CSI: Miami s03e23 Episode Script


How long was that ? Three minutes and 20.
We're ahead.
Okay, get him up on the gurney.
Easy ! Not so tight.
That's good.
An hour from now, we'll do it the same way.
I got your message, Don.
What's up ? Ax-man got a stay of execution.
Ken Kramer ? On what grounds ? Word's out Ms.
Valera's work is under review.
She was the DNA analyst for the case.
I thought we were going back six months.
Kramer was convicted five years ago.
Florida Supreme Court doesn't want to take any chances.
Tell that to the people he slaughtered.
Look, I'm on your side, but this is a death sentence.
Yes, you open this case, it could be ours.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 23 - Whacked S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Yes, Paula ? Lieutenant Caine, sir ? She's been waiting to see you.
Thank you.
Ma'am ? Hi.
I'm Miranda Lewis.
Mike Lewis was my son.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I assume that you're here because you've heard about the stay.
Ken Kramer killed him.
Well, ma'am, we're doing everything we can to resolve the issues.
They found the ax.
He confessed ; there is no reason for this.
- I understand.
- No you don't.
Mike shouldn't have to pay for your lab's mistakes.
Well, ma'am, that's merely an avenue for the attorneys to get a temporary stay.
I-I don't know if can go through this again.
We are doing everything we can so you don't have to, okay ? I want to believe you.
Are you on the death row case ? Yeah, the whole lab is.
Let me ask you something.
If the ax-man's attorneys are saying our DNA lab screwed up, what's it help to have us reanalyze the biologicals ? We're not.
His attorney's using an outside lab.
But the whole case was DNA.
What are we supposed to work on ? Any and all non-biologicals.
That way if the DNA gets thrown out, we have backup evidence.
Who was the primary on this case five years ago ? Speedle was.
Kramer attacked an innocent couple with an ax.
Guy couldn't be more guilty.
I was just asking, Delko.
Just telling.
All right, you guys, we've got a deadline.
I'll be in the layout room learning the case.
The ax-man was Detective Swanson's case.
He retired last year.
Happened at a beach house.
Yes, I remember it : Sheri Vanover and Mike Lewis.
I met his mother this morning.
Don't know how ax-man got in, but he duct-taped them both, raped the girl, then he killed them.
No ! Swanson says that he believes there's no apparent connection between the killer and his victims, that it's a random crime ? Brutal, too.
Sheri Vanover-- we found her in the main room ; what was left of her.
Where's the boyfriend, Frank ? Mike Lewis-- we found him in a hallway.
So they were separated.
Looks that way.
There's not much blood on him, Frank, except for his legs.
He was strangled.
Frank, why, if you had an ax, would you strangle someone ? I don't know.
Maybe an afterthought ? All I know is, the girl was raped, hacked 17 times with an ax, so she was obviously Kramer's focus.
Maybe not.
That's weird.
Anything on Mike Lewis ? Yeah.
How'd you know ? The blood pool attributed to Sheri Vanover.
There were drag marks through it ; only she died in place.
So someone else was dragged through it.
Speedle noted that in the original investigation.
Had to be Mike Lewis.
The way the blood smeared, the drag marks are messy and erratic.
It means there was a struggle.
- It means he was still alive, right ? - Yeah.
But it means he was killed second, too.
Doesn't make sense.
He was clearly the biggest threat.
Why would Kramer go in and not take the male out first ? Maybe he was saving him.
Well, it looks like I need to see the autopsy on Mike Lewis.
Thank you.
We need to examine Mike Lewis's clothes.
Speedle already did, five years ago.
You need to move past it, Eric.
And I think you were a little hard on Ryan earlier.
You're always protecting him.
Speedle's case has been reopened and I know that you're frustrated, but you can't start taking it out on other people.
So you're going to analyze me now ? How are things going with the union shrink ? They're going.
Why don't we just get to this.
I just know from my own experience that when people are upset, they make mistakes.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Eric I trust you with every fiber of my being, and you know that.
Okay ? Will you walk me through Speedle's original examination ? He ran all the usual tests.
He collected hair and fibers from the victim's clothes.
Sent blood swatches to Valera in DNA.
All point to the ax-man.
Except five years ago, we didn't have the EDAX.
X-ray vision.
I love this machine.
Elemental analysis without one test tube.
There's something on Mike Lewis's collar.
Tiny spheres.
It's a high concentration of cobalt.
Isn't cobalt used to make airplanes or diamonds ? Yeah.
Among other things.
Victims were lawyers.
Had no reason to be in contact with cobalt.
Either would the ax-man ; he was an accountant.
Yeah, I remember the case.
You try to let them go with the toe tag.
Some you just can't.
I want to compare the injuries, Alexx.
Let's start with Mike Lewis.
Wounds are tentative.
Only two lacerations.
Neither hit bone.
So his COD was asphyxiation, right ? Yeah, ligature strangulation.
Guy grabbed some boat rope from the scene.
Okay, here's Sheri Vanover's dress.
There is cobalt again.
Now, we didn't find any cobalt on Ken Kramer's shirt, but look at that pattern.
It's all over her shoulders.
Someone was holding her down.
It couldn't have been the ax-man because if it was all over her clothes, it would've gotten on his, too.
Oh, God, Eric, you know what this means ? So Kramer had a partner ? Kramer had a partner.
Well, why wouldn't he say anything ? I mean, the guy's already on death row.
Because maybe his partner's not done yet.
I've seen you on the news.
I know you had help on the beach house murders.
Male or female ? Ken, did you ? Ken, that could be exculpatory evidence.
I did the crime, I got the stones to do the time.
All the way up to the needle.
We're trying to help you.
I never asked for it, and I don't want it.
Leave it alone, and take your ACLU ass on out of here.
Lieutenant, reciprocity's in order.
If there's someone else, it could clear my client.
Just because he had help doesn't mean he's innocent, counselor.
Could be enough to move him off death row.
It could also mean he's about to get company.
What're we looking for ? Kramer's accomplice may have been communicating with him.
How ? All the mail is pre-opened and scanned.
You can get drugs in here you can get a message.
Hang on a second.
Yeah, what's up, buddy ? Uh, uh Slow down.
Is Is your mother there ? Ray.
Did he hurt her ? Okay.
Just stay there.
I'll be right over.
Pleasant surprise.
Better be okay in there.
It'd take a magician.
Don't worry.
She can take care of herself.
Walk, Rick And don't come back.
You okay ? I am now.
Looks like you didn't need me after all.
That's not true, and that will never be true.
Is Ray here ? Yeah.
I'll go get him.
Ray ! I never really liked that guy.
Well, Ray, you've got good judgment.
It's weird.
I thought once my mom was seeing him, I wouldn't miss my dad so much, but now I miss him more.
I know how you feel.
I think about his funeral.
When I saw his casket, I knew it was him, but I was too scared to look.
We all were.
I just wanted to see him one last time.
You know, Ray, we all have regrets, and your dad's boss has decided we should remember your dad the way he was.
You understand ? I heard the print lab came up empty.
Yeah, whoever sent them must've worn gloves.
Why is an ax murderer interested in a gossip column ? We've checked all his close friends.
I don't know.
I don't see a unifying message.
Not even between the underlined passages.
You know what ? Maybe it's not what was cut out.
Maybe it's how it was cut.
Look at these.
These two edges seem like they could have been made by the same tool.
Okay, let's say we narrow down the tool marks, figure out if our guy's using sewing scissors, or construction, medical Still doesn't tell us what he's communicating.
Well, so, it's a start.
Will you grab the camera ? Oh, my God.
- What ? - Look at this newsprint.
" assaulted last night.
" And this one-- "Male stabbed repeatedly.
" "Victim of a hit-and-run.
" It's not the underlined articles.
It's what's on the back of them.
The violence is the message.
We've got to get a hold of the full articles.
You know what ? Forget the articles.
Let's get the case files.
hypothetically, and no bias, let's assume the ax-man's partner sent him news of these crimes.
He'd have to know the details of the attacks.
This one was first one.
Wayne Sanders Tallahassee.
Let's see They said he didn't see the driver.
Guy survived ? He's paralyzed for life.
Has all his faculties.
Paint evidence points to an American-made sedan.
No eyewits.
PD's hit a dead end.
Orlando's next.
Bradley Birch.
Guy's still in a coma.
He was assaulted right outside his home, and there were no leads.
This is the most recent one.
A month ago.
Henry Walker.
A stabbing.
Hit with a car, hit with a bat, and stabbed.
The crimes are getting more personal.
They're escalating.
For his own benefit, or for Kramer's ? I don't know.
Horatio may have more insight.
He's trying to impress you, Ken.
I don't know who you mean.
He sends you clippings about his murders, and you don't know who I'm talking about ? Probably one of my fans.
You wouldn't believe the stuff I get in the mail.
You and I both know that if there's another killer, it could spring you, right ? You don't understand.
Gary Gilmore ? He understood.
"Let's do it", right ? I get this weight on me.
All over me, like a big coat, you know ? And the only way I can When I do a kill I feel lighter.
Sloughs right off me, you know ? Dead weight.
I won't feel it.
Good to know, Ken.
Caine ! Million-dollar opportunity.
Aren't you gonna ask me what this guy is gonna do next ? You just told me.
Son of a bitch.
Homicide's ten away.
What do we have here ? Same location, same MO.
Two vics : one male, one female.
Checked for breathing.
Just waiting on Rescue to pronounce.
The name on the mailbox was Trevor and Chloe Grant.
Have Rescue roll a Code Three.
She's alive ! Ma'am ? I want to get a jump on the murder weapon.
DNA, trace, then prints.
Check it for cobalt, please.
Will do.
Horatio, what are we going to do about Kramer's attorney when he gets wind of this ? This could clear Kramer-- same MO, same house.
Except this time we've got a witness.
How you feeling, ma'am ? We were reading the paper.
There's this, uh, a guy He's at the back door.
He he's lost his cell on the beach.
Can he use the phone ? Trevor opens the door.
I hear this sound.
It's a rip.
He was wrapping tape around him.
And he's got this, uh he's got an ax.
And he's chopping He's chopping.
I-I'm screaming, "What do you want ?" He wouldn't Did you recognize him ? No.
Here you go.
This'll help.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Is your neck injured ? He was, uh, he was trying to strangle me.
He strangled you.
Did he use a rope ? Uh, his hands.
Just his hands.
And I thought, "This is how I'm going to die," and I begged.
Please don't kill me.
I must've passed out.
If it would be okay, I'd like to have an investigator take some evidence from your neck.
It's okay.
- Get some rest.
- Ok.
Got your call.
Thought we already went through the Mike Lewis photos.
Yeah, I'd like to take another look at his neck.
You see the the bruising is wider around the ligature, isn't it ? Yeah, I found that the first time.
It sometimes happens when the rope slips.
Did it ? No.
There's no abraded tissue to account for that.
I'd say it's from Kramer using his hands first.
See, Alexx, I don't think this is Kramer's work.
I think it's his partner's work.
But Kramer's DNA was found on the ends of the rope.
That's not the part of the rope I'm concerned with.
Thank you.
No one ever swabbed the middle of the rope.
I mean, they wouldn't.
It's not protocol or anything.
I don't want to get anyone in trouble.
No worries.
This is based on new information.
Now, Talcott, I believe that someone manually strangled Lewis before they used the rope.
Oh, so you're looking for DNA transfer.
I'll do it right now, see if there are any foreign epithelials.
Okay, I'll be right back.
You were right.
There's a ton of DNA on that rope ; it's male, but doesn't match Kramer, at least not quite.
The DNA's familial.
Whoever tried to strangle Mike Lewis, was related to Kramer.
Thank you.
Yeah, Eric.
Ax-man's family-- I want to know everything.
I'm sorry ; if you didn't get a phone call last week, you're not eligible.
That's a scam.
I got a call.
Does that mean I'm a winner ? - Yeah, what's your name ? - It's, uh, Kramer.
Jesse Kramer.
I win the TV ? Yeah, close.
You won a nice pair of pretty bracelets.
Turn around.
What's going on ? Put your hands behind you.
What's going on ? Mind if I have a look in your truck ? No.
What's this about ? Couple got attacked today at a beach house.
I don't know anything about an attack.
Really ? What about five years ago ? Same house, you know anything about that ? That was my brother, Ken.
It was in all the papers.
What do you got ? Keeping your duct tape fresh ? I don't know.
It's the same kind of tape that was used in the beach house murders.
I don't know how that got there.
Yeah, well maybe it'll come to you while you're sitting in holding.
Yeah, right after we get your DNA.
We have a match.
Today's murder ? No.
Five years ago.
Same house.
I'll have him brought up.
All right, I'll go by DNA.
I'll meet you over there.
Tape that was used in the murders of Mike Lewis and his girlfriend matches the one we found in your toolbox.
You want to explain that to me ? I beat the cops over to my brother's place that morning.
I swiped it.
So you were hiding evidence.
Makes you an accomplice.
Thought I could get a few bucks for it on e-Bay.
Oh, now that's a good story.
Some guys got baseball's from Barry Bonds.
- I got famous tape.
- Well, you're lying.
No, I'm not lying.
He's not lying, Frank.
Preliminary DNA already has allelic discrepancies.
Doesn't match the epithelials on the rope from the original ax murder.
See ? Told you.
Could I have my truck keys back ? Not before you walk us through your family tree.
You have any other relatives ? No.
Dad ? Grandfather ? Uncle ? Dead, dead and dead.
No male relatives ? You have got it in for my family.
Listen, dumb-ass.
DNA evidence tells us that a male relative of yours was at that crime scene okay ? That's science.
I got a cousin.
I lost track of him a long time ago.
What's his name ? Lawrence Hargrove.
Goes by Larry.
Looks like "Larry" doesn't want to be found.
Tax records go to an old apartment.
Driver's license, too.
No arrest record.
Not even a parking ticket.
Guy's in the wind.
Yeah, but he did leave us something at the beach house.
Murder weapon ? Yeah, may be able to trace him off that.
Log says you took the ax from the scene today.
Yeah, it's right here.
I was just gonna Run it for cobalt ? Already did.
It's positive.
Speedle didn't have EDAX when he did this.
Couldn't have seen the cobalt.
You know what, Delko ? I don't know what the hell's going on, but I'm not trying to outdo Speedle.
I don't want to compete with a dead man.
You compete with everybody else.
I'm just trying to get the facts.
What are they ? I looked up cobalt.
Around here, it's used as a drying agent, and it helps stain wood in humid conditions.
So our guy works with wood.
That narrows it down to about 10,000 things.
I know, but I found something else that might.
Some kind of gray dust.
Based on the birefringence, I'd say it looks like slate.
What kind of job uses stained wood and slate ? You have another angle on Sheri Vanover ? Could swear there was a pool table in the room.
Yeah, hang on.
You want to tell me why you're so interested in the pool table ? There it is.
What about the Fort Lauderdale murder ? Pool table is made of stained wood.
That's where the cobalt comes from.
And the top's made of slate.
Looks like cousin Larry builds pool tables.
Yeah, or at least installs them.
What's that look like to you ? Looks like Larry's behind the eight ball.
Called Tallahassee and Orlando PDs.
They confirmed.
The victims from the articles had pool tables.
Get a make ? Custom.
Assembled on the buyers' premises.
So cousin Larry had contact with the victims, and he chose them, didn't he ? Explains why they didn't find a link with Kramer : there wasn't one.
- What about a manufacturer ? - Brando Billiards.
- Let's go see if they know Larry.
- Allright.
Miami-Dade Police ! Larry Hargrove ! Larry Hargrove ? - I haven't done anything.
- You're under arrest.
What ? What for ? Murder.
Three counts.
Take him.
Ken give me up ? No, Larry, he didn't.
Didn't think so.
My cousin's not the only tough guy.
There's nothing tough about murder.
- You've done it ? - Shut up.
We have evidence on you, Larry.
You're not only responsible for the current beach house murder, but you were an accomplice for the ones five years ago.
Five years ago, you selected the victims.
You went to the beach house with your cousin.
Take him out ; I'm going to finish up his little lady.
Hit the man.
Hit the man.
But when it came time to kill those people, you didn't have the stomach, did you ? Ah, come on.
Do it.
I can't concentrate.
Watch this.
I was weak, pathetic.
Get out of my way, get out of my way.
Uh-uh ; here we go.
Ooh ! That's how you do it.
That's how you do it.
That's how you do it.
And now you're determined to show your cousin that you're getting tougher, right ? He told me to ease into it.
That it would get easier.
What an odd thing to strive for, Larry.
He was right.
It did.
You wouldn't understand.
Your cousin is a sociopath who kills without conscience.
I do understand.
I wanted to be that tough.
To be like him.
And now you can be.
You have the right to remain silent We found your cousin.
Good for you.
Don't like to share the limelight, do you ? Nothing to share.
Larry didn't kill my couple.
Couldn't even strangle the guy.
So, you did it for him.
You're weak.
Get out of my way.
Get out of my way.
Uh-uh, here we go.
Embarrassing, man.
That's why you didn't give him up, right, Ken ? 'Cause he's not up to your standards.
Hell, yeah.
I didn't want that little pansy associated with me.
Two murders, three attempts-- that's not too bad.
Wouldn't count that hit-and-run.
My grandmother could've done that.
But he learned.
And every time he sent you an article, you found out just how much, didn't you ? Mail call's been the highlight of my day.
You know what ? That's about to change, Ken.
They've rescheduled your execution.
Yeah ? When ? Tomorrow.
Think so ? Stick around for a little surprise.
At this point, Ken, nothing, nothing would surprise me.
I wanted you to see a picture of my son the way I remember him.
He would have been 34 in the spring.
Great-looking young man.
Thank you.
Some days, I forget.
I wake up in the morning, and it's like, for a second, it's like nothing ever happened-- like he's still alive.
- You know ? - I do.
If they hadn't reopened the case, that other man would still be out there hurting people, so Mrs.
Lewis, they're not going to do any more damage to anyone.
I just want to make sure they don't call it off again.
It won't happen.
- Are you sure? - I am.
Stay back, Kramer.
PB&J on white.
Only the best.
What happened to the steak ? Oh, I get it.
You think this is another false alarm.
Think again, pal.
You're all out of miracles.
You ready to see a priest now ? Kramer.
Officer needs assistance.
What do you mean, he collapsed ? I don't know.
We called Rescue.
They're on the way.
He's got no pulse.
Is that it-- his last meal ? Peanut butter and jelly ? That's what he requested.
You're telling me no one knew he was allergic to peanuts ? It wasn't in any file.
No way to know.
He'd have to tell us.