CSI: Miami s03e21 Episode Script


I just can't believe that you've done that.
I got a court order and I followed it.
You violated protocol.
When I was in patrol, we did what we were told.
You're not in patrol anymore.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
All units, I've got a 315 in progress.
Officer needs assistance.
I'm at the Biscayne Courthouse on Flagler.
Do you remember me ? No.
Brad ! Don't do it ! Calleigh ? Calleigh ? Oh my god.
Calleigh ? Horatio Caine ? You know where Horatio Caine is ? You're Horatio Caine ? - Speaking.
- You run the crime lab ? I run my shift.
And you are ? Brad Manning.
I got a case coming up in court today at 4:00.
Manning, I'm not allowed to discuss that with you.
I love my little girl.
I would never do anything to hurt her.
I want to thank you for everything that you've done.
I'm just doing my job.
I just want to protect my little girl.
I believe you, but that is a matter for the judge.
See, that's the problem.
They always rule for the woman.
My ex-- she's crazy.
He stole my daughter.
Please don't let him take her away.
Well, I can't make any promises, but I think you have got a good case.
This is it.
It's the end of the line for me.
Do you understand ? I understand.
- You said 4:00 today ? - That's right.
4:00 today.
You gonna be there ? I am now.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 21 - Recoil S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Seth Cohen and Roger222 Correction: Cordesh Horatio, I just got a callout on a jumper in Miami Shores.
You heading out ? Would you mind taking Eric, Frank ? I'm working on something else.
What's the case ? It's a child abuse case with allegations from both parents and there's a pretrial hearing today.
Yeah, well, I've heard that old song before.
"He said, she said.
" Yes.
The problem is is that the child ends up paying the price.
Yeah, well, you can't make people - be good parents.
- No, we can't, but we can make sure we never get a callout on this little girl.
Thank you, ma'am.
That That looks like a good book.
It's about a talking cat.
- Have you read it ? - No, I haven't.
I have.
But I still like it.
You're a policeman, aren't you ? That's right.
How did you know ? You look like all the other ones.
Except for the red hair.
You've spoken to a lot of police officers lately, haven't you, Amy ? They asked me lots of questions about my mom and dad.
What'd you tell them ? That they argued a lot.
I tried to make them stop, but they didn't.
Now I have to go to court and not tell any lies.
That's right.
Have you ever told a lie ? - No.
- No ? Not even a little one ? Okay.
You know, Amy, sometimes we tell a lie to protect the people we love, but it's still a lie, isn't it ? Yes.
My dad said it was our little secret.
Daddy, what are you doing here ? Thought I'd surprise you, pumpkin.
Let's go for a ride.
What was your secret ? I don't want to get him in trouble.
I understand.
Is this our child abuse case ? Hearing's at 4:00 today.
Horatio asked me to give you a hand.
Would you mind not doing that ? I'm just, I'm very particular about my evidence.
It's not a big deal.
I was sorting it by date.
I usually do it by item number.
I'm sorry.
I appreciate it.
I really do.
It's just that I like to get all my ducks in a row before I go to court.
Looks like Mom and Dad have been battling for custody since the divorce last year.
The court sided with her, even granted a TRO.
That didn't sit well with Dad.
Two weeks ago, he grabbed the kid from school.
The police picked them up in an alley off Northwest 5th Street.
DCS found blood on the girl's underwear.
DNA doesn't match Dad or the girl.
How is that possible ? It's one of Valera's cases.
She's already been suspended for one mistake.
I really hope that's not another one.
Right or wrong, the defense is gonna be all over it.
We gotta get the blood retested.
Could you do me a favor ? Can you handle the DNA retest ? Yeah, sure.
And just make sure to put the report in with the file.
You all right ? Yeah.
I guess.
Why don't you step out of the car, please.
I need to see your license.
You hit me, right ? Oh, it doesn't matter.
We have to exchange information.
File a police report.
Come on, man.
The cops don't need to know about this, right ? Well, the cops already know about it.
So why don't you just step out of the car and let me see your driver's license ? Hey.
Dispatch, we got Code 18.
Code 18, any victim.
Yeah, there's a victim : me.
It's a long way down, Alexx.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
The question is how did he fall.
I think we can rule out suicide.
Multiple fractures to the ulna and radius.
- His forearms are broken ? - Yeah.
Means he tensed up, tried to break his fall.
Not what you'd expect with a jumper.
What happened to you ? Traffic.
What do we got ? We got this guy.
He took the expressway.
We got a name ? Manager ID'd him as Bill Keeler.
Said he lived in 1623.
Wonder what made him go over the edge ? What or who ? High railing.
No way he tripped and went over this.
I guess that rules out accidental.
So does this.
Check this out.
Well, you know what they say: Good fences make good neighbors.
Unless your neighbor's jacking your satellite dish.
, uh, Rondinelli, you live next-door to Bill Keeler ? Yeah, I do.
It's a hell of a thing, him falling over the side like that.
Yeah, well, we think he had a little help.
Did you see or hear anything unusual this morning ? I left the apartment at Anyone see you leave ? What is this ? You think I had something to do with it ? I'm thinking you might be angry with him.
How do you figure ? Let's start with your satellite dish.
You found out the two of you were sharing more than just a wall.
Guy was skanking my feed.
I started getting billed for his pay-per-view porno.
So, yeah, I got angry.
Angry enough to kill him ? Look I didn't like him, but I didn't kill him.
Wolfe, my child abuse case ? Tell you one thing, that hearing's gonna be short and sweet.
Why do you say that ? DCS requires a DNA sample from all family members in a custody case.
Mother and daughter are a familial match.
But Dad's the odd man out.
Brad Manning is not the biological father.
Looks like he's been spending a lot of time and money fighting for a kid that's not his.
Hey, Brad, what about that restraining order ? I believe the distance is about a hundred feet, isn't it ? I got a measuring tape in the car.
You're welcome to use it.
Were you looking for trouble or just another chance to grab her ? I'm her father.
Really ? Hey, Brad, news flash: you're not her father.
What are you talking about ? I've got a DNA confirmation that says she's not your biological daughter.
Different state, same BS.
That little girl belongs to me.
We shall see.
I'm a little confused.
The defendant in your abuse case, Brad Manning, was charged in Florida, right ? That's right.
So, why did you want me to run him out-of-state ? Something he said to me.
Well, I'm running him coast to coast.
His name is not showing up anywhere.
Okay, try the wife, please.
So, how'd it go ? How did what go ? That business with Ray's file.
There's nothing more to it, right ? Yeah, um, the file was fine.
That's good.
Cheri was no stranger to the system.
"Wire fraud, extortion, blackmail.
" The Feds were putting a case together against her.
Victims in New York, Illinois, Arizona.
Wonder what she was selling.
The question is, what wasn't she selling ? Look at that.
She was running personal ads online, selling her photos.
Complaint says that she was making thousands of dollars scamming these men.
"I am willing to meet in person for the right price.
" More to her than meets the eye.
You fooled me, Ms.
You fooled a lot of people.
What do you mean ? Do you care to explain ? I run an online business.
I sell photos and merchandise.
It's perfectly legal.
Apparently, the Attorney General's office doesn't think so.
You're a scam artist.
Those are business disputes.
Nothing more.
So, you seek out these men and take their money.
What does that make you ? A survivor.
Look, I've been on my own since I was 15.
I've done a lot of things that I'm not proud of.
I don't want Amy to ever go through that.
That's no excuse for committing fraud.
That's unproven.
For now.
Well, until it is, I'll do what I have to to protect my daughter.
So will we.
Just about to call you.
Finished up the post on our falling guy.
What'd you get ? Small puncture wounds on his hands.
Now, they could have been from the struggle.
But look at this.
On his neck.
The skin is discolored.
I sent the swab to Trace.
And there's one other thing.
What ? I found split ends.
So, the guy doesn't use conditioner.
Found them further south.
This ought to be good.
It's anecdotal, but I have seen a correlation between damaged pubic hair and sexual deviance.
Okay, so, what turned him on ? That's up to you to find out.
Lieutenant ? Lieutenant Caine ? Yeah ? Nicole Talcott from night shift.
I'm covering DNA for Valera.
Anyway, you're not going to believe this.
Bill Keeler, your falling guy it turns out he's a registered sex offender.
But that's not the best part.
What is the best part ? Got a second case: child abuse.
Matched Keeler to blood found on the victim's underwear.
Amy Manning.
How'd you know ? These cases are related.
Of course I knew him, Lieutenant.
Bill and I were dating.
Who would want to kill him ? I don't know.
Everyone loved Bill.
Amy's going to be heartbroken.
Did you know that Bill was molesting Amy ? That's not possible.
So, you're saying you didn't know ? Well, of course not.
I would never put my daughter in that kind of jeopardy.
I'm not a monster, Lieutenant Caine.
Delko found these pictures on Bill Keeler's hard drive.
More personal ads.
"More personal ads" ? "Instant family.
"Package deal.
"Two for the price of one.
" That is not what you think.
What do I think ? You're twisting it, making it dirty.
I'm just being honest.
You haven't been honest with us yet.
Most women lie about the fact that they have a kid.
Try not to scare the guys off.
I put it right out front.
What you see is what you get.
What I see is a woman who's selling her own child.
I don't care what you people think.
I love my daughter.
Calleigh, we got a court order from Brad Manning's defense attorney.
Okay, Dad, I'll be there as soon as I can.
Will you just sit tight ? Great.
They want his original vial of blood sent to a private lab.
Questioning our chain of custody.
Can you take care of it, Ryan ? Uh, yeah, sure.
What's up ? Nothing.
I just have to take care of something.
All right, thank you very much.
I will see you at court at 4:00.
Horatio Yes, Alexx ? I've got the findings on our falling guy.
Thought you'd like to see them.
Streaks on the neck are hair dye, Alexx ? Yeah.
Hair dye gel.
Acetic acid, methylparaben, yellow dye #3 stains skin brown.
Probably transferred from the killer.
Seen that look before.
Got a suspect ? Yes.
I spoke to him this morning.
You Horatio Caine ? Speaking.
And you are ? Brad Manning.
I got a case coming up in court today at 4:00.
Alexx, I'm beginning to get the picture of his day.
After he left me, he went to see a man who he believed was molesting his child.
So, Brad was actually trying to protect her.
And I don't think he's done yet, Alexx.
You think he's after the ex-wife ? He knows where she is, and when she'll be there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I've got that sample for the custody hearing.
How do you want to handle it ? What sample ? The blood sample; I got it right here.
You took a biological out of the lab ? It's not even in a Kapak.
What ? I just can't believe that you've done that.
I got a court order, and I followed it.
What's the problem ? You never bring blood to court.
You violated protocol.
When I was in patrol, we did what we were told.
You are not in patrol anymore.
What you should have done is call the State Attorney and have him appeal the court order.
Well you know, I could've used that advice, but you were off bailing out your dad again.
Amy, why don't you go get yourself something to drink ? I'll meet you inside, okay ? Hey.
Hey, come here a minute.
All units, I've got a 315 in progress.
Officer needs assistance.
I'm at the Biscayne Courthouse on Flagler.
You remember me ? No.
I got to go.
No, come here a minute.
Brad ! Don't do it.
Calleigh ! Calleigh? Oh, my God.
It's okay.
I'm not hit.
All right, twice in one day.
What's going on ? Nothing.
Okay, Mary Poppins, what's the deal with the umbrella ? Not a cloud in the sky.
Oh, you're blocking the security camera, are you ? All right.
Let's take a little ride.
Don't let her take my little girl.
I won't.
I won't.
God ! It hurts.
Get used to it.
I'm going to have to extract that bullet for evidence.
Thank you for saving my life.
My only concern is your daughter right now.
Officer Can you bring her to the hospital, please ? Yes, ma'am.
The little girl stays with us, you understand ? You want me to place this child in protective care against the wishes of the parent ? We believe that protection is warranted in this case.
- Anything you'd like to share ? - The mother is involved in pandering and using her child as bait.
You think, or you know ? I need more time.
This child has nowhere else to go.
I can hold her as long as her mother's in the hospital.
After that, Mom has a right to custody.
And appreciated.
Low five.
Ready ? Here it comes.
Ran into you this morning, literally.
Then you show up at our little shoot-out with this.
I have a skin condition.
Sun's harmful.
So is video surveillance when you're trying to kill someone.
Hey, I was just standing there.
Eyewitness accounts aren't as reliable as a security camera.
Now you were there.
Your job was to obstruct the view.
- Hey, come here a minute.
- Sorry.
I got to go.
And, Don, that sounds like conspiracy to me.
Now I can make this day very long day for you.
I picked up this guy at the airport.
Said he didn't drive.
Wanted me to take him around all day.
Paid cash.
Told me where to go, what to do.
Is that him ? No.
That's not him.
Sit tight, Don.
Dade Memorial pulled a round out of Mom.
Patrol ran it over here.
It's a.
That's weird.
Brad fired a.
Horatio carries a nine-mil, department-issue.
Yeah, but he only fired once.
Alexx pulled his round out of Brad's chest.
What about the umbrella man ? Tripp had him the whole time.
So if Brad didn't shoot Cheri, who did ? Hey.
If you're here about the courthouse security camera, there's nothing.
What about the news cameras ? WFOR was out there.
Their raw footage just came in.
Let's take a look.
an accusation the defense vehemently denies.
Closing arguments are scheduled for 8:00 a.
Monday morning.
I think was good.
Do you think we should They didn't get it on video.
It doesn't matter.
We just need the sound anyway.
Will you back it up and play it again slower.
There it is, three shots.
Can we do it again ? And will you give me an audiogram of it.
See, there's a small spike after the second shot.
Bullet hitting something ? Or the sound hitting something.
An echo maybe ? I don't know.
Shots one and three didn't have it.
Tyler, will you download this onto my laptop ? I'm going to take this show on the road.
Are you sure this is a WFOR microphone ? I want to make sure it has the same sensitivity.
Well, they let me pull it right out of their van.
According to the video, you're standing where the news lady was.
Horatio was standing approximately here, facing northwest when he discharged his weapon.
Brad fired his.
38 from where you're standing.
Let's light'em up.
Fire in the hole ! Shots from Horatio and Brad's position didn't leave an echo stamp.
So the mystery shooter provided the echo.
Find the echo, find the shooter's position.
We got it.
It's might explain why Cheri survived.
It's a tough shot from this distance.
I've got something.
It's newspaper.
Looks like it's charred.
Explains why nobody saw him.
Unfortunately, anyone with spare change can buy a newspaper.
It's a little bit of a reach.
Maybe not.
Mass spec found carbon black, microcrystalline.
I'm not surprised.
It's newspaper ink.
Hey, wait a minute.
What is this, soy ink ? Commercial printers in the Northeast are just starting to use it.
It's, uh, cheaper.
It's better for the environment.
Okay, so our newspaper was bought by someone in the Northeast.
Unfortunately, that doesn't narrow it down that much.
Tripp said umbrella man's passenger didn't drive.
It sounds like a New Yorker to me.
A New Yorker with motive.
Vincent Lesca.
He's from Brooklyn.
He was one of the victims in Cheri Lyle's federal fraud case.
How much did she take him for ? $50,000.
I think it's certainly enough to make him want to kill her.
What are the odds that two men would attempt to kill the same woman on the same day ? Gosh, I would say, judging from her Web site, it could be as many as a hundred men.
Okay, so where is Vincent ? Picked up Vincent here at the Shore Club.
Says he's on vacation.
Was nowhere near the courthouse.
It's not exactly in the tourist books.
No, it's not, but Cheri Lyle was there today.
You remember Cheri, don't you, Vincent ? Took you for 50 grand back in Brooklyn.
Small world.
Yours is about to get smaller.
Someone took a shot at her.
I don't know anything about that.
Yeah, well, your driver says different.
He ID'd you on the way in.
I got nothing to say.
That's all right.
We'll do the talking for you.
I'm going to get this swab to DNA.
Hey, come here.
Hey, have you seen Calleigh ? No.
What's up ? Well, just found something interesting.
Take a look.
What do you see ? Horatio fired first.
Echo recognition tells us the second shot was Vincent.
Brad was third.
He squeezed off a round as he went down.
But what do you hear ? Same three shots.
Yeah, but listen to the first two.
Almost on top of each other.
What are you getting at, Tyler ? Second shot came only.
15 seconds after the first.
World-class sprinters don't get off the blocks that fast.
There wasn't enough time for Vincent to react to Horatio's shot.
Which means he couldn't have known that Brad was going to get hit first and go down.
Vincent Lesca wasn't trying to shoot Cheri.
He was trying to hit Brad.
Question is, why ? Maybe somebody put him up to it.
Look, I'm the one that got shot.
I gave my statement.
What more do you need from me ? The bullet in your shoulder came from a third shooter, Ms.
And we have him in custody.
But I thought it was my ex-husband He came right at me.
He had a gun.
Uh I was just getting some clarification from Ms.
Lyle about the Tyler already got me up to speed.
I think I can handle it from here, Ryan.
Do you recognize this man, Ms.
Lyle ? Brooklyn Vinnie.
I always wondered if he'd show up again.
You must be good.
He came all the way down from New York to help you murder your ex.
What ? Vincent's bullet was meant for Brad, and I think you arranged it to guarantee custody of your daughter.
I'm not a murderer.
And you have no proof.
I'm a mother.
Actually, we have no proof of that either.
Unless you have something to back up these accusations, I'm going to walk out of here.
That woman is bad news, and she's gonna get custody of that little girl.
Not if we can help it.
How do you want to do it ? You need to call in a favor.
Uh, hey.
Hey, Ryan.
You remember my dad.
I sure do.
It's good to see you, Mr.
Ah, same, Ryan.
How are things these days ? Well if you're referring to my DUI, I don't know what I would do without Calleigh.
Uh, you know, I have something you should look at.
Okay, in a minute.
Are you set ? Can you put the wheels in motion ? Yep, yep.
We'll talk soon.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Thanks, Dad.
About the interview, I left you a message.
I didn't get it, and you should've waited.
- Okay, what I wanted - I know what you wanted.
What is this ? What am I looking at here ? You're looking at your daughter's DNA.
You're Amy Manning's biological father.
When I saw that Web site, it was like looking in a mirror.
There was no doubt at all.
She was mine.
Legally, she was Brad Manning's daughter.
He's connected by a piece of paper.
I'm her blood.
So, what, you thought by getting him out of the way, you'd step in and be Daddy ? I always wanted a family.
And there it was.
And I could've made it work.
Well, you could have made it work if you had done it the right way.
You mean, uh, let the legal system run its course ? Come on, that's a battle I'd lose, and you know it.
I know this.
With an attempted murder charge, It's all gone, Vinnie.
It's all gone.
Uh-huh ? Amy's missing.
What ? Her mom showed up at DCS.
The little girl ran out the back.
Counselor found an open window.
She's running from her mother, Frank.
Let's put out a BOLO.
I'm on it.
We got cars at the school.
We're canvassing all the bus stations between here and Broward.
If she found transportation, she could be anywhere.
Not necessarily.
That looks like a good book.
It's about a talking cat.
Have you read it ? Frank, she'll go where she feels safe.
You already know how it ends.
Yeah, but it's still good.
Amy, your mom came looking for you, but nobody could find you.
I didn't want to go with her.
I can't be nice to her boyfriends anymore.
I understand.
Is that why your dad took you from school ? Was that the secret ? He was going to take me away.
Somewhere they couldn't hurt me.
Well, he got his wishes because no one will ever hurt you again.
Okay ? Okay.
Thank you for finding Amy.
I can't believe DCS.
They just let her walk right out from under their noses.
So where is she ? I can assure you she's in excellent hands, Ms.
I want to see her.
Lyle, I'm afraid you're gonna have to direct all your questions to Amy's attorney.
What are you talking about ? Ms.
Lyle, Kenwall Duquesne.
Duquesne will represent Amy in all matters pertaining to child custody.
A lawyer ? She's eight years old.
The Department of Child Services has been provided sufficient evidence by Lieutenant Caine to file a dependency action.
No, she is my daughter.
The DCS feels that she should become a ward of the state.
You can't do this.
I'm afraid we can.
Judge signed off on the petition.
Oh, this is not over.
It is over, Ms.
You're under arrest for trafficking and child endangerment.
Right, counselor ? That's right, sir.
Take care.
I didn't know about your, your dad and, uh, what you were trying to do.
You know, I've learned in this business, just because you know one thing about a person doesn't mean you know everything about him.
You lost your place.
I can find it.
Yeah, you can.