You're also gonna assist the hotshots if they need it.
He's a great firefighter.
- He's just got a big mouth.
- I understand.
Your crime scene team is in Zone 5.
We've got a small crew there just looking for flare-ups.
We'll be as quick as possible, Chief.
Are you okay? Crispy around the edges, but I'll survive.
All right.
Well, then give me everything pre-gator.
Cause of death: massive hemothorax.
Collapsed lung, two broken ribs.
Typical shotgun wounds.
Pattern's dispersed, ten-inch diameter.
There's no tattooing on the skin.
The barrel was ten yards away at the most.
You know, Calleigh, nine times out of ten, I'm pulling steel out of a shotgun wound.
Take a look at this.
Looks like lead.
Isn't that against the law? Yep.
It contaminates the Glades when it breaks down.
These are large, too.
Looks like a double-aught.
Ammunition for the do-it-yourselfer.
Can be unique as a fingerprint.
It could help us ID the shooter.
Well, I may be able to help you ID the vic.
Found this in one of his pockets.
College of Miami.
Magnetic strip.
That should get us started.
All right.
I'm gonna go get Ryan.
We're going back to school.
I followed the blood trail.
Phenolpthalein is positive for blood.
The gator dragged the body to this spot right here.
Coming from that direction.
Well, the victim died by gunshot wound, and the shooter assumed that the gator would clean up the mess.
Eric didn't the chief put the fire line in Zone 2? Yes, with the inmate crew.
The fire broke through right over there.
- Fire found a gap in the fire line.
- Shouldn't be any gaps.
I guess the fire line didn't hold, huh? I guess 40 feet of the line wasn't cut.
Any idea why? That's somebody else's problem.
I tackle the flames.
I'll get my kit.
Do that.
Rolled to an explosion and got a murder.
Shovel in the gut.
Blue uniform.
This guy was a inmate.
Thought these county jail crews were nonviolent offenders.
Something must have slipped through the cracks.
This is the work of a seasoned killer.
Some kind of fold-up shovel.
Yes, that's standard issue for every firefighter nowadays.
Found a red card.
"Craig Adams.
" Isn't that the hotshot? So, Craig, we found your red card next to the body of our victim.
Victim? Don't you mean "criminal"? Any idea how it got there? I've been all over this zone fighting the fire.
Must've dropped it.
We just found your card next to the body of a man you had a fight with earlier.
Well, maybe he took it.
Or one of his buddies.
God, I hate working with inmates.
Enough to kill one? These inmate crews are a joke.
They take a written test.
They drag some fire hoses around, and they're deemed firefighters.
So you don't see them as qualified.
We're out here risking our lives.
We don't need to baby-sit.
What we need is a well-trained Type 1 crew for backup.
The chief said there wasn't one available.
That's crap.
These crews are cheap.
They're a buck-an-hour a guy.
They're just trying to save some money.
Maybe you were just trying to send a message.
I was working, okay? Besides, I didn't even see this guy.
The body was less than 50 feet away.
How could you not see anything? The zone had a flare-up: blazing, smoky, no visibility.
That's why we called for assistance.
Get the hoses over here.
We got a fire breaking out.
Let me see your gear.
I didn't do it.
I may need to ask you some questions later.
You believe him? For now.
Yup? Okay.
Is that the bracelet count? Yeah, they're missing one inmate firefighter: Cyrus Everton.
Only the IRC claims he's still at County.
So he can't be in two places at once, can he, Frank? Well, we better get over there.
Where's your wristband? I lost it.
Do I have "stupid" written all over my bald head? Let me see your wrist.
Bacon fat.
So you slid your wristband off.
Who'd you give it to? I'm not goinin to say another word.
Cyrus, I see you're in here because you introduced a weapon into the courtroom and threatened a defendant during his trial.
Defendant's a big movie star.
What's your beef with him? That movie star raped my nine-year-old son.
They lock me up in here and they let Ty Radcliffe go free.
So you swapped bracelets with someone who would do the deed, right? Take out a child molester? Ten people in here would be happy to do that.
So who'd you choose? Tell you when it's done.
Does the name Todd Kendrick ring a bell? How'd you get fire duty? I'm in for contempt of court.
I'm listening.
Todd Kendrick? The Spree Killer? Aren't they in the penalty phase of his trial? That's absolutely correct, Frank.
Cyrus here swapped bracelets with Mr.
Kendrick and probably created a diversion.
He also provided him with his fire equipment so Mr.
Kendrick could get on the jail bus unnoticed.
Prisoners on fire detail prepare to deploy Cyrus, you put a monster on the street.
To kill a monster.
Now he's on the loose.
Radcliffe, we're trying to help you here.
This is harassment.
My client never sexually assaulted that boy.
He was acquitted of all charges.
We believe that your client may be in some danger.
From the kid's father? That psychopath with the gun? The judge locked him up.
He made a deal with Todd Kendrick to come after you.
I know what Kendrick looks like.
I watch the news.
Well, then you know he's a stone-cold killer.
We're attempting to offer you police protection.
No way.
Look, I want to put that whole ugly incident behind me while I still have a few fans left, hmm? If I see a police presence anywhere around his property, I will sue your entire department for harassment.
You should put a car on him anyway.
Eric, forcing police protection on someone is harassment, isn't it? When was the last time you were in the Everglades? I've never been in the Everglades in my life.
It's gross.
Then why did we find your keys out there? I lent my car to my boyfriend, Jeff McGill.
Have you asked him? Can you identify this person? Oh, my God.
Is it Jeff? That's, um, Paul.
Paul Travers.
He was, um, one of Jeff's fraternity brothers.
O Zeta Phi.
And what happened to him? That's what we're trying to figure out.
Do you know if he was with Jeff? Yeah, they said something about, um, going to get booze Friday night.
Um 190 proof or something.
It's illegal in Florida.
He said he knew someone that made it.
Has Jeff tried to call you? I've been in class all day.
My phone's been off.
Would you mind turning it on, please.
There's a message from Jeff.
Pam, these freaks are chasing us! Pam, they're shooting! There's gunfire.
They're being hunted.
Jeff is still out there.
Will you get in touch with the service provider and see if we can get the coordinates of the phone? According to the cell tower triangulation Jeff's phone is around here somewhere.
Coordinates say we're close.
We're only about a hundred yards from the still.
I don't see anything.
Let's go introduce ourselves.
Calleigh Duquesne, Ryan Wolfe.
Dale Buford.
Something I can help you with? Yeah.
Is this your property? For three generations.
If you're telling me to evacuate, I'll wait it out.
What do you have in the garage? We found a dead college student just outside your property today.
He was killed by a shotgun, just like this one.
A shot shell reloader.
I hunt.
Make my own shot.
So, what? We found homemade buckshot in the victim's chest.
These are the tools that make it: bullet molds, beverage packaging.
Well, that doesn't mean my shot killed someone.
He was out here buying pure grain alcohol, and you have a still on your property.
In fact, accelerant from your still ignited the fire where the body was found.
I don't know nothing about no accelerant, but I haven't fired a single round today, and that's the truth.
All this is going to have to come with us.
You can't do that.
Oh, yeah, we can.
A coed told us there were two guys out here.
Where is the other one? Look, I don't know what you're talking about.
Ask my brother.
He's the one scooped the last of my shot this morning.
Where is he? Hey, Everglades is a big place.
He could be anywhere.
On the phone, it sounded like the kid was running.
It's hard to outrun a bullet.
I'm going to check the area hospitals.
I'll call Homicide, see if they've found anything out here.
Suzie? Horatio.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Hey, what's going on? I'm sorry to bother you at work.
No, it's no problem.
I need your help with some paperwork.
Paperwork? Suzie, these are claim forms.
Is this about Ray's pension? Don't look at me like that.
I thought we agreed that I was going to handle the financial responsibilities.
I'm sorry.
Okay, it's an emergency.
I really need the money.
What's the problem? It's Madison.
What about Madison? Doctors said it's something called AML.
Suzie, AML is acute myelogenous leukemia.
Yeah, I know.
It's a blood cancer.
Doctors explained everything, and, um, it's not good.
Where is she? She's at the hospital.
It's a thousand dollars a day.
I can't pay for that.
I don't want you to worry about that right now, okay? Horatio, I can't keep going to you.
Suzie, we're family.
I don't want you to worry about it.
How long are you going to keep paying for Ray's mistakes? Here's what I want you to do.
Head back to the hospital and be with Madison.
She needs you right now, all right? Thanks for bailing us out again.
No, no, don't worry.
You're okay.
Okay, all right.
Here we go.
All right? - Hey.
- Hi.
You remember, uh, Suzie.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you? So I'm going to take care of these, and I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
Okay, thanks.
- All right.
Is everything okay? Yeah, just, uh just some paperwork.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Can you hold that? Thank you.
Jeff, how you feeling? Like I got shot 20 times.
Yeah, buckshot'll do that to you.
I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
The hospital called me.
Paul okay? I'm afraid he's not.
He's dead.
Oh, God.
We know that you were out trying to buy alcohol, I heard about this guy in the Glades who was selling it cheap, you know? He thought I was haggling with him about the price, and he grabbed his shotgun, and we just started running.
The last I looked, Paul was jumping over a creek.
Is this your pursuer? No, that's not him.
But he looked like that.
Rural, you mean.
Well, hang in.
We'll be in touch.
I'm thinking my big brother pointed you in my direction, right? He always was a tattletale.
Actually, it was the smell of ethanol wafting from your direction.
Is there anything you want to admit to? Like I said, I didn't shoot no college boy.
I didn't even see no college boy.
Both hands, please.
What's that do? Reveals gunshot residue.
You want to empty your pockets for us? You pledge O Zeta Phi, Norm? You kill Paul Travers? I did not.
Then what are you doing with his wallet? I was after marsh rabbit when I nearly tripped on the fellow.
He was dead already.
First, you didn't see him.
Now he's already dead.
Can't help facts is facts.
And evidence is evidence.
We'll be back.
No GSR on Norm's hands? GSR wears off pretty fast.
Doesn't exonerate him.
I thought the Buford boys didn't give us any buckshot.
They didn't; I made my own using their tools and supplies.
The shot from Paul Travers' chest is on the left.
My reference is on the right.
I see matching striations.
On buckshot? Cutting off the sprue from the bullet mold leaves a very unique tool mark.
"Unique" being the operative word.
The Bufords' ammunition killed Paul Travers.
What if I said my brother did it? Did he? You wonder; maybe a jury will.
Sir, a jury is going to hear evidence that your family buckshot killed this man.
You put that shotgun in either of our hands, you let me know.
In the meantime, you got nothing.
Lab was looking for you.
Were they specific? Yeah.
You paged some Realtor in the Keys? She called back, said she could get you listed right away.
Hey, I appreciate that.
You going somewhere? Yeah, I'm going to, uh I'm going to sell some land down there.
Sure? Florida land's a good investment.
You get a file on Kendrick? Uh, yeah.
This guy's a killing machine.
County was his last chance to escape before sentencing, wasn't it? Yeah.
So, I hear our movie star refused protection.
Yes, but I don't think Kendrick'll go there first.
He'll start with his priority, Frank, which will be personal.
I'll call Eric, see how he's doing with the murder weapon.
You say the guy was stuck to a tree with this? Brutal.
Anything on it? I found some peat.
Glades are full of it.
Blood, of course.
Also this.
Looks like sand.
Particles of herring, soybean meal and wheat byproduct.
- Fish food.
- You mean manmade fish food.
Mother Nature doesn't come up with this mixture on her own.
Yeah, especially not in the Glades.
Narrows it down.
Thanks, Aaron.
Whole area's full of fish farms.
This one got wiped out by Andrew.
Walking distance to the fire line.
Yeah, well, let's see if we can find out what Kendrick was digging for.
The gun case.
Now he's armed.
Hey, dawg.
They catch you out there, you gonna lose your spot on the crew.
It's cool, man.
I'm just taking a leak.
That's why the guy got the shovel.
Space in there for a .
Looks like he had some help.
These are different patterns that our fugitive.
Turkey vultures.
Where I come from, vultures can only mean one thing.
Claire Bushnell.
She's a videographer.
Sells her footage to Channel 5.
Well, she was looking for a story out here, she found one.
What ? She didn't have a clearance.
I chased her away.
It's your fault she was bottom feeding in an illegal zone ? Cut yourself some slack, Delko.
That's the same tennis shoe pattern we saw over there.
Wrong place, wrong time.
She must've seen Kendrick.
He must've walked her to her car took her clothes.
Laid her out and shot her and dragged her out of sight.
All right, I'll call the television station, find out what kind of car she drives.
Yeah, broadcast it.
So our killer is on the loose with a gun and a car.
And a head start.
Somebody on the outside buried the gun.
So, who visited Kendrick in the last two days ? Got it right here.
Patty Johanson.
Let's go visit Patty.
So, you're Kendrick's girlfriend.
I've been trying to get rid of Todd for two years.
I've moved five times.
He always finds me.
He's really smart.
If you wanted to get away from him so badly, why'd you visit him in jail ? He asked me to come see him.
If I did, he'd leave me alone forever.
What did he want ? He told me to go to his mom's house in her garage.
Get a box, bury it at the abandoned fish farm by the lightpost.
What was in the box ? Had a gun some bullets, money, his machete.
And you want us to believe you didn't know it was for him ? He's looking at Death Row.
How could it be for him ? I thought it was for Larry.
Who's Larry ? Larry Van Owen.
He had the cell next to him till he got released.
When was that ? Month ago.
Larry Van Owen.
That's quite a rap sheet, isn't it, Frank ? Yeah.
No murders.
He robbed a convenience store in The Roads.
Out on bail.
Police report said they never recovered the money, so you know Larry's got it.
Right, and you know Kendrick knows about it, too.
Cause you know Larry must have bragged about it.
He has an address.
Cutler Bay Marina, Slip 5.
Check that out, Frank.
He-Help me.
Frank Get me Rescue, okay ? We got a man down here.
Send an ambulance.
Okay, partner.
Now, I've got an ambulance coming for you, - so I want you to hang in there.
- Take it out.
Get it out.
I understand.
Listen to me.
Your lung is punctured.
And if I pull that knife out, you'll bleed to death.
Do you understand ? I want you to understand me now.
That blade is controlling the bleeding.
If I pull it out, you're going to bleed to death.
Don't touch it.
Hold on.
I know, I know.
I'm right here.
What do you got ? Found this box in front of the boat.
It's empty.
So Kendrick has his money.
Yeah, and his man.
Any thoughts on his next mark ? The movie star's house, Frank.
Got a man down.
Doubt he did this to himself.
Fired recently, Frank.
Maybe Kendrick got hit.
I'll put out a broadcast.
Yes, give me roadblocks, please.
He's armed and dangerous.
- I found a blood trail.
- Okay.
He must have come out of the back door.
Blood trail ends here.
An awful lot of blood, isn't it ? Good for us.
Yes, let's get out the dogs, please.
They're on their way.
Roadblocks are set up at every exit.
Horatio, the office said somebody was trying to reach you.
Got a name ? Yeah, a woman named Suzie.
Wondering if you could stop by the hospital.
I'm reachable on the cell, Frank.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Listen, how's she doing ? Tired.
- She doesn't get why she's here.
- Well, that's that's understandable.
I I spoke to the case manager on the way over and I don't want you to worry about the bills.
All right ? Thanks, Horatio.
But the bills are the least of it now.
Why do you say that ? I took a blood test.
My bone marrow doesn't match.
All right, so then so they need another donor.
Try to tell me I'm not a bad mother now.
Even my blood is no good for her.
You know what ? Let me let me try something.
Okay ? - Horatio - I'm family, and You stay with her.
I'll be right back.
- You've given blood before, right ? - Yeah.
I have.
So you're Ms.
Barnam's brother ? I am her brother-in-law.
Sorry I had to pick up a body at Dade Memorial.
Movie stars'lives, huh ? Silk pajamas in the middle of the day.
Living the dream.
Never seen one of these keypads outside a bedroom door.
Motion detector in front of the door.
Another one down the hall.
Probably wanted to see who's coming toward his bedroom.
Makes sense.
Ty Radcliffe, big star.
Except that the rest of the security system in the house is basic.
This bedroom is more secure than any other part of the house.
So he was more concerned about people already in the house coming into his bedroom.
I'm affraid so.
It gets worse.
Found another keypad over here.
It's not just a rumor.
All the trappings.
He is a child molester.
Eric, help me load him onto a gurney and get out of here.
This place gives me the creeps.
Alexx Woods.
ME's office.
Two for two.
- Yeah ? - Alexx is in trouble.
Okay, I'm on my way.
They are going to be looking for me.
Pull over.
Do it.
Hand me your badge.
- What ? - Your badge.
Listen we moved.
Yeah, sure you have.
If you don't do exactly what I say, I will go to your home, and I will kill your children.
I'll do whatever you say.
I should have checked that gurney.
It's not your fault, Eric.
Guy's smart.
He gets shot and trapped by the cops.
Two things he wasn't counting on.
So he fakes an escape in the water, doubles back and hides.
When he spotted Alexx's van, he knew she was his way past the roadblock.
More than that.
He knows Alexx is a doctor.
So he's going to make her help him.
And once she does that He's going to kill her.
Don't even think of trying to kill me.
I know.
I'm the one who took the oath.
You're going to need to rest.
That gurney's secure.
You can lay on that.
Yeah, thanks, Doc.
I think I'll ride up front with you.
Wait a minute.
We got one more stop to make.
Get in.
Get in.
I need to call in.
They're going to be wondering where I am.
With all the fire and commotion, they don't even know you're gone.
Do all county vehicles have mileage tracking now ? Yep.
They're hidden in each vehicle.
Keeps the employees honest.
Sergeant, you can activate this remotely, can't you ? - Right.
- Let's do that.
Currently, there are only four tracking devices activated on county vehicles.
Yours will make five.
How long does it take to activate ? Only a few seconds.
All right, how do we know which one is Alexx ? I've been watching these four vehicles for weeks.
Those four are on the job in their proper locations.
There's your vehicle.
In Miami Shores.
Gentlemen, that van is not moving.
What are we doing here ? All you got to remember is 1145 Magnolia, Kendall.
I told you.
I'll do whatever you say.
Just making sure.
- Leave the boy alone.
- Joey.
Joey Everton.
I know your dad.
Where's your mom? She-she's taking a nap.
We don't want to wake her.
He's just a kid.
- What do you want from him? - Shut up! Show me your dad's office.
Come on.
Show me.
Come on.
All right, open the file drawer.
Open it.
Stay there.
Get over there.
Get over there.
Let's go.
Come on.
Okay, you have what you want.
Now let us go.
There's one more thing I have to do.
Come here.
Come here.
No, please.
I want to show you something.
I think it's going to make you really happy.
Don't do this.
It's the movie star.
The guy who hurt you.
You bastard.
You bastard.
All right, come on.
Come on.
Get down on the ground.
- Let the boy go.
- Get down on the ground.
Get down on the Run, Joey! Run! Run! Alexx? Alexx? There's a little boy inside.
Are you okay? The killer grabbed some papers out of the office.
- Okay, Eric.
- I'll be inside.
Alexx, look at me.
Are you sure you're okay? I'll feel better when I see my kids.
I sent a car over there, and they're fine.
I'm going to get you a ride home.
Okay? You hang in there.
Take her home.
Yes? Speaking.
Oh, hi, Doctor.
Okay, so, so let me get this straight.
I'm not a match.
But the best bet's a relative right? Okay, you know what? Um, I-I'm going to have to call you back.
Um, where are you? I need to speak to you.
You buzzed me? Pam Carpenter.
She's asking about Paul Travers.
Miss Carpenter.
Is there something that I can help you with? Yes, um, I'm here for Paul Travers' personal effects.
Oh, I'm afraid you're in the wrong building.
That's the Medical Examiner's.
But did you know that only family can collect personal effects? I kind of am family.
I thought Jeff McGill was your boyfriend.
You can't help who you fall in love with.
I see.
Does Jeff know that he wasn't the one? We'd been meaning to tell him.
- You and Paul.
- Yeah.
We were just trying to find the right time.
Would you mind staying here until I contact Jeff? Is something wrong? And would you mind not answering your cell phone until I contact you ? Jeff.
Thanks for coming in.
Have a seat.
I'd prefer to stand.
Oh, right.
I'm sorry.
Are you aware that you're bleeding? It doesn't hurt.
You must've pulled a stitch.
We'll transport you back to the hospital as soon as we're finished.
I you said on the phone you want to talk about Paul? Would you allow me to take a few strands of your hair? Just for exclusionary purposes? Yeah, sure, I guess.
Thank you.
You get restitched? Yeah, thanks.
Have a seat.
You shot your friend.
What? No way.
Jethro was shooting at us.
At you, after you already killed Paul.
- I did not kill him.
- Yes, you did.
With the Bufords' shotgun.
You held it, aimed it and shot it.
That's the only way the wadding could've ended up in your hair.
It was made of high-strength beverage packaging, the same substance our trace lab found in your hair sample.
I ran a little experiment of my own to confirm the physics.
We know he was seeing your girlfriend.
Whole campus knew.
I found out over the weekend.
You decided to make a moonshine run.
We must be early.
Wait here.
I'll go get 'em.
Whoa, man, what the hell are you doing? You've been lying to me for months.
Don't be stupid.
Put the gun down.
Tried to nail it all on the Bufords.
Then what, you got surprised when you were sneaking the gun back? Getting shot almost bought you an alibi.
You know, I didn't plan on it, but, yeah, it almost worked.
Big difference between almost and 25 to life.
You sounded urgent.
What's up? Have a seat.
Okay? That look in your eyes.
I've only seen it once before.
Suzie Barnam, Yelina.
From the elevator.
Yes, uh I already told you.
You don't have to explain yourself.
I mentioned that there are complications with Suzie, didn't I ? And there are.
Madison is not my daughter.
What do you mean, not your daughter? But she looks just like Like Ray? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Yelina.
But How long have you known? I've known all along.
Then why why tell me now? Madison is sick.
She needs a bone marrow transplant, and it turns out that I'm not a match.
But she does need a relative as a donor.
I'm no relative to that girl.
I know that.
Ray, Jr.
? What Ray did is what Ray did.
My son, his son, shouldn't have to pay for it.
I won't let him.
Yelina, the child could die.
I can't.
Whether we like it or not, Madison is family.
Not my family.
Bad news for you.
Your friend Todd Kendrick paid a visit to your family home, and held your son at gunpoint.
Oh, my God.
He lifted a file from your office, and I'm curious, Cyrus, as to what he's after.
Uh, I don't know.
I swear, I Cyrus, it is time for you to tell me everything Kendrick talked to you about.
We talked about my son, uh, Radcliffe.
What else? Um, I talked to him about my business-- installing security systems.
Yeah, I've installed security systems for all the big fish in Miami.
A-list clients, big money people you never even heard of.
You'd be surprised how many people forget their passwords.
I get calls at all hours of the night.
So, what did you do? After the first dozen times, I learned my lesson.
I keep all the pass codes in a file in my office.
Saves me a lot of time.
The pass codes.
He must have taken the master list.
How many codes were on there? Um, close to 50.
Did he mention anyone specifically? He asked who my richest client was.
I-I told him that he didn't like banks.
He was never at home, and What is the name of your richest client, Cyrus? Russell Chan.
We're at the Chan house.
It's already been hit.
Airboat's missing from the family slip, headed for the Everglades.
Got a chopper up tracking him now.
I'm on my way.
Don't let him get away.
We'll get him.
Come on! Come on.
Let's go! Let's go.
Come on.
We can catch him! Kendrick! Kendrick! There's nowhere to go.
Now, put that weapon down right now.
Go put the weapon down.
Get on the ground now.
Turn around slowly, and get down.
You're always one step behind.
Get down.
Hey! Kend! He'll never make it out of there alive.
No way.
Tough to ID.
Not for me.
Put that bandage on myself.
I had to be sure.
How's she feeling? I don't know.
I mean, she's my daughter, so she's tough, right? You both are.
Chemo's wearing her out.
Well that's normal.
We're out of options, aren't we? Suzie, we tried something; it didn't work.
It doesn't mean we're out of options.
So, what now? Well, there's the National Board of Donors.
There are other countries.
But it's important that we keep looking and that we do not give up hope.
You ready?