CSI: Miami s03e24 Episode Script


This can't be the right address.
I just saw somebody walk in.
Oh, and look What about the cops ? What about them ? - Is this where the break-in club is ? - This is gonna be great ! I fronted your album.
That means I pick where you play.
And I collect the cover.
I don't need you anymore.
Even found my own place.
You don't get to freelance.
I still own you.
I can't hear you.
You will.
Y'all ready to raise the roof ? Hey, will you relax ? Three dead.
Who chose the location for the party, John ? Nobody.
At least nobody who's admitting to it.
Ah, so we have a break-in party.
It's the latest thing.
Clubs don't want young hip-hop DJs playing.
- Too many fights.
- Yep.
So a bunch of "independent promoters" filled the void.
Break into a space.
Call it a club.
No permits.
No red tape.
Plenty of enemies, though.
Kids here say this DJ was getting big.
Thought he didn't need his promoter anymore.
Maybe his promoter felt otherwise.
What do you see ? See this blast pattern, John ? It means the explosion came from in there.
Be right back.
Hey, Alexx.
Horatio ? What is it ? I found the seat of detonation and something else.
Another victim of the blast.
Or the cause of it.
CSI: Miami - Season 3 Episode 24 - "10-7" S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Hey.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I owe you one.
You would have found out yourself.
But I was here before the other news crews even got a whiff of it, thanks to you.
Make it up to me sometime when we're both not crazed.
So never.
Tell me what you told the officer.
I was just talking to these two girls.
Then he showed up and that's the last thing I remember.
Witnesses say you got into it with the DJ.
I just came here to talk to him.
That's all.
Talk or threaten ? Depends on how well he listened.
Look, man, I almost got killed, too.
Yeah, but you didn't and he did.
And you have no smoke or debris on you.
What are you trying to say ? Maybe you were on your way out because you knew about the bomb.
- Horatio ? - Yeah ? You need to see this.
You can go.
You stay.
What'd you get ? No person set off the bomb.
This did.
It's a mercury switch.
All it takes is a strong vibration to activate it.
Liquid metal touches solid metal.
and good night.
That means the detonation was an accident.
It was the music that set it off.
Y'all ready to raise the roof ?! But if you use a mercury switch, why have an altimeter switch ? He was still experimenting.
This was his workshop.
The question becomes Ryan, who was this bomb meant for ? Found several of these pieces lodged in his back.
Melted plastic.
With some kind of wire inside.
Yes, it's a frag from the blast.
I gonna need to take a look at that.
But that's not the best part.
A stab wound.
Probably from a knife.
Definitely before the explosion.
And the reason the bomber didn't stop the bomb.
Y'all ready to raise the roof ?! Did they recover a knife ? Not yet.
Maybe he left it at she scene.
That's huge.
Yeah, I'll certainly look for it.
Something's missing.
Did you see anyone ? Calleigh, what are you talking about ? There's nobody out here.
You wouldn't hold a gun to my head, would you ? There's no one out here.
Tox report on our bomber.
Potassium iodide levels are off the charts.
Now, normally, that means trouble with the thyroid.
Our guy was healthy.
Potassium iodide can be used to counteract radioactivity.
That's why I'm here in person.
A bomber who was preparing to be in contact with radioactive material.
We're talking about a dirty bomb.
Okay, I need to contact HazMat immediately.
Exposure to radiation leads to cancer birth defects.
Horatio if I need to get my kids out of town, you'll tell me, right ? As soon as I know, you'll know, all right ? Thank you.
Wolfe, were you at Trace ? Explosives used in the bombings was TNT.
Used to disperse radiation.
So I talked to the military police at every base in South Florida.
We get anybody ? Yeah and he's waiting for you at MDPD.
Nice going, Mr.
Thank you.
Your TNT got three people killed yesterday, Staff Sergeant.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You work the bomb range.
- That's right.
- Tuesdays, you demo TNT.
That's right.
Nobody used the range this week.
So I have my days mixed up.
Or maybe you sold the explosives to cover your gambling debt.
On Tuesday, you deposited $40,000 into this account.
And on Wednesday, you wire-transferred it to a bookie in Costa Rica.
If this is about military ordnance, why am I talking to a civilian ? Because civilians got killed.
So did the man who bought the explosives.
He was stabbed.
I don't know anything about a stabbing.
I took his money.
I gave him his three cases.
That's it.
Here's the bottom line, Sergeant : your gambling problem got three people killed.
Get him out of here.
Three cases.
What's up ? Three cases of TNT would've done a lot more damage than what we saw, right ? So there's more out there ? And it's connected to whoever stabbed the bomber.
Did we get anything off the knife ? DNA got the blood.
Checking to see if it matches our vic.
What about prints, Eric ? Well, most of the time, fire destroys them.
But, uh conditions are right, it can actually help.
The heat bakes the print right in place.
"Not authorized ?" I'm gonna go check with Admin.
This must be a glitch.
Agent Park.
That was quick.
Your little fingerprint search ? - Rattled nerves all the way to DC.
- What do you want ? Do you have any idea how delicate this operation is ? We're looking for a handful of guys.
One misstep, one hint we're onto them, and they go back down the rabbit hole.
Come to the point, please.
Raymond was great at selling local.
He infiltrated a half-dozen narco operations, mostly Colombian.
Then he stumbled onto something bigger.
Someone, Agent, was selling drugs to fund terrorism.
We had no idea where the money was going, - or what it was being used for.
- I can tell you.
They're making dirty bombs.
Your brother missed his check-in call.
As of 0900 today, he's in the wind.
So that's why you're here.
Thought he might contact you.
Doubt he trusted anyone else.
How can I help ? Your brother's in danger, Horatio.
Who put him there ? - Where the hell are you going to ? - To clean up your mess.
Twice in one day.
What, are you stalking me now ? No.
In your dreams.
Any leads yet on the Design District explosion ? Nothing I can tell you.
Uh, I got to go back with something.
Come on, Ryan, anything.
I got nothing to give you.
I got to get back to the lab.
I got to work up a tox panel on this morning's vic.
Oh, chemistry.
I happen to think potassium iodine testing is very sexy.
So, if you'll excuse me.
I'm sorry, boss.
I was just getting to that.
This my plastic frag ? Yes, sir.
From the dead bomber's back.
Light-emitting diode.
Like inside your TV.
Electric current causes a discharge of photons.
Take a look at this.
Some kind of built-in motion sensor.
Keeps the LED completely self-contained.
Not a component of the bomb, but at the seat of detonation.
I've seen these before.
Club Freeze.
They make a heck of a martini.
John, Club Freeze.
Thank you.
You remember Matt Young.
We picked him up at Club Freeze.
Yes, you were at our crime scene this morning.
The break-in party ? Yeah, you know that.
But first you were next door, weren't you ? Sounds like a party.
Go check it out.
So what ? Look what I found on him.
A .
I'm not breaking any laws.
No, but that doesn't mean you're not involved in that.
Would you empty the contents of your pockets, please ? That.
Potassium iodide.
I got a thyroid problem.
Yes, just like your friend Brandon Miller.
We autopsied him.
Wait inside with the officer.
Everything okay ? I wish people would stop asking me that.
Calleigh, you had a gun pointed at your head.
You'd be pissed if people weren't asking.
I need to figure out who was at the crime scene.
They saw me notice the void.
So there's a good chance they took the evidence.
The void looks like it's about three by four inches.
Have you, uh, tried the booking photos ? I never saw him.
So how are you gonna make an ID ? One click at a time.
Too soft.
It was more crisp than that.
Too hollow.
There were more clicks.
There was more of a slapping sound.
Do that again.
That's it.
It's a Ruger.
Ruger's a rarer gun.
Has a transfer bar sort of rattles around when it's cocked.
So we got the gun.
How do we get the gunman ? I'm gonna run it through the Automated Firearms System.
What do you think the chances are of the gun being registered ? Slim to none.
But it's what I've got.
You've got quite an interesting story there, Mr.
Well, I'm happy to entertain.
You come from a good family.
They sent you to the best schools.
And yet you dropped out.
Why did you do that, Matt ? I had my reasons.
And you travel.
I understand you spent quite a bit of time outside the country.
Where'd you go ? Here, there.
I want to cut to the chase.
You were at the warehouse with Brandon testing bombs, weren't you ? I don't know anything about bombs.
Do you have a grudge against this country ? America's not a country, Lieutenant.
It's a corporation.
It starts wars for profit, sacrifices people for the bottom line.
And you intend to bankrupt that corporation.
That's quite an accusation.
Well, you've got quite a plan, don't you ? Pretty lady.
Uh, what's her name ? Detective Salas, right ? In my opinion, she should have taken her husband's name, you know ? Same as the son.
- Yelina ? - What's up ? Where's the boy.
Where's Ray, Junior ? - Right now ? - Yeah.
- At my mom's.
Why ? - Okay.
Call her, please.
She said he never showed up.
Where else could he be ? Soccer practice has been over for two hours.
All right, Horatio, what is going on ? Ray is out there, and there are people after him.
They may be after you and the boy, too.
I'm going after him.
- I want you to stay - No, I am not staying here.
My son is in danger.
And I am not going to go into hiding.
Could make matters worse.
I'll find him.
- Raymond ? - Horatio, you're the only one I can trust.
Hang on.
Thought you'd want to know, that Matt Young character gave our guys the slip.
You get his address ? I'm headed there now.
Second and Flagler.
Okay, I'll meet you there.
We can't talk here, Raymond.
How does a man allow his wife and son to believe he's dead, Raymond ? When he's got no other choice, Horatio.
I begged you not to work Narcotics, didn't I ? Feds had me dirty on tape.
They made me an ultimatum.
Let's see, how does it work ? You fake your own death, you join them, and you avoid prosecution.
It's not They embedded me in a drug ring that was doing a lot more than dealing.
That's exactly right, Raymond.
They're making dirty bombs.
Big brother still knows more than me.
Tell me why you killed the bomber.
Because he made me.
And I was worried he was going to go after my family.
I'm not telling you squat.
You ask too many questions.
I'm just trying to get it right.
I know that you're a cop, and that you got a kid.
So you're not gonna mess up everything we've worked for.
Neither are you.
Well, it didn't work 'cause they have Ray, Junior.
What ? Tell me about the bomb.
Uh, Ray Junior's all I care about right now.
Raymond, there's a way out of this, but you got to work with me.
Yeah, I'm listening.
Guy's name's Matt Young.
Moved out this afternoon.
I tried to give him his security deposit.
Wasn't interested.
Is this the guy ? He's a meteorology student, I think.
Moved here from Salt Lake.
I got his license plate though.
We're going to need that.
Of course.
You can take what you want.
Then the rest is mine.
You got a deal.
Matt left in a hurry.
Yes, he did.
You got something ? It's a soccer schedule.
Hey, Horatio, look at this.
It's numeric code.
Looks like minutes and seconds.
Could be a could be a deadline.
So I got this license plate number for you.
Kid was renting a Cadillac Escalade.
Thank you.
Means he's got ONSTAR.
Means we've got a location.
John, I'm going to take it from here.
Ever since Ray died, you treat me like I don't know what I'm doing.
This is about to get messy.
You deserve to walk away clean.
So walk away.
Brother I'll never be clean.
Hey, John.
That's not true.
I'll see ya.
Yeah, this is Horatio Caine.
Listen, I have a vehicle description.
I need the ONSTAR coordinates.
Take me.
- Take me for the boy.
- Not going to happen.
Even trade, please.
Why don't you stand over here by him.
He's just a kid, man ! I don't care if he's just a kid.
Get down, Ray.
Down, son.
Okay, Ray.
Here we go.
Here's what I want you to do.
Right out there is the Hummer.
Run to the Hummer and don't look back.
Residents are fleeing greater Miami.
All the main roads are clogged.
Motorists are being asked to remain calm.
There have been reports of road rage and chaos among some motorists.
Hey, what's going on ? Check it out.
CBS 4 News has learned that Miami Dade police may have uncovered a plan to detonate radioactive dirty bombs in the city of Miami.
Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that one victim in last night's explosion may actually be tied to the terror plot.
Sources ? Come on.
What sources ? The victim had been taking potassium iodide-- a medication to stave off the effects of radiation poisoning.
How did they get the tox results ? Had to be the ME's office.
They've got more leaks than the Titanic.
We'll stay on top of this breaking story with our exclusive updates.
Erica Sikes, CBS 4 News.
See that ? That's why the city's in panic.
What I want to know-- I want to know how this got out.
Saw you talking to her.
All I told her was no comment.
Said a lot for no comment.
I didn't mean it.
Whether you meant it or not, you're the leak.
Interstate 95 is jammed out of the downtown area as well has Highway 836 due to heavy evacuation traffic.
We'll have more evacuation updates Just put the evidence on my bench.
I'll sign for it later.
Hi, John.
I was hoping we could talk.
What do you need ? You're better with guns than I am.
It's my job.
It's why I became a criminalist.
You know why I became a cop ? To help people.
Be someone's hero.
I think that's a good reason.
Only I haven't felt like one lately.
You've been through a lot, John.
You'll bounce back.
I feel like I'll never live down being the partner of a dirty cop.
People are going to forget.
I think about Ray all the time.
Every time I see Horatio.
Every time I come here.
Everybody knows that you're a great detective, John.
Do you ? I know how hard you work.
I would really love to be friends with you, John.
The harshest thing a woman can say to a man.
Look, why don't I pack up the evidence and we'll go grab a cup of coffee in the break room.
I just need a minute.
She won't go.
She can't work it.
She knows that.
You try telling her, Eric.
Either way, I've got to get Hagen's body out.
All right.
Calleigh, I'm really sorry this happened here.
Why don't we go have a cup of coffee or something.
It should be my case.
You know it doesn't work like that.
You're a material witness.
Then put Camden on it from nights.
He's solid.
Keep you informed every step.
Come on.
I've got 12 open cases.
I need to get back in there.
Honey, let him go.
There's something in his jacket.
It's our dead bomber.
Some sort of weather report.
It's what made the void.
John took it from the bomb scene.
I guess that's why he put the gun to my head.
He was afraid I'd see him.
That's crazy.
Why would Hagen take a piece of evidence from his own case ? Because the right piece of evidence can make you a hero.
He just couldn't put it in context.
And he couldn't put it back.
I guess he felt like he'd run out of options.
It's a Skew T diagram.
Basically, today's weather forecast, indicating temperature, dew point and wind speed.
Wait a second.
Wind speed? So they're planning to spread the radiation throughout a large area, aren't they? We recovered an altimeter switch at the bomb scene.
And that means they're going to detonate at 800 feet in the air.
How are we going to determine where ? Here's how.
Tyler, these numbers.
I found them in the bomber's apartment.
What do they mean ? Latitude and longitude.
Maybe the location.
There you have it, Carrillo Park, right in the middle of downtown.
Tyler, what time are the perfect conditions for this ? What time is it now ? Hugh ! All clear.
Move the HazMat team now.
I just spoke to my son.
Patrol's bringing him to me.
They used him to flush out his dad.
It worked.
And Raymond ? It's just too much to process.
You know what ? You You deserve some time off.
You deserve it as much as I do.
I agree.
- Brazil.
- Hum.
Do we still have time to pack ? No.
Buy everything there.
Ready ? Officers intercepted the suspect in downtown Miami.
The suspect was killed after he shot at the officers.
By acting fast, we were able to neutralize the threat before anyone was harmed.
What was your part in breaking the plot ? Uh, I was just a cog in the wheel.
My coworkers saved countless lives today.
They're, huh They're amazing.
You're not coming.
You won't be alone.
Dad ! How ? Hey, Ray ? You okay ? You better disappear.
Somebody sees you, all bets are off.
It's the only way.
You could have told me.
There wasn't time.
Thank you.
You better go.
Okay ? Now you take care.
All right.
I don't know what to say to him.
You'll think of something.