CSI: Miami s03e20 Episode Script

Killer Date

I don't, uh I don't think I can do it.
Oh, sure you can.
It's easy.
Besides, I do all the work.
Excuse me.
Two margaritas, please.
Cute shoes ! - Ocean Boulevard.
- The best sales.
Where're those drinks ? Oh, so impatient.
This is my dear friend, Robert.
He and I were college roommates.
And now, he's a big-time financier from DC working on some big deal that's way over my head.
She's playing dumb.
Truth is, she's smarter than any man in here.
I'd like to hear about your deal.
Really ? I-I mean, cool.
I've got some, uh, Cristal chilling, if you want This should cover anything else he orders.
Bed seven's covered.
Got it.
Kim Burton.
Poor baby.
She left a beautiful corpse.
Aside from the petechiae.
She was strangled ? No marks.
My money's on smothering.
She put up a fight.
Couple of broken nails.
Time of death ? No stiffness in the extremities.
She's fresh.
A couple hours ago.
Okay, so that puts it at about 3:00 or 4:00 A.
, right ? All these sheers, and no one saw the murder ? It being a place like this, sex and murder might be indistinguishable.
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CSI Delko.
That's not going to work.
Badge must've come loose.
Check your vehicle ; I'll still be here.
I can vouch for him.
Okay, but it's on you if this comes back to bite me.
Eric, losing a badge is major.
Yeah, I know.
When was the last time you had it ? Last night ; I went out.
Can you call her, see if she found it ? I would if I knew her name.
Look, I was toothing.
I got a hookup, and I met a girl in a parking lot.
"Toothing" ? Random anonymous sex ? You going to tell me something ? Besides "wear protection" ? Yeah.
Retrace your footsteps.
See if you can find your badge before you get another callout.
Uh, what about the crime scene ? Ryan's here.
All right.
Delko get another case ? Yeah, kind of.
According to our bartender, our victim, uh, booked a bed around 1:00 A.
Dropped about five large last night.
She paid ? And not just for herself.
She bought drinks for a bunch of people.
That's because she was working.
Did you, uh, know Kim, Miss ? Gabrielle Marinelli.
I've seen her out.
Um, I think she's a pro.
A prostitute ? More like a madam.
I'm going to need your statement.
Look, I'm a teacher.
I don't want to get caught in the middle of something.
We'll be as discreet as possible.
- Thanks.
- Thanks, Tripp.
Biological ? Salty.
- I'm not going to say anything.
- As in margarita salty.
The vic must have spilled her drink.
I don't see any other stains.
Ooh ! It's odd for a bed, especially in a place like this.
It's a death mask.
Pillow as murder weapon.
It's quick and quiet.
The killer might have left some epithelials on the pillowcase.
You know what Let's collect all the bedding.
I think we need to go through it back at the lab.
I got a lead on Kim's, uh, business.
Turns out she works out of her house.
I'll go with you.
All right.
- Are you good ? - Yeah.
Kim had an appointment with a client last night.
She went to Prone.
Kim was a madam ? Madam ? No.
Kim was a Wing Chick.
"A Wing Chick" ? We have a business : Wing Chicks.
We're an introduction service.
We introduce men to women.
For a price.
I mean, come on, this is about sex.
That part's up to the guy.
We do the intro, and then we're out.
You see, women are more likely to talk to a strange man if they're introduced by a woman.
Even if the woman is a stranger, too.
So, your company has a high success rate.
Try 100%.
We need to know who Kim was winging for last night.
Robert Smith.
Let me check his profile.
None of these guys seem like they would have a problem getting a date on their own.
We do have a screening process.
After all, we are vouching for them.
No shorties, fatties, baldies Sorry.
Mouth breathers, uglies Sounds like you reject a lot of potential clients.
It's called Wing Chicks, not Miracle Workers.
You can make a lot of enemies that way.
- Do you know of any enemies ? - No.
Here it is.
Robert Smith.
He's staying at the National on Collins.
"Out-of-towner" ? Comes to South Beach for the weekend, gets a hotel, rental car and calls us to meet a girl.
Can we take this with us and make a couple of copies ? - Long as I get it back.
- Sure.
You got a minute ? Always.
Listen, I lost my badge, or someone took it.
Are you sure ? I've looked everywhere.
It's in the wind.
Okay, it's got to be somewhere.
Maybe this girl I met.
You think she took it, Eric ? - It could be.
- Have you talked to her ? I can't.
Eric, when there is a badge in the wrong hands Yeah, I know.
I just need a little advice on how to handle this.
Play it straight.
We file the paperwork, we take the hit.
That means involving IAB.
I mean, that's - guilty until proven innocent.
- Well, you've done nothing wrong.
Then how come it feels like I'm going to slit my own throat ? Find the girl, all right ? Breath strip.
Extremely fragile.
I'll have to photograph it and then scan it.
Okay, this is a priority.
They all are.
Why don't you take a seat ? I'll have to set up the camera without lights first, then bracket the stops.
Just don't melt it.
Robert Smith checked out of the National.
He paid cash.
I'm thinking it's a fake name.
I'm having Tripp check into it.
Joseph, is this our case ? Yeah, I found it stuck to the bedding.
Harry Klugman.
Let's bring him in.
We found your fingerprint on this mint strip at Club Prone last night.
Must have dropped it.
Can I help you ? It was lodged between the sheets of a bed with a dead woman lying in it.
Kim Burton.
Can you explain that ? Never even heard of her, so Yet, we found you in her reject pile.
Girl was a bitch, okay ? She told me that I'd never be a client of hers.
Too ugly.
So I got a little work done.
Went to the gym.
Got a spray tan.
Then you went to the club to find Kim.
She didn't even recognize me.
She gave me a card.
She said that I was a prime candidate.
Love to introduce me to girls.
I'm the same guy she rejected six months earlier.
Wouldn't even give me the time of day, so So you killed her ? No way.
I took the card, and I left.
Hey, she picked me.
She wanted me as a client.
That, that was the victory that I wanted, okay? You'd make a great client.
No, you're gonna have to do better than that.
I don't think so.
I want my lawyer.
We want your DNA.
So how'd you two hook up ? After our initial message, she sent me a second text message to meet her outside the club.
We did, and we walked across the street into the building.
Where you engaged in sexual intercourse ? Consensual sexual intercourse.
Nevertheless, it was outside in a public place, right ? It was night, and the building was closed.
You could have been arrested for indecent exposure.
Lose your job, your reputation here.
Your police report states that this woman can be contacted or identified through a screen name.
You don't know who she is, do you ? No, I don't.
Your behavior is reckless.
You're putting the department at risk.
Look, what I did was not a crime and nobody got hurt.
I'm thinking there's got to be some kind of underlying problem for you to be putting your career at risk this way, you know ? I'm fine.
How long have you been engaging in this kind of activity ? See, if I had to guess, I'd say about the time of Speedle's death, right ? What ? You're gonna make this about Speedle ? I mean, everybody knows you guys were tight.
His death you know may have caused you to suffer some feelings of abandonment.
That's a bunch of psychobabble crap.
You can't lose somebody you never cared about in the first place.
Speedle lost his life.
Now you lost your badge.
So you even yet ? I'm done with this interview.
Okay, Section 232 of our pillowcase murder weapon.
These things take time.
I see you cut up the murder weapon, I get antsy.
This pillowcase's been in a club.
There's probably DNA all over it.
According to the club owner, at At ten to, the beds get fresh linen.
That helps, I guess.
Got you a profile.
You compare that to Harry Klugman's DNA, please.
Okay, but I can tell you right now it's not a match.
How ? Amylogenin says DNA's from a female.
Then the question is : what female would benefit most from her death ? You've got it all wrong.
Without Kim, there is no Wing Chicks.
I thought the two of you were business partners.
We are, but I provide finance and manage the paperwork.
Strictly behind the scenes.
Kim works the bars and the clients.
Does your company introduce, uh, women to women ? No, silly.
Women don't have any trouble meeting women.
That's the premise behind our whole business.
What about angry girlfriends ? Guys with girlfriends don't need us either.
They meet all the women they want.
What's that ? Client category : "married but looking".
You fix up married men ? We're here to make a profit.
And break up some homes, apparently.
We don't really look at that end of it.
Well, it may have cost your partner her life.
Your car was parked at the National last night.
Under the name Robert Smith.
Only it's registered to a Butch Raleigh.
What do you want ? How'd you get those scratches on your face ? Bought a new kitten for my kids.
How about that fat lip ? It's a big kitten.
Maybe you got all scratched up when you killed Kim Burton.
I didn't kill anyone.
Kill ? Are you cops ? Yes, ma'am.
What did he do ? We're here investigating the murder of a young woman.
She was an acquaintance of your husband.
Is that what they call themselves now ? Lucy Found out he was fooling around on me.
Got home late last night.
And let's just say we came to an agreement.
You make those scratches on his face ? I'm not admitting anything.
All I can tell you is Butch will cooperate fully with your investigation.
We'll start with a DNA sample.
Whatever you need.
From you.
From me ? What's the range on these things ? Uh, 30 feet.
Give or take.
That's awfully narrow.
Yeah, this technology's based on an RF protocol.
Sends out a short-range beacon.
It's kind of like, um, sending an instant message to the air around you.
Wireless dating, Delko ? I don't know why you just don't go talk to them.
I mean, you're, like, 30 feet away.
It's not a date.
Besides, I'd rather just cut to the chase.
You tooth all these girls ? They answer back if they're interested.
Seems kind of desperate to me.
Would you just help me find her ? Yeah, uh, so, you remember her screen name ? "Up4anything.
" "Up4anything" ? Run it.
No dice.
She's either out of range or her phone's off.
Screen name's all I've got.
Once you're out of range, you're untraceable.
Not for long.
Look, if anybody asks, I'm in the field.
"H", I got the prints from last night's hookup.
One could be the girl.
You're gonna have to follow it.
I've got a shooting, Eric.
It's trouble ? The suspect flashed a badge.
- So what do we have ? - Ed Godfrey.
Single gunshot wound.
Shooter's still at large.
And this gentleman is our witness? Yep.
Clint Roster.
Owns the vehicle.
- I'll notify the ME's office.
- Thank you, ma'am.
You got it.
Roster, can you tell me what happened ? My buddy and I were just talking.
Cop walks up and starts shooting at us.
A police officer walked up to you and your buddy and just started shooting.
I find that hard to believe.
Yeah, tell it to the dude who shoved his badge in my face just before he shot my buddy.
You get a badge number ? I was too busy staring down the barrel of his gun.
I notice that your trunk is open, Mr.
Cop must've opened it.
After he just started shooting at you and your buddy, right ? Well, here's the problem, Mr.
The bullet strike is inside the trunk which means it happened during the shooting.
So it was open.
So what ? This is what, Mr.
You see this white powder right there ? It's my guess that that's cocaine.
And you were dealing.
Well, it doesn't give one of your cops the right to rip us off.
Here's a newsflash for you.
The man who shot your friend was not a police officer, and you're under arrest.
Take him, please.
You killed my brother, Raymond Caine.
And now I can prove it.
He was a degenerate.
Sir ? You wanted to see me, Horatio ? Do you have something to tell me, Rick ? I haven't made a determination on Delko's case I'm not talking about Delko.
Bob Keaton.
- It's your brother's killer.
- Correct.
- He got life imprisonment.
Then why did I see him on the street today ? That's impossible.
You don't know anything about this, do you ? No.
I do not.
- But I can look into it.
- Don't bother.
I'll do it.
Look, I got six lifts I need scanned.
Look, I heard your badge problem.
I'm not jeopardizing my job to help you find some girl, Delko.
Listen, we think the badge could have been used in a murder today.
Like I said I'll get right on it.
So, these were at the scene of the crime ? You could say that.
Try it again.
All right.
Patti Welborn.
All right, I need an address.
- Out of luck.
- There's none listed ? This guy hold anyone up since the coke bust ? No, not yet.
But the day's young.
Your doper's car give it up ? Yeah.
The bullet from the trunk and then some.
Same caliber that killed your vic.
You got anything else ? Some sort of impression on the bumper.
I haven't figured it out yet.
You will.
I'll take a look at this.
IBIS get us anything ? Four hits on the.
All commercial robberies.
Any suspect info ? No.
Not in custody.
I'm afraid we've hit a dead end.
My badge is being used in murders.
I got no one to blame but myself.
If it helps, this is atypical behavior for you.
Stetler seems to think this has something to do with Speedle.
That's interesting.
You know what I think about Stetler.
Lucy Raleigh, wife of married-but-looking ? She wasn't the one holding a pillow over Wing Chick's face.
My money's on Noelle, the business partner.
Not Noelle, either.
- You sure ? - DNA's funny that way.
Find me another woman to compare it to.
Run the pillowcase results through CODIS.
You're looking for a female ? I know, I know.
95% of the samples in the offender database are male.
Just humor me.
- What ? - Case from our department.
You get a CODIS hit from the pillowcase ? It's flagged.
Get out.
You can't see this.
Gabrielle Marinelli.
The schoolteacher at the bar ? - Get out.
- Is she our murderer ? Oh, God.
State Attorney's gonna kill me.
You put the DNA profile of a rape victim into a criminal database ? Six months ago.
I don't know how it happened.
Don, it was a mistake.
Complete violation of a victim's privacy.
If you use this, we're all looking at lawsuits.
The girl in question could be my killer.
She is a rape victim who cooperated.
She cannot be penalized for that in any way.
Okay, then we'll find another way.
Because until you do, Gabrielle Marinelli is untouchable.
I'm sorry.
No worries.
We go forward.
Okay ? Yeah, Calleigh.
Listen, we need to reapproach the club case and table all the information we got from Valera.
Bring everyone from the club back in here, please.
I already told you what I know.
We're reinterviewing all of the witnesses from the bar.
See if anyone remembers anything about Kim Burton that night.
You are the bartender.
You were there all night.
Somebody saw me, right ? Yes.
She was passed out.
I thought she was passed out.
I didn't know she was dead.
Went over like I was giving her change, I took 200 from her purse.
Did you see anyone else approach her bed that night before you did ? - Am I going to jail ? - It depends.
I saw some chick climb onto the bed, but that happens all the time.
Girls want to tell her their broken-heart stories.
Do you see the girl out there ? Yeah.
Yeah, the hot one next to the blonde.
Thank you.
Are you wearing the same clothes you wore last night at the club ? No.
Why ? We'd like to process them regarding the murder of Kim Burton.
I told you, I hardly even know her.
We have a witness who saw the two of you together on her bed.
They're lying.
I don't think so.
Miss Burton spilled something on her bedspread.
It was a margarita.
You have a stain on the bottom of your purse, and I can see salt in it.
Hey, can I ask you a couple of questions about your business ? Sure.
For a drink.
Do you care if we test it ? Go ahead.
All it proves is I sat next to her.
Now you're changing your story.
Miss Marinelli, because we've caught you in a lie based on the residue on the bottom of your purse, we are able to pursue an investigation into your background and as to why you would want to kill Kim Burton.
Are you trying to scare me ? No, Miss.
We're giving you the opportunity to confess to whatever might have transpired last night.
I went out, talked to some people, and went home.
Just like I'm doing now.
Out on good behavior ? The man killed a police officer.
Well Just hang on a second.
You are his probation officer.
I want I want you to explain it to me, that's all.
Okay, um, you know what ? Could I have his place of employment ? Right.
I know where that is.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Why do you have Ray's case file out ? - That's his killer.
- You know, I I just want to make sure that everything's in order.
- And it is, right ? - Yeah.
Everything is Everything's fine.
- You would tell me, right ? - Of course I would.
- Your phone.
- What ? Give me your phone.
I think I figured something out.
What the hell did you do to my phone ? Uh, that's a 2.
4-gigahertz antenna.
You just went from 30 feet to 5,000.
That's a mile.
That's great.
I owe you one.
"Wanna get together ?" "R U Hearby ?" "Where have you been ?" "Let's hook up.
" "How bout now, our spot.
" Hi.
I missed you.
Who did you give my badge to ? Listen to me.
Who did you give my badge to ? - I've been trying to get a hold of you.
- Yeah, sure you have.
Look, I knew if I called your department you'd get in trouble.
I'm already in trouble.
That badge was used in a murder.
What ? Yes.
I figured you'd message me back or something, so I kept it at home.
Then what happened to it ? Somebody took it out of my room.
Somebody like who ? Only one who's been there recently is my brother.
Give me his address.
- You got squat.
- Actually, no.
A search of your apartment recovered a gun.
Anybody could have shot that gun.
And these.
What ? My jeans ? You cops make me laugh.
So they're yours ? 'Course they are.
What does that prove ? The black residue on them matches the exhaust from the car at the murder scene.
So ? So the irregular pattern on the bumper-- that matches the stitching on your jeans.
They're individually sewn, which makes each pair unique, one of a kind.
It's like denim DNA.
You killed Ed Godfrey.
Open the trunk.
Miami-Dade Police.
Let's go.
You're under arrest for murder.
Give me back my badge.
All right, check it out and call me back.
Hey, Tripp, can we run an EI from your computer ? Uh, yeah, have at it.
Actually, we want you to do it.
You got a broken arm today ? It's a sticky situation.
We need to be above reproach.
All right, but I'm going to warn you : I hunt and I peck.
I don't want anybody breathing down my neck.
All right, we won't even exhale until you're done.
The individual is Gabrielle Marinelli.
Okay, there it is.
She was a complainant in a rape charge six months ago.
She was raped in the parking lot across the street from the club.
Still, that doesn't explain why she went after Kim.
It might.
What's the suspect's name ? Scott Brown.
Listen, I ran every one of the guys in that lady's client list.
I've got a Steve Brown.
Yeah, it's the same guy.
Was he convicted ? No, the case was never filed.
We may have found our motive.
Kim introduced you to Scott Brown.
He was the suspect in your rape.
She told me they were old friends.
Vouched for him.
I never would have talked to him if she hadn't introduced me.
He hired her for just that reason.
I totally let my guard down.
Started talking to him.
We left to go to another club, and he raped me.
I did everything right.
I called the police, went to the hospital, did the exam.
Then the prosecutor won't file, since we were on a date.
Guy claimed the sex was consensual.
Prosecutor said something about it being hard to prove.
So you went back to the club to look for Kim.
I hadn't gone anywhere in four months because of fear.
I went back to the club so I could face my fear and get on with my life.
And you saw Kim.
Excuse me, two margaritas, please.
This is my dear friend Robert.
We were college roommates, and now he's a financier from DC That's when I realized what she did.
"Wing Chick.
" Passing off strangers as friends.
Nobody heard or saw any arguments with Kim that night.
That's 'cause we didn't fight.
You look familiar.
Must be the margarita.
Do you even worry about the girls you fix these guys up with ? The only thing I worry about is if the check clears.
What about the girl who gets her heart broken ? Or worse ? Own it.
Take responsibility.
Just quit the blame game.
I can't believe I really did it.
But if I just saved one girl from one of her dates, maybe it was worth it.
You might not want to say that to the State Attorney.
Valera, what's going on ? Getting kicked out of my lab.
Relieved of duty.
What ? You'll have to get someone else to do your DNA.
I'm sorry I saw the vic's name.
It's okay.
I looked.
It's like that Greek thing in the Bible where the guy looks and turns into stone.
- Only I did.
- Greek and Bible ? It's a pillar of salt.
Either way I'm gone.
What's with the evidence boxes ? Review of all Valera's casework over the last six months.
Something about DNA and ASCLAD.
- She gone for good ? - I don't know.
I guess it depends on what these boxes say.
We meet again, Bob.
I wasn't sure you recognized me today.
I never forget a face.
Now, Bob, you're a cop killer.
What are you doing out on the street ? My paperwork says I'm out on parole.
Are you working undercover, Bob ? DEA ? Just like your brother, Raymond.
So you didn't shoot Raymond.
I shot him.
We had to make it look good.
It was a drug deal.
Is Raymond still alive, Bob ? Yeah.
- Look, man, I'm deep undercover.
- I didn't see you, and you didn't see me, okay ?