CSI: Miami s03e17 Episode Script

Money Plane

Oh, my God.
There's gas leaking out of the plane.
It's going to blow.
- Anybody aboard ? - One more, Lieutenant, up front.
I think I got a broken leg.
I'm with the city, and I'm getting you out of here.
Here we go.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 17 - Money Plane S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Seth Cohen & Roger222 I don't know what happened.
Takeoff was clean.
Suddenly, there was a flash.
You say flash.
You mean explosion, right ? No, no, just a flash, um everything went green.
"Everything went green" ? Check his eyes, please.
He has damage.
Corneal scarring.
What could've caused that ? I don't know, maybe a laser.
You mean someone from the ground ? We were we were a quarter-mile up.
See, a five-milliwatt laser could reach two miles in the air, though.
Excuse me.
Yeah, Eric.
Um Call the control tower.
I want a copy of the nav-aids.
I want to find out who brought this plane down.
Hey, stranger.
Oh my goodness.
- How've you been ? - Great.
You're looking good.
I'm sorry.
I'm just surprised.
I haven't seen you in a while.
Actually, this is my first week back.
I'm acting as department liaison for the NTSB boys on the crash.
Oh, really ? So we're gonna be working together.
Looks like it.
I tried calling you a couple of times.
It's just, it's been really crazy at the lab.
Too crazy to pick up the phone, huh ? Hey, what's up ? Ryan Wolfe.
Detective John Hagen.
Oh, Hagen.
You're, uh you're Ray Caine's old partner.
That was me.
I'll see you around, Calleigh.
What was that about ? It's complicated.
- He's been on IOD.
- Injured on duty ? What was the problem ? I don't know.
Something about a bad back.
Yeah, I heard that one before.
What's that supposed to mean ? Nothing.
You can tell me.
Couple guys I knew in patrol, "bad back" meant they couldn't get cleared by the department shrink.
Excuse me.
In the hat, excuse me.
Step away from the bags, please.
It's all right.
These belong to me.
The bags are evidence in a plane crash, sir.
- Please step away - Yeah, I know.
I own the plane.
Sean Walsh, Air-Away Freight Systems.
I'm just collecting my cargo.
Walsh, looting is a felony.
Step away from the bags.
Look, if I don't get these checks to Atlanta under deadline, a couple local banks are going under.
How much was on the plane ? $1.
2 billion.
- Excuse me ? - 1.
2 billion in checks mortgages, car loans, company payrolls.
Every day, every check that's written has got to be physically moved to a bank.
Freight dogs move them.
- Freight dogs ? - Yep.
That's what we call ourselves.
Ain't exactly a glamour business.
The bags stay here.
All right, look.
I know how this works.
- What's it gonna take ? - I suggest you leave now, or you will be placed under arrest.
It's up to you.
You're the man.
The controller said the cargo jet was heading southeast on runway nine right.
Well, there it is right there.
The pilot says he was climbing.
Hold on.
Freeze it right there.
That's it.
That's where he lost control.
The jet was banking left.
Well, lasers travel in a straight line, so I can extrapolate a probable line of sight from the cockpit window to the ground.
Gets us down to six blocks in the Gables.
Laser guy was standing in that perimeter.
Or living there.
It's about time you guys got here.
I've been keeping a log.
You're keeping a log? Now, they're supposed to be restricting takeoffs over the neighborhood between I've been hearing jet engines every night this week after midnight.
That's not why we're here.
What is it gonna take for you people to start paying attention? Mr.
Stamler, we are aware of the fact that you've filed numerous complaints against Miami International Airport, and that you're the leader of a group called Citizens for Quiet Skies.
I'm a community activist.
Yes, and it's come to our attention, Mr.
Stamler, that you've threatened to bring down a plane.
Miami International recorded a conversation last week.
Like I told the police then, it was just talk.
I wanted to be taken seriously.
Well, a cargo jet crashed this morning.
Is that serious enough for you? Well, it's like I've been saying, that flight path is a threat to the whole neighborhood.
It appears that the threat has come a little closer to home.
What do you mean? This is what I mean.
This is a green-diode laser.
I bought it on-line.
It's not illegal.
It is if you use it to bring down an airplane.
- This is a joke, right? - I can assure you this is no joke.
You used this to blind the pilots on that plane.
I was just trying to make a point.
You did, and now you're under arrest.
All I ever wanted was to live in a quiet neighborhood.
Yes, well, Mr.
Stamler, you just got your wish.
I didn't think these planes carried cash.
They don't.
Legally, the only thing they're allowed to transport are checks.
I found a bunch of cash already.
This whole operation's looking very shifty.
I'm gonna take this back to the lab.
Want my help ? Absolutely.
It's your investigation, too.
Calleigh ! I'll call Rescue.
No need.
Think she was an innocent bystander ? Her body's not crushed.
Looks like she was thrown from the plane.
The pilot didn't say anything about having a passenger, did he ? He was pretty shaken up.
Look at the way she's dressed.
Party girl on a cargo flight ? Something is definitely hinky.
Start with her eyes.
They're different colors, one blue, one green.
Heterochromia ? I think there's a simpler explanation.
It's a colored contact lens.
It's Dior Blue.
The other one's missing.
You call Alexx.
I'm gonna find Horatio.
We found a DB at the crash site.
Female passenger.
But it wasn't a passenger plane.
Was she killed in the crash ? Her liver temp was 87 degrees.
The body core temperature drops two degrees the first hour, a single degree after that, right ? Which puts her time of death at midnight.
She was dead before they put her on the plane.
- Where is she now ? - Alexx is posting her.
Do you want me to talk to the pilot ? Not yet.
We've got the body.
Let's see what that tells, all right ? All right.
Alexx, anything on the girl from the cargo jet ? Well, the good news is we've got an ID : Caitlyn Townsend, 20, Bal Harbour society girl.
Family made their fortune in the citrus industry.
What's the bad news ? ID came from her family's lawyers.
They've filed an injunction preventing us from doing an autopsy.
Well, any suspicious death requires one.
They have no legal standing.
Well, the judge will go our way, but they'll tie it up in the court for at least a week.
I can't cut her until then.
And the trail will go cold.
Options ? Talk to the family.
See what their objections are.
Or see what they're hiding.
Chairs go around the back.
Champagne goes in the subzero.
Flowers go on the table by the pool.
May I help you ? Yeah, we'd like to speak to Mrs.
I'm Heidi Dillon, her assistant.
She's not taking visitors right now.
Her daughter passed away.
Her daughter's death is why we're here, Miss Dillon.
Any idea why she was on the cargo plane ? No.
It doesn't make any sense to me.
Is the family having a wake at the house already ? Caitlin ran a charity for troubled girls.
This is their big fund-raising weekend.
And you carry on even after the chairwoman's dead ? This charity was Caitlin's legacy.
She dedicated her life to these girls.
Can't even really believe she's gone.
Could I speak to her mother, please ? Okay.
Townsend Ma'am, I'm sorry for your loss.
I understand that you oppose the autopsy.
I don't see any point of putting my daughter through that.
The plane crash killed her.
I don't believe that's the case.
What do you mean ? I'm not sure yet, and that's why I need your help.
No, she's suffered enough.
Ma'am ? Caitlyn had a heroin addiction.
Dropped her down to 90 pounds.
You understand that the court will authorize the autopsy in a few days that's state law.
Please don't cut my daughter open.
She's at peace now.
Can't you just let her be ? Ma'am, maybe there's a way we can preserve that peace, okay ? A virtopsy.
A virtual autopsy is not covered in the injunction.
Any excuse to try something new.
Most of the injuries are commensurate with the plane crash.
Broken bones, but no bleeding or bruising in the muscle tissue surrounding them.
Meaning they broke postmortem.
But Mrs.
Townsend did us quite a favor.
Look at her lungs.
They're saturated.
See those spots ? Indicate aspiration.
If we'd cut into her, the pressure in the lungs might have released, and we might never have found it.
Found what, Alexx ? Caitlyn Townsend drowned.
In what, I can't tell yet.
Maybe I can help there.
Eric Delko, Crime Lab.
Glad to see you're out of surgery.
Yeah, I'm going to have pins in my leg the rest of my life.
It's better than your copilot.
He's still unconscious.
Man, I can't believe this happened.
Talk to me.
What did happen, exactly ? How did Caitlyn Townsend die ? Uh, Caitlyn Townsend ? She was a passenger on your flight.
What, you're telling me there was a girl on the plane ? Yeah, a dead girl.
Hey, man, I don't know anything about that.
Swap-outs happen on these routes so fast, checks are in and out in 60 seconds.
So, she came on with the bag of checks ? Listen, pit stops, I'm maintaining the plane.
Copilot's in charge of cargo.
And conveniently, he's in a coma.
Look, man, I'm telling you the truth.
All right, check the freight manifest.
I will.
And if you're lying, well, I know where to find you.
Think we'll get a print ? I certainly hope so.
So, Calliegh I wanted to talk to you.
Calleigh Duquesne ? Mr.
Peter Elliott, Secret Service.
Detective John Hagen.
How you doing ? So, how can I help you ? Well, anytime this much cash shows up, so do I.
Oh, yeah, I was wondering why I didn't see you on that counterfeiting thing a couple weeks back.
I worked it with Horatio.
And I do not even rate a hello ? I came by.
You weren't here.
This is all the money you recovered from the plane site ? Mm-hmm.
Freshly bundled cash like this has to be a special request from the Federal Reserve.
You see this number here ? That tells us which Federal Reserve issued this bundle.
E5 is Richmond, so I just enter a serial number, and with my very high security clearance Bingo.
Cash was requested by a Hamilton Solomon, Biscayne Mutual in Miami.
I'll drive.
John, I'll talk to you later.
Nice to meet you.
Solomon, you requested $500,000 in cash from the Federal Reserve.
Who was it for ? We honor this type of request for special clients.
And who was so special this time ? Caitlyn Townsend.
She had a fund-raiser last night.
Big donors write her checks, I turn them into cash.
Half a million dollars in cash ? You don't find that suspicious ? I assume that money goes back into the charity.
How do you suppose the cash ended up on a cargo jet that crashed this morning ? I have no idea.
Couriers took the cash out like always.
"Always" ? So, this is not the first time ? As I said, Caitlyn is a very special client.
Caitlyn is dead, Mr.
What ? We'd like to see those charity checks, please.
They're perfect.
All properly endorsed.
I checked the signatures myself.
Actually, I don't think she signed them at all.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Townsend, your daughter's charity was for runaway girls.
Your models are wearing bikinis.
This event's been scheduled for over a year.
Because that's the way Caitlyn wanted it, right ? I'm honoring my daughter's wishes.
Can I help you with anything else ? Yes, I'm anxious to hear about her account at Biscayne Mutual.
I don't handle the finances.
Was it charity-related ? In theory.
Then you'll have to talk with Nick Marshall.
He co-chairs the foundation with Caitlyn.
And where would we find Mr.
Marshall ? He's in the office.
Through the bikinis.
Taking a pass on your own party, Mr.
Marshall ? I'm not much in the mood.
You understand.
How close were you with Caitlyn ? I met Caitlyn when she wasn't all that different from the girls we're helping.
I was her counselor.
She asked me to help run her foundation.
Caitlyn's signatures on these foundation checks are perfectly uniform.
And nobody signs their name the same way twice, let alone 100 times.
I noticed that, you have a check signing machine over there.
Caitlyn's wrist cramped up endorsing all those checks.
I've seen these before.
User puts any kind of writing instrument into the machine.
Its nib hooks into a signature matrix.
The matrix template turns and guides the pen.
A letter-perfect signature every time.
To answer your next question, the only person with access to that machine other than Caitlyn was me.
I'm not surprised.
So, you endorsed the checks, turned them into cash and attempted to transport them out of the state.
I'm not embezzling from my own charity.
Give me a name.
No, I won't hurt this foundation.
Or risk losing the trust of the girls we're trying to help.
How civic-minded of you.
What's that ? It's a signature matrix from a signing machine.
Where'd you get it ? Nick Marshall, Caitlyn Townsend's partner.
Let's have a look.
That's Heidi Dillon, the mother's assistant.
Runaway, theft, fraud, drug possession.
Guess she's one of the charity's success stories.
Why are your prints on Caitlyn's signature matrix, Heidi ? Cause she asked me to set up the machine for her.
Detective Salas looked into your background.
You rehabbed at FutureMore at the same time as Caitlyn Townsend.
Yeah, we looked out for one another.
Caitlyn had everything, and even with all that money, she still ended up on the street.
So, she got you a job when you got out ? Yes.
She talked her mom into hiring me.
And you repaid the kindness by stealing from them ? I didn't steal, I set up Caitlyn's machine.
She wasn't mechanical.
Where'd you get those cuts on your arms ? Um, from picking up palm fronds in the back yard.
Are you sure you didn't have an altercation with Caitlyn last night ? You think I killed her ? Did you ? That's your job to figure out, isn't it ? Can I help you ? Looking for evidence of a cat fight under her nails.
I already scraped.
Didn't find anything.
But I do have a copy of Caitlyn Townsend's tox report.
- Was she back on drugs ? - No.
The girl was clean.
But substance we suctioned out of her lungs had high levels of glucose.
Could be some sort of soda, vitamin water.
Or champagne.
Caitlyn's fund-raiser last night was at Rev, the new club on Collin Street.
- I'm gonna find out what happened.
- Little late.
Horatio sent Calleigh and Delko.
Must have been only the high rollers in here last night.
The lower the profile, the bigger the check.
Take a look at this.
Champagne bowl.
There's something floating in it.
That's Dior blue if I've ever seen one.
This is our primary crime scene.
I found hair.
Signs of a struggle.
It looks like Caitlyn gave one last pull.
Got something else.
Print from some kind of work boot.
And not the kind you'd wear to an event like this.
Let's find out who crashed this party.
Excuse me ? Can I help you, ma'am ? I'm Calleigh Duquesne with the Crime Lab.
What's in the bags, Mr.
Walsh ? What else ? Checks.
No bodies this time ? This is about that girl y'all found.
I heard about it.
I wish I could help you.
Be careful what you wish for.
Now, I don't know what you mean by that.
I think you do.
We found this at the crime scene, Club Rev.
Our lab found aviation grade hydraulic fluid, and my guess is you were there, and this is a match to your boot.
You want to save me the trouble ? Look.
Look, I got a call from Nick Marshall, late.
Told he had one more package for me.
And you didn't ask questions ? I showed up, she's just lying there.
And then what was gonna happen ? One of your pilots was gonna dump her over the Atlantic ? Look, I don't mean any disrespect, but that dead body is just freight.
There's no law against transporting her.
Did Nick Marshall tell you who killed her ? No.
Just told me that he needed it cleaned up.
Well, unfortunately for you, Mr.
Walsh, that is against the law.
It's called being an accessory.
Sean Walsh says you helped him dispose of Caitlyn's body.
Look she went all Single White Female on me.
- Caitlyn did ? - No, Heidi Dillon.
You know what they say.
You can take the girl out of juvie, but, uh Heidi Dillon.
That how you hurt your hand ? Yeah.
No good deed goes unpunished, right ? That's what they say.
What are you doing ? Come on.
What-What have I done ? What have I done ? Is she dead ? I think so.
You got to get out of here.
Come on, get out of here.
So you called your friend instead of the authorities.
People find out one of my girls killed Caitlyn Well, charities don't really recover from publicity like that.
You may not, either.
Hey, John.
How's it going ? Maybe I should ask you the same question.
What do you mean ? What's with you and the Secret Service guy ? We're colleagues.
Not that it's any of your business.
I can make it my business.
Walk away, John.
Are you sleeping with him ? This conversation is over.
What if I don't want it to be over ? Then you better remember what I do for a living.
Calleigh Hey, I got your message.
Have the results on that hair from the crime scene.
Almost all the roots had tags.
Must have been some fight.
Yeah, it was a fight to the death.
- What did you find ? - DNA matches Heidi Dillon.
Confirms Nick's story.
Mind if I keep this? Is there a problem? Something's not adding up.
I'm finished with them.
So, what's the deal? You guys are gonna arraign me or not? You can drop the act, Heidi.
Oh, like I've never heard that before.
We know where Caitlyn was murdered.
And we found your hair there.
DNA confirms it.
And? And I ran some tests to see if you were on anything at the time.
I'm clean.
I swear to God.
I have been since I got off the street.
I know.
Only aberration was a marked increase of folic acid.
You're pregnant, aren't you ? About ten weeks.
Who's the father ? Nick Marshall.
Is that what you and Caitlyn were fighting over ? Fighting ? Your hair, remember ? Look, I was freaking out.
I'd just told Nick I was pregnant.
Heidi ? What's wrong ? Nothing.
Let me help you.
I can't.
I screwed up, Caitlyn.
I really screwed up.
What's the point ? You guys think I'm guilty, right ? Heidi, pregnant women take folic acid to prevent birth defects in their babies.
I know.
So ? It means you care about this child.
Why take the fall for murder ? 'Cause I'll just end up here anyway.
Or is it because you're scared ? Yeah.
You know, you know so much-- tell me what else I am.
No, that's it.
You're just scared.
I'm not gonna deny I had a relationship with Heidi.
She's 19.
We were consenting adults.
Till you found out she was pregnant.
You didn't consent to that, did you ? I'll take a paternity test.
If I'm the father, I'll honor my financial obligations.
With embezzled funds.
Right, Nick ? I didn't embezzle any money.
Heidi did that.
That's a rather sophisticated move for a 19 year old.
You sure you didn't put her up to it and allowed her to take the risk ? If she got help, it wasn't from me.
The cash on the plane-- you figure out where that money was going, you'll find out what you're looking for.
This flight plan says the cargo jet was heading to Atlanta, loaded with mortgage checks.
Not to mention all that embezzled cash from Caitlyn Townsend's charity.
Where do you think it was going ? A bank ? There's over a thousand banks in Atlanta.
This could take a while.
Unless we're not looking in the right place.
It seems like Atlanta wasn't the first stop.
There was a secondary destination ? "CHS.
" It's an airport identification code.
Charleston, South Carolina.
Well, I bet they didn't think we'd find that.
What do you see ? Treasury database.
Deposits over 10,000 have to be reported to the Feds.
That's right.
Anything under, it doesn't raise a red flag.
It does now-- banks track unusual deposit patterns under 10,000.
When they find one, they file a Suspicious Activity Report.
Hey, wait a minute.
Check that out.
The Pummelo Corporation.
All between $5,000 and $9,000.
So? A pummelo is a large Asian fruit with a thick outer skin.
Wow, you really know your citrus.
Thank you.
So does Sophie Townsend.
Her family made millions of dollars in the Florida citrus industry.
Lieutenant, I've told you everything I can about my daughter.
This is not about your daughter, Mrs.
This is about you.
Do I need to get a lawyer ? Something to think about.
Why don't you tell us about the Pummelo Corporation ? In my world, there are certain expectations.
The pressure to live up to the family name.
You have money.
The citrus freeze two years ago ruined us.
We were flat broke.
My husband died, Caitlyn went back into rehab, and I had to make choices.
Choices as in looting your daughter's charity, right ? You had Heidi Dillon do the dirty work.
She used a signing machine to forge Caitlyn's signature onto the contribution checks.
Turned them into cash and deposited them in your Charleston account.
Heidi only did what I asked her.
How about murder ? Did she do that ? Lieutenant Caine, I have done some horrible things, but I did not kill my daughter.
Then you will allow me to perform the formal autopsy so I can figure out who did.
Found this in the stomach contents.
Number 11 cuspid.
She swallowed her own tooth.
Didn't show up in the Virtopsy.
MRI doesn't read bones, only marrow.
Alexx, you can't swallow after you're dead.
Means this tooth didn't come out in the plane crash.
It means she was hit while she was still alive.
It took a lot of force.
She was hit hard.
I doubt a female could have landed that punch.
Alexx, the thing about getting hit is the hitter receives a mark, too, don't they ? Got anyone in mind ? No good deed goes unpunished.
Let's get this thing airborne.
I want to make it to Spider Key while the sun's still up.
Yes Sir.
You going somewhere, Nick ? Taking a couple of days off.
I thought I'd head out to the Keys.
I think you mean a short hop to a Caribbean country with no extradition laws.
You just don't quit, do you ? Not in my vocabulary.
How many times do I have to tell you ? I had nothing to do with Caitlyn's death.
The laceration on your hand tells me otherwise.
- It's just a scratch.
- It's a fight bite.
The human mouth is loaded with bacteria.
You're not making any sense.
Why would I do that to her? Heidi's unplanned pregnancy, Nick.
You were supposed to protect these girls.
And Caitlyn found out.
I can't believe this ! This is my charity ! How many other girls have you done this to ?! Caitlyn, you're overreacting.
Calm down.
I am calm, Nick.
You're fired.
Are you kidding me ? When I first met you, you were a junkie.
I kicked heroin.
Now I'm kicking you.
Don't you turn your back on me.
She was a spoiled, little rich girl with a $1,000-a-day habit.
I introduced her to the right people, I got her into the right parties.
I worked my ass off for her.
No vacations, no overtime.
I created Caitlyn Townsend.
That didn't give you the right to destroy her.
Yeah ? You know that vacation you never got ? You knew he killed Caitlyn, didn't you ? You saw him.
Why didn't you say anything ? I couldn't.
So you were just gonna take the fall ? Nick just, you know, he gets so angry, I just I couldn't risk it.
You were afraid he'd kill you.
I was afraid he'd kill us.