CSI: Miami s03e22 Episode Script


This head wound didn't happen from a fall.
Multiple contusions says repeated blunt force to the head.
Also, bruising on the neck.
I noticed a name tag, Alexx.
Who is that ? Patrick Hale.
It's got an old picture of him on it.
Cute kid.
And we got about a hundred people trying to see what he looks like now.
High school reunion's going on all weekend.
Wavecrest High, Class of 1990.
Champagne bottle.
We've got a probable murder weapon here that someone took no great pains to hide.
Killer was either in a hurry, or eager to get caught.
Assuming it's the former.
Hmmm What do we have here ? Smeared blood, Alexx.
That can't do that by itself, can it ? Horatio name tag says our boy was prom king, student body president, and quarterback of the football team.
Every high school has one.
People either want to be him, or be with him.
Tell you what, all kinds of rage behind these head wounds.
Take motive to murder, multiply it by 15 years And we have a victim that started the weekend big man on campus and ended it dead on arrival.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 22 - Vengeance S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction: Cordesh So far, no one saw a thing.
I guess this is the one time our quarterback didn't have an audience.
Excuse me, Frank.
Horatio Caine.
Yeah, I know where that is.
Just stay there.
Uh, Frank, could you could you take over here ? Yeah, you got trouble ? I don't know yet.
Victim's got two gunshot wounds.
Looks like both were through-and-through.
Turn him over.
Lieutenant you know this guy ? You figured it out.
Is Raymond still alive, Bob ? - Look, man,I'm deep undercover.
- I didn't see you, and you didn't see me, okay ? Weird, Lieutenant.
No casings.
There aren't going to be any casings.
Where do you want me to start ? It won't be necessary to start, Eric.
Why not ? Someone has processed this crime scene.
Who ? Someone thorough.
No prints, no ballistics Think the killer did this ? Killers clean scenes, Eric.
They don't process them.
Let's get Bob to post.
All right.
Let me check here and see if these guys missed anything.
Is that the wife ? Yeah Jennie Hale.
Former head cheerleader, prom queen.
Quarterback and head cheerleader, still together after all these years.
Nice to know there are some things you can still count on.
Just hang in there, Jen.
Hey, guys take him out back.
Ma'am, this might not be the best place No, I have to see him.
Patrick What's that ? On his neck.
Is that a hickey ? Uh or it could be a rupture of the blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue.
A hickey.
like no time's passed at all.
He's still playing around.
Poor thing.
Officers, if you need any help, please don't hesitate.
Krystal Sneed.
I organized the event.
I know everybody here.
Any idea who might've given Patrick the love bite ? Um just between us ? Patrick used to always make time with the undesirables.
He cheated on Jennie three times senior year.
Any of those ladies here today ? Michelle Day.
Wouldn't exactly call her a lady.
I used to act out.
Patrick was popular.
He'd ditch his girlfriend after games and we'd go down to the pier.
Well, under it.
Did you and Patrick reunite for old times' sake ? No.
Michelle, Patrick incurred a suction bruise on his neck antemortem.
What's that mean ? It means whoever gave him the hickey did so before his murder.
Perhaps during it.
Now we swabbed the area around his neck to check for DNA.
Would you care to give us a sample for comparison ? Patrick was so cute.
I just wanted to experience that feeling again.
- Okay Okay ! - Come on.
Still like that ? Oh, you know it.
But to him, I was still a skank.
Hear that ? I requested our song.
We didn't have a song.
Come on.
Let's go out there and dance.
What, in public ? Are you kidding me ? I didn't take you out in public in high school.
Why would I start now ? If someone killed him, I can't say I'm sorry.
But it wasn't me.
Alexx Horatio.
So soon ? I was just prepping the shooting vic from the condo.
Alexx, is that a void in the blood ? I think our boy was wearing a wire.
Yes, it looks that way.
You don't seem surprised.
Is that a fingerprint right there ? Yeah.
Whoever removed this wire, left his print in the adhesive.
Who was this guy ? No one goes to this much trouble over a dead dealer.
We do.
We have an audience.
Yes, we do.
Give me a minute, will you, Alexx ? John u can't be here.
How'd this mope get out ? - Cop killers don't get early release - John, I need you to stay out of this.
Stay out of this ? Bob Keaton down there killed my partner.
Your brother.
What is it you're not telling me ? I don't have that information yet.
You don't have that information ? I've been on the outside since the day Raymond died.
Yes, you have.
And it probably kept you alive.
What's this about ? I don't know yet.
Just raises so many questions.
I want to get you some answers.
Don't make me wait.
So who removed the wire from Bob Keaton ? I don't know.
Still searching.
Just switched over from a local criminal database.
Okay, take your time.
H, I've been thinking about this crime scene.
The wire, the scene being processed It's above my pay scale, isn't it ? Maybe all of ours.
Who's this ? "David Park.
" This guy's not a criminal.
He's a GS-14.
David Park has government clearance.
Let's have Homicide bring him in.
Thank you, Eric.
Yeah ? My name is Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
Yes now, I understand you work for the federal government.
Census Bureau.
I count people.
Now, a GS-14 clearance is a little high on the food chain for a census taker, don't you think ? Again, I count people.
Well, I guess that could explain why I recovered your fingerprint from my victim.
And that would also tell me that you removed his surveillance wire.
So that's how you tracked me down.
But you're wasting your time.
I didn't kill Bob Keaton.
But you did process the scene, which means you do know who did kill him.
I'm not at liberty to say.
Park, what can you tell me ? That this case doesn't exist.
And neither do I.
Well, then, how do you explain me ? Lieutenant Caine nothing good comes from waking ghosts.
I think you know what I mean.
But if you can wake them, then maybe they're not ghosts.
Hey, Alexx.
Hey, Ryan.
Did you determine the cause of death on my quarterback ? Blunt-force trauma was the cause.
And I may have also found the person who caused it.
I found this in his pants pocket.
I know about the curve, you're a dead man.
"Curve" What kind of curve ? Whatever it was, guess it was something worth killing for.
That's weird.
Note has perforated edges.
It looks like dot-matrix printer paper.
Who uses that kind of paper these days ? Exactly.
I didn't write any note to Patrick.
You pulled me out of the reunion for this ? Yeah, we did.
You wrote the note 15 years ago.
You can't prove that.
The paper was the first indication.
Obsolete brand, slight yellowing.
But the ink you used the ink told us the rest.
We extracted the ink from the note, Kevin.
From 1969 to 1994, consumer ink was infused with a Coumarin compound.
It's a plant extract.
They're called chemical date tags.
Determine the compound and get the year the ink was manufactured.
Once the ink's extracted, it's analyzed with thin layer chromatography.
The tags react to ultraviolet light.
Which shows the ink on your note was made of compounds C, A, and B.
Which is unique to only one year : 1990.
And the writing, unique to one person.
Krystal Sneed's Class of '90 yearbook.
Which you signed.
We matched the handwriting to your note.
"I know about the curve.
You're a dead man.
" He stole the science midterm test.
Got a bogus 98.
Set the curve for the rest of us.
Made my 91 look like a "C".
Kept me out of Vanderbilt.
And you waited 15 years for revenge.
What ? I- I didn't kill him.
Krystal told our homicide detective that she saw you and Patrick arguing right before he was killed.
Always expected you to show up at Vanderbilt, and, uh, follow through on your threat.
You kept that ? It's ancient history, man.
Hey, I still feel bad.
I mean, I heard where you ended up.
Community college ? You trying to rub my nose in it ? Hey, I'm saying it's my bad.
Yeah ? Dude, tell me something I don't know.
My net worth is like ten times his.
I was looking forward to rubbing that in his face at the picnic.
Don't go far, Mr.
Right this way.
So what now ? Check with Dr.
Talcott in DNA.
See if our murder weapon is telling us anything, would you ? Yup.
The reunion murder, right ? Yeah.
Uh, is there any non-victim blood on our champagne bottle ? No, but I did find something else, though.
There's something in the blood.
Any idea what it could be ? Whatever it is, it's underneath the blood.
So it was stuck on the bottle before it was used as a weapon.
Yeah, I gotta get this to Trace.
That from the Bob Keaton murder ? Dusting powder.
All they got was smudges.
Dusting powder Eric, here's what I want you to do.
Let's stay focused on this powder, okay ? Get it over to Aaron, - see what we get.
- Okay, good.
Ma'am When were you going to tell me ? Excuse me.
Tell you what ? Last week you were looking at Ray's old case files.
And now today, a man I thought was locked up for the rest of his life, the man that killed my husband, was murdered.
I'm still working on that.
You see the way I have this is that if Bob Keaton got out of prison, that tells me he wasn't Ray's killer.
Horatio, don't lie.
Do you trust me ? I thought I could.
I need you to trust me until I have something real to tell you.
Okay ? You promise me ? Promise ? Of course.
Alexx, what is that ? The shooter left a calling card our competitor missed.
Muzzle stamp.
It was under the mess.
They didn't know to look for it.
But we did, didn't we ? The killer got close for the second shot.
The heat softened Bob's skin.
And then the muzzle smashed into it.
The muzzle with an imperfection, Alexx.
This demarcation is unique only to the killer's gun.
So we find that gun, we match it to this imperfection, we have our killer.
Here's the thing, you need to protect your family.
OK ? Policies start at $250,000.
We offer term or whole life.
You really can't go wrong.
Think about it, Sally.
People don't plan to fail, but they do fail to plan.
It's great to see you.
Sir, may I talk with you for a minute ? Yeah, officer.
What can I do you for ? You lost your name tag.
I didn't go to this school.
So you go to reunions for the sheer fun of it ? What is that ? What is that ? Oh, it's a mortality clock.
It shows you how many seconds you have left on this Earth.
You factor in age, habits, height and weight, and statistics tell the rest.
But the class of '90's going to start dropping around 2055.
So you sell life insurance at the reunion ? It's a perfect place.
People are all focused on their fading youth.
I know, it's sleazy, but it's working.
I go to class reunions all over the state.
Our detective said he saw you talking to the victim's wife.
I was consoling her.
How are you holding up ? Patrick was taken much too soon.
Jennie, yeah, I wanted to see how she was doing.
I met her when I sold her a policy.
- She bought a policy ? - On her husband - last night at the cocktail party.
- Before he was killed ? Yes.
I don't want to get her in trouble.
Do you have the application on you ? Term policy, a million upon death.
Jennie Hale.
She signed it.
Any idea where she is now ? No, I'd like a small service.
Uh, nothing too pricy.
No, no.
That's what my husband would have wanted.
So Jennie's got a million reasons to kill her husband.
Should we bring her in ? I want forensic proof.
She'll wiggle out of it too easily.
Everyone bought one of those policies.
We may have forensic proof.
There was trace on the murder weapon, - Bahamian aragonite.
- Sand ? Produced by coral reefs in the Bahamas, high pH, large granule size, unique to the region.
- So our killer was in the Bahamas.
- Not necessarily.
Remember that yearbook we looked at ? Oh, yeah.
"Senior class trip to the Bahamas was awesome.
" I got a way to find out where that champagne bottle came from, but we're going to have to go back in time.
Hey, Krystal, wait up a minute.
Oh, officer.
Where you going with the time capsule ? Home.
Unveiling it was supposed to be a special event.
The whole weekend's ruined.
I mean, some things you just can't party plan.
You know, actually, I'd like to see the contents if you don't mind.
At least someone will get to see the time capsule.
Here's the list.
We buried it underground right before graduation.
All our favorite memories.
"Rubik's Cube, Atari 2600, Whitesnake CD, President Bush elected.
" That's the first one, right ? Dubé champagne.
" The same brand as the murder weapon.
The bottle's not in there.
Did you take it out, Krystal ? What do you mean, take it out ? No ! Oh, my God ! Our beach in a jar.
It broke ! That might be evidence.
Evidence ? I'm confused.
Let me guess.
You brought it back from your trip senior year in the Bahamas ? How'd you know ? Are you the only one with a key to the time capsule ? Well, there's one other person.
Not that she ever cared about the class project.
She just loved the attention.
So ? I opened your little time capsule.
Still as lame as the day we buried it.
You removed the champagne bottle, breaking the glass jar in the process, didn't you ? Okay, yeah.
I took the bottle.
The same bottle that was used to kill Patrick shortly afterwards ? You're putting words in my mouth.
It used to be Patrick's favorite, so I brought it to our hook up.
Remember this ? Dubé champagne.
Yeah, sure, great, we'll drink it after.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Come on ! I left the bottle on the floor, unopened.
You're only going after me because of my reputation.
A person's character does enter into an investigation.
Character ? I have a job, a condo, nieces that love me.
I left high school, not like some of the people at the reunion.
Oh, yeah, like who ? Take your pick : cheerleaders, band geeks, rockers, stoners, loners.
It's just like they never left.
I mean, look at Dan.
He's still a total outcast.
Dan ? Life insurance Dan ? Dan Winslet.
Dropped out freshman year, but still shows up to our reunion.
What kind of loser would do that ? We're going to find out.
I'm serious, guys.
You're making a mistake.
No, we're not.
Get your hands out, Mr.
What ? You didn't go to the reunion to sell insurance, did you ? Yes, I did.
I told you before.
I got blood smeared.
There was smeared blood on the floor where Patrick was killed.
How much you want to bet that's our victim's blood ? Puts you at the scene, Dan.
Do you care to talk about that ? I should have been part of that class.
It's all his fault.
Freshman year, locker room.
Dansy the pansy.
Shouldn't have told Coach I blew off practice.
That'll keep you from talking ! Yeah ! Good night ! You want to know how long I was in the hospital ? How long it took them to get that tape off me ? Skin grafts.
I can't take off my shirt in front of anyone.
Not that I even have anyone.
- Do you blame Patrick for the life you have ? - No.
For taking the life I could have had.
Bastard ! - I know you ? - You should.
Well, I guess more people remember me.
Dan Winslet.
Freshman year.
Dansy the pansy ! What's up, man ? I want an apology for what you did.
Whatever it was, get over it.
Man, wait ! He didn't even remember what he did to me.
So he took your life .
and you took his.
Mortality clock.
Counts down the remainder of someone's life.
Or their life sentence.
Eric, the powder ? You were right.
Some of the trace we found in Bob's apartment was cocaine.
What was it cut with ? Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and five percent bisacodyl.
It's a laxative.
Now, we have this mixture in our library.
It's Julio Pena's cut.
Calls it the Colombian Health High.
Yes, well, it's time for Julio to come down.
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- Julio Pena ? I wanna know why were you at Bob Keaton's apartment today.
Lily white doper ? What you think ? I'm guessing that you might have killed him.
I was there, sure.
Boy postured like he's seasoned.
Feels light.
Which would mean a lot if you were a scale.
Do you want it or no ? Now it is light.
I'm losing my patience.
$800 or the deal is off.
Deal's off.
I'm out of here.
See, there's a problem with your story, Julio.
What, no happy ending ? No, whoever shot Bob left evidence of their gun on him.
Look, I brought an associate with me.
New guy, loose cannon, - name of Luis, Luis Rivera.
- And Luis shot Bob ? You ask him.
Until we find Luis, Julio, we're going to hang onto you.
Step over to the car, please.
Let's go, Julio.
Right over here.
Let's go.
Eric ! I don't see anyone.
Shift into Plan "B".
Luis Rivera hold up.
Luis, you got to change up your routine, man.
I didn't do nothing wrong.
Yeah, you wake up, and you're already wrong.
Let's get him up.
Concealed weapon.
The gun's going to the lab ; you're coming with us.
Let's go, guys.
You shoot Julio ? I didn't cap nobody.
That's all right.
We'll get the bullet from autopsy.
Well, when you do, get back to me.
Are we done ? Not quite, Luis.
What's that ? That is your confession for another murder.
What murder ? Bob Keaton.
Muzzle stamp's identical.
Bob's chest, your gun.
Then it's off.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'll give you five.
Now you negotiate ? Luis, show him my counteroffer.
- I'm out of here.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You killed him.
Julio's the boss.
Maybe you took care of that, too.
No, I swear.
I didn't.
Then why, Luis, are you alive and Julio's dead ? I'm cagey, man.
Not cagey.
Got the bullet from Julio ? Right here.
Long rifle used for distance.
And not a match to Luis's gun.
What else, Alexx ? Julio's got ulcerations of the oral mucosa, stomach and intestines.
That's rare for a young man.
And look at this : He's got burns and lesions on both hands.
Now the burns could've come from drug use, but the lesions, I don't think so.
Alexx, I want to order a CBC.
A complete blood count ? I don't think this is drug-related.
You think he was killed for some other reason ? Not killed.
Horatio, I've got the results of the blood work you asked for.
Ran Julio's CBC with a complete white cell differential.
And look at this : his lymphocytes are alarmingly low.
And you couple that with the ulceration, and, well He's been exposed to radiation.
And not a little.
We're talking serious exposure.
This guy was working in this stuff.
Thank you, Alexx.
Eric, we need an address on Julio Pena, and I need you to meet me there right now.
Thank you.
All clear.
All clear.
- H - Yeah.
You've got an X-ray machine.
This is a source of the radiation.
Hazmat didn't register any, so where'd it go ? This cable's the pig tail.
Houses an iridium capsule at one end.
Iridium's the source of the radiation.
Capsule's been removed.
This is bigger than we thought Eric.
Why was Julio involved in this ? Because someone was using him to finance the operation.
So Julio was caught in between the two worlds.
Whoever did this needed to get to him before we did.
Got a serial number.
We need to trace that number.
Thomason, last year you purchased ten X-ray machines.
For welding seams.
I'm planning to start a construction company.
Then explain to me how one of them ended up in Julio Pena's workshop.
Don't know who that is.
Pena sells drugs in order to purchase the machines.
Once in his possession, he dissembled them.
Dissembled them ? - Why would anyone do that ? - Excuse me.
Excuse me ! This conversation is over.
Thomason, you're under arrest.
Please stand up.
Couldn't leave it alone, could you, Caine ? Hang on a second, gentlemen.
Now I am conducting an investigation in this room.
Say good-bye to Mr.
He's our suspect now.
Fed trumps county.
Get him out of here.
Thomason was leading us to his contacts.
- We were closing in.
- Closing in on what ? I can't discuss it.
This would be a good time for you to start.
This isn't just smoke and mirrors.
There are people in our country, this very state in fact, who want to do us harm.
Answer my question.
Haven't you heard of the greater good ? Was my brother Raymond involved in this ? And I want the truth.
Raymond's dead.
Now we both know that's not true.
You keep digging and it will be.
I did some checking of my own.
Bob Keaton's release was approved by federal authorities.
He was a Fed, wasn't he ? Yelina, Bob Keaton was a DEA agent.
And Raymond ? I need to know.
I have the right to know.
Horatio, is he still is he still alive ? It's possible.
It's possible.
Oh, my God.
What are we going to do ? Everything we can.